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Intensive French: Part 5 - Conjugation Patterns

teacher avatar Kamil Pakula, Python developer, linguist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Section 5


    • 2.

      Aimer et adorer – Regular -er Verbs


    • 3.

      Choisir et finir – Regular –ir Verbs


    • 4.

      Attendre et perdre – Regular –re Verbs


    • 5.

      Nous commençons, nous mangeons – Regular Verbs with Spelling Changes


    • 6.

      Je me lève – Reflexive Verbs


    • 7.

      On va chanter – The Verb aller (to go)


    • 8.

      Je prends un taxi - The Verb prendre (to take)


    • 9.

      Je sais, je connais - The Verbs savoir, connaître (to know)


    • 10.

      Je fais, tu fais - The Verb faire (to do)


    • 11.

      Je pars – Irregular –ir Verbs


    • 12.

      Je viens de Paris – The Verb venir (to come) and such like


    • 13.

      Je dis, tu dis - The Verb dire (to say)


    • 14.

      Je peux, je veux, je dois - The Verbs pouvoir, vouloir, devoir (can, to want, must)


    • 15.

      Je mets mon manteau - The Verb mettre (to put) and such like


    • 16.

      Je reçois, je conduis, je crains - Irregular Verbs Ending in –cevoir, -uire, -ndre


    • 17.

      Voir, rire, vivre – Other Irregular Verbs


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About This Class

In this class our subject will be the conjugation patterns of French verbs. There are three conjugation patterns and we’ll discuss them all in detail in the lectures that follow. We will also talk about irregular verbs. There are so many of them.

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Kamil Pakula

Python developer, linguist


I studied linguistics and computer science. I have an MA degree in linguistics and I'm also an IT engineer. Since 1999 I've been working as a teacher. I teach languages and programming. For the last couple years I've been working as a Python developer as well. I teach 6-year-olds, high school and university students and adults. I deliver live and online courses. I love this job.

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1. Introduction to Section 5: so do Hi. This is a very important section. It's all about vers. First, we're going to discuss regular verbs long 23 groups e armors like Sean Day, Honey, our Evers like a town and I are verbs like media Tracy that we're going to talk about irregular vers in French, plenty of irregular verbs and the conjugation patterns differ a lot. We're also going to talk about reflects Sievers in the section reflects diverse are very commonly used in French, much more than in English. So in this section, we're going to were really hard and now they start. 2. Aimer et adorer – Regular -er Verbs: time for the first conjugation pattern. We already talked about it in section three, so that's just revise moose infinitives in French and in e. R. This congregation pattern is predominant. In this lecture, we'll see again what all the personal forms look like. Let's talk about having another look at the conjugation pattern we already know. Here is the verb Palley, which belongs to the ER birds. Palley, just pick. You're bad to battle in Pile New Palin Rupeni in the battle Let's rip eight ju paddle to pile in the pile. New pal you roupoli in battle There were lots of verse that belonged to the ER verbs. Actually, most of French verbs do. Let's not have a look at some examples. Adobe Joe, That's, uh, our TV news. EVOO Joey, this is a day in the physic Loville. Shashi Bhushan shall have went to who? They 2 12? Likely? Usually. Let's phones you offered. Boy did this day my either taste Musha Who? Me long food. When people tell me to film a lot, let's repeat. Joe has, uh, Nazari Room was you'll be in the visit labile. We shall share love. Where to? To truth Likely. These are Fangzhou off with boiled marry the test. Moshe long soon in people to family support 3. Choisir et finir – Regular –ir Verbs: Let's not talk about another congregation pattern suburbs and I are in their infinity forms . Let's have a look at some examples and see how they are conjugated. This pattern is a bit different. How leg? She's here to choose. Just crazy to sh Wezi and Schwab. Easy. So Bush was easy. Edgewise. Ease. Let's repeat this was easy to Schwab's e It was he? No, she has is so Bush was easy. Swazis. This group of verbs isn't as large as the ER. Grip. Let's have a look at some callin verbs belonging here. A G elegy v. Finney, who? Feeney said that gravity now p no amply Soon Lee formula. Now you see to ABC at his example. Gandhi, You These are phone guarantees. Let's repeat elegy Vite. Feeney said that have a no amply soon Lee formula que you see at his exam? A. These are found counties 4. Attendre et perdre – Regular –re Verbs: in this lecture released cast yet another conjugation pattern. Quite a few verbs. And in our A in the infinity forms. Let's see how they are conjugated. Okay, let's talk to the congregation pattern. Here it is down the to wait, jet down to back down. See that down? Does that sound doing? Was that down? Day is a town? Heads were paid. Is that down? Do you get down? See that down? Was that town doing with that? Down Day is a town. This group of urge is not as large as the ER group either, but some common verbs belong here. Let's have a look at some examples Bound and Yvonne some ism I'm down gentle music Panda Two pair to Julich Lee the sounder. Now this on. Don't the little goose or pound rule Upon day, I make issue. They found you D founder of waza. Let's were paid Yvonne some ism. Jeanne, prepare to Julich. Lee two pair to Julich. Lee. Now this are don't do little babies. Rueppel Day and make issue. You found love lasagne 5. Nous commençons, nous mangeons – Regular Verbs with Spelling Changes: some French verse are put to regular but with some systematic spelling changes. And this is actually talk about all the different groups of verse. Where this happens. The first group includes verbs ending in C See er here we have just one spelling change in the first person. Plural. See changes to see with Sevilla. Here's a verb potency. We just a representative of these group potency to pronounce. Japan knows two panels. Aleppo knows no point, no assume for porno. Let's say Apple Nunes, As you can see this just want change. The first person plural you can see here in Rad. Here's some odd overs Atala base pattern policy that is some commands. No si Julianne Slab, No se to your news today, Miss You de policy would evil, etc. I don't play. I see no Haeupl. Assume when I see Salam in as the security, let's were paid lately. Some commands Julhas label to your nose today, Miss you would evil asi no helpless only Peeler. So Lonmin as last securely day. The next group includes verbs ending in J g. E. R. We change G two g e in the first person plural in order to maintain the same pronunciation of the stem. The verb emoji is an example. How early Margie to eat Is your mom to Marge in the momager? No mas rheumatology in the mountains. So again, everything seems quite regular except the first person plural, as you can see overhearing rad. And here's some other verbs that follow this pattern. Shoji your challenge of it. Viaje Novaya Jeonbuk Ooh, Corey J Juca He text Juicy no, as usual Malaysia. Al Taji in a panic Tajura Libya Naji Oh Nash doing it down. Let's repeat your challenge. Feed Novaya Jeonbuk Ooh Juca Leisure Blue text New Zhuge Only Zhaan either para tajoura Lepe Oh Najib doing it down in the next group of verbs there is a mute or very weak e in a syllable before the infinitive ending this mute or week e changes to eat with an accent an old person's except the first and second person plural. A representative of these group is a verb living Louis to raise Did you live to live and live? No level will you ve a live as you can see whenever we have this A with the accent It's pronounced very clearly It's an open a lever. And whenever there was an A without an accent, it's very short, very weak, no level we live A and as usual, some other verbs that are inflected his way. I stay Josh it on Eva How many Lamen sismi Busy, new presume Live beyond many in many rochambeau, usually in jail leads were paid. Just shut down the Eva Element. SISMI no prison live beyond in the mannitol shovel, usually in the next group of verbs. We have a similar effect. There isn't a with an accent in the syllable before the infinitive ending These e with an accident changes to a with another accent an old person's except the first and second person plural. A representative of these group is a verb s very asbury to help just there to spare you despair. Does this belong with this Very you This bear. And here again in the first and second person plural. The e with the accent is quiet closed. I spoke all s birthday and all the other forms where there is the change is quiet, open a span and, as usual, some other verbs that are inflected these way Very no preferable secrecy completely You complete live as porosity in percentage. Invite to the debate day Deputy lacks you seriously. On celebra la Victoire leads were paid no perfect own serious e you complete left as it was said. In what? To typical Aksum or celebra La Victoire. The next group contains verbs ending in l. A or 80 the old persons except the first and second person plural. The cancel in in the Annan gets doubled. And representative of these group is a verb gt Judy to throw J to Jake, is it? No, Jake toe. Was it a day a jet again? All the changes are in red. There are movers like this. Have a league? Happily, Oh, not limit some a penny. Japan, You know, cause it they it push it. That down. Was it a day? No. Is it to wear off? No, I know very In a new vein. Contra. Let's rip eight. Well, not Bill Umetsu J Pelham. Uno it. Push it that down? No. Is it would offer, you know, Very Locanda the next room contains verbs ending in you. Why your an old person's except the first and second person Plural the verbs change. Why? T I a representative of these group is ever away of what you to sound. How big Genova, John Va alone News on Why you I was on my way is Anwar again? All the changes are in rad Here's some more verbs like this I see. No, they say you do Shanty. Hey, you Japan attacked too. Net y e in the 12 Nachama Aboudi Nischelle Abuela a pre. Do you have a pre civil Bhutto? Beds were paid? No, they say you know shanty. Does your pain affect you in the twilight? Sham Lucio Abuela to your Crete story window. 6. Je me lève – Reflexive Verbs: reflexive verbs in English are not very common in French. It's a totally different story. There are lots of reflexive verbs in this election will see how they were formed, and we have a look at some examples. Conjugation pattern reflects diverse reverse, their used when the action they refer to is performed on the subject itself. In other words, they're used when the subject and object are the same person or thing. The reflexive pronounce correspond to the English. Pronounce oneself myself, yourself, herself, ourselves, etcetera, the infinity of forms of reflexive verbs. Use the reflexive pronoun sir, which precedes the ver. The reflexive pronoun is different in each person, and when the verbs inflected, the reflexive pronoun is put in front of it and is written as a separate word. Here is the full conjugation pattern. Salafi to wash himself Germany Lava to to love. It's a lava new level. Move will levy. It's a lot. Ezra paid Juma love to to love in its true love. New Love room. Veuve Alevi. Even so, lob if the very stars with a bottle or Saturn age the reflexive pronoun sending any are shortened. One more thing you can see an example Blow. There are lots of reflexive verbs in French. Were not reflexive in English. Have a leg. Sadly, you to get dressed. You might be to be a sabih. No news at you. Move with that be. It's a B. So in the first and second person plural, there is no religion. But in all the other cases there is. Please repeat. You might be true, Tubby. It would be no news at volume. Who was that? He It's a B reflexive versus transitive, as mentioned before reflexive verbs are used when the subject and object or the same person or thing. Verbs that take object called transitive verbs. In the following examples, both verbs take objects, but in the first sentence, the object is the same person as the subject. She and in the other example, the object is the car and the subject days. She l c. Lava here. The subject is now she and the object is l she So the subject and the object or the same and the other example and love level two here the subject is l. She and the object is 11 to the car. So the subject and the object are different. So in the first example, lab is a reflexive ER, and in the other example, love is a transitive verb because it takes a different object. In French, they were much more reflexive verbs in English. Most friends, reflexive verbs are not reflexive in English. Sometimes it's really hard to guess why they are regarded as reflexive. So it's best to learn them as reflexive and not to think too much body. How they separately Sophie sound me newshound reunion Suva So has he. Now he still has shocked Jew says we, uh you said swat me. See Sidhu, she seduce Fatima So heavy. Djamila Vato soup in you You've been shot so Benny to to then don't lack so Levi Ruvu elevator Fukushi to do Coushatta Let's repeat Juma Perry Sophie No news on radio Suva Well , he so as Xiaozhu it s what we see as seduced Osama Djamila Vato Use a pain should matter to Benny. Don't lack Do you love it to To Kush tota reflexive verbs may also be used in different way . This is the case when you talk about part of the body in the examples below the subject and object is not the same in the sentences like these, the reflexive pronounced tell us to whom the part of the body belongs. So, for example, if I was my face, then is my face. And that's why I use the pronoun move before the verb. If you wash your face, then you use toe etcetera in English. We usually use the possessive adjectives in sentences like this. Have a look at examples, and it should become clear. Jim Elavil Visa So in the French would have movies Ash combined with a reflexive are in English. We have a possessive adjective. My 22 plus that down. Johnson been over PM so as it leads were paid. I love movies 22 plus lay down Johnson a penny ps o has a lab. 7. On va chanter – The Verb aller (to go): this is actual will see how to use the irregular verb to go. This verb is totally irregular, so we have to memorize all the forms. It's also used in many expressions where it's not literally translated into English. As usual, let's start with the congregation pattern. Ali to Dio. Do they Tuva, Bolivia Rosello was that a in a room? Never paid Judy to, uh, Eva Mazzello was Eddie Interval. The basic meaning of the verb away is to go. Let's have a look at some examples. Moussilou or cinema. Let Radio Bottalico, liaison for Botella Prison. You guys are not to that body. Do we have that back? Was it with love? I Let's repeat it was along with cinema. Let todo biological resentful won't elope. Scene Juliana Toby's to that body. What do we know about back? Was that it would have I And here's some other meanings you can come across is one of the most frequently used verbs in French. So these are just some examples Monterey View. You would be on that. I see. Here's someone. The chapeau. It's a vacuum. Issa. Let's repeat Montolivo JBL now See you. So the shampoo seva comesa 8. Je prends un taxi - The Verb prendre (to take) : in this lecture will see how to use the irregular verb to take. This verb is also used in many expressions were not literally translated into English. As usual, let's talk to the congregation pattern palm to take Japan to prom it Paul No panel whoop when they in plain read your pate. Japan to plow in Palm No panel. Rupeni In plain The basic meaning of the verb power is to take. Let's have a look at some examples in part on taxi. No plan on this affair and find most you you pound town. Poor Patty to Palmer. April Sophie, Japan Measure Paint impound on taxi. New panel Was that fair? A friend moves to you. Japan. A tempo party to chroma people. SOPHY, Japan. And here's some other meanings You can come across a parcel. Dini Rupeni ago or part of their there were two panda for you. Feel profound. No proof. Read. Repeat a parcel Dinny Rupeni or part of their There were two Bennifer refuting power found no plan ofwar There are a couple of verbs. There are conjugating like pong. How? Lick up around to learn to teach. Was that plenty? I don't see with that many appear I don't see compound to understand. You can phone shock more two upon the to surprise, you should plan to Joseph Major paint. Was that Penny I don't see Was that many appear? I don't see you can't pound shock more. He was you upon to Joseph. 9. Je sais, je connais - The Verbs savoir, connaître (to know): In this lecture, we learn to irregular verbs that correspond to the English verb. To know the first for Seva means to new to have a knowledge. It's not used to say that we know someone where Canete is used. Let's look at the congregation first Sanwa to new Can you say to say you say new seven with savvy? Even SSAB resident pate you say to say you say, with several who said they ssab the basic meaning of seva aids to new, it can be used on its own, like in a sentence. You see, I knew when used with another infinitive, it means can to be able. Here are some examples of how to use this girl you say, Who is that day missile? You, Katie? It is saved more That place a savage Colby with seven I g reds were paint. You say who is every day? Missile room, atrial. You say you in a place a sapphic, only you with seven aji. The other verb we're going to talk about in his lecture is connected. This one is used to say that you know someone or a place or an idea or a thing. Have a look at how it's inflected connect to know, to be acquainted with you couldn't A to Coney Cooney New Collison, Tennessee In connects beds were paid You can A to gunny in Courtenay No con eso they say you coolness time for some examples How about it? No con eso Maddie A Canadian leave d'zurilla Connie says the baby fees to turn a set resume Maids were paid No coolness Omari, can it be said Villa a Canary Leave do Zola Who can say certain entities you can a set resume? 10. Je fais, tu fais - The Verb faire (to do): in this lecture will learn how to use the irregular verb fair. It's basically meeting is to do or to make by. Like many others, this one is also used with a lot of different meanings. Let's begin with a full conjugation patterns in present hams fair to do to make just a do you say, even if a new Faisel Rufete in a form measure paid you say to say you say new phase, um Rufete uniform. So the basic meaning of fair is to do or to make. Let's see how this verb is used in the sounds. New faces in fed. The feeling. John saying Got to do you say off Rufete receive Geoff Aaron Nagy, Pierre fella Visit leisure pate. New faces in federal theme. Jennifer down Got do Tooth Fairy. No off buffet to see you. Your fellow menage Pierre fella Basin Fair is used in a lot of weather expressions. How many if it boo if a movie? If they sure, if if a If, If. What? He said, Do Bria. If they do. Certainly if I do, bomb beds were paint. If a boo Ethan move A. If I sure you think play if y he said do glia if they do silly. If a duvan fair is used in lots of expressions for sports and exercise, have it you failed due value in food to camping new faces on the exact sees, it said. You're joking. Do you feed your garden? Two. Fed Risky. A food in a parakeet. Do foot boil. Let's repaid. You fed your halo, your food, your camping new phase on the legs. Axes it said. You're joking. You fed you go to fade risky. A full impact in the foot boil fair is also used in expressions for art and hobbies. Happily and said the lucky to Jeff a doula Geeta. No free zone. Domizzi on federal pound, too, if they do photography. Rufete do piano. She fed you dad leads were paid and said that I could, too. Jeff Federal Akita fed a lot, don't you? L. Fadel, a photography who fed do piano. You said, you dad. There are lots of meanings that can come across. It's one of the most frequently used verbs in French, so these are just some examples of other meanings. Your faith is Aisha and fill a cuisine. No phase um, busy economy. Absolutely graphic. Pullman Odd in food level ease. Oh, they don't see you as it digs to fit Persia. Jeff Parity doing a keep You failed the 11 days a full l verbiage Heads up eight. Your faith is Esha and feel a cuisine. The presumed is ekonomi in a fellow plow. Perfect Pullman Odd in full everlys. Oh, for adults. You as it digs. Do you think John is a party to keep you feed 11 days and full envoy yage? 11. Je pars – Irregular –ir Verbs: I'm sure you remember the IR verbs and how they congregate in this lecture will be talking about a group of ir verse but to congregate in different way Here belong girls like Patty to leave or don't me to sleep, among others. Nice. Beginning with a conjugation Petr in present hands Party to leave to buy e pie New pattern party in bath Redd's repaint Juba to buy Iba No pattern. Who? Patty If bat you're some verbs that behave like these Party new passed UMA No, don't mean the Xiang Dong Su topper Some key. He sounded Flor 70 year and said the blood it issue. So do you Lausanne from salt Avik Pierre Monte You like FEMA? Lead paint. New pattern, Matt. No, the Xiang dome. You sound there, Flora and save the planet is here Risen from salt A Victoria. The fee Mom 12. Je viens de Paris – The Verb venir (to come) and such like: In this lecture we learn how to use the verb. Really, which means to come. The first thing to learn is the conjugation of the verb money. Let's see how it's inflected. Vinje to come. Judea! Tuvia it is. Yeah. No va, No, Within me. E Vienna, please repeat Juve. Tuvia, You have young no Va, No vu. Vinnie in Vienna. Here's some examples so that you can see how it's used. Yang du Barry Nova New apathy Jovian Fulvio Jodi Ive in a Lafitte Reds were paid Avion Dewberry Nova New papery Jovian, Fulvia Indian at outfit And here are some others that are reflected, like venue Devaney No Divina found over new and out of young to you however, Need Adam Levine sista to me to Tian in Burma. Opt in ear jump DEA Now for miss you leads were paid. No Divina leash Atlanta Young to you and oblivion says why Tia in Burma jumped young home. Assume 13. Je dis, tu dis - The Verb dire (to say) : in this lecture, we learn. How did conjugated verb dear, which means to say, just like with all the other verbs before, let's target the congregation pattern and then that city san examples. So here's how the verb is inflected here to say jiggy two D in de No diesel with it in these leads were paid Judy to G in de no diesel. We did. In these this verb is translated as to say, or to tell. Let's have a look. Osama sentences Judy Buju in de because it thank you. We did, uh, no deism toe jewel. A very day, a deeper do and see And equally why, my lad, Let's repeat Jigga boo Decodes it on you. We didn't, uh no de zone Tojo's love every day a Depardieu nlc on the part of Why my dad, there are some useful expressions with the verb the here, some of them I've already to love our sandy seppuku dear Well, see the let's repaid. I'm ready so love a sound to you, said Boudia. When a CDU 14. Je peux, je veux, je dois - The Verbs pouvoir, vouloir, devoir (can, to want, must): In this lecture we learn some irregular birds that correspond to the English model of herbs can and may. We also learned the verb through our which means to want and the verb devoir, which means must the first for pouvoir means can or may. It's not used to talk about our skills. Like saying that we can speak English or swim where Savoie is used is used. When we are talking about the possibilities, we have to do something. Let's have a look at a conjugation first pouvoir can may jumper to for it for no approval movie you bugged Ledger paid jumper to put in per no approval Poor they e above And now let's have a look. A time examples proven Doma on Put our state believer Easy. He moved Moved here to promote energy. No approval, Ali. Who? Prove it. Stacey, let's repeat. You're proving Duma on Put. I stayed good even. See you, perv bull here. To whom ology no proven Molly, prove Este Si. Here's our next verb. You are. We are 21 Juve to for ever new video Ruefully you voted these were paid Juve teaser. You never no video move. Really universal. This verb means to one Have a leg. Juve got me. You never shanty My whatever You easy ever Alva Lou Ruefully Eva do Vou caricatures measure paid Juve Ghani Invert Shanty My fever Have I easy Eva and value ruefully Viva to Fukuoka shores. The next verb is devoir It means must have to or oh, here's a conjugation The wire must to have Teoh, you are to do our you do are no Devo would do they? You do have those Repeat you are to do our you do. Ah, no doodle would do they you do have Let's have a look A time of sentences No Devo dilemma. You do a Tiffany. I'm a family. A draft in here by Pierre You are a true Mlada said they were to do a could a share to do a sandal after I Sophie Let's repeat no Devo dilemma. No, you do, I tell you for they are my family. A Rabbi Pierre eight on my lad said the guy to do a coup d Asia to do a sound. Ola Assefi 15. Je mets mon manteau - The Verb mettre (to put) and such like: this is actually learn how to catch a gate and how to use the verb metal. It's basically meaning is to put to place. Here's the full conjugation patterns in present towns. Metal pig Jimmy to May in May. No make toe vomit. A Inmet. Let's repeat. Jim May to May in May. No, make toe you may day intimate. Here's some examples off medical you may leave. Oh, may lie beyond known if we go pull Miss Oman toe. No mate. Dona Flor, don't rise. Let's repeat. You may leave Comella beyond doing if we go pull mess Oman toe Do me to Leffler. You devise. And here's some other verse that are reflected like Mecca po Medical a government assume Arida poor made Come in, dear love every day. Shoemaker Who sumit a the tokuma omega You know we made So how do knights were paid? L pill may assume a daily a poem, a deal a very day with Suma Teladoc. UMA, you know we may so under who 16. Je reçois, je conduis, je crains - Irregular Verbs Ending in –cevoir, -uire, -ndre: in this lecture, we've been talking about three groups of irregular verbs. He's a reverse whose infinitives and survive We, uh, and under, let's discuss them, Weber one. So let's start with the savoir birds with characteristic of them Is the change of the continent sea to sea with Sadullah in some of the forms? Here's a conjugation pattern reservoir to receive Joshua to Musleh. Elvis. Well, no, it's civil diversity ever swab that's repaid Jarvis Wa to a sua analysts wa no, a civil us of a and of a swab here, some verbs that follow this pattern. Let's of why Joe Slab, you could do that. This is why either suave real power South Ossetia Johnson do that, too. Leads were paid you the suave low power Jean Satya swatted away, too. Next, let's have a big at the we birds. Here's a conjugation pattern. Who would be to drive Jukun to Kundi? L code We no cold reason. Look all greasy and cool breeze leads were paid. You're going to be too cool to be. And could we no corn resume local greasy Eric ordinaries here Some verbs that follow these pattern could be no can resume our No Taguchi's course three in Khowst. Please put We report. Visit those of you diddly in the tree Love machine. How do you you can do either? Takes leads were paid. No. Countries don't produce. It goes tweeze Minimalism Report visitors of you in the tweet machine. She could be the takes Finally on the birds. What's characteristic of them is the GM group in plural. Here is a conjugation pattern because I don't know to be afraid. You can't to come, Erica. No, Can you bouquet Can you leads? Were paid you can to come it come No, can you? Who can you Okay, you your sound verbs that followed this pattern count Lassie, Count Anwar at town. The is that thing. That was objective pound new pin, you deport a leads were paid and I see Count Anwar. Is that a Negro? Subjective? No. Pre noon deport 17. Voir, rire, vivre – Other Irregular Verbs: this lecture, we learn some more irregular verse and that would be a it for now. It doesn't mean there were no more irregular verse. Actually, there are many more, but we'll be learning them as need arises in the future. Lectures. Let's begin with the verb y. He was a fool. Conjugation pattern in present hands Where to see Juve to, uh, Eva New value. Why it? Of what lives were paid. Jaguar two y You have what new Volume VIII, Eva? The meaning of oir is to see. Let's see how this verb is used. Juve, Juan was you? No y only in your if Bob Lamontagne a vessel Numa beds were paid Juwan Wazoo Nouveau human in your garage. If Robbie on the moon And if I so normal Another important verb is koa. It means to believe Here is the inflection Kuwata to believe you Quah to koa Neuqua Neuqua You Fukui Quah beds were paid Jokela to quash Yuk wah No quiet quality And here's some examples to illustrate a quad Chetry a resume You clown! You Jaqua Kui No, quite young Kosovo Hey, let's repeat Jack Ouachita, resume in the quiet on you Quackery no, quite conclusively. Her next verb is who he hears a congregation. Cool. He to run. Cool to cool. You cool, Nukul. Cool. You cool. Leads were paid. You're cool to cool, you know. Cool, Nukul. Even cool. Here's some examples. No. Cool. Happy. You're cool to leisure. You cool yet that a cool almatov ledger paint? No cool happen. Mom, You cool tool issue. You cool yet? There a cool mato. Now let's have a look at the verb. The Here's a conjugation Leah to laugh. Johnny Chili, you know? No, you Oh yeah, you doing? Let's repeat, Julie to be you. Really? No, you we either. Another verb that follows the same pattern is sue the you, which means to smile. Here's some examples with the an. So he teary too little. Let's see. Really the tsunami. Well, so he i selfie you saw a young book who let's repaid. Do you need to it down? Lasi Read the tsunami. Usually a Sophie No. So young book. Ooh, Now let's have a look at the verb fever. This verb is used to say that someone or some animal is alive. It can also be used to say where we live, we'll go. In such cases, we can also use the regular verb. Abbey D. Here is the conjugation of evil jury to V in a movie move Evil Who ve they even leads were paid Juhi to be, you know, no evil Reavy. You know, Viv, Here are some examples with the verbal Viva in Leave Alicante. We'll go there. Tonko. Let's talk to leave alone Toe juvie demos. Let's repeat. You leave al Ecology Hogan pair Tonko. They don't to Valente juvie, Dimon said. There, the next avert is clear. Here's a congregation actually to write Jakey to clean uniquely It was a Cleveland was a cleaver. Music Leave major paint J clean Jake. You likely it was a clear rule was it clearly is a cleaver and some examples and a credo. Aroma Musically wounded. Eva Jackley T ake Libya. Let's repaint a credible MMA. Musically wounded Eva. Jake, do you take Libya? Finally, the last verb in this lecture Bois. Here's the conjugation bra to drink Jambois to where Deborah No Do booty, either. Bribe. Let's repeat Jambois to where no do booty. He's a bribe and some examples. A liberal Abu cou new broom leader door Jeb do Buday. Paschall to Bradley. Kathy Leads were paid. El Bravo coup. New boom! I need to the door. Dubuque Tape to Bradley. Kathy.