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Introduction to Fashion Lookbooks: Showcase Your Brand

teacher avatar Tasha Bleu, Founder at Treu Bleu Media

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Setting Up the Shoot

    • 3. Shooting the Lookbook

    • 4. Making the Selections

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About This Class


Lookbooks are vital for designers to show their new creations to buyers on a seasonal basis. The collection of images displays the fit and material composition of product items. This powerful marketing tool is used to exhibit the story, idea, mood and/or inspiration behind each seasonal collection.

Fun Fact: The structured seasons for fashion lookbooks are Fall, Holiday, Winter, Spring and Summer.

What You Will Learn:

In this project-based class, you will be creating lookbooks of your own, either for a personal endeavor or for your favorite brand.  

This is not a technical photography class; in other words, I am not teaching you how to use your camera! I will guide you through the process of creating, shooting and submitting an effective lookbook. I ALSO give you PDF documents for you to reference while you are behind the lens and in post-production.

What you will need:

  • ANY camera. (Even a camera phone will do!)
  • Clothing to photograph. (No accessories, clothing only!)
  • Someone to shoot the clothing on. (Anyone can be your subject!)

Steps I will take you through:

  • Gathering information
  • Creating an inspiration board
  • Casting a production team
  • Preparing a shooting schedule
  • Building a shot checklist
  • Shooting the lookbook
  • Making the final selections
  • Submitting the lookbook

This class is for anyone interested in the business and presentation side of the fashion industry; from brand owners to photographers, stylists to bloggers, and everyone in between! This class is beginner's level and you will be able to interact with other students from all over the world because it is 100% online! You can finish at your own pace, on your mobile app and in the comfort of your own home!

There aren't any other classes like this one online, so don't miss out! Part 2 Soon!

See more of my lookbook photography at #TREUBLEU






Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tasha Bleu

Founder at Treu Bleu Media




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1. Trailer: - My name is Tasha Blue owner and so photographer at True Blue imagery have shot Look books - for Reebok Classics. - Revolution Now, - Flood Watches, - Millcreek Athletics, - NVR Oh, - and Acropolis Apparel. - My shooting style skill share class consists of three lessons setting up the shoot, - taking you on location while I shoot the Elephant Summer 2013 collection and once it's all - done. - How to submit the Final Look book after taking Jonathan Mania Skill Share class, - I learned more both skill share and how it works and the platform. - You are not only learning from the teacher you are learning from all the other students. - You get to see everyone's work, - you get to see their references and who they look up to minutes just really a hands on way - to network. - I'm looking forward to seeing all of you can bring to the table. - This class is not about the technical side of photography. - It's not the camera. - It's division 2. Setting Up the Shoot: - Welcome to the class everyone, - and we are going to learn how to shoot an effective look book for Colin Designer Going into - any project, - it is important to have the foundation, - and we're going to go through that process. - It is important to learn about the brand to learn about the clothing collection and to - create an inspiration board. - Whatever the story is for the collection, - you can draw inspiration upon that and create inspiration Board an inspiration board. - It's simply a compilation of photos from anywhere you can get the photos for magazines, - photos that you took up a building, - color swatches and color references, - hair and makeup references. - And you can put that in your mood board so we can inspire you when you're working on the - project and once the team approves and you could move forward in the process, - you don't want toe regret any shots that you miss later. - Like ah man, - I didn't get the coffee. - Oh, - man, - I didn't get the caller plan the shot checklist before the shoot and to communicate with a - cold in designer so you could know what exactly they need. - What exactly you need. - What exactly you could put together what combinations, - especially if you having two models having two models in the shot, - having two models in the shop position differently. - I make sure that I get things horizontal and vertical so I can get everything and have - extra photos. - Leader. - A lot of people see a photo. - They think that only the photographer is responsible for the final product. - But there is a lot of people on set and behind the scenes, - making sure that the small details are in place so that everything could be perfect as - close to perfect within the frame for the photographer to do less editing at the end. - So it's really important to have a hands on team that you can trust and the pan don and - that can help you get all those details out. 3. Shooting the Lookbook: today I am shooting the elephant Spring Summer 2013. Look, book and we are shooting in Times Square. Even though I was in a place where there was so many distractions, I still focus on all the details and I still focused on the product and I will literally walking through the shots and I will be talking as I am shooting. So you will hear everything I'm thinking everything I'm doing, he will see me in a working environment, working with the stylist, working with my team and how everything still worked on We stayed on task, and I got elephant of great spring summer to the voting. Okay, so what's first on my checklist? Okay, so we're in Times Square, were using natural light, and we have people walking in the background. The whole essence of this look book is to get world travel travel motion. So he's pulls already. He's already to go. I'm gonna get our vertical shot of him. A mid shot of justice top if we can get his hand off of the luggage moment with a little bit. Look right past me. Get a lot of those. Always it myself. Options editing. I'm gonna make use of my space. And I wanna put him at the far end. You'll see when we're finished, do not move. Perfect. Can you pull on something? Like, get some skin in there? Um, a little higher. Help us out with this. So we look all scrunched up. I don't want to get too much of the watch right now. I want to get more on the shirt. Unless on accessories. Yeah, perfect. Get really close, then shot of that also, what's next on the checklist. Okay, so now if you can face the wall and yeah, let's take the backpack off. Just hold a perfect. And when you look this way not too much of this, but I want to show the fit and how it has a nice tailored look on the back. Perfect. Perfect. Could you get placed right there? You get that? Perfect. So right now I'm getting the detail in the pocket. Is not right. Now. Get back to what? I want to get that while he's standing there. Something else I wanted to do I need to do is get some vertical shots of the back. So I was gonna capture this and move him to the side so you can fully pay attention to the form and the fit of the shirt. Awesome. Was next on the checklist. Horizontal vertical shot. Okay, tough. So right now, I'm gonna get some detail shots of the cups, all about the details. Especially immense fashion and buyers really want to see the clothing fully. That works. I was gonna real detail shot on the cops. Try to catch the flag. Still try this side they go. This side is way better. Just the cuffs. No accessories. So lift this little higher. Nice. Very nice. Okay, so I got a really good vertical. I got a really good horizontal I'm satisfied with so we can move on. And the checklist. What's next on the checklist? Okay. Andi, I got some already, but I'll get some more. The top No face. Yes. Oh, I love that one. Yeah, it's got a little some people walking in the background. Okay. Next shot. Front of a shot. Sure. Okay. So more of the whole look. I didn't get all of that yet so I could get your traveling. I'm pulling this a little. Just it. Look back a little bit. Okay? Can you fix his top collar while he's doing that? Catch the pockets. All the small details. We just skipped over that because you get that last but already here. And he is positioned very well. I love that. Fired. A man is in the picture. Excuse us if you look back again. Perfect. I love that one. One more over here. This is what I need to be. Just find where you need to be to get with products. Very well. Working with the checklist makes you more efficient with time and everyone involved stays on track. Perfect. Yeah, I really like this. Don't look so mad. It everything okay? And show more of the bell. I really like how the bell is done. It really gives up the whole look, all of the buildings. So as I'm framing, I'm just making sure that I got everything in the frame. Just focus on the clothing. Unless on the people going on and they're holding a lot of, um, the shock going on, we are in Times Square, so I'm gonna focus, read on him, frame right on his full body, get a little low so that he is, uh, lined up with the buildings. You don't want to get so many angles under the nose. So we're gonna get up now, still lining with the buildings. Still frame him well and focus on the top and the styling. And I think we should be very, very, very good from there. Keep walking to me. Perfect motion. Just getting a lot of shots, a lot of variety and this should be good. Now he's got into the next book, which is focusing on the top, a similar types of the first. I think this is what happens when you shoot on location, but it's just the funnest car. I really love my job. I really love doing this. I really like these cups. This comes out really different. Once grabbed this shot. Now, since I'm staying right here said, keep arm right there with a different kind of Just make sure, I guess, in skin with yeah, So I'm getting low just to make sure I get the stars in the frame. Two with this flag. But I really like how way through that jacket over the shoulder and added some color contrast. Yes, sometimes you guys push up your angles and I just kind of found this angle as a blessing in disguise. I'm using the light off of the flag to reflect on him while I'm getting the reflection on the glass. And then I'm lining everything up with the buildings and we have the detail on the shirt and the collar, the contrast getting the red and just getting all of this. So it's gonna get this quick shot. People moving. I was got a bird in there. Close your eyes on the count of three. Open your eyes. OK, 12 And while he's on to, I'm gonna line everything up. And I use this when I am trying to get my subjects to focus the eyes. When people opening the eyes, that really helps them focus in one place for the camera and everything is now lined up. So three, that first moment was just magical, with the birds flying, still focusing on the garments and getting everything going on in the environment. So that was good. I got a lot. I got a lot 4. Making the Selections: - all right. - You completed the shoot and you have all these photos to look through. - You have to sit down and I want to get some sleep. - In the meantime, - if you can and just have fresh eyes, - a fresh perspective. - It could be up to 1000 photos that you have taken and you narrow down to five great photos - that are well framed, - Well focused, - well shot. - You can clearly see the product. - You can see all the details. - You see everything at a great angle. - You can see your subject moving candidly and not to polls where it looks like You just - caught that moment like you just, - you know, - came out of nowhere, - froze that moment in time. - It was just perfect. - When I go to photos, - I sometimes having out of body experience where I act like I I didn't even shoot them like - I'm just a new person with a fresh perspective. - Looking at them like that one. - That one just says everything that I need to see. - You know, - everything that I want. - People buy into brands because they want that life sour. - They want to look like the person that they see so it is important to also think about that - and just to make sure that it really sells the product. - Another thing to consider is how the look book will be presented. - When you're presenting the final project to the Cold designer. - Will it be for blog's Will be print will be digital. - Uh, - I also offer press assistance to my clients for media outlets so different things to - communicate with the cold designer to get the project completed. - So now you have selected the final photos for the look book, - and this is where all the front begins. - This is where you upload your projects to share with the world. - The skill share community with your friends. - Tell us the story of the cold in collection that you shot. - Thank you for taking the class. - You could hit me up on Twitter any time I look forward to seeing all of the work that you - guys have done, - and I I hope that I inspired all of you to take a look. - Books of the next level