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INKING CUTE ANIMALS: Explore the Ways of Traditional Illustration I

teacher avatar Sova Huova, illustrator, artist and creative

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Whale Bonus: Animal Inktober I


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      Whale Bonus II: Animal Inktober II


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      Deer Bonus: Animal Inktober III


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      Wolf Bonus: Animal Inktober IV


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      Owl Bonus: Animal Inktober V


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      Tiger Bonus: Animal Inktober VI


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      Bear Bonus: Animal Inktober VII


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      Giraffe Bonus: Animal Inktober VIII


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About This Class

Learn and practice how to make illustrations of cute animals. This class is for anyone, more or less skilled in drawing, who would like to create original illustrations of their favorite animals. The final result should be surreal, soft, simple and fun. This class is the first part of the class series Cute Animals: Explore the Ways of Traditional Illustration. In this part, you will learn how to create your own artistic translation of reality, some rules of abstraction and how to design and draw a cute animal with inks or ink pens. As a bonus, I will show how to finish your drawing digitally.



Animal Inktober Video Bonus:

These videos are part of Animal Inktober drawing and painting challenge (2018) with a giveaway, and they show my art process. When this challenge is over, you are still invited to use these for learning, as well as the seven prompts that go with it. I will regularly check on your work here in the project gallery, as well as on Instagram if you tag me.






Meet Your Teacher

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Sova Huova

illustrator, artist and creative


You might have noticed the trend of participating in art challenges on social media. This class is all about sharing the experience with art challenges and creative commitments. I invited special guests to this class to talk about their projects, approaches, and experience.

I'm an illustrative artist and educator. You can find me online as @nestingspirits. I like to experiment and share the process along the way. I make illustrations for kids and dreamlike art. Currently, I focus on building an offline place for artists and creatives to meet and create in Prague, Czech Republic.
Here on Skillshare, I teach courses on traditional illustration techniques for beginners and other simple creative techniques for fun.

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1. INTRODUCTION: INKING CUTE ANIMALS: Hey, guys, this is still I'm an illustrator from Brad, Czech Republic, and I also teach art classes for Children. This class is the part of my income and classy ways. Cute animals explored the base of traditional illustration. I will go through the basics of the traditional materials and techniques of illustration. In this class, you will learn how to make your illustrations of animals using eggs and ink pens. Our concern today isn't making realistic studies of animals are final. Drawings should be simple, surreal, solved and fun. This class covers the process of observing, even learn something about extraction. You will learn how to watch and how to create your own artistic translation. Off reality. You will go through the basics of working based inks and invents, and finally, you are going to design and draw your own illustration of your favorite anymore. As a bonus, I shared a video there. I show how to enhance your going digital thing. This is a class for beginners, would like to improve their throwing skills or even for more skilled artists and creative people would like to play with things. I tried to find new drawing styles for their art. I would like to show that you don't have to be particulary good going to great, lovely pictures. So if you want to make your own cute animal illustrations, click to Enroll and let's start. 2. PROJECT: so here. Dyspepsia should follow to finish your project for this class successfully. First, think about an animal you can pick an animal you really like or other anymore. You think it's funny and can make great inspiration for your final illustration. Make a photo collage of this animal short in different poses, because this could really help you with other exercises. And he will have more options to choose from when you are deciding how your final design will look like. So, share this collage with us. You can also make it spin interest and share a link on your Pinterest board. If you prefer disarray, you can also share some pictures from the process. I'm especially curious about the results of your growing exercises and then follow the steps mentioned next lessons and make your final illustration. Don't forget to a block you're barking to the project. Color me 3. OBSERVING: Once you know what animal you would like to draw, you can start Mr Observing Part. Now you might say that you can easily cope a simple illustrations off other people. It's sometimes difficult to stay authentic with all those wonderful illustrations around us . Why should we even border with observing Kriel life references when it's more difficult to draw from three D when we can just go play some other illustration and maybe changed little . But you shouldn't forget that those illustrations you would like to co pay are probably good, because there is somebody off reality the artist. So before you, when you just copy, you might easily lose this point and your illustration will be versed in origin. It feel beef let, and it won't be original. In this class, you will try to make some exercises, which should help you find your own artistic translation off reality. Now it's your turn to choose what you will express with your illustration. Try to find and watch documentaries about your animal on need. You make a collection off photos off this animal in different poses. Maybe you have a bed at home. That is an advantage because you know it will. What's difficult about de animal? What do you like about it? But features do find especially cute. For example, this dog has really big ears delay how she's waving her tail. It's really specific. And on the bigger photo on the left, you can see the position I used for the color picture for this class. Her front posts are completely hidden under the body. Do you have your photo collection prepared? Now It's done for growing exercise number one great few bland sketches off this animal. Look at the photo video or your pet and try to draw it when you are not looking at the paper. Are at least not looking. Devon it off. These sketches are not supposed to be beautiful. They should help you to find characteristic features, which you can use later for your final drawing. They will help you to simplify the complexity off your animal. Keep your drawings very simple. The less strokes you make, the better you can use pencil. Authorities exercise 4. INSPIRATION AND CONCEPT: Once you have found out what is characteristic about your animal, you can finally search references from other illustrators, he said, that you are trying to make your own translation off reality to show your own point of view . But that doesn't mean you can incorporate anything from other illustrations you like. For example, you can be inspired by the background are a color Colette or someone with shapes I shapes and so on. You can go to my printer, spark this animal illustrations You have a link here are in references under this class. Even better is to have your own collection of your favorite illustration somewhere. You can also think about other details of your final throwing. Now, would you like to create more realistic illustration focused on natural environment off your animal? Although modern for serial illustration. If you're going for a metaphysical look, you might draw your animal with some human features. For example, bag hipster glasses, coffee marks, scarves, shoes heading florals might be also good option to get your picture. These will give your illustration modern, trendy. Look, now let's get to exercise number two. What will be a really significant of your drawing It's the shape of the eyes and nose. So if you're a beginner, you can maybe check how other people roadies and make a collection of your favorite ice and no, sis. It's obvious that you are going to make different collection if you are making a fish or a bird, and if you are broken, gonna get or joke illustration, you have a function for this under the class, and you can upload it also into our perfect cover me. 5. ABSTRACTION: Our next exercise is focussed on obstruction. You don't try to reduce your animal on simple shapes. First, try to reduce it. Gil metric shapes like rectangles, triangles, circles, ovals. And then you may slowly add other features like ice and knows from previous exercise. Then you leave. This image will concentrate more on girls off the animal, which lines are characteristic in which you can skip. Dis produced animal shapes are often used for local design, so maybe you can keep them for your other projects. You can protease responsible or you can already try and England for this exercise. In next lesson, we will finally talk about materials for growing. 6. MATERIALS: Let's Start is a paper you can use common office paper, but you will definitely get better results using specialized papers. My favorite is concerned Bristol for illustration if used office paper it works better wrist ink pens because nips tend to America holes in it. Also, if you use brush to make larger jack arrests, the paper might through specialized papers are more resistant and very smooth. It's a joy to world wisdom. If you think you might phoned to add some butter color touches later, be sure to use voter color paper and photo proving pin or ink. I can recommend, for example, discomfort for a quarrel. You probably shouldn't use anything to textured because again, the small pieces off the paper could stay on your name. And if can cause difficulties in you're going. The cover image for this class was made distinct pants. Why they have many advantages. You don't have to terrible toll off in cover. There you don't get dirty dating variety off line thickness. They can make really small lines easily, but also brush markers. If you have treated for pence, you almost don't need anything else now. Also, they're accessible. You just have to find your favorite brand. Mokhehle. Additionally, still use handle and various nips. I use cheap, same flexible napes, which can change the lang on thickness. In one stroke, like in calligraphy, you need to have a bottle off Inc and dipped in it. There you should be careful and don't go too deep. Is your nip Advise. You will have think ever there and the flow will be irregular, but you can choose from variety off in colors and brands. While infants are usually just blank, you will get completely different mood than using, for example, duking for your animal illustration. Basic and most common thing is black Indian ink. You will see me working visit. You can also try working the slide in on dark background. No one says that your fund growing has to be black. There's also nothing wrong with funding Depends. Usually they aren't so flexible, but they are more comfortable to use. You will see me using go saliva, trickle or brush. I keep my breath for inking separate from my other vertical brushes because even when I washed the brush properly after Anqing, I have a feeling that small parts off writing are kind of changing the shape off the brush , and it just doesn't for so good. Fitzpatrick colors. I also used wide chillin role ban to draw over NX for small finishing touches, sometimes also for fixing small mistakes. And they're probably going to start. Your illustration was a pencil sketch. That means that he will probably race pencil lines after rowing with ink, and you need to be really careful this debt. It's better to wait until the other day because thanks s much and sometimes this much, even when you think that they are already drive. So try to get some of these materials. I think you probably have something like this at home already. Try to go on with what you already have. You can get better materials later than you get better in inking. Your task now is to complete devotion where you create your own textures. You will start with hedging. That means creating parallel lines and then continue with cross hatching. That means creating crisscross lines. You can experiment with pressure and then you can also try stippling again experimentalist pressure and finally, you can try to invent your own textures. You can use for your animal, for hair or Federer's. You can see some lens. I created his different tools. Just play with your ink pen for a while and he will see what works for you. 7. DRAWING: This is the lesson where I showed my thinking process and drawing manga. Liam Yak. I wanted to make some creature is this big round eyes for some time and if you google these creatures, you can see how funny they are. So I started with a sketch and I chose traditional way off thinking and you did Some land will be stick was kind off calligraphy effect. After these lines, I changed the name to really thin and made the hair on ahead and on a tail After dead, I switched with vertical brush and I colored bigger dark Rs and added light message texture around the head and legs. I also made some shadows with it. In the end, I used why Chile pen for the details off a settle blanket. Basic thinking didn't take more than one hour. - This picture is here to show you the difference between a drawing created this traditional Ben and modern in pen. This should be a buffalo, but I kind of changed the animal. I was growing into middle of the process. Well, okay, so it's kind of a Hib right now, but never mind if you just followed textures. You conceded. It's kind of more precise and less messy. You never create such a thin line with a traditional Ben. It's probably better for precise people like designers for sophisticated details. Last wrong, I'm going to show you is my dog having a coffee and looking from our window? It's created with my windage, Parker found, and then the line out. It's actually really dark blue color, but I'm not sure if you can see that. You see, I use just basic textures I was showing you before, like catching and stickling. I decided to finish this growing this colored pencils. I didn't want toe change it digitally because the mood was kind of different. So when it's your turn 8. BONUS: DIGITAL TOUCHES: This'll Essen, I'm going to show you. I do miss my pictures after skinning in case I want to serve them Assad Prince any basic, anything to will work for this purpose. I'm using his owner for just a day or 16 but you can use anything you have installed in your PC for this basic editing. You can also use free online editors like Bixler. Here's the link. I skinned my picture in a good quality, like 600 FBI or even more. This is how it looks like when I assume you can see the little imperfections and I'm going to show how to fix step digitally. At the beginning, I cropped the image on the size I like for black and white image. You should probably consider adjusting contrast exposition and also a black point. If you have disruption in your editor with the small changes, you can delete almost all little imperfections and pencil lines you missed with the rubber . If there are any changing, these can also enhance the image. Another important, too, is a clone toe. It's really easy to use, and it will help you with correcting Derek lines and dots. You don't like you can get rid off any mess on your image. You just to like the zone you find perfect and then the in their affections will be replaced by your selection. Now, if you want to change the background off your image and you have a simple image where all lines are closed, then you can use a medic one to select the background and changed the color with the paint bucket, too. You can play with colors and try to find what's the best option here I have black page and blue option. If you have more complicated image, you will have to use select brush and manually select what you want to change. Now I'm going to show you how to make other additional that chased like cheeks or called flowers. Usually it looks bad when you go with the basic brush to your picture, but in this case it can actually enhance your illustration it way at knife field to your picture and move it on the next level. If you want to be precise with the brush, you have to use the selection tool again. It could be a magic wand or a selection brush If you have this option of your editor, - a letter thank you can try is changing the whole tone off the picture. It can add a dreamy feel to your illustration and change the mood. If you're going to print your illustration, it's better to export it. And it seemed like a colors so that your colors don't change much sprinting. 9. WHAT'S NEXT: Thanks for watching two first bath of exploded rates of traditional illustration. Last series. I hope you're injured this class. If you have wondering what should be your next steps in your illustration journey, I have some recommendations for you. First recommendation concerning inking is to join next October. October is a drawing chilling, founded by Jake Barker, tingling for his upside in the online resources under this class. In this Children to you think every day in October 1 month off, drawing every day can make a huge difference in improving cure drawing technique. My second advice is that you can also join inking class. Off you go she missile here on skill share. She's an excellent artist, and you can see big influence of Japanese calligraphy in her art. If you were wondering like I didn't show here and even techniques with thinks, that's because I'm waiting with it for my next class. There you could learn how to paint animals with voter colors. So if you're curious about combining Inc and Water, you can consider joining my next class. I will link it immediate living. It's published oil baiting. You can try to turn your illustration from this class do a jewel in my class about making illustrated jewelry. Last advice, but not least show us your work. Don't forget to upload your illustrations in our project gallery. I will give you some feedback and maybe your classmates can give you something to I really believe the chilling over is your first step to success, so don't be shy. 10. Whale Bonus: Animal Inktober I: Welcome to the first video off animal in October, where you can watch starts off my painting process when completing seven prompts for making animal illustrations. If you want to learn more about this, you can see the post with the prompts in my instagram feet. I think I will be finishing the problems with my favorite technique, which is thinking, but on what you can share your projects for anymore in October on instagram and taking nothing spirits. Or if you watch this video on skill share, you can upload your project into the project gallery. Also, those of you evolved rules will become eligible for Give A You can get a book inking animals and art supplies for inking, which I got from my favorite store. This art supplies in BRAC, so I hope that's the great moderation to paint or draw some beautiful animal illustrations and showed them to revolt. So for the first illustration, redwood will's death. Seriously, guys, can you hear dead? Hey, excuse me. I would like to come from you for the first illustration actuals to paint a humpback whale with a calf. I was going through the whale species and I found out that not only these are as big as a bus, but they're also very clever and they want to communicate. Okay, thanks for showing them. They want to communicate with humans, even show the newborn cows. They travel all around the world, and they make excellent jumps, sometimes only for fun. They are also known for their singing. It's believed the day actually composed songs, creating the sound by blowing air around their bodies. Now would be the right time to show them, my dear. Okay, you can see that I am working with light books and I'm sharing. My sketch loosely inks that by step over. A stab is a water layer, and I had ink into it. I add details with throwing pens. I work on Bristol paper, which is my favorite forward thinking technique for the background. Are you squash? I applied it in two layers. I finished it with white stars because I wanted my whales to swim in the night sky. This I think, at some more magic to depending Oh, he said that he hopes that you'll go and paint beautiful Wales in ink. You wouldn't want to disappoint him, right? 11. Whale Bonus II: Animal Inktober II: 12. Deer Bonus: Animal Inktober III: Welcome to the second video off Animal in October. Challenge. You can learn more about this challenge and to give way on my instagram or skill share page or my website. This is the sketch I made about a year ago. It's connected to some personal loss, and it took me all this time before I could get back to it and finish it. I read Drew this sketch digitally on my I pad to clean it and kind of figure out what I want to stay in my final based. I'm using my light books to transfer to sketch. I'm thinking wet on wet with India ink and for the color part off this illustration, I chose to grope with squash. - I was deciding between these two pellets one waas mainly grayscale with this sharp red color , and the 2nd 1 was still using grey shades. But there's also red and green, and I decided to add an okra tone into it because I thought that maybe since the topic, it's likely depressing. Maybe the colors don't have to be the same way. There is certainly sudden as depicted, but I also wanted to show hope. You can see someone's leading up from its body to space and there are symbolically showing . It's so leaving the body and the butterflies around are attracted by this lights or whatever it tastes. So there's some promise in it and hope for something new and beautiful. On a completely different note, if you ever wondered why I never leave the sound from my original videos and always make West overs, which can take a long time to edit True is that I never have enough time to finish something without kids. So sooner or later so but dozens of them in a villa. Yeah, and did you have to be a, you know, visit build blowhole. Yummy. No, this man is there among subtly not only she gave me these hair apps for our lunch, but he also put a flower crown on my head. So you had It's my pending whisk. It's now you probably understand. OK, I hope to see, uh, your projects, your new paintings of theirs in the skill share project galleries are on instagram using his shtick animal in October or history in kink animals. Probably taking me misting spirits. Andi Uh, okay. Have a great time inking 13. Wolf Bonus: Animal Inktober IV: Hey, guys, this is my CERT video created for Animal in October. In case you missed this challenge, check my INSTAGRAM profile on my website to learn how to participate and maybe even win my new book thinking animals and art supplies for thinking. And if you didn't start with animal indoor bree, it don't worry, because they're still time to get up. To be eligible for the way you can share on the three pictures from the prompt. So if you injure inking animals, go and make some art. This time, my process was different from the previous two paintings, while the 1st 2 paintings there filmed in my studio in practice, one was created in a barn in a little village in the middle of the boots. Very status my family last week. Therefore, the process is not so detailed, but I still tried to capture all the important moments of my painting. The second difference is in the technique. I'm using different paper, and it's called Breast ours for watercolor, and therefore I'm going for beautiful watercolor effects. My sketch was created with watercolor pencils and right after applying the first layer of water, I bent it wet on wet with several watercolors. I chose to work with Russian blue, transparent brown and natural taint, and I added a little bit of French vermillion. Later, with the first layer, I created a club, this guy at the top off. My circular painting and Wonder Start was dry. Rented, also took round and the mountain behind a wolf. I applied the second player of water so that I could continue with what on technique. So this was the background, and in the new layer I started using India ink. I created some definition in the mountain and darker tones on the ground around the world I layer doing to create different transparencies and marked some grasses under horizon. I painted the try tree in ink. My wolf is open. Did I think I left on lighter arrest there? But there was nothing particulary complicated on inking the wolf. Since the sketch was very nice, I drew the eye before within my com pen, and I left out little white space on the tape off its nose. Some space around relax, will. Still what when I inked, which created this effect of fluffy Lex, and I kind of like it even when it wasn't my intention are straight bird rice for a really long time. And I didn't have a hair dryer to help it. So my impatience is visible in the painting Good. 14. Owl Bonus: Animal Inktober V: thing is an anymore inked over challenge to free to participate and get the possibility to win some interesting prices. Today I have some holds for you, and the media is going to show that not everything you do has to be a sexist for the first time. Take me lately I've been making one pending in four days, including sketch and video it think and uploading it. And guys, I must admit it can be quite a lot of pressure. And this video is about me dealing with spendings I don't love. I've been making demonstrations for Client for six years, and I often get deadlines and I have to create a certain amount of work in these deadlines . And to be honest, I absolutely hate we're making things, so it's part of my work. I writer start to can and create a new concept. This time I created a sketch off any goal, and I liked it, but and I yanked it and two things happened, the first as much to a bit of color in the white space of my pending. I tried to get rid of it, and I have a technique to get rid of smudges using a knife, but this time it didn't work so well and some scratches stayed in. My orginal art broke, it was said. But then I realized, Hey, the spending wasn't me. Maybe I should go and make something different. So I decided to remain the whole concept. - I created a new digital sketch. I played the scaling scenery and composition because these are easy to change. When you broke digitally and I left my new creation and then my husband, a biologist, came and he said, I hope it's gonna be doubt because you know the old supplied twilight and I said that my references, their videos showing those flying doing today and telling how rare that is. And I wanted to make my illustration light bluish with spring winter sun. But I decided to change it to the moon and paint nights guy instead, and I created this first version off this painting, and I saw it like delight moot, I imagined to get so the next day I decided to do it differently. Instead of changing the colors, I decided to play a risky and to create the background of the spending with monotype technique and learned about this technique from an obstacle over with the skill share teacher based in Berlin, and I recommend her class the art off monotype. Create your first unique artwork in minutes this class and sparked me to play with this technique much more. You can create amazing things with monotypes, but results are very random. Sometimes they look like you imagined off. They turn into something completely different, and that's what I love about him. I used the light books to place my painting and painted the background with watercolors and quash. I did my best to create the scenery, which would follow the main lines off my sketch, and I left the space around the old blank. I was changing the scenery according to the new monotype, so I used my original sketch as a reference. I didn't waste details to my painting, but I moved him to create in United's composition, I nd only using what inking technique. The Inglis used only 40 details, trees, details of the house, fans, goats and you. I painted the rest of depending with squash and watercolors. In the end, I connected the blank surroundings of the old and really last some parts of this painting, especially those characteristic for the monotype technique, the tree pattern randomly created behind the house. But it was deserved remake off an oval 40 in October. I think if I've Aaron push to use ink because it's in October, I would pick a different medium instead for the old this time something soft like vertical a pencils. And then I remembered tape I saw from one artist on Instagram, and I'm so sorry that I didn't remember her name. But she said that when she is not happy with the car scheme, she repents the top of her painting with squash. So I tried to go with this, and I applied a thin layer off wash over my old, enlighten it with pinkish particle of pencils, and it worked nicely. The old wasn't such a contrast to the rest of the pending, and there are certain paintings I made, and I left more. My time for this is limited, and I will have to go with this one, by the way, and I was testing the monotype ballot, I created this cute little landscape from the original Swatch. I think I'm going to donate it to my daughter's kindergarden and maybe even create some printed Christmas cards from this month to create more artworks like this. Be sure to check on his class. So what can we learn from this? That not all your art burgs have to be perfect? You learn from the process. You sometimes have to deal with the option, which is not perfect and take it is good enough. How do you do with the art brooks you're not happy with? Do Ra make them, or do you just throw them away? Do you keep them to get back to them and examined them? Do sometimes find out that you can love your artwork after several weeks path or maybe even years, let me know in discussion or Indyk laments, Thank you and see you in the next video. 15. Tiger Bonus: Animal Inktober VI: I decided that this video for animal in double chillin shouldn't give a really a kalash my mezcal ashes in the style before you can even find to off them. In my book inking animals with the complete tutorial and I made one for Marine Oil Boom and her 14 days our challenge, which is a great class on skill, shared by the way. So if you're on school share, certainly check it out. My approach to Kalash changed about two years ago when I saw the first book Off Nature by Nikola Davies and Mark Harold. If you have kids, you might know this book. I decided that I want to create my own experimentation with this technique, what I like about collages that when I put pieces together to create artwork, I don't feel so much responsibility for the things I'm doing there, which raised me and leaves me space to experiment. I injured to make collages in illustration for Children, and when I make them, I like to collaborate with my daughter because there aren't so many occasions in my art where she can directly join me. Although she sometimes spends next to me, even I faint When I make illustrations for kids, I sometimes ask her about her opinion because I like when the art for kids It's really for kids in Chiquita when you come toe bookstore and you search for quality modern literature for Children, it's often illustrated in a very modern and designing way, and I love to watch and read these books. However, they are not designed for Children, and kids don't find them very interesting. I don't say illustration for Children should look like this need it at all. But I would like some compromise for Children's and adult aesthetics. I in the book I showed you before This is my sketch. It's not an actual sketch. It's only a dump nail drawing. Creating these ugly, simple dump nails off possible concepts are my favorite by together ideas and decide on the best you can see that I started by creating my textures. I got out my pieces in this case, the leaves and I just play wisdom and arranged in to create an impression off jungle. My under layer is pretty wild, and I decided to create my tigers cheap from a blob created accidentally in the wet part. So I draw and I next to it, I dry brush with the brush Ben and by dry brushing. I mean, it's seriously dry this time because I'm running out of cartridge here, and I decided to use it to create the texture similar to the one used for reliefs. A sketch lightly with Dr Brushing technique. And then I darken it after the water color layer when I made my light sketch with pink eye color tiger with water colors. And then I washed them away again because I found out that there won't be much contrast to relieves. So it left me with this light blue background. And then I was cutting, staking the pieces one next to each other. If you follow me here on skill share, you might know that I was teaching in school art lessons for kids. If you think that Tickle ash is a technique, perfect forgets it's not so obvious to me. They can be very creative and make amazing art. That's true, but the sticking part is very boring for them, especially when they make tons off little pieces to apply. And then they get impatient, like my daughter who left me after 10 minutes or so, and I had to finish the artwork myself. Good. - I used the cut of do great precise It is, and I framed the painting that add this one is not for sale. It looks brighter like an illustration for Children's book, but my total love it, so it's going to stay in her room. If you enter this video, feel free to join us in animal in October, challenge and create your own tigers and other every most, and you might win interesting prices if you publish your artwork before the end of October 2018. 16. Bear Bonus: Animal Inktober VII: this video is a part of animal in October challenge, and this time I'm making an illustration of a polar bear. I may do sketches Portis concept the first bumble showing an iceberg with the part below, which was a great idea. But unfortunately, in composition, it looked first in this sketch. Birdie, I start is floating in the white background. Also, I wanted to create an illustration for kids usable as a poster for Children's nurseries. And the Ellsberg below to see, seem to bring some anxiety to depending. And even when I often make some darkness with simplicity in my art, I try to keep the paintings for little ones positive if you sell me bending to dear illustration before you can recognize that this technique is similar in the eyes brought. Working wet on wet, I used attain ink pen to draw the details off my bearer and a brush Ben, which is a joy to work with. The thickness off the lines, varies depending on how much I push, and it created a delicate texture on my eyes back I was using watercolors on Jensen Bristol paper, which is always a bit risky because this paper definitely isn't primarily meant for protocols. As you can see, when you don't go crazy with the amount of water, it handles it very well. I makes India ink with watercolors and created a night sky. In the end, I used a gel pin to add stars to my painting. I think the overall impression from this illustration is soft and whimsical, which was my goal. I hope you will enjoy the rest off, depending process. And I just wanted to remind you that you still have several days to join Animal in October . Challenge and give way. I will choose nine people who followed not only the official instructions off the challenge , but also those who were engaged more than others. I will pick paintings of you where I saw some plunged breasts or since your interest in the topic. Because to be honest, if I had to choose the best Boeing's, it would drive me crazy. They are also good that I couldn't simply pick nine from them. It would be totally unfair and really amazed by your creations. Guys from the night off my choices you will walk for tree which will win a booking kink animals and art supplies from thinking the other six will at least get a small print off my artwork as a thank you for participating in the challenge. See you in my next video, which will be the last one for Animal in October. And I will be painting a giraffe for you, Good. 17. Giraffe Bonus: Animal Inktober VIII: Hey, guys, this is the last process. Video off animal in October with the giraffe. I know. I want something pink ation light. I had an idea for a really surreal painting off giraffes, and I hope I will manage to create it soon. But I want to use different media for dead, so I'm keeping this idea for later. Instead, I would like to talk a little bit more about my creative process and intuitive decisions in my art. I divide my work into two parts. Declined work and personal book as many artists out there. I hope this too will become very close one day. I wish I can keep to my real creative process one day for you. You can imagine that when I have that precious time where I don't have to stick to a specific topic in my art. I usually don't plan what to paint it all. I play with Floyd mediums and they created textures. I read what's coming out from the textures and finish it. These pieces are usually those which I find best off my art books. Something comes to me. I see some shape into forest. Who reminds me of a troll and I paint it. I came to blend on debt. I can share the technique with you, but not the whole process. When I realized this, I told it I might try to finish the last painting for animal in October. More freely, almost as the play, I will get back to the collapse technique and work with India ink in watercolors. No planning. The only previously planting under spending is that my giraffe will be eating. Let's see if I can lose an empty process in front of you. I just wanted to say thank you for these two amazing colors that I got from my student Shiran. These are low because it the acrylic paints by tree art and chevron pink the color tones. I would never choose myself, but I used them for this picture and they were perfect. I'm pretty sure I'm not using them in a way development to be. So please don't think off my process as a tutorial. I'm just playing with the new medium in a way I would normally without a camera watching me . You definitely shouldn't oblige a color you know almost anything about with your fingers and now I'll leave you towards the rest of the process. I hope you will enjoy it. Next. Big people vote for the Venice off animal in October 2018 on instagram and skill share, so stay tuned.