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Kinetic Typography Rotation - After Effects Animation

teacher avatar Klarens Malluta, Visual Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Basic Rotation


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      Typography Grid


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      Typography Animation


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      Gradient Animation


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      3D Rotation


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      Animated Poster


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About This Class

On this class you will learn about Kinetic Typography Rotation.

We will start by creating a basic rotation effect on after effects, so you can learn the techniques and the basic idea of how it works.

Then we will create something more professional with gradient animation and 3D Rotation effect.

Also, to get more creative, you can create an animated poster. I will add a spinning typography around the main object of the poster.

This is just to show you a few examples of how you can use this effect.

I hope you get creative and create beautiful animations.

Meet Your Teacher

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Klarens Malluta

Visual Artist

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is Clarence. On this class, you will learn some kinetic typography affects by creating that speeding effect on typography. We will start with a basic effect just to show you the techniques of how all this works. Then we will create something more professional with typography and radiant effects. Also, you will be able to create an animated poster by learning how to apply that rotation effect on the statue or whatever object you like. It would be a fun quest and with just a few effects stand in a short period of time. You will be able to create really cool and professional projects. You will need only after effects for this class, so make sure to enroll. 2. Basic Rotation: Hey, guys, welcome back. So before we get started on after, in fact, just wantedto share with you where I got the inspiration from to create this kind off tutorial. Basically, I saw this kind off spinning effect off typography on dribble from this best served bold. It has some really cool animation, but I think this one is made on cinema four D, based even on the hashtags. Also, this one, it's from the same user. I think it's a combination off after effect on cinema Prody. Also, this one is, uh, more. It's simpler also this one. So just wanted to point out where I got the inspiration toe create the this kind off tutorial. Okay, so now I will open after effect on DA create a new composition. So go with an HD preset. Ah, let's settle duration up like 10 seconds. Okay. And ah, the first thing that I'm going to do is greater basic rotation animation just to show you the techniques of how it works. Then we will great something more complicated. The first thing that you need to do is to write Greek and ah, we need to create a new composition so composition. New composition on DA Let's send the size of 700 100 click. OK, and now we're just ah creating a tax of goto this result of type two Just type something like experiment. Let's place it in the center. Here you have the type settings I'm using food to refund. So OK, now let's go to our main composition and on the project. Let's place this composition in the center. Okay, so let's make sure we are on the center and ah, we can scale this. So I passed on the keyboard on the scale This Okay, so now we need to create a kind of roll with this Ah, text. So let's go on effects. Um, resets and And we need to use this kind of effect on, so let's apply it on the composition on DA Here. You have. Ah, these options expand right? Left down or up, we need toe expand right and left. So just increase This expands, right? And basically it will expands, right? Like, uh, it says we need to do the same thing with the left side. So I would suggest just to feel the whole space. Maybe we can scale this down soul. Uh, it looks better. Yeah. Okay, I think it looks OK. And now, after you feel this space with the tax just row, we need to add that kind off rotation effect. So we need to right quick. And first we need to pre compose on move all attributes into the new composition. Quick. Okay, on the next effect that we need to apply if this, uh, cc cylinder on, let's apply it. So it created this kind of still in there. So here are all the all the options. You have a radius that you can change, uh, also position. But the most important setting, I think it is. Ah, rotation. You can play around with the rotation X y and zed like that rotation. Why? We're gonna need these toe create on animation because it rotates the text. Let's set it zero for a moment. Also, the rotations that maybe we can leave it like that. And ah, we can do an animation because if we click, play is going to see And nothing changes soul to create an animation. We need toe click on this icon right here on DA. Make sure you are on the first frame on No, let's go to the and frame on. Let's make it like three, maybe, or tool. No, let's clean plate. Yes, As you can see, it creates Ah, loop. So this is just just a basic idea of how this effect works. Ah, now we will create something like more complicated. And then we will create on animated poster with these techniques, so see in the next video. 3. Typography Grid: Hey, welcome back. So now we need to create something similar. Toe this animation. And, ah, if you look closely, there are, like, six rolls off text and ah, some of them move left and some of them move right. And then we at this still in their effect. And also we had this kind off animated Grady in. So no, let's Ah, go on. After effect, let's create a new composition. Let's create an HD resolution like Okay. And the first step is like we did on the previous one. So new composition case. After we did that again, the next effect would be this so we can expand on the left. Now we need toe. Ah plays this somewhere in the edge of the composition and we need toe expand. Right, Let's zoom out. Let's make it like 2000. Maybe we can see Let's increase this. So I'm going to type ah, be on the keyboard so I can see how much did expand on the right. So let's change the X position just so I can see Yes. So let's expand it a little bit more. Let's make it 10 thousands case. Another next step is toe. Make some copies of this. We're going to make, like, six rows. So common control C command control V and just place it above on. Let's do the same with the other rose case after I adjusted these. No, we need to create Ah, no objects. All right, click new. No object on DA. Let's rename this, uh right. And ah, Now let's create another Newell object and we need toe rename. This left so this. Ah, this way. We're going to move some of the text on the left side and some of them on the right side. So let's select three of these layers and connected with left No object. And ah, the rest with right new object. So you can quit. Command Control, Quick on the complicity First composition right here. Quick on the next one. And now you click on this. Ah, I come right here. Drag it. And ah, connected with the right. No object on Da. Let's do the same with the other composition. And let's connect them with left new object. Now I will show you how we can. Ah, Any made this so some of them will move left and the other on the right and then we will Ah , at the still in their effects. You see on the next video. 4. Typography Animation: case. Another need, toe. Ah, change the position of these tax so we can do some animation. And the click on this left no object type on the keyboard so we can see the position. Let's zoom out. And if we change the X position, we can move these left or right. In this case, we're moving them. I left. Ah, So Tokyo the animation You need to click this icon right here on. Make sure you are on the start point and go on the on frame and let's ah, change the the X position. Okay, so now that the typography is ending, make sure you ah, keep this text like like it was on the start point so we can create a loop. So something like that, Yeah, I think it looks OK. So if you play these, I think it will create a loop. Yes, I worked. It is continues. So now we need to room make the same thing with right. No object. So typing on the keyboard and ah, in this case that we're going to move that on the right side, As you can see, if we move these on the right side, there is No. Ah, typography left. So we need to start the from the left and, uh, position them on the right. So first we need toe Reposition them before we started the animation. Yeah. Okay. So, no, I think we can start from from here. So let's type on these cycles. We can start the animation. We are on the start frame and let's go to the end frame on DA. Now. We need to change the deposition so we can move them. Ah, right. Yeah. Okay. Make sure it is like the ah, start the frame on DA. Now, if we quickly let's Eve, we created Ah, loop. So let's go to the and frame that's replayed. Yeah, I think it looks great. So now we will at the radiant Onda. Also the cylinder effect. So see in the next video 5. Gradient Animation: Okay, So to apply the cylinder effect, we need toe recompose. This So let's select the mold on duh recompose. Ah, click OK, on da Now first. That's great. The the radiant so new solid and ah, click. Ok, now we can change the size of it just by going to the edge and, uh, adjusting it on the composition. So let's position in someone right here. Okay? And now we need toe, please. This layer below the experiment text and let's apply the radiant effect. I think it's this one Great interim. Yes. So we need to change the start color and the and color. That's ah, make something being for the and color. And ah, let's go with a safe combination. Let's ah, choose something orange. It always goes well with the with pink color so week. Okay, on da. Now, to create the great Aunt Animation, we can create new adjustment layer on. Now we need toe. Apply this color color adjustments. Golar. Belen. Sorry. Okay, That's applied on the adjustment layer, which should be above the the solid layer. And ah, we can increase the saturation. And now we need toe to animate the hue effects of quick on the cycle as we did on the whole animations and ah, let's go toe the and frame and let's make it one. So if we click play as you can see, it creates ah on animate ingredient. So this is how the radiant animations works on DA Now we need to apply the stealing their effect on the on the typography. 6. 3D Rotation: Okay, so now let's Ah, apply the still in their effect. Okay, That's applied on the spree. Compose that we did. And ah, As you can see, it is animated. Let's Ah, I will change this so it loads fester. So as you can see, it is animated because we animated the typography, But we're going to add some other animations. Ah, I'm not changing the radius. I think it looks okay. Also, the position seems good to me for maybe you can change the why a little bit. Okay, um, now let's go toe rotation. And let's first set a rotation position. That looks good. Yeah, something like that. I think let's change. The rate is a little bit. So now we can ah do some animation just by changing the Was that the rotation? Also the exhortation. So just some small details. So let's recall the cycle. And, um, we can make make this like a loop. So we need to remember the the number that we had on the start frame. So let's make, like, 50 on. Let's go somewhere in the middle. That's ah changing like that. Maybe on da gang, go on the end payment that's making 50. So it's it's Ah, it creates a loop. We can have some enemies from the rotations, that's all. First, let's create the last week on the cycle on DA. The first values 40. No, let's go somewhere in the middle. Let's change this. Okay, Now let's Ah, go to the and frame and make it again. Like Fort. Now, if we play this, yes, As you can see, it creates a loop. And this just, ah, small ah, rotation to give more details to the enemies. So this is how these animations works. And now we will try toe at this kind of effect on a poster. 7. Animated Poster: welcome back. So as I said, now we're going toe create an animated poster and Ah, the first thing I did is I created this simple ball Sturgis, to show you the animation. I would like to keep this just an aftereffect tutorial. So I'm not going to have to explain how you can create this kind off poster. But of course, I have plenty of tutorials that you can create that can help you to create a poster like that one or more complicated ones. So if you want toe create ah, posture, you can see my other two tour tutorials. But I think this is pretty basic saw. I don't think you will have a problem toe create something like like this one. Okay, so now we're going toe. Great. Ah, summer animated the rotation text. So I'm going to speed up just on the process where I create the the animated tax because I've already explained this. Okay, so now that I applied these cylinder effect, I'm going to play only the settings. So it goes well with the statute. So basically, I will make it like it is so rotating around the statue. So let's change the radios. Also, let's say that the settings on this rotation so basically this Ah, these above. Ah, text shouldn't be interacting with this below tags because we're going to mask it on DA. We need toe affect that only on the above text, if that makes sense to. But anyway, we're going to try, so you will understand. Also, let's at some animation toe this So like we did previously. Okay. Ah, Now we can change also the position so we can place it somewhere right here. Okay, Now we can make some copies of this man control C, command control V and we need to change only the position. So we're going to add Ah, different, um, typography around the around the statue. Okay, so now we need toe at the mask s so we can remove this part right here. But before we do that, we need toe recompose these layers again. So let's do it one by one. Okay, Also this one. Sorry. Let's go to our main composition. That's pre composed this quick. Okay, on da, let's click on the first composition. Let's go to our pantaloon on. Basically, we will create shape around that statue. Okay, now let's close the Beth on DA Now, let's Ah, quick on this mask, and we need toe quick on this invert. So now, as you can see it to remove this Ah, part right here. So it gives that the fact like it is on three D. So if we click played se and now it gives that idea like it is, ah, spinning around the head. So we'll do the same thing with with the other compositions on. Then I will show you how you can add some. What color to this gray, uh, text. If you want on those so we can try some other effects to make this looks look better. So I will, at some mask on these other composition now. Okay, so now let's see what we can do next with this pulsar. So see, in the next video 8. Finalize: Okay, So before we get started on the effects Ah, if you have enjoyed this tutorial till now would appreciate Ah, good review on also, I would love to see your projects and ah, if you share them on skill share, please. Ah, leave your instagram account to so I can research them on my sacrum Ah, stores and tag you. Okay, so now ah, in animation that we can add, maybe we can add an adjustment layer and let's place it below so above the poster owned. And we can, uh, apply this color balance. Just Teoh change the situation. So let's change the huge So we are on the start frame and let's go to the end frame and let's make this one okay, so it changes the color. Also, I would like to make this white, So first, I will, uh, pretty composed this. Okay, on da now I will create Ah, new ah, solid. And make sure the color is white. Okay, quick. Okay. And I will apply the solid color below and ah, going this icon right here. Parent pick and ah connected with the recomposed and ah, now change this toe. Alfa mate on DA. As you can see. No, the color is white, so let's try a gun. Ah, glow effect. So let's go to adjustment lier. Okay, Now let's try the glow effect. I'm not sure how it it will look like, but, uh, let's see. Yeah, we can play around with these and let's in check and see the difference just, ah, small detail. But I think it looks good. Let's play and see how it looks. Yeah, I think it looks pretty good. This globe gives that retro feeling, so I think that's it for this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and learn some techniques that you can use on your own projects. As I said that, I would appreciate a good review because it helps me a lot. So I thank you very much for watching and see on the next tutorials by