Jewelry Making : Introduction to Wire Wrapping for Beginners | Gopi Dave | Skillshare

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Jewelry Making : Introduction to Wire Wrapping for Beginners

teacher avatar Gopi Dave, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Wires : All you need to know

    • 3. Tools and their techniques

    • 4. Introduction to Stones & Beads

    • 5. Creating Shapes by Hand

    • 6. Project 1 : The Flower Pendant

    • 7. Creating Shapes Using Tools

    • 8. Project 2 : The Heart Pendant

    • 9. Creating Shapes using Stones

    • 10. Project 3 : The Tumbled Stone pendant

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Wire wrapping is a very very intricate and versatile method of Jewelry making. But to reach there we have to start at the basics. Know your Wires, tools and the most important the Stones and Beads. 

Welcome to the Introduction to Wire wrapping Class. In this class we will cover the basics for Wire wrapped jewelry Making. You will go from knowing nothing about wire wrapping to a stage where you will be able to make simple wire wrapped jewelry. 

What you will learn :

  • You will be learning about Wires. Their materials, shapes and sizes. 
  • You will learn in depth about the tools used in wire wrapped jewelry making and learnt the techniques of using them.
  • You will learn all about the stones and beads available for jewelry making. 
  • You will learn to handle the wires with your hands and create the Flower pendant.


  • You will now be creating shapes using tools and create the simple heart pendant. 


  • You will learn to create shapes using stones and create the Tumbled stone pendant. 



  • Students will need the necessary Tools, Wires, Cabochon stone and Beads. 
  • You need a desire for learning to create unique jewelry and some time for practicing the skills.

This Class is perfect for you if :

  • you have very little or no technical experience of jewelry making
  • If you want to learn to wire wrap. Then this is the Basics class

I am sure you will fall in love with wire wrapping after this class!!! Once you do.. go ahead and take a look at some of my other classes to develop your wire wrapping skills. 

Thank you so much for taking this class with me. Have fun creating. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gopi Dave

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker


Hi, I'm Gopi. 

I am an architect turned jewelry maker based in artisan’s country India.

I have been making jewelry for almost 16 years now.I absolutely love jewelry making. 

Since last few years Wire Wrapping has been my focus for creating jewelry. I sell unique Wire wrapped jewelry and Wire Wrap Tutorials on my ETSY shop : ArtsvilleHandcrafted 

I started experimenting with wires and I realized that with wire wrapping I can make more intricate and more complex designs, I can manipulate the wire to create the designs I imagine.. Once I became a mom a few years back I started jewelry making full time. Wire wrapping relaxes me. It is a perfect outlet for my creativity. 

I have always enjoyed teaching so I finally started sha... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi hand groupie diary. I'm an architect and jewelry maker based here in the artisans country, India. I've been making jelly for last 16 years now, and I absolutely loved to make jewelry. I still remember the first time I came across via that thing on Instagram. I fell in love with this technique of geology making a stinky. I started experimenting with liars and soon realized that I can create morning thing and much more intricate designs using violent means. I can manipulate the buyer to create the designs that I imagine relaxes me and let me explore, likely deserved it. Once I became a mom of years back, I started making duality for anything. Have always enjoyed teaching. So I finally started teaching this beautiful technique of via API, which has endless opportunity to everyone who wants to explore their creativity. Wrapping lends me interact with students from around the world. And I absolutely enjoyed that mitosis and due diligence focus on creating a strong foundation by guiding the students towards writing their own stories with Iraqi Maya doping is already implicate and most subtle method of jewellery making. But to reach them, we have to start at the basic. Welcome to the introduction to via wrapping class. In this class, we, we've covered the basics provided up to a remaking. You may go from knowing nothing about wiping to speed read. You will be making simple by that jewelry. You will be learning about wires, tools and the techniques and all about stones and beads available for by wrapping your belonged to form shapes using hands and using this technique, you will create a beautiful flower pendant. You will start using tools and learn to create different shapes. Using this technique, you will create the simple heart pendant. You will learn to form shapes using stones. Using this technique, you will create the tumbled stone pendant. If you're ready, then let us start learning all about wire tapping. 2. Wires : All you need to know: Let us now learn about vials available to make sure that our endless options available in terms of materials, I mainly use find silver, copper wire or breath wires to make jewelry. As good for beginners. That we'll be working with copper wires as they're more reasonable and price and devote really nice and Dong's off via wrapping. Let us now look at the via sizes. Via phase is measured engages. So far the gauges smaller than number in the vial. So 14 gauge bio is picker and 20 gauge wire if k Now Via can be sorted into three categories. As for that thickness, heavy, medium, the kinda via the heavy vials of used for the main structure of the jewelry pieces. These can be shaped and hammered, and Baldwin and layered together. A medium buyers are used to add BUT create headwinds and any decorative details to the piece. These buyers are not stable enough to be used in making the frame of the defendant. The coronavirus grantee gauge to Topeka.h files are used to view the base virus, although thicker wires together, B's ad stability, strength and tech shows to the designs. For this course, we will be using a team engaged around bio as a heavy Y0 and the grand deal gauge around RHIO as per ton awhile groovy over the 18 gauge wire. We'll use 22 gauge Y0 and small quantity to wrap around up by none. Let us know, look at the different shapes in which buyers are really. The most common one is the ground via a half round Y0, which has a flat head on one side and on the other side. Another goodbye or to use as f square via the physio flag vial, which is also very good to use. I have this good for beginners. We are using only around violence. But as you develop your skills into Wyatt, I think many different wire gauges and bio shapes can be used to achieve different textures and different unique design. 3. Tools and their techniques: Let us now look at the tools and the techniques. The most important tools provide a ping IO hand. This will make your hand export that manipulating the bio, as per your ideas at the hands, will be used to create all the forms, goes enthralled. For let you handle all the Voc. A few Plyler essentially into via wrapping letter, Have a look at them. The first one is the chain mode. This is really essentially a flat towards the inner side and gold on the outer side. Therefore, flexible, folding the vial and died Domingo fall began be used to reach into the inner portions that are hands or fingers cannot go there, used to tie them, be leaving via two the base while a good pair of gene nose pliers is required. But via wrapping, the second one is round multipliers. The tapering on the flyer is used to create the franchise route. These are mainly used to farmers of killer sheets article or the F1 visa. And so one of the essential pliers. The third one is nylon job Lyle. This player has an inner fight, protect beds with plastic. So what it does is when Jews to tighten any foiled, it does launch live any mark on DIY bio. These are also mainly used for straightening the wire to straighten the vial with nylon dropped liars will die of it. Fine hand and pull the nylon joke flyer or would be via land gently. This is also an S interests layer that makes important is our flesh cutoff. These are used mainly for cutting the vial flush cutter fields a lot of time because when cut from the flesh side, that is this tight dough buyer and turns out to be flat. And it does not require any filing. So if I am to rotate the CARTO and cut from the other side until via anchor is not going to be backlash. So always make sure to cut from the flesh side. And next thing we need are some novels of different cases. A phi MMWR is used to create me independence and small loops or to make jumbling. Now that can be definitely replaced with a simple pencil. Or that our bill making flyers of illiberal, which are equally good. I prefer to use a wooden doesn't. A ticker novels around ten to 15 mm in diameter, district pirate. And this is used to mainly create Gulf od, give Deirdre sheep. So this is also important tool that can be replaced with anything cylindrical under phase. So any bottle or any tick marker pen will definitely vote better. Some of the underpinnings that are generally useful. Why not do it as a ruler? There's two measured our device and the land that we require photo particular design. Sharp pointed Marco actually helped to mark the points from the, we want to bang or fall or cut. The runner defined. They are small phi used to finish and shapefile via different bio gauge measuring tool. It is really useful in terms of measuring the thickness of flyers does pass through the gaps available via partners through the gap, then that is the gauge uptight particular vial. These are the tools we use for hammered into bio deficit deal Bank block at creates a stable surface for hammering. So we're pleased the vial on the surface and then camo, using this chasing hammock for achieving ammo has a flat head used for flattening and shaping the vial and the ball harried, forgiving texture to the viral. This is a nylon height of hammer. It is useful for hardening the viral. Why it does not change the shape of Tobias. This is a dweller, soft, attains the tools required for cutting and piercing makers while making jump springs or cutting any pico gauge fires, dwellers or allowed for scraped curve. It can be used for cutting on the sheet or on the tube. A really useful tool for jewelry makers. 4. Introduction to Stones & Beads: Let us now look at some of the different means available to work with. We will first look at the faceted beads. The beads and the beads with multiple flat surfaces. So these surfaces, they produces an effect which gives a nice look. They are available in various shapes and sizes. These are six to eight MM, larger size. These are three to four MM, slightly smaller size. And this black spinel beads are the smallest one, 0.5mm signs. These can be used in multiple ways by making jewelry. These are simple round beads of 30 to 40 mm. They are made from onyx stone. We have a wide range of microwave beads available in couple brass silver. Metal beads can be very effectively used in via b. So these are some of the coupled beat and different diameters. They around and sheep. These are hexagonal faceted beads made from bras. I enjoyed working with these. These are bonds. They can be cultured or natural, and they are available in various shapes and sizes. They give a classic looked to the duality. These are the small chips of gemstones. They have been Dumbo to give us smooth and polished surface and then drill with a hole to be used as beads. They have a lovely natural look and add a nice texture to the duality. These are violets. They appear, are teardrops in shape. They are sometimes veracity. They have a horizontal hole on top so that they can be used as beads. These are glass beads. They are small, round on many sided beads made from transparent of colored glass. The tools to be used for jewelry. Glass beads have been known to be used since Egyptian banks. The variety of means is, unless I always enjoy working with these different beads. Let us now look at some of the stones and gems available. This is a rough stone that has not yet been given any treatment. It does not polished or card access and it's natural form. This is a cruzi stone. It has a glittering effect of tiny crystals or what colourful stone. Because flat on the other side. This is a dumbbell stone. The uneven but rounded stones. They have a really nice polish all around and no edges are flat surfaces. This is a crystal pencil. It generally has flat sides and a point towards one end. This is a caption. This is a gemstone guardian upon Riggs form. So it is gold on top with a highly polished surface. It has a flat back and it is not faceted on DOM. Let us now look at some of the shapes. Enrich cabbage on sand or reliable. These two are the bare shipped garbage on. These two are oval garbage on. This is a longer woman. This is a circular definition. A semi-circle or a half round garbage on the goal, the triangular Cabo Ch'an or gold rectangle or square, or square with sharp edges. Emoc greens. These are some of the uneven shapes in which they are available. Always determine the shape of this Dawn required depending on the design that we have in mind. The variety of beads, gemstones, different crystals, and different shapes and sizes and colors and materials. They are available in its endless. And it is always the fun part to choose the right we'd gemstones, but, uh, be so field jewelry. I hope you enjoyed learning about the beads and stones. If you're ready, then let us start creating some jewelry. 5. Creating Shapes by Hand: Let us now learn to hang from goals. We'll start by taking a EB engaged on beef while at component, foiled or diff does, is gives us a curved angle. So again, more laughter and one-inch gap and fold the debate. We are trying to create a rectangle. Again for it to match the starting point. You will know all three corners are gold and not sharp point. Big Bang under piece of beef via quoted as I'm showing that your fingers dark carving. We are creating a focal dry to make the best possible without any tools. This is a helpful technique later by making 3p4. Both fade via and can now be folded up using fingers. As you feed every folded my focal was being formed. So now I can adjust my focal using fingers. So good is now ready. And we will make up gold Flavel of Gangnam sheep. Do, do that, start by covering the VIA. So goal one, goal for around 1.5 centimeter, go again in the opposite direction. That was our fault battling to repeat, to make as many cycles as possible from a nine inch long Y0. Lead the sheep be random because Martin important, the flower will look good in any shape. So I kind of looked like a leaf. What we will now do is we will lead, cross over each other slightly apart to form a complete circle around using a flush Gartner guys via and onboard flight, leaving only enough to die over the base while using clean nose pliers, we will be talking the VIA and toward the back of the Flavel. Digram, the NCT properly with suppliers, makes sure the flower itself does not get the phone. To create a complete curriculum Flavel. Now, flowable organic level is nowadays. 6. Project 1 : The Flower Pendant: If f now clean cut flower vended. We need two inch long piece of 22's gauge bio ethics. Mm bead. And I jumping. To start by thanking the flower we created in previous lecture. Make sure that the VIA and very deep back to cleave the bead and defender of this level. So they could be even a two inch long ease of 22 gauge around via, through the bead. Pleased a bead in the center of the flower. We will now dy dn over both height. Five through the gap in the center. And before whether left-click called. Bring them close together using chain nose pliers. Again, come up from the center of the Flavell and V, o on the left side, via wrapping on either side. Through the center of the Flavell. Bring the fire up. We can pull and create a close call using Qin nose pliers. Then the fooled. Again, go to the center and come out. The ad survival is too short. The process can be done using chain nose pliers, full view, again, bunch or water, either psi by dx shovel on both tried item boot via ANC fusing gene nose pliers, make sure they are towards the inner side of dependent. Now formally attached to the Flavell. Now we can add jumping to any particular file Joyce. I'll be adding it to this one. Opened the jumping through the B's via, again close. And we respect them using our flower pendent node ID. 7. Creating Shapes Using Tools: Now can you link to drink long before it came out? We'll read of IO home lead a defender between multiplier, boy requiring hand hold with the other hand, we have OP shape. Now we are creating the triangle. So hold again on the amateur side. Angry will fall towards the longer via and holy family with common event fingers. So at the end, we added our finger shot Darius ng or got belong or via. And this can be done. You're thinking nose pliers. And that's one over the other. We have a triangle right angled towards the inner fight. Before long while we are creating a teardrop shape. So Florida bio around the Darwin dark dots give it Doak far more so-called Usain Bolt comes into effect. Beecher though on the other side. They moved from the Darwin's idea, drop ship is ready. Taken under beef. We will use pliers or look in the center Golda via in half no bread. Folate portion with players to create a shop bind at such a big findable through the center of two wires. Bread divided by calling them at the same time. In perfect beach or go on the opposite side. We have a leaf shape. The conical teeth polling center, to create a guard V shape. As we are creating a hive, that angle is up to you to form the top left. Go walk beehive. Now, let's say we are using a mandrel in order to achieve ductile. Whole rid of IR formally over the manger and go over the mandrel using the upper hand. My end goal towards taking a fake. Nowadays. 8. Project 2 : The Heart Pendant: Let us now make the art pendant. For that, we will use the heart we created in previous lecture. We will use of Ananda half-inch beef of 20 to be ground bio. And we will need a small jumping first gig, the heart and the 22 gauge wire holders model via Django or would be drawing of two calls. Take the left trade via n down and bring it up from the other side. At this bind US pliers to bring together entitled Using the theme and again Titan using pliers. Now we will wrap the D or the fade via end. She'll go down. Go over booth, make sure all the wraps are flat and parallel to each other. There should be no gaps between to wrap. Keep tightening and pressing the wraps together. Got additional buyer and begun using chain nose pliers. Open up a jumping off tacos. I picked up, close the jumping hard penguin is now ready. 9. Creating Shapes using Stones: In this lecture, we will learn to create shapes using different tunes. We will start with a six-inch long days of MS. Bio and a tumbled tunes that had the whole crew and through, as you can see, it's shaped, is very uneven. Plays the stone on applied Sophie's full formerly with one hand and start to comb the vial with another hand. So slow and steady, keep the stone and place. The bio has now taken the shaped by Dr. Stone. Letters but easier to achieve perfect stone. Now we will take gabby Sean, NCR drop shaped and gone accordingly. To take a six inch long piece of wire, placed the viral in the bottom corner of two stone. Older buyer as such with both hands and start to call divisors are led the vials in defect epitope breath over the top portion. We have our teardrop shape similar to that of the tone. This is an important technique when creating frames for the pendant or any other tool reusing cabbage font. This is another key ambition of a triangular shape. So it is difficult to form in any other method to take C via, again, holders don't formally with one hand holder bio. But both Tom and dark, too cold too. I'm covering the left fade via the left-hand. And then while covering the right Fedwire, I'm holding firm limits left-hand, and coping with the right-hand. Our wire has now taken the same shape of that of the stone. Practice these techniques to create more accurate and perfect claims for your pending. 10. Project 3 : The Tumbled Stone pendant: Let us now make the dumbbells don't tend. To do that. We will be a dumbbell stone and b via readapt around it in the previous lecture. This is our stone fit within the viral. It has to be exactly the 3D Baker fixing long before weaving bio, bark, weaving through the tumbled, don't leave the stone in the center. The default meet the B should be not. All live at the intersection point of two B's wire folder via up to negative perpendicular to the bottom bio. Now we will wrap defect and via around the fourth vial. Identify all your thinking all this time. Make the frame below that non can't be formed. Keep widening. Good grief. Don't still has to fit within the frame for obsolete. On the side. And grab again over. Though. Meanwhile form one modal identity end towards the back of the freedom for other bio towards left. Now using round not folded file at that the gift portion only via rounds. To create a small loop. Now please supplier in position that divided by round the flame by a wind to secure the LU band. Again, can be extra bio flush cutters and point towards the back of the frame using our fleeing for dependent Israeli, We will now with the loop to make it perpendicular to the frame so that they can pass through the loop. We will now attach the stone to the screen. Please. The stolen positional whether frame. Take the weaving via on the left and start by reading over the frame bio through the gap between the stone and of REM via the further first rotation, not leaving, again Bartlett through the gap between buyer and the stone. From the other fade. Keep pressing the weaving rotation together. To get the knife glues. Now would be preferred for the other fade. To borrow from the gap between the stone and the flame bio. Fall to ten rotations, one board fade to secure the stone properly to the frame. But the extra add-on board b via toward the technique can be used to wrap anytime. Okay. 11. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed this class. With this basic knowledge you can now start to via some beautiful duality. I am sure you will allow via their pain. It is a very rewarding hobby and a perfectly at the outlet for you. If you want to develop your skills further, then definitely visit my beginner's class where we create a pendant using single wire technique. Known quiz out my glass on creating the Aurora pendant. Make sure you follow me on skill share to get regular updates about any new class that I post. You can also visit my website to purchase advanced level PDF tutorials. You can even follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to have a look at some of my Adobe. I hope to see you soon in some of my other classes. They'll then keep practicing and creating.