Kids Art & Craft: Watercolour Greeting Cards - Fun, Easy & Creative - using Crepe/Tissue papers | Priya | Skillshare

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Kids Art & Craft: Watercolour Greeting Cards - Fun, Easy & Creative - using Crepe/Tissue papers

teacher avatar Priya, Artist, Art teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Fun watercolour technique!


    • 2.

      Materials list!


    • 3.

      Planning the Design & Colour!


    • 4.

      Getting into the process!


    • 5.



    • 6.

      Rainbow watercolour!


    • 7.

      The Technique!


    • 8.

      Details & wrap up!


    • 9.

      Explore more techniques!


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About This Class

Let's create watercolour art in a fun and easy way!

  • Creative technique without paints and brushes,
  • Using affordable materials to create art,
  • Suitable for all ages - no drawing skills needed,
  • Get inspired  by the endless possibilities!
  • Have a creative family fun-time!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Artist, Art teacher


Hello, I'm Priya. I'm an Artist and an Art Educator.

I love going around my neighbourhood to create gouache landscapes capturing light, greenery and everyday life in my sketchbook!

Over the years of helping children to find their joy and pleasure of creating art, I have tried many fun techniques and I'm looking forward to share my techniques, that help art-making more easier and creative for children!! 

Happy painting!!


Few examples of my student works!




My Gouache paintings!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Fun watercolour technique!: creativity is often inspired by the very simple on humble materials. Here is one such material called crepe paper or the color tissue paper. I'm Maria, artist and art teacher on. I always try to use a village of materials to spark creativity in my students. The name exploring this material, I stumbled upon four different art techniques this material can offer on. The good news is you don't need any prayer drawing experience to do these other projects. I assure you, you can have family fun time doing these projects together. Let's start and have fun. 2. Materials list!: The most important thing needed is the crepe paper or the bleeding tissue paper. Grade papers are the inexpensive, colorful papers that are available in stationary, similar to party streamers. You can also use the bleeding tissue papers, which are also colored. Gray papers, come in long roles or in rectangular sheets. Don't worry about the size any way we are going to cut them into small pieces. We need some card stock paper. I have 200 years and they've bulkier white card stock paper to do the app works and the greeting gods. And colorful creepy bus I have here a yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and different shades of green. Wonderful. So tried to use colorful papers. And then we need a waterproof black marker, scissor, water spray bottle. And it can be just the spoon, blue or white blue. That's it. 3. Planning the Design & Colour!: Okay, let's start with four Stickney. So the 1st 1 is going to be a watercolor effect on. We are going to use this technique to design some kid friendly greeting cards so the greeting cards can be designed and daily by kids on. This technique uses the great paper all our reading to shoot paper toe, get a watercolor effect. This is so easy and simple, and I have designed that meeting cut so that the color outside is also reflecting on the inside with some minor details to make it more comprehensive. So let's start. So I'm taking and a full white sheet on. I'm going to design the car, so I'm fording the car in tow, half pressing it down. So what? This is going to be a greeting card, and inside you can write your wishes or inspirational courts. Let's thinkable some designs. So, as you can see in this greeting card, I have done with a triangular form it from the top and this card I have done in the rectangular format, or like a band from top to bottom so you can't design as you wish we are going toe, keep it simple and nice Onda. We are going to make it rich by using more than one color. So say for this artwork will be using a color combination different from this to Are we going toe completely color of a paper? All we are going to use one Lee part off the sheep. So for this one, let's design from here to here like a triangle. So let's see how it looks before we start coloring do and outlined with the black marker. My black marker is what a proof, so it won't mix with the read a paper or bleeding tissue paper colors so you can use a waterproof marker for this one. If you don't have a waterproof marker, it's advisable toe color. The paper first let it dry. Then you can add the lines off the lettering. So now I'm going to add the lines Age or the border line. It keeps a nice look Toe our God, so I'm not using a ruler. This is a handmade greeting card, so you can be just natural with your lines and we can write the letter rings at the top or the bottom. Our design is going to be here So let's say I want to write on motivational court. Something like, Keep going. You're almost there. So let's right. Ah, well, uh, what's here? Stopping from the top. Heat going. You are almost there. - So you can try different forms for your letter rings. All right. You can embellish your little rings. So now we are done with the border and the lettering is Let's do the fun. Creative artwork inside you can use the same coloring so you can draw hot ships. Are any designs inside to make it in harmony? Vitto front page. So I would like to draw some hard shapes here at the top. Okay, top left and bottom. Right. So if you're not sure of all the shapes you can always drove with the pencil. Then you can over there then So one more heart goes here. Now, before we start, keep in mind the crate papers can stay in your hands on it can also stain the inside off your sheet. Please be very careful about that. And to prevent the colors seeping inside. I'm using some sheets. I'm folding the sheets and I'm using the sheets here so that they don't seep inside. Okay? Actually, we are going to color here, so we need to use the bottom side. Okay, so let's stop. So now with the colors, you can use any colors as you wish. You can just play with the colors. But as you can see, I have used some off the neighboring colors in the color wheel here. So what I call neighboring colors are some of the colors near so, like from yellow, orange, red If you can use the neighboring colors, they look very nice. They look very harmonious, but just play with the colors and yeah, let's stop. 4. Getting into the process!: So for this artwork, I'm taking light green, light blue, not blue, and Dr So let's try these colors on. We are going toe place or what issues over here, this is going to be very easy. You don't need paint crash or anything else on this papers. They are going to give you a wonderful watercolor effect. So now I am cutting my prey papers into small bits and pieces. You can cut the pieces into any shape, so actually you will need very less off each color. - Let's have some dark blue pieces and the green. Find it. We have all the different colors, so actually the later colors give you less paint on your paper. Darker colors. They give you more color on your paper, so it's better to use more darker colors. So I'm using a spray border, too. Spray water on my paper and my tissue. I start arranging some off my colors here so you can overlap the colors so we'll start from here and good but towards the top. So keep wearing the colors as you go on, start spraying so that they just stick onto the paper. Well, let's add some more colors keep spring. If you feel the colors are very lighter, you can even use two layers off colors. So I'm using two layers off flight blue here. One more layer off light blue here, so keeps praying until all the tissue is covered with water. Don't worry about the excess off water. The more water you spree, the better results you get. So that's it. It's so simple. You have to leave it for a while so that the paper absorbs the colors from the tissue so you'll get a wonderful effect. You can use a brush toe fres the paper, or you can use a ruler to roll down the sheets onto the paper, so make sure you use lots of water. Otherwise, the color won't see into your paper on the amount off color that seeps into the paper depends on the quality of this paper also, so for later sheets off paper, you get a different absorption. For thicker sheets, you get a different absorption, and I'm spring again. If I can't raise toe. See, the people are a little bit and you can see how it a staying the paper. Okay, good. The more time you leave your issue papers on your paper, the better. It's going to stay in your paper. Okay, Now let's take out the tissues and see what's inside for us. So I'm very excited. Carefully take the issues on. Wow. So you can see a range of colors from light green, dark green on toe, light blue and dark blue. This is wonderful. So you can see some white spaces in between. I like the pattern. And here you don't see any weight space because I have used more water here. Perhaps so. It depends on how much water you use. I like this blooming effect over here. It's Ah, happy experiment on you. Get different results depending on the type of papers you use and the amount of water you use. So yep, so carefully. They called this people inside 5. Details!: So now you have a wonderful watercolor. Teen breeding cut for the color didn't see inside, so it's beautiful. You can stain the colors over this part off your greeting card toe, so let's try that. Carefully. Place this paper on and probably you read very less water and very few colors for this part . Let's keep it simple. Just you can place it over the drawing and spray with enough water and great for a white. Don't forget to protect your clothes on your hands. If you want, you can use close and let's wait for that magic to happen. Okay, I think it's trying toe. Reveal what's in sight. Wow, look at roaming effects on these white spaces. They are very interesting. No, we have a wonderful handmade greeting card with a beautiful team. Look at this. It's almost dry. So let's draw some hardships here. - And this is an inspiration card for someone who is starting with baby steps and start to achieve 6. Rainbow watercolour!: I want to try the rainbow color teen. So to get the rainbow colored team, I need yellow orange, right? But for dark blue and dark green colored pray papers. So first, let's start with cutting our great papers. Really, really. Let's start with over yellow. So I am cutting long strips off yellow orange, right, dark violet, not blue. And Dr Reid, you can arrange the colors from anyway. So I'm starting from yellow and I'm ending with green and feel free to use as many colors. Us you like s. So now we are ready with our colors. So let's stick another sheet off cod stock fold in half. And this time, let's use the card in horizontal way. Something like this. So it's easy toe have all the day boots again. I'm drawing the borders, - so let's use this as a greeting card for Mother's Day. What message you want to tell your mom? That's right. I love my mom, So let's start practicing and pencil first. I love my well 7. The Technique!: So let's start with a rainbow. Do you want the rainbow to be bend or straight? Rainbow? So I want to be just straight. I want the colors to be inside this space. So it's cut some off the colors, then read. No, I want to start my rainbow from left going towards the right. So starting ill over the left, then orange, then dread. Can I have a little bit more right here, then comes up. Uh then comes my blue, then my dark green. So make sure you arrange some from left to right. No. So when you're happy with the arrangement now, you can spring water carefully. Spray water. Oh, uh, good to shoes. I don't believe the colors overlaps. They actually looked beautiful when the overlap. Now we have some white space. Let's fill in the white space. So I am grabbing a little bit off proper to go over this place. Andi. So let's add some more yellow at the top. Ad Elaine off your luhya so that the color becomes with Doc Hope this helps to have more bright colors to make the colors more human. Let's grab a brush and brush over. I'm excited to see what's inside. Let's they called the tissues slowly Looks good. We have a mix off all the colors. Love fleet colors have mixed beautifully. Looks like a rainbow Looks great, right? No. 8. Details & wrap up!: and inside the rainbow card. Let's draw some simple flowers for Mother's Day. Draw some suckers. No small and big drawer lines, - coloring these flowers with our great papers again, you can use all the colors in a random be. I'm using all my leftover colors here. - Let's pray it's water. Let the papers do the magic. Use as many layers off colors as you like, but trying not to overlap the colors too much because we want to have your colors. I like how the colors president to this area. Let's keep of a white sheet below again using my brush. Let's see how it looks. Small should be good. See how wonderful it looks And this is a lovely rainbow car foremothers deep. 9. Explore more techniques!: hope you had fun with the first technique. You can also create some cute cards like this for your friends, your loved ones for your teachers. And you can also use the same technique to get some watercolor effect on your artwork to hold on. This is just the first technique. We have some more fun and easy techniques to create with great papers. They are much more fun to do for the other three techniques. Please refer my profile page. Thank you.