Ink Pen Sketching: Drawing Sunflowers for beginners (Stippling, Hatching and much more...) | Meenakshi Muthuraman | Skillshare

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Ink Pen Sketching: Drawing Sunflowers for beginners (Stippling, Hatching and much more...)

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Center- Inner Circle (STIPPLING)

    • 4. Center- Outer Circle and techniques to enhance depth

    • 5. Petals- Drawing the Outline

    • 6. Petals- Hatching

    • 7. Petals- Cross Hatching and Stippling

    • 8. Class project

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About This Class

In this short 20-mins class, I will teach you to draw a beautiful Sunflower using fine liner pens. Even though the drawing looks complicated, no prior knowledge is required. Don't worry! I will teach you right from the basics. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. By the end of this class, I assure you that you will be able to sketch your own sunflower!

You will learn,

  • What Pens to use
  • How to get started
  • Stippling
  • Hatching and cross-hatching
  • Shading and textures with a pen


  • Ink Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)[Make sure you use good quality pens, because its gonna have an impact on your work]
  • Good Quality Sketchbook [I've used an A4 sized sketchbook]

NOTE: If you would like to sketch a smaller flower than mine, you should also change the pen sizes accordingly. I have described more about this in the class. Make sure you use the right pens.

I have attached the reference photo to help you out.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction: have you always wanted to draw but started to take your bed? If Yes, then this glasses for you. Hello. My name is Meenakshi on them an artist and illustrator. My work includes a lot off clinic on in sketching. I love to drop lovers on in this class I teach you how to draw a son lover fully packed with three days. Even though the going looks complicated, I was making it easy for you to understand. I'll be teaching some of the illustration techniques like hatching, cross hatching, stepping job. The class also includes how to act X chills and values to your work. The things that we discuss in class, with no means for this drawing alone, but also for your future projects because have almost covered all the techniques of the next to get started. So what are you waiting for? Have seen the glass for by 2. Requirements: No. Let's see the supplies You need to get started before you need a sketchbook. I'm using a normal April side sketch that I generally used for my pencil sketches and my friend work. Then you need your bench to do the stitching. I am using Sakura pens off size 005010203 and beautiful. Make sure the youth good quality defense. After that, you need a pencil on any research? Help you draw out line. You can use a normally Raisa or needed. Raisa, it is your choice. Most importantly, unique patients To do this, this is gonna be a long process. It took me it on six hours to do this sketch, grab your supplies and get started. 3. Center- Inner Circle (STIPPLING): This is the reference for Joe have used for this class. You can find this below the video. I would start a steel to change this into a black and white photo so that, if you are a big night, would help you to understand that these days, first of all, it's schedule center, part of the sun's lover. But before that, let's draw the outline. And for this, take a compass. I start off by drawing one large circle for the petals, followed by that, I'll be drawing three circles for the center, each one off different sizes. So totally we have four circles, one for the fetters on three for the center part for the last time. It's amusing my normal pencil to draw it. So once you're done drawing circles, we go to the first depths dipping on the pain I'm using for this is Sacha wrapping McCrone offsides 005 So stippling is nothing part using tiny little doors to get death on dimensions. So I'm placing God's randomly on evenly. I'm still playing in between the third circle and the fourth Tiny circle. Deplane is very easy to do. It's just about placing daughter the crowded places. It's a time consuming process, so you need patients to do it. Similarly placed dogs over the entire area. Once you're done, we are going to make a dense but placing more dots what I'm doing now this on placing dogs in between the dogs I'm making dense. So here is that those shots I think you can now see clearly that I am leaving dot in the doors. I'm just making a dense believe it or not, it took me 30 minutes to complete this one step. You don't need any practice to do stippling all. You needed patients like wife, company, the entire region. We are almost done. Once you complete this, then take your Sakura Pen side due. We are going to do stippling again. But on the tiny little circle, as you can see, when I changed the band, the debt is getting different dimension and slipping. Even though I'm using the same technique, the effect is different. So using the right when it's very important when it comes to sketching place, thoughts on every part of the circle on gradually blended without the circle way have no completed the first step. I'll be in the next lesson by 4. Center- Outer Circle and techniques to enhance depth: Welcome back. We have completed in no circles. And now that stood out during and for this. Grab your pen. I'm using psychotropic mom icons. I do. I'm drawing fuel. Leg low settles on over towards the edge. If you don't have the pendulum using right now, then you can use any good brands. But make sure you have the required sickness. Draw the same circles and over all over the ring I am finishing it by drawing few thrown chiefs. Once you're done, do the same towards the other end. But this time make sure you're shapes our little bit small. This is the easiest part in this whole project. It is not time consuming. It just took me around 2 to 3 minutes to do this. Once you're down, we'll go to the next step. But we will complete the entire center Part on for this amusing against Grew up inside. You know, 05 when doing you is I'm drawing tiny little small circles around the shapes that have gone before. I'm not doing this for the entire region. I'm just doing it for the first half again. This is Australia. Law crosses. So you need patients to do this, but I totally feed that. This is meditating and relaxing. Similarly, draw these tiny little circles all over the first half. There are so many ways to fill the center part of the lover. It may be for some lover. Or what about how it is. There are so many ways, and if you are no time consuming like scribbling instead of drawing time in little circles , you can just scribble the entire region. But I chose this technique because I love the details. Once you're done, take your side. Go to Europe in now, do the same to the part of the center. I'm drawing the same tiny little circles. I'm starting from the auto edge on. As I moved towards the centre, I'm leaving a pressure. By doing this, I'm creating a smooth grade in between two parts. See, now I'm using less pressure, and as I move out, I'm in pleasing the pressure. So that's it. That's all about the center pot. It's very easy and very simple. All you need is patience. Similarly do then die region. So now we have come to the final step, adding details, and for this grab your pain 04 off Sakura Right now on stippling towards one end of the circle I'm doing this to greet is more grading between two parts of the circle. Can you see? I'm just keeping dogs towards the edge on I'm creating the smooth, radiant step is very simple and old citizenship because it gives a realistic look to the sketch like rice at door to the indict part. Can you see I'm just simply adding thoughts. But because I used the size, you know, for Penn, I get this beautiful effect. Once you're done, take your side video 05 grew up in and add highlights to little circles that have drawn. I'm just drawing small lines to give this highlight effect. Here's a closer shot and I think it is not clear where rendering dogs, small lines and small commerce that's it. Similarly do for then die part with this. We have successfully completed our center. I'll see in the next listen by 5. Petals- Drawing the Outline: Now let's draw the outline of the vehicles. I'm using a normal drawing pencil to draw the outline. Instead of throwing all the petals at the same time, job one petal every 30 degrees. This will be a guide for you to draw the entire petals easily. Do not try to be perfect, because the petals and leaves the under a perfect You have to be perfectly imperfecta gated , dried, so I'm just drawing over shapes with pointed ages everywhere dominating this one, and I'm making it short on wide non start, drawing additional pedals to these add overlapping petals so you will have a natural look. Minding one behind these do finished the sketch off by adding overlapping pedals. And when it comes to drawing the petals, I would suggest you to leave your reference inside on. Draw the petals or by yourself. You can also use the reference about it is a tedious crosses. You have to draw each and every drifts and tones, make some petals white and make some Nadal and make some tall and make some short just go ahead and give different shapes to the pedals and draw few bettors with plant ages. Similarly, Jordon, Dive lover. Once you're done with this, let's spend outline and for this time using Sakura Micron Pain. Offsides four. Don't just spend a long defensive marks, but make sure you give some obs and downs to the petals so you have some natural look, I forgot to tell you one thing about the pens you spends according to have biggest catches , for example, on sketching on and a full size sketchbook. So all defense that have used in the class are based on this, a full size sketchbook. But if you want to do a smaller sketch train, you have to change planes, according so just complete and outline with ups and downs. It's very simple on I'm adding a few calls today. Just once you're done drawing, outline these off for the pencil marks using normally laser. But before this, make sure your wrinkles dry so you don't mix your work. So that's all in this lesson. In the next lesson. By 6. Petals- Hatching: let's start to shade the pedals and for this will be using a technique called hatching. And for this you could upend off side Little Little five. Hatching is nothing but drawing, known according lines to navigate a value or no object. This technique line strong, generally going the same direction on with each other. Sometimes the lines make up because of the outline of the object. Like what we do know waken prison the shadow by adding more lines like what I do know specialist behind. I never do so this will definitely have shadows. And so I'm adding more lines to this. The inches long have more shadows. I'm adding old line for the ages. So the basic idea behind this is that by changing the frequency off the use off line and their motor space between the lines, we can get a full range of value. Withdrawing that is one more technical cross hatching by the lines will cross over. We will talk about this. Just do the same for the letters. This is very simple, that also easy. I think I don't have any problems regarding this. I'm just adding more lines to the end on the door on them, adding more lines to pay. Yeah, but I think you have shadows by the better. Go a lot. One common mistake people do Geo is they do it very fast. It was not something that you have to do with cost. You need patience. Do it. Relax back and take a dime if you get titled side and with the next day. But if you do it cause you doing guys But with bouldering all these things you have to have the basic idea rather shadows on board brings to pedals. Need you have shadows, so drop lines on those areas similarly draw the lines for the sectors done with this, we will add Moshe those through the ages. It was a center, Maddie, more lines. I'm doing the same technique, but this time lines because it's gonna have a lot of shadows. Old college completely. Just add a lot of lines with gaps. With this, you can stop your sketch. Your boy can add additional. I'll be teaching you that the days of the next. Listen you that by 7. Petals- Cross Hatching and Stippling: we'll go back. The next step is cross hatching Catchings like taking father hatching to the next level. It is nothing but drawing diagonal lines to breathe darker values. You can see I'm just drawing Dagnall lines to the ideas of darker values, and I think this technique is probably the quickest off all. I didn't go for this method most of the time. Myself, just like normal hatching can increase or decrease of space between the lines in order to differentiate the values. Do the same thing for all the pickles. Once you're done, let's go to the final step off. Adding days on for this are using stippling technique and a friend on using now is video one off Sakura. We have already discussed the fling. The previous lessons, one more dime deplane. It's nothing bad, adding canyon is dogs toe add depth and dimensions to the work, so imagine dogs to the sewage is off the pedals on. Also in the areas where the petals meat step is no compass, you can skip the step if you want, but I love detaining, and that's why I have included this in my class and also for you to understand the techniques on how to mend them. As you can see, there are lots of shrink in a reference photo just to make this visible in our drawing a madding, lots of dogs to a stages. This is also a long crosses. It took me around one hour to do this in touch, but I really love the effective gives to the pitch. I don't know better similarly steps and all the pictures. Once you're done, go to the last and the final step of sketching from trouble for this amusing little four sacharow Migron. I'm creating this twisted metal effect here, um, adding a few details, um, increasing the identity over one. It can also be used to keep in the doctor doors. I can see that I'm just drawing this girl and reading his twisted it. You can also use this technique to the ends this realistic your catch. This is very easy, but it gives a strong impact on the sketch at the same time. You have to be careful while during this a small estate with junior and type kitsch like Weiss added days to all the letters way have successfully completed our sketch. I've seen the next listen while I was talking about the class project, enormous is seized by 8. Class project: we have come to the final part of this clause evolved. This class was used for you on you enjoyed it. Your class project may be to try out the techniques we loathe playing, touching on for attaching these techniques with the salvation for you to draw any flowers. So take a pendant, starts catching any flower. Your choice. Don't forget to post them in the class Trojan area. I would love to see your works. I would also love to hear Be back on. Plus if you have any traditions, Please do. Let me know. On if you have any doubts regarding any part of this last video, I will let you know. So that's it. I thank you so much for taking my class on your goodbye.