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teacher avatar Giulia Marzuoli

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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11 Lessons (22m)
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About This Class

In this class you will learn step by step how to use the TIKTOK app more efficiently to make your videos!

I will also teach you the rules to make viral videos and MOST IMPORTANTLY I am going to upload new hacks every week. So make sure to follow me!

I hope you enjoy the class and let me know if you have any questions! 

I am excited to see your video coming to life. 

if you want to follow me my tiktok and IG account is @foodyoushouldknow

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Giulia.

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1. INTRO: What's up, guys? Welcome to my class. My name is Julia, and I'm here to teach you some incredible ticktock ox that will make your life so much easier. In this series of lessons, we will see step by step. Tutorials are now to use tic tac toe added year videos efficiently using just the up. I will show you all you need to know about the four. Your page different ways to record an additive video we didn't up out to become popular. Creating an original sound are to use filters and stickers and much more. Most importantly, I'm going to give you the six fundamental rules to make a vital tic tac video. I'm going to our new lessons every week, so make sure you follow me to know Miss out on my new tips. Let's dig into it. 2. HOW TO CURATE THE FYP: in this lesson, I'm going to introduce all the basics of the four year page. You will learn all the actions you can do. Watching a video before you page is a feed of videos. Katic talks as specifically curated for you using your finger. You can screw up and I will switch it to the next video. If you're watching a video and want to see the user profile, just wipe your finger to the left to go back to the four year page. Swipe to the right. Looking at the sidebar. Here you can like a video. You can comment on a video, and you can also share a video on other platforms or with other TICKTOCK users. You can also react to the video added to your favorites, or say that you're not interested. That allows you to curate what beaches you see under for your page. There are other ways to customize the for you page that I will show you in a moment. If you like a song, you can top on the circle icon at the bottom. Right on that ad. The song to your favorites. If you want to use a later or you can use this song immediately. Clicking on the used this sound button. As I said, something cool about the four year page is that you can carry what you see. So if you come across a video that we're really not into just all your finger down and up on no interested, you can also top on more and click hide these videos from these user or high BDS with this particular sound. If you come across a video that you want to say for later, just hold your finger down and top on, say, video, which will save the video to your phone. And last But no least maybe you wonder out to pose a video. It's really simple. Just stop once on the screen. This is all you need to know under for your page. 3. UPLOAD AND EDIT CLIPS FROM YOUR PHONE: in these lesson. I'm going to show you everything you need to know about editing TICKTOCK videos within the TIC tac up using video clips directory from your gallery. He'd the plus sign in the lower toolbar and then top on upload docks as videos and photos that you have already taken on your phone. I'm selecting two videos and top on next. Which brings you to the screen and then top on default. Let's walk through. What you see here was between the red bar is the total sum off the videos that you have selected. The squares below are the individual videos that you have added to the timeline. Chances are you want to add it down the clips so you can top on the small squares, Toe added. Each individual clip. Let's stop on the first square. As you can see, you can trim the individual clip, but slide in the red slider toe where you wanted to start and when you wanted to stop. You can also speed up or slow it down by pressing times two or times 0.5. When you're happy, top on the check mark. Repeat the same process with every video clip. You can also change the sequence off the video clips by holding on drug in the small squares. If you want to add another video clip, just press the plus battle and select another clip from the gallery. And again, you can decide the sequence and length off the video clips individually by topping or holding and drug in the squares. Once you're done training, you can see where your final piece looks like by viewing the video between the red slider and moving the white bar right to left. You can also trim down the overall duration off the final video by sliding the red bar. If you're happy with the result that next toe had any sand or text and you're good to go Hyo Eun jerseys Video. See you soon. 4. SHOOT MULTI CLIPS ON A SONG: in this lesson, we're going to see how to record on added multiple video clips, using sections off the same sound directly on the TIC tac up. So let's start pressing on the recording button and picking the song we want to use for our video clips as quick on sounds and I will bring us to discover Page. Or you can pick a song from your favorite. I'm going to choose this one. So you see the songs stand seconds long. Some can only record up to 10 seconds. My goal is to record three video clips on three sections off this song. I'm going to click on the icon timer on that will open a bar where I can set the recording limit for each video clip moving the red slider. I can pick the limit on my first video clip. I want to record the first video clip on the 1st 3 seconds off the song, so I'm going to move the red bar on the three seconds mark on. Then I'm going to pick the three seconds countdown timer before the recording starts. I press on, start shooting on. The countdown begins here. I'm recording my first video clip and this recording will stop automatically after 3.1 seconds where I sat my record in limit. You can see on top the blue bar showing that the first clip has been recorded. I'm going to press again on timer to sad Cordy Limit for my second clip, I'm gonna suddenly meet on the 5.7 seconds. So the second video clip will be recorded between 3.1 and 5.7 seconds section off the song . This time I want more time to get prepared before the video starts recording. So I click on the 10 Seconds Condom timer. As you can see from the second video clip, I'm not realistic took dancer. The video will stop recording in the 5.7 seconds limit that I sat under recording bar. I click again on timer to saddle Amis former third video clip. So I'm gonna use another about three seconds from the song and set my bar on the 7.9 2nd mark. So that's gonna make my third video clip on I start shooting again. When I'm done filming all my clips, I'm gonna click on the check mark here at the bottom recorder. And now I can see all the three video clips recorded in sequins following the music on the section that I wanted to use from the song. If you're not really happy with the results, you can decide towheaded each individual video clip. You just need to top on a just clips, and it will bring you to decide Dean screen. As you can see at the bottom, there are three small squares. Each square is an individual clip that you have just recorded. Now you can decide to change the sequence of the clips by pressing a drugging each square into new position. Or, if you're not happy with the video clip, you can added a tapping on the square and then trimming the clip by moving the reds lighter , or even decide to reshoot that specific whip again by just clicking on. Start over and it will bring you back to the recording page. Once you're happy with your clips, click on the check mark and this is the final result. How Europeans are this lesson. See you soon 5. ADD MULTIPLE PHOTOS INTO 1 VIDEO: in this lesson, you're going to see how to get multiple photos in tow. One tick tock video using just the up. It's pretty simple. Let me show you how. Let's start opening the tic tac up and clicking on the plus button now top on effects to find the green screen effect. It looks like these when your first applied, there will be this building background. We're going to change the background with the fortunes we want to use in our video. You can see here a carousel off the latest photo from a phone gallery. Next, select one off the photos from the purview box here, or topped the plus icon to access your camera room. Once you have selected, a photo is going to feel the screen behind you. Next, Physically duck out off the frame and then all down the record button for how long you want the photo to appear. Okay, the first photo is done, so now let's are the second photo. I'm going to top on the green screen icon again. I repeat the entire process. I'm selecting a new photo from the camera roll, which will be the second fort off the video. And again I'm going to duck out off the frame and then press record. I'm going to add 1/3 photo to my video. You can probably tell that I love eating. My gallery is 99% food pictures. Repeat this over and over until you have added as many photos as you want. Then press the check mark to see your photos back to back. Now you can add in some music and filters and you're good to go. My OPI enjoyed his lesson. See you soon. 6. ADD MULTIPLE TEXT BUBBLES FASTER!: in this class, we're going to see a faster and more precise method toe. Add multiple tax bubbles to a video. I'm using this video here where I'm pointing on a one specific tax bubbles stop here. As I point to them, I click on text and I start to add my first tax bubble. Now what most people dio is set decoration for this tax bubble, but instead I'm going to create all of my text boxes in one go. There are four total one old attacks. Bubbles are written out. I'm going to start the duration for each one. Open the sad aeration till I'm going to top on any box and click saturation, and a set duration bar for that box will appear. You can move the rat slider right or left to decide when the tax will appear and disappear on the video clip. If you move there white part right or left, you will see the entire read a clip frame by frame that would help you to find the exam. Um, and my finger is pointing to tax number one. Set the red slider on the frame. Move the tax imposition just pressing and drug in the box in place. So it began the Y bar along the video clip to find a frame. My text will disappear and drug the end of the road slider. On that moment, the said interational box number two just top on it and did aeration Bar for tax number two will appear. Repeat the same process as per box number one. Slide the white bar to fund a frame. When the text is appearing, set the rows lighter on the frame before setting the final duration. For tax number two, adjust the position off the box so that it doesn't cover your finger. Now find a frame. You want to text to these appear and set the red slider. On that moment, the minimum duration you can set is not less than one second. Protects box. If you move the wide bar along the video clip from the very beginning, you can now see tax number one on tax number two appearing and disappearing in place. The absolute to check liberation and position of your tax bubbles are correct. So far, I repeat the same steps for box number three upon the tax move into place Saturday oration , and so everything is in place. Once you're done it, box number three, you can move on to tax number four and repeat the same process again one last time. When you're happy with the result, Just click on the check mark on the bottom, right corner. And here is the final video. What we learn from this lesson is that writing all the tax bubbles out first and then doing the duration saves time compared to doing them individually. 7. CREATE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL SOUND: in this lesson, we're going to see out to create an original sound using your own music. The cool thing about Tic Tac is that let's say you're an artist, maybe singer on. You want people to get to know you on your music. You cannot blow your own songs and become popular on Tic Tac by having people using your music in their own medias. Let's see out to create an original son with your music, so there are many ways you could do it. For example, uploading a video clip no more than 60 seconds long with your song or sound directly from your phone gallery. Or, for example, you could record yourself singing or play an instrument used in the ticktock up. Or you could even upload the video and then do a voice over directly on the up. That's an example where you're recording yourself singing on tic tac. I click on the recording button on the video starts here. It's me pretending to be a great artist. I'm singing Happy Birthday to You, and you're lucky that you can hear me when I'm done with my recording. I just click on the check mark and move on to the ads. Dean screen. If you're happy with the video, you could just click on Max and post it. But if you're not happy with the song or the quality of the sound, you can record divorce again with a voiceover. Just click on the voiceover button on record again your song, and don't forget to uncheck the keep original sound. When you're happy with the result, just click on next and then posted video. Now, if you click on the Post, you will see that the song off the video has been saved as original sound. Let's have a look at our people. Landing on your video can save or use your original sound. Now I'm opening the video clip from another account, and I click on the bottom right I can to save this song into my gallery. As you can see, the sun is marked as original. On the page shows the creator and all the video clips where the specific sound was used. I could even record immediately clicking on used the sound. This is the end of the lesson, and it's only need to know to create an original sound with your own music. How Europe in Jodie's video, See you soon 8. APPLY AND MANAGE FILTERS: Today, we're going to see a very easy peasy tutorial on how to find and apply fielder straight video. Do you see that I can't assess filter top on that. These brings up a menu bar of the tones of different filters top of the circles to apply the different filters. And if you keep scrolling, you will find the G six filter that everyone is using under Tic Tac's. You can use this lighter to change the intensity off the filter. You also have the choice to turn off the filters that you don't use so there won't show up on the filters. Calorie, Go to manage and just uncheck the filters you never use. Some default filters cannot be turned off. So now if you go back to the filters calorie, you will see only the ones you left turned on. Stop on the crossed circle to remove any filter. Another way to apply filter is directly from the recording screen. Just wipe into the left. You will see the first filter from the gallery being applied. Keep swiping to change filters. You can also upload the video from your gallery and apply filter to it in the same ways we just saw. I hope this lesson without four. This is all you need to know about filters. 9. PIN A STICKER TO YOUR BODY: in this lesson, we're going to learn a very fun effect that you can get by pinning a sticker to a part of your body and make it fall along with your movements. Here I'm shooting a very simple video. I want to Peanuts sticker on a feature on my face. Spinning a sticker is so much easier if your movements are slow and controlled on the part of your body are going to pin onto is always clear and visible trod of clip. When I'm done filming, I move on to the added in screen, on going to top on the stickers button and choose the sticker I want to paint. As you can see, there are money options. I can pin a sticker on an emoji. I'm looking for a heart sticker to pin on my nose, so go back to the Seekers and choose his beating heart. Now I top on the sticker and click on pin. It will bring me to the additives screen. Moving this lighter. I can decide when I want the sticker to appear. You're in the video, I wonder. Hard to be there from the very beginning. I'm going to reduce the size off the heart by painting on the screen with two fingers on. Then I'm going to place it on my nose by holding on Dragon the sticker when I'm happy. Likely campaign. And here is the result. As you can see, the heart full list of movements off my nose. I open enjoyed this tutorial. See you soon. 10. DOWNLOAD A VIDEO WITH NO WATERMARKS : in this lesson, we're going to see too easy ways to save addict a video without water marks on now to share DaVita on other platforms. First of all, you could simply use the built in screen recording up on your phone. Let's see here are to do it. You need to start your screen recording right before posting the video. As you can see from this icon on the top, this clear recording is activated. So now it up once on the small image off the video, you're not clicking on select Cover your just stopping on the small image and I will show you a preview off the video in its entirety because the screen recording is on your now recording this video preview with no water marks. Once it's finished, you can just stop your according, and the video will be automatically saved on your phone. The only downside of this method is that you will have to trim the video. I suggest to install and editing up to do that, like in short and not a way you can save a video without water. Marks is to download is up. Cultic took the loader. If I click on it. You see, I've already downloaded lots of videos from my TIC tac profile. And here is where you place a tick tock video link you want to download. Now, if I open Matic took Paige and I want to download these video, I just stop on the share button. Then I click on the dots and I will show me a wide selection of ups, including the ticked out download up. I click on that, and as you can see, the link of my video is automatically copied into the up, ready to be downloaded. I click on the Lord and it's done at upon view, and here you see my video saving the gallery. I click on the video and you see there are no water marks. I want to share the video on my instagram feed. So atop on the share icon on Danny Choo's instagram feet, I'd zoom out to feed the video and I'm ready to go. How European joy this lesson. See you soon 11. 6 RULES TO MAKE VIRAL VIDEOS!: in these lesson, we're going to see some simple rules to implement in your videos in order to get thousands of use every single time. Let's dig into the six things You should be taken into consideration before making a video rule Number one. You need to stop the scroll, your judicial grab someone's attention within three seconds or less. As you can see, these video starts with a catchy phrase that makes you want to know more number to elicit some kind of emotion. Are you making someone laugh? Are you teaching someone something? Are you inspiring someone people will most likely share or like your video? If the contact resonates with them for a quick exercise, think of what emotions. Theis Video is inspiring. Number three Completion rate. If someone watches your video from the start to the end, that tells stick dog that your video is interesting enough. Toe watch any sincerity, so Tic Tac will promote your videos, showing it to a large number of people on the platform, and eventually it will land on the for you. Page number four. Make sure to keep his short, usually a 15 seconds. Video is the sweet spot on tic tac on. You understand why? If you think of Rule Number three, there are more chances. People will watch a video in its entirety if it is 15 seconds long. More than 30 or 60 seconds. Wrong number five rewatch rate. Make sure your vida is interesting enough that someone is going to re watch it more than one time. If people re watch a video, that means that they're spending more time on the platform. And this is something that the Ticktock algorithm really likes. Number seats. Shar ability. This is another factor that plays a you troll into the algorithm in my analytics. The videos with highest views are also the regions with the highest amount of shares. If someone are sharing your content off 100 platforms, that means Dichter could potentially gain. New users were not on the platform yet. Therefore, ticked up will promote your video to a large audience. Io Peons Ideas. Last season