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Jewelry Design Video Course: 23 Step-by-step Lessons

teacher avatar Aleksander Chuly, Jewelry Design Mentor and Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction & a step-by-step explanation of the jewelry design process

    • 2. 23. 5 biggest mistakes designers make

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About This Class


Got Stuck While Creating Your Jewelry Design?? 

FINALLY get all the answers to your questions about Jewelry Design Process. YOU WILL LEARN: How to design jewelry and sell it, the inside secrets of the jewelry industry, how to avoid unnecessary mistakes and expenses, how to find jewelry suppliers.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksander Chuly

Jewelry Design Mentor and Entrepreneur


Hello, I’m Aleksander Chuly. 

Jewelry Design Mentor and Entrepreneur 

"I help designers build their jewelry collections and start selling"

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1. 1. Introduction & a step-by-step explanation of the jewelry design process: I'm very passionate, very excited about this video course. I'm very excited to share the information that I have accumulated throughout the years of working with designers and creating my own jewelry, design pieces and jewelry design collections. Uh, the reason why I'm doing this is because I meet designers. I worked with designers every day, and I basically run into the same questions all the time. And, um therefore, I decided to make this video course which will give you are better perspective on how to become a jewelry designer on how to start and create your first jewelry collection. I hope this is going to be interesting. I hope you're gonna like it and enjoy it. This is my first time doing something like that and recording a video course. But I really badly want Teoh share the information that I know and will be very useful to you. And the knowledge that I have with the older resource is that I know I'm gonna share it here with you in this video and help you enjoy the creative process. Help you to enjoy that step by step process while you're making your collection. And for it not to become a disaster. So, um, this is the first episode, and in this episode I want to go through a step by step jewelry making process. What does it actually take in order for you to create your first design from the idea to the finished product? The first episode will be about jewelry making process. Basically, what? What does it take for you in order to build your first jewelry piece? And I will be explaining step by step. Process. Um, so let's start from from an idea you have an idea off the jewelry you want to make. It's a very interesting process from the idea Teoh on end result and actually to see and feel your first product I born from the idea. So it's fun if your idea is not clear yet, it's fine if you just have an idea you can't even visualized. But there is no idea that was born in your head, and you're very excited about it and very passionate about it. What I would recommend first, when you have the idea, go out on the Internet and just browse the Internet if nobody else made it because it's gonna be really bad if you make something and you think that you were the only one with this idea. But unfortunately, after you made it, somebody else headed in the my done it better than you or, you know, they just did it before. They're already selling it. So basically there's no point. So first, what I would want you to do is just go on research a little bit on Google. Thank God. Today we have the internet. The power of the Internet. Older social media resource is use them. Find out they have your idea. Some did somebody make it? Check out the name for your company that you want to create. Does somebody have it? They don't have because a lot of people start with their name for the company. And then they say, You know what? I'm gonna do A collection. So, um, door research. Then after you have done research, nobody else is doing it. You're the 1st 1 The idea is good. You ready to go and think and get as much as possible information on your idea? Not necessarily that somebody make it, but there got to be something that's made already. So you can get the references from the Internet or from the magazines. Or maybe if you know how to draw, you can sketch it up once again. You really don't have toe draw in order for you to be a designer. Not today. It's more than enough to have an idea and get as much as references you can, and just to the best of you now is try to sketch it or drop Joe up on a piece of paper and lay out that idea on a piece of paper and make us Muchas knows as you can. And I know it's very hard, but try to have your idea to be clear, at least to you. So when you go when you start working with different services and the people who will be helping you creating that model, that specific jewelry piece, it's gonna be easy for them to understand once you're ready is clear to you. It then gonna be very comfortable for you to pass on this idea to everybody that you're working with. A lot of people come to me and they say, Oh, you know what? I'm not ready to share my idea with you. I'm you know, I'm scared it's gonna be stolen. Or, you know, somebody is gonna take my d away from me. So therefore, heaven eight nt ready NDE is non disclosure agreement. This agreement, I will link, uh below on this video. I will have free links and some templates for India. Agreements will be in the leagues below their free use them. But have that Andy A signed with people, whoever you're gonna be working with. So basically, here you go. You have an idea. You have all the references print out from the computer, or maybe sketches or some magazines and you ready to go to a cat designer who is a cat designer? Cat designer is a person who will be creating your motto or your jewelry piece on the computer in three D. It's very important. That's a very, very important aspect of your process. So three D designer is basically a person who's going to be making a skeleton for your jewelry design piece on. It's very important that you get it right with him. Um, even you have to make sure that you approximately know all the sizes for let's say you're making a ring. You need to know the size is the width of the ring, the thickness of the ring, the height of the ring. All these things are very important. To know before you go to a camp designer is not to spend his time in your time figuring out what size do you need a door? Yeah, he can help you out and say, You know what? And that's what usually I tried to do when I see a crucial mistake and design or crucial mistake and sizing, and I try explain why it's a mistake and what's a better way to do it so. But it's very good. If a designer comes and they already have at least 90 year off the sizes, they wanna have the ring don in. So all the sizes please try to have it with you. When you go to a designer to size your jewelry, I would use a millimeter gauge, which is very helpful tool. I use it a lot of times during the day, so this is a one off most important tools for jewelry designers, and not only for the jewelry designers but in general for people who work in jewelry. This is a millimeter gauge. Once again, Uh, once you have all the sides this once you ready to go to God Designer spend time with him going over all the details and every little aspect off design that you want him to create. When he's creating your three cap jewelry design after the d D cap is done, you can have the three d CA designer probably printed for you. Or, if he cannot print it, you can use there's many services on the Internet that can print your three d file. So basically what a cab design have to provide you with is with the three d cad file, it can be on STL file a three D file or rhino file, which is printable, and you then provide this file with whoever you will be printing this with. And, uh, you will be printing it and wax, which looks like this. And, um, this waxes printed also from a three d file on a three D printing machine. Do you need to buy? No, you don't need to buy because they're very expensive. And if you're in a very early stage of starting jewelry collection, it's too early oven investment, so I wouldn't buy it. I would just use the services for that. And if your jewelry your cat designer can help you out with that printed for you, then just do it that way for now, at least. And once you grow when you expend your business and you see there is a need for that, you know, you know that you're printing at least worth of 5 $600 off models a week, then you definitely can look into buying a printer. When you're printing online, make sure that it's the very fine printing machines that they printed on. It's either Sal Escape machine or envisioned back machine or something that's used to print jewelry miles. Once again, just make sure that these printers are good enough to print jewelry models with very, very fine quality. After you have your jewelry printed, you then ready for casting process again. I will have an interview about this process with owner of a casting house, and we'll thoroughly will go through all the casting questions you may have. But basically this process is when the casting house will from your wax will cast your jewelry piece in silver. First prototype I usually recommend to do in silver is because you then can use it as a master model and just keep it for yourself. God forbid your wags breaks or you don't have mold for that or mold can go back. I always have these, which is Silver Master model. I always keep them. I mean, you can use your file and just reprint that again, but it's a cheaper way of doing it because you always have it, and you don't need to reprint and spend extra money for that. You always have the supermodel with you and, God forbid, something happens to your mold, which is the next step over the off the process. You always have this which you can make millions of these molds, and you should always keep it by your side. So, like I said, the next step after your casting is done, and you have basically the first prototype that you can see and hold in your hands and see and check if all the sizes are correct. If that's actually what you want tohave, you'll actually have the first plastic prototype in your wax so you'll be able to see all your details and older sizes. If they're correct, put on your hands, see how it looks on your hand and just make sure that it's all done correctly. If it's not correct, if you're walks wasn't done correctly and you see some mistakes, Diogo casting it and say, Okay, I'll do it later. No, Lena is gonna cost you more money, so don't waste time. It's gonna cost you a little bit extra to redo this model in wax. But it's cheaper. Rather, you already have it in silver and you in production, and then you want to change something again. So you gotta go all these step backwards, So don't do once the forward three steps back just right away. If you see a mistake in wax, have you can't designer We do it and reprinted. Make sure it's right. Make sure is the way you want it and make sure all the sizes are correctly when you pick up your model from the wags designer or from you received from whoever from the people who have was sprinting your wax. Put it on the man dro check. The size of the size is correct take the millimeter gauge and check. Hold the sizes. If they're correct, If everything is correct, the diameter of the stone was correct. Just check it because this is an early stage and it's very easy to correct those mistakes. Okay, rather than when you already have the mold. And you find out that that you know what the size for the stone was wrong. So you gotta go back all the steps and everything. All right? So basically, you now have the mold. So now you cast it. You haven't silver. This is your first master model. You cast it in silver, you clean them. You pre polished it. A lot of times I pre polish it. Because when you take a mold afterwards, it has to be clean when you cast it. Next time, next time, next time. So therefore, I proved I don't polish it. I pretty polish it. So you need to pre polish it before you do a silicon mall or any Robert. So you have the master mold. Then you're ready to go and have the silicon mold me usually older casting houses. They are able to provide you with the silicon molds and This is how it looks. This is a silicon mold. There's other molds and different calories and different structures, but very widely and mostly uses silicon mold because it has very low percentage off shrinkage, which is very important. So here you go. You have your wax model. Do you have your silver prototype and the master model? And you have your silicon mold. You're now ready to go into the production with this mold is after you find a production house, which is going to be doing production for your collection. You give him this mold. Sometimes Production House may tell you that we don't need the mold. We can work with your three d file, which you have done with cap Designer. You then set them just the file. But they will still charge you for the first silver master model and silicon. So it really doesn't matter. You can do it all in one place, or you can do it in separate steps with separate people and services. So, um, once you have the rubber mould, you ready to actually make your first jewelry piece? And, uh then again, you cast it. You abolish it, you polish it, you clean it, you assemblage if it requires assembly. Uh, and there you go. There's your first product 2. 23. 5 biggest mistakes designers make: I think this online video course was a journey for me on it was a pretty interesting journey. This'd my first video, of course, that I have created. And I hope that you will like it. I hope that it's gonna help you in your design process is going to help you in your future production process and building your brand building your name out there. Eso In this episode, What I want to talk about is I want to basically sum up everything that we spoke about in previous episodes and just go over the main mistakes. The biggest mistakes that come up Designers make uh, in, uh, speak about all of them in separate and just point them out to you one more time. So just to refresh it and sum up everything that we spoke about in previous episodes once again So first mistake and it's one of the very crucial mistakes is a feedback. We spoke about it in few off the episodes in the beginning, feedback starting with the Brendan coming up with the Brendan. Get a feedback when coming up with the branding. Get a first feedback when you get to get a general idea for your collection or for your jewelry Dishing about greed, feedback on particular designs that you make feedback on the branding feedback on the website. Name eso everything that you make everything that you do at every step off the design and production process. You always need to get a feedback. Feedback will help you get yourself and get your jewelry on the right path and stand on the right road on the road to success if you getting feedbacks because you always have to remember the jewelry that you're creating, the design that you're creating, the brand that you're creating, you are not the one who is going to be buying it. You are not the one you're not building it for yourself. Your building. It's for people. You're building it for consumer. So therefore, a feedback off people is very important. Okay, unless, like I said before, you readyto invest a lot. A lot of money into promoting this Brent that you want on Lee This name that you want on Lee the designs that you want based on your opinion. Okay, so And if you want to make a Brent that's Onley based on your opinion, it's gonna question a lot of money to get it out there much easier to start building a brand designs website and everything that you're doing. Based on people's feedback, it could be your friends. It could be your acquaintances. Anybody just get a feedback. OK, so very, very important. Always remember and write it down before you do anything before you go into any step off the process off your design or creative process. Get a feedback. All right, so underlying feedback. Second and also very important and very crucial. Part of the design production process is. Get a consultant, get a mentor, get a consultant or get a mentor will help you save a lot of time and money. Consultants and mentors. They're not cheap. They are expensive. But if you calculate how much money you will lose on your mistakes and how much money you will spend on a good mentor or a jewelry assistant who can help you out? Or consultant usually mentor or consultants when she cost you much cheaper than your own mistakes? So basically, by learning by yourself on your mistakes, Ah, lot of people say it's much better to learn on your own mistakes. It is if you have a lot of time and if you have a lot of money. I live here in New York and I know that a lot of people, a lot of designers, they simply don't have a lot of time and money. Okay, It's a very crucial points on not only here in New York everywhere right now, all the startup designers, they want to make everything fast. Everything quick, cheap and effective. Okay, so in order for you to create right collection, standing on the right path while creating the collection, you need a mentor. Okay on Duh. A lot of successful businesses. Ah, lot of successful brands. Jewelry, Brent's. They get mentors for their design team for their production team. They get a consultant's, and it is very important. You spend a little bit money of consultant or on a mentor, but you save a lot of money in mistakes so very crucial, and mentors or consultants you will need on every step of the process again, just like a feedback. You need a consultant in everything. Okay, so always remember, you better consult with somebody. You better get a mentor. That's always gonna be there for you. And if you have any question, if you have an idea, if you have anything that you wanna ask about, you could always turn to your mentor and asked him Was the best way to do it were was the right way to do it. And what would be the most cheapest and most effective way off making certain design or certain project that you're working with? OK, so that's the second mistake. Third mistake and I spoke about it. Is pricing one more crucial mistakes that a lot of people, a lot of designers ah, lot of start off designers make due to the fact that they don't have a correct knowledge off, how to price your jewelry, how to price your time, how to come up with the retail price, how to come up with the wholesale price and how to price the whole project. They run into big mistakes where they end up losing a lot of money and almost broke, so you don't want to be there. I always learn how to price price correctly, your time price correctly, your product, your process that she's spending the time and all the services that you have used throughout the whole process of making a collection off or making a certain piece of jewelry. You have to include that in the price off the product. Yet your price cannot be higher than a similar product that people are selling. You cannot be much higher. Okay, so you need to come up with the better product and maybe a little bit cheaper price point. Therefore, you're gonna be better and cheaper, and that way the customers are gonna buy from you rather than who's from somebody who's more expensive and poor quality than your product. Okay, so just one more time learn how to price your product correctly, and here again, a good mentor will help you to do it the right way. Next thing that I want to speak about is is marketing a very important aspect. A lot of people think that I've built my jewelry. I've built my website. That's it. I'm done. Now I'm going to sit around, wait for sales wrong. You're not gonna get any sales. You're not gonna get a revenue. You're not going to start getting a cash flow. No. In order for you to start selling. You need to start marketing your product. You need to start marketing your breath. Nothing will happen with that marketing. Okay, A lot of people love the creative process off building a collection, building a brand, but they forget after they built everything they forget about marketing. And that's where a lot of people get stuck. Basically, by the time where they are built the brand and build a product and build a whole collection . They already burnt out. A simple reason why is because they don't know what to do next before they're going to start getting and generating some sales and revenue. All right, so what you need to do you need to prepare yourself that by building your product by making your product and creating the jewelry Brenda or your jewelry collection. That's not the end that's on Lee. The beginning next part is execution. Very important how you will execute your product and how you will start getting paid. If you don't know the part of execution, then that's it. You're done all right, so very important. The execution process after you build the brand after you build the product after you created all these designs you need to market the product In order for you to sell it. You need to find who to market it to. Who is your customer. You gotta learn your customer. You gotta learn your buyer. You gotta learn. Where do you want to advertise? Where would you want to market your product and was the most efficient ways of doing it? All right, So marketing an execution, Don't forget, don't get stock on the creative process. It's a very interesting and very cool process marketing process. It's not that interesting, but it's a big part of you. Where you going to start getting some money? Okay, so that's on marketing. And the final thing that I want to speak about and I want to talk about right now is the last one, but yet very important one. So ah, lot of people are making mistake while creating or building a brand creating the Brent creating a collection jewelry collection. They are not consistent. Consistency is the key off all successful people. So if you want to be successful, if you want your Brent to be successful, consistency is one of the most important keys. If you are not consistent in what you're doing, then don't do it at all. What I see happening with a lot of designers is as they very inspired and they had their full of ideas and the about to make this collection and about Teoh create something very excited once they did something. Once they've created something and maybe they run into some kind of obstacles and they're going to be a lot of obstacles on your way. While you're gonna create something, a lot of people stop being consistent. And this is a very big and crucial mistake off all the designers. And it's not only in the jewelry industry, not only in the design industry, everywhere, if you're not consistent, you're a loser. Okay, If you're not consistent, your friend is not gonna go nowhere. If you're not consistent, you're gonna end up broke. All right, so after you build a brand after you did everything don't get stop, don't stop. Be consistent. You have to do something every day for your collection for your idea for your designs, for your marketing, for your product. In order for your product to start generating some revenues and start selling in order for your product to be out there where people like it love it, and they want to buy more and more and more. Therefore, you gotta be consistent throughout the design process. You gotta be consistent throughout the marketing campaigns. You gotta be consistent with everything that you do. Okay? So don't stop. Do it every day. I know for a lot of designers, coming up with the collection is just, like almost a hobby where they do it. Maybe not full time. They do it part time. And later on, they're saying Okay, you know what? I'm gonna do it part time for now. But then later on, this is gonna be my main thing. And what happens? A lot of time. They spend a lot of money while creating something while doing something. And once they got stuck on some question or they got stuck on something where they don't know what to do or where to go or which path to take, they get stuck and they stop doing anything at all. They always have an excuse. Oh, I don't have enough time. That's not an excuse. You have to make time every day. You need to make time at least 1/2. On our at least on our you have to make time for your collection for your design process, for your jewelry, for your marketing company in order for you to Morrow to be successful. If you're not consistent, you will never be successful. Your product will never be demand Doble. People will never find out about your product and they will never buy. So consistency is one of the very, very important keys off the success. Don't forget about that. That's about it on all the mistakes. That's about it. With this first video, of course. Online video course. I hope I gave you enough off very valuable information. I gave you enough value words gonna help you out and give you some more energy and boost you up to start doing business your terms on I wish you for you your collection, your designs to be successful and bring you a lot of money in sales. I wish you good luck and that's it. That's the final episode, and I will see you soon.