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Imagine and Paint Whimsical Watercolor Art

teacher avatar S Sukilopi, Artist, Skillshare teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Whimsical Art


    • 3.



    • 4.

      Finding Ideas


    • 5.

      Background & Sketch


    • 6.

      Acrylics & Masking Fluid (clouds & fish)


    • 7.

      Watercolors (hair, tail & bird)


    • 8.

      Adding Detail


    • 9.

      Final Words


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About This Class

How to create whimsical art? To think out of the box and paint something unique? 

In this class we first will see how to define whimsical art.

Then I will teach you some exercises to stimulate your imagination and together we will invent a whimsical scene.

Then we will go through all the stages of painting this scene, using watercolors and various materials such as acrylics, masking fluid and pencil.

I am so happy to share my love of whimsical painting with you, join me now and let’s start!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

S Sukilopi

Artist, Skillshare teacher



Hello, I'm Sandrine.

I am an artist and Skillshare teacher who loves using all kinds of media and especially watercolors. I am also a Procreate lover and I especially enjoy painting portraits and whimsical art digitally.

I sell my art through exhibitions and on print on demand websites, such as Society6 and Redbubble.

My main sources of inspiration are my daily reveries, nature, music and books. I am also a major paper hoarder and collect everything and anything that is not completely white..

Last but not least, I am French (which you already know if you’ve heard me talk for half a second), living in Toulouse, south of France.  

I hope you will enjoy my classes, I am always ecstatic when my students post their project... See full profile

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1. Introduction: e everyone my any some day. And this is my friend. I think you have to create a whimsical painting from conception to realization. You should have been here with my well, you already know that I love most of my paintings. Have a week's touch really something unrealistic and magical. And we've seen in their various ways to intrude into your reduction toe check societies to train our brain, to think out of the box and find original ideas. And finally, I will show you then and way I will be using what follows a really expensive and asking three for last. But you can use any medium your life for your I am looking for what section with you my love for secret up and some techniques that we use to So I'm ready when you are 2. Whimsical Art: hi again and welcome to my class. I would like to define whimsical art, but there are so many things that can make a painting or drawing whimsical. Sometimes it's a playful feeling you get when looking at any major like this one. There are so many fun details that you almost want to climb that tree and take this cupcake from the dragon. Other times it is a bright and happy colors or the shapes that often an original like this flowers. You can also be attracted to the poetic side off some whimsical artists like cattle and say Who's work is so dreamy and lovely. Oh, you can like the carefree and childlike quality off the artwork. It takes you back in time, a little to your own childhood and less. Three. It's about imagination, unexpected ideas that come out of the ordinary and fascinators, for example, Alexander Jenson. From a distance, you would not qualify his out as win sicker. It seems too dark for that. But look at these wonderful ideas. This house is very lights and lanterns also swears and twelves. As you can see, there are many, many aspect to win siecle art and it is truly a joy to explore this type of art if you wish to develop your own Wim Seeker style, my advice is to look at other artists. Work you can start by looking for whimsical aren't on Pinterest, for example. But do not just being what you like. Go and do some research on that specific artist. Seymour off his or her paintings. Follow the artist you love on Instagram so that you will see their art every day analyze what you specifically like about each image. For example, I don't often draw houses, but I like this interpretation off the horse's hair. It's beautiful, and I might draw waves like this. For example. Everything you see will inspire you consciously or not, and your style will bloom from all these tiny seats. 3. Exercises: we are not going to do if your exercises to stimulate our imagination. I have chosen in cat has subject. But if you don't like doing cats, then you can pick whatever you like. Just make sure that true something that change altering what is important when doing this is to pay close attention to detail is you can set the images you like the most and think of what it is that appeals to you. Maybe it is the funny eyes off the shape of this head. The's do theirs are simply the colors off the painting. Just pay attention to what you see. Once you have seen enough images, choose a photo off a sitting cat like this one, for example, and draw it in your sketchbook as it is. Do not bother with details like the hair. Just get the position and body parts right. Now that you're drawing is done, fill it with anything you like. It could be a pattern. Some flowers, some do theirs or just colors. Use whatever medium you want for these. These are a few of my cats, and if you pay attention, you will notice that I have been inspired by some of the cats and horses we found on Pinterest earlier. The next exercise is to paint or draw this cat in your own way. Forget your perfect cat and have fun. You can give it any shape you like painted decorated, experiment with techniques. Feel free The only restriction being that it must be a seating kitty here is mine. I have worked with masking fluid because it's new for me and I'm excited to use it. You will notice that I have been inspired by one off the Pinterest cats, this one, but that I have interpreted it in my own way. You can do this too. And finally our last exercise are we now ask you to add some elements toe one off your sketch ease, but not what comes to your mind. First, something else. It could be the opposite off your first start. For example, if you feel like drawing a bird next to your cat drawn elephant instead and imagine what links the two. You can also continue with your previous artwork. This is what I did. And lastly, if you are really, really stuck yes, it happens. Just open your Pinterest and draw one off the four images that comes on top in your own way , something might come out off it. You can do this type of exercises from time to time to train your brain, to think beyond the of years, and you will find that ideas will come much more easily after a while. 4. Finding Ideas: what to paint. I would say paint what you enjoy painting. Explore different styles and at material to see what you like using the most. Because there are thousands of ways to paint one thing. You can start by making a least off possible subjects for your artwork. Here are a few things I keep painting. I will pick mermaids for this class Now if no fantastic ideas brings to my mind for the wind seeker scene I want to paint. I will use this method first writer least of things that you associate with mermaids Here is my least from this least you will pick one thing and change it. Replace it by its opposite or something radically different. I will pick C and replace it by sky. So the situation now is that I have a mermaid in the sky again. I might get an idea straight away, but I might not. If not, I need another east this time. What associate it with K? As you write this, least let images or third cross your mind freely. Do not judge or dismiss anything. Relax and let it flow. From this least you can pick one or more elements that you feel like adding to your mom made in this guy, even if at this stage you don't know how it's going to work out. I picked birds because I enjoy painting birds, but I still don't know the story between my characters at this point. So now is the time to sketch sketch any possible idea that you get about how a mermaid and some birds might interact in the sky. We're talking about small quick sketch ease. Here are some of my sketches I have. I did some colors just so that you can see what is going on, because it's very messy. And I'm sorry about that, As you can see are so plate with the ideas off moon stars and rainbow leaving the burden on the site for a while. Once you know what is going on, you can add more details like flying fish you can are, so let it rest for a while. Always a good idea. In this case, I had the idea of the hair like waves from the sea and the fish in it while working my dog . Best ideas do not always come or sitting at a desk And finally, there are times when there is no story, and that's also fine. You might just want to paint a mermaid in the sea cute or with friend colors like these ones. It very much depends on your mood, your style and your personal liking. I would not show you how I painted this image. 5. Background & Sketch: we are going to start with the background first, ever used a large brush and sprayed water on all yourself face. I like using a lot of water for my backgrounds, so it's important to use a heavy paper. But this painting I am working on an A three cold press cancel Excel with a color paper off 300 milligrams. To paint this guy. I will spread VIAS. What a color shades of blue and pepper. Then spray a little bit more water with this prebuttal until my paper in various directions , watching the way the color spread and making it work as I want. Once you are pleased with your background, you can either let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer. So this is our sky. We will now sketch our design very, very lightly, so that if something is wrong, it's easy to erase. I highly recommend that you practice sketching or drawing before doing it on the painted paper. I am starting with the cloud shape, then the mermaids arm and her face resting on her hand. - I would then paint the back and the tape, and I am during the whole tale as you can see, although it will be partly covered by the cloud because it's not to draw it in one spontaneous organic movement and we are not doing the smaller cloud and the bird, So this is what the final Sketch looks like. 6. Acrylics & Masking Fluid (clouds & fish): to paint the cloud. I'm using some titanium white and ultra marine acrylics. I am mixing a bit of blue in the white, keeping some pure white and pure blue as well. The brush is used for these is around the tip, one called a filbert brush. I love this brush for acrylic painting because it's very versatile and perfect for blending . But you can use any brush to paint clouds as long as it is not too soft so that it makes good round. It's drugs. - We will now paint the memories body with a smaller brush and some portrait pink acrylics. Be aware off where the Mamet's tell begins and do not cover it with acrylics, as this part will be painted with watercolors. Same thing with her that will also be done in watercolors. I will now use masking through it to create some fish and bubbles shapes in the hair because it needs to be stirred regularly. I always shake the bottle a bit and then pull some fluid in a small recipient. Masking fluid can be hard on brushes, so to preserve mine, I dip them in, washing up liquid and mob them on it issue before using them. It makes a kind of film that protects the brush, and the fluid washes away easily later. So we will dip a brush in there was masking fluid without overloading it and paint small fishing bobbers above the moments head. Whether hair will be, I hope that you can see well, because the camera was slightly out of focus when I filmed this and I did not realized. I'm really sorry about this off course. If you do not want to use masking through it, you can always spend their hair and then some fish and Berbers later with acrylics or white gel pin. Once you have painted all your invisible fishing bobbers, they need to dry well before painting on top. The fluid should feel dry under your finger, only very slightly sticky. 7. Watercolors (hair, tail & bird): because I want the mermaid's hair to look like waves. I have practiced some swirly shapes on a piece of paper in various shades of Bruyette acuerdos. It's a good idea to practice some specific shapes before you paint them so that your hand gets used to the movement and does it naturally. When you feel ready, start painting. Just relax and enjoy what you're doing. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. There are no mistakes if you are not pleased with the shape at a bit more pain or water, but try to keep it natural. You can use different blue tones for the swears. Just remember that the fish and Berbers will show better on the dark background when you peed off them, asking through it. - You can add as many ways as you want, and they're so at some layers on top off your existing ones. After the Mamet's hair, we can paint the little bird. I first paint the birds shape except the tail with a bit of water, so that the colors will mix nicely and then I add touches off purple and blue randomly. I will take a very thin brush and paint the tail in dark pink. I will then feel the shapes with some diluted pink No, before dropping a touch off purple and bright pink at the extremities off the feathers. Off course. You can use any colors you like for the birth as well as for the mermaid. Unlike me, who is always stuck on blue, purple and pink, the three colors I always always use. But I hope that you are not a stick as me, and that you enjoy all Carlos. So we will now move to the mammoth stale. And for these I will use reddish pink painting on dry paper. You can add details in the doctor tone. I like that. Some of the lines are neat and some blood for a bit off contrast, and I simply add darts off Carlos detail for the scales. And this is our painting. So far 8. Adding Detail: before peeling off the masking fluid, we must make sure that the hair is perfectly dry. In the meantime, we're going toe paint a few extra fish. I am just painting some simple shapes in blue water cooler. It is nice that the other fish will be white on blue and this blue on white where they are trying. I give the little bird and I and then at a few Berbers here and there. Most off, our painting is done now, so it's time to look at it and see what small details we can add that will complete it. For example, I think it needs a few more clouds on the right. But at this point you need to look at your own painting because your composition might be different from mine. Oh, you might want to add other elements. My artwork is more in the poetic side, but I'd love to see some funding project to OK, now it's time to peel off the masking fluid and reveal our other fish. You can fill it with a rubber, but be very, very genter. I prefer using my finger for better control. You do not want to rub the paint to heart now. Although I like the white fish and the Berbers, I feel that they do like definition. So I will outline them with a sharp blue pensar and for the hair. As for the fish and the Berbers, I would like a more detailed look. So I follow the shape of the swirls with different shades of blue pincers. If Allah this is a whimsical painting, I hope that you like it and that it will inspire you to paint your room. 9. Final Words: First of all, I would like to thank you for watching my class. I really hope you've enjoyed it and if you have 50 to leave a samba or positive review. Also, my favorite thing about teaching on skis share is to see my Children's project. So if you complete any of the exercises, or if you do some whimsical art after watching this class, let everyone see it. You can post your artwork in the project section below. You can also ask me questions or write comments in the community section. So I wish you many awas off happy painting and I will see you soon. Bye.