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Java By Example (Section 1) - Course Overview

teacher avatar Taksila LLC, Sarvesh Gowda

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Course Introductioin

    • 2. Course Overview

    • 3. How to make best use of this course

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About This Class


This section of the course provides overview of Java By Example course presented by Taxila LLC

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Taksila LLC

Sarvesh Gowda


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1. Course Introductioin: Hi Welcome to Java by example. Presented by Taxila, Jonah is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Double was delays in the year 1995 since then, about 1.1 billion The stops on three billion mobile phones from Java. Our Taxila. We have seven years of experience in software development and training software developers . The orders have extensively worked with Java SQL C C plus plus dotnet are on other with framework such as Stretch on spring. The course Developers also have more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing J. Dewey based enterprise applications. After completing this course, you will be able to install Java conficker I d. Create simple job programs and applications and people job applications. You will also learn how to go through job AP Ice and other helpful resources on the Web. In this course, we will go through the basics off, job on and start building applications in eat off the chapters, we will go through the concepts and develop programs that will help in understanding the concepts. We will also focus on best practices in application development. We will be developing about 14 Greek applications during the scopes. This course is for all skill levels. Anyone who is curious of a programming willing to learn, explore and discover are ideal audience for this course. This court is ideal for novices that as students interested to learn Java programming language and to professionals already working in industry, I want to expand their horizons by loving a programming language. Please go to the course description and course contents if we had. If you need more information, please talk to us. We are committed to provide your excellent service and help you in achieving your goals. We look forward to see you in the class, Thank you getting 2. Course Overview: Hello, Welcome to Java by examples by Taxila. In this course, women relearning Java by creating lot off Java. Examples. Jonah was first introduced in the year 1995. Since then, Java has been installed on more than three billion devices. It is certainly one off the most popular languages in the programming world. In this court's, we will first learn basic concepts and then assembled those basic concepts to solve some of the real world examples. Thank so in this course. First, we will learn the basic concepts install and set of Java standardization. He was stolen, confident I d Develops and basic applications and family rt with the Java AP ICE. Who is the audience for skirts? Anyone who is interested in programming language? His audience for the schools i d professionals. I d job aspirin shaped bar in Joe on average it for students aspiring to work at I. D Cos interns. Anyone interested to learn Java? Our audience for this built so in this course, is we describe fast. We will learn the basic concept, and then we will create some off the applications share first. Let's take a look at all the basic applications that we will be learning in this programming language, and then they will get into the details off the course. Here is the first example of the program, he says. Stop, watch. The stopwatch is a very, very simple application. All it has is this top start, and they reset functionality. Then we have a loan payment calculator in loan payment calculator off. We will give the loan amount loan term on the interest rate in person beach, and it will tell us what would be the installment and how much were praying for the principal and how much we're paying for the interest on the war. All we would get you know what will be the ending balance. Then we have a savings calculator in case of savings calculator. It's almost re worse off the what we did for the loan payment calculator. We would provide the monthly savings and then the interest rate and how many years of the months we would be saving. And it would tell us what would be the interest on the previous savings and as well as the amount of money that we're adding this month and at the end, what will be the balance. Then we have a world clock In this world clock, we have eight different configurations. When it's a con figuration, we could choose eight different time zones and the world Rockwood shoe Chill the time in all these eight different time zones. So in this case, we have Isha, which is on the 10th of activities on 16. The time is that for 40 whereas in us Hawaii it is ninth of October. It is 9 40 9 40 of the time. Then we have a text application. So this application is returned to show the ability off our ability to change our fonts. And how does the different fonts look like the font size font color on then maybe the different form to they could change all those things and take a look at the application off application. Then we also have the ability to change the look and feel off the entire application altogether. How button looks have the job, don't looks and have the textiles would look like on the default coloring. All those things are part off look and feel, and we would cover the look and feel when we covered this particular application then we have a customer refund request form in customer refunded first form. We not only take the input from the customer, we would also convey that information back to a central location. So in this case, we have provided the ability to provide an email. I D. On email would be sent to the email i d. From the information that is, along with the information that's collected through this form. Then we have extreme X tree, and the next two or three applications are all related to recursive applications. Dickens safe applications are quite interesting because d the these applications seem complex. But months we understand these applications, they are quite straightforward. So here we have a lot Etch that starts on at the end of each edge. We again keep writing edges. So there are different levels how many levels? Deep we can go. So let's say if you have one large etch it is going to be level one on. If you're right once at the end off edge again, it will be level two. It's an order right from next. Set off a day end off the each of these, uh, H terminals if you write one more X, it will be one more level. So when we like going to the multiple levels writing like this edge so it creates a particular plant trim and that is the pattern that shone on this screen. Then we have C has been see Opinsky Triangle. This is also an application off recursive methods. So here we have a larger triangle and larger triangle is divided into four triangles on, and the each triangle is again for the subdivided. Do smaller for triangles. The needs of the cases. We're going to apply a different color and this creates a different patron. Then we have see Opinsky corporate carpet very similar. In this case, we have a Squire and Esquire within the Squire. First we righteous larger Squire on. Then around the Squire, we have six smaller quiet Squire. Now around these smaller Squires, we write again six more smaller, smaller Squires and thus we continue to increase the levels on display. It's another beautiful pattern. Now we have our off Brahma or tower of Hungry. So in this case, we have three polls on bond. There is a stack of disks. The larger discussed the bottom of the smallest of the top. We need to move the discs from one pole to other poll, but we have such a rules. Move the disc from Paul able to pull sing. They could use the intermediate Paul being, but we cannot at any point of time. We can move only one disk at a time on We cannot keep a larger disk on top off a smaller desk, so we had to follow a particular patron toe. Achieve this and again. This can be repeated on DA Once you stall a small instance of this problem there to say when you have to risk of your new on. Then you follow the pattern that the larger number off disks but the number off moves required goes up exponentially. We have in not bad. So this note pad not that is one of the applications that is very popular in Windows applications. So in this case, we have created nor pad using Java application. This is, for the most part, it resembles nor pad, and it gets It is very similar in terms off applications, but there are some things that it may not be able to do, but you can open in the expert text, a text file on the new connected the text file and the Save the text file. It also has a similar look and feel to the Gulf A nor Pat. Next, we have one off the popular game, which is a mini tennis. So in this particular game we have the different difficulty. Levels level from 1 to 5, so the difficulty level determines. How does the speed with which this ball moves in this game and then we also have the score . The score also changes based upon the difficulty level. It's a nice fun game. Then we have Tic Tac Church. This is another popular game that is played. This is, this came. There are two players on the each one take turns to place their symbol in the stick doctor board and there are certain rules that go on who wins Onda. We keep track of the players who are winning. We can really start a game on. We can visit again. We also have a calculator application in the calculation application. Currently, we focus only an addition and subtraction, saying the previous examples when we would have worked on other classes we would, we would write, and we will write a class that completely evaluates a given expression. So for the calculator application, we have taken only a small piece from that application. On pence, we are implementing only addition and subtraction only in this calculator. So far we have seen several interesting applications. There are about 14 applications we have seen. For a novice person. It would be difficult to go ahead and directly right all those applications. But we have to get started somewhere, so we would start with the most basic concepts. First, we would learn some of the basic concepts in Java, and then we would learn how to install the Dewie environment and also an integrated environment for building these applications. Then we would start with the language, fundamentals and the data types. Here we are writing very really simple applications, such as adding two numbers, calculating interest on argument principal strapping numbers, scrapping first name on the last name on, then converting find hate into Celsius and social into farm head. These are very, very simple applications. Then we go and learn conditional operators. Seven Villone conditional operators are programs become slightly more complex Now we're calculating age grading scores, finding the number of days in a month. Then we have control flow. Once the control flow comes, the programs become a little bit more complex. So we're trying to find whether a number is prime it CF calculator, Elysium, calculator, chicken Whether the number is Palin room on DSO on other programs, people right now, after learning the control flows now we would be incorrect introduced into the objects and Gaza's. So this is this is the joy is the object oriented programming and now we would see the cover off objects on how these object orientation helps us in developing complex applications. Then we have Rick Ocean, so we didn't see at least three or four projects that are based on the cushion. So now in this section, we will learn the basics off reduction. The one of the most basic program in regression is to write a program to calculate factorial Zoff a number and also another program to create a few Bernacchi numbers. We would also learn how to read files and have to access the files. Were it files right files we will read and write in the board Excel and text files. We would also learn how to go through directories in five or section. Then we have conferencing. So in this section we would learn how to write concrete programs in Java. Then we have election framer. This helps is in writing the programs in a better way collection. Primark also provides us several utility classes on also lot off Italy. The algorithms are written in collection framework, including the sorting algorithms. Exceptions are throw the applications. We would be using exceptions to manage our years on to show the errors to the end user. So in this section we would cover some more details, support the exception. Then we're looking at regular expressions, regular expressions, helpers in doing particularly in implementing validations. And we could go ahead and checks that if something is valid or not. And there are several validations that are where regular expressions are very, very helpful. And we have written some of those validations here, not America. Zipcar is a Santel for number, possible validation, credit card elation and so on. After learning all those things now we are ready to learn graphical user interface, and we would start with some of the basic applications that is a hello world application. Solicitors to fund had converter and multiplication tables on. Then we would move on to the several projects that we discussed in the past there. Arable 14 projects sieve. This is an interesting course wearing any novice programmer who is novice person who is interested to learn programming can go through the course from fuss to the end. Andi believe by the end of the course, he would feel comfortable in creating these applications. We are committed to help you learn Java language, and if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to reaches through the course. Of course, Page, we look forward for your feedback. Thank you. 3. How to make best use of this course: Hello, everyone. Welcome to a job I examples presented by Taxila decision of the course. We will talk about how to make best use off the scopes in our previous sections. You have got introduction to our program. I have the worldview off our entire program. You've got this section. We will focus on how to make best use off this course. We started our objectives again. We are object resolved to learn basic Java concepts, install, installation, install and confident I d develops and basic applications on become family over the Java A B ice. First, let's understand. How do people learn? He was a sweatshirt that is a wrap it from Intel Institute for Applied Behavioral Science shows that people learn Andre retain 5% off what they learned. Electrics. These are the average retention rates that are given here, 10% off what they're reading, 20% off audio visual presentations, 30% off waters demonstrated to them 50% off what they learned in discussion groups 75% off Wonderland by doing practice by doing and then we have 90%. When the teach something to others and the King Macedon off. This is many people learn by doing. And it's more than that. People retain more when they learn by doing so. If you want to detain what you have learned, you have to learn by doing so in this course, what we do is first we discussed the concept on then demonstrate the programs. This is where we are on. Then we give lot off examples on. I suggest that you go out on try those programs on your own. Here is an example off a course structure that we have. There are three chapters in each chapter. We have several several programs. Onda. We start with the concept. Let's take the example of conditional operators. We start for the concepts and we explain concepts, and then we go ahead and discuss some off this programs on what I suggest is you pick up our after looking at the demonstration. You try to right the whole program on your own. You can also try really in off the program on your own practice. Practice practice practice makes perfect and practices the mantra for loving programming. Please, not programming is a skill just by watching. Just by watching demonstration are just by reading. It's almost not possible to learn programming. You will have to practice many a times. We think that we have learned something. Here is is a court one must learn by doing the thing, though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try. It's a great court. 1,000,000 times we learned the concepts. We believe that we have understood the concept. Everything seems to be very clear when we are trying Teoh greed or when we're trying to listen to somebody when we're looking at the demonstration. But when we actually tried to do it on our own, we might find some gaps. That's why I emphasize on practicing all these presentations. Are all these programs again and again? You could try one program. You can try something off a different variant off that on their own. Okay, then we have WB ice. We talk about installing FBI, that is application programming interface. This is the documentation off morning off the classes that are already there in the our platform. We use many off those classes, drove our classes sessions, we use them. We used to build applications on. There are many more that we haven't even touched. Well, you're looking at a particular class. Learn more about the class. What the class can do for you. Look, you might be using one or two matters in our the applications that we're building. You go ahead on, try to learn more about does because class has more matters than what we're using. Try to look at what else the class can accomplish for you. This will help in enhancing your knowledge of or be already existing classes on In future, when you need something or when you have a requirement, you can recollect what you have learned on. Maybe you might. You don't have the cord on you might use one off the existing plants is to accomplish the functionality. So extending our building your knowledge on Java FBI is another kidding. We do try to refer to Java ups sometimes, but we're appeared off time. Anything that is new, you should be able to going. You should be able to get into the JV a doorway, FBI on, learn about the methods that are there in the classes. Then we have routine secret off. Your future is hidden in your daily routine. Your little progress each a day acts up. This is very important. Many a times. We underscore the importance off a day legal team. It need not be daily routine. It might be your big legal team, so spending time regularly in loving on then practicing those applications helps you in learning, are retaining what you have learned wore a period of time. You might not realize this in a short period of time, but if you do it for a longer period of time, you will see what you would have accomplished. While you are loving the program. Always follow the program floor. It is the flow off control that's very important in the program. If you can follow the flu off control from the beginning off the program to the ending off the program well enough, any time you will be able to answer the questions about the program are. If you want to modify the program, you will have a better comment on the program. It will be very clear to your watch is happening. When you have some unexpected situations, you will know exactly where to go on way to modify, so any time when you are looking at a program. Whether it's small or a big program, think off the flu off the control. When the program starts where the control begins on how the control flows, there are many a times in gree applications that's graphical user interface based applications. You look at application initially, the application comes up and the program ends on. After that, it's all about the interactions. When you press on something, something else will happen somewhat. Some of the class would respond, and when you click the close button off the window, you will exit out of the window and everything will be discarded. Save it is always important to know the flow of controls and how the application reacts to your evens. If you do not follow the flow of control are everything that something is nothing. Then you can always fall back on debugging. Debugging helps you a lot in several ways. It is not just in the floor of control. Let's say if we have a challenge with application or something is going on inside, and you cannot figure out why an application is because behaving that way, then debug the application, then go through the court line by line on very, very. It's problematic when you go on see that you can actually look into all the variables that are there at that point of time on the values off those variables, and if then we'd be. You can also manipulate those variables on detained the control flow so that you will be able to understand what is happening inside on. Take action accordingly. We will go through the flow off control and debugging for several. Replicate several classes when we are discussing those classes in this course, and these two are going to be very helpful for you, even in the future when you become developers. So when you are going to all the applications, please make sure that your practice and applications come up with your own challenges. Based upon what you have learned. Trying to tweak the application on, see what happens. Come off with your own department, chain the application and see that you can come up with a solution for the challenge on then have a daily routine on then, if you do not understand the flu off control debug on understand the flow of control. These are the three advisers that I could give you in better utilizing the Scots and loving from the course. If you have any questions, are consents. Please feel free to reach out to us on our course page. We are committed to help you love java Thank you and have a good day.