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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Collect all the tools

    • 4. Collect all the bits

    • 5. Make all the lists

    • 6. Make all the pages

    • 7. Closing

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About This Class


Journaling. It's easy right? 

Just grab a journal, throw in some words, and BAM! Easy peasy! 

So why is it so hard to keep it going? Why do numerous journals end up on our shelves started but not completed? 

This class will take you through the basics of journaling. How to combine your writing, drawing, daily life bits and scribbles to make a work of art that is a pure expression of you. Through simple assignments this class allows you to start your journal in a non stressful yet exciting way. 

For more inspiration visit my Website and Instagram.

Class overview- 

        1. Tools- I go through my favourite tools and why I chose them. 
        2. Bits- Together we will collect bits and scraps from your day, perfect to stick on a journal page. 
        3. List- We will be making a list of journal pages for when you get stuck. 
        4. First page- I will take you through my process of creating a page. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ramona MacLean

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator


To see how journaling has changed my life, check out my blog post.

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1. Trailer : So I'm teaching this guys because I know so many people who want your but they don't really have the time or they can't get into it as much. And I just feel like journaling is such a valuable tool you can use for your life just to get everything out and also organize your thoughts and have the beautiful piece of art that you just made. And I feel like a lot of people don't really know where to start. They just start a book, and then it kind of fizzles out. Let me help you help yourself in this guy's I'm gonna teach you how to take all your ideas and thoughts and put into wonder. And I'm gonna go from collecting all the things to what tools you're gonna use to how to even start a page. And in the end, I will have given you the tools of the inspiration to go forth and make something beautiful and memorable. 2. Intro: Hi and welcome to journal all the things. My name's Mona Clean and I've been journaling for boat one years. So I'm gonna be teaching you how to take all your journals, your planners, your bits of paper, everything that you want to keep and this flat and put it into a smashmouth. So I've been journaling most my life. I've been writing letters. I've been scrapbooking. I've been making all sorts of books. But I got to the problem where I would by countless looks, I would find them. But I go so beautiful I have to have it or buy it and then write in it for a week and then get bored. And I wait a while by new one a new one I knew and or have a whole bunch of different books for different things. The problem with that is that I would never finish any. Then I go back. Go look too bad. I didn't finish it so but I did eventually put all those boats and landed scrapbook everything into one book. And then they just started feeling like magic. So with these books, I had the opportunity to not only take right thoughts and ideas and write them down and just journal like normal. But I also can taste in things. I could taste it. Phone numbers for companies I can taste. It leaves I found on the ground the day or stuff I like. But the beautiful thing about these books is that you looked through it. And not only is it just like a book about your life and everything that happened to you, but it's also so inspirational, then you can also have pictures. You have moments, scraps of everything as long as it's flat enough to stick it in a journal. And I love them like I would not. I couldn't even put a price on my door because they're so me. My life when you're old and decrepit and you look back on your journals, not only will you have all the moments of your life and thoughts that you were thinking, these books becomes these vibrant expressions of your life, and it's so much better than just a regular journal work. So I'm teaching this cost because I know so many people want to, but they don't really have the time, or they can't get into it as much. And I just feel like journaling is such a valuable tool you use for your life just to get everything out. Also organized your thoughts and have the beautiful piece of art that you just made. And I feel like a lot of people don't really know where to start. They just start a book, and then it kind of fizzles out. Let me help you. So this guy I'm gonna teach you have to take all your ideas and thoughts and putting Wonderful. I'm gonna go from collecting all the things to what tools you're gonna use to how to even start a page. And in the end, I will give you the tools of inspiration to go for it and make something beautiful and 3. Collect all the tools: welcome to all the So we're gonna be going over. What tools? What I like to use and what tools will help you in your journey to making a beautiful journals. This beautiful morsel of 11 is my satchel. So this is where I carry all the things bring with thee every day I have my journal and and all the supplies that I need to do it on hand every day. First off, of course, we have journal. This particular journal is my favorite. As you can see, I have, like, 12 of them. It's called on Route a journal, and I just love it because pages are sick. And for me, that's important because I pasted all the stuff in and I used materials that could see through the paper. Um, also its colorful. There is new designs on every page. That's exciting. Uh, yeah. You can get it at Grumble Island at paper. Yeah. And also the postcard, please. You can also get it online. Just type it on road journal with chronicle books. Next off, I have my pencil case. It's just from chapters. You can have whatever case you want, but inside I felt with markers and pens and pencils whenever anything but the best tool, full world. It is a mountain from Lammy That is a flak which I always use because then you've been for anything colored in and it was great. If you're gonna take my glass, I highly recommend it is Lammy. Get it online. Amazon, But also gamble on an island again in Canada at any office, her art store, Really? They usually happens. It somehow just takes regular writing or drying and makes it super whimsical and beautiful . And I I don't know. The first time you used it was suddenly amazing. It was like, and that ever since have uses and I'm going all the way more because of it. It's almost to the point where I won't journal unless I have been So, you know, you want to find a lower nets, This pen, I actually just gone. It's from there and big. They're a company online that basically asked a whole bunch of journalists and people you know, books and ask them what they liked A pen. So this was born this sleep minimalistic 10. So you twist the bottom and it comes up. It is a roller ball pen. Yeah, but just, like, waited it so it balances, like right there. Supposed to be like in middle people, most pens. Usually the way is armor and for the top of it, So I just love it is also backing. I use it not for drawing as much, but mostly writing. And I also have these Tom Bo pens. They're pretty great. Their brush pens on one side. You have this beautiful fresh on the other side. You have a fine makes a great we're going back in. And like if you miss a little spot, you can touch it up. I usually just add some color to my book. They don't bleed too much. So that's really so I find some of the other markers, like prison color or co pick just suck the pain. Just sex of all banking doesn't work. So I like these ones for that, and they're also beautiful. And then this is a Univ. All white gel pen looks beautiful in my journals. I have a lot of colored pages, so you can just right right on top of that and sad. Or if you write with Tom Boat, anything color, you can just add little details. Sure. And it looks so Besides that I always carry with me a pair of scissors. Get out whatever I need to and also take I taped down everything like its lab, because I think it looks good. Also glue I find the corners of paper will just come up with. Besides, begin dig my glass. You best be using date Doesn't better. That is my main seven tools that I use. I suggest that you put together something similar or just ones you enjoy and put in a little pencil case in sick near bag you carry with you everywhere. For your first assignment, you will be taking your favorite tools and lining them up, Take a picture and post why you like them and where to get them so other people can look at those get inspiration from your idea 4. Collect all the bits: welcome to collect all the bits. So we went out, we collected some bits. I have a lot of extra stuff here that I've just been collecting. Um, it really ranges from anything throughout your day. I have a beauty and the beast ticket that I definitely want to remember because I enjoyed that. Um, this was from the flowers that I went. Oh, God. This is just the paper. They're wrapped around it. I have a parking to get. So even if now you hate it was back in 20 years and laugh. This was a hosted note that my friend at work Drew, and it's adorable. I have just things I've printed off line things that inspire me. This is just letters like thes air cards from a show. I went Teoh, are you traded a bunch of art cards? That's great for pacing in your journal. Okay, I swear, Um, a list of alternative cuss words that my boss gave me. So things like shucks and wraps and gosh and dang nab it, so could be definitely random and diverse like that. So just grab everything in anything because you never know what's gonna be inspirational and memorable to you to your assignment for collect all the bits is to indeed collect all the bids from your day or from your week or whatever. Like I said, you grab literally anything like a business card or leave from ground. Or he's of wind collected, all laid out. Take a nice picture of it posted for everybody. 5. Make all the lists: welcome, Teoh. All the lists, TJ, you're gonna be making your very first page. This page is going to be a list of ideas for you to do when you get so I'm going to read you out the ideas on my page which you can steal or you can come up with your own or if you don't like any of those, you go on dressed and for more. So I have written down a book list things that I want to read or have rid dreams, favorite songs to do lists. I do that. Botanical studies. So that's like drawing plants and stuff, um, character pages. So that's ideas for the book that I'm writing. Page of shoes That's like a drawing stage. Veggies just like to drop a letter to yourself in 5 10 years. A list of reasons why I am grumpy or happy that day. Also, you could do a thankful for page great, uh, business cards. So I want you to just fill it age with idea after idea. Don't worry. If it don't sound super exciting embers just anything that comes off top of your head and that's your assignment for to take a picture of your pain. You could make it pretty as well. You don't just have to put words on it. Take picture, upload it so everybody else, they can get inspiration from your ideas. 6. Make all the pages: welcome to all the first pages way we're going to be making our very first official page. So you've already made your list. Now you're gonna be making your first actual page after getting ideas for muralists and taking all the bits that you found earlier putting them on the beach. So today I'm going to be making actual page. I have not set it up at a time. I'm just going Teoh, do it today and then walking through my process of thinking of when I start making a page and how I go about starting. So I've got all my bits in front of me so that we have an idea of what I want to make, um, for singing to make a title. I think I'll use wash today because I just bought them and I wanted to try the move. Not going to dilute it with water today, though, because I want it have a painting texture. Next, I'm going to take my bits and sort of place him on the page before I take them down. When I'm done that, I know exactly where I want them to go. I'll put clear tape along every side of the picture. That way they don't come back up. Now I'm going to add a pedal from when the flowers I collected earlier and now that have the pictures and title in place. It's time for some Derby drawings to give it some of my personality. So I'm using my Lammy fountain pen here because it's the best. I always give my character little boots because I want my cowboy boots nearly every day myself. Some spaces left on the page. So I am going to add some stars here for an underlying now a little bit of writing to give it some context and some little hearts. Potato looks a little bit boring, so I think we'll add interest with some little white dots yet that looks better. I just wash up my brush and I think God, some pink arts for more color plus sparkles. Cubs sparkles, air Always great idea. And there have it complete page. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all want to see what your page looks like are going to need strumming off and goes, um, anticipation. So off you go go make your page. Take a picture of it posted for the world to see and be inside 7. Closing: you did it. You went out there and you started a journal. You collected all those things. You got all those tools you made all the list and you created all the first pages. I hope you enjoyed the skill share class. I enjoyed sharing it with you. So I hope I have given you the inspiration and the tools to go forth and journal the crap out of your life. So thanks for joining me once again. My name is Ramon. Um, clean. You can follow me on Instagram at Freckle Page or on Tumbler at the Art of Ramona dot Tumbler. Doug, Thanks for watching. Remember journal all the things.