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Instagram Marketing for Business Masterclass: The Ultimate Gameplan to grow your impact and income!

teacher avatar Deanna Dunn

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course Intro


    • 2.

      Intro to Clarity


    • 3.

      Goals and Core Offer


    • 4.

      Niching Down with Categories


    • 5.

      Targeting the Right Audience


    • 6.

      Communicating with Emotional & Visual Branding


    • 7.

      Optimizing Your Profile


    • 8.

      Intro to Content


    • 9.

      Photos & Videos


    • 10.

      Editing & Graphics


    • 11.

      Understanding Instagram's Mindset


    • 12.

      Engagement producing Captions


    • 13.



    • 14.

      Engagement Producing Captions


    • 15.

      Strategic Stories & Highlight Reels


    • 16.

      The Instagram Live Party


    • 17.



    • 18.

      Intro to Consistency


    • 19.

      Batching Your Content


    • 20.

      Trending Calendar


    • 21.

      Intro to Community


    • 22.

      Warm Introductions


    • 23.

      Followers to Fans


    • 24.

      Creating Viral Campaigns


    • 25.

      Growing With Giveaways


    • 26.

      Closing VIdeo


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About This Class

The Instagram Game Plan guides entrepreneurs in growing their impact and income through Instagram!

Whether you’re a personal or business user  - this Masterclass is the NO FLUFF solution to finally cracking the Instagram code to building a loyal following AND generating income at the same time!

Taught by Deanna Dunn, you will learn the ins and outs of marketing on Instagram and walk away with a complete game plan and strategy to achieve your goals. 


Just imagine…

✅ More likes from your ideal audience

✅ Posts and stories full of genuine comments and replies

✅ Daily DM's inquiring about your products & services

✅ More collaborations and sponsored posts

✅ More raving fans excited and wanting to buy your products

✅ The system the pros use to save time and energy creating content

✅ Have more free time to do the things you enjoy doing in your business

All of this is possible With: THE INSTAGRAM GAME PLAN! 

The Instagram Game Plan will teach you step-by-step how to:

➡️ Grow your Instagram account with authentic, and engaged followers

➡️ Get crystal clear on your goals and core offer

➡️ Identify and attract your ideal customer

➡️ Optimize your profile to create community, build loyalty, and maximize your exposure to potential leads

➡️ Take and edit your photos like a pro and see exactly what apps I use to do it

➡️ Create compelling captions that will have people excited for what you have to offer

➡️ Create a Posting Strategy that saves you time while maximizing your exposure

➡️ Understand Instagram's algorithm and how to actually use it to your advantage

➡️ Create professional, yet entertaining Instagram Stories that work to meet your business goals, without being too “salesy”


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deanna Dunn


I'm a Jersey girl living in LA with my husband James, converting vans into Camper Vans & sharing it with the world on Social Media! We are excited to share our experience with you! Come say hi on Instagram @deannadunn or on Tiktok @deannatdunn! Thanks for stopping by!

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1. Course Intro: with over a 1,000,000,000 users. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and has created one of the most powerful ways for you to directly connect with your target audience. Hi, my name is Diana, and I'll be your course instructor for Instagram game plan. So listen, I get it. With over a 1,000,000,000 users, how do you find followers that are interested in what you offer? How do you stand out in all the noise? How do you get your content trending on the Explorer page? And how do you create relevant content that brings in more followers and more sales? And to top it off, how do you accomplish this when Instagram is constantly making changes in updates? Well, I have been in your shoes, and that's why I created this course. I'm not only gonna answer all of those burning questions that I'm going to show you how to take advantage of those obstacles stand out and how to gain thousands of targeted, interested followers that will turn into lifelong customers. As a bonus, you'll get instant access to my trending calendar with relevant industry hashtags and training events, so that you could strategically plan and schedule all of your content without getting burnt out or overwhelmed. You also get instant access to so many lengths of resource is like editing tools, my engagement producing post checklists and most importantly, the Instagram game plan road map that lays out step by step, how to implement everything that you've learned. I've also created an extensive step by step workbook that you can fill in as you take this course. I will be there with you. Each step of this process, because you're growth and success are important to me. I constantly check in to answer any questions that you have, and I keep this course updated with any instagram changes or updates. If you're ready to finally crack the instagram code on how to build a loyal following and generate income at the same time that I'm so glad we met, I'm super excited to start this journey with you and creating your customized instagram game plan and cannot wait to see you inside 2. Intro to Clarity: I want to take a quick minute to tell you what's coming up in the clarity section. Everything that we established in this section will be the foundation of your business and brand on Instagram. In this section, we will get clear on who you are, what you offer and who you are offering it to doing this work is essential for communicating a clear message that addresses the real needs of your audience that I'll show you how to optimize your instagram profile to create a strategic and branded page that will draw in all of these ideal customers. By defining these essentials, you will have a clear direction of where you're going. When you know where you're going, you're able to reach your dream destination. That's it started. 3. Goals and Core Offer: When I first started with Instagram, I had an idea of the content I wanted to share, but I didn't have an exact goal or really a clear direction of how to get tobacco. I knew people got results from and I knew they built a following, established their brand and made money, but I didn't know how to exactly get there myself. But when things started to change was when I got clear about what my goals were and how using Instagram played a part in that as a business you want paying customers. You want people to understand what you offer and be excited to pay you money for it. By using Instagram, you can find your future customer, build a relationship with them so they can know like and trust you and eventually convert them into those paying customers. The use of instagram for businesses spread like wildfire in the last few years because brands are able to directly connect with their ideal customer and share their products or services in a more personal way. So we know Instagram could be powerful and connect us with our dream customers, but where do we start a lot change when I shifted my mindset. We obviously all want people to be interested in everything we offer. Follow us engaged with all of our content and by everything that we promote. But I started to see a lot of these things with my mindset went from How can I get to How can I give? People are so used to being asked for things that when someone is giving the value, they literally can't get enough. By giving value, you're able to build trust with your audience and establish yourself as the authority and professional in your field. Some examples of value could be education, a look behind the scenes, practical steps, entertainment or even motivation. Giving value can even be a simple as making someone's life better by making them laugh, making them feel like they're not alone or even making them see something differently. When your audience sees you consistently giving quality value on your instagram, they will know that you're paid products and services are quality as well and be more confident buying from you. We should apply the same giving mindset when it comes to making sales instead of just constantly pushing a product or service onto our audience away that we could give to our audience would be by identifying a problem our audience has and giving a solution to it businesses about identifying a problem or need and getting paid to solve it. And when you can solve bigger problems for more people, that's when you can start to scale your business instead of just playing the guessing game on the needs of your audience. A great way to find out those needs is by simply asking them. Unfortunately, Instagram has some great features to pull your audience and facilitate conversation, and we're going to dive deeper into this later on the course. When you find out what your audiences problems needs, pain points once and desires are, you can figure out how to best service them now. A lot of times we go to get started and we start thinking, Oh, well, this person's already doing it and they're doing it well and we compare ourselves to our competition before we even get started. But the reality is consumers can buy just about anything from anyone at any time. But you know what you have that your competition doesn't have you. Your personality your view of the world, your way of communicating your personal story and experiences that make what you offered totally different. When your audience gets to know you, the value share sticks, they know you, they feel understood by you, and they lean in and listen more closely because you are someone they can relate to. So from what we've talked about in this section so far, there are three questions that I want you to take. Time and answer Number one. How can I serve and give more value to my audience? Number two. What problem and my solving in number three What is unique about me that I want to share with my audience? Okay, so now we want to take time and get clear. Defined what, exactly, you are offering your audience, and we call this your core offer. Your core offer is your product or service that your business is centered around. For example, if you are an author, your core offer is your books. If your hairdresser your core offer is your hair services, a strategic way to service all of your customers needs is by offering an affiliate product that complements your core offer Okay, so stick with me here. Selling an affiliate product is when you promote and sell someone else's product and for each so you make you get a percentage. For example, if you are painter and your core offer is your art, you could be an affiliate of a framing company that frames your art for your customer. This way you can focus on your art and still offer full service to your customer of framing as well. And your business might only offer affiliate products, so the main product or service that you focus on is your core offer. So in your workbook, take time and answer the three questions that define your goal and take time to write a clear description of what your core offer is and I'll see in the next video. 4. Niching Down with Categories: Now that we're clear on your goals and your core offer, it is time to get very specific about your niche. Now your niche is the specific part of the market that your brand focuses on, so you're basically showcasing your business and strengths to the people that would be interested in those strengths. So if you're a personal trainer of the market, you would be in his fitness and health. But a niche would be personal training for new mothers. So instead of sharing general fitness content that doesn't intimately speak to anyone who would give value and structure to your business, that would cater directly towards new mothers. I used to have the mind set that if I got to specific about my brand that I wouldn't be able to reach as many people that if I picked one direction to go in, that I would be limiting myself. But by getting very specific on the segment of the market that you're in and what you are specifically known for, this makes you memorable. It attracts a targeted, interested audience and communicates what your followers can expect, so you need to know that random equals random when you put out random content, you get random followers. When you have random followers, you have random sales and random engagement on your content. So in order to have a clear niche that is communicated throughout all of your content, we're gonna break your knees down into six categories. You will be able to refer to the six categories anytime you're creating content. This gives you a way to share a deeper look into what makes up your brand. The reason I say six categories is because when you first go to your instagram profile, there are six squares when you separate your categories throughout those six squares, this makes your profile a snapshot of your company because we've all sat there and thought which I post about. Here are a few ideas of what your categories can be. You can use the specific categories that I give, or you can use them to just get your thinking about how you can share your story through different categories. First is the who category who makes up your brand because it just you and you can share about yourself to help your audience get to know you better already have employees a spouse or family that's part of your brain. The second is the what? This will be your core offer, and this is where you can tell us more about your product or service. Yes, you might sell pottery, but tell us about it. What type of materials do you use? What makes your Potter unique? What makes it good quality? The third is the How how does your business work? Show your audience what it will look like to work with you. If you are travel agent, I want to see the process of how planning my trip and getting there will happen from beginning to end. How do I contact you? How do we choose the destination and plan the details when people know what to expect from your core offer, they're more comfortable buying. Fourth is behind the scenes I love when this is tied in with how, like how some things made and you're giving us the behind the scenes and it might seem like something that's just familiar to you, but for the rest of us, we don't get to see this. This could be the process of how something is done or made, but also giving us a look into the day in the life of your industry. If you're an interior designer, let's see the behind the scenes of the remodel. If you're a boutique, let's see the new shipment of clothing. If you're a musician, let's see the behind the scenes of your writing process. Are you in the recording studio? Fifth is celebration. Let's see what's important to you. This could be a new launch. A goal you've met were even things that you just feel like are worth acknowledging are celebrating. Sixth is education when you share information and your expertise. This makes people say you need to file this brand, whether it's tips and tricks or how things were done. Your audience will love to learn from you and appreciate the value that you get as a bonus in your workbook. I've included a list of things to avoid posting about, and while you're there, I want you to write down your very specific Meesh. I'm even challenge you to push yourself to go extremely specific to get creative and then find a balance of what works for you. 5. Targeting the Right Audience: way got specific on who you are, what you have to offer and what your specific niches. Now let's talk about who were sharing all of that with. When it comes to creating content on Instagram, you need to know who your target audiences and how to reach them. Your target audience is the demographic of people that is most likely to be interested in your product or service. We want to get specific on who your target audiences, because when you know things like their interests, their values and age range, this will determine how we best communicate with them. When you do this well, your followers will look at your content. They'll say, Oh my goodness, I feel like this was made for me and it waas So if you know money isn't an issue for your dream customer and they value spending that money on things that make their lives more enjoyable, you don't have to keep advertising sales and discounts to them. Instead, you'd be talking about the lush experience that they'd be having with you and how everything is taking care off. So let's think of your target audience as just one person instead of talking to thousands of people. Let's talk to just one dream follower, and then all of those thousands of people will feel like you're talking directly to them. So when defining your target market, we're also going to define your one dream follower, who also happens to be your dream customer. And sometimes it's easier to you someone you know as an example, because you know their interest in needs. So in your workbook, I've made a dream customer profile, and you can add any other specifications you might have now it might feel a little weird making up this make believe person, but have fun with it. Better you get to know them, the more you'll be able to connect with your target audience. 6. Communicating with Emotional & Visual Branding: we now need to get clear on what your emotional brand and your visual brandis, your emotional brand is the way you make your audience feel. And your visual brand is how those feelings are communicated visually, and a brand makes us feel those emotions in the way that they communicate in the slogans that they use and the photos and colors their branding. So let's start with your emotional brand. Your audience isn't gonna remember every single thing that you say and do, but what they are gonna remember is the way that your brand makes them feel. So I want you to think about what emotions you want your audience to feel when they interact with your brand. Say you sell shoes and you want your audience to have a feeling of adventure. You would talk about where the issues can take them from eating a percent in Paris to walking on the Great Wall of China. Once you find what emotions best communicate your story, keep them in mind with all of the content that you create So in your workbook, write down a list of emotions that coincide with your brand and what you want your audience to feel, then choose a few of these emotions as your main focus. So next is your visual brand, also known as your aesthetic. This is how your emotional brand is communicated visually. So if one of the emotions that you want to communicate through your brand is joy, you want to think of visual ways that you can communicate that it could be through your color scheme, the lighting of your photos and videos. You're editing style or even the layout of your profile. This is actually very important because instagram is a visually based platform and people decide within the first few seconds of seeing something if they're interested or not. So when someone goes to your page or seizure content, you want to draw them in visually and have them stay to hear your story. One of the most helpful APS I use is called Preview up, where I can see what photos will look like on my feet before posting This way, I could make sure that my feet hasn't cohesive look and feel that communicates my emotional and visual Brandt. You can also link your instagram to the abso uploads your most recent posts so show how your new post will look like with your old ones. When you post a video, you can choose a clip to be your thumb. Now, if you can find a clip that matches your visual aesthetic, try to choose one later on in your video. By doing this, it keeps your audience watching longer to see what happens at the end. So have some fun and feel free to experiment with a few different styles in your preview up to find out what works best for you and I have included a link to the preview out below this video. So in your workbook, write down what colors, lighting, editing and layout you want to use to communicate your emotional and visual brand. 7. Optimizing Your Profile: Okay, so we've gotten clear on who and what your brand is. So the next step is to communicate that on your instagram profile. So your profile split up into four sections. Your handle, profile, picture, bio and link. We want to use these features to draw your audience in. In just a few seconds in your workbook, there's a sample profile free to fill out as you go. So by the end of this you'll have an optimized profile to draw in your dream customer. First is your handle. This is the name that people search for you under or tag you in, so keeping it as simple as possible and close to your brand's name is the best. Try to avoid using too many symbols or spelling changes. Next section is your profile picture. It should be something that is interesting and makes people curious to click on your profile. You don't always want to just default to your logo and leave it at that. You can use your logo as your profile picture, but by taking it a step beyond by putting your logo on top of a picture that best shows your brands aesthetic can be more of an interest to draw them in. Statistically, people are way more drawn to photos that have people in them and are more likely to interact with those photos. This profile picture could be the draw that makes someone click on your profile or not. Remember that your profile picture is this big, and you can't click on it to make it bigger. So whatever you end up making your profile picture, make sure it's clear enough to see at this size the next section is your bio. The first bold line of your bio puts your name as a default. This part of bio is actually the only other searchable part of your profile besides your handle. So take advantage of not only putting your name but maybe adding what you're known for, what type of industry urine or what you offer. If you are a wedding photographer by adding wedding for time for next to your name will help more people searching for a wedding photographer find you. The non bold part of your bio is where you want to connect with your potential follower. You do this by not only talking about yourself but talking about the results that your follower can get from you. While people do care about who you are, they connect more when they see how they can fit into that. At the end of your bio at a call to action to follow you at the end of my bio, I say, follow along and come say hi. This gives people the last push when they're just looking through it makes them feel more comfortable to connect with you. So when you're writing your bio, instagram actually doesn't let you skip to the next line, but who work around this by just typing it in your notes first and then copy and paste it into your bio in the last party profile is your link. This is one clickable location for you URL on instagram, and it's at the bottom of your profile here. This is your portal to another dimension, and you want to use it as strategically as possible to grow your brand. This is such a great way to be able to show so many different parts of your company with one click. This is an opportunity to add your website blawg articles, YouTube videos, Pinterest or any other sites. Now Instagram doesn't provide a space for you to put multiple links, but their APs that allow you to do so. One of them is called Link Tree, and you can add the link tree. You are all to your profile when you click on it. It brings up a clickable list of different links you can add. You can refer to these links in your captions or on your instagram stories to check out each specific link. And I have added a link toe lanktree below this video. But if you just have one like that, you'd like to add. When you do, the entire link shows up in your profile. And sometimes the Lincoln contain so many distracting symbols and jumbled letters. There's this cool website called Bentley that actually takes long you RL's and converts them to short, precise links. So this way you can still draw people to the site that you want without distracting them from your profile bio. You can also check that out below. Now let's talk about your settings. So first, let's make sure that your profile is public and not private. This way, people could see her profile before they're following under settings, privacy and security. An account privacy. You can see if privacy is switched on or not. Make sure it is off so people can see the content you used to attract them to your Brandt. The next step is to switch your account to a business profile. When you have a business account, you could include contact information under your bio. You also have access to helpful analytics that show you more about your audience interactions with your posts and a lot more when you have a business profile. You can also boost posts by paying to sponsor either existing posts or pushing make specifically fernet. So while you're in settings, you also want to make sure that you activate instagram notifications so you're alerted when there's interaction on your account. So in your workbook Great, a searchable headline that describes your brand a bio about the results your dream customer can get from you. What profile picture will make them click on your page and what link you want to add to lead them to connect further with your brand 8. Intro to Content: Now that you're clear on your goals, you know who your dream customer is, and you have this amazing profile set up. It's now time to create great content and get it in front of that dream audience. But you know what ends up happening? You pour your heart and soul into sharing something, and no one sees it. Well, maybe your mom and some supportive friends shadow to them. But in this next section will talk about how to maximize exposure to your content by strategically creating content for each of Instagram's features. We're gonna look into how instagram things so we can use that out of them. For your benefit, we'll go over photography and editing tools and how to strategically post your content with most exposure. When you take time to strategically create and share, you deserve for the world to see it. So let's get started 9. Photos & Videos: like we've talked about before. Instagram is a visually based platform, so the photos and videos that we use are powerful and communicating our brand. So a little extra effort goes a long way because people see so many photos and videos every day. We want to avoid them scrolling on by or tapping on through, and we want them to stop and stay for the message we want to communicate. So we're gonna talk about what's important in your photos and videos and some tips to really make them stand out. So let's talk about photography. You want the highest quality photos you can get, but this doesn't mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. You can take better quality photos with what you have by focusing on a few key elements. First, Amit is lighting the better lighting. You have the heart quality of photo you can get. You wanna have bright but diffused light to avoid her shadows. And if you're shooting inside, open those doors and windows and let that beautiful natural light. If you're outside, the best time to take a photo is golden Hour. This is the hour after the surprises in the morning and our before it sets at night. This is one is easiest to get a great photo because the light is still bright but defused, and the second is bounds. Having symmetrical photos are using the rule of thirds is pleasing to the eye and looks more organized. This is also something to take into consideration when using preview up to see your photos next to each other in your feet. It is important to know that for Instagram posts the vertical ratio that instagram crops. Your photo two is four by five. This is usually shorter than the vertical picture that you take on your phone or camera, so keep that in mind when taking your photos so nothing important will be cut off to be safe. You can always take a photo a little further away, so it's easier to crop four horizontal photos. You can post any dimension, but you want to keep in mind a few things. Instagram doesn't allow you to turn the screen to view that horizontal picture larger, so it's good to do the same four by five dimension. This makes a horizontal picture. Take up more of the screen and makes it easier to be a because of this. Vertical photos tend to receive more engagement and connect with more people on Instagram because it takes up more of a phone screen now because ads are mixed in with your content on Instagram, you want to make sure that your own photos don't look too much like ads because people subconsciously scroll by without even thinking about it. You might want avoid just posting a stock picture of your product on a white background. Have someone holding it, wearing it or using it when you give your photo some life. This is more interesting for people to look at and interact with. This is why lifestyle photos have become so popular you feel like you're more personally looking into someone's life than a sales flyer. So now let's take a second and talk about stock photos. To be honest, the words stock photos used to make me cringe a little bit because I would equate them with badly posed underlay doble ads. But with the popularity of stylized lifestyle brands and aesthetics, I've seen some really cool and Weldon stock photos that air great to use throughout your own photos, graphic designers and photographers have made some amazing collections where you're able to buy an entire package of different photos with the same color scheme and feel to match your visual brand. Stock photos can make posting consistently in keeping up with their branding so much easier . These can also be used as backgrounds on your story. You can add text or even your own photos on top of them, but remember to use them sparingly, so you are still using photos that are personalized to your brand. You want to avoid using photos that could be mistaken for your own work. Like if you're an interior designer, I would avoid using photos of any interiors or exteriors that aren't your own design. Or if you're a restaurant, I would avoid using photos of food that aren't your own menu. Items below this video. I have linked some great stock, photo and video sites 10. Editing & Graphics: editing can make a world of difference. It enables you to keep the same look and feel throughout all of your photos and makes your content recognizable. And while some photos might look great as is when you put them next to the other photos on your feet, it might not give a totally cohesive look. This is where making adjustments to give the same type of colors feel and lighting is so beneficial. Keep in mind the visual branding decisions that you made earlier so that you can keep the same field throughout all of your photos. There are a lot of editing APS out there, but to start, I would just make some changes with basic exposure and brightness. After I make some basic edits, I upload my photo into preview up and see how it looks against my other photos. Now you are able to edit an instagram app right before you post, but I wouldn't suggest doing that as you're not able to check what your photo will look like against your preview out before you post presets have become very popular, which are photo settings that are safe to give a certain look to a photo. There are a lot of APS out there now with great filters and presets, and in some of them you're able to just the filters and settings yourself. And when you find a setting combination that you like, you can save the preset and use it later. On another photo, I've added a list of editing tools and APS below this video as well. On In Stream, you don't only have to post photos and videos on their own, but graphic images and other text based images like Mihm's or quotes are very popular because they could be so relatable. Now you don't want to rely only on text based photos because, like we talked about before, having people in them or lifestyle photos performed very well. One of my favorite APS to use to create graphic images is canda. It's a free for room with the option to upgrade for more uses. They're free app is more limited, but using their free website on your desktop gives you so many more options. The great thing about this program is that it gives you so many social media templates for what you're specifically making. You can specifically tie pin and Screwem, and it will give you the options for an instagram post and scream story or other options that are trending. This will automatically give you the right size and set up for what you need. Because different social media platforms and parts of those social media platforms are designed differently and work differently, you don't want to get into the habit of one size fits all. You want to specifically design items for each out, so in canvas, you can then choose specifically outside are made for each platform. Change any lines, shapes, airframes and customize your photo to specific font options and pick from lots of free backgrounds and stock. Image is my favorite part of the site is that you can customize your brand. So when you go to the brain tab and choose your options, this will automatically fill in these colors, bonds and your logo into all the templates you make. So it makes it easier to keep your same aesthetic throughout your photos. An easy way to make a mean tape photo is sharing that photo on Twitter with the caption. Then, when you screenshot it, you have a photo and text together to use. There are so many abs to get creative with. So start simple, stay on brand and have some fun. 11. Understanding Instagram's Mindset: when you're sharing your content on instagram, I want your content to be seen by the most people that it can't be. Instagram isn't a chronological feed anymore, so it has an algorithm that decides what posts are seen by. Let's think of this algorithm as the way instagram things. So instead of feeling intimidated by it or feeling discouraged that your post might not be seen, let's see how it works so we can use in streams mindset to our advantage and share strategically. So Instagram determines how many people are going to see a post within the 1st 30 to 60 minutes of you posting. So if you have high engagement on your post right away, Instagram sees that says out, People are enjoying this post. So let's show it to more people. So we need to know what Instagram determines engagement to be. Engagement is all the ways that people interact with you or your posts on Instagram likes and comments or some of the most obvious ones. But interaction also includes the length of time people take looking at your posts, the number of times people save your post. How many times the video is viewed the length of time that video was viewed. Re sharing of your posts. D. M in your post to someone. Go to your profile after seeing your post tagging friends in your post. People seeing your post from the hashtag used or senior on the Explorer page, and we'll get into more details about a few of these later. Now the quality of engagement is just as important as the amount of engagement on your posts. They're bots and fake accounts that comment automatically on thousands of posts with generic things like cool or nice post. Because of this, Instagram tries to determine authentic engagement by holding comments with four more words in a higher regard. By giving and receiving multiple word comments, this gives you an opportunity to build relationships with people in the comments section of your posts. Not only does this create more engagement on your posts, it creates a conversation with your audience and helps them get to know you more and vice versa. Think about how powerful it is to get to know your followers what they like and what they would like from you. You'll have that priceless information to grow a brand that you know your followers enjoy interacting, so Instagram has changed its out for them to as best as it can determine what is a genuine relationship and what's not. And while it might be difficult to get more likes and comments with this algorithm, it challenges people to create better, more engaging content. So this is why consistency is important when you post often gives people more opportunities to engage with your content. And the more people engage with your content, the more you show up in their feats. Now, the most important thing that we need to remember when we're talking about all this is that each of those likes and comments are really individual people. So even if there are times that you didn't get as much engagement as you like, remember that behind those numbers are really people that did engage with your content. It's more important to foster a few strong relationships at a time, then have thousands of un interested followers. You might be thinking, I don't have time Teoh create great engaging contact every day. Well, don't worry. Later on, in this course, I'm gonna show you how to create content well in advance, making consistency so much easier 12. Engagement producing Captions : But the way in the next few videos, we're gonna be talking about the different parts of opposed and how to best use each of them. And in this video, we're talking about captions now captions air where you can share your message and foster human connections. So think of it this way. You want people to stop for your picture and staple your caption So your objective with the caption is to number one. Catch their attention so that they want to read more number to share your story or message and number three. Invite them to take action first. You wanna capture their attention with an attention getter. Now, attention getters can be a teaser that piques their curiosity to keep reading or could be a quote or saying that sets the tone for what you're gonna be sharing about. Some of your attention getters can even be things that are already on your calendar. Like holiday is social media, holiday seasons or even days a week. People are already in the mindset of what's going on around them, So by using training events to break the ice, you can communicate in a way that people are currently thinking. Then you can lead them to the next step of sharing your more personal story where they can get to know you better by expanding on one of your six categories by rotating your six categories throughout your posts, weather in your picture or talking about them in your captions. This will give your audience a well rounded view of who you are and what you have to offer . Remember, people connect and understand things when you tell them. Stories and captions have almost become many blood posts where you're able to express yourself in your brand in a deeper way, and lastly, you want to invite them to take action. This could be a question you want to ask them. Having them tax the one D Having you to learn more or clicking on the link in your bio asking questions gives people a reason to stop and connect with you on your posts. Some types of questions could be open ended questions. Fill in the blank responses or splitting fans into two camps like chocolate or vanilla went sharing. It's important to use the 80 20 rule, where 80% of your content is giving value and 20% is selling to keep these things in mind when you're creating your captions. Remember, Instagram is still a visually based platform, so you want to keep your captions meat and clean. Sometimes a long paragraph loses me because I'm not in the mindset to read that long of a story. When pressing, return or enter in a caption, it shows up in your draft, but when you post it, it pushes it altogether. But by separating thoughts with an emoji in between or giving it some type of outline your brain easily things. Oh, I can read those few lines and reads it section by section. A little hacked at an invisible line break is to copy and paste it into your posts and delete the brackets on either side, and this will work in your caption, and any time you're going to the next line, make sure there isn't a space afterwards. Another way to help boost your post is by tagging a handle on your caption. Because Instagram sees this as a way for more people to interact on their app so they end up showing your post. Two more people remember you only want to use this feature with relevant pages, brands or people that are in your photo or that you're talking about in your caption. 13. #Hashtags: in this video, I'm going to show you how to strategically use Hashtags to boost your engagement and have new users discover your page by adding a pound sign in front of keywords or phrases it links to your post to similar type posts. Hashtags helped organize content and help users find new content that they're interested in because of this post with at least one hash tag. Have 12.6% more engagement. Making the use of Hashtags such a powerful way to grow your following. As with all your instagram features, you want to use Hashtags in a non spammy way, so you only want a hashtag things that are relatable to your content. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags proposed, and I like to use. The 10 10 10 role used. 10 hashtags with under 100,000 posts, 10 hashtags with 100,000 to a 1,000,000 posts and 10 hashtags that have over 1,000,000 posts. By using a hashtag that has less than 100,000 posts. This allows you to more easily reached the top posts. Sometimes when a post gets a lot of engagement quickly, it boosts it to the top post in that hashtag. This is a great way for a lot more people to see it and to reach new viewers and then using more popular hashtag has pros and cons by using a hashtag that has been used over a 1,000,000 times. It exposes your post two more people, and it can get you more likes quickly. But on the flip side, your post will be quickly pushed down with new posts that are ahead of years. When a hash tag has less uses, say, somewhere between 100,000 and a 1,000,000 posts, it has a longer time before it's pushed down by new posts in that category. As you can see, the hashtag business page looks very crowded and has 42.1 million posts. When I refresh the page, New Post come up every few seconds. But a way to find a more niche audience is by using two word hashtags so you can see that hash tag creative business looks more put together and has 437,000 house. They stay at the top longer before new post come up. Preview APP has an awesome section to find Hashtags and different categories and allows you to add them right to your caption. You click find and select a category at the top, and it brings up some of the best hashtags to use that are big and small. When you find a selection of hashtags you would like to use more often, you can save these hashtags and with one tap had them to your caption for another post. You can use the same hash tags over again so that you can reach your same audience. But you want to change it up sometimes to reach new people and new trending things that are going on. You can also follow hashtag when you use a hashtag that you follow. It boosts your engagement with that hashtag as well. This will also make some of the top post from that hash tag appear on your own feet, and we'll show you what other people's posts are doing in your category as well. You can go to accounts that are similar to yours in your industry and see what hashtags that they're using. And you can save these hashtags in your notes or your preview up to use them later because of some mistreatment with Hashtags that do not meet Instagram's community guidelines. Instagram has some band cash tax you want to avoid using hashtag Center band because this can cause the rest of your hashtags to not work and can even block your content from being seen altogether. You can search of a hash tag is banned or not by going to the search option, tapping on tags and typing in what you're searching for. You'll know the hash tag is banned or not if it just shows a few of the post under that hash tag and says recent posts from this hashtag are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines. This doesn't mean a hashtag will always be banned, so you can check back periodically. You can add hashtags to your content, either in the caption or in the comments. I prefer adding them the first comment. Avoid cluttering my caption to give them a clean and clear look. You can add a few dots each line down or at an invisible break when you posed after a few minutes, go to those hashtags and see of your photo has reached any of the top posts in that hashtag . You can also see if your post heads drop down quickly in other hashtag. So take some time to research. What hashtags air on brand with yours What? Hash tags are banned so we can avoid using them. And what content is trending to gain more exposure with happy hash tagging? 14. Engagement Producing Captions: So we've talked about how to write engaging captions and have a strategically use hashtag X . Now it's time to talk about other features of a post and how to get them out there for the world to see. I'm going to give you my step by step process that you can use every time you post on how to capitalize on Instagram's out. So when you post, you can either post a single photo or video or you composed multiple called the Carousel Post. So let's talk about prepping these posts so that we could make sure we're taking advantage of each feature as we go. Once you have decided what photo or video you're gonna post, and I uploaded it to the preview act to see how it works with your feed, upload it to the instagram it. Once it's uploaded, you can add your engaging caption that we talked about earlier. The next feature you want to use is the tagging feature. This allows you to take the handle of other accounts in your photos when used correctly. Tagging other accounts with a lot more reach makes your post show up in their tag photos section where it will get a lot more exposure. If you're a musician and you do a cover of an artist song people that are already a fan of that person's work, we'll see your stuff as well in the same way you tag big artists accounts. This goes for large brands that are in your photos, like clothing or furniture brands. This not only gives them the opportunity to repost your photo, but it gives you exposure to their audience when they see you in their tech photos get created with who you can tag if you certain products in a process stagnant. This not only gives them the opportunity to repost your photo, but it gives you exposure to their audience. When they see you in their tagged photos, get creative with who you contact. The next feature is the location tag. This is another feature where more people are able to see your post, so you want to make sure that you always tag your location, especially if you are looking for local customers in your area by tagging the city that you want to reach. This exposes your content to that target audience. Another future Instagram has is posting your content straight to Facebook, twitter or tumbler. Because different social media platforms are created differently, I would actually suggest not using this feature. The reason I say this is because when you tag instagram handles or locations, you aren't able to click on them when they're posted to Facebook or another app. And because of the small character limit on Twitter, your caption might be too long. So when you take a minute to upload to each platform individually, you're able to strategically post for each of them, ensuring that all the features work correctly. So we talked about the importance of engagement and the importance of engagement right away . So because of this, you want to make sure you're posting at peak times when people are already on instagram so that they're able to see your content right away. This varies between industries and target markets, but in the analytic section of your Instagram, there is a timeline joined when most of your followers air online. You don't want to solely rely on this information, though, because this might be when your followers are online, but maybe not when they're most free to engage and really take time to look at your content . Also, as you gain more followers in your target audience, this information can change. So find out what works best for you and for your audience. You can try different times. You can try early in the morning, post midday or in the evening post. Take into consideration what time zones your followers are in and what work schedules they might have. Once you see what content is most engaged with and at what times, you can use this information in how and when you post in the future. So now I'm going to share with you step by step, how your content can gain more exposure every time you pose with my strategic posting process. I've added these steps in your workbook. So once I go through the details of each, you can use this checklist every time you post. So first you want to decide the best time to post, which is whenever you're audience is the most free to engage and take time looking at your content Next, you want to have your hashtags copied. These are the ones that you prepared in advance, so you have them ready to paste when you posed in the first comment, then you want to warm up the algorithm by engaging. Instagram likes to see that you're interacting on their platform and they'll show your post more people when you've been active. Now go ahead and post and then paste your hashtags in the first comment underneath that post, then you can share in your story that you've posted a great way to organically bring attention to your post on your story is to talk about it but not give everything away. Leave something that will make them want to go to your profile and see what you're talking about. Now go be social on social media. First, you can go to your notifications and swept the left to the people that you are falling and they're notifications because these are the people who are currently engaging online. Next, you can engage with people that are interacting with content and accounts that are similar to yours, and then you could engage with your target audience from Hashtags and locations and lastly , you in response to the comments on your post with engaging responses that can prompt even more conversation. And remember there over a 1,000,000,000 active users on Instagram, so it's extremely hard for people to find one account out of all of them. So instead of struggling with them coming to you, go to them while remaining genuine and authentic. As you're learning what works for you, you can implement just a few of these at a time. Things that are worth it usually takes some time, so find a process of a few things that work for you and then slowly add a few. 15. Strategic Stories & Highlight Reels
: I am so excited to talk to you about instagram stories. Instagram launched its story future back in 2016 where content that you posted disappeared after 24 hours. So it was basically Instagram's version of Snapchat. So let's talk about how we can use instagram stories to connect and grow. So just like movies or books to have a good story, you need a beginning, middle and end. These stories don't have to be long or elaborate or complicated, but the more details you give, the more invested your audience will be. Stories air a powerful way to give a deeper look into the six categories of your brand. As you keep adding stories throughout the day, it keeps pushing your content to the front of your followers feeds so you can take advantage of this by adding more stories throughout your day. So the first feature is adding text to your photos or videos. This not only makes what you're saying clear into the point, but you can also use it to keep them watching longer because stories air so easy to tap through. Add text about what's going on, what's about to happen or quoting what you're saying in case someone's watching without the volume. This makes them want to turn up the volume and see what they're missing. One page stories can easily get lost, so it's good to create multiple page stories. Even if you just use one photo, you can have new words pop up on the screen with each tap. Just like with captions, people are way more likely to read something when it's separated into small, bite sized portions. Other features to make what people are watching mawr Interesting. Our filters, music and gifts. Some filters you can use on yourself during filming and some you can use on the photo of video afterwards, especially if you just have a standalone photo. Or, if you're not talking in your videos, music and adds such a good vibe to your content. So just like when you post your instagram feed the location and hashtag future is a way to get your content out to more people. You want to take advantage of these features on all your instagram stories, even if you don't feel like the story is about that location of where you work when you tag a location and a hashtag on your story. You have a chance to be featured on that location story or that hashtag story. So even if you're not out in about still tag a city and a hashtag to a relating subject, and you can also tag other accounts like you do in your posts. It's so easy for people to repost your story to theirs, and when you do, this exposes you to their entire audience. So think about who you can organically tag for more exposure. Now, with all these tags and futures, your stories can get a little crowded and the text could be distracting. So I'll show you a quick trick I use. I add all the hashtags and handle tags to my story. And then I put them all together and dick literate by covering them up with either the location, text or gifts. If you have a business account enabled and you have over 10,000 followers, Instagram allows you to have a sweep of future in your stories. This allows you to send your audience to any external link you have. So we've talked about the importance of building relationship with your audience and finding out their opinions, wants and needs. So instead of just guessing, you can use instagrams of polling features where you can get real time feedback from your stories. There are three different features you can use. The first is a sliding scale. The 2nd 1 gives you two options to vote on, and the third is a question with a fill in the blank answer. You can get us creative as you want with your polls. I'd recommend the balance of the more fun entertaining with a mixture of surveys to see what products or services your audience would be interested in. Using poles is another way to boost the algorithm and get your audience used to interacting with you. You can also add a countdown to your stories. Not only does this build hype for a launch or something that's coming up, but your followers can turn on notifications when the countdown ends. If you're going live on your account or if something you're releasing share countdown with your followers so they could be alerted. When you create a story that you don't want to disappear after 24 hours, you have the option to save it to a highlight reel because you're highlight reel is at the top of your feed. I want you to think of this as a way to expand your bio. I'd suggest including, in your highlight reel, a clear story of who you are and what you offer. So right away your audience has clarity. Another strategic highlight could be the process of working with you or buying from you like we talked about before. The more that people are familiar with that process, the more comfortable they become buying from you. You can also have a highlight reel for each of your six categories. This way, As you create content about your business, you can add to that categories highlight, and you'll have a very thorough and creative you of all parts of your brain by default. Your cover photo of the highlight reel is a thumbnail from one of your photos or videos in it, but you can add your own cover by going to the highlight, editing the cover and clicking on the photo icon. Canada is a useful and easy tool where you can make your own that matches your aesthetic. Remember, have fun with your stories. I'll see in the next video 16. The Instagram Live Party: Instagram Live is a feature that broadcast a live video from your account to all of your followers. Now this might sound a little daunting, but it actually has a lot of benefits. So some of the benefits of going live are. It sends a notification toe all your followers. When your life starts, you'll be able to interact with followers by responding toe riel. Time comments. It boosts the algorithm, and INSTAGRAM shares your content to more people. Your life story stays at the front of the story feed, and you can save it to your story afterwards with adding hashtags in a location now because your instagram wide broadcast, as you record it, I want to give you a few tips. You could be prepared and host a great life segment. So let's think about your life session in the same way that you would plan a party. You want people to know about it beforehand. You want them to feel comfortable, entertained and connected, and you don't want anyone leaving early. So here a few tips and tricks before buying lives so you can make it an engaging party. Promote that you're going live beforehand. Talk about it on your story or your latest post and get people excited for it. Prepare your phone in yourself. Record a quick, non live video beforehand to see how you look and how your sound and lighting us have a plan and an outline. You are the host of this party, and you don't want to just rely on people's comments for entertainment or for content. Plan out what you want to say and maybe a few things to talk about when you don't have questions to respond. Teoh. Because you're able to save this to your story for later when people can't comment, Keep it active and interesting many time when I'm doing somebody's live. I don't find myself lasting that long for two reasons. One, they don't start talking about what they're trying to talk about early enough. So I feel like I'm just staring and waiting to they say one thing that they were thinking about, and then they resort to wanting people to give them things to talk about. Title your video so that people that might join in late know what they're watching. You can do this by typing it in the comments and pinning it next is to mute trolls. Comments. Remember you're leading in. You're in charge of the mood. Track your progress when the light ends screenshot. The analytics have a regularly scheduled live segment. You'll have more interaction when people work you into their schedule and by influencers. Experts are entertainers to take over your life or to join you. So here's how you go alive. Tap in the top left of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in the feed tap, live at the bottom of the screen, then tap. Start live video. The number of viewers appears at the top of the screen, and comments appear in the bottom. Tap comment to add a comment and tap and hold a comment to pin it to the top so that viewers can see it more easily to turn comments off tap, then select. Turn off commenting when you're done, tap end in the top, right and then tap to confirm. From there, you can tap save in the top right and save it to your camera roll or share it to your story . So while you're alive, there's a few features I want you to take advantage of. The first is face filters. These might not be the biggest hack, but it sure makes a fun and entertaining. If someone isn't alive with you, you can add them to the video with both of you popping up on the screen. This keeps your conversation going and adds a whole new dynamic tear contact. And third, you can also see who is watching. If there are only a few people in the chat or none at all, don't worry. Keep going. When someone does join, they want to see some fun, engaging action and not somebody that stressed and freaked out. You were also able to post this afterwards, so it's OK if in real time there weren't that many, because people will see it later. You can also ask questions on your stories with the question future and then share the future on your instagram Live to answer them so in your workbook, take a minute and jot down a few ideas you have for going live 17. IGTV: currently on Instagram, you can only post a video that's up to a minute long, and your instagram stories can only be up to 15 seconds each. So in June 2018 Instagram created a new long form vertical video app called I G TV, where you can upload videos up to 10 minutes long. No, really, very good. Basically, Aggie TV is like a hybrid of YouTube and Instagram stories. Instagram wants to capitalize on the amount of video content that people are consuming other mobile devices, so they're aiming to be the leaders in vertical video. I do TV links up with your existing account, and you can access it through the I G TV icon or you have the option of downloading the standalone app in the APP store. Before you can start uploading videos toe I. G. T V. You need to create your own channel. This channel is an extension of your existing INSTAGRAM account. When people start to follow it, they will automatically start following your instagram feed. When you are creating a channel, you have the option to add an external link to the description of any video you create. You can link your I G TV videos to your stories to lead people. Write to them. This is exciting because you can send your audience to any shop website blawg or wherever you want them to go. So as you're sharing more about your brand and expanding your six categories, you can get creative with expanding toe long form video content. This isn't something you need to jump into right away, but knowing these features can creatively get your wheels turning. 18. Intro to Consistency: people get burnt out uninspired or just plain over. It is because they get overwhelmed with trying to post consistently, trying to think about what to post or how to post the same thing. But in a different way. It can just get Planning's Austin. In this section, I will show you how to create consistent, engaging content and how to prepare well in advance, save you so much time, stress and energy. We're going to go over how to use the mindsets that people are already in, so it makes it a whole lot easier to connect with what your brand is about. This will get your brand in front of your audience thoughtfully and consistently, and for you up to work on your business. Come on. 19. Batching Your Content: now that we have scheduled or month in our trending calendar, we have a list of the content that we need to make in your calendar. There is a list of what to prep for in the coming month. There might be a few photos or videos that you have to wait for, like a recap from an event or anything in real time. But for the rest of it, it it's so much easier to set aside one time and get it all done. So these are the steps of getting your months worth of content done at once. First, you wanna plan all the details. So if you have a holiday on the calendar for the next month, decide what you want the picture or video to be of where you want to take it and what you want to be in it. This is a good time to create coordinating story content with the Post that you have for that day. Check your preview out for how these photos will be arranged so that you know whether to take a close up photo or the color scheme to keep in mind. When you arrange your photos, do this with all the photos that you have plant in your calendar under the photo section, you can type in the details of what needs to be included in the photo. Then, once the photos taken, you can just add it right there next to you on a prep. For the shoot, get all the different clothing options you need altogether the props, camera equipment and all the extra lighting. This enables you to quickly get things done without having to slow down to find things. Next, go out and take those photos and videos. Remember the tips I gave you in the photography section of this course plan for good lighting. And remember to capture a more natural feel than an ad snap. Each picture that you need the next is to edit by editing your photos altogether and an advance. This makes it easier to keep up with your brands aesthetic and give a good balance to your feet. Put them together in your preview up and make tweaks here and there so you can see them all together before you post. The next is to caption. You know the content from the calendar you wanna post and you want to take time to create a great caption with the three parts that we learned about in the caption video. A good attention getter, knowledgeable body and a call to action. Next research Hashtags location tags and account tax. Plan on all of your hashtags with the 10 10 10 rule of large, medium and small, and plan the hash tags that will be relevant to the timeline of the holiday time of year, day of the week, or what your category is about. Find the best hashtags in advance and find the right location to tag for each next. Save it to the draft in your instagram app. Once you save the edited photo caption and tags, all you have to do on the day is click share. This frees up all your time to engage with your audience. Make sure you still keep your content in your calendar for backup before you post, just in case as you don't want to lose this work. If you delete your at for any reason or there's a glitch, this also deletes your saved drafts. Once you do take some time to badger content, it makes putting out quality and engaging content. So much is here 20. Trending Calendar: Hey, so real quick. Before we start, I want you to take a big sigh of relief with me. Okay? Okay. You know why? Because if you implement what we're gonna do in this video, it's gonna give you some relief. It takes up a lot of brainpower putting everything that makes up who you are into clear and creative ways of communicating something. So let's talk about how we can make that easier for you. So a lot of times people either post about their company or what's going on. And like we talked about in the caption section, the sweet spot is where you can relate your core categories toe what is trending. I call this trend Hacking your audience is already in the mindset of what's going on around them. So let's work with it. So I created a calendar for you that is full of yearly events, mindsets that people are in and what is trending when you join your core categories to what is trending it does these things number one. It gives you an excuse to post about your brand number two. It relates your content to training events Number three. It allows you to take advantage of the hashtag is that people are using that are popular that day or time of year, gaining more relevant exposure to your content. Number four. It gives you different ways to share your story. Number five. It aligns your content with the mindset that people are already in and Number six. It allows you to authority. Hack authority Hacking is when you align your brand with someone or something that is already recognized as an authority. This calendar is your tool to be able to batch your content. This means that you're able to plan and make your content ahead of time so you're freed up to just post it. Engage and work on your business, and we talk about matching your content in the next video. So as your schedule your content with this calendar, I want you to think of ways that you can build hype around your content. When you build type around your content, you build anticipation and you create a connection with what you're sharing about. So, for example, if you're musician and you have a new song coming out instead of just posting one day and saying, Here's my new song a way you can build hype and build. A connection leading up to that is by releasing videos that show behind the scenes of you recording. Or you can talk about what your motivation was for writing that song in the first place. So let's get to this calendar. It's an entire year calendar, so you can plan ahead as much as you like. So I'm gonna go through each of these steps with you first film the dates specific to that year. Next, decide how many times a week you wanna post. Then, as you feel everything in, you can see where you can add things to Philip that week. Next at in your Events for that month, whether it be a release, launched a new line of something, a promotion or a party. Whatever it might be. It let's start with working around your calendar. Next, we want to build up height for those events on your calendar. Not everyone is going to see only one post for something so you composed a few times leading up to it. Next, fill a national holiday of seasons or observances that you want incorporate into your content, then plan for building hype up to them, like creating content about the Christmas season. Not just a Merry Christmas post. This leads us to time of your mind sets in conditions like fresh starts in the new year. We're getting outside when the weather starts to warm up, then add buildup to those times of year, then add in social media, holidays, mindsets and conditions. While some of these air just fun, they're great ways to hack the trends, so you can still think of ways to add value. A National Donut day. I created a list of all the places that we're giving away free donuts. I compiled them and posted them in a fun, creative way. And people were tagging their friends on my pose, saving my list and sharing it. Then, after adding all of these things in, you can even have an excuse to post with the days of the week. People are in certain mindsets on cash tags Sunday Fun day and related to brunch, having a day of rest or preparing for the week ahead. So this gives you a full trending schedule so you can add or take away as much as you like . I'd suggest filling in what you can, and then you can schedule each month at a time 21. Intro to Community: is posting on Instagram without engaging with other accounts is kind of like going to a party sitting in the other room and then being upset that no one talked to you. So let's get out of that dark corner, grab a drink and go make some friends. Have you ever been at a party? And you are stuck with that one person that has not stopped talking about themselves and you haven't even got one thing out about your own life? How does it make you feel? You might be a little turned off by it. When we take a step back from focusing on our own lives and what we're doing, we're able to be inspired by the beautiful people around us. We get to know the interests of the values of the people that we want to reach, more creative in the ways that we can do. So this is your official invited to the party. Let's go be social on social media 22. Warm Introductions: when you need to get a haircut, you feel a lot better when someone you know gives you a recommendation to a good hairdresser. You saw that your friend has a good haircut, so now you feel a little more comfortable going to them yourself. This recommendation from someone that you trust warmed you up to someone that you didn't even know before. And now you're more likely to trust this new person in the same way when someone introduces you to their audience, their audiences more familiar with you, and it starts the relationship off stronger. And like we talked about before, a warm audience is more likely to engage and buy from you than a cold audience. So while you're building relationships with your audience, you also wanna be building relationships with your peers. So get to know other brands, businesses, influencers or accounts that have similar interests or values as you by co branding. There are a few ways we can work together and help each other grow. One of the first and easiest ways is through shadows. This is one accounts, talk about other counts and tag them, encouraging their audience to follow them. Some accounts do hashtag follow Friday, or hashtag talk about people where they show their audience each other speeds and what they love about following them. You could also talk about another account in a more natural way by talking about something that happened that reminded you of them. Or you could work it into your conversation in a more natural way. Another way is collaborating. You can collaborate many different ways, but one of the most common ways you've probably seen on Instagram is when a brandis sends an influencer a product, whether for payer trade and they share it with their followers. You might be the brand sending where the person of influence receiving. So let's talk about how this can work to mutually benefit both parties in the same way you have built trust with your audience. You don't want to strain that trust with promoting people or products that aren't body or reliable. There have been many times that a brand has contacted me about promoting a product of theirs, whether for trade or for pay, and I've had to turn it down because it wasn't mutually beneficial. It was either something that my audience wouldn't be interested in and therefore water down my content or was something that wasn't worth the time I'd have to commit to it. The same goes for the brand. You want to make sure that the audience of who you're working with is part of your target audience and will be interested in your niche. So when you do find a good match, here are the steps to work together. First, the etiquette is to reach out privately. This could be via D. M or their email provided in their profile. You want to make sure you're building relationship with them. So before reaching out, make sure you're following them and engaging with their content. Second, determine the terms that work best for both parties. That includes what is being given, how the content is being shared. What wordage in the timeline of completion. One. Presenting terms. Keep in mind that both parties are running a business. So while you might want to be frugal and save money, you want both parties to be happy and respected. There are also tears of working together. Some start with the one time collaboration, and when you work together well, you can move forward. Working together again or more consistently. So this is where affiliate marketing is very common. So whether it's an affiliate link or another way of tracking the sales, they would receive a percentage of the sales that they promoted. This could be mutually beneficial as more sales are made and both parties air rewarded. Another way to co brand with other counts is with account takeovers. This is when somebody that your audience would be interested in hearing from whether it be an influencer, an expert or an entertainer shares on your instagram. This could be on your instagram story on your posts or going live on your account. And then both of you can have exposure to each other's audiences. A few things that they can share on your account are talking about your product behind the scenes of an event or the process of doing something. So start thinking about how you can work together with others, Teoh give and to receive warm welcomes to build strong community and sales 23. Followers to Fans: in the clarity section. We got clear on who your ideal customer is, and in this video I'm going to show you how to find them, how to attract them to follow you and how to turn followers into fans. So we've talked about ways that your target audience confined. You like using hashtags that they're searching locations or having their friends tag them on your page. So now let's talk about how you can find them when you find your target audience and you make the first move. It draws attention to your account, but it also shows them how to feel free to engage with your content. So some ways to find your target audience or by number one see who is following and engaging with similar counts is yours. Number two people engaging with hashtags in your industry Number three Hashtag stories number four locations Your demographic would live. Hang out at visit or shop from and number five locations stories, especially if you have customers local to a specific area. I want you to go to those city and area tags and engage with people that are checking in there. So here are some ways that you could engage with those targeted people number one by liking and commenting on their posts number two by following them. Number three replying to their stories. So this is where you just give, give, give you want to make engagement? Your number one goal. A great time to engage is right before and right after you post like we talked about in the strategic posting process. You want a warm up your engagement before you posed, So this is a great time to connect with people and draw people to your content. So I want you to get out there and I want you to be people's biggest fans. I want you to be as excited about their posts as their best friend is. I want you to know what's going on in their lives, follow them like and comment on their pictures. We appreciate when people do this for us, so show them how to do it. By doing this, you're creating a warm audience that can get to know you. The difference between a cold audience and a warm audience is that a cold audience doesn't know who you are. They don't trust you yet, and they have no way of knowing if you are authentic or can follow through. A warm audience is familiar with you. They're familiar with the value that you add and you have gained their trust. So you might be thinking, Well, I just want a whole lot of followers and I don't have time to engage like that with everyone. Well, this is where we can shift our mindset from the viral culture that we live in. Your new goal should be to create one super fan at a time when you have a true super fan will be your biggest fan and customer for life. They'll buy what you sell. No questions, that's and if you just made one super fan at a time that leads to a strong customer base, and that's more valuable than any other part of your business at over time. Those followers really add up 24. Creating Viral Campaigns: So let's talk about campaigns. Campaigns are out of the box. Creative ideas to communicate your mission. So, for example, say you're a dentist, you might have a hard time coming up with engaging content that would draw people in to follow you. It might be hard to only have before and afters of crooked or yellow teeth, and people might not be rushing to follow your account. But if you started a campaign with the hashtag, what makes you smile? You could post more than just fixed teeth, and you compose fun and heartwarming photos that make people feel confident when they take care of themselves. Creating a campaign invites your target audience to get involved. You can create a call to action where your followers post a picture with your hashtag and tag your account. This does a few things. Number one. It gets your audience connected with your brand. Number two. It allows your brand to reach your audience is followers number three. It gives you content to re share and number four. It has other people promoting you. Giving people in sentence will make more people want to participate in your campaign. A few incentives could be a shout out the chance to be reposted a giveaway or a prize, or even a discount. Another part of your campaign could be creating a challenge people love getting involved in things that are going on. Challenges creates so much more follower generated hype and content for you to share and gets people so much more excited about your campaign. So, for example, if you're in ice cream shop and you're releasing a new flavor, a fun challenge could be to see who could stack the most ice cream scoops and then come up with a specific hashtag for the challenge and have them tagged your account on effective campaign includes number one, a clear objective number two, a branded slogan number three called Action or a Challenge Number four. An incentive to get involved and number five re sharing of your content to promote the objective 25. Growing With Giveaways: one of the most effective ways to increase your engagement. Grow your followers to dio giveaway. I love to do giveaways because it's a fun way to interact with my followers. I get to meet new people and who doesn't love a chance to win something. The main goal of your giveaway is to number one. Increase your engagement and number to grow your following, so it's important to just keep a giveaway simple and just focus on those two main objectives. So there are a few different types of give boys. The first is a personal giveaway. Just your page in a product. There's also co branding giveaways where it could be an influencer and a product brand or more people posting the giveaway photo for more exposure. You can also have a loop giveaway where you follow a list of people, so there's more exposure. But it's not as personal to follow each person, and another Tepic giveaway is where the followers post a giveaway photo. They post your giveaway picture and use your hashtag and you keep a list of who posted for entries. So if you're doing and give away on your own, let's talk about how to strategically run an effective one yourself. First, you want to choose surprise, something that's easy to send and valuable enough for your audience to put in the work to enter. Second, decide on the entry criteria. Third, decide how long it will last. Fourth created Great giveaway Post. Fifth. Create reminders for your stories. This is a great time to ask them to turn on your post notifications so that they don't miss any updates. Six. Telly The results. Make sure the winner is following the accounts and has adhered to the guidelines. Bia's ferrous possible. You can choose randomly or use a generator to choose next. Announced the winner. It could be a new poster on your story for Edit the caption with closed giveaway and add the winners handle. You can also encourage the winner to tag you and announce they won the prize on their page . Next, send the winner their prize. You have just created a fan who is way more likely to be engaging and aware of your content in the future. After the giveaways over, make sure you analyze what was beneficial and what wasn't. And use all of this info for future giveaways. A few important things to remember when you're doing giveaways, you want to make sure they're easy to enter without too many steps. Make sure that the photo you use doesn't look spammy. You want to keep it on brand and keep it relevant. Try to spread out the giveaways that you do to make sure that you have a lot of content in between them. People might have value after the giveaway closes, so I'd recommend doing a few things to help keep your new powers first start by thanking them for following you and participating. Next, you can engage with their content and lastly, continue posting interesting content on your story and page so they get hooked before the giveaway ends. 26. Closing VIdeo: congratulations. You have finished the course on how to grow your brand in your business on It's true. It's now time to grab that road map that I talked about the beginning of the course and see step by step, how to apply all of this new information. Remember that all great things take time to build, So take one actual step at a time and stick to the road map, and I am confident you'll be able to read your books. Welcome to the family and I'll see you on the outside.