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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      SUSHI Trailer


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      How to cook rice


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      How to prepare sushi rice


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      Oshi Zushi


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      Thank you


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About This Class

This class is for anyone who is interested in making sushi at home. Using a molding technique, you can make simple and pretty sushi dish in less than an hour. The class covers not only how to mold ingredients into sushi shape, but how to cook white rice in dutch oven, and how to prepare sushi rice. In the extra video, you can also learn how to make spicy shrimp inside out rolls. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Makiko Orser

Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer


Hi, I'm Makiko Orser. I've been working as a freelance illustrator, graphic artist on the side of having a successful portrait photography studio in Michigan. I have a degree in graphic design from California College of the Arts, have experience in character designs and novelty items and children's magazine publishing from Tokyo, Japan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, USA. 2019 is very special, my first book-mindfulness art journal, Fill This Page will be published (December 31, 2022). Still, I love learning new tips and techniques, creating and exploring, and being inspired. Hope to see you in my class!

My website: simplymakiko.com

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, facebook

YouTube Channel: PaperLuv

Etsy Shop: kikistic

Spoonflower: simplymak... See full profile

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1. SUSHI Trailer: Japanese home cooking class. I will show you how to make sushi at home. Oh, she's a shape means pushed. I will use this technique of molding rice and ingredient in sushi shape and make yummy and pretty dish, which is good for both every day meal on home party. I also go over how you could rice and prepare sushi rice. This'd is very easy. Anyone can try, and within an hour you will have delicious sushi meal ready. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. 2. How to cook rice: how to cook rice. The most important ingredient here is rice. If you use right and good kind of rice, your outcome will be great. I'm using this white rice cold, cushy curry. You can get many different kind of price at Japanese market, and most likely all works fine. You can also use something like so she rice or just meat rice, which are available most local grocery stores. That's kind to use for sushi. It's short grain rice, which has more moisture when it's cooked. If you have a rice cooker, you can skip this section. In this class. I used Dutch oven to cook rice. Any pop with can cook rice in similar way. Just have to watch over because time may vary. I'm going to cook two cups of rice, so first wash rice in running water. Next, move rice in the back Jovan, then at a water. Now water and rice should be the same amount. Here there's two cups of rice, so at two cups of water, start high heat and feel boil, then turn the heat to low and cover and cook into your most of water is gone about 10 minutes or So once you see most of water is gone. Turn the heat back too high for just one minute. Then turn off the heat moves of that Jovan off from the stove and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes. So all the leftover moisture gets in that rice. Some people think so. She rice is sticky rice. Well, so she rice is sticky, but sticky rice is technically different kind of rice. So she rice is made from white race. Next section I will show you how to make sushi rice. 3. How to prepare sushi rice: how to prepare sushi rice you may already know. So she means been in a rice soup is rice vinegar in Japanese, and Michy is rice. I'm using already made sushi vinegar, but you can also make your own mixture with right spinnaker, sugar and salt. I included recipe in Class section for you to download well. Rice is still hot. Add sushi vinegar to rice and next. It's important to find some air as you mix, so it won't get too soggy and cool rice. 4. Ingredients: ingredients. Ingredients could be anything you like. I pick some of the popular ones. Smoke sama with lemon salmon. Egg is an option. Crab meat with avocado If you can find sashimi grade tuna fish will be a great edition. Cucumbers and eggs. Those are kind of like side dish, but good to have full color and bonds and shrimps make look nice for party style sushi. Next section I will show you how to actually make Oh, she's a she. 5. Oshi Zushi: Bush's she now. You don't have to have special tools to do this. I'm using cake Pan Bowl party size sushi just lying with plastic wrap before putting any ingredients. Of course, you can also use sushi molding. Toe open. Available at Japanese market now is the fun part. Put ingredients in layers as you at rice press down so that ingredients will be packed nicely. Then sleepover and beautiful sushi dish is ready. Here are some examples of using molding Tool technique is simple, and you can make many different Sischy. Here's an example. Just using plastic crack. 6. Thank you: Thank you for watching my videos. Hope you enjoyed. And try to make your own sushi. Full class project. Please upload a picture. Obsess you make and Cheerios story about sushi making experience. If you like this graph, please keep thumbs up. So that will be helpful for other people who may be interested in this glass. Thanks again. See you next class. 7. Extra: Hi there. This is extra video for how to make spicy shrimp inside out rolls. First plastic wrap on the cutting board, then add sushi rice spreading regrettably thing like sheet of rice. Make sure to make it thin so that it's easier to roll. You see it is too big. Cut too much the size. Make sure to have a price and edge. Now add cooked trim those dreams so cut small. Now I'm going to make spicy sauce. Spicy sauce is made out of Japanese mayonnaise, which has a lot of vinegar tastes, and Salah Chisos. How spicy is up to you after mixing well, put on the shrimps, then add avocados, going up the edge of the plastic wrap instead to roll. When you have a lot of stuffings, they tend to come out, so make sure you push back in and keep rolling tighter, the better. When you get close to the edge, pull the plastic wrap. You don't have to have this, but you can make the role a little bit tighter with this tool shaping the role you can cut with plastic. Correct. Use a sharp knife so that he wants most the role. Also wife the knife each time. - Hope you enjoyed the video. See you next time