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How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business

teacher avatar Monja Wessel, Artist, Graphic Designer and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction: How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business


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      How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business


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      How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business


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      How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business


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      How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business


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      How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business


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      Outro & Project


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About This Class


Have you always wondered how to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business?

After all, in most Facebook Groups you are not allowed to advertise or even leave a link to your Fanpage.

There is a way around it. And it's a pretty obvious way. You need to be helpful in your Facebook Groups. However, as you can imagine, that's not the only thing you need to do to actually optimise Facebook and get the most out of it.

In this class we will have a look at all those things you need to know to use Facebook Groups effectively.

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1. Introduction: How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business: in this class, you're going to learn how to advertise your business. Using Facebook groups in a non cell C or pushy way. We have a look at how to optimize your profile to connect it perfectly with your business, and anyone who is interested in you and your business will find what you're up to all on out a pilot. Hi, my name is Mona, and I'm an online teacher. Since two seldom ate as a multimedia designer, I teach all things creative from image enhancement off a video editing to online marketing . I make a living online Since 2011. However, I know how hard the beginnings were and how especially the small fixes and proved my workflow and therefore my business results. After this class, you no longer need to worry that you force people to buy from you. They will want to buy your products because you are the person to go to when they need help . It's all just about how to be found. So click the enroll now button and join me during business in an ethical way 2. How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business: If you are on Facebook for some time, your profile page may look like this, and you have post everything it which is interesting for you. Andi, you're posting in different groups you are interested in, and you may have your own fan page you are supporting. So all that can come together because the easiest way to Edward ties your business on Facebook is by writing in different groups. But many groups don't want you to post AdWords highly. So what can you do about that? So there is a work around. It's quiet, you know. It will take a little bit, but it's well worth it. So when you want to advertise your business was Facebook groups. Go ahead, choose your groups, and when you are in try to get known. So aren't the questions people have and maybe post what you have done. But do never post a link to your page or to your business page. But just be supportive. So then, when you are, people will click on your profile like this one from Angelica Andi. They will find that first off, all she has posted here, going to her free class on skill share free link. And although the premium link on people will see what they get here, they can do some crush. It stinks up or when it squirreled all they can do some d I y or they can cook. So whatever Angelica is up to, you will find here on her profile page. So because whenever she wants to advertiser business, she will post that here. So she has a new class, and she posted here was a beautiful picture. And besides that, her profile is linked to her business, to simple life stories to her friend Paige. So when I click here now on her fan page, let me click here on simple life you will see is connected. And best of all here that also linked toe the website So people can jump from her profile to her fan page to her website. And you know what? People are doing that. So we have measured that. And yes, they are doing it because you are supportive. In a group, you're just human, your just someone who is helpful. And then they go from there, go to your profile, maybe want to be friends with you on. If they want to be friends with you. They are also looking what you're up to, and even if they don't want to be friends with you, they are still looking what you're up to. And so they will always tumble over your fan page and therefore over your website. And there's the best way to advertise your business on Facebook. It will take some time, and you should not get lost in thons off Facebook groups, but just maybe 12 or three Facebook groups. So as much as you can manage daily, because the best thing would be to just post helpful answers every day. So in the next lecture, we're going to explore how to connect your profile. Was your fan page on your website? 3. How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business: Besides adding the information about what you're up to in your timeline, you can also connect your profile with your website. For that, you click here on information and then you click on contact information and general information and then you can at your websites here. So you just click at it here and then you can at, ah website toe whatever you want here, so your profile is directly connected to your website and as I said, it's also connected to your fan page. So at this point, people don't have another chance but stumble over your website. So, as you can see here, this is the found page, but also over your website. So the best thing you can do is at the information he had to your profile. So the best thing you can do here is at your information, fill out everything you can on. Always connect with your business 4. How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business: So another thing which is absolutely free advertising for you is your title image here. So you really should at a title image here with your business, you can always hear Angelica has but a perk cookbook. It's a low carb cookbook, Onda. She put it up here. So anyone who comes over to your profile will see that emit, which is, of course, connected to her website about the low carb cookbook. So when you click on it, you see what she is up to once again. So on it says here, my first cookbook. It's now published and you can find it here. And you have a link to her website where she asked her cookbook. So it's also at simple life stories, but is a special website just for that coup book. So you can click here Andi stumble over her cookbook. So this is another way to advertise from her profile directly. So when someone comes from the group and gas on her profile, they will also see her publishing this Cooper supplement out here again. So you can see this is free advertising for you at your title image. Here. You can always exchange that you can have a promotion, for example, and connected with your website. You just you know, when you uphold the image, you can always add a description or also later time. You can always edit here and then add a link to your website. 5. How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business: So now I'm on Angelica's contents trip aunt here on the left side, you can see her groups, and I would click on just one of her favorite groups, which is handcrafting. So let's go. Here is about all kinds. Do it yourself. So it's like this one. You see, I just curled on quickly and what I'm going to show, you know, it's Ah, soup is simple. You just need to go into a post from a fellow member and type something down. Maybe you have a question about the product, or you simply want to say how beautiful it is. So whatever you do, do it. I just typed in. Ah, what a beautiful piece of artwork. So what happens now is that I have the profile posted together with my answer, and when she Hoovers over it, she will see what on Jan occurs up to and again, you can click on her link here, or you can click on her name and then you are connected to her profile on that person will see her cookbook. She will see her crafty projects, so whatever. So the more Angelica's posting here in the group, the more she will be seen, and here are already 57 428 members. So this is more than you need to have a proper business going. So if you spend your time in this group, just a comment on whatever comes into your fingers, people would come to your profile there was See what you are up to, and they most probably would also buy your products. 6. How to use Facebook Groups to advertise your Business: what I'm sure you Here's a way off advertising your business in directly without any push. She's hail. See whatever. You just be helpful on dumb. Give your answers or give your admiration. So nothing. Push your sales it behind that it just you presenting yourself. I'm being connected with your business, I believe, is one of the best possible ways. Toe, advertise yourself online because this way you are not, You know, it just feels like a normal person people get in touch with on. It's not about a business. However, People won't mind to buy from a business or the business behind you because they like you on they will support you. What I can also tell you is that you most probably won't be able to keep up with tons off different groups. Angelica are already has Ah lot of groups here, and I don't think she will be able to keep up with all of them every day. But you don't have to. As I said, they have 5428 members here and other groups. Let's jump over might have also let's see here they have 37,000 something members. That's amazing. You don't need anything further here. It's just, you know, when you have that amount off members, it just a question how often you were seen Because not agent. Every post will be seen by each and every member. So the more you post here, the more people will see you, the more you will sell. So don't worry about anything. Just be helpful. And that's another reason why you should choose a business which is absolutely connected to what you love to do because you need to be present. He you need toe answer. You need to be the expert in your field, and you can just reach that if you love what you do. So a business you don't really like is nothing you can't. I retired that business properly on social media, so just be part off. The groups participate, enjoy your way there and don't care any further, but at work highly than optimizing your page on with your page. I mean, that profile page, first of all, was your image here on top off course. Also use an image, which is nice here. Best is to use yourself here. Don't use a logo or anything, just be yourself. As I said, it's important that there's a face behind the business. And then whenever you create something new, published that here. So people can always, when they come over, click here and thieves. Some more information about you also connect your fan page into your website here, super important, because then people can shack what you're up to. Un also like your page, of course. 7. Outro & Project : Ah, congratulations. You have Mars at this class. I hope you could gain some new inside, and this new skill will help you with your business. Now it's time to take action. Go to your Facebook profile and optimize it for your business at a new title image. Post images and links in your profile page and finally find a few Facebook groups you can commit to and post them in the project area. For us as instructors, it really means a lot. If you could leave a review, hopefully with some up and create a project this way, we know if you like the class and it, we can help any further. Thanks a lot. I hope to see you in one of my other classes as well.