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Instagram Marketing 2023 | Grow Organic Followers Naturally!

teacher avatar Skyler Chase, Let's grow your brand together.

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

57 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Choosing A Username That Is Memorable

    • 3. Using Your Name To Drive Traffic

    • 4. Creating The Best Possible Bio

    • 5. A Profile Picture That Will Resonate With Your Niche

    • 6. You Need A "Call To Action"

    • 7. Adding More Than One Link To Your Page

    • 8. Story Highlights Will Make Your Page Professional

    • 9. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 1 Optimizing Your Profile Presence

    • 10. Sourcing Free Content That Will Bring Engagement

    • 11. Creating Content That Will Grow Your Page

    • 12. Tagging Accounts To Further Your Reach

    • 13. Getting Traffic From Users In Your Area

    • 14. Tools To Further Engagement On Your Posts

    • 15. How To Use Hashtags Correctly

    • 16. Posting Tools To Stay Consistent

    • 17. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 2 Getting Content And Posting Correctly

    • 18. Instagram Polls To Draw Engagement

    • 19. Using Questions To Relate To Your Followers

    • 20. Instagram Sliders To Measure Success

    • 21. Location Tags To Drive More Views

    • 22. GIFs To Draw Interaction

    • 23. Story Hashtags For New Followers

    • 24. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 3 Dominating Instagram Stories

    • 25. What is Audience Reach

    • 26. We Care About The "Share"

    • 27. Follow What Drives "Follows"

    • 28. Posting During The Times That Matter

    • 29. The Importance of Location

    • 30. Story Analytics To Ensure Active Followers

    • 31. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 4 Capitalizing On Your Analytics

    • 32. Where To Find Your Followers

    • 33. Engaging Within The Competition

    • 34. Leaving Genuine Engagement

    • 35. Finding Users In Your Area

    • 36. Finding Users Through Their Hashtags

    • 37. Automation Effects On Organic Growth

    • 38. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 5 Growing Followers Organically

    • 39. What Is Influencer Marketing

    • 40. Important Shoutout Styles

    • 41. How To Reach Out To Influencers

    • 42. Getting The Best Deal For Your Shoutout

    • 43. Getting Eyes On Your Ad

    • 44. Results & Key Points Of A Shoutout

    • 45. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 6 The Power Of Influencer Marketing

    • 46. The Power Of A Giveaway

    • 47. What To Giveaway

    • 48. Creating A Picture For Your Giveaway

    • 49. Captioning Your Giveaway Correctly

    • 50. Choosing Your Giveaway Winner

    • 51. Keeping Your Followers After The Giveaway

    • 52. Re-cappuccino (Recap) of Ep. 7: One Of The Fastest Forms Of Growth... Giveaways

    • 53. REELS! What You Need To Be Utilizing

    • 54. A Deep Dive Into The New Analytic Features (Best Way To Use Your Analytics)

    • 55. Use the Shop Feature and Sell Your Products!

    • 56. Maximize Your Instagram Exposure Through Articles

    • 57. Re-cappuccino (Recap) of Ep. 8: 2022's Best Instagram Tools

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About This Class

Grow Organic Targeted Followers, Quick Brand Awareness, & Turn Page Visits Into Paying Customers w/ Instagram Marketing

Let's connect on IG! @weresocialsavvy

Language: English

This is the most educational course under 2 hours on the market. This course is hyper-focused on the most effective tactics of marketing through Instagram. For this course to be applied to your page, you should have an intermediate level of understanding of the platform and its basic functionality.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms to this date and only growing. As a free platform with over 1 Billion Instagram users, you have endless opportunities to grow and increase your business revenue through Instagram marketing. You just need to know the latest tips and strategies. In this course, we teach you the most lucrative and valuable strategies to date resulting in targeted traffic, organic followers and loyal customers.


Follow us on Instagram! @weresocialsavvy

Instagram is one of the most effective marketing platforms to gain new customers:

THIS course will change your perspective on Instagram marketing and teach you everything you need to know to successfully market your business on the platform.

My team and I spent months making a course that is strictly the most effective information on Instagram Marketing! We did not want to waste students' time with nonsense episodes you’re not likely to even finish. This course is full of the MOST crucial Instagram Marketing knowledge to date.

We made it easy to follow along with screen recordings and step-by-step breakdowns of techniques. Not to mention, we make it fun to watch so you don’t get bored learning. This course contains the knowledge you should know to be ahead of your competition in 2022. We show you all the tools to create/source quality content, properly edit photos, post accordingly to your analytics, grow your Instagram followers and many more tactics. Ultimately resulting in sales to your business from targeted customers.

Online shoppers measure your trustworthiness and credibility based on your Instagram presence. By learning the ins and outs of profile presence and how to gain thousands of active followers, your profile will have a higher conversion rate of follows, sales and professional business connections.


Social Savvy Insider Overview

This Instagram course contains over 50 lectures and 1 1/2 hours of content. It's crafted for anyone who wants to learn how to use Instagram to grow your page with REAL organic followers. We pride ourselves on being up to date with new Instagram algorithms and updates for Instagram growth and sales. You will have lifetime unlimited access to this course.

A bonus episode will be coming soon!

As an owner of a digital marketing agency that’s served hundreds of clients, PR agencies and big brands, I’ve learned the ins and outs of modern-day Instagram marketing. My team and I have had many clients who could not afford our services but wish to work with us. After many months we decided to create a course full of the knowledge we provide through our services at an affordable price for everyone. The tips and secrets we share in this course come from our services that large brands pay us thousands per month to provide. We’re excited to share this knowledge with the public through a fun and exciting course that’s not too long! At the end of every chapter, we always recap the lectures you learned while making a cup of coffee.

We look forward to connecting with you as well. We are here as a team to answer questions, feedback and hear your success stories.

After you complete this course, you will have a high-level understanding of Instagram marketing in 2022.

We’re excited to see you in the course!

- Skyler and the Social Savvy Team

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Skyler Chase

Let's grow your brand together.


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1. Class Preview: Hey, guys, welcome to the social savvy insider. By the end of this course, you'll have a high understanding of hashtags hosting techniques, how to capitalize on insights and much more. My team and I spent months creating this highly educational course. Social sadly insider consists of seven episodes covering the most crucial topics that you should know. When it comes to Instagram marketing. Our goal is to turn traffic to your page into clients for your business. Way created a short course full of value that's easy to learn and to ensure you've learned everything way. Always do a short recap with a cup of coffee From the start, we cover a deep dive on the most optimal profile president set up. We show you how to have a professional profile picture, user name, optimized bio and more. Next will cover content for your instagram, how to create it, how to find it and what gives your page anaesthetic feel for new visitors. Then we cover stories and why they're one of the most lucrative sources of marketing. We break down how to use every story toe properly to keep a long term engaging followers. Next we tackle analytics personally, I find this to be the most educational topic that we cover. We teach you how to study them and capitalize on the stats that convert followers. Everyone wants them, but not everyone knows how to grow them organically. We show you step by step, how to grow your page from zero without any automation, fake followers or box. Then there's influence or marketing. We share cost effective strategies on connecting with power pages in your niche and how to negotiate a price that you're gonna profit from Ben. You'll scale it with larger accounts, bringing you a higher return. Lastly, giveaways, One of the fastest forms of growth. We show you how to properly conduct a giveaway that will net hundreds toe thousands of new organic followers. We then show you how to keep these new followers after you've announced your winner. I know you guys are gonna find a lot of value in this course and have some fun along the way. I'm excited to share with you, and I'll see you guys in there 2. Choosing A Username That Is Memorable: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome to the first episode. We're gonna be talking about profile presence, how to form your profile for new visitors. Come into your page and how to capitalize on that. Let's get it started. If you guys already have an account set up and you think it looks good already, you go ahead, skip this episode and move on to the ones that you find more value in. But I do think this episode is very crucial to your brand's image and longevity. So we're just gonna get started with the account user name so that at name is what it's called. You know, if your at name is similar to one of the bigger accounts. So if my at name was something to do with van life, then it would be piggybacking off of that big account that big van life accounts of the account band. Life has a bunch of followers, and when someone searches van life, your account will come up under it because it has a similar name. So what we're doing is we're getting more surges from people that are following similar accounts. We want to go after a short name So you did van life dot Voyager, Something like that Using the to these Maybe that might trigger and someone's head a little bit easier to remember. If you want to just jump on like the sores dot com or something like that. Look up, synonyms. So what we're gonna do is, you know, just to relate to that travel niche we're gonna do van life dot and say travels. Already taken were just type in travel. So as you can see, super easy on the source dot com, you type in synonyms on travel. You're getting excursion. You're getting movement. You're getting sightseeing, tour transit, different words that relate to the market. And that's what we're going for is an at name, super easily searched using keywords that relate to the bar. 3. Using Your Name To Drive Traffic: we're gonna jump into name now. And as far as the name me personally, I just used the name of the company, so it's the same as the at name if you want. If you had a themed page and, you know, maybe you're just posting pictures of Van Life page. Maybe you would say Van Life pictures daily in the search optimization keywords pop up. So if someone searched van life and van life isn't in your at name, but it's in your name, it's gonna pop up. Aziz. Well, both your name and your at name have some keywords It 4. Creating The Best Possible Bio: your your bio. Super important. This needs to be a short and sweet as possible. Needs to be super clean because, you know, I'm gonna do a little test run right here. So I'm gonna go to my explore feed, click on the first picture, go to that profile. First thing I look at is the at name, and I do a quick skin with a bio. What caught my eyes? You know, they had some emojis in there. Some relative emojis van life camping, emojis They don't follow anybody. What's good is really to keep that following Losi. Don't look, Spammy, You want to come off as genuine as possible that they have a great profile picture. It fits the instagram, you know, dimensions. So we'll go back to my page on bond. As you could see in my page the first line. I just listed exactly what we are Digital marketing agency and right under it listed what we do. And I put it in bullet points. I separated them so I didn't put we do instagram as we do Facebook ads. All I did was but I g Facebook ads websites. So it's super short is telling people what we do, Adam emoji in there That's gonna catch their eye. The emojis make it a little bit more fun. We don't want to put a big paragraph because no one's going to read it. You know, they're gonna move on to your feet as soon as they see that bio in the at name. 5. A Profile Picture That Will Resonate With Your Niche: is the profile picture. We want to have very simple profile picture. Like I said when I clicked on that page, it was super easy. It was a van. They made an artwork, so it fit to the instagram dimensions. We wanted to fit to the dimensions. We don't want something crowded. If it's a picture of yourself, we wanted to be a head shot. We don't want to be a far shot of you. Pictures where it's too crowded, drives less engagement cause people don't know what it is. We want something to stand out, good amount of color, Like I said, a head shot, not a far picture of you or preferably a picture of your local. We want something that's super simple. They know what it is. They don't pay too much attention to it because that's gonna drive less attention from the link on your page and the rest of 6. You Need A "Call To Action": So the next thing we're gonna jump into is the call to action on your page. So what we want to do is provide as many ways for them to contact you as possible so they could GMU We want them to be able to email you and call your phone number. If someone visits your page and I don't want to email you, maybe I wanted GM You. I should be able to if I don't want a d m you. But I want to email you and make it a little more professional. I should be able to giving them more ways to contact you means more opportunity for sales or 7. Adding More Than One Link To Your Page: what we're gonna move on to is the link in nearby or the website on your page. Why this is really important because this is the main reason we want to drive them to your page. So me ever in a digital marketing agency, I want people to click on this website. That's the main reason I even post on my pages because I want them to click on my website. So what we did there's a really great tool called Link Tree. What they allow you to do is as you could see on my page, it says Link tree slash worse social savvy, where social savvy is my website. So when you click on the page and then opens up multiple links, so it was really great with Link Tree is when you click on it said you have a YouTube or you have a blogged that you want a link to or you have both. What this allows you to do is linked both of those so you could place your YouTube page. You could place your blawg page right there, and it allows multiple opportunities for people to click on your website in your bio and then click to either one of those, so it's driving more traffic to both of them rather than just having your blawg link or just having you. 8. Story Highlights Will Make Your Page Professional: The next thing we're gonna move on to is story highlights. So what's really important about these story highlights? The main thing is, when I visit a page and they have good looking story highlights, I know that the page is gonna be quality writing. The story highlights super easy. I'm gonna show you how to do it. Right now it's through a free app called Adobe Spark Post You downloaded? All used to do is sign in. It's a free sign in and then you can now create story. I, like, covers super nice. So right, when you open that this is the home page, you click that plus button right there in the bottom click solid color. We want a solid color background. It gives you a list of colors. You could then even editing your own color if you wanted to. And then you press done there. You press next. And then, as you could see at the bottom, it allows you to pick what side. It doesn't really matter what size because on your highlights come out of circle anyway. But we want to make sure it's centered. Something to click this instagram one press done are you gonna do is click here, press delete. So if you press ad, then you could press add icon. It gives you a whole bunch of suggested one. So it's super easy. You could type in literally whatever you want. So if I type in funny a bunch of, like, funny faces and things will come up, I'll click, you know, just a random one and then it centers it for you. You press done top right corner, you press save solid color. Save image is gonna save to your pictures You're gonna come here, hold down on the story, Highlight that you want to change press, edit, highlight in the top in the middle Right there It says edit cover You just added their it centers it for you. It's super simple. And then once you're done, it adds to your page It makes your page look a lot nicer, A lot more professional, which at the end of the day, we want to go for because that's gonna drive in more followers and more clients more trustworthy. And then what you're gonna do is you know, if you have multiple highlights, you're going to use the same color with different icons, and it's gonna really transform the look of your page For that new visitor. A good idea is toe have at least a minimum of three story highlights, so it really just expands the page colors and ties the whole. 9. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 1 Optimizing Your Profile Presence: Okay? You just finished Upside one. Congrats. This is what we call the recap. Pacino. I make myself a cup of Joe and I break down what we learned, but we covered your bio. How to make it short. How to make it sweet and make sure Adam Oates your name. You use the name. How to keep it short. Make sure it looks clean. Don't use underscores. Don't use numbers. We want to be searched. We want to use keywords. Profile picture make sure fits the dimensions. Make sure looks clean and simple. Not too crowded. We want to make sure all of your called actions are in place. We want them to be able to contact you in every form. Email phones. GM makes you have a link in your bio. You have multiple links. Use that link tree or that Lincoln bio cappuccinos in the works. That's the re cappuccino. Thank you guys for being here. That's all you guys need to know for profile presence. Next episode We're gonna be talking about how to post what kind of content to post and where to get it from. We'll see you guys there 10. Sourcing Free Content That Will Bring Engagement: So today we're gonna be talking about the difference and sourcing content versus creating your own. Some pages create all their own content. Others do fully source pages. Me personally, I do a mix of both, so I'm gonna show you how to do that. So if you are a plant shop or something like that, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hop on the Pinterest. Pinterest is completely free. It's a great app for looking at source content type in plans. And then, as you could see, pictures of plans are gonna pop up. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on Aesthetic at the top because we want pictures that are gonna tie your feet together, look really nice. A lot of great photos come up good quality and pictures that are gonna do well on Instagram . You know, as Faras likes and driving more engagement. So I created a saved board on Pinterest. If you click on your save, you could create an idea of what my instagram is gonna look like. So when I click on search, I could click on a post, then hold down on it and pin it to a certain board. So I made this board called insta theme. And then when I added to the board, go to my safe board. So now it adds to the top of your born and kind of shows you what your instagram page could possibly look like. We want to go after a matching theme. So as you can see, I picked all pictures of plants with white backgrounds just to kind of make it look clean. So when an instagram user visit my page, they're going to see a clean feed right when they get on it. This is most likely gonna be the main factor that's gonna turn them from a visitor to a follower. So we want a clean feet we want to do is just make sure to give everybody credit. They're hard working. They have great pictures. We want to keep using those pictures 11. Creating Content That Will Grow Your Page: so as far as creating your own content, you don't want to use instagram filters. They don't look nice on your page. And if you want an aesthetically pleasing and professional looking page, you want to jump on an app called Disco it spelled VSC. Oh, it's completely free. It's gonna have you sign it and wants to get to your home page press ad. You're gonna click on the photo you want to edit, import it in. It gives you a list of preset filters. You could even create some presets on your own. And what we want to do is make sure to use that on every one of your posts. This is gonna create a really nice looking feed that ties together matches. At the end of the day, we want to create a matching theme for that new visitor. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to click on this filter here and adds a really nice Hugh nice saturation to the picture on. What you're gonna do is you're gonna is gonna press save on that photo. You save it to your camera, it automatically goes in there, and it's ready to post on your instagram. It's one of the first ones right there. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take a quick picture, show you guys how to line it up. Let's do it. What we want to do is have pictures that are going to be aesthetically pleasing. Well centered, well lit photos for our feet. So as you can see right here, I'm taking photos on putting the plant toward the middle. I'm using all the features on my phone zooming out like you saw just to get different angles. What we want to do is have plain backgrounds. You could even switch it up by using the sideways camera. Playing with the lighting is really important. You don't want a picture that is too bright. You also don't want a picture that's too dark. So definitely play with that lighting. Try out some different angles, get different backgrounds, hold up the plant right there so you could get a you know, one more aesthetically pleasing photo. These photos are really popular. And instagrams, we want to capitalize on the photos that are going to do well for you. Definitely take a look at the video option. Could take short videos, videos, drive, more engagement, whether your videos or short or long, they're gonna drive more views than just a photo. So now that we have content, we have a nice picture that's lined up. Looks really clean. What we're gonna do is just we get added into Visco press that plus in the top corner click on one of those pictures. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna add the same filter because we wanted to match. We want that feed toe look pretty. But once you apply that filter, and then we're gonna save it and add it to my 12. Tagging Accounts To Further Your Reach: then we're gonna get to the captain section. So what we're gonna do is we want to write a good caption that's gonna draw engagement from new visitors by using hashtags, which we're gonna go into in a minute. It's gonna draw people who don't even follow you. We want to create a caption that's engaging and makes them want to comment one like, or visit your profile from their when more people are commenting on your post right when it goes up, Instagram recognizes that and May added to the explore page or the popular page because they know that it's a good picture and it's going to do well with engagements, so they want good content on their. Our goal is to get on that explore page. First of all, we want to add emojis emojis are really important because catches the viewer's eye to read our caption. This is just upping your chances for them to read that capture and at the end, common. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna write a caption that is relevant to the poster to the picture, which is also going to spark interest to comment what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna write. A quick caption that is engaging has emojis and prompts. A comment on the page is going to write. Do you think succulents are hard to take care of question Mark and put it emoji and put a laughing face with a plant next to it. So this is kind of a light. Funny question, cause succulents are really easy to take care of. And it's also asking a question. Might get that viewer to the tagged their friends who maybe are bad at taking care of plants and had a succulent die or something like that. 13. Getting Traffic From Users In Your Area: and then you're gonna press done, and then we're gonna add a location. Location is good, because when people get on instagram and they're thinking about maybe visiting Los Angeles , they'll click on the Los Angeles location, and pictures from Los Angeles will show up. So if I tag Los Angeles on my picture will show up on the feet of the Los Angeles location . So what we're doing is just upping the chances for more people to see your post. As you could see, Los Angeles has a ton of tags Millions of users may be. Your post might get lost or flooded with all the rest of the post. We want to pick a more specific location than just Los Angeles. Get type in Venice Beach by tagging that smaller location, you have a better chance of getting right tire in the top post because it's not flooded with all the people who post about Los Angeles. It's more 14. Tools To Further Engagement On Your Posts: we're gonna move on to the type of post. So what's really good is a type of post called Carousel. What this is is it allows you to post multiple pictures. This is a good method for growth because it doesn't rely on just your caption to draw comments and draw more engagement that way. So with the carousel, you're able to post multiple pictures. I'm going to show you. Here is a post on one of my pages where we post mainly van life content, pictures of camping, things like that. So what I did is I posted a picture of a van, made the first picture really good quality, super nice. And then you post the next picture. You want to keep it consistent, keep it a nice photo. And then what I did at the end of the photo is I put words on the last picture. I put tag a friend you would van life with what this does is prompt the opportunity for a viewer to your post to tag another friend in that post. Maybe the other friend isn't even following me. But now they have seen my post, and maybe we'll visit my page. So what we're doing? Like I said, it's just upping more opportunity for more people to see the post expanding that reach. As you can see, this post got a lot of lights. It got a lot of comments. People tagging their friends in the Commons, drawing more comments, which pushed it to the explore paid, pushed into the popular page just further. 15. How To Use Hashtags Correctly: So what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about Hashtags how to pick them, how to do them, right, because a lot of people doing wrong. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stick that plant related theme we've been talking about, and I'm gonna search for some hash tags that relate to plants. What we want to do is use Hashtags honor post that we know people are searching. The main thing we want to get into is the prefixes and suffixes, uh, hatch tag. So if you just go to your search bar, click on tags. Every type implants, 28 million people are using the post plants. What we want to do is we want to go after the ones with a little bit lower numbers. We want to go after the ones with significantly less post because your post could get ranked higher in that. Rather than competing against 28 million other people, you will have a better chance competing with maybe 70,000 to 120,000. So we want to stick between that range between a range that's possible for us to rank higher. So what we want to do is add other words in there that are related to plant. So I love my plants. As you could see that what has 31,000? So that might be a good one to add to the list. Pick a bunch, you know, 10 to 15 hashtags that relate to your page. Relate to your post and keep using those ones. I just typed in plants, and I scrolled down to the lower number of users. So this one Plant Scout plant selfie plants style. They all have 100,000 users, so those air really good ones to add to your page. Like I said, we don't want the ones in the millions. We want you to rank higher, so just make sure to use these hashtags that are relevant to your knees. Get a good list of these hashtags, copy it to your notes, then paste it into your comment. 16. Posting Tools To Stay Consistent: Okay, So lastly, I want to jump into a few APS that are great for the consistency of your posting Me. Personally, I like to keep three posts a week minimum. So there's two really great APs that allow you to keep consistent with your posting and make sure your post go up on time. There's one called Sweet and another called later. What you do with those is you upload your photos and you schedule out the times that you want them to be posted. You could schedule now for months in advance to make sure that you're consistent with your posting. So that's it for this episode. Thank you guys for watching. We're gonna jump into the 17. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 2 Getting Content And Posting Correctly: you just finished? Episode two If you didn't know by now, I'm gonna do a little recap while I make a cup of coffee. That's it. So we talked about source content versus creating your own. If you're sourcing constant use Pinterest, they got good photos. Make sure to give him credit. If you're creating your own, make sure edit it nicely. Take good photos, creating aesthetic feat. Make sure we're using good captions Engaging Ask questions. Make it funny. Use emojis. Emojis are super important. Tag that location and tag people in your photos. Make sure not to use those big hatch tags Not the ones with millions of users but with under 100,000. We want to rank high. Want to do well in that hashtag keep posting. So utilize those tools Hoot suite and later keep it consistent. You could schedule at your post. All right. That was Episode two in the re cappuccino. Thank you guys for tuning. In next episode, we're gonna be talking about how to dominate Instagram stories to keep up with your followers. See you guys. That 18. Instagram Polls To Draw Engagement: a great way to keep up with your followers is through the instagram story. The Instagram story is a huge tool and what Instagram is done has built a couple great engagement tools inside the story that we're gonna jump into the 1st 1 I'm gonna get into is instagram story polls. I'm gonna click on a poll that I recently ran here. And as you could see, 82% voted yes, 18% voted No. And what you could do is you could swipe up after 24 hours and it shows you all who has voted on your story. So if they voted Yes, say you are like a fuzzy socks company and you made a poll that said, Do you guys get cold toes at night? Or are your toes freezing at night and you put yes or no? And if they do vote yes, then what we're gonna do is we're gonna d m them from that is simple as like hey, here's a 20% off code for the people with cold toes, maybe like a laughing emoji or something. Something light hearted as something personal that they're gonna possibly want to purchase from you or be more comfortable purchasing from you because you GM 19. Using Questions To Relate To Your Followers: Another great option is the Q and A option in your story. It allows you to place a question and gives your audience the opportunity to answer, so you could ask them a question. And then it allows your audience the answer, and you could post those answers back to your story that makes you look and you could pick and choose which ones you want to post back to your story. This options really great and allows you to make that personal connection with your follower. Maybe you have a sale in two weeks, and you've already made that personal connection a week ago. This gives more opportunity for your audience to be more comfortable purchasing from you. So it's just a way to make a better personal connection with your current followers and stay away from those ghosts, followers or the 20. Instagram Sliders To Measure Success: other great option is the slider. Why they're so awesome is because it's kind of like a beta test in the way that it allows your audience to, you know, rank how much they like something or how much they like a product that you posted. So if you did post, you know of the fuzzy socks thing if you posted a certain design and he posted that slider on there and allowed them to rank, if you got 80% you know, ranking zero and they didn't like it. Now you know, too. Not really pushed that product as much as another design. Maybe they 21. Location Tags To Drive More Views: another great option is the location tag. So when anyone searches, say, Los Angeles and you posted Los Angeles in your story. Now your story pops up on the Los Angeles page. So what I do is when I visit like the Venice Beach location, I'll check out the story or what's going on today with that location. So by placing that tag on your story, you've now up your chances of a random person stumbling across your page. So say you are a coffee shop and you were in the Venice Beach area. I would stumble across your post by just visiting that Venice Beach story. So what's great is if you post that story or you have a deal going on that day, buy one, get one coffee all day today. If I stumbled on that story and I was going to Venice Beach, I'm most likely going to visit your coffee shop and you just up the chances of more reach to your coffee shop through social media. So you just possibly got 22. GIFs To Draw Interaction: Another thing I would recommend for your stories is to utilize those gifts. If you were to take a picture band, that's me on. Do you press in the top corner there? And if you were a coffee shop, you would type in coffee. And as you could see down here at the bottom, there's a bunch of gifts that relate to coffee. Another way to utilize your script story to draw more engagement. What you want to do is you want to click on your post and add it to your story. So by doing this, it then pops up in front of people once again because everybody checks all of their stories every day. So by adding it to your story, you're now putting the post they saw yesterday and maybe they didn't like her. They didn't comment on you're now posting it back to the story and putting in front of them again. Or if someone didn't get on instagram yesterday and your post got dropped all the way down in the bottom and they didn't get to see it. Now they see it on your story. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make the post smaller. I'm gonna then add a gift over the top of it like a puppy. A little puppy. So want to do is I'm gonna add a picture or a GIF on top of it that draws more taps and more visits to this post. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna write tap here for a surprise. And what this is going to do is it's gonna draw mawr taps just because people are interested in what is behind the gift. So now when someone who views your story and they see this, maybe they could tap the pizza tap on the post, and now it takes them to the post of they didn't see it before. Now they could possibly like it at a comment to it and just draw 23. Story Hashtags For New Followers: Another thing that I want to jump into is hashtags on the story and how that works. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to run through a quick story that I'm gonna put up that has all the features that really draw a lot of engagement. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna post a picture one that relates to my page. So this is a van life page. I'm gonna post a ban on here, and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use a pole, and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add a location to that. People who are viewing the Yosemite location are my demographic. So that's why I'm gonna put that location. And then what I want to do is I want to make that tag small. I don't want to put it really big because I don't want the story to be crowded in the same exact thing with the hashtag. I'm gonna put a hashtag on there, so we want to use the hashtag that has a lot of viewers visiting. So I'm just gonna place a van life on there and then the same exact thing. We wanted to be small. We don't want it to be real visible, so we're gonna put it down in the corner there because we don't want the post to be crowded . We want the post toe look nice. We want people to engage with it and people only engage with Post. Look nice. Another great option is the music options. So if you have a video, it's really great to put music on it, make it more interesting rather than just background noise on your video. So that's all we need to know for Instagram stories and how to keep up with our followers was jumping. 24. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 3 Dominating Instagram Stories: Hey, guys, you just finished Episode three on How to Dominate Instagram stories to keep up with your followers. This is the re cappuccino. Let's get into it. So the first thing we talked about was ghost followers and how to keep up with them how to keep them active. One of those ways was utilizing that pole. The pole allows you to post a question on your story and make it super easy for your audience to answer yes or no. So another option was the Q and A. This gives the opportunity for your audience to ask you questions you to be able to post that on your story and make a personal connection, which is what we want. Another great engagement option is the slider thes air. Really great because it allows your audience to vote if they like something, or if they don't, it's like that beta test. Another thing. We want to focus on his location by tagging that location. That's gives the opportunity for people who don't follow you to then visit your page. After that location, we want to make sure to use a hashtag like I said, use a big one so it drives more engagement, make sure to use gifts and add your last post to your story a day later. For the followers who missed it on their feet, that was the re cappuccino for Episode three. We'll see you guys in the next one way. 25. What is Audience Reach: So the first thing I want to talk about your reach, What the reach means is not exactly how many people have engaged with your post. But maybe they stumbled across your post. Whether they've seen it on the explore page or another person is liked it, maybe they've clicked on it. So what? The reach is just how many people have seen that post you could engage? How many people liked it based on that number? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull up one of my smaller accounts. I see a bunch of courses. They bring up the analytics of there being accounts with thousands of followers and it doesn't really relate to their students. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull it one of my smaller accounts. This one only has around 500 followers. Eso the analytics are gonna be a 26. We Care About The "Share": click the top right corner, you're gonna click inside. So they're all the analytics for your content, activity and audience. First thing we want to look at is the content. So we're gonna click on post click, see all I'm going to select the option all the way to the right. This allows you to see which interaction is performing the best. So what I'm gonna capitalize on is the post that have been shared the most as well as the Post that have driven the most follows The reason I want to talk about shares. I find shares more important than lights because when someone's shares my post, they're sharing it with someone who doesn't follow me, opening up the opportunity for new people to follow me and driving new potential customers for me. So I'm gonna click on these shares here. It's gonna pull up all your posts and show you which ones have been shared the most click on the post click insights You could slide that post insides up. As you can see, it got 46 lives, got three comments, seven shares and five saves. These shares air super important because these are people who are potentially my customers . Like I said, you could see all the insides on that specific post. So it shows you this drove me 15 new profile visits from people who don't follow me. It reached 400 people, got 450 impressions. So these are all new people who don't even follow me. We want to capitalize on this post and mimic the style because I want to consistently grow with these numbers. These are the ways to grow as quickly as possible. I'm gonna check out my post that got the least amount of shares at the bottom. You could see these ones are getting zero shares. I want to make sure to not post this kind of content. I want to try to steer away from the ones that got zero shares. Zero follows out of it. So of course, this comes in different factors, you know? Maybe the way I captioned it the time I posted it at different things like that. All matter to how many shares how many follows 27. Follow What Drives "Follows": so I'm gonna check out the insides on the follows as well. So when I click follows there you the insights. As you could see, I got three follows out of this post alone. This one did really well with the reach. It got over 680 reach. That's more than my following itself. So it came from other places, as from other there. That's mainly from the explore page, because it drew a lot of comments. Drew a lot of likes quickly, So I got pushed to the explore page, So we want to mimic those style of post. As you could see, I made the caption, You know, something engaging something that would draw more comments as a D benefit from CBD. Share this with a friend who would. So what it did is it gave the incentive to share the post comment on the Post, added Emojis. All these different factors applied to you know, the potential of getting new followers and bringing potential 28. Posting During The Times That Matter: as well as a huge factor to the post. Performance is the day and time you posted. You want to post it at times that your audience is online? Most I'm gonna look into the most optimal time to post to drive more visitors to my pain. When you're back on the insides page, you're gonna click the top right where it says audience and this is going to show you how to post to your audience. So what? I'm gonna scroll and scroll all the way down to the bottom. This is gonna show me which days my audiences online the most of that's gonna tell me what days I want. A post I click days here. It's pretty even as far as days throughout the week, but Friday and Saturday are my top days for my audience. 510 of my 580 followers are on Instagram Friday and Saturday. We want to go to the hours and as you could see anywhere from 12 p.m. To 6 p.m. Are kind of the hot times for me to post at 3 p.m. 290 of my followers on at that time, so I want to try to schedule my post for 12 to 2 p.m. On Friday and Saturday because that's when my audiences online the most. That's when I'm gonna draw the most engagement. It's gonna push me, too. 29. The Importance of Location: where they are. So if you could see in the locations here, most of my audience is out of the U. S. Which is where we want it to be, because that's where the business is located as well as I'm gonna look a the city's you could click on City there and as you could see in Los Angeles, is where the bulk of my followers are. That's when we're posting a picture. When we're posting a story, we want to try to tag the location where my followers air coming from the most. This increases your chances for the L A followers to engage with your posts, and this also increases the opportunity for new users to find me under the L A tag, which is great, because that's where I know the majority of my followers. Air coming from 30. Story Analytics To Ensure Active Followers: So the next thing I'm gonna move on to is the analytics of your stories. So you could also capitalize on which stories do the best and which ones have driven the most engagement. So I'm gonna pull up one of my other accounts just to show you a higher performing story. But you could click on which story is performing the best. And what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna slide up on that story. And then you could see how Maney interactions used you got on that story. Uh, the link clicks the shares, and that's another thing that we want. Teoh Mimic is the shares of its getting shares. We want to continue to mimic that style of story. What's really nice with Instagram stories is it gives you all the analytics down to how people have clicked on it. How many people have clicked on the link in your story? How many people have clicked on the stickers in your story? The stickers, like at names or locations, things like that. So we want to capitalize on the actions that are bringing us growth like a shares. The replies in the sticker taps we want to continue to mimic that style of story. So if you have a new product going up, you posted it on your story. You said check out the link in my bio. Then you could see how many people have left your story and went to your profile. Out of that. 10 people have now visited my profile just from my story, and that's not saying that that's one of my followers. That could be someone that one of my followers shared that post to or they stumbled across the post on the explore page. That's how we know it's converting into good traffic back. So since this account that I'm on has more than 10,000 followers, I was able to do this swipe up feature. So when you have 10,000 followers, you could bend, you swipe up feature. Until then, you can't. But as you can see, I got 12 link clicks out of that. So 12 people swiped up to check out the link that I posted out of this series. I posted three pictures that kind of relate to this product on, and I'm gonna go over to the one that got the most link clicks, and we're going to see why this one got 13 clicks instead of the 12 on the last one. And there's many factors that play into this. You know, whether that this picture was more casual or it was a better quality photo or even the time that I posted it. So these are all really important factors that you kind of want to look into, look into a little bit deeper so we could continue to mimic the style that's performing the best. So, like I said, we want to continue to mimic the post and the story post that are doing well. The ones that are being shared the most in the ones that are driving the most follows, because those are the factors that are going to grow my brand with users on instagram that relate to my business. So that's it for analytics and what they mean how to capitalize on those 31. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 4 Capitalizing On Your Analytics: first thing we talked about which which post got the most shares, as well as which grew the most followers. We want to replicate that style of content to reach new users. The second thing we talked about was posting at the correct times. Look at the times your audiences online and make sure to post them next. We talked about story insights. We want to check out which one got the most shares, link clicks and sticker taps. We want to continue making engaging stories that convert. Lastly, we want to make sure to study your analytics. They're there for a reason, and they're going to be the secret that skyrockets your bread. That's it for Episode four On the next episode, we're gonna be talking about how to increase followers organic. 32. Where To Find Your Followers: So the first thing I want to jump into on how to increase organic followers is where to find them. Where to find them is super important because we don't want to engage with random account. It's only gonna grow your account slowly with untargeted followers that are gonna turn into those ghosts followers that we talked about last episode. So how to find these followers? The first way is to target similar brands of big accounts that are in your same niche. So I'm gonna jump on my page right now, and then I'm gonna search up some big accounts that air in my niche. So you should know a few accounts that are big in your market. But if you don't just type in a keyword and the biggest 33. Engaging Within The Competition: so pertaining to my page. A good place to find these followers would be an INSTAGRAM account that is in my market. So a van life niche that has a lot of engagement in a lot of followers. If you just type in, you know, a word that relates to your brand. So I'm just gonna type in travel here, and then the 1st 1 is gonna pop up his travel and leisure as four million Instagram followers. And then I'm just going to click on the most recent posts or the two most recent and I'm just going to see who has like their photo and commented on their photo. So as you could see, people have commented less than 13 minutes ago. So I know that these comments are very recent. These people are super active because there one commenting on pages and they're liking the photos also following those pages. So those are the kind of instagram users that I want to engage with because I want to grow my brand with people who are most likely gonna follow me, engage with my post just like they are here. You know, commenting and liking these photos I'm gonna find a common on here that someone left. And then what I want to do is I want to engage with that person. What I'm doing is I'm making a personal connection with someone who's following a similar Paige to draw them to my page. I'm gonna find a good comment in there like their comment, maybe go to their page like a few of their photos, believe a genuine comment back to them, whether that's on one of their photos or even in the comments that they've already left. This way, you're creating a personal connection with them, giving the opportunity for them to then visit your page. And since you have similar content of what they're engaging with, their most likely gonna follow you, most likely going to be a user that's gonna engage with your post like your phone 34. Leaving Genuine Engagement: we don't want to be used this opportunity here. Instagram has put up barriers to block that kind of activity. When you're liking, everyone's comments are coming back to everybody. They put limits up in place to stop this kind of activity. So we want to make it as genuine as personal as possible, because that's what's gonna grow your account safely. When they just posted a recent picture, all these notifications are popping up that people have liked their most recent ones. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna like an older one so that my like, stands out from those other people. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click a random post here and then I'm gonna comment on it . So I'm gonna comment something that actually has to do with the photo. We want to come in something rial. We don't want to come in, you know, just the thumbs up because that's going to get lost amongst those other spamming comments. We want to leave a really genuine comment. So as you could see in the comments here, people are leaving very normal comments. People are putting amazing looks incredible. So we want to leave a comment that has to do with the actual photo someone but always wanted to visit Japan, Maybe throw an emoji in there. Um, and then when you leave the comment now, you've left a good, genuine comment that has to do with the picture. It might draw comment back. It might draw visit to your page. And what's great about this is you are now engaging with your target audience. You're now making a personal connection with people that might come to your page who are gonna matter to your brand. And you know that they are commenting. Another photos. They're liking other photos and following similar 35. Finding Users In Your Area: another great option is the location tag. So what we want to do is we want to search a certain location. So say your business is located in Los Angeles or West Hollywood. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna type in West Hollywood. So now the West Hollywood location tag pops up, and now you're able to engage with people who are posting pictures in your area. So if you have a storefront in West Hollywood, you want to go to this location. And as you could see, there's a bunch of pictures of people who are posting using the tag West Hollywood. Now you're able to engage like comment on these people's posts that are in your area, which is driving traffic to your instagram from real potential. 36. Finding Users Through Their Hashtags: another way to find your followers is through the hashtag. We don't want to target the big Hashtags. You know, the ones with millions of users because those get flooded with accounts that don't even apply to our brand. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna type in, you know, a keyword along with another word that relates to I'm a type of van life build. So maybe find people that are very passionate about vans as well as want inspiration. And they're going to visit my page because they're a smaller account. I'm gonna click this van life hashtag I'm not gonna go after the top post, but I'm gonna go to the most recent posted ones. So why I'm going after the most recent is because these are the smaller accounts as well as I may be one of the first to comment on the Post, which stands out to that user. So I'm gonna click the most recent photo and then I'm gonna like it, and then I'm gonna comment something that's relevant to the post just like we did earlier. And what is going to do is the tuna pop up. As you know, the first comment. They're going to see a big van. Life Page has now commented on their post and will draw visit to my page. Hopefully a follow. I really want to stress not engaging with random accounts. It's not useful to your account, so we want to steer away from automation. It's going to get your account. Bandit's gonna get your account blocked, and at the end of day, it's not worth it. We got long lasting, long term relationships with people that are in your niche gonna matter to your brand who will most likely buy from you in support. 37. Automation Effects On Organic Growth: So this chapter combined with the content chapter in Episode four, that is the perfect recipe for quick organic growth. In my experience, I've seen you know, people running automation or following and unfollowed to grow their account. But there's no official system or algorithm that is gonna avoid blocks and bans on accounts . I've seen big accounts get banned and lose all the work they put into it. So running with this strategy, I found, is the best way to grow your accounts safely, organically, just to stay away from those blocks and bands. So that is it for Episode five. How to Increase Your Followers organically. 38. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 5 Growing Followers Organically: first thing we talked about was where to find your followers. Make sure to check out the big accounts, locations and hatch tags that are relevant to your brand. Once you get there, make sure to leave a genuine comment. Engage with those users those air the users that are gonna matter to your brand because they're gonna comment, follow and bring interaction to your page. And when I say comment, I mean leave a genuine common one that's going to drive a response and going to drive them to your page. That strategy, combined with the content strategy, is going to grow your brand very quickly through Instagram, and that's the re cappuccino you just finished. Episode five In the next episode, we're gonna be talking about the power of influence or marketing. We'll see you guys. 39. What Is Influencer Marketing: So the first thing I want to get into is what is influencer marketing and what the benefit is to you guys. You hear a lot of things about influence or marketing what it is. Is it fake? Is it just a way for Instagram models that get free stuff? Well, I'm gonna show you exactly what it is and what it does for your brand. What it is is hiring someone with a bigger following or, you know, a big platform on instagram to show you out or mention you to advertise your service product or brand, typically in exchange for your product or cold, hard cash. So it's just basic advertising. If they posted on their page and their followers trust them enough to visit your page because they're in the same niche and we're doing it correctly, then you could draw all of their followers to your page to grow your brand and make 40. Important Shoutout Styles: So there are two types of influence or marketing shoutouts. One is the story shot out, and the other is the feed shadow. The feed shed out typically cost a lot more than the story shadow. The story shot out almost cost a fraction of what the feed shout out cost. And what I find more beneficial is the story, Shadow. I'm gonna pull up a feed advertisement just to show you the differences in the two. I'm on the feed here and it's a little bit more crowded, so I have a lot of options to leave this at Aiken. Like the photo get comment on it. I could check my i. D. M's from here. But what's different with the advertisements people posting their stories is you have less options, Teoh exit out of that. You're gonna see it, no matter what. I'm gonna go through my stories real quick just to check out one of the ads. When I get to one of these ads, I don't have many options. I could wipe on to the next story, but I see the ad no matter one, and it might make me stop. So I finding story adds more beneficial and they're cheaper to buy 41. How To Reach Out To Influencers: Now I'm gonna show you guys how to reach out to a few accounts that will most likely shot me out or post my stuff and we're gonna see what their prices are, so let's jump into it. So what I did is I found some accounts that were in my niche that have a good engagement. So I just sent them a d m. You know, just asking what their prices are for. Shoutouts for story post a swell as feed posts. This one I found was a pretty good page. They have around 18,000 followers. Their posts get around 1300 likes eso. Their engagement is very good. So what I want to do is I want a message them just asking what their pricing is. Hopefully, we'll get a response. I'm also gonna d m a few bigger accounts that are in my same Mitch, Of course, bigger And county no one's with the higher number of followers are gonna be able to charge more and make sure not to, you know, copy and paste. We don't want to spam the same message of much of times and get blocked, so keep it genuine when you're reaching out to these accounts, and this page here is a mean page. They have almost 200,000 so the prices are going to be a bit more. So don't let that follower amount for you. You want to check out their engagement on the rest of their page? They might have, Ah, high following. But as you could see when I click this page here, they have around 2100 lights on their on their post, the next one only as around 1200 life. So this is a very similar engagement rate to the last one. In the last one only had 18,000 followers. You definitely want to reach out, but don't let them charge more. Just based on their follower amount, we want to make sure their engagement rate is high. Just go through your feet and make sure to look up a few accounts. Like I said, don't spam the same message because you will get blocked for copy and pasting that. Definitely look at the difference in pricing difference in engagement and don't over pay just because 42. Getting The Best Deal For Your Shoutout: So I spent, like 10 minutes gm ing a few account, and one of them just got back to me with their pricing. They just sent over a list of prices for different kinds of shout out. So they said a 24 hour post on their feet is gonna be $30 So that means they're gonna post it for only 24 hours and then take it down the next day. Another one they did. A 48 hour post that wants $40 seven day post is $55. So that's pretty good pricing, especially for their engagement. But if you look at their story post, they only charge $10. And if you compare a story post to a feat posted basically the same amount of advertising because they're both 24 hours for only a fraction of the cost great. Wow, This is super good pricing, especially for their rate of engagement. And if they don't add in that additional story post cost, you could always ask. And negotiating is always an option, because these prices are for since they have more than 10,000 followers, they're able to add the swipe up feature which is super beneficial to us because now they get at an easy call to action. For us, all that viewer has to do is swipe up and they'll go straight to our page. So this is a really lucrative source of advertising Through instagram faras payment. You'll probably pay pau them or even Venlo them, since it's such a small amount of money. If you're worried that they're going to scam me because that is a possibility, they might just take the money. You could always write up a really small contract, and if they're not going to sign it, then you know not to do business with them. And asking for a shadow is as easy as that. Just GM a few accounts that you find their engagement valuable. We want to go after the people of high numbers over 10,000 because then they could add that swipe up called 43. Getting Eyes On Your Ad: and now I want to jump into a good way to advertise through this story. So I'm gonna show you my system or my tactic of how I go about the shout outs and how to draw more visits to my page from this show. I like for that story that I'm asking that influenced or depose on their story. I'd like for it to be a video because, as we talked about videos draw a little bit more engagement than pictures. A good way to drive a bit more engagement. What I've seen is paying for that extra post and adding a pole before your advertisement. Recently, Instagram has updated the app and allowed stories to be now on the explore page. And what I've seen most of time is polls are on the explore page because they draw more engagement. What's beneficial about that is that that one jumps on the explore page than the next story that they see will be my advertising just GM that influence. Aaron asked in the Post a picture with a pole before your advertisement so that that poll will likely get on the explore page. And it's worth the gamble, especially if you know the additional Post is only $5 by pushing it to the explore page and now gives more opportunity for my advertisement to get in front of more eyes, more swipe ups and more business. 44. Results & Key Points Of A Shoutout: What I want to do now is just show you from some businesses that have reached out to me and I posted their advertisement on my story. I'm gonna show you some results from that from the influencers perspective. This company really nice company. They just sent me a bunch of their products and I just shouted them out just to, you know, pay it in return a little bit. Didn't even ask me to Just from these shout outs and me tagging them. I'm gonna show you some of the analytics from that. So I posted two in a row just showing the product that they sent me when I tagged them, adding them as a sticker on my story. It got 116 stickers, so they got 116 profile visits from my shout out alone. And I'm not even their target audience as an influence. If you're targeting an influencer that's actually in your niche, advertising products are ready. That's in your market. You're going to get a high conversion rate or return to your page from that shout out. So imagine spending that $10 in getting around 300 profile visits from people that are following a similar brand to yours. It will be very beneficial to pay for that advertisement. Say that conversion rate of that 300 visits, your page is only 1% to your actual website and buying from you, and you got three sales out of that. That $10 is an easy marketing expense, especially if you're product costs. More than that. Or even if your product was $10 you would then profit $20 right away. Once we know it's profitable, we could scale it. Reach out to that influencer again and have them post another story. Reach out to bigger influencers in the same market. We want to make sure to refine which influences were reaching out to to ensure the visits to our page are targeted so early in the same ad to a bigger account. No one with like 300,000 followers, and based on their engagement, you're going to see a similar conversion rate, which comes with a higher profit margin. When discussing details, we want to make sure what days and times are best to post. If you're spending a substantial amount of money, you should ask them to send a screenshot of their analytics to see the most optimal time for posting. Otherwise, if it's a small shout out, maybe a Friday or Saturday is best for that story to go up. Remember these shoutouts for 24 hours, so everyone is going to see it no matter what time it goes up. But it is best to get it up in the morning, so everyone sees it throughout the day. And then, if you want them to add that swipe up feature, we want to make sure to send them to the actual product, not your home page on your website or anything like that. We want to send them to the actual product, your advertising or a great landing page. You descend on the picture, what time and day you want it posted and where the call to action goes. After that, you are good to Cove. Rinse and repeat. Do it again, make more money being bank bone, that is. It was jumping in the re cappuccino 45. Re cappuccino (Recap) of Episode 6 The Power Of Influencer Marketing: Hey, what is of guys you just finished? Episode six The power of influence or marketing? One of my favorite topics because we got to dive into how to find those shoutouts. When we reach out to those influencers, we want to make sure to pay attention to their engagement rate, not their followers. We want to reach out to people in your niche that have a lot of comments and a lot of likes on their photos. Remember the D M a few and compared their prices? All of them are negotiable. Remember to ask the influencer to post a pole before your ad. We want you to get on the explore page and get us many visits as possible. Make sure to tell them what day and time you want your ad to be posted. And once we see those profit margins, scale it with bigger influencers. That is it for Episode six. We'll see you guys 46. The Power Of A Giveaway: You know, I was talking about business partner of the other day, and we were just talking about how incredible giveaways perform. It's almost a hack or or a cheat to instagram growth. The first thing I want to jump into is how to conduct your giveaway. If this is your first give away, this episode is super important. If you've done giveaways before, I guarantee you're gonna find some valuable information in here or to get even better results and how to get those followers to stay following you even after your 47. What To Giveaway: so the first thing I want to get into is we want to pick your products wisely. You want to pick products that people actually want. We don't want to give away junk because we want this giveaway to be pushed very far. We want a lot of followers from it, and to achieve that, you need to give away something that's actually valuable to them. If you have your own product perfect, that is a cheap expense to you. We want to use that product may be throwing little products that kind of relate and broke up the value that you're giving away. What I recommend is for that product to at least be valued at 50 to $100. I've seen you know, YouTubers influencers on instagram Give away things is being is a car. We have a winner for the Tesla model three value one, but if it's your 1st 1 we definitely want to stick at least between $50.100 dollars to test the data, see how it goes, and then we could scale it from there. If your product isn't worth that much and you wanted to add in smaller products I've even seen people added, like a $20 gift card, you know, to Amazon or something like that that anyone can use. So if you have a large package or a large product, you want to make sure that you're not shipping that oversees cause it'll cost a lot of money, so definitely specified. If you're gonna be in the U. S only or if you're 48. Creating A Picture For Your Giveaway: after we have picked our products and we know what we're gonna give away. We want to take a really good picture. The picture is probably the most important part because we want to grab people's eye on that explore page. We want to grab people's I when users are sharing into their story or tagging their friends . So the picture is super imp for it. I'm gonna pull us some examples right here. As you could see, these pictures are super good quality usually taken from up above the products all laid out on the ground but with a simple background. We want to make sure to advertise that product almost like an ad for a company. We want to make your picture very similar to that because we want to grab people's I. We want them to know that it's a giveaway. Instagram audiences usually know what giveaway pictures look like, so we want to match that format. So after we take that picture, make sure to edit that photo, make it look as clean as possible, make everything look sharp, make it stand out. We also wanted to fit the Instagram Square because by drawing all this engagement, your post is gonna be pushed to the explore page and the explore pages 49. Captioning Your Giveaway Correctly: Okay, so now we're going to get into the caption side of the give away. The giveaway relies on the caption to give your audience instructions, so we want to make it very simple layout exactly what you want them to do. So I just looked at the hashtag giveaway, and I'm a click on the first post. This is the top post 6200 lights and 4200 comments. That is an incredible engagement rate, and that is because they're putting that caption correctly. They did a great giveaway. The picture is nice. It fits to the square. And then, as you could see in their caption, they broke down exactly what they want their audience to do in bullet points so they separate it with emojis. Draw the attention to your capture because that's what we want your audience to read. Layout these instructions and be very detailed with what you want your audience to do. This is your opportunity to create a funnel and control what your audience does. They separated it with emojis. They put the one and they said, like this post they put like in bold. Then they separated with the number two, Emoji said. Comment below. And they added an emoji. So you have to comment that emoji. Then they put as their third step. They put enter as many times as you want. And they said, the more comments, the more chance of winning. You have by having their audience comment multiple times. This easily pushes it to the explore feed and just pushes that giveaways reach even further . So this giveaway is super smart. As you could see, they have 6200 likes and 4200 comments. So that is a huge amount of comments, especially in comparison. How Maney likes it has. I can only imagine how much reached this giveaway has. I'm gonna look at their social blade. This just tells me how many followers they grew today, so they normally grow anywhere from 600 to 900 followers a day. But today they grew 2700 followers and that posters only posted three hours ago. Even these big accounts are getting crazy amounts of new engagement by just doing this simple. So they're giving away one of their own products. They're giving away a shoe from their own line, and I can't imagine they're giving away any more than $100. They're spending on their own shoe. So this giveaway is crazy. They are driving in so much traffic on a product that they have produced themselves this giveaway by having them tag people and jumping to the explore page. It's creating a snowball effect. So the more people that comment on it, the more it and one thing I want to talk about. From last episode, we talked about influence or market. Today we're gonna be talking about the power of influence or marketing. If you were to ask an influence or to shout out your give away on the day that is posted, or maybe a couple days later, this is a super small expense. Isis of their story shadows were only $10 by having that influence or share your giveaway to their story. Now all of their followers are gonna flock to your giveaway, commenting and tagging their friends, driving that reach even further. So for my giveaways, usually what I like the list are these three things. I have them. One follow my account. So I say, make sure that you're following this account two tags three of their friends in the comments. Three like this post and you could possibly add 1/4 1 Having shared to their story, make sure that we add emojis to your caption just so we spice it up a little bit. Breakdown in list What you want them to do in the first line of your caption? We want to put the word give away, maybe in all caps, exclamation marks. Just because it's the first thing your audience is gonna read, What I recommend is sending it to your close friends, having them posted sharing it to your story just to get that initial attraction, and then it's gonna snow. 50. Choosing Your Giveaway Winner: in your caption. You want to make sure that you tell them the day you're going to announce the winner and continue toe, advertise your giveaway and advertise the day that it's gonna way Want to be posting to our story? Keep reminding people we want to say three days left to the giveaway and two days left the last day, and it creates some urgency for that post. A lot of people don't know how to necessarily pick their winner fairly or at random. So I'm gonna Google random comment picker and then put Instagram at the end. And all this does is bring up a bunch of results or a bunch of websites that allow me to pick a winner at random. Any of these websites will just have you put in your instagram at name. Put in the link of the post. It will choose a random winner in your comments. Or you could go with the old fashioned way. Click on the comments. Close your eyes, keep on swiping tap Bam! I just chose. If you are going to go with this route, we definitely recommend someone filming you to post it on your story to ensure that people know it wasn't rigged and you picked it at random. Also, if you use one of the websites, we want a screen record just to prove to everyone that it wasn't rigged. So that will stick around for future giveaways. Now that we have picked a winner, we want to post them or their page on our story on the day that the giveaway has ended. So after you post that video of you randomly selecting, we want to then have the next slide be congratulations to at and put their at name to announce who has won the give away. Then you want to go back to the original giveaway post, edit the caption and then put it. The bottom winner is at so and so just in case anyone missed. 51. Keeping Your Followers After The Giveaway: after we announced the winner on our story, we want to make sure to add a story post that says something about us doing and give away in the future. Keep in mind you have way more followers now who are looking at your story waiting for that give away. So you're going to get a lot of use to your story. So we want to announce that you're gonna be doing future giveaways because we don't want that traffic to dip and for people unfollowed you. So all these people that have followed you are following you because they had a chance to win your giveaway, and maybe some will stick around because they're interested in your page. But a lot of them will fall off because now they haven't won the give away. So there's no reason for them to stay. So we want to announce that you will be doing another giveaway in the future to give them a second chance. This way, all those new followers will want to stay following you. I can guarantee you that if you're doing one, give away a month and you're following all the steps in the last chapters. Your page is gonna be Oh, wait. Did the giveaway we announced the winner. Lastly, we need a d m the winner and give them the product. So it's as easy as sending them a message asking for their address what their name is, and then you ship it out. It's is easy. Is that Okay, guys, Thank you for tuning in. That was Episode seven on Giveaways. Time to jump into the re cappuccino. 52. Re-cappuccino (Recap) of Ep. 7: One Of The Fastest Forms Of Growth... Giveaways: Hey, guys, Congratulations. You just finished Episode seven. How to conduct a giveaway. First thing we talked about was finding a product. Make sure your giveaway is valued at at least 50 to $100. Next thing we talked about was making sure your caption is very descriptive. We want to make sure that you're telling your audience exactly what to do. We want to break down your caption with emojis. List exactly what you want them to do. Creative funnel in list instructions. Make sure the have them tagged people and use those hashtags. Remember, giveaways are fun. Last thing I want to touch on his consistency of the giveaway. Continue keeping up with them posted to your story and keep reminding them that the giveaways coming to an end. We want to be consistent with it. Once you've announced that Winner, make sure to tell them there's gonna be future giveaways. We want those followers and stick. Congratulations, guys. You finished Episode seven. You finish the course, so but we have an extra episode. I'll see you guys there 53. REELS! What You Need To Be Utilizing: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome back to the social savvy insider. Thank you so much for making it through the course. We have made this episode here, episode number eight, to give you a little bit of an update on what's new with Instagram. You learned, you guys learned a bunch of great stuff before, but now there's a few updates like Instagram Reels some more analytic features, as well as a few little extra features that Instagram has added to the platform. So we want to update you guys on that and kind of run through that. So let's get into it. We're back in action. The first thing we want to jump into is Instagram reels. Basically that is Instagram's version of Tiktok, big competitors there. But Instagram has come out with a new feature where it's basically like a video feed, very similar to tiktok and you scroll through it. You could also make what's called Reels. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hop on a little screen recording here, show you guys what that feed looks like. I'm gonna hop on one of our clients pages here and just show you that as you could see right away, the whole bottom menu bar has switched up a little bit. They added a store feature which is awesome for people with products and stuff like that to sell. Very similar to Facebook. As well as they've added the reals feature in the very middle. It's right next to the Explore feed. So they added that feature. It's right there in the middle of the board. It right away it starts playing videos. It's an automatic playing video feed so you can straight up, scroll through it, and as you swipe down, it just shows you the next video and start playing it right away. So like I was saying, it is a big competitor to TikToks kind of explore feed or whenever you call it. But yeah, it's just a bunch of random videos that are relevant to what you're interested in or looking at or whatever. And what's really cool about these new reels as they're basically just a huge engagement boosts. So of course, since they are doing that little bit of a battle with Tiktok, they want to push these rails as much as possible. Of course, they want people to use the reels. They want people to actually getting excited about the reals. You just take talk basically. As you can see, every one of these videos has a ton of engagement, whether it's comments or likes. It's just because they're basically pushing content toward users to try to see what you're most interested in. So as you can see, I'm getting a house tour video. So maybe I stumbled upon line our real estate brand or something like that. And I spent a little bit longer searching through that feed, then it's gonna show me more real estate stuff. Same thing with travel stuff. If I'm consistently looking at travel videos or cooking videos right there, it's going to populate those style videos for me. It's really cool in the sense of if you wanted to post something about cooking or if you were a coffee shop or something like that. When you make that post, they're basically trying to push that to other people who are watching other videos of coffee shops or watching videos of people cooking. They're pushing those videos for you. Of course, like hashtags help with that and everything like that. But yeah, this is a really great feature that I would recommend using because it just helps your content push even further. We're gonna happen to kind of how to make one of these reels. Just some simple steps. It's very simple and how they lay it out. So they changed them where the posting has added something to the top right corner because there's a bunch of new features that they may want to push. So if you click on that plus button, as you can see, it says posts, it says real story, highlight, IGTV and guide. So what we're gonna do is we're going to click on real. Right away. It's going to basically show you a video option giving you the opportunity to kind of like video yourself or whatever. But what we're gonna do is we're going to press on the little icon in the bottom left, which allows you to add one of your own videos that you've already recorded or something like that. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to use one of the videos that we took for one of our clients. So it's basically just like a video of us like breaking open like a croissant type of thing. So what's cool about this is if this is your brand, you want to take the video kind of showing off your products. We shot this clip at the actual restaurant and then save it to the phone. And then when we're coming here to post this real, we want to select it from our camera roll and it allows you to, it allows you to kind of trim when you want the video to end or when you want it to start over here and stuff like that. Then we're gonna do is add that video in. It allows you to then go back into the camera and you can add more videos. Or we're gonna do is we're just going to add that one video. And then it allows you to add these features on the left side, we want to add these features. Instagram provides those forests so that we could draw more engagement. And of course, like I was saying, they are pushing people that are utilizing this style of content. It's going to show up basically all the songs that are the most popular currently within Instagram reels and stuff like that. So we're just going to click on the first one. And then as you can see, it allows you to select which part of the song you want to use. We'll just pick a random part of the song, then press Done, and then it shows your video with now that song over top of it. It has a bunch of features up top to filters that you could add which change up your video a little bit to kind of ride the trends. So definitely look into those. But just for basics, we want to add your video with a popular song on it. That popular song is going to allow for more people to see your video when you post it to the reals. So already we're catching people that watch food videos. We're catching people that are interested in similar restaurants to yours already, or maybe looking at similar restaurants in your area. And now we've added a popular song allowing your content to go a little bit further and populate on more people's pages. So boom, we're going to press Next. You write your caption right there up top. Then we want to make sure we're using hashtags just as we used on our other posts on other videos. We always want to use hashtags, of course, use ones that are relevant to your page. For this one, I'm just going to put a quick hashtag on there and put foodie things that are relevant to basically the video that you're posting. For example, look into those hashtags and it'll show you just as we talked about before, which hashtags are performing the best. And you want to use those popular hashtags, not ones that are two popular, but ones that are relevant to your page. And then what it allows you to do is also share to your feed, which is a cool option. You can have just these videos posted to the REL section, but you could also have video shared to the reals and to your actual feed. So when we press also shared defeat, we want to crop that profile. So as you could see, you could end up with a video where it's cropped half of it and you can't even see anything. So we want to make sure to crop it in the right spot so it looks good on our feed. Once it's posted, press Done, you can tag people in it. You can add a location and we want to do all that stuff to further that reach a little bit more. And then that's it. You can press share right there. You can also press save as a draft, which is really cool feature that allows you to kind of make a bunch of videos at once so that you're ready to post them at the correct times and stuff like that. I don't want to share it right away. Of course, when you make the video, you want to share it. But what I like to do is I like to save it as a draft so that I posted at the correct time. That is how you go about actually creating a real, like I said, I heavily recommend using this real option. And the reason being is because Instagram is very heavily pushing them for the reasoning of trying to compete with Tiktok and the users that are using tiktok and time, we want to know what analytics to look at before posting these real subtle, we're posting them at the right times. And speaking of times, the posts, what we're gonna talk about mixes analytics we want to post at the right times. So let's hop into it. 54. A Deep Dive Into The New Analytic Features (Best Way To Use Your Analytics): Let's jump into analytics. There's been a few updates. Here we are on the Instagram app. As you know, we press on that Insights button. And then right away it's going to give you an account overview, which is what we've already chatted about. But a new feature that they've added is it allows you to basically go back as far in the dates as you want to, to kind of compare last month's analytics to this month's analytics, which is really cool. I'm gonna click on that and the top left corner, it says last seven days. And you could basically like scroll all the way back previous month, 90 days back. It allows you to choose dates and see if those posts and got less likes or more likes than your current posts. So this allows you to kind of split test. If a campaign last month work better than the campaign this month, and it just gives you the opportunity to switch up your strategy a little bit. Of course, these analytics are limited to some degree. We do utilize other sites that allow us to kind of dive deeper into those analytics. One of those being Sprout Social here, I'm gonna pull up a screen recording of this site that we use to dive into a little bit further into those analytics. This here is Sprout Social super cool company. They provide a lot more analytics than what Instagram has the offer, which allows us to just dive a little bit deeper. As you could see here. It shows off the impressions, the reach the engagement, the engagement rate that you boosted and whatnot. So what we'd like to pay attention to is our competitors are successful competitors, which is a cool feature that they have here. So this is the competitors tab. It says competitors post. This is the feature that we use a lot. 55. Use the Shop Feature and Sell Your Products!: The next feature that we want to hop into is the shop features. So this one is very new. It's very similar to the shot feature on Facebook. So as you can see when I click on this shop feature right here, which is kind of in the bottom right area. An entire shop comes up. It shows you close. Things, are interested in jewelry. There's all kinds of different stuff that mainly is taking information from your explorer feed and applying it to potentially what you would be shopping for with this shop feed, you can see when you click on something and it'll basically give you the option of viewing that product on their website. You could show it to her photos of your products and whatnot. In order to upload these products, you do need to upload it through your business account on Facebook, which then allows you to connect it through Instagram and stuff like that. But you could see the pricing it links off to your website. So if you are a product, company or a brand, this is a really good feature. This shop page is a really good example for when you are to post a product on your Instagram account and place it as a shoppable item, as you can see is when you click on it. So I'll click on that post there. And then these little bubbles come up. And this is as, as a viewer on your page, when I click on that, it shows which product is which. And you can actually click on that product and it gives you the pricing of that product or click on the hobby narrow one. And you could change that pricing depending on what costs, what, and stuff like that. So this is a really cool option, especially for a company that is basically selling products. This is a really cool option in order to buy something really quickly as a brand, this is really cool because when you post something, say a hat for example, and you post it as a product, it's going to populate in front of people that are looking at hats that are similar to your brand or something like that. With this shopping feature, It's really cool for product companies to get their products out there. And so to be able to do this, you do need to have a business account that's connected through Facebook and that's actually where you upload that content. Where you're uploading the photos of your hats are the photos of whatever your product is, and you list the pricing and all that stuff. And then when you're on Instagram, you could tag that product in your posts. So that's the process of going about it, which is a little bit complicated, but overall, it does help you make those sales a little bit easier. 56. Maximize Your Instagram Exposure Through Articles: Now what we want to talk about, which is the last thing, which is the newest update on Instagram is the articles feature. I've seen people turn these articles into tutorials. I've seen people turn these articles into portfolios of work that they've made and stuff like that. So just to show you what the article feature is, I'll show you this right now. So for example, this is on our page. And we shot for a company, we took some photos for a company. We've also done a lot of videos for companies that we combine all of the videos that we have shopped for other companies and basically put it in one spot. So this is really cool. When someone comes to your page, they come across your profile and I could go over to your article section. Click on that article there. You can put a description of what that article is about. And then you can add in the posts that either they have posted about. As you can see, this cosmetics company posted a video that we made for them. This taco shop posted a video that we made for them. And basically what you're doing is you're adding in a whole bunch of videos. You know, your work. So you could add other people's videos. You can add your own videos. And it basically just puts it all in one area for people to kind of check out. Like I said, whether it's a portfolio or it's a how-to or tutorial or whenever. These articles can be used in different ways and they're pretty cool. So what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to show you real quick how an article works. If you click that post button, it's going to pop up. It's right there at the bottom. It says guide. It separates it out into what kind of article or guide you're going to make. So it's places, recommended places in your city and beyond, products that you recommend favorite products or posts that you want to show off, which is what we did there. We showed off some of the posts that we've made for others. So I'm gonna click on posts. When you click on that, it's going to add all of your saved posts, which is the only way you could add this stuff to your articles. You need to actually save the posts just to let you know when you do add someone else's post to your article, it will notify them. It'll let them know like Hey, so and so has added your posts to their article. So keep that in mind. But basically all of the posts that you save, you can then add to your articles and you could write a caption about it. It does either all of your saved posts or you could click from your own page or your own posts. And that way you could kind of combine all of those to create one article or one guide on Instagram. So that's a really cool feature. Well, that is all of the latest updates when it comes to Instagram and Instagram features. Thank you so much for completing this course. Congrats again, let's hop into the final recap. 57. Re-cappuccino (Recap) of Ep. 8: 2022's Best Instagram Tools: Congrats guys, you just gonna stop episode where we talked about Instagram's latest updates. First thing we got into was instagram Reels, basically their competition with Tiktok and they are pushing them very heavily, so we recommend using them. It brings a ton of engagement, a ton of new traffic from people who don't even follow you. Then we got into the most recent analytic features that Instagram has implemented. We talked about some other sites that we use in order to review those analytics, like Sprout Social and the extra features that they have that Instagram doesn't that allow you to grow your brand even faster? Then we dove into the articles guides and the shopping feature. If you're a product company, that shopping feature is really cool because it allows you to make a post and tag your products so your customers can easily buy right off of Instagram rather than going into your site. Plus the article feature. Really cool because it allows you to separate your content, to organize it for your viewers. Like I was saying, you create a portfolio of different video work that you've worked on. Or you could even create a how-to or a guide on how to do something for your viewers. That is it for Episode eight? That is it for the latest updates when it comes to Instagram. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.