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Introduction to Tai Chi Flows with Heng Ni

teacher avatar Aquarius Academy, To know thyself is to know the one.

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Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Tai Chi Basics

    • 2. Ball Flow

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About This Class

In Tai Chi Basics we will go over two great warm-ups that help you to connect with qi and are great as a moving meditation to open the meridians of the body.

In the next lesson, Tai Chi Ball Flow, we will cover a traditional Tai Chi warm up. Traditionally this flow was done with an actual jade or wooden ball, but can be done with just the hands. Focus between the hands, not so much the hands themselves! The Tai Chi ball is used to cultivate qi in the hands to make a stronger qi or light body! It gives a sense of peacefulness in the mind!

About the Instructor

Heng Ni has been practicing various Eastern wisdom traditions for nearly 20 years! He is trained in the vinyasa yoga lineage with a heavy influence from the Krishna Bhakti yoga movement, was a disciple of the kung-fu Shaolin temples of New York City and a devoted student of the Taoist Marital and spiritual practices of China! Heng Ni is a skilled healer and bodyworker. Heng Ni also teaches yoga teacher training in Sweden.

This class is part of a larger, comprehensive course on Taoist Yoga from Heng Ni available on our profile

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Aquarius Academy

To know thyself is to know the one.


We are Aquarius Academy. ⚕🧙‍♂

We  serve to catalyze collective consciousness connection 

The "Academy" pays homage to The Academy founded by Plato.  🧠

The "Aquarius" signifies the astrological age we are currently transitioning into. We hope to help global consciousness adjust to the energy abounding in this age.

We welcome you with Love and Joy! 

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1. Tai Chi Basics: I welcome. Two days practised of Thai cheating, Chico. So I thought we were going to continue with these kind of words. Day six. Fundamental tight. She movements. And these I can use early morning. Just kind of wake up or all right, go to bed. So these could be done quite faster, quite slow. And there's two of them. And, like I said, a very basic. Very good from warmups. Pulling down the body, whatever you feel like doing. Um, so the 1st 1 is corker holding the ball. So from here, I'm going to you take the arms. I could hold this big ball that want to do from here. A shift to the right. Keep the ball now from here. What? Your step. Right hand goes up, left hand pushes back, Lean back to the factory, Dallas to mortal. The drunken bunk A drink. And I come down back to center. Take the hands to the right like you're holding this big teapot shift. Energy to the left. From here, I shift to the right. That storm upward. What are back? Every the arm down Back to center. Shift to the left. Weight to the left. You Look at the hands. Bring the big cup down from here. Look at my feet. Look at my legs. Got to shift. Let me a little bench. Right hand comes upward. Left. Pushes back. Back to center. Relaxed hands. Keep that ball. The tea cup. There's the arms. Up, down. Now he's shift to the right. Right in the little right hand pushes back. Center the teapot. Teacup. Bring it over your head. Watch the ham shift to the left. You want to move your feet? Press left hand. Back right hand drinks, lifting the chest. So we get this or open the upper or middle donkey right on down center. Bring the hands up, and so relax. Shoulders shift, Right. First right of 10. Drinks by the center. One more hands up Because I watch the hands. Hold a big teacup. Right arm, left hand pushes back. That's come down. Hold the big teacup arms upward and, uh, pushed right back. Hands back to center. Stay there. I'm going to show from the backside. About is easier. Sometimes it's easier to follow what I'm facing this way. Hold the big teacup or big teapot. No, my the arms up they don't have to go. So much thinking just started here. Shift to the right. Right now that Campbell pushed back right hand with drink. But you, right, shift to the right. That can just get a drink. Right hand will push back. Yeah, Dr. Center, if you want to go higher with the hang wringing hands of both headed Look how we should interview notably, right? Respect left hand. What? Hendrix? Drunken, immortal. And so shift to the right. Left hand is gonna drink. Right hand pushes back. One more inside. Hands up. Work the circle. Watch the hair, Right. Maybe that is weight moves to the right lakes and Peter friends Look back. What town pushes back right hand rings And, uh, and late your friends from here, right? Not from me ever gonna inhale and exhale Hands under the table that were don t n 1st 2nd Chaka Indian yoga Something like to breathe into the lower don t m hands can also sometimes be off the dog again on on the legs. Good for the kidneys, the hips, wherever your hands. Wherever you want to put your hands. Okay. Shipyards takes on. That was carrying the ball or the types like to call the drunken immortal vote because we're drinking. Okay, The next movement we're gonna do I don't live a name for it is just a kind of a tight she warm up or or cool down, I'm gonna show facing the camera in a white is much easier for you to follow. So, kid niece but hip, this is apart a little, a little bent. I'm gonna take my right hand out as if I'm offering something but the elbows relaxed left hand. Is that the hip? But it's relaxed and also maybe a little bit out to the side. Or here, that's up to you. Now Stay there. Change. This way's easier to follow here. Todo to the right. Moving from the naval The trust of the right right handed to force a floor or two The grass away Drop the hands. So the kind of friends from here I started sick watch all the way down and from here from the ceiling because you from here, then you need to bring the hands down, do the same side again. Stay there. Right hand is offering. Left hand can be at the hip or a little outward. It's up to you here. So you're twisting from the horror of the hips. The doctor. Nice little twist at the right hand towards the grass, the floor drop the hand or to drop the right hand So they become friends back working to be able to see going to show you now to stay there like the center and I moved moved to the floor towards the grass and bring the hands upward. If I lift from here, they've been the knees is there, Bring the hands down. So let me show what we're trying to do. Things at three. The last right switch homemade four year happening. Hand upwards towards the sky. From here, the other side left 10 for here was to the right that a left hand will come down to beat the right hand. From here, it's a downward spiral. Emotion. These from here. Not again. Left arm is also elbows bent said like you're offering something right hand. Here are a little bit after here. What state? 10 down there. Left hand will flow down to the right hand down here. Palms upwards. We're prepare Assistant hell, clear the next the hands of the lower Don. I literally have a name for that. For that last time. We can call tight, she twist. It can also be done in reversed order, which is a little more complicated. But this is the basic way you start love for staying into the spleen into the liver as well . And also we have this gold bladder meridian and a stomach reduces twisting is hoping opening these meridians also get money. Pour a chalk as well. The naval right hand out, turn out the hip, twisting to the right, right hand down first. Good luck. Right hand down, Spiralling to the earth. We're sinking to the earth, lifting the hands. Here's a clear. They bend right hand out as if you're offering left handed the hip you spiral a little bit out or towards the front of you. Show the relaxed for us to do the right and notice how I'm not really giving it. Her body is more from that. My hips or naval area, right hand of the floor to the grass, back to center. Drop the hands. The floor of the grass in the hand upward. 15 From here, clearing right hand out last time. Show the relaxed twist. A tent before the earth with floor. Do it again. The right hand down sparkled with the earth in the hands coming up clearing. I'm sorry that fear shoulder relaxed. I'm relaxed. We're still right. Left hand will float down the right hand, Mr. Spiralling to the year lifting. There's a clear as clear. A bended knees left a out again elbow. It relaxes also in the center line, from offering to my mouth or to the heart. It's not off to the sides, right at the hip, on the floor, loading back. You know, Rachel to relax. Have yourself check in for me down. Offering 15 clear yes, from the Don t and the horror hips and clear. Take the hands under the Naval Lower Dante and the Hora 1st 2nd chakra Doris. What he's done. Replace the hands on the legs on the hips, hips and the kidneys. So these twisting movements they are to activate with the gold blood ever reading. Also, stomach Meridian also money. So we're trying to open up these these meridians. I'll period the heart birdie in the lung, meridian and legs. What a lot of radiant. So we're trying to activate the chief of the whole body. So I hope you enjoyed today's Cici Gone class. Shea Shea. All right. Yeah. Thank you. That will conclude today's XI Gong yoga practice Shea. 2. Ball Flow: hi. Today, I thought we would work on something a little bit different. The past couple of sessions we've been working a lot of work cheek on Taoist yoga to tell you we like you kind of enter Maurin deliberately or come food tight. She warmups. So these air just more warmups and we're gonna working with a circular ball today and in ancient China with this, with these techniques they were using, he would actually use balls or jade balls or big crystal stones or even wooden ball for these techniques. But wait could just use the hands for today. So let's get started. So this is called tight. She ball very basic. And this can also be done is it has a Chiko warm as well. Um, hands relaxed. He's a little bit I want to do from here. Is very relaxed. I've raised their hands, Keep the ball in the center, bring the hands towards bring the hands down. So raise hands up holding the ball, circle the hands back up. Keep the hands connected, The hands are friends. And, uh, I don't focus so much on the hands. I focus more between the hands, the arms up. Circle them back towards you and down do one more if in the ball tired, achy bowl, young circle and down from here I would reverse this. Bring the hands up close to my body lifting the ball Then I flow it out and down Now working with the breath Maybe I ain't telling lifting the ball kind of handing it out and down Working with the breast I would inhale Lift the ball exhaling Circle it down in hell In the cheap, all tight she circle the ball selling dough Just one Maurin hell and exhale Bring the ball down from here What you do Inhale the arms out inhaling in Halle exhaling Take all that she or prana What do you wash the body. But she wash could even near the hands towards the don The ends of chalk Ra's I push negativity toxins into the earth. What I could do from here that is take the cheese good. She under the naval. You hold this for a while after real sent to do you can feel that she between the hands. So what I was trying to say before is don't focus so much on the hand just between the hands which is going on, we will focus on now Let me show you another another tight she ball exercise Now I'm gonna take my right leg and I'm gonna step it back So I left leg forward. Right leg back from here. Hold the ball. I can bring the hands up now. From here I've been the left knee in a circle The arms out and down And from here Now when I come back, both legs are straight Lifting the cheap ball Tai chi's circle No, I bend the left knee I circle the arms out here 15 Circle the arms out. We'll work with the breath. I am How If the arms both lakes somewhat straight Exhale circling the arms out Do one more Why in hell Lift and exhale Now What it can do from here is reversed The circle Bring the arms out Lifting this circle now I premium tourist May I start to straighten my legs And here it dropped the arms and then a zit cream your arms All they've been the left If the arms up towards you both flakes Flakes straight right leg Little better has down in the circle in a tight T ball. The hands back. First down, one more. Take a look at my legs a little bit and they bring the hands out defense. Step there. Right leg up. Hold the ball. Hands down! The way you in hell left in the hands the next. Here I'm just kind of cleaning the body of washing the body of any kind of negative energy on one of thoughts. Toxins. Push it into the earth, Take the hands under the naval. But we're doctor. Have you ever Sorry that flake. It steps back. He's a little bit. Don't get so caught up in the legs. This is very basic. These are very, very basic introduction. Most important thing is the hats. So don't get so caught up in the legs. So from here, I'll start this way I lift the hands and bring the hands back towards me. Then you could remember street right leg A little bit. Hands down. That is it Pushed the hands out. I've been the right knee a little bit. They pushed the hands out. Hold the ball hands! Hold the ball. We could have towards may have been the left leg a little bit, right? Like a little straight. The lakes in the hands are friends. But like I said, I find it difficult. Just focus warm hands. One more good from here. The hands out has towards you. Football ST to write like a little bit. Hands down that I bring the hands out. Super the hands up. Look straight, the little fence Hands down. No, the arms, Hands back to my face. Drop it! She down the middle. Don t m lower circle the arms. Two more here, holding the ball, Always holding this fall. Golden ball, silver ball, crystal ball, purple ball. When the ball's cha CRA's well, there's any of the chokers do one more beautiful. He'll step very sensitive. You may feel something between the hands. Magnetic cold, hot sometimes. Were you in hell? And I exhale cleaning, clearing the body, negative energy, thoughts, emotions. They give emotion, stress and push it into your But I take Richie under the naval to be on the legs, have you on the hips. We could also work with the kidneys. It's all connected here. It's like one lords chakra, Lord doctor, which which actually lower Don t ended. It goes with the 2nd 1st 2nd chopper in Indian yoga. Just rub with could she? Thomas size below the navel, the legs, hips and lower back, even maybe down to the knees. I hope you enjoyed today's basic tight achieve all flow, okay?