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Introduction à la photographie (Basics of photography)

teacher avatar Steve Mvondo, Versatile and passionate visual artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Photography Class in French with Steve Mvondo

    • 2. 01 Introduction

    • 3. 02 L'Exposition en photographie

    • 4. 03 Le triangle de l'exposition I Ouverture

    • 5. 04 Le triangle de l'exposition I La Vitesse

    • 6. 05 Le triangle de l'exposition I L'ISO

    • 7. Resumé et Conclusion

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About This Class

Ce cours vous communique tous les fondamentaux de la prise de vue avec un appareil reflex.
On y explore en détails le triangle de l'exposition photographique et son incidence sur le rendu de votre image. Il constitue la base idéale pour débuter ou améliorer votre pratique de la photographie.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Steve Mvondo

Versatile and passionate visual artist


Hello, I'm Steve Mvondo
Versatile visual artist and photographer, with a love for sharing knowledge and help others improve their skills. Welcome to my class.

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1. Photography Class in French with Steve Mvondo: 2. 01 Introduction : the module is on me. Maybe. Evan, you're a security sweep. Read Kant owned a while back. See possible Asia Kwaku TCF with Wake about the shoot like a pro some bad. We don't want it on the soup definition photography yet. You want me to Gadhafi? Key on what? To escape parenthood, don't you? Dirty motion a photograph. Eakins are upon that poor Miyajima dignity. Voter pie for voter. Daily phones captured on its own influence. Soon assume J. Okay. No dollars spent. Technical. My skin being captured while sensibly. Did you shop person or got the shot person as a base. One low gi photo half said there's a speck on manila form. Those are gonna pay now for two. Coffee. Don't know. Support me. Moo Jin off. Emma, About the last technique. The power met some poor fair in one piece. Okay, It could cement block was a premier. Imagine a by pass colonel. And pretty enough. More a pound of beauty, Jack Telemark No shown for vermin. Patch icky. No cover on a pie Constitute part. So I prefer the movement 3. 02 L'Exposition en photographie: a last paramount technique. Do you like sports? Save against, said Baron about and know how President sounds down. Carrick is and stuff all of the judges. Maryland matchup. Community photography solely in your food do. It's a definition that way. Image deviant, presume coma can see Still said by make poor Cajun born experience Lady Mary and responsible Al Apache Okay, dunk Authentic dishes to most concentrated happily exposes. Okay, lets with me off Don't and they need to see a dozo with them. A savoir last shoes exposition in a suit exploded. Oh God, They said food too. Cover for God. Imagine perfectly. Mom just then get totally much stuff isn't made home about going on Jack in food to a Swiss exports e la Scala country did. SF isn't it? Could detect any martial bad down the whole model on the simple monkey said for my soul Gerakan Fortescue expose Saskia holding me Actually mash said for two large town Cresvale core block. Okay, I don't wanna do it Came out to near Khowst Non exposition infotech white damask. They lost contact Italy Marius If he's on a busy the Italian parked on the match This usually some kokonas swat down a tower block, so Okay, you may know the okay. Calm The kind of work for two. Who's away? They're here. So said that blew up civil. They have what's called a visa express. Not bad. X was social barkin. Yuzu like constituted. You just need Tia for so long over a movie. It so soon back It was a geek. Luhukay's cover Paramedic ob Soon next with his shoulder. The match mask over. Okay, no, they were present. Prissy turns A crispy photo lab Launch a lost, You know, Two days. They all alone. You are born exposition experience you accept up. Okay, men are off. Seven beer? Yeah. One for sure. Principal Papa Princey Booking Losing Yeah. Over Jim Fax over five filth Aava So bar Americans have been like this comes along Component presented teller Preceded F after appointment toe. If simple insists Obama gonna love it Key. Great! Less sensibly key influenced. Oh, export. Don't use your mom. A prosecutor Dogo Some news of all in the masters exposing my soul in the march family details have paid down the job. Who's having for toe going toe makes Posey to their Oklahoma visit. Actually, Marshall Progestin ghetto type on progestin lacks junkies who passed really much news of any mass. You expose it, these emerge Tibet. The prison priests don't lose hope. 4. 03 Le triangle de l'exposition I Ouverture: for over cheesy. Don't know. OK, T for show? No. So what would you do next? Don't Jonah Palette talent. Premier permits a helluva Jew aperture on present connected Damon only cover who sews disease is a shutter. Speed them saying okay or the neighbors to see shock under says that she likes with I don't have constitutionally Mickey in the face. So going there so much over Aponte shaken disease anymore. Don't force your premiere over. Receive walking in the park. Okay, The Oklahoma spot. Not Bircher. Okay, you went above Montri, Do you hear that? Don't vote for normal Modern Apache. Oh, what you going to go way on? A bill? The body camera. Okay, The Chief Jeeva Cumin GBH defective chip on their to do are some on a note of watching complaint. May know Prepon for their food. Don't let me about Passy. Follow Chief. How? Okay. Gonna pay the shorter you can Sort of do. Okay, key. And so do kids live there? Here. So do Yes. It could happen in Captain. Okay. No, they're too deep. Pound. Objection. Now this cake Camano to do see Navy s a looked after ours is north in March Madness patching the most Manaka was available. You could move a tree Department chief Cops are no LNG. New virtual aperture says simple Mom who knew the truth onto Lucic. Preserve a chair. Can't pres billy see passing? Do you hear? Preserve a chair age it went. Really? See, I said, do me a okay to see Sam a virtual extreme. It if if dude for no sissy people that remember played out don't show much about two girls and a good Wuhan bt if if Dubai Zone or not been gone debate you a poor r f flu fair Me a bottom Porpora Goshi for f f vendor buys up on a clip. Itchy virtue You. Then you stay safe. I know by conflict a big chief. Okay, you got a beer? The large Ivonka F Open cut buys up a set of the Chief Jessica F. One point cut. It may not have a living. A vendor are famous Lemelle Dimon objective common or for the purpose. My fuel quality. Some Evian Do I feel quality Some god. Evan, If God and they do, I've got okay. The land You do it. You could prove the shift paper chip if they can't prisoner Chief, Go went through. They're gone. Okay, a logic. Omar Saleh said Mayor, do semi fame convert Courteney combat off TV point on that bone. Tondo God said you don't only voodoo that you just don't with them. So the males as a just released campaign aspect Technique. Oh, fam Prison chief Accomplice virtually dream. Is the Chief Deputy Jake No, by them like dew point. Simple way. Okay, it will up. What about some Bless you. Look, captor, soon the kind of work. Okay, Don't say simply Masa Latin music the violin. Jica, Turgeon, Devoto chew. They love the chief cheesy. You are not a family that you call over to the sweet message for any secularism. The Chief? No. But July memo that you knew virtually in the click the object Chief. I don't know. She circled the village every six foot toe, every they demanded Mescal Mei from poor Sophie. You would region don't know the soup fruit at city. They don't often during this paper office. You say Lou Virtue. Okay. The Empress Devvarman influences constantly may know of actually if yours a Gallimore poured funder do shop not performed earlier Shall we lay down our city, Lana F one point with a lot of flu every month? And does Oprah Polly Topol for under the shop on propylene zone? Didn that didn t o imagine that part of the video performed at the shop as only need today . Oh, the flu rt sick. Okay, President. Personal through in terms on a Pentagon muscle flu bookie. Okay, they put a pity that don't show Well, uh off say vili mash it couldn't see with every engine Fiance Israel Don't Crotona from Cabo President The type the secure dare here this region poop What basket bloom? A chew a jiffy. The new venture If you lengthen city Yusuf through under Dushanbe Azzoni simply Mont Savage Savage E Klusman objective for their personal fooling dance per se f one point It gives you a hey dri ok don't per second Happiest fruit So and therefore this us you presently dream Plus you fell apart. It would be the type sumo match in Tacoma Wa president tied back home in Memphis toe a vague memory Flashman, move it You There was a sudden So they're here. So Fulla is suppose secular Peters off the Chiefs are from two maximum says with Chief under intense, he found the flu. Oh, hey, drill a zoned in it too. A number five Marcy Callaloo soup back. Don't create the 50 back on C Vote a Don Shula for trickle Maximum detail. So busy. OK, love with Marta Lazo. Really? Through a process there was innovate you with any fair me And people know if you say a prayer from we may civil had been deputy off. Sam punk, don't alabaster departed. They don't Simone intones, Show a separate fund. Effects of Fuente automatic mantra Sexuality in contravention decision for the person so busy, evasive senses seduced President Did much lord confessed? Good Dumbest Really Could pursue their appreciate Okay, Don't afford are for FEMA competency A big toe the subsidy premier. But I made to the bundle You doing okay? These flu? I don't want a second new upset baby in f one point Cut by example of a subjective keeping f one point at Point Dume in the imaginary preserve a personal flu Sir Anton's prisoners only netted Tissera fill up with some portrayed over foot callouses Lurching person interested also flew glasses Basket was Abbeville, Max. We know all a dream note of it. You know Montana. Schiff s a progressive. Most home. Conte approves Die Davante. Good. New free zone on shoot north can match. Don't In a pre Vermont se paso entre nous. Usually a lube account mash. Okay? Don't pull your bomb. It do you? Do you need Project Lumia? A personal flew a dance. A Christmas? Only today A few project pres more friend does Christmas underneath the day. Ever see more? When? On the ground You saw the F Every do if force Why don't you come on? A schedule may present the date I soon mash don't more flu commands. 5. 04 Le triangle de l'exposition I La Vitesse: does empower Americans alone about they meant to know, say, like sports. Pardo's didn't medal X with shutter speed. He don't give us a doozy. Are for Phil under law school. Now, don't even believe a pound and say injury. Jack, check up. Okay? Going to survive a sabah don't met. Don't injury. He sees simple Martha. Unless there, I mean only in young Jessica. Policy innovate you heydrick pound pure longer. Jury contra pro compensation ground way cheaper in test European poor Voila. Born expedition because we never next. But I don't really Okay, Don't say Nigeria, Pondel. I can do. He do has to be here by now. I can load the chief less pacy. A lumia Don't buy. May not be takes a gunman North effects. You know how you didn't match? Come do that. You have a poor fellow fruit now because our con Appel community does his Cardiff at my head Flu do moving. Okay. Don't let the compound do it for our largest £5 of his. Why'd you flew to move among May? Panola. Tondo, Gandhi Just you know what we can do? Receive and keep on factual First waas on him. They just got council going to see the novel do a count. They come Duty may remember within the council. Won't may not. People you don't know I have a fracture. It's when a vocal prisoner achieve a play action present a peak sailing. There's the shift normal. The only medium this is going to appeal a peak swats on James gone by example. Okay. No, come on, get on. Pray Gallimard agree Made angina. Talovic said Let see the most Don't know. Observe on a doozy. Um car amber. He also Hong Kong Qiu are for Sean. Deny Vitez Note repair So nasty on the pass in a prison. Where? Food. Okay Fuqua School days long love affair. Well, his couldn't see Pado Bubble fair going to his candidacy. Did you flew to move a muscle rematch? The loss Gonna Susak over for coffee. It says you killed Bhaskar. They may not show of in the same common sense has shown the diplomat Majesty and put the flu lab count on a BMP chief Remove what time it is said Sounds as shown Do D plus Moloch. Okay, Don't Well alive says it's only festive day on a mash while a superstar, though without the uncles them that's gone on a in photo Elachi Mom being exposed being could set off lunging Boogie a priest or head Realty days or don t you? In the disagreement, okay or not. Please do Lou Mackey on Passo No Marttila you capture from presently we're out. Not a photo a su exposing. They tied down that poem you fee, say I see is the compound I know there's a Ramona objective toe. It'll parlor food to have a convicted Jensen gone No, on many watershed in so gaunt only sustainment passages on board. They know what is going on. A lost or no month member of parliament photo sounds was gone or not, Member, I don't think consecutive worser that in the influence you lost the vote for processing fee , Jim. One objective. Classy Selim would be, you know, Kenya Flu mash. Okay, the velocity test Don't just rush Simple analogy. We have a only them there. So going to see usually static in Michigan About a month or so. Seana. I'm under the problem. Assume a mile. Okay. No holographic Econscene. That desk 6. 05 Le triangle de l'exposition I L'ISO: dunk poofy near home apology by making a prison compunction Lee's okamba way. Police also do size or twice on cats and seduce treatment. Just got do me goodies affair. These Obama do concrete These open meadow control only lasts so possibly digit captor off, you know. Okay, he's, um, a payment. Do play a sausage, Captain Ugly Jerry Glimmer test. Contribute Miliband x with this romantic joker Pacifism do Glenna sensibly captor by some pie Something is with some do some poor avoiding exposition. Quite ok media or see on Dungy on defense. So going their communities with the permit iso on the impact Chulak Palito really match. Okay, Magister. Money's open sortie The helicopter dough for persons cut for presidency Re for prison seep man, don't just have amount about Sean. Face a compliment. Your a p c c. Have a great food too. Don't rt the Xhosa d l only they may. Opel Martha, just tingling decided Imagines a recent except upset born one veil while if we may pres so moment personally manage commands I claim per second by the petit point the pitching iso Simic a some pies. I'm on a President Captain video presidency may all know Cibo could detect the match cannot bear. You don't so recent that particular much flat okay. May have to mind his open made a sortie. Do say, such as Shola in Bonn. Strategy said the energy made it by Philip. You can imagine a Subaru. Okay, don't or cease to note who not imagine use transit on I don't easel saying can automatically hopes on clay. Poor path you to do so, deputy. Surely mash and seduce streets are some pig priests Only chapters on sleep. Okay, Mania is a piety payment that live, Ramon one bridges. Okay. Could appreciate many They are. 7. Resumé et Conclusion: the volunteer 12 met on a shackle. Hope is on. Move at you Another girl Movies on the festive going there Lengthen City Did you, through artistic really match up by a key? No fruit underfoot. La dolce and use trash that watch Iveco beanie his uncle. So plan Who present exposition? They 12 by make note whole passage. Do you feel a TV? Please move a chair. Street proofs before they don't poor while a member country t do don't put calm policy. Okay, a automatic commander My attention region manifesto going. There's a question Pretty damning. F says pursue more imaginative planet David among please do die f Graduate goes through a lot. Don't know till you start showing a donor. Don't now days on a movie that you can free suit. Don't a vessel that's going to go on to their Children. Come on it from when they don't want by senior people geting for president many shows he said only Zobar presenting the debut Do the usual If one side doesn't get you a four, the dead were prison. It'll pull complete. So meth usually new B name sample. So for they appear fourth at the gym on these Web, most on cigarette labels. And I won the tempo on people. So they found Amanda maneuver that, you see, So I went to prison. When a shocker and free and pursue, Mangini said. Configuration Paschal deck on a given up seven. You may the bone is Oh, so now you're still from Supola bodies? Pretty soon, it's a good news. Met Don't violate top our meds. Presenting you may favour more. Same Dolly The most part chick of Remember that if everybody compartment feels on, I don't really do their Children No virtue. Tea and fruit Larger booth No virtue pre sealed there. Prisoner Schiff FF beauty effort Point is your mama's Because I don't under individual people are not prison detention Match less person Wonder Fiona President Now the test and front that if you knew you flew the movie monster mash Mottama pool s usual Pete or 90 newscast You allow India Misago brought with you What I only him do so gone on that impression Member since on chimp notice you carry most U plus It's generally says that pitch it since has shown the move Among photo it the shutter will have Desmond payment. Don't do Montolio. See, jury coming up, they offer last sensibility zoo influence. Clark, do match. Okay. You know, make um you okay? Don't lower on that. Jean Eustache. Uncle. Nephew Taylor. A foot compound. I said, Why the Ramallah? Same. I don't do the new 100 funeral. Swinburne experience sources for those whose exposing certain for soon exposing.