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Learn Chinese & Arts from Character "Spring" - Beginner 1

teacher avatar My SkyBase, www.myskybase.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction: 'Dessert Style' Learning


    • 2.

      The beauty of Seal Script & Regular Script


    • 3.

      Evolution of the spring character


    • 4.

      Learn 1, get 9 ! Take quiz !


    • 5.

      Write like an architect !


    • 6.

      Pronounciation & review


    • 7.

      Homework & Thank You !


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About This Class


Join us to learn Chinese in a bite-sized, 'dessert style' approach that is fun-filled, easy and enriching. You will experience sparks of imaginations during each class. Also, you will reap a tinder of inspiration from continual learning.

In this 21 minutes class, the ‘dessert’ we prepared for you is the Chinese character for “Spring”! Pronunciation, writing, meaning and arts are all covered. Specifically, you will:

1.  From one word, learn the key writing principle which can apply to all other characters;
2.  Adopt a new artist mindset of writing Chinese;
3.  Learn one and get nine more! You will pick up related common words;
4.  Be inspired by the evolution of Chinese characters (Seal Script & Regular script) and how it applies in ancient times and modern life;
5.  Complete the homework: Part 1 is to develop practical writing skill. Part 2 is to understand the origin of the pictorial word and to create your own artistic version. Impress your friends with your creativity!

While this lesson is for beginner level, the all-rounded contents may also enlighten intermediate and advanced level as well. Our purpose is to plant a growing sprout in your mind.

List of lessons we offer:

Lesson 1:       Learn Chinese & Arts from Character "Spring" - Beginner 1 http://skl.sh/2EX8qlU

Lesson 2A:    Grab Quick, Complete Win: Healthy Cooking + Practical Chinese http://skl.sh/2FmOlFY

Saddle your seat and enjoy the Unicorn fly!

Meet Your Teacher

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My SkyBase



Besides interior design works, Zoe Lin always has the passion for Chinese culture. She thinks the rich culture is too good to be overlooked. The founding of My SkyBase is an answer for this inner calling. The complicated language seems like a barrier to understanding its culture. But she believes every Chinese character is a piece of art. It is something we can enjoy in our journey of exploration if the 'recipe' (class approach) well formulated.

Born in Taiwan, Mandarin is her mother tongue. Zoe loves to read including Chinese dictionary since young! Besides traditional Chinese characters, she learnt simplified characters during her decade-long stay in mainland China. Combining her gifts of creativity and Chinese inheritance, she loves to prepare cultural 'bite-sized dessert' for... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: 'Dessert Style' Learning : Hi, I'm Zoe. Greeting from Military culture Singapore Interior Design Is Michael fresh in Chinese? A language and the culture is my passion, which is by me. In many ways. You would benefit from multi culture exploration. The Chinese culture is a treasure language. You will be lucky to access it. Most people believe that to understand a culture way need to start from ground up off the language. How long do you think it takes? Two. Grabs and understanding off the language. Two years, four years? If the Cherries on the top represent the culture of interest and the cake represents the language, then it seems like it would take a while before you can eat the cherry at the top of the cake. Let's forget about a big kick and our new recipe for visa style learning. Each class will be like a bike size cake. For the long run, you will be able to taste more variety of nutrition and enjoy every single one of them. Zoe and I are the best chefs off. He's a star learning for you. Today's desert name is spring, and ingredients are rules are sequence for writing Chinese character, which is generic across all the evolution off Chinese characters and application off still script and regular script. In addition, we hope it will bring some inspiration to you. It will be fun and tasty. You don't wanna missed it. Please join us and I'll see you in next class. 2. The beauty of Seal Script & Regular Script: Chinese writings used at least two types of phones for their daily lives. The common one is basic handwriting use. Nowadays, Theater formed is still script, which is applied in telegraphy store scientist logo. It is also used in stamps, a signature on contracts and artworks. Each Chinese character can be a piece of artwork by itself. Chinese people like to put your engravings in beautiful stones. Here is a seal script stem for my Chinese name. It is a simple process to apply the stem to the cinnabar in pet, and my signature is on paper. Now I'm putting Zoe stamp on her work and this is Vera Daughter's name. Let us enjoy masterpieces off culture, seal script, stem, regular writings and the arts. Here are some more seal script stamps and more examples off masterpieces, and I hope you enjoy them 3. Evolution of the spring character: - as writing paper was not existent in earlier times, so writing were made on bones or topless. Shell, which is known s oracle in Mandarin Spring, is pronounced as Chun. This is how the word spring was designed in Oracle. There is a son in the middle, grass at the top and bottom indicating grasses everywhere on the right, a picture off, a sprouting and growing roots to represent the movements off growth all life In this pictorial work, we can visualize the renewed energy and life that dip eats. Spring intuitively, no remove from Oracle to seal script for the same. With spring as you can see, the worst structured are simply fight and refine. The sun warms the ground, which allow the grass to great nutrition. From the roots, we can see the growing grass with one element one, which represents collections of power from the sun. This symbolizes the very important timing. In beginning point off the year or season, the Victoria Star reversed the word on the left back to its original design concept. Who gives birth to the Seal script on the right. The sales script for spring is shown here. We attempt to use alphabets and one cuffed to form this character. Studying with one you a second you and 1/3 bigger You. We don't use a horizontal I and a cuff ending with an O plus a small horizontal. I we will learn to write this seal script in next section. Let's look at Scripps transition. Since historical times, our focus for this class are highlight that we've stars. Here is the tune party, where all the characters spring comes in different outfits from different periods in ancient times. The emperor wanted to make seal scripts the official writings off the Chinese dynasty because off the aesthetic appeal, however, it was too complicated and impractical to write s a common language. The regular writing was simpler and adopted. Toby the writing system. As we know today in next section, we are going to learn how to write seal script and regular script to see you That 4. Learn 1, get 9 ! Take quiz !: it is now time to write your first Chinese character before we start. Let's bear in my three things one. The key thing about Chinese writing is toe Master. The order off stroke from left to right and from top bottom. Following this motor, help you control the balance off the wood structure to Chinese characters. Originated from drawings, heads, feet, each writing as a piece of artwork and pay attention on the structure, balance and beauty off the stroke. Three. It is a good idea to download the PdF under your project. Below this writing paper greets is for your in class practice and writing projects outside class. The regular script for spring is shown here. The two grass and the ground has been simplified to three horizontal strokes and linked by one long and short diagonal stroke. The icon off the sun still remains. The stroke order is shown here by the red color lines. Here's a surprise for you. The tune corrector, we just learned, can be dissected into at least eight other useful characters. Congratulations. You just learn much more than you thought. We will categorize this additional characters by structures. 123 are very common numbers, please pay attention to the stroke length for esthetic reason. Length off horizontal stroke are not equal in two and three in this class, less focus on a structure. First, we will in pronunciation in next section. This group is showing the top portion off the word tune. The 1st 1 is run, which means people notice the seal script, respect or arising. Courteous, respectful and bowing person. The Knicks. Would you stop meaning big? You can visualize a person extending his or her arms and legs to symbolize Big. Combining the previous would weigh have start run, which means adult. The 3rd 1 is pronounced pee in, which means guy an extra stroke. Represent this guy on top off the back, the full one. It's full, which is husband or men in engine Chinese times. A man will bundle up his head at each 20 toe, identify he's and adult. Hence, top Horizontal stroke represents hair pin in the media, which means either the sun all the day. If we removed the center stroke, it becomes cold, which means mouth shown on the left. Do you still remember the wood one on the right hand side, We saw this from Seal script in earlier section. This means to stop or collect. This word is used a lot as names off places. Which means village? No, that we have learned several bonus words from spring. Let's try the form for Cabaret. Really? Among them. He has three quiz for you. Do you know what is e cold? One bite. Good effort. Yes, Chris Number two What is star? Yes, it means big now What is done? Yes, people. Do you know what is the meaning? Off star run. Exactly. It's adult. Okay, here's the final one. What is 10? Yes, The sky. How about 10 10? It means every day. Great effort. Let's get ready for your writing equipment and follow us in the next video. 5. Write like an architect !: writing a Chinese word is somehow like the world. Often, architect strokes are your elements to make the world structure just like a piece off part to us. Each Chinese character has its expression, which abstract Lee project its meanings. Half of your favorite pin paper and the music flowing You are all set. Attractive reading includes the spatial arrangement, the structure, the balance and the varieties off aesthetic, which reviews the rightist personality, too. This word pronounced twin This world pronounced E This is a her the system sand. This is a holy rite. I mean, a proper sitting posture on this means your writing hand should not block your view off the writing tip. I'm writing by Remember the older of stroke from left, right and then top two buttons. Although this seems like a writing practice way, hope you draw each stroke with an artist mindset, pay attention to its position and create a harmonious relationship with the other stripes. Thistle pronounced. I'm writing coal. I'm writing Remember, this is's corn. The writing process is like a meditation which quite star spirit with peace. We hope you enjoy this writing journey. Keep practicing is a key to mastery 6. Pronounciation & review: Let's review order What we learned. The pronunciation. It will reinforce your memory. Try to use them in your daily life. Okay, lets Alor pronunciation e means one e to our son. Three. Three John People John John. May I speak in sky P in sky Full. Makes male or husband Phil Full cold mouth call. Yeah, you. Thanks to some or they 20 one. Thanks. Black store off more village, 20 years Twinjet spring roll relations. Three year old It's one of my favorite fruit. Now that we finished pronunciation, let's have a quick review off this lesson for us. We'll end the beauty off seal script and regular screen. Then we lend evolution off The Chinese character. Spring through one would spring way, were able to learn nine other Chinese characters. And now we can write and to read off them to find out a homework, please to refer to the next class 7. Homework & Thank You !: Scott? No, thank you. How do you explain regarding the homeless climate after homeless, up shares and you can either compete one. Both of them Braque? Yes. Fine. Homewood. Yes. That's us homework. It is a regular character lighting. Doesn't that And that missus. You know what you're thinking? The second homework. ISS scripts going create your own example. Really created an encouragement card. Madonna killing her love's light, son. Then easily wish there I will go up at three. In the spring light page. You can create anything with spring light, meaning to please. Shale looks in project gallery and neck, You know, impressions on behalf of very Indian. I want to take this moment to say thank you, Johnny. You are amazing. Have come this far for your first lesson. Being country away is an important excuse that so we excited you took the first step. Children can also benefit from writing the character help with bringing that woman. We got this silly and I seem to help. We hope you like our unique room. Peace Vic Grant, Our Facebook statue of formal sparks Your imagination. Funny, you find a lessons useful, please. Like us and life. I use