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Instagram for Creatives, A Creative's Guide to Mastering Instagram

teacher avatar Emily Cromwell, Illustrator + Surface Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Creating a Profile That is True to You


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      Crafting a Consistent Feed


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      Editing Your Photos


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      Engagement is Key


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      Hashtags Are Your Best Friend


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      Creating an Instagram Schedule


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      Final Words


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About This Class


Join Emily Cromwell and learn how she masters Instagram as a creative! She covers several topics such as what to post, how and what hashtags to use for your particular craft, how to create a killer profile, and much more. In this class, you will learn how to craft a profile for your Instagram that is true to you and lets your viewers know just who you are, how to craft a consistent feed that speaks true to your brand and vision, how to edit your photos for a beautiful Instagram feed, the art of engagement, how and what hashtags you should be using (and how to add them to your posts in a way that it won’t look all jumbled together), and lastly, how to schedule and make a plan for your Instagram posts.

This class is perfect for anyone who is a creative person and is either just starting out on Instagram or has been on Instagram for awhile but wants to learn how to amp up their profile and Instagram game!

By the end of this class, you will feel much more confident when it comes to Instagram!


Instagram is such an important social media tool for creatives because what better way to show our creations, than through pictures?! I'm here to teach you how to create a beautiful mini “portfolio” on Instagram. I'll teach you how to edit your photos on your cellphone (and show you what apps I use!), provide you with insight on how to write a beautiful and interesting bio, and I have so many examples of Instagram profiles to show you as examples of the different topics I will be covering. (All used with permission, of course!)


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Meet Your Teacher

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Emily Cromwell

Illustrator + Surface Designer


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1. Trailer: Hi, I'm Emily Cromwell, and I am a illustrator and a surface designer. When I developed my brands and I decided that this is what I really wanted to do as my career, I sat myself down and I realized that I really needed to figure out how to get my artwork out there into the world and to be seen by people. And what better way to do this, then by Instagram, which is my absolute favorite social media tool? And this because Instagram is all about visuals, which is perfect for creatives like us. Since then, that has continued to grow each and every day. And I took note of what was helping me succeed what I was doing on my INSTAGRAM account to help me succeed more so than I was in the past. And this is one really share with you guys in this class using Instagram as a creative. It requires a bit of thought and planning, which is what I'm here to help you with. I am going to be sharing with you my personal, successful strategies that I use on Instagram. You know, explain them all in depth and I will also provide you with some questionnaires to guide you along in the process toe kind of pinpoint your goals and help you out. It will also help you in your journey to find which instagram strategy is right for you. Which one is going to work for you and also which your target goal is on and scream as a whole. In this class, we will be covering things like Hashtags and how to use them. Um, how to create successful profiles, biographies, how to edit photos on your smartphone. That's a biggie. How do you gauge successfully? And a whole lot more? I'm gonna be covering so much for you guys. And yes, So I hope you will join me in this class. And I look forward to be able to help you on your instagram journey, and I look forward to working with you. 2. Introduction: everyone. I am so excited to have you here in Thank you very much for signing up to take this class. I will be sharing everything that I know about instagram with you and I'll be working with you to help you achieve your absolutely highest potential on instagram. And believe me, it is possible. So the things that we're going to cover will be these top six, um topics 1st 1 is your profile in your biography. I'm gonna help you figure out what should you write and highlight about yourself. That will really make you stand out and make people feel connected with you, which is very important. And I will discuss that later on in the class. The second topic that we're going to cover is a consistent feed. How to make your feed have similar colors? How toe make a theme. If that's what you're interested in an overall how to make it kind of seemed like a little mini portfolio, so kind of like a mini website is basically what we're going for. The third topic is photo editing, which is very important since instagram is a visual social media application, I'm gonna tell you all the different APS I like to use how to put text on photos and all that fun stuff. Next up is engagement. I'm gonna share some tips about how to find your target audience. How toe connect with other creatives. How to find other creatives, which somewhat ties into the next topic, which is Hashtags and hashtags. That's basically what helps you get found on Instagram. There's all sorts of different hashtags to use, and I lost a ton of them that would be very beneficial to you based on the type of creative person that you are. And I also want to help you figure out how to post Hashtags because there's a few different ways to do it, and I'm gonna help you figure that out. And the last topic that we're going to be talking about is instagram post scheduling. To me, this is by far the most important thing that you should do with your any social media, not just instagram, but making a calendar for yourself in a posting schedule because your followers and your fans a really like it. If they can rely on you to post every day or twice every day every other day. And when you get in that cycle, people start to come to expect like, oh, so and so it's gonna be posting today or can't wait to see their post tomorrow, and it sort of creates a bit of an excitement. 3. Creating a Profile That is True to You: so the top things that you want to include in your profile or your biography on instagram are your name and I'd recommend doing your full name. Or if you have a studio name or a certain business name, you can use that. But I also I really recommend just including You're riel Name like mine is just Emily Cromwell in there, just so people can know who you are in addition to your studio or brand name. And the next thing you want to include is a fun and catchy, informative sentence. Just toe let people know a bit more about you and just something to kind of make them see that you're human and not all business e So a few examples and some popular ones that I see example one is wifey Mama to three boys artist. Example. Two. Amateur Baker Cat Mom, Lover of all things colorful Example. Three. Secret of Happiness, illustrator of pretty things and surface designer. So a lot of people what they like to do is they like to list whether, like they have kids, whether they're wife, husband um and then you want to include obviously like example one that you're an artist or you're a baker. You're an animator, your movie producer. People want to know what it is that you dio. They don't wanna have to guess. And I always recommend put in something kind of fun in that sentence about you. So, like the first example, she said, Wifey mom of three boys, it's It's just a fun feeling and way to describe yourself or how this person example to is a baker. But they're kind of playing it, playing on the fact that they're an amateur baker and their cat mom. And when their favorite things is things that are colorful. So you want to play around with it and just have some fun with it. The third thing that you want to include in your profile is just something quick about what it is that you do. Like I mentioned. Are you an artist? Are you an animator? Are you a baker? Are you a seamstress? Just include what it is that you dio. And then the last few things that you want to include is a website, and this could be you're blawg linked to your portfolio website linked to your at sea shop . Um pretty much anything that you want. A link to your only able telling toe One website on Instagram. So I do recommend picking your top one. Had you want to link Teoh end with your website? I actually play around with switching this up a lot. So say I posted a new block post. I will do a photo on Instagram promoting the bark post and also check out the link in my profile and that would go straight to my block post. And maybe two days later, I will focus on something on my skill Shit class. Say I have a new skill share class coming out. Also, check the link in my profile to sign up. So you really want to use that link in your profile? And lastly, you want to have for your profile image either headshot of yourself or your logo. I don't recommend having anyone else in the photo with you because it is so small that people won't be able to tell which one is you. So either a nice fund head shot of you that represents yourself as a creative person or represents your brand or just your logo works as well I currently just do my logo, but I used to have is my profile picture. Originally, I started out with just a image of myself, and then I moved over to an illustration. I did it myself. And then what I've been stuck with now that I really like is just my logo. So I created this little questionnaire for you guys. Feel free to print it out. I'm going to include it in the resource is list in this class so you can print it out, fill it out, and no, just see what type of profile you want to create. So this is the creating April file question here, and I'll just run through the questions with you. So number one is what named I want displayed number two. The 2 to 3 most important things that I want people to know about me are. So for example, with me, it would be that I am a cat mom, a proud cat, Mom at that, um, I love all things colorful, and I'm a 22 year old illustrator. Number three, take your 2 to 3 interesting facts about you and form them into a sentence for your profile . And those examples are on the previous page that I just showed you guys and I also have a few coming up Number four. Just what are you? Are you a baker? The sculptor? Just what is your creative profession? Number five. What website do you want to link to your profile? And remember, you can always change this whenever you want, so just start out probably just with your main portfolio website for now to make it easy. Number six for your profile picture. Do you want to use a headshot or a logo? And finally, number seven, What is the number one thing that you want people to know about you from reading your profile? So, for example, of my profile right off the bat, I want them to know that I am a illustrator in a surface desire and that everything that I create is colorful and full of whimsy and happiness. So profile specific ations. This is very important. Um, so some important things that you guys need to know if you don't already know these is that your profile on Instagram is only limited to 150 characters. Um so with this, I recommend opening up the notes section on your phone and writing out just a quick version of your profile, and you can copy and paste it. Then back an instagram to see if it's 150 if it goes over, if it goes under and it's just really easier to format and notes, I found I have a hard time sometimes doing it in the profile section of Instagram. So just a quick tip that I like to use. And then some people, such as myself, like to include emojis in their profile. Just toe. Make it a little more fun and colorful and make it light. And your profile picture is going to be displayed at 110 by 110 pixels in the mobile app. So it's It's small, but you can still make out logo headshot anything. But just keep that in mind when you're figuring out your profile picture, and it will display a little bit larger when or if somebody ever views it on Internet Explorer Google Chrome. Any Internet and your profile is the very first thing that people are are going to see when they visit your page, so you really really, really want to make sure that you absolutely love your profile and that it speaks true to you as a creative person. Then finally, you do now have the option to turn your account into a business account, and I definitely recommend taking advantage of this. Um, Instagram didn't used to have this, but I love that they have it now so you can make an option where you turn on business account and it'll say our artists or animator blogger business under your name on your profile. So people know what you are right away, and you have options to be able to let people contact you. I think it's by phone email, and then you can also input your business address. If you have a physical address that people can come to or like, you're studios of people can see your studio and they can get directions right from the app toe come and visit, which is pretty cool. And then I have some profile examples for you guys. So the 1st 1 on the left this is my profile so you can see that I have the business account turned on because under my name, it says artist, and I'm just going to run through the use to show you just some examples of using. Emoji is not using emojis separating things by, um, dots or commas. So just that stuff. So mine is separated by each line. So I would just pressed enter every time because just visually, I just wanted it toe be lined up and look nice in need. So mine is I want to point out that I'm a 22 year old illustrator and surface designer. I included my email, and I included that I'm represented by Painted Plane at Licensing Group. And then when I took this screenshot, I had a link to my Etsy shop because, as you can see in the first picture on the left, there is a hand painted sign that I did that I just listed on Etsy and I wanted to focus on that and bring traffic to that listing and then below that. It lists where I live something Massachusetts, and it lists that if you are signed up under the business account, then the next profile example is a friend of mine, Lisa, and she does really beautiful surface pattern designs and licensing, and I wanted to include hers because I really love her. Profile. Example. So hers is an illustrator, surface designer, amateur baker and mom of two funny kids, and she is available for art, licensing illustration and design, and with hers. I love that she focused not just on her art but saying how she's a baker and she's a mom, and that really pulls people in to get to know that person as a person, not just oh, she's just a designer or, oh, she does this illustration work. It allows people to get to know more about you, which is really good, and it makes people feel connected to you. The third example on the right is actually my mom, who is a photographer, and she separated hers by dots, which looks really nice as well, her says photographer, capturing life in the magical moments in between thrive er on a healing journey. And she put that her location is Boston sash, New England. So what I love about hers is she didn't just write all. I'm a photographer, she wrote. I'm a photographer capturing life in the magical moments in between and that really I don't know it just speaks to you, and it's just a really nice way to just write what you do but make it more special and make people feel more connected to you. And then two more examples I have on the left is my friend Kristen, and she is a small business owner. And her profile says hand illustrated paper goods. 25 year old Orlando, Florida of Native, who likes Disney paint paper and flowers. And then she wrote her email. So hers is also like mine where she focused on her age. And I think people they really like to see like Oh wow, these young people have these businesses they have there an artist. They're represented by licensing group. They're doing so well for themselves and people. It's really inspirational to them to see that someone just out of college or so young is doing so well. It's such a young age and two people that are also that young. It could be really inspiring and uplifting and help them be motivated to want to do that or be like that as well, which is really great. And then on the right is my friend Elizabeth. Hers is shares his emojis like me, which I love her says Surface pattern designer, licensed artist, trend aficionado sucker for bright colors in fruit motifs. And then she wrote Atlee course info, and she has the emoji of the little hand pointing down so that you click that. So, as you can see, there are tons of different profile examples that you could look through that you can be inspired from. Play around with Emojis. Play around if you want to put your age. If you want to say how much you love colors or what you like to do in your spare time. In addition to your creative business, the profile questionnaire is really gonna help you figure out just exactly what you want to put in your biography. So take a look at that printed out, play around with it, print a few and just see what you come up with. 4. Crafting a Consistent Feed: you want to think of your instagram feed just like being a portfolio, except that it's not on a website. Instagram's all about being visual, and the first thing that people are going to see when they land on your profile page is the 1st 6 to 9 images that you just recently posted. So you want to make sure that every time you post in image you wanted to fit in nicely with your portfolio on instagram page. And there's a few ways to make sure that you always have the best profile that you can have . And I'm going to be sharing those with you on the next few sides. The requirements for a great feed and these are just three that I came up with the first is that you want to kind of pick a color palette that you could go off of the best instagram profiles out there. They usually stick with a consistent color palette. It usually includes your brand colors and then a few extra colors that you decide on to additionally used to base your brand off of. So, for example, my brand colors are blue like kind of a sky blue and then this navy blue on the power point as well as this reddish pink that you see. And then I also like to use a few different other colors, such as yellows, purple. Sometimes I throw white in there and see sometimes orange. That's usually most of the colors that I use. So if you look at my instagram feed, most of what you see is going to be based off of those colors. And when you have a color palette like that, your instagram pope profile, it really just ties it together, and it makes it seem like a cohesive portfolio that's really impressive and fun to look at . And then another requirement for a great feed is you wanna have content, similarities. And what I mean by this is that your foes are going to begin to expect you to post certain types of content. So you want to be sure to not really stray away from that too much as an example. If you were using a profile for business, you want to make sure not to overpower it with too many personal photos. I mean, like, you can still post pictures of your cat, your pets where you go out to eat when you're with friends, but you just don't want it to be. For example, 90% personal photos with selfies and look at the meal at just eight or and then 10%. Our people are there to see your art. What you create, Um, and if you're marketing yourself is a creative you have to expect. That's what people are gonna be wanting toe see in your profile. Um, but for example, if you are a health coach, if you're a foodie, that obviously you wanna post every day or close every day what you're eating, because that's what people are expecting. So that's just the big take away from this is. You wanna post what you're basically marketing yourself as I'm market myself as an illustrator, any surface designer. So the majority of my posts are her illustrations, works in progress pattern designs, mock ups of my pattern designs, and then here and there I'll post a picture of my cat, Misty, or I'll do like right the Friday introduction post. When you post a picture of yourself and introduce yourself, shouldn't followers in maybe a personal photo, like from an event that I went to, but you just don't wanna overpower it too much. And lastly, a requirement for a great feed ins. You're posting style. So you wanted to sign on whether you want to post riel life photos or digital artwork images. What I mean by this is like for me. I'm additional artist. So the majority of what I post is images that I create on my computer. And then I sent to my self via email and I post it on instagram was a lot of my stuff is digital, but I also wanna include riel photos that I take so photos I take on my phone or my camera So you want to kind of pick what you want to be known for, and it's perfectly fine to do both, but you just want to know I had a time. So I created another questioner, a few guys. This one is Theo Instagram Feed questionnaire, and this is just gonna help. You kind of pull together what? You envision your instagram portfolio to look like what you want your feet to be. And so first up is the question of what colors do you want to constantly have in your photos. Obviously, you don't have to stick to like this this miss, and that's all you can do. You can switch it up. You can do any photo any different colors that you want in your photos, but you want to stick. Or at least try to include 2 to 3 of the same colors to make it consistent. The second question is, what type of profile do I want? Do you want it to be bright and colorful, black and white, Vintage and rustic, modern and crisp or simple and few colors. Any profile works I have seen all do very well, So it's just up to you on your preference. Third is what type of content are you going to post? Are you gonna post behind the scenes photos work in progress Shots, photos of your pet photos of yourself, photos of your products, photos of artwork? Or you could do everything. So just whatever you want to do, just list it so that you can stick to it. And lastly, what is your posting style? Riel photography or just digital images? So some profile examples of some creative profiles that I really love are these? So the 1st 1 is Bethany Joy Art. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with her profile. It is full of color, its full of beautiful artistic strokes, positive phrases and words, and it's just perfect. Bethany, I love your profile and thank you, Bethany, for letting me use this. Um, so what I really love about hers is that she uses white back rows in. I think it's pretty much all or almost all of her photos that she posts. And then to contrast with that she has these really bright, vivid and bold colors in paint strokes. And it's just beautiful. And whenever you go on her profile page, you're just like, Oh my gosh, this is great and I just love how she does that. And you can see by looking at that that her feet is very consistent. But at the same time, she always bring something new to the table with each post. And next up is my friend Lauren, who is the owner of Little Lakes Paper Co. And with her is what I love about it is it's so colorful, but at the same time it's crisp and clean. and she does have a graphic design background, which is why it's like that. And I love how. When she post pictures of her greeting cards, she always has either a patterned background or, for example, in the one Root says, you're a gym at the bottom in the middle. She has so extras in the photos, like a Ring or that chain. It's just nice add ons in the photography and I Just Love herds and I love how she mixes it up between riel photos, real photography, hand lettering and, for example, in the top right, which is a digital image off some hand lettering. She did. But the way she doesn't is it fits together really nicely. Then two more profile examples. This is mine on the left, as you can see. Like I said, I post a lot of colorful images. Um, these are all digital images, and you can see that I like to use the pink that I mentioned blues and just basically bright colors. But in even though it's tons of bright colors, it's still because consistent feel, because I'm posting the digital images that I create in in the middle one. There that is actually to patterns that students of mine did in my previous school shirt class for pattern design. But those actually fit in really nicely with mine because the colors are similar and it's the digital image that really fits in. And then on the right is my mom's photography. Instagram Page and hers are just I love her profile feed. It's not overly powerful with colors, but it's colorful. At the same time, it has a I don't know how describe it. It's just a soft, dreamy photograph feel, and she likes to focus on things in nature and flowers. And that's another thing. Your feed. It doesn't have to be just organized by, like the color. It doesn't have to be just the theme of the colors you use. It could be the theme of what you like to post like hers, how it's just mostly things in nature, and then she also loves to post food that she's been getting into. So you really want to think about that. Think of the colors that you want and the types of stuff that you want a post 5. Editing Your Photos: you're talking about editing your photos for Instagram. So you want to think of your instagram feed just like being a mini portfolio, basically, except that it's not a website, because instagram is all about being visual. So your photos play a huge part in what people are gonna think about your brand, your business and your work. The first thing that people will see when they land on your page is the 1st 6 to 9 images that you just recently posted. So you want to make sure that every time you do posted image that it fits in nicely with your portfolio on your instagram page and that it looks like it belongs photos for actual photographs that you take, not digital images. This is my process that I use. There's several different ways you can go about this, but I just want to share mine so that maybe it can help you find, um, just a way that would you would feel comfortable with. So Step one, I usually take my photos just on my phone. Sometimes I will use my professional canon camera, but usually I just don't really have the time to get out. My camera, set it up, set up the exposure and all that. I. So I just stick with my phone, usually, um, into edit it. I used the phone app called after Light, and I use that to edit all my photos, and I saved them. And then I upload them to instagram. Well, then, when I'm in after light, the options that are usually play around with our brightness, contrast, exposure, warmth, saturation, clarity. And rarely I do sharpness. If I take a photo, it's a little bit blurry, and I didn't realize that when I was taking it, um, I'll play around with the sharpness on these air, some examples of actual photos that I have taken. So as you can see, um, I like Teoh kind of hair, everything together by color. Obviously, my hand drawn sketch doesn't have the universal pink without a Hughes in all my photos, Um, but it's still ones in nicely because it's my style of illustrating. So I'm a left for that photo. I laid down a few different background pieces. I used card stock and tissue paper, and I just looked around and I found some stuff, like, perhaps that I wanted to use for that photo. And it just got some bakers twine, floral, um, little pink wind straw type thing on the right. And then because it is a winter card, I put in some pine cones to add in that winter feel. And what I recommend to is if you are going to be taking photos like this, um, just make a little prop box, just get out a little shoebox or target has really cheap plastic bins and just any props you have put him in there. Goto the dollar store Goto, um, vintage jobs, antique shops. And there's tons of different stuff. You confined for props, and it's really fun when you're ableto accumulate a whole bunch of props, and then you get to pick and choose what you want in your photographs and in the center. That is a close up of in illustration that I did on paper, and a tip that I have for this is if you're taking a photo for instagram of a drawing that you did or, for instance, this one of drawing and in the process of working on, don't just take it where it's just the illustration you want toe put in something else. Like how I laid the pen in to it. Because, I mean, if you don't have the pen, it would just kind of seem a little bear in a little blank. It wouldn't really flow with all your others. It was just seen. I kind of had a proportion and not fit. Well, since it would just be kind of black and white or just really, I don't kind of simple, So props are really good for photographs. So I do recommend playing around with that. I mean, you don't even have to do a pen. You can do anything you could do. Why she take Baker's trying anything. You can add some flair to it. And then on the right, this is a photograph I took of examples of some license and cards that I did, and I laid them out and then kind of add to mention to the photo, I picked one up and put my hand in there. Um, what a big important thing with instagram is people they like photographs not just of your work, but also where you can kind of integrate yourself into your images without necessarily showing yourself. So that's my hand. Holding the card that I created D is for your instagram for actual real photos, not digital images is let your handmade products in your various accompanying items on a thought surface and take a photo looking straight down. Take some photos of your studio and your workspace. People love to see where you work world and magic happens. Take some work in progress shots like I mentioned on the previous side. Um, include the human touch whenever you can show your hand in the photo. I mean, if you don't want to show your hand, you can have someone else kind of model for you. They could do it for you. Um, do some behind the scene photographs. So you're pat something exciting. You just did an event. You went to a trip that you're currently on. Anything to keep your readers engaged? No, I should say followers, your followers slash readers engaged. Um, take some photos of your computer screen to show your work in progress. If you're a digital artist or, for instance, if you're working on a website or a blawg, you can take a photo looking at your computer screen just toe show people like a work in progress of things that you're working on. What's to come to get people excited, take some photos of your sketchbook or take some photos at events that you've attended that are related to what you do. So, for example, um, I post pictures of when I met craft shows. But for any other creative person, there's tons of different ideas you could do for this. You could post pictures of art galleries, movie premiere trade shows pretty much anything that's related to your field of digital art . That I do is the two on the end. So the left side on the right side, these are garden flags that I created, and I will just post these straight up to Instagram. I don't print, amount and lay him out or anything. I just how I do it is I e mailed them to myself, and I then access and open the email on my phone, and then I save it from there, and then I posted to Instagram and in the center that is a repeat pattern that I did so my digital images. I either post pictures of my patterns or my illustrations because that's the type of work that I do. Um, if you are a animator or a short clip, a movie maker, you could even save some short, little edited clips of your movie. Instagram only allows. I think it's up to about a minute of the video that you composed, and you could post that to your instagram to going to get people excited and because people really respond to out of videos as well. And an important thing is, if you are going to be posting digital images, as you can see in my examples, you want to put your logo or a copyright in the I mean, I put him in the bottom radiant corner, but pretty much anywhere that you can fit it. You wanna put it in there so that people don't take it to claim the workers their own or if it gets shared anywhere else. Social Media of someone re posts your original posting, you want your name to travel with it. So some digital photo ideas for your instagram um, you can post pictures of your finished works of art. You're finished repeat pattern designs. You can do some digital mock ups featuring your pattern designs or your one off illustrations like on a kid's shirt or leggings. And you can also post informative images about sales you have coming up. So this is really geared towards if you're a maker of in kind. So if you were having an Etsy sale or website sale. 6. Engagement is Key: probably while the most important things that you need to do on your instagram account to gain a following, Um, Instagram and Social Media. It's not just about, you know, posting your work and saying, Oh, look what I did. Look at me, Look, a this new thing I have coming up. Look at my new sale. Um, it's half of that, but you also want engage with other people, make Internet friends make other creative friends network with people, help promote other people on social media is all about promoting yourself but also promoting others and engaging. So how do you need to engage engagement on Instagram? It doesn't start and stop just by posting a photo with a caption. It's only the beginning. So you want to write a post to go along with your image. And after you post that you want to write a comment on the photo you just posted with your Hashtags and I'll talk about this a little bit later to explain what I mean. For anyone that doesn't know Number three, the most important step that you need to do is engage with your non followers on Instagram Andruw hours. But those are easy to engage with because you just scroll down and if you're following them back, you see them. But you really want to engage with non followers. And I usually make sure to engage on Instagram for about 20 minutes a day. And what I mean by engagement is what I mean is that you scroll through your feed and you comment on any post that you like. You can double top posts. You like to add the little heart. Most importantly, you want to explore photos in the search section of Instagram and do the same with photos that you come across that you like. This expands your reach in your network. And as I wrote, you want a network network network in last leave where you're going through in engaging on all these posts that you like, you want to pay attention to the people that are commenting on the same photos. Those people will be your target audience on. What I mean by this is that if you're scrolling through a search on instagram and say, let's see that you see a pattern design that you really like in what you want to do is obviously if you like that pattern design like it commented on it, maybe follow the person. If you want to, that you want to look at the comments, um, on that image and the people that are commenting on it or liking it, those people will be your target audience because they our liking that type of style that, like pattern designs, they like that work. So what you could do is you can comment and either tag them and say, Oh, hey, like I agree with what you said. I love it, too, or you can even check out their page as well, unengaged with them on their page and make a comment about a post that they did. And so just take a few minutes and check out their profiles. Engage with them because you never know when you could find a new friend or even a new fan . Good audience questionnaire. If you guys that you can print out and this will be available to be easily printed in the resource is section of the class, So the first question is, what is the gender of your target audience? What is the age group of your target audience? number three. What is the most common personality trait that your target audience possesses? Number four. What do you have in common with your target audience? How can you help your target? Audience number six What other hobbies and there likes? You can even list their dislikes If you'd like and last see, how can you best find your target audience on Instagram? 7. Hashtags Are Your Best Friend: there's two different ways to go about using hashtags, but the most important thing that you want to remember is that you can only use up to 30 hashtags per post on instagram, so number one you can either include them right after you write your caption for your post by writing them up and including them in your original post or number two, which is. The method I personally use is after you publish a post seconds, you can comment on it and paste all of your hashtags in a comment. And this is a popular method because it's much more clean and tidy when you think of your hashtag, does a comment there hidden, whereas if you write your hashtags in the original post, it may appear overwhelming and busy, depending on if you do use up to the 30 hashtag limit samples of so art post postings that I did with Hashtags. So on the left option one that I talked about in the previous slide is I wrote up my caption, and I included the Hashtags in the caption. It does work, but to me personally, I just think it's too busy and especially if you have a long caption. All those hashtags can really take away from what you're trying to say. An option two, which is what I do on all my posts now is I just post Michael's, and then I will go back and the fuel says View insights. There's a heart. And then there's a little kind of comment. Speak bubble. You click that, which is the comment option, and you just paste your hashtags there. Press enter and you're all set. So I wanted to give you grass and hash tag ideas for different types of creatives. I wasn't able to cover all of the creative types or even Hashtags, because there's just an endless amount. It scenes. Um, but I did some options for you guys, and then this will also be available to print out in the material section. But these are some popular ones. I love color. Um, Whip is work in progress. If you're a pattern designer, included some things like printing pattern patterns, please. Artists on Instagram covers pretty much any type of artist. The happy now illustration a day called to be creative surface pattern design. Um, also included some stuff. If you're a Children's illustrators. So if you look at the bottom left Children's illustration, kid let art artwork creative preneurs is a fun one. Um, so there's a lot of different options. So people that make their own craft Salamone a website Salmaan Shopify at sea. You can use some of these that have proven to work out pretty well. There's a lot of different, etc. Hashtags Um and there's Jenny that you can think of to do with that. See, you confined hashtag um and so you can find out some other hashtags by going on instagram and you go to the search section just right at sea and some hash tags will come up and you can also click the hashtag option in the search bar. And there's tons and tons of hash tags that instagram will suggest for you a popular thing that I see on Instagram. So these air some have shags that I've personally used when I do, um, hand lettering. So how shocking and lettering hashoah came Buttery newbie, if you're new to it. Calligraphy, handmade fonts, um can drawn type next to that is supposed to say hashtag design. Not hashtag, Diz. Ig Sorry about um, Calligraphy, love, calligraphy, masters. There's so many different hashtag options, and again this will be available to print out in the material section. Hashtags. You can look on the Internet, so example. You can just Google instagram hashtags for artists or for chefs for animators. And there's so many different things that will pop up. And I keep a little notebook of all the different hashtags so that I can always reference them. You can observe what your fellow artist friends air using for hashtags on their posts. You can search on Pinterest for popular hashtag options, and what I mentioned previously is you can type in general words such as artists or illustration at see him lettering, animation, cook, cooking anything in the search burn instagram. 8. Creating an Instagram Schedule: The last lesson that I want to teach you guys is how to create an INSTAGRAM schedule. And this is to me the very most important thing that you can possibly do for your INSTAGRAM account. Sticking to a schedule is like I said, the most important step and you will thank yourself in the Hong run. As you gain more followers on Instagram, they're going to start to expect to see regular postings by you, and they will be looking forward to see what gonna post next. So you want to think about how often that you want to post if you want to post certain things on certain days. Um, for example, there's mantra Monday Throwback Thursday Friday introductions Sunday, Fun day, all that type of stuff. And you also want to think about getting your posts together before hands and when you're gonna have time to plan for next week's INSTAGRAM schedule. So where to keep your schedule and your instagram plan? When I first came up with my INSTAGRAM schedule, I wrote it down originally on a piece of paper, and I laminated it and put it in my creative business binder in my social media section, and I recommend reading your posts in advance in the notes section of your phone, which is when I currently do now, because it's just easier, since it's so portable that I always have my phone with me. That doesn't matter where I am, but I recommend writing your posts and advance in the notes section of your phone, which is what I currently do now, because it's just easier because your phone is more portable than a notebook, because you usually always just have it with you in the state and age. So a daily instagram schedule. This is a little planning guide to help you. Number one. How often do you wanna post? Today? I put 12 or three. Just circle one of those, usually three times would be the max. You don't want to overwhelm your followers, and you also wanna be ableto have stuff to post every day so you don't want to use up all your posting from one day Number two. What were your first post be? Just write down anything that you'd like it to be. Number three. The caption will be, and then just right down what you want to write about. Even if you don't know exactly. Just do some key words just to think about what you want to associate with that Post number four. The Hashtags I will use will be number five. I will spend 10 15 or 20 minutes engaging with other INSTAGRAM members today. So this is an example of a planned post that I did in the notes section on my phone. I write up what Mike Option is going to be, which you can see at the top. Um And then I usually included a little emoji, as you can see with the little heart eyes Smiley guy, just because that's just my personality, that's my writing style. So I always include something, Um, and then, beneath that, I wrote out my hashtags up to 30 that I'm going to copy and paste and put in the comments section after I post this posting. So some tips for posting on instagram in the top right corner of your profile page. There are about four bars, and it will show you the stats of your page. And my absolute favorite feature is that it shows you the time of day that your instagram followers are on an active on instagram and I always try, and I post around these times based on what's the most active times on each day. And if you choose to use the hashtag method of posting your hashtag is in a comment. You want to make sure that you post them within seconds of publishing your post. 9. Final Words: So before we finished the class, I just want to give you some last minute words of advice before you head off and start creating your wonderful instagram profile. Um, I want to remind you that it's really important that you plan your instagram posts for the upcoming week. This doesn't have to be in depth, but just pull up. You know, the notes section in your phone, Um, and just jot down which photos you think you want a post for each day of the week. Or however often you choose to post and maybe also push yourself a little bit and right up some captions that you're gonna use for each post. And if you really want to go a little bit farther, you can write up some of hashtags that you are going to be using as well. This especially helps if you know that you're gonna have a really busy week and you won't have much time to right up your posts when it comes time to upload your photos to Instagram . Another piece of advice that I just want to reiterate is that engagement is so, so, so important in order to succeed on a social media platform. It's really essential that you reach out and your network with others and you want to make new friends, compliment others on their work, lift people up and just engage in conversations and meet people. It's a wonderful way to meet new people and also get your name, scene and a fun and enjoyable interactive way. I can't even tell you what my life was like before I met all my fellow creative friends of Instagram. I don't know where was without them. They're amazing. I'm not some really wonderful people on there, and I'm so glad that I have. I mean, Instagram is it's a social platform and we all help each other grow and succeed on it. So it's all about working together and networking and being there for each other. So I wish you the very best of luck on your instagram journey, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the beautiful profiles that your