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It sounds good! Spanish Pronunciation: A Complete Guide

teacher avatar José De la Paz

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Spanish Pronunciation Intro

    • 2. Las vocales - The vowels in Spanish

    • 3. Las consonantes - The consonants in Spanish (B-K)

    • 4. Las consonantes - The consonants in Spanish (L-Z)

    • 5. The Tilde Game 1 (Spanish Pronunciation: tonality)

    • 6. The Tilde Game 2 (Spanish Pronunciation: tonality)

    • 7. The Tilde: Two Extra Features (Spanish Orthography)

    • 8. Class Project: José's recording for reference

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About This Class

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidas y bienvenidos!

Pronunciation matters because it can make the difference between being understood or not.

It is always a good idea to set the pronunciation right when you just start learning a new language. But if you already know some Spanish, or if you just want to get started, after this Class you will know exactly how each Spanish letter is supposed to sound in every context.

We will even go deeper and learn what is the correct tonality, the correct 'music', for each word, thanks to the Tilde Game that we are going to play.

Language is about Human communication, and therefore it is always fascinating.

I hope you enjoy this class as much as I did!

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1. Spanish Pronunciation Intro: Hola. Hello and welcome to these pronunciation class. My name is Jose Telepath and I am Spanish Teacher for more than 10 years now. Why pronunciation? Well, it is important because we mostly learn a new language in order to speak and to be understood. And it is also very helpful when we want to understand native speakers when they speak in Spanish. So in this class we will go over the Spanish alphabet first, the hours and then the continent paying special attention to those letters that behaved that they are pronounced in a different way than what we know in English. Then we will also learn about the tonality and how the accent the till they works in Spanish. At the end of this class, you will be able to pronounce, read and write correctly in Spanish. And as a class project, I will give you a short text in Spanish and I will ask you to read it recorded and share it with me and with the other students off the class for fingers. That's it. I hope you enjoy it much as Graphia. Thank you. Eat MBA Thomas, Let's get started 2. Las vocales - The vowels in Spanish: all a little. Hello. We will start in this first video with the alphabet and first of all, with the vowels. Last book, Alice One first thing to understand is that although most of the characters in Spanish are similar to the characters that we are usedto use in English in Spanish, the main rule to remember right now is that what you see is what you get, which means that it is a fanatic language. And normally every letter has one sound. Almost. This is especially true with the vowels. Last vocalists. So let's see, What are the five vowels in Spanish? Last book. Alice in a spaniel, son? Uh, yeah. Eight. Oh. Oh, Okay, so those are the names of the hours and those are also the sounds that each vowel represents. So a few examples later a letter, for example. America. Anna Antonio. Oh, a beautiful world like a more. The second vowel is literally a but a Templar. Espana. Equador, Their nest. Oh, embattled. The third vowel is Loretta E, which always sounds like it for the temple Italian, India, he Seville. He must. The fourth vowel is Loretta, which always sounds like Oh, for example, for example, Orlando Obama. My? Huh? Oh, or he said. And the last vowel old team article. The last vowel is Letta who for a Templar order. Why both Pakistan Universo or the number one you know. Okay, so those are a few examples off the five hours, which are Yeah, E or and they always sound like, uh, yeah. Oh, well sown last thinker book Alice and Espanol. Five hours in Spanish. Now we are ready to move on toe. The continent's asked arrival. See you later. 3. Las consonantes - The consonants in Spanish (B-K): all other rebel Hello again Displace the last book alleys after the vowels in esta video. Bama's Akane Affair Last concert Antis. We're going to know the continents in Spanish. We will start with the first half off the alphabet and then we will continue in the second part in the second video. Many continents sound pretty much like in English and they have no secret. And some other continents in Spanish have some particularities and we will pay more special attention to them. Yeah, okay, let's go. Called La Primera Constant A little bit a letter B really has no secret it sounds by bae be both boo, for example Oh, Barcelona They there, Botha Then the next letter in the alphabet is literal. Faith is a little bit more special because it can sound into different ways. If the letter see ya later if it is combined is followed by a oh and do it will sound like K But a temple oak I call who but because they're simple Cassa Cool manner Coolio Awesome! Call Mooney car, huh? Call cool pretty much the same way it sounds in English But when the same letter literal faith is followed by Hey or e Okay, e and I Then it sounds different. Not like a K, but it will sound. If we're Spain, we will pronounce, say and see. And in South America they will pronounce it like a regular s Templo, say and see. Okay. Ahem. Bliss Federal zero. We write it like this, federal or in South America. Settle. Oh, sinner. Oh, CN 100 CNN Afeyan Oh, feeler co And pay attention In this last world physical, the same letter is sounding in one way spherical cereal. And the second time it will sound like a k feel cope. And by the way, Neely's It's pretty much a similar phenomenon. But this comes from and the origins off Latin, and this is the way we pronounce it in Spanish. Okay, so if we summarise the behavior of this letter traffic, it can be either car cocoa or it can be fair or in South America. Sissy. Just an example to make you maybe remember in one sentence in one expression, all the different sounds is if I say in a restaurant, a poor farmer or please Quattro cafes Colombianos para Ophelia. So here I actually have all the different combinations. Cuatro cafes, colombianos para Ophelia. Okay, just an expression to remember all of them. And then now that we know all those options, maybe we can move forward right to the next letter. Can we? No, not really. Because you're probably thinking a okay, Kaku 50. But how do I write in Spanish? The sounds OK. And the sound key Does it exist? Of course it exists. But here we need some help. And two, great. Those sounds like K and key. We need some help, some external help. And here we get the help off the letter Q, which comes to the rescue and actually this they Onley function off the letter Q is to solve this problem now. The letter Q. We never appear alone. It will always come with its partner is wreck Robin and Batman. If you want que in Spanish, you will never see it. Just Q. You would always say Q and the letter you and those two letters together will make the sound off K and in Spanish. We use it in order to solve this problem in order to write K Yankee. So we write, for example, care we write Qu and and then we have a kid. And after the letter Q. The letter will never be pronounced. Never, never, never be pronounced So examples. Examples. Care what? Gesso Castle or Kian? There are many of hours after the letter Q. But just remember that the EU is mute. We don't pronounce it is like technically it is the same letter Q and you give us perhaps okay and just curiosity. Enrica, the name Enrica has a short name, very popular in Spain, which is kicking and kicking. We write it twice with a qu and then the vowels key K kick it. All right, we in out at sea now. Yes, we can move forward and we have the letter check, which is technically not anymore. Consider a letter by the academy. But let's let's use it as a letter. Really check. And you know this from English also right? Julia, Gina shot the atom. Oh, not jacket. Okay, Charge a G next Continent letter a day which has no secrets. It's pretty much like in English that they don't do Templo David Dar to give Don't they do all things did that? Then the next continent is literally f f e far fair fee for full has really no secret. Very, very straightforward. For example, Finlandia. But I am blocked. Fasten easy for that. Then he finished facile for E Phillips, which is by the way, three things that I hope these scores will be for you. Help, It will be easy. It will be strong and powerful and it will be happy and fun. And of course I hope it will be fun. Also f now excellent. After the letter f the next continent in the alphabet is okay. Always suspected that this letter was listening to what we said before about the letter c. A little affair and this letter said toe itself. May I also want this special treatment? Basically, what happens is that this letter has very similar behavior, like the letter C. So when it is combined and followed with a O and O, it will sound like God. Go and go like an English garlic, for example. No, Gatto got us gotta got us Goose Sanoh Gotta go, Go! Even if it is followed by another continent, it will also sound like good But a temple Granada Granada also in English, by the way. Great. So ga ga goo. Then what happens when this letter is followed by the other two hours? A and e. It will sound like Okay. And he Okay, put a handful. Oh, Kenya. Albert Einstein s Kenya, Kenya O donnell. Okay, Ultra emblem, Winter Santa Giant. In this world, he guarantee again the same letter sounds into different ways because every time it has a different vowel following it and then it sounds different. He God, he got it. So summarize. We have God. Go, go. And then we have. And all right now can we move forward? We have to just solve a little little problem. How do we Right? The sounds get and right. Go, go, go. See? How do I say? How do I write? Get and get well, the queue is already in use so we cannot use again the letter que But the trick that we have in Spanish is to take the same letter hair and just put again the letter. Who after that But we will not pronounce it so when we have the letters g and you followed by those of ours, he and I, it will make this sound that we want like good garlic and we will have gay Engie. But remember, the who is not pronounced is like not now you don't make any sound. Okay, So for example get and g Guettel we writing in Spanish The word ghetto We write it like this G u e o Gara war get, uh and we don't pronounce Oh, by the way, in English. It's also written with G u I Well, maybe maybe you will find out that it is because of Spanish la guitarra guitar or Visa stew G So So we have got get We have got go boo without anything And we have gay n G that we need to write the u between after the letter g But we don't pronounce it just a knob survey Xin, Maybe you will see many times words in Spanish with the syllable What? Okay Gua is in what we pronounce it all because the letter r is not in this case off and eat. So we just pronounced Gago Go right, Go, go, go! So here we read Google And then there were, I think, just to make it may be more simple Guatemala. What a Molla One dynamo. Think off water in Spanish. What many times it sounds like W. But this is the way we write it. Why apple another example? Pretty One more thing before we finish with this letter. Osama's If you pay attention here to this war that I wrote here Well, really, it bean g? No, right being G. No, but there is no such a word like being, you know, we really want to say be inguinal, right? A penguin being we know. So we have this syllable g and give with the unpronounceable because we need the G and you to make the good sound. So a few times not it doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes when we do need the u to be pronounced, we'll put two small points at the top off the letter. It is called the Addresses. It doesn't happen a lot, but if you see a you with two points on top of it, it means that you have to pronounce it, for example, being greener. And now you see, it's like a smiling are the Who is happy because finally it is pronounced another example Bear Gwen tha better, Gwen. Okay, so now we have it. Gago goo. Hey, We also have get A and G, and we even can say where and were fantastic. A lot of options. And now very interesting letter, which is Letta, actually, literally, actually has no sound or to be even, maybe to make you remember that the sun off this letter is like this. B Attention, please. I hope you heard nothing. Because this is the sound off this letter. No sound. It is different than in English. We make no sense at all. In fact, it doesn't make any difference technically to the ear if we write it or not. And many people, many Spanish people make a lot off mistakes. It's very common to have a mistake in which people forget to write the age because there's no sound to it. So, for example, Oola, Well, uh oh, I I mean, they're east there are okay. And we say I like you. So I okay? No, no others. No sound at all. I another example. It can also come in the middle off the world. What a simple I order I order William that cnd lehtera s lehtera Hota in Spanish. In Spain, we pronounce it half three hojo in South America. It is a little bit softer, depending on which country or so it can be like her. Ho who even so many names, many traditional names start with the letter hotel like my name. I will say one Suze and many other words, of course. Honea Ho, Leo, hostess Shia, he Ho ho. And in South America it will be a little bit softer. It can be, for example, horses and 20 am this part off the continents and this video will finish with the letter. Okay, let's just it really sounds like, you know, in English. And that's because also it is a foreigner language not originally from the Spanish language . And there are not many words that use this letter, but it exists. It is accepted and most examples that I can think off our international words. Let's say like for example, kiwi or kiosk. Also, it is also written with a K a kilo Metro kilogram. Oh, etcetera, etcetera. OK, Kiko, that's it. Well, finish this video now and we will continue with the second part off the continents in the next video. Okay, which is asked 4. Las consonantes - The consonants in Spanish (L-Z): Allah here we're back. The second part off the continent's Condi Enormous e la proxima continent is lehtera. Ellie, no secrets. Really? La Li Lo, Lou, Templo Luna lewdness, local or Linda And many other examples. You know? Maybe other words, starting with it then, after l a The next continent is a And here this is very special compared to English, because when we have double L, it is not really double l. It is a letter in itself in Spanish and we call it alien and it sounds like Yeah, okay. Like yeah, and it will be Yeah, yeah. You, your you, but a sample Oh, Yamada Yemma or your may, um I call myself or my name is Miyama. You know, full. Yeah. No Kalyan A Yeah, a young. Okay, so just remember, double l. It will sound different than El next. Siente la la tra m and also has no secrets. Exactly As you know, Ma may mee more move. Templo must must messous mill Move Harris It's it's it's it around Contin mama's lehtera Any also as you know it in English now Name me. No, no, but a temple nother Oh, no manga o neg O fee are Oh Nieto's Nieto does not need No no Okay, This place Any animals, lot Any in here we have very, very special may be the most special letter in Spanish. It only exists in Spanish. It is so peculiar that it is even impossible by the way to have a domain on the Internet with this letter even though some people are struggling and requesting for this to be possible. But you will never see the man with the letter n yet It is very special and we write it like an end and we have this little thing on top. Sometimes it's just a short line on top. How does it sound? Yeah, yeah, me No, you basically It's like having the end and having why, for example, and put them together in the same breath in the same in the same note musical. Not so we say Espana. Okay, If it's may be difficult to say, you can try to say Espana like n and why Espana and then Spagna Iassogna young, young, young young Yeah, that's it. And you have it. Okay, This is basically the idea, like an And why bets splitting or sharing the same the same state the same moment in time. Espana Espanol. Oh, no! Genius. Genius annuals, companias birthdays Companias or Canyon Canyon. Okay, so this is Loretta Anania and continue. Almost called later, which is pretty simple. Are they be Pope, like in English? No. Panama. Oh, Paris. Also an example. Be notto mundo's. Okay, More examples. You probably can think off. And in the order of the alphabet. Here we found the letter Q and we already So it just let's remember that it never will appear alone. It will always come together with who Qu is like a tandem like Ah, a couple. You cannot separate them. You cannot separate the cue from the and it will sound like K. Okay, so this gives us the sound, Ankie. But a temple back it, they I kept it. Oh, keep that. Keep that. Keep that. Okay, 20 mamas. Now, this is a familiar, constant, familiar letter for most people, but in Spanish, it is pronounced in some. That's a peculiar way. And it has basically two options. First option when the letter are literally air is at the beginning, off the world. It will sound like strong, energetic a rolling are okay. For example Radio. I'm exaggerating a little bit. So you just see the difference. Rather you Oh, I will say Just rather you owe romantic. Oh, okay. Oh, not rather you romantica, but a temporal. So at the beginning of the letter re rock group Strong are And if it is in the middle off the world. Okay, The same letter will not sound strong. It will sound like a casual like lazy sound like a lazy are like Oh, you're here. Okay, let's go over it. Just like jumping on it. Almost. But a temple Hato better, Which means but like, yeah, but fatal. Oh, Another example. Madeira. My data. See that? I don't say my there. Oh, my dear drop. It's really, really lazy approach to the same letter. Like all the energy went to the area when it is at the beginning and we when it is in the middle of the world, we just go over it. Pedo Madeira. Now there's one more option. Sometimes I will have a world in which I have double R and the double R means that Okay, this time you are not lazy about this letter, you will pronounce it as if it was at the beginning off the world, for example. Lehtera. Don't worry, Dora. Here I put a double are in That tells me that I need to pronounce it. Like if it was at the beginning door. Uh, okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit. I will normally say Tora daughter or another example Barrels. Pero Emperor Pareles see that? In the last slide, we had the world payroll, which means but no, no, but vato here, one are it Sounds beta. And now, for dog. It sounds pero you know better. Okay, Another example is the world car Terra pay attention than in car data. We have a double are in the middle, and then the last syllable is a data. It's almost very cover. Right? Car data. Okay, now we have the letter s Llodra s, which has no secret, sir. Said see So so OK, but a simple See Siniora's Sunia uh, celeb salute Contin drama school that they the dough to? Okay, very simple. No secrets, really, but a campo to okay you in Spanish too. Whole idea Lati era planet Earth Oh, land to re small or their territorio, their territorio territory. You can also practice the double R and the casual are that we just saw e count Enormous corn. Lehtera is pronounced like the letter B so we don't pronounce in Spanish. We just say Bye bye, baby Bobo But a temple baby baby to live Oh, Victoria, Victoria or Bassel Ambassador There was a glass of water basso the hour or Bowling Ontario's volunteer's board, Ontario's or the Spanish city Matthew that Espanola Ballon FIA Balance via Sounds pretty much at the beginning like Barcelona But fellow night Written with a B violencia, it is written with a V. But the first syllable sound pretty much the same balance via E Barcelona. All right, so we're getting toe very close to the end. The letter w w obey with over him. Ah, This also is a foreigner letter that was imported to the Spanish language quite late. And there are not many words with this letter again. Just international words like water polo. Okay, water polo or Web city. A web would just use the same the same word and the same letters. Oh, again, the world kiwi really not many examples, but sometimes If we need to write it, we just write it. And it sounds like in English exactly the same way we will. And for just to finish the last three continents are keys. A kiss later, Keys would sounds like for too much like in English. Think off Taxi or Villafana or sexy or cakes. It's like K N s right, So Sacks x six. Oxo. The only exception would be the world Mexico, which it's written with an ex, but it is pronounced like a hotter medical. Or if you're from Mexico, you would probably say Mexico, Mexico, May he Cano. Okay, then we have just before the end Lehtera e Grega radio, which is officially they change the name toe later that year. But let's see what is important. It is a very special letter, actually, because it has, like, different hats. And first of all, let's see that this letter can be at the beginning off the world. Like in the example, Joe, which means I Joe Yeah, okay. And it will sound exactly like the double l that we saw earlier on it. Sounds like Yeah, Gi Joe, you okay? Can be in at the beginning of the world or actually, at the beginning, off the syllable It is working as a continent for any for any function. Yeah, Gi Joe do, Joe? Yeah. Or the name. Okay. You okay? Now there's another option to see these letter which is at the end of the world. For example, if you write Oy Okay. The H is not pronounced. Then why? So we pronounce it Oy. Which means today another letter that we saw before is I There is or there are I again. It sounds like a vowel. Basically right. Oy, I stowing soy are more examples off the same situation off this letter. And the last thing about this letter is that it can also appear alone, like one word. And this word means and very important and very, very used, of course, right to e yo you and I. So when you see this letter just alone without anything in the means and and it is pronounced like e except, um and e e para terminar finish him a letter in their alphabet. Oh, yes. Letta said this is the last letter of the alphabet Letta fed here. The only thing interesting about about it is that in Spain we pronounce feta fit like faith e that we saw before. But in South America, they will not say fit that they would just pronounce it like s. So in Spain, fat faith. He thought food that in America they say sassy. So So Okay, Hambros, Sona. Oh, I fully and in South America they will just pronounce it with an s excellent swisstopo. That's it, Phil. Here, this Congratulations. Our i k practica are to practice, and we will have later on in this module would have some assignments so you can practice, have a text and read it. Meanwhile, just one little quiz and please post the answer in the forum off the course, the world football football is pronounced in Spanish. Really like in English. We say football, but we don't write football like in English. We write it really like in fanatical way. What you see is what you get. So now that you know all the continents, all the sounds, all the hours, how would you write the world football in Spanish? Exactly as it sounds. Can you try to write it and please send your answer? Post your answer in the forum and we'll discuss it and maybe see other interesting examples off fanatic writing off English words like football. Excellent. Um, way we just finished the continents and we will have some more videos in this Modern, which are optional videos about the accent and the tonality. Um, advice. If you feel like, curious about it, watch it. But honestly, most people will really live it until the end. You decide. In any case, thank you very much. Graph. Es e Sotelo's Contin Ramos This place They lost her 50 years. Isela Practica We will continue after the practice Astro job. 5. The Tilde Game 1 (Spanish Pronunciation: tonality): Oh, Latin nuevo. Hello again. And in this video, we're gonna actually talk about tonality and where to put the accent through the use off something in Spanish called lateral them, which we're going to see right now what it is now. It is really important to know and to and to be familiar with those rules. Because eat, it influences the way we pronounce every word. So we speak about tonality, okay? And it is different tonality than if we say tonality. It sounds like Italian, or if you say tonality, it can sound like a French person, right? It is gives a different flavour. So this is exactly what we are going to talk about. Um, and everything goes through the use off lateral day, which is this little ah, sign that we put on top off the vow hours. Like, for example, most zika Okay, It only goes on top off vowels. A e o only. No, this is actually like a game, right? Um and the first part of the game is looking for the strong syllable where the accent is. Okay, not tonality or tonality. That is what we're looking for in Spanish. If we say, for example, Ablow. It means he spoke. But if we say Abalo, it means I speak. So it sounds different and it only it also can change the meaning of the word. So it is important. Sample are more at the end. Okay, in the last syllable, then second category Palabras Yannas. Which would explain. Okay, CASS. Oh, for example, amigo, it isn't the second syllable to the last one. Okay, in the second to the last syllable, and the group it is called is Drollas. And the strong syllable is the third to the last syllable, Like in the same world. SDrew Kula! Okay, two syllables after is Drew. Hola. Oh! Ah! Hello. So we have those three categories. We're going to see a few examples. Um, in the group off. Agulhas, for example, can turn belief Espanol married. Asiana's Hempel owes more examples. Carson Thomas Espana. Palabras is Ruelas more sicker? See, lover Hope Chemo. They left for No. And there's 1/4 group here. I said there are basically three categories. There is 1/4 1 which is very, very small group normally compound words and ah, in the sober is Drollas. It is the fourth seal up to the last one, which has the accent. Like, for example, calm Romelo comb, brah May low therefore celebs. And he's the fourth from the end. We always come from the end. The 4th 1 that has the accent calm. Romelo. All right, so we know a little bit about this booth as the exit goes here. Now, Okay, let's put this in one side. And you probably know that there are two types off people in the world. You should know that there are those people who divide the world and everything in two types and those people who don't do it. And we are gonna be with the first group. We are going to divide things. Okay? It's just think like a game. We're going to divide all the Spanish words in two groups. In one side, we're gonna put all the words that finish with a vowel with an N or with an s. Okay, so this side and all the other words So the other side basically the worst that finished with a constant, but not within. And not with s okay to the side vowel ending in vowels N s here. All the others here 6. The Tilde Game 2 (Spanish Pronunciation: tonality): Hello again. All in level. So we continue with the delay game. Okay. We saw in the previous video basically the set up for the game. Okay. Basically, we saw what the till days. Okay, this little accent, like in most Zika, for example, it goes on the vowel, and we first spoke about where the strong syllable is located. Okay, And then according to where it is located, we have Good as we have young as we have is rookeries okay? Depending on which syllable the accent, The strong syllable is located, and we're so examples. And then we looked at the different Cree Terry. Um, we divided the worst, depending on what is the last letter of the world. OK, so if it is a vowel at n or an s, there is one group. And if it is any other letter, which is basically a continent but not n not s, then it is another group. Okay, so until here we saw this set up those groups those categories. Now let's start mixing and playing and see what happens. So first thing we take the palabras Agulhas, those where the last syllable is a strong one. So If it is in the group ending in a vowel or n or s, it will have a till there in the last syllable in the vowel of the last syllable to express this strong syllable. But if the last letter is not a vowel, it is not an end. And it is not an s. No, till no need to specify anything in the first group with until today we have cafe. Okay, which he ends in a vowel. Hey O c to a theon. Okay, it's It ends in an end or comm pass with an s or either second option. It ends with favor. Belief If you that I'm ordered have a harder Okay, It ends in different continent, not n and not s. This is for a good us. Okay, two absence. It can be in one group. On in the other group now in the Yannas were the second to last syllable is a strong one again. We look at the last letter and we see in which group it is so palabras Yannas ending with of our with with an end or with a ness don't have a field day. And by the way, This is Ah, largest group off words in Spanish. I haven't haven't really count all the worlds. But if you listen to Spanish longer for some time, you will. You will feel that this is kind off a default in Spanish. OK, so that's why when people don't speak Spanish and they want to imitate the sound of Spanish . So this Espana that and this is the sound, the default music that most people here in Spanish. OK, it is Palabra Asiana's. Okay, the second syllable is strong one and it ends normally in ah vowel or in n or Penis and no , till there no need. It is like a different. We don't have to put anything else. But if the last letter is a continent northern end and not an s, then we specified with fatigue for example Arable, the tree, facile or facile. Okay, easy for example. Latics. Okay, we tends women with the Knicks and our visit is in the second group off off words and it is a Yanna. So we put the till the Latics. Okay, now we go to the third category, Remember? Banaras is Drew Hulu's were the third syllable to the last one is the strong one. Here it is easy, because if the world is Rula, it will always have a till day. Doesn't matter. What is the last letter that you have? Yours, Rolla. We put way. We put the till the okay And we put it where? In the vowel O K C Embrace CMP. See Emperor always always, always on the top off the vow Our for example Sea level. Okay, we're speaking all the time about seal of us Unico. Okay, unique or fantastical? Okay, Fantastic! 02 syllables after the strong one. So we put the still there Great. We also saw there is 1/4 category on it actually works exactly like there's Rohullah. If it is so great local, which means the axe and the strong syllable is the 4th 1 from the last one. Then we put the till they okay, we will specify that. So we know that there is an accent there. There's a strong syllable. So for example cuenta Melo tell me about it or lay Endo Tele reading it to you. Okay, way said it is a compound. Words basically so always still they always on the vowel Let's take a look at some. A table that kind off uses the result visually about what happened. So basically a scrupulous sores. Local always. Avital Okay, this easy. But when we have a Buddha or Yanna, we have to take a look at the last letter. If it ends involved in vowel and s so we have till they're. If not, then we don't have until there and with the Yannas. Okay, If the second syllable is a strong one, then it goes opposite. Please feel free to stop put poles. Okay. Use your finger toe, pause the video and have a look. If you feel like having having a look or just keep it for your reference so maybe sometime it will be useful for you. 7. The Tilde: Two Extra Features (Spanish Orthography): so the till They also helps us toe split vowels in two separate syllables. I call it the syllable generator. Okay, None Official name. Don't Don't Google it because you probably won't find anything like this. But think about it when you have a word. Like in the example. Free. Okay, there's a till day on the e free. Oh, this is what makes the's word into two syllables free. Oh, if you're singing, you could say none on a free or Okay, it is two syllables, so you can split it in two different syllables. Otherwise it will be You will feel okay. And there are some words where it makes a difference. Another example. A BIA. Okay, there was a BIA so again the till they only ah exists in order Toe separate the e from the a B. There are three syllables here. Thanks to the tilde on top off the e b Another example Conti nue Oh, OK, I continue. I keep Contino off and if you don't put the accent there, it will be continuing which means continues. And by the way, if you put the till day on the oh, it will be continue which means he continued. Okay, a different time. A different person again. Okay, this also happens when you have three vow hours together. It happens sometimes There's, like, overbooking off hours on one word. So, for example, Ray. Yes. Okay, so too many of ours. What's going on here? So the till death comes to the rescue two separate to create new syllables, Ray e us and even very, very visually surprising world. Right? Or yeah, you see here. And as an example Oh, yeah. It's like three hours and three syllables, thanks to the till day O e. Again, you're feel free to sing or to compose a song with this world Three different notes or e All right, so this is a special feature syllable generator. And there's one more special bonus feature to the till day. I call it the twins detector. The twins detector basically there some worse. Andi talking especially about Mona celebs. Short words that, um they have different meanings in Spanish. OK, and thanks to the deal there, when we see it in writing in writing, we can know what what kind of what it is. What is the meaning of the word So there are two different words. Like, for example, to it sounds the same thing. It is written almost the same thing. So they're almost like two is mine away. Which one is it? But the difference is in the accent. And one with the accent means you like a you and the other one without the accent means your like your house, your friend. Okay, Toe army or to Cassin. So it is. This is the idea. The goal off the putting the Tilden. Another example. See to say yes. OK, we put the accent. But if we don't put the accent, then it means if think about some mathematical explanation and then you say if so, if yes, then CC, that's iffy. SCC But then you write a different And on 1/3 example l l with the tilde means Hey, like your to. And but if we don't put the accent l means it's an article in the temple. El Amigo, the friend. Okay, Okay. As a summary. So Matilda is helping us to recognize and to know where the accent goes. We learn, actually, when to put the till date. But now think about the fact that you're going to see a world, and maybe you don't know how to pronounce it. Is it tonally, dad? It is tonality that is eternally that so according to those rules, you actually can reverse engineer and say, OK, I'm gonna pronounce it. Well, OK, I know how to pronounce the world, remember? Sometimes you will have to look at the last letter. If it's a vowel and s or not, remember also is Ruelas. And so it is a local. Always have a Tilden. Okay, so this and the easy part, remember? Also see embrace temporary. Always the tilde goes on top off the vow our rights. And as we just so it helps us separate syllables. Okay, when we have too many vowels and it also helps us separate two words that sound exactly the same. Like to and to one meal, like your friend. And it helps us separate those words. All right, so this is song. I hope you enjoyed the till the game. So after this, there's gonna be like, a continuation of the game. You're gonna have to practice a small text and please record it and and submit your recording as an assignment. So we can You can practice just random texts and tried too much to analyze what it means. Why this just pronounce it just just played like it, like music recorded. And this is the assignment for this module, and we're gonna continue with the videos with the second module. Where we gonna see our first tool books? Okay, A few more practical things that is gonna be every time is gonna be actually more easy, more fun. I believe so. That's it for now. Asked Al Legos. See you soon, Pastorello Chow. 8. Class Project: José's recording for reference: pronunciation practice floor affair. Oh, market the clarity. Patrimonio. They allow money that consider El Rey all arena The tow rope. Your Raynaud draft that day Kamala Harris, Elbert Guerrero proton ista did to Swen years Brusca Galleria, la manera They put in fear all mass Allah persona must important there to either love either. Yes, I don't. You no said that. Una l professor? Yes. Continue a si com o co memos The respite Ramos. So those los dias maestro days Arroyo personal, not menopausal Cuando no Kelly famous. No ankle hemos kind of. Yeah, I'll disparate Arnault's the animals the opportunity that the l a here Flory fair. Oh, Marquita, Esa s luck, Weston.