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Learn Chinese Characters in a Fun & Effective Way!

teacher avatar Amy Lin, I help beginners learn Chinese

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Coupon Code Alert!

    • 4. Why Learning Chinese Characters is Difficult

    • 5. Learning Objectives

    • 6. Our First Hero - The Magical Turtle

    • 7. Our Second Hero - The Bulldog

    • 8. Quiz

    • 9. Make Connections

    • 10. Our Third Hero - The Dragon

    • 11. A Slightly Different Character

    • 12. Let's Link Them!

    • 13. Review

    • 14. How to Use Zizzle.io

    • 15. Coupon Code & Disclaimer

    • 16. Worksheet & Thank You!

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About This Class

Learning Chinese characters can be frustrating because of how different it is from the English alphabet. Luckily we have tools to make your learning process more enjoyable and fun! In this course, I will be demonstrating one of my favorite tools for learning Chinese characters. By the end of the demonstration, you will be able to understand and read the following sentence:


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"Bright Wish" by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.com

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Amy Lin

I help beginners learn Chinese


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1. Introduction: leading Chinese characters can be frustrating because of how different it is from the English off of it. Luckily, we have tools to make your learning process more enjoyable and fun, and this course I'll be demonstrating one off my favorite tools will learning Chinese characters. By the end of the demonstration, you'll be able to understand and read the following sentence. 2. Class Project: your cost project is to complete a 10 question test to see how well you end this to the materials on optional class Party is to practice writing the characters the practice where she can be found in the class participation. 3. Coupon Code Alert! : This is my ziso show. A demo or mini lesson. I hope you will enjoy those. Listen, remember to stay to the end off this. Listen for a cube, uncle. 4. Why Learning Chinese Characters is Difficult: first, let's start portrays characters. It's one of the most tedious parts off learning Chinese Mandarin, and that is because when you're learning a character, you had to learn three components, not just one. Not just two, but three. First component is a character, which is the look off the little while. I just want to myself, which is the look of the cured. All hold appeared has written, and then you had to learn the pronunciation. But the pronunciation itself is divided into two components. One, it's pinging, and the other one is the tone. The AAA and the pinging is the sound off the character. And then you also have to learn the meaning, which you might translate into English or other languages that you speak. So let's take a look at this curtain. Traditionally, you learn disc Oerter by repetition, so which we just by writing over and over again and to you memorize it. That's a very common method used in elementary school. Back in China when I was in school, which is not in the nineties, this is working to the house. It was different, so connects all three components the pronunciation, the penny and at home the meaning and the single, which is the character. And this will really boost your character learning speed. I do want to be clear that tools will help you remember things quicker and easier. I mean, it would be also if we just don't know the AB and then go through once and every single thing. But it doesn't work that what you still need to put in the effort. That's why I said, that is going to make things easier. But now, like so easy that you don't need to do any say in plus learning, it's the phone part anyways. 5. Learning Objectives: So what are our objectives off this? Listen, we're going to play a little game. Our goes for this. Listen is by the anti this. Listen, you are going to be able to read a sentence, recognize age character, knows opinion tome of each character and know the meeting off each character. Are you excited? I am sure excited. So let's go ahead and get started. So we're going to learn to following three characters 1st 1 2nd 1/3 1 6. Our First Hero - The Magical Turtle : Tell me what comes to your mind when you see the word on the screen. Opera singers. When I think of all operas seniors, I think of people doing that house some with really hide, like peach. I think that's what cold Oh, I e think I just gave myself, anyways, something like that. So let's meet Al Frisch. Feel the magical turtle. He's go hard it and he likes to sing. So that's why I think of the opera singers that I just mentioned earlier. The ah, some. So whenever you see the turtle, the turtle represents first time here we have the character embedded in the picture. Let's go ahead and read the line together. The mountain was standing in the middle of a poor district, a shanty town. Notice that mountain is capitalized and that helps you remember the meaning off the character. InBev it in that picture. And then we have another word that is also capitalized. But this time the color is side of the S H A. M part and that helps you remember the sound. Okay, so the second sentence So the turtle made the mountain naturally erupt with gold corns. Okay, so Here's a question for you. What town does a turtle represent? Think of the opera singers he liked to sing, So Ah, Yep, that is first hope. Now you have to take a mini quiz. What is a pinging sound off this character thing of the first picture? The one that is in yellow. And what is the Tom? So far, we have only met one of the heroes. And that's our first hero. His turtle. He likes to seeing, not combined the painting and the tongue. What is so pronunciation off this character? Yep. That is Sean. Sean. And that means of mountain. Okay, so that's we recap. What does this represent? I'll give you three seconds to think about e our son. That is a meaning off the character. What about this? The s h a M. What does that represent? E. R sum? Yep. That is a pinging for this character. I do want to keep in mind this sometimes it's not the exception ization in my been asked me for this one. It happens to be the exact organization. So so far, we have the meaning and the pronunciation. And what about the turtle? What does the turtle represent? He likes to sing E r son. Yes, he represents the first home. Ah, sound. Now you have all three components needed to learn this character. This character is Sean and eight means mountain. 7. Our Second Hero - The Bulldog : OK, and now let's go ahead and meet our next hero. So based on this picture, what does he like to do? He looks like he lives to fight old punch things. Right? When do you feel like punching something? I mean, hopefully that you don't just like to punch something out of the blue, right half is this blew up anyways. Okay, so usually when we're angry, right? So we are angry. Our associates know that very angry talked with the fourth time. So when you see this character, he represents the fourth top. Do you remember how to identify the meaning off? A character based on the first picture is something that looks different from the other words in the sentence. Three seconds E r. Suck. Yet this carriage, it means on top. Now, based on the second picture, what is a paying off? This character is capitalized and is in a different color. That is Sean the sound. And then remember this bulldog? What does he represent? He likes to punch things and we associate that with the angry home. So the first time? No. So how together The left picture helps us with the meaning and attended by the picture and then the right side. Will you learn that pinging and total this character means on top and the way to say it's Shun Shung. 8. Quiz: Okay, let's have a mini quiz. What is this character? Tell me the sound. The definition. When you tell me the sound, make sure you tell me the tone and the pinging kit. So three seconds He Ah, son. Okay, So this character, it's Sean and a means mountain. Next one. What about this character? Same thing. Us The previous 13 seconds. He are some. All right. This character, it's Shung and a means untapped. 9. Make Connections: okay. It's still not after you learned characters. Let's make connections. Let's see how we can use those characters. So you are just not learned the carriages by itself. How do we read this Shang shung that literally mean mountain top so you can translate that into mountains, top or top of the mountain or in the mountains? Depends on the context. So remember the sentence from the beginning. Now we already know how to read and recognize two out of the well. I guess I will call this three carriages three hours. Well, two out the three Chinese characters, so not we got only missing one care. 10. Our Third Hero - The Dragon: before We continue to learn about our third year to a less learn about all third hero first and is the dragon. So if you could do you want to fly? I love to five, but motion sickness so I cannot fault if I try to fly out for would be pure going over. Oh, no publishing, Ivan said, does Okay, let's ignore that. Scratch that. Scratch that. Let's continue. Ah, hit. So what would you do if you had wings fly right? You're not just going to have wings and just to make yourself look good with wings or look different, right? Hopefully you use those wings and fly or use it as a Mbalula, right? So when you think of flying, you have to use your wins. I go up and down in this motion so that fly emotion up and down. It's like our 30 that goes high down and then high again. So when you see the dragon, he represents the third time, and this dragon loves to play tricks 11. A Slightly Different Character: next, we're going to learn a character that is slightly different. If we look at this character, this character is composed of two components. What is the radical and then the other component? So when they come to characters like this, Zito can still help you. Remember those churches? First, we're going to lower what security inside Ming's. And then what heretical means. Then we're going to link them. Let's take a look at this character. We're going to look at the in your apart first, the first picture we have. If there was a lot of soil around the grave, just like character, the grief on the top and then the soil on the bottom. Remember, I said, Other Dragon likes to play tricks. Here, the dragon collects are Soyo and pull it into a toothpaste to play a trick on his friend. That is horrible. The tea. Oh, it's not exact spelling off the pinging for this character, but it's very close. So based on two pictures that you see here, what does it mean? It's in the picture on the left and that it's e. R. Some soil there. We're going to look at the dragon, the Dragon has wings. He flies up and down. So that represents a 30 and the sound. It's something like true. So all together we have tool, which means soil. Okay, so little pop quiz. What is this? Care to tell me the meaning. The South which and goes opinion Aditya, I'll give you three seconds e are said. Okay, so this character is tool Thurtell and it means soil. Now let's go ahead and take a look at the radical that is on the left side off the new character that we need to learn. 12. Let's Link Them!: and the swimming something really toe ice skater. So if we look at this, you can see the picture. Although I skated right and then the second slide so still image with the character invalid . So not, Let's go ahead. And Lindholm the picture on the left, says the ice skater was skidding around a pile off soil, which was at the middle off the ice rink. So right off the back, what does the nuclear they're going to see in a second? What does that occur to me? E. A set that character means glass at. And now let's look at its sound. The pile was there because the poor dog had been thinking for his silo phone, which he had been hiding on the needs of ice and soil. So sound. It's X y with the bulldog, which represents of angry little. So together we have this character. I skate on the outside and then the two character on the needs that I skated and all together we had to sound side with 1/4 top, and it means to be at kids. What is this character? You have three seconds to tell me the meaning and the sound E r sum uh, right that this is It's I, which means to be at 13. Review : Now let's review our entire Listen. This is the first character I'm going to give you. Five seconds. E Ah, son. Sir, this is a sham. Which means mountain next e r San Suu. This is Sean, which means on top. And together we had Shang Shung, which means tough off the mountain. Literally months end up now we have the care. Two things I our last cared and that is e r son. Suit who? Two and that means soil. Then we have a radical component and put them all together. We have he our son. So who her kid Now we're going to connect outside with Sean. Sean. Together we have to be at Mountain Top. So at the top, off the mountain. So why Sean? Sean? And now we have the sentence from the beginning of the listening Amy Sigh shocked shampoo. And what set me. So that means Amy is a top of the mountain. If you have studied the characters for my previous character listens that you already learned as the 1st 2 carriages that's Sansa 33 And then that can you read entire sentence San Sung Sai Shang Shung That means son, son wherever that person you. That's how he's all her name. At Mountain Top. This concludes our many listen on Zizzo. 14. How to Use Zizzle.io: So how to use this system? You can either self study by go do the app on your own. There are sentences and also audio that you can click on to listen to the pronunciation or you can combine. If a class, for example, this is exactly what I would do in my class. If my student wants to learn characters, throughs easily will have the curator's integrated into all listen. So you were learned the characters on and in the class. We're going to link and make connections, make example sentences using those carriages so you see them in a conversational context. 15. Coupon Code & Disclaimer: if you decide to use these are only on which is perfectly fine. You can use my coupon code, which is Amy Lane to take 15% off your subscription. I do want to be transparent with you if you use my coupon code, you to get 15% off. And I also get 15% commission. But I guess that I tried this program and my students love it, so I hope you were like this program as well. 16. Worksheet & Thank You!: I also create a character which is well, just listen so you can use it and practice to help you remember the characters even better . That's awful of this. Listen, Thank you so much watching. I hope you enjoyed this. Listen by