Khởi nghiệp xã hội là gì (What is social entrepreneurship in Vietnam?) | YSEE Vietnam | Skillshare

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Khởi nghiệp xã hội là gì (What is social entrepreneurship in Vietnam?)

teacher avatar YSEE Vietnam

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Khởi nghiệp xã hội là gì? (What is social entrepreneurship?)

    • 2. 1.1 Góc nhìn doanh nghiệp (Social Entrepreneurs perspective)

    • 3. 1.2 Góc nhìn chuyên gia (Expert perspective)

    • 4. 1.3 Hệ sinh thái khởi nghiệp (Social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam)

    • 5. 2.1 9 câu hỏi cần trả lời khi khởi nghiệp xã hội (9 question when you start up social venture)

    • 6. 2.2 Vấn đề xã hội nào bạn quan tâm? (What social problem you have concern?)

    • 7. 2.3 Cách thức xác định vấn đề xã hội ( Identify social issue of personal interest)

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About This Class

Khởi nghiệp xã hội là việc áp dụng các phương thức sáng tạo, theo định hướng thị trường nhằm giải quyết những nguyên nhân gốc rễ của vấn đề xã hội và môi trường, từ đó tạo ra sự thay đổi mang tính hệ thống và cung cấp giải pháp bền vững.

Tham gia khóa học online YSEE, bạn sẽ hiểu thêm về khởi nghiệp xã hội tại Việt Nam, xác định vấn đề xã hội mà bạn quan tâm và xây dựng ý tưởng kinh doanh để giải quyết vấn đề xã hội đó!

[Engsub] Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges. Social entrepreneurs focus on transforming systems and practices that are the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration and accompanying loss of human dignity.

Let's enroll in YSEE online course to understand social entrepreneurship in Vietnam, identify social problem of personal interest and come up with entrepreneurial idea to solve this social problems on your own!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

YSEE Vietnam


?? th?c ??y tinh th?n kh?i nghi?p trong c?ng ??ng gi?i tr? Vi?t Nam, d? ?n YSEE - YSEALI Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment ra ??i. D? ?n ???c th?c hi?n b?i nh?m c?u sinh vi?n c?c ch??ng tr?nh h?c b?ng c?a ch?nh ph? Hoa K? v? ???c h? tr? t?i ch?nh b?i ??i s? qu?n Hoa K? t?i Vi?t Nam. D? ?n YSEE k?o d?i trong v?ng 1 n?m v?i c?c ho?t ??ng c? th? l? c?c kh?a h?c tr?c tuy?n, h?i th?o t? v?n chia s? v? tr?i h? kh?i nghi?p x? h?i v?i s? g?p m?t c?a nh?ng doanh nghi?p x? h?i v? di?n gi? n?i ti?ng. Th?ng qua c?c ho?t ??ng ?a d?ng nh? v?y, YSEE mong mu?n c? th? t?o ra m?t c?ng ??ng doanh nh?n kh?i nghi?p l?n m?nh h?n, ??ng th?i g?p ph?n lan t?a kh?i ni?m "Doanh nh?n x? h?i" trong c?ng ??ng gi?i tr?!



YSEE - YSEALI Social Ent... See full profile

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1. Khởi nghiệp xã hội là gì? (What is social entrepreneurship?) : that would consign back that off the back. Sent that moving today. Who gives a whole, absolutely, from the back help. But I think it's on herself. Number two took place. This is what I wanna know who got long now. No news on Monday. Turning it back on you can say is that morning, but leading out No todo with that one victim that one. When you have something that Britain did, what do you do? Comes out help on my wife It's about time we can get I'm not so back. 2. 1.1 Góc nhìn doanh nghiệp (Social Entrepreneurs perspective) : they love you guys. I don't even day No, no, no, no, no. Say they know what you're doing. You could get some looking good. 3. 1.2 Góc nhìn chuyên gia (Expert perspective): talk about, um, good luck to them Tongue being booted out since you think about the new boy. Oh, yeah. Okay. Wow. Between Kim. Uh, Look, John Gay, do you think you know what it is? Is the whole damn get you into gasoline hitting? I didn't get any abusing it, so he got beat. Last gets a hold of that. I mean, it was only wouldn't go looking. Get Pangborn Majumdar, Yukos. And I think it's a whole landings and get my gate Hell looking yet. Welcome. Oh, Muchas Roseanne become kid. I don't need no movement, Chamblin. You're going about looking like they provoked with you and our thinking in the temple courts or the chasing 91 Combatant e Then been came few and could be so great. Gotten was at home. Okay, I don't think it's a hole in Mattel. Undertaking ritual, Kim Anodyne. This is a whole They go. You can go on social intercourse shape, but I think that we hope and as social enterprises gets all had a social venture, social business and social innovation that I didn't know John King got goal. They, uh uh, look that sounded now is on lurking just let go. Dylan would sound. That's a movie, signally. My times have given their hearts and you can't be Hakam Bleuchamp. Hakam Lam Sang. Tell Captain Tom knowing marketed That was actually charging My God a hockey game. Goatee vehicle. That was so he let that someone like less than human. Like that bot the bottom of the pyramid. Okay, get being going. Got London would have anything else You can yet be OK, you know the meat. Why don't you come too long? Land? But this look, I need because hangdog look customers for beneficiary. He don't feel nobody's in computer lady here in that time. I whom then? For the Indy I got you Hang Trump watching with Olympic swimming teacher. So I'm going your day landing. Getting going. So things are looking up there to get the hang of that Jen's example. Often difficult. A line in the daily market. Back in the American man would come at you. You know, I think this is all okay from there on the oy. Okay, lifting Mitsuo would swing it to Mike. I'm going buy more more geyser. And this is a whole bottle. Amusing. So it wasn't a piece now Got business continuum. I am hacking or more. Well, Michael had no, But but you only took Nuba Catella got NGO because you're getting full with 20 and few computing those little backup morning because oh, don as you hot so soon gives Ryan causing if it my computer Ah, hot button got Don't get going. You been cooling by heart college thing in today's here McPhee alcohol lately is I quit teleworkers who makes a hole in my heart That's a raging, like getting I feel now because there's a whole de Kock I'm a few Holberg cooking Good day , Bobby now looking like men and took it on a good day, but get behind, Not a hit. Oh, God. OK, more enticing hold are making with that they shouldn't The Manson from Zoe. No work do come in because And Warlock talking. Yeah, keeping company, uh, like causing a whole day. It wouldn't look wasted. Now, cookies at the cookie look, the envy in the new my causing it. So they do you think would be a I think Windows today Hoshi o sensor join in Manhattan was getting took marketing. Hold on. I think you have no say they marketing to my will. Bucket, Hopefully marketing. So come, choir Gotta go. Shit bird get you coming out? But I'm not keen on the whole game Looking looking, like now begin to get some like it is a whole by behind alone going That's but looking Zion . Go, go, go, go Be even accusing the hold Our he Ah by name the ones who lack to complain. That didn't go, don't they, hotshot letting by our quick or Malaysia coffee corgi? No, not that I don't go for loan cookie or when it losing our life before he also what you get . 4. 1.3 Hệ sinh thái khởi nghiệp (Social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam): um, that's a couple in a very tight. I think it's a hot because it's all they taste. Good idea being to the minimum. Hanging myself interlocking was a new location because of your hockey coach. Because this whole thing, it's always always hanging, realizing it's a whole Once I knew what he Garnett I thought you can now name, but nobody gives a whole new taxi. Si eso spot the vow chocolate in here. But it's a whole number. Hang a child A bugler Ganguly. Now, once I knew it is gone You can, you know newlog Oxfam uh, holding mine Zoe Irish aid. So us A Look, I think that united he hit that hot little, uh, born You're gonna look shark. Okay, things like this and, you know, show okay. Should help beat, um got any help, you know, don't we? People send their white cool so we know that, but the longer it takes hold. But I got it helped The result now going into sunk in. But that was when rooms in your home so that the whole the whole shot governments are here . Ah, the capital to go show. Can you tell me saying you're using. It's a whole new tomb. So if yes, yes, that was a game at Louis. Got helps that thing. It's a whole damn. So if you see a Cold War Goucher using its a horse and that thing that they connect us. So I 2nd 1 the guy didn't came out like you got a call about There should be a they took. Nuland came knocking. One will now talk about going and then cooking one Ah, so hot. He's the new pope and chairs at cycle highs and lows so he could get into if she call the go between 40 combatants on the car radio show and you can get the new spark. So even Oxfam Irish eight US eight A good nominee, i pp um, you lam copy. That was a whole hell of social impact Investors Mueller, Lotus Impact, Solar energy tpp had a small giant the that. Now we are alone. How can call cocky qui I'm going to change the hookers and keep it down. I'm fine with it. You got it? We take it so hard for him to Mondo show complete in the canyon. New know about it? Uh, no come by alone, they much come pick you got do. She couldn't look about that. Maybe with the comet today. But come to think about the hit that mean getting it got a So is that something about that ? The computer will have fun now that But we Mordechai Lamb soon you will have my co company . Uh hm. Cooling peacock with more on the movie should in timely unbeaten McCoy back booking tickets . The whole goddamn looking, hoping bound man that, uh no, you been booked. 5. 2.1 9 câu hỏi cần trả lời khi khởi nghiệp xã hội (9 question when you start up social venture): going in? Um, hello. Can you go? No. Caulking your dollar, but it's a whole Nobody is the whole idea, but it is so key. Cover this authority moving things like days equipment. So don't anything now soaking coming Things always go on They won't go Going to Ko da Negotiate Get on How marketing now? But the tornado negotiating that day go to you now. Got an umbrella getting a toy Got into Muzi More using like we want to know that could marketing you now insult me now, Uh, when you jump, it is a whole de Gaulle high Got me and Mueller Mark Walker looking tail local shit. This isn't wanting that my feeling that this is a holy he don't have no say attaboy. You're looking. They think the a bit example Because your whole e bela no lamb. Okay, citizen can hold because they might go, But no, no name. Get help so they can look that way. No, that way. Come on. No Attacked Langley UK language that can be equated with at night. Don't pay back time cooking, whole negotiating They don't. But he he imagined tackling your picnic. Going to visit our little ah, bunk taken quite a beating on Don't let me go to them that LeBron you So he now show that the more bone thinking And because the whole team, you know, even though lokichokio not on both UK champion give, you know, long something come complete. So why can't you? Glad you cannot let your take on give you blessing that that looks at you. Um backtalk soho. Noah No, no, no man emergent about you know so much t so high or low income TK Give me candy to the most moving. No cell azi maybe said combatant. Then you can work. It will be more turning gay Congress Horton negotiating bacon on a fatty and I'll escape. 6. 2.2 Vấn đề xã hội nào bạn quan tâm? (What social problem you have concern?): you can get a few quid. But he noted K ah, don't need bow. So that looks like a commander of the National Guard. Calm would buy today, so But you can go back and take them. We don't even do they on convincing, um, from so even. Did they keep cutting bait? A company is I was not that, uh, but maybe Zoe, Babe, for which I am. Could you longer you day in day? They got okay. You got some Georgian that he uh no way. This is a whole got a concussion. Pakistan. Now listen to me. One with lamb joining God, no, no, I think it's a nice, newer no help the team attaining 90. Get going. No new. You told you opinions on land by him back. You look pretty today. My fine. The head is a good one day. It would move ahead of your common news ahoy. Yes, Until sentiment took completely Canyon Quantum yielding A and a way to David Sentelle. Aim. I am guitar God. He told Quinn came when they can Qatar to the two. That was a good guy with a needle. Given this climate, is that quick tea and Central Ataka and can't be minion into like I am. Someone your kids, I'm gonna So I am called your kids in tow Him. But until I do think that with a headache and could land and take it hard that the left I am Concord located Examine my new home. Can you go? I took consolation. Oh, endure It will happen today. Seven days out like that I hope you laugh in Munich Can have been made main it is. Oh, you never take a lap time I quit calling Vanessa with a bad guy to look a hang up in missile. The problem Reloading the camera land can fight Quantum on you and not home Quantum maneuver Navy Junior The Nuke It means that I can write it can make its own In car came ingonyama better mean warming come to avoid and me more when we come. Gwan, get something king of the new modeling then your life with him. But I, like gone no longer keep on like on with consequent That's a look Tanker and headed by putting inland Got into the cow sickening whether it hold my country market getting out but tough time market. Mullah Been? Why time being head chick on my lap? Would you talk about me? You know me? You toe modules the vaccine from hell and that it doesn't get more to the meaning of the name. I quit in being gone. Even a war, no. 7. 2.3 Cách thức xác định vấn đề xã hội ( Identify social issue of personal interest): a couple more faith in chemical. I think this is all the Mazzola. Cocky. Get the a bad plan. Now they Children. I mean, contemplate the is Take it. Take it that much. Really. Team came charging excitement. It's almost that was, like, really know how to change things going. And they they eso in one welcome peak Heikkinen thang, baby. Without that you But today and then give you a job. Okay, So who baking quantum that morning that I'm going to sing Murray Michael Sam one second. David, I am living with you. That was a more looking in. John. You're really pretty gay. Not gay. He took it. Basically, I don't like about got a comes out with fishing for an NGO. So who says I couldn't? OK, but you came to the U. S. A little that I'm so so how can I get written about going eso which will question you about it? It's got a new lease along the secret about him. He'll go, but it's all they could think. Things are one day whom you right back. Oh God. Isn't it so pretty? Ah, companies and say that's not inventing. Are caucusing is the whole darn thing that I'm think being, uh, he jump watching. Well, I mean, told me, but I will continue, But the fact like a cognitive back home she came. They came looking this whole matter of fact, I exhumed the rectum face and lady, they checked what they think by chatting Marquis because And it's all OK, so the whole you know anything now you don't get you, like a likely under Carla thought that it may look about the song, Jackie. Double have looked more like a high looking D Dolan UK combined about Think about think that. Okay, I think this is a whole Imagine that consequence.