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Instagram Video Tips and Tricks

teacher avatar Jake & Josh, Video Tips and Juggling Tricks

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Export Settings

    • 3. Adding Music

    • 4. Uploading

    • 5. How To Go Viral

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to get the very best out of your videos specifically for Instagram.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jake & Josh

Video Tips and Juggling Tricks


We are Jake & Josh! We are YouTubers and friends with very different skill bases. Josh is a world champion juggler. Jake is a videographer with a passion for social media.

We'll be posting a variety of classes and lessons!

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1. Introduction: hello out there. If you are not coming in this video because of our YouTube video, then let me introduce myself real quick. On it is Jake Triplet. I make videos made me make YouTube videos, but I also do some freelance videographer on the side and the number one D M. I'm always getting on Instagram is advice and tips and tricks for uploading instagram videos. So when it came time to make a skill share video, it was a no brainer that I should answer these questions. And I'm always getting anyway about how to make the best video for Instagram What kind of videos you make. I think this will still be helpful because I kind of make stuff all over the place. I like to do a cinematic videography kind of time. I've done kind of funny stuff sketch comedy, stuff, trick shot step call over the place so most of this will apply across the board. Whatever you're making now, if you want to say that this is not a video about editing, you know there's playing tutorials out there from people better than I am on how to make a video. This is more instrument specific settings you want to use to make a good for instagram up loading tips, music tricks, stuff like that. So I thought that said, Let's get into it. 2. Export Settings: settings, probably the most boring title for anything you would ever want to learn. But they're very important, especially when it comes to Instagram. And that's what a lot of the questions I get about our sequence settings, project settings, exporting settings, appearance a member already. Let's get into it now. What are we going over right now? Is somewhat specific to Adobe Premiere Pro. That's right and it on. So just like you know that now. But we're going to start with kind of a project as a whole. Okay, so here is Adobe Premiere Pro, and this visited video I'm looking at is a sorority big day video that I worked on this past summer. You kind of see the project. It's all done. I wanted to kind of show you what my workflow looks like within Adobe Premiere. One important thing when considering an Instagram video. That's somewhat just an opinion, but I think it helps is making your video vertical? You know, when you look at a phone, it's already vertical, right? There's no landscape mode to instagram, so the more of the screen you can take up, I feel like the better the video is more engaging. It is if it's taking up most of your screen like people want to stick around modern because it's different than what they're used to seeing now. Somebody was just like, I need the whole wide screen aspect to it and I can't get over that. But if you couldn't fit everything into a common aerospace, I think Burkle videos look a lot better. It's almost trying right now to get your settings ready for that. So you got two options you can see here kind of fall with mouse, you know, right here. This is your typical 16 by nine, you know, landscape widescreen video. But let's say you're done with this Ready export. Now, what is the best way to make it a vertical video for Instagram, You basically got two options. The first little do is just starting or just creating a new sequence. Unfortunately, Instagram is still kind of stuck in standard definition. You can't upload on HD video to instagram. Sure, that's common knowledge or not. But if it's a square, the highest res you go. It's 6 40 By 6 40 you can get away with a little higher do a vertical videos, you can go 6 40 wide by 800 high. That's what we do here. Horizontal. Make it 6 40 Burkle 800. And you want that to be four by five. That's a correctly for by five aspect ratio. And if you think you're gonna do this multiple times, you can save preset instagram vertical. And if you want Teoh retyping, those numbers are creating this. Choose Instagram vertical click. OK, lookie there. Now you've got a whole blank canvas. Teoh, drop your project into so we can do. You can just kind of take everything you have that you like command. See? Copy it over. Just paste it in here and then it's already ready to go in that vertical format. Know what may happen to make it in here and deciding. I like this shot, but she's a little off center in this vertical so you can easy is going to affect controls and just kind of drag her over. You got plenty of left and right to work with. Once you've made a vertical there she is much more on the senator shop. Your second option to getting a vertical Israel video is filed New sequence again. Just choosing kind of whatever. I'm gonna go digital SLR diesel are 24 from saying because that's normal, inventive, creating the resolution that you want. You can have premier kind of switch it for you with the help A little video that I got from a youtuber Much more accounted and successful May is you to name is Taylor Cut films and his kind of theory on instagram compression and vertical videos. Everything was that. Hey, Instagram is going to come pressure video anyway, So if you can start out at a four K image and then instrument compresses it down, it'll compress it toe what it should look like anyway, I don't really know that surround when I tried it and haven't noticed anything bad happened . So this is just a table that this is my first video still share. So I'm not sure if I can attach this or and drop it in the link in the Description River, but I'll make sure this clip is available to you. You could see it was obviously hisses. Hysterical fills and you drag in this clip that he's already made That's called Vertical Instagram. It's a four k vertical image, and we drag that in. Premier notices that, Hey, this is different than your sequence settings. Do you want us to change your settings to match his video? And that's That's the secret you say? Yes, please. And then it makes everything vertical. So then, from there where you can dio you can take, you're already exported. Normal landscape. BDO. Drop it into this new video that's already got vertical proportions and then just make cuts . Make people more the senator when agreed to do. And it goes pretty quick, hoping that don't make sense. Let's just move on to export settings so matter, if you like the vertical thing or not, this is where it's really important to know what you're doing, and I kind of do All right, so let's say you like it. You're done. Time to export file expert media and go whatever you can't hurt. In this example, the resolution is 6 40 by 80 TB. That vertical look and where it becomes really tricky is understanding Instagram compression on what I've read and had success with is that remember kind of held on your video is you want the total you know, estimated follow size and good and swore to be around 20 megabytes or less. So looking at target, that rate matching vibrate you to preset on. Here is 16 and 16. You know, the typical high bit rate match source Whatever preset is 10 and 12. But for Instagram, you're gonna chop it down to four and five. If the video is shorter in this case, will see that still over 20 megabytes. Let's see what 2.5 looks like. We'll go Max of three, nearly 19 megabytes. And so I know that feels wrong. Especially like I shot this in four K and now I'm compressing it to be super time 6 48 100 But unfortunately, because of the way that Instagram compresses all this data, keeping it small when you uploaded is gonna provide the sharpest and best looking video today. Another just personal preferences and things that I noticed. I never click, Render maximum depth or use maximum render quality. I think most all this other stuff same. It's really just all about that that bit right that can really make a break. A good instagram video. Now we exported it. It looks good it's on the computer. Here's an important thing that a lot of people either don't know or forget about is you still need to keep it good, getting it to your phone use, unless at all. You probably know use airdrop. That is a very important thing, even if you recorded a video on your phone and getting into your gear. Always use air drop if you don't have less anything. Mac, whatever you suffer. Cloud based service. Don't text a video anyone or text it to your computer. Whatever that's gonna compress it like crazy. It's gonna look garbage. What was his heir? Talking became too infirm your computer and phone her phone to phone whatever. Just just use their drop and, if not used Google drive Dropbox or something, transferring videophiles. Now let's talk about actually uploading it. 3. Adding Music: music time. I don't feel bad when I get the questions about music, because I think I don't have that much to provide. People always ask, How do you find your music or how to get around instagram copyright blocking your music And I never really have issues with those things that much. So I'll try to be helpful here and his concise as possible. So we worked with a brand or something. You probably most of them use copyright free music, which can sometimes be a pain because it's typically not as good. Weather has been nice for me on YouTube when we need copyright for music. For stuff is I found other channels YouTube channels that are dedicated to like copyright free bangers. And I will say only one in every five is actually good and worth using. But still, that's a great place to find copyright music. There's a lot of sources out there websites, whatever their dedicated to that. But let's say who cares? I have the best possible and I don't want to fly on Instagram. I don't care if it's copyrighted. Here's what you do. 01 other thing I thought Here's we'll see your cream. The video that has actually been showing I used a solver that I feel is definitely copyrighted by many in the great e and pop music. For some reason on YouTube especially, it's like, Totally you could monetize your video. So King go wrong with that song reverie by Alenia, and It's so good to You set for everything if you want one kind of secret that I like sharing with people just because it's been with helpful for me. And I don't know how well known this is in the film making community of people are doing this all the time or this just Jake thing. But basically I have a separate kind of burner instagram account that I use when testing up videos and especially music. One tip that I give kind of amateur videographers and filmmakers is that before you ever shoot anything, have the music in mind before you go shooting. I think it helps with five shots they're getting, and you know it's over me. Even before I shoot anything, you have a son in mind. I'll upload a blank video, just a black screen, but with the song I want to use to this burner. You know, whatever zero followers zero likes instagram account to make sure the answering was cool with that going up. So you see here do follow myself. That's nice on next got random post on here. Zero followers know, knows about this. Don't worry about that. He's in a year. But this just what used to test out videos Look at the bit rate and the different things that I most testing out to get a better video and just seeing how it looks on instagram also quick. Here's a good example of the difference in a horizontal video not taking up much space versus vertical video. This is horizontal and this is vertical. And you to see how much more of this screen it takes happened. How much better it looks in all See nothing. I'm looking at this. Whatever. You look sharp. That is for instagram. Probably that was part of the settings I just described. So it may figures in its name We're going to start. I would suggest making this, you know, crappy little other instagram account that we contest music, make sure it's good and once you're done with video and you can export it, make sure it looks good. It's gonna go in there. And last year's corresponding music goes I don't know. Listen to a lot of it. Look at what other people making videos are using for their music there. Just simple route to go is Hey, what's this? All right, like, right now? Oh, cool weight by maroon five. I'm gonna go wait Maroon five remix and somebody's probably something. And it probably sounds, I'm sure what other big secret that I like. I didn't find anywhere. This is like a self discovered that I'm proud of. If you use Adobe from your pro, maybe final cut, maybe some other stuff, but within it don't be. There's a sound effect called flanker at a in G E r. And often times you can throw that on a song messes with music. Not enough to really distract you would be a bad song. All of a sudden, they kind of make some weird noises, but most of them, it still sounds good, but different changed it enough to where these copyright computers or whatever can't detect it. You know this zam of YouTube or Instagram? I can't detect that same song because the flavor is on it. There's not a great tip 4. Uploading: on toe uploading your instagram video. This was getting a short I don't have a lot to say other than even though I can't find proof of this, it's so much better to upload it on WiFi. So if you can if you can help it upload on WiFi. Uh, I'm not too knowledgeable about this, but I know coming soon or maybe a top to certain creators, you can start scheduling posts on Instagram like you can on Facebook and other sites with who tweeted And so you find yourself in a spot, right? I knew it would have been service later, but I'm gonna upload a PM Look into that wire on life. I uploads Get foot Boom! What other actually very important thing when it comes time to upload your video is choosing a thumb. Now some people just like just whatever first frame is whatever just go for it. But when it comes time to your feet itself and getting on the Explorer page, which we'll talk about soon, thumbnail is very important topic in tow. This video quick Secretary, something video is coming to a close fade to black. Oh, what was that number this The very last frame of this video is a nice little handcrafted picture of a screenshot in the video that I've taken do this that often, but this is like a people of kind of story type videos. I think if there's a chance that gets on the export page, I want to have a good time. Now I want to be a clickable thing. So I chose this screenshot of the video itself and then just kind of overlays text on it on . That was a thumbnail for this video. All it takes is one frame you can hand choose it when it comes time to upload your video, so consider, you know, kind of making your own thumbnail if you want. Like I said, I'll take small frame just at the end. 5. How To Go Viral: Okay. Last section may be the most exciting section I like section I'm gonna give away the most secrets. Potentially for Instagram videos is necessarily have to guarantee your video goes viral but have a vastly improve its chances of going viral. That's accepted thing. Like I made a video, I would never tell anyone like, Oh, here's the formula. You know, here's what content you need to make a rock video. I have no idea. But I can at least help you up in your chances of getting a four page and getting a lot more impressions on your video content. General for Instagram, first things first to always consider is that content is still king content is gonna carry you most of the way. So you want to make sure that like what you have in front of you you're pretty proud of. You think this is going to do well across a broad audience before you really make that effort? Make that attempt to make it go viral like we're gonna talk about so to show you that I'm not just blowing smoke after but actually, no. So what I'm talking about, we're gonna take a look at my Instagram Road Quick, you can see that I don't have a very big instigated all. But I was able to get a couple videos to really blow up because of some certain tactics that I did and utilize that we're gonna talk about before that. Here's the video. Just so you know what I'm talking about. Hey, I want to talk to God. Sorry. No, it's OK. It's OK. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. No, I'm always I'm always this awkward. Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. You just you just I just I just Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. Know you're OK? You're way Sorry. I just I just bad pickup lines. Okay, So you joined that. You know just how one you know, just really good punch line. And I think it's good because it keeps people waiting. So it's good for attention, which is good for algorithm stuff. And, you know, it is funny into nice little play on words. And you're kind of wondering what versus going the whole time. So it did well with my initial audience at first. You know, I think that's what helped a lot. You know showed Instagram. Hey, people like this before watching this for the whole time. That's good. But then from there comes the secret ingredient. Yes, I mean bars with the title having get a girl Walmart I had a fit within a square to support . You can have the whole thumbnail be widescreen, But most importantly, I was able to have a good friend of mine help me out, getting very large accounts to comment on this video within the 1st 10 minutes. And I'm sure most you know, no one really knows that algorithm works. Were all of these somewhat sure that has something to do with, like, you know, our people commenting and liking running away like our If your initial audience likes it, okay, we'll show it to more and even past that, Okay, these large accounts that have moons of followers or commenting on it. And you're just this little guy with, like, 5000 followers. Okay, a lot of people must want to see this also have a side theory. This is back when I had a personal instrument page there was not connected in the face with pager in business, and I think that helps a lot giving on the export page and just growing anyway. And it's about theories that let's take a look at these big accounts have commented on this video Within the 1st 10 minutes we have total put these 3/4 of 1,000,013 reasons. Tweets. Almost half a 1,000,000 gave ERM and 1.1 million all fails turned seven K highlights Network one going street posts eight and 60 k Just a no. I'm really just accounts verified accounts. There's more, but you get the point. OK, the next question right. Okay. How did you get all those accounts to comment? Because I'm sure anyone watching back I would love that. Of course you know that's gonna make it go viral. What worked in my favor is that once again, if you don't know me, I do YouTube with a guy named juggling Josh a k Josh Orton and his big instagram. He's very card. He's got about 1/4 of a 1,000,000 on there. And when he reached that status, he's kind of in thes groups on instagram help engagement that help grow your following and kind of what they do with each other is hey, every time you post send it in the D m and everyone like and comment for you. And so he was nice enough to do for me after he saw it, is that this is funny, like, let's let's see how many people will enjoy it if we kind of get the other accounts in on it . So he put in there Hey, like my most recent he said, Hey, go to triple Jake like and comment for all these big accounts. And so they're just following suit. They do what they do on their able to do that for me and gave me all sorts of engagement. Now quick side. That's not automatically. Just like, hey, if I get a big count to comment like it's gonna take ups, your chances of getting on export page and then if the continent's getting like we talked about, like just getting them to click on it isn't really enough, you know? But if you get them to click on it and they watch it and they like and comment on 20 that was funny, then answering. We just gotta keep showing it to people. So that's how you ultimate get turned 37,000 views from a very tiny count. But you they're probably don't do you do with a person who is big on Instagram, right? So how? How can the average person average? But how could you have to get these big accounts to follow you? I would figure out what kind of value you can provide for a lot of you may just be money. You may have to just pay people for a shower on the page or just like, Hey, what's it gonna take for you to like and comment on the next three videos that I ask you to ? You know, that's probably not that much money, because them it's like OK, like a comment or whenever. But that will take me 10 seconds, you know, So that's around. You could go. It's just find these big accounts that seem to engage with other people anyway and just hit them up for money. Probably not a big amount. Or I think much more fun with is you figured out like Okay, so you're like me or, if you're like yourself, that you're watching Peter having videos for Instagram, you primate videos and if you can find an account that makes good stuff. But maybe don't have the best videos. Maybe that's something you can provide to them. Hey, I love to help edit videos for you. You know, one of video in the next three years. Whatever. And in turn, if you could get you and the big accounts that your engagement groups with to comment on my video or whatever, you know, I'm gonna break down every possible negotiation that could happen or could not happen. But figure out the right account. You want to help you out or something you connect with anyway and have it begins to grant and figure out what kind of value you could provide them. So that, in turn, the value they confront you is just getting these big accounts to comment on your page. And if you think you're ready, thank you. Agreed with someone and you're ready to make the push. I would say, Just keep everything in mind that I talked about them. I have protection vertical video. It's gonna be more engaging, having have some great music that's not gonna get taken down my instagram on, then have a dope. Some now for once it gets to the Explorer page, it makes people say, You know what? I'll click on that, like I'll take a look at that. So thanks for watching this Helping. This would be somewhat helpful. I know this is my first feel share to around kind of replacing a lot of things wrong with how you doing everything. But I appreciate it. And if some of this kind of tickled an area that you like me to hit more on for another story, let me know and see you guys on Instagram.