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Instagram Essentials: Creating Easy Stop Motion Animation

teacher avatar Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko, graphic design and digital art

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Nowаdays Instagram became one of the most popular social platform to tell the world about your brand. Posting images and video is the common way. We would like to show you one more approach — using stop motion animation. It's an easy way to give a fresh look to your creations. In our class we are going to make animated stories with accessories and other design products.

We will show you the process of brand marketing from idea inception to story board development and realization. For the class production we will use our friends' boutique and all animations you will see on their Instagram account 8-store

Meet Your Teacher

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Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko

graphic design and digital art


Sofia Apunnikova and Ksenia Necheporenko are part of the Komm international graphic designers collective with HQ in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Berlin, Germany. We focused on art direction, branding, print design, illustration and fashion. In our work we aim to expand graphic design standards and to blend different cultures. Check our latest works on Behance, Instagram and tumblr.

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1. Intro: we're excited to start The second class with his Instagram became the most popular plus to tell the world about what's think images and video is a common way, but we would like to show one more approach to use stop motion animation for the class production. We will go to the store, our best friends, another class. We're going to make animated stories with accessories and design objects. We will show you the process of brand marketing from I d inception to starboard development and realization. 2. Storyboard: one of the most important stages off Planning out any animation is creating a story word here. I draw a number off squares until a straight it showed step by step way have father beautiful accessories. Our idea is that in the end off all objects are hidden inside The bullet storyboard is a graphic representation of how your video will unfold shot by shot. Each square will show this progress. You can write some notes, but what is going on in the scene or leave directions for the moment? Now we are done with our storyboard and ready to move to the next step. 3. Setup: Oh, if you don't have enough of nature of life you will need about, I recommend you to use a professional so boxes or any another class will use in microphone stand hearing change, intensity and the temperature from Quantico. If you were both triples, way have but a fixed service. You will need an iPhone fixer, which can be attached to the stance. It allows you to move your iPhone easily. To make the right frame, you will need the wind up. It's really easy to use, and you can share your videos directly to Instagram. Also, you need to choose a background. For your information, it can be everything. It can be a rock paper, but another class will use a simple, colorful paper. Okay, first of all, you need to fix your background to surface. Then it won't sleep. When you move your object, it's very important. Now we're done, so let's move to the next step, according to our story. But we need to select or our objects and things and make a composition and make sure that all objects correct in the frame 4. Filming: so winning to open the wine up and he will have our frame. There's a ghost I can money to top on it to turn the gulf's picture on, and we need to make our first top. What the feature does is it overlays an image off your last frame over what you're currently shooting. This is to help you get flawless. Stop motion efforts. You should use the overlay to make sure whatever you are shooting is probably aligned. So your next move will loot flute, and we can see that if you will move objects in the frame, we will also see our previous frame, which helps us to understand how we need to move our objects. And then we need to test to create our second frame. Don't forget about your story. Board will help you to remember in which direction you need to move all your objects. If you want to make your animation smooth, you need to move all the objects in the thing, really supposedly. But if you want to make it more sharp, you can move the objects more dramatically, so it's a long process. You just need to relax. Certainly you'll need to experiment with this because if you want to make something complex with two or three objects or maybe more, you will need to have some time on it. To understand how this animation brooks, you will definitely create something interesting and fun. Maybe not from the first time, but don't give up. Really, you'll need to experiment with this on. In the end, you will be satisfied with the result. So here our animation, these coming to the end and let's let's look at this. Let's look what we have done. So that seems cool to us. I think that we can save and share it. 5. Tips & tricks: and and we want to show you some tips and tricks how you can create real magic in your stop motion animation. For this, you will need reversal come up. You could easily upload it from the APP store, but it will cost $1. It can help you to reverse your animation so you can make the effect off appearing. For example, you can draw on the surface, and then when you will reverse it, the surface will appear under the drawing. So it's really cool to use, and it's really it's a kind of magic. Just need to open the up, and here you have a few buttons, start records ing or reverse from the library, and you will need to tap on the worst from library and select your animation. And then you will need to tap normal. But if you want to make it slow motion, fast motion. You can also try it, and here we have the protests off reversing, and then you can save it to cumber role. From the Kummerow. We can, uh, posted directly to the Instagram here. A few examples what you can do with reverse it can. While we were using wine up her faced with one problem. Why it's not so great in exposure in delight in the frames and it may be, will be not so important for you if you want to shoot outside on the trees or with a huge amount of J lights. But if you want to shoot small objects on the colorful backgrounds and the object also will be colorful, or maybe they will change their colors in the frame. It's really important to have a correct and exposure, and that in this situation you can make a stop motion animation with your camera on the smartphone, for example, in the iPhone camera can works really great with exposure and also with focus. The process of making stop motion animation with camera on a smartphone is exactly the same . You to top on the shooting bottom and then move old your objects in the frame and then again, top on the shooting button and then move all your objects in the frame and from frame to frame. You'll Craig. You will create an animation, but question is how to combine all these frames in one video, one gift file for combining all your frames into one GIF file. You'll need give maker applications. It's really easy to use. You have all the information you need to tap on the plus and then to top on create gift from images on you will go to a Camero and select all frames that you need for your animation. He would have our friends and read to select oh, all the frames way. So then, when we're done, we need to tap on the done button. And then, hey, we have some settings the dimension of an animated GIFs on. Give frames, delay time and look count he wants You can play with it, but it can simply closet and, uh, top on the purview. So it's loading a GIF animation and he would have our purview. We need to check it out if everything is great. So I think it's cool. And in the lower left corner we have this arrow button and when you to top on it and topping a safe image. So it's safety. But he would have ah, little problem because iPhone is not representing the files in camera. Oh, so what you will need to do? You will need to convert GIF files to video so we can easily upload it to Instagram. For this unit, give Cracker it's free. It's rather creepy, but it's really functional. He would have all our gifts in the Camero we need to select Ah, select ones that we need. And he will also have some functions size, function and also can change it at the speed of animation so you can play with it. Also, you could make it faster, slow work faster and pasta. But I think that I want to select like a medium speed to our animation. So when you will be OK with I think people, you will need to top on start conversion. So it conversing our animation now and then to top on the export to camera. So it's done now this'll video is in our camera and from here we can posted to Instagram 6. Sharing to Instagram: Now, when our videos are done, it's time to move to the most enjoyable moment sharing them with the world. Let's select a widow from our library and uploaded to Instagram. Here you can apply filters. Okay. Don't forget to write your hashtag Tech eight store. Great. Our publication is there. I really hope there will be a 1,000,000 off likes and responses. Thank you so much. Gilles. It looks really amazing. Thank you for taking a Class B. Really? Can't wait to see your results.