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Kickstart your floral paintings Part 1

teacher avatar Kata Botanical, flower lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Material list


    • 3.

      Painting 5-petal flowers


    • 4.

      Painting 6-petal flowers


    • 5.

      Painting multipetal flowers


    • 6.

      Painting side flowers


    • 7.

      Painting leaves


    • 8.

      Adding details to the flowers


    • 9.

      Thank you! :-)


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About This Class

Welcome to the class!

Painting flowers gives you unlimited possibilities for painting lovely bouquets, colorful silhouettes, creating postcards, stationeries, and wedding invitations. 
I created you a three-part series, which will help you to boost up your floral paintings. In the first class, we will paint flowers and leaves in an easy and simple way. 

By the end of this class, you will have over 30 ready to paint flowers and you will know the tips and tricks on how to vary them, how to multiply your flowers and how to make them more interesting. 

Thank you for joining me!



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kata Botanical

flower lover


I’m Kata.

I love drawing and painting flowers, I'm a Natural History Illustrator. I have a Ph.D. degree in botany, therefore I can tell you such things about flowers and plants, maybe you don't know. I'm passionate about the beauty of Nature. 

I'm the founder of magnoliART design studio. Feel free to surf on the website of magnliART. 

If you would like to watch drawing or painting videos, check out my YouTube Channel and subscribe to it. I think you don't want to miss out on new content. 

Learning makes me happy and I also think lifelong learning will become play a more and more important role.

I believe in creation, whether painting or making a cake if I can make people happier.

Let’s dive into paint... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome: no matter what the practice and the botanical illustrator, this last today is the first part of a three part areas. But I do have you think that you need a boost of your paintings. Today we are going to focus on making difference. For example, find sister lovers and, of course, some greenery in the next, less it will paint Philip floors. Okay, and in the next class, the pain lives on branches. I'm going to work you step by step on hotel paint or these in a simple and is obey. You will also learn some techniques on hotel data. As to the flowers, for example, the veteran pyrotechnic and deglazing the's data's will make your floors spoke out off the paper. Besides that, I've via their new my tips and tricks on hope. You can vary. You're ready to paint Flora's. This glass is broken up into Indian, so it is easy to follow along on place. By the end of this class, you will have over 30 ready to paint flowers, and you know, the tips and tricks on hotel vary them and told to make them more interesting and because you will be able to paint leaves as well. You can easily pain on the kind of cigarettes. Don't forget to follow me. Ask Asia, Click the halibut and end up and you may be the first who knows As soon as they launch a new class, you can also follow me on Instagram to see my latest first and a little pain with me. Let's get started. 2. Material list: Let's see that we need in this class. If you need watercolor paper with 300 GSM bait and use cancer exact cause Breast watercolor paper Because it's after the for practice. It has a nice texture and good quality. We need water colors. And he was a cute for me. A new mission. Good. But feel free to use. But you already have. Because today we've your paint flowers. You will need smaller pressures. Then pressures with synthetic had work well, but for the find it as your bread should have Nice pointed deep. You need to transfer water and you will also need a paper tissue this over that we need for painting because we've at interesting that I store flowers. We need everything but you have at home, for example, gel pans and find liners. I left my say Pia and black color off fine line are and the gold and fight from Japan. But use everything you have s you feel I have a u Penn and goes for you. I will show you who you can add Good with these two paintings. I have got paint from can say dambe so you can choose that good, but you like the best who began. He was brash. Pass on, Bosco opens. These are permanent and American or material. You can grab your color pencils and, of course, squash. I use direction. White Knights, Brent and they camped in. But us like this. You have everything, So let's start painting. 3. Painting 5-petal flowers: Let's paint five better flavors together. As you know, the five Patties build a starship, so try to paint them in the shape. This is like a shadow blow something this red, but the pattern is appointee and I think, the first. But as were painted a bit light, I add simple onto them by the PETA Sarabi that we can add some more pigment to the middle. This is the metal bath ethnic and the big man's will gently bland. I like this nice effect. Special brush carefully before you painted yellow. Yeah, those are sensitive colors, So be so for this editor stash. If lover, we can paint about us a bit wider based off them is rand, but the and is uneven. Pick a. Use the bottom back technique again and at or hash the middle part. You can always use this technique. This gives adapts to your work and of course, you can vary the colors. You can also add an aloe color or complementary color to your flower. We can feel the center with little imperfect that if he would like to use another corner so that this and other variation from a sing off lover for the next lover. I use yellow again. Therefore, I watched my brush carefully. We feel pain lose. We use a rash and if you create, But as only with brush strokes, this one is really easy. Even the kids campaign this flavor with a blue. We can adults into the middle off course. You can use another color, but I love the combination off yellow and blue. I feel like my pressure with a pinkish color, and I paint the batas, read a brash talk pressed to the paper. This technique requires a big practice, but it is not impossible. Make sure you paint the middle a bit later so the single batters have place. - I add a little dots with dread, but if you would like to paint the cherry blossom, you can add the stamens with yellow or with bite. I don't find here so much the better matter. Fact. Therefore, I lived at some pigment with a clear brush for the next lover. Because use value. Let auntie pills clematis life lower for the protests. Ve vill use or brash, we press it to the paper and lift it in motion. And for each battle we will make to breast strokes bitching these drugs. We can leave a little gap as little highlight but nice. Be dead are Andi as we did before. We can add some more pigment to the base off the Patels. After that, we can Adiala, that's to the center, but as usual, you can vary the colors with the same yellow. I at send that to the center in the first level as well, because it is still dry. With an orange, you will paint another very simple floor with exact rush. Motion the patterns. Former starship, and that's it. You can vary the with off the patas. You can paint them bite or narrow as you would later, and you can add it goes to the center. I think it's quite nice. Let's be in the center first, with pressure blew that After the center, we campaigned with another blue, the Batas with to brush strokes, but this time keeping them shorter and either, and we can paint pointy end for the batter's. This is so natural. - E would like to add some depth to the middle, but the paint had ordered the dry Wakefield painter last five better flow over and to begin to paint it yellow center. Within that, he said that we can paint the patters with two breast drugs. These throws Arabic divider, then last time so you can see that a simple breastroke can make a huge difference. We can leave the end off the batteries and even these gifts a vein blo fr. I think to the center we can assemble orange. This gives a nice, better matter fact with the yellow. What do you like this lovers? 4. Painting 6-petal flowers: Welcome to the section that we will paint six but our flavors. For the first month I reuse the blue color and paint a six by Testa for each bet, as we use to brush strokes. Beat me in the strokes. We can live a little gap as an interesting that I will highlight. But it's not necessary because we paid more protests amusing a small Abrash than in the last video, and the first lover is done. But I think Sam Potasnik Sam or pigments that foot I have to repaint. Sympathize, I think, for the centre at that no fits Well, perhaps Russian blue. We can attempt that My protests are not that yet. Therefore, I miss the bet on that effect, but enjoy it when you're flow berry. Still, that or next labour will be similar to our last. But here we were paint the center first, the pain on a circle and with yellow. The patters this time the patas Arabic charter. But they are painted with two breast strokes because we paint from the vet center outside. It can happen that brush bulls, be it the orange. I love this effect and you quite nice for the next. Now that we paint the center with reddish that this time we paint the patters with several brushstrokes, you can leave between the strokes of white caps. This gives a nice highlight to the flower. The end off the patas can be uneven. This looks on Iturra before painting with yellow. Brush your brush carefully. Yeah, those are sensitive. They are hard to clean. This means a lot off. Make plans are wasted. Let's paint the center with yellow. After that, we can paint the patas with pink. Repent some six secs for the patas. It's easy and festive paint. It requires only paint and flash, and we have a nice for that word because they work outside from the center. We can tell the center, and with this light touch, we can create a nice better. But the fact when you realize that Vampeta is more shorter than the others just make it's not good with easy, exact strokes. No, I would like to show you something complicated, all right. It's not complicated, but we have to wait for drying each layer. We will paint on Astra Marea, life lover, but your campaign also really like this. First we paint with yellow, five batters ba trended and in a rice shape until the yellow patas are bad. We add to the end Sam breath pains as well as to the center and let the color blond. If you are impatient, use a hair dryer toe. Make the floor tray with a pinkish color. We paint a missing free path. Eyes. Use the tape off your brush and paint lightly. - So the ant off these reddish but ties. We can add some red violet and let it blend, and that I again. And now we can add the finest that as toe the battles you can use up fresh, or you can use a chapel as well. This lower is done for your last six batter flour we will paint. The center did yellow the batas If there be blue with gravy and you can open the protests as I do, and you can feel the land with color, this can be a bit time consuming. But it's verse it. - You have to think over where the patas and that kind off one they have there no straight. They had a bit Garvey, So take your time keep going and just injury. The painting. You can be longer. The shorter protest. That's one day a problem. Don't forget, you can for the colors, the vids and legs off the bat ties, and you have no mirrors. Lovers immediately. Are you satisfied with these six better flowers? 5. Painting multipetal flowers: Welcome to the multi Pata flavor section. Dispatch, This is so fun. And with this lovers, you can create a bunch off staff. The first van we will paint on eight. Better flower for it. Repaint the center first. I think a yellow fits maltreat. You'd Epping. We paid the Batas. This time they will be Vaida and they have a baby. And with free waves it sounds crazy but happy to save others. This is like the last six better flavor with Luke alone for me the easiest way to paint and a butterfly over to paint the patas first in across. And after that I can add three more batters. Is this your matter to Yeah, Yeah, there for next one will be a center of our life level. I've been the centre with birth amber, but you can use brown splitsville, but you would later, uh, with the yellow. We campaign the batters with two fresh drugs and as you already know it, you can leave a little gap between the strokes. This create nice highlight as last time I've been first, the batters in across. Well, I think it's always a basic for the flower. Yeah, here, the betters have a pointy end. Bad the strokes. I don't have to join perfectly together. You can bring simply to the painting you campaigned as money, but us, as he would like to. Or next lover will be a diaper like flower. First, we paint the center with a crimson lake, and for the patterns, we can use the same color. But you know you can vary the colors and UK with that. But the best fits to your project. These are just the basics. You can want to fight them. We paint the patterns with breast stroke, and they have appointed it. Just touch the brush to the paper, gently pressed to it and pulled and lifted up. As you see, I use the cross method to keep the potassium Ecuele and I tried to paint them in the same length. Never mind if they aren't the same ranks, they invest lowing, and that's very it's happened. Yeah, the patterns can overlap each other, and it's up to you for money. Protest. You paint the most important thing you had happened with the process as details we can add with the darker color, some guts to the basic off the batter's and into the media. Oh, yeah, that would be fine. No, if you paint some days of life lovers with the arrow center and with very pair blue, that man's you crapped your regula blue and add more water. Do it this usual. I think this is the easiest way to achieve the fight better when the back paper sounds crazy. Maybe be of gently best strokes and this. Then the Patties assured that the last time I'm satisfied that there isn't and you as next done. We can paint Astor life flowers with yellow center and not have a new bat eyes. You can try to paint the Patasse dinner as last time, I think the easiest way to paint tiny, multiple tough lovers to pay them in 1/4 era. The man, quite it is steady. We can move to the next one. Yeah, has less than in this section. You will paint a yellow flubber, its mother center, and the bit longer betters when you feel your flavor is quite ready, you can at the centre syringe, I hope you can see we have a lot of possibility of variation. But for their painting that foot left baiting over so much 6. Painting side flowers: in this part, we will paint some PC bats and sense of ours. You can use them in a similar painting, but also in a bouquet. So let's get started with BET Mike owners that I I have to refresh them. And the easiest way is to spread them re Clearwater. I grabbed my bigger brush under advice. Correct. Push your brash to the paper and gently move it. And because the bats are a bit fat, we can add another stroke to eat. When you don't leave a gap between the two strokes, that means the bad is closed. And when you leave a gap between them, that means the but against open. This man is a very close bed. Okay, From this you couldn't see, so I painted it. It was only a pressed rose in a garden you can very discover as you would like toe. Or you can paint with two strokes. I ordered more latest practice these bats and she was that you the best leg and painted. If you're you, a speech man, you choose. Let's spend some flowers. I would like to know where the middle is. Therefore, I begin with the stamp ended the flubber base. For this, we use occurring color with strong brushstrokes. We paint the batter's. I'm vetted whether the bank it's Flubber had understand. And with the yellow for the batter IES, we can paint daisy like, but as upwards that means the flow but is not by the open. And this is fine for us, and we can paint this different. We can begin with the battles. It looks like a broom hand. It's bunny, and after that we campaign the floorboards head and Stam Jules. But you like the best. And of course you converted the battle's. The car lowers the size and the opening stage off the flower, for example. This blue one is right opened, but it has shorter patas overhead. Again, I understand great. A choose again made at Barrett and paint it two strokes and leave a gap between two strokes after the. But as we campaigned, the flow over base and stamp isn't it fast we can keep it the same with five batters. And because the pigments were uneven on my brash, this lover has a nice texture with doing anything extra. - We can paint another flower with do stroke Patas. But here the rest better be like as the flow of our had the has, because these one turns to us and the stuff again go to like this forever. I think we should paint some more. Let's bring the flavor base and the stamp with some lives. Apps. My brash came out of my hand that everything had a nice red color, you know, kitchen, perhaps us that's being frank, but does. With two strokes, it's up to you. If you leave a gap between them, are not. The bettors can have a nice pointy end, - and it's then for the next one. We paint the flavor base, the stamp and tiny leaves, pizza range and the advanced joke. We can paint the bettors life last time. These drugs have a meditative effect. They like them, and after that we can add more potential between them and more as you like. As you can see, I add more protest to the flower. I would like to have a hand in it, and that's pretty good and the nest site lover beat. This time I use a yellow for the patas. This will be a bit brighter with the baby. And you know, we have ordered the painted such batas. But this time I show you another method off painting them. It's Zito beat the same cannot. You cannot finance to the patas this texture at the end off Vampeta. I have more water. I tracked the movement. Damn birth. I have some dirty point off my paper. Okay? This is gun on. I think it could be better in more. Pitta's my spit that I'm satisfied with it. We can add the stamp with attack Wolverine and two lives and we had then read this section. 7. Painting leaves: Welcome back in the sexual people paint him to be in a hurry. Make your paint ready to use good, have you a flash and nice green. Let's paint first we will pain. Sam lives Similac the matters with a breast stroke. We painted it many times, but nothing today in my purpose is to paint easy and weak. That's the best of the baby, but push it in motion and lifted up. Remember a stroke with two strokes? We pointed and hit, rounded and with the cap it with the strokes. Peter Cap longer live or shorter live. You have so many opportunities and the door these variations. - You can paint a simple branch as van. Here I paint a branch with Randall leaves, and, of course, you can grab your another brush. Only a brush commodified their lives. I'm painting with my beater. Brush a branch with pointed and lives. The two press trucks and these lives are totally different. Don't forget, a tiny pressure can hold a tiny amount of paint and let's see another branch fit this data here helping longer lives. The advance stroke. Let's see that became paint with a medium brush appointed and live be to brush strokes. Great. Nice. And as you know, you can own face very your greens. You can use your ready to use careens from your palate, but you can makes it from blue and yellow, and you can at the red to the green. What? You can't just experiment. Make sure that you always notice the correct paint names and you carry Mr Connor. But you like here I at the time the amount of red to my green and I had too much water in my brash bet. You can not only use greens for the leaves, you can use Veillette and being, says Ben. He depends on what, Um, painting here. I didn't know Tomei, Kareen and too much water. You can moved of water moving the paper and the bank and give a nice effect. He had a youth video, the anchoring, but he also can makes some Crean's together. Just experiment and make Mathis's and us. But you left speaking at the test to the lives as well. You can add the veins with a paint, or you can use a finer or Amy's to make the lives a bit interesting. - You can use a Japanese as well as I do. This time we could called fits could do a lighter color. But I saw two Adecco corner and we can not only at night, but also colored places. I like a learning at their need places. But that's me. What do you like the best? 8. Adding details to the flowers: Welcome to the funny section. If I did, I say it's funny because you painted everything that you wanted and here you cannot highlight it to your beautiful paintings. This is my voter base cash and I added some more water to it on the yellow verse could on other colors. Oh, should I use another gash? So adding that into the middle I think the difference between the two yellows there's no significant. Okay, lets stay the glass paint. It's much better but the consistency isn't that good I like Therefore it becomes some water . I leave it for their second until I'm waiting for my gold paint. I add with my data brush orange allies toe this flavor. Then forget this. Only an example. You can add such line with such medium Your light Here I need more pigment. Fine. My colt is pretty. Quit Let me try again. I think that's do it and that this blue as well We have another blue here. Some collectors real big words Here, do this pink If never I also can add Nice that What do you think? Will it be good? So this another pink if lover I will add tiny dots with red and with the gold gel pen, we can add finance to the batter's place. Texture off the mains. - If you have a bite of Japan, you can add texture to this flavor. It can be that the right won't work on this light orange, but it can be a problem. We don't need to see the texture on the whole flavor, but you can try it with annatto color he spent doesn't went to work toward. In this case, you can grab a craft paper with color and throw some lines. This can happen more better. And I think Samuel Oh, that's were fit here. Good. I used yellow gas for it. I think the five better flowers already. Let's see the six. But their flowers. These are so nice. I hardly think they need some ex editors with yellow flash. I add that to the right flavor. Or we could use that pit more big months or blue a spell. Well, good. We have limitless opportunities to this blue. We can add with a gold gel pen, fine lines. It's easy and quick. We can add by dots to this lover. No, I think Let's see who we can make more interesting this multiple it off lovers. We can dot to the sample over life lower with the gold paint. We can Adebola circle into the middle of the flavor. Do you don't from our sweating do like I think she it to them. Let's get some shading. So this man with orange and with God it's easy to make just find nights. It's feeling this is a real time video so you can see it's a quick process. It's not necessary shading every part time. Just make you as you feel. Oh, - you can you see the nice God effect. And Navid, let me show you something interesting. Now Do you have a clue? Ben and the girls foiled this core things are hyping over days. This still give a totally other effect. That's good. Normally what? I think it's a let's see, but I will show you Degla open is a pan feel good clue you can throw. We did a C usual, the only difficulty you hardly can see very applied. I throw lines and that as I normally do Oh , when the immunity I like the courts for him on the blue part and I push it hard to it. But I think it was enough. Had him off to fine this time. It wasn't enough. No, I can't repeat it. I can throw everything again with Lupin and after it the final comes. There are some places on the foil but isn't any good. More. I push again. The foot had to the paper and let's see the desert. That's a good for a second and push heart. I'm curious. That will happen. Okay, it's a very better A little bit heuristic, but nice. Good. So what do you like it way? We can emphasize the batters in this caper like flavor. You can throw every battle, but you can do as me just It's impetus. I'm using a sapi, a fine line, but I could use black as bad. I think, say piers have been lighter, enjoy ings. I just like it. I atom violence toe this painting that makes it with contrast and is just fine again. Be brave and do experiments. I am really and yet I can add some shadow lines to the base off deputize. Let's forget it at the South Pole over, but this time I'm using the SAPI, a fine liner, and it's then I think I can at some gold dot toe this little yellow flowers and I am set with this serious. What do you like the about the fact Richman is your favorite. I don't think we have toe add too many that has to decide lovers. Maybe here we can at some definition toe the Pitta's What Inch? Wilbur Good. We can't emphasize the Batas and began at some shelter lines. Yeah, this isn't a December, but this lover looks certainly different now. You can go back to the original flow, but to see the difference to this yellow when we can have good but us, we can emphasize them or just throw some to it. It's a lovely and better, but outlining the stamp I have to trade out here. We can make similar outlining the last time, but I won't throw shed allies feel free to add the wit, but I'm happy with the result for tiny that times use a tiny the type brush. Mine was inexpensive. I bought in a supermarket, and with that said it costs about $1 but it's perfect for me you don't need fancy and expensive tends to be good. You need some basic equipment and then it off practice. Does it look nice to this less level? I will add lemon yellow. Quash. I think if you give the sanction effect because we have here some bigger lives, we can add something. Toe them for this man. Sam lanes for the one side and here at darker green to the van, half off the leave. What do you think? 9. Thank you! :-): Thank you so much for my to my class today. I had so much fun creating this. I hope you enjoyed it too. I think this class happy and not to expand here for the pain things so But this pain and desperate mental it and have founded the process. Don't forget this less is a part of a three part areas. So check the other side and you really get stop here. Flowers. Feel free to ask questions and common in the test discussion. If you like this less, please leave a review and a project in the project section off the place. Don't forget to follow munis that them and us. Keisha, By clicking on the follow button under, I hope to see you in my next last having banding by bags.