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How to spruce up your garden on a budget

teacher avatar Mark Shorter, DIY expert!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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6 Lessons (17m)
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About This Class

The garden is as much a part of the home as the living room, bathroom and bedroom. However, it often gets overlooked. I truly feel that no matter how beautiful the inside of your home is, if your garden looks a bit bleak and unloved, the home will always feel unfinished.

The good thing about the garden is that it can be spruced up really easily without having to spend a fortune.

In this short course, I’m going to share with you a few hints and tips that I’ve learnt along the way that will turn your garden into a beautiful space you love being in.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Mark Shorter

DIY expert!


Hello, I’m Mark and I love DIY!

For the past 15 years, I have been developing houses,  and in that time I have become an expert in everything DIY. I started out as complete beginner and found out that with a little bit of time and patience, nothing is impossible. If you scroll down through my profile, you’ll find plenty of courses that cover topics not only in DIY, but also in baking and gardening encompassing all my passions.


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Here are the courses I have at the moment:

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1. Introduction: have to spruce up your garden on a budget. The garden is much part of the home, as is the living room, bathroom and bedroom. However, it often gets overlooked. I truly feel that no matter how beautiful the inside of your home is, if your garden looks a bit bleak and unloved, the home will always feel unfinished. The good thing about the garden is that it could be spruced up really easily without having spent a fortune in this short cause. I'm going to share with you a few hints and tips that I've learned along the way That would turn your garden into a beautiful space you love being in. So let's begin. 2. Part 1: oak cycling plant pots. An extremely quick way of adding a little life to adore corner of your garden is to get some new plant pots. No glam parts can be quite expensive if you buy them from a garden center, But are you familiar with the word off cycling upside? Lee is basically transforming on wanted products into new things, and it's a really great way of getting plant pots for your garden. All you need to do we search your home for some old containers. Some used tin cans on old book, it's or even a car tire. And voila! You have your very own retro plant pot tin cans on paintings. You might be thinking that an old team cam wouldn't look like much in the garden, but you can spruce it up in lots of different ways. Frankly, a single team can, no matter how beautiful you, Mikey would look out, sat in your garden. But if you have a collection of tin cans, it can become a very pretty addition to your garden. As long as you stick to a single thing. When decorating you tin cans, they won't look out of place. You can keep them very simple by painting guillotine Kansas single color. Or you could paint them a multitude of colors or even paints, Um, design ideas on them like flowers or stripes. As for displaying them, the possibilities are endless tin cans, a relatively light, even when filled with soil, so you could hang them on your offensive. He wanted to, without fear of them pulling it down. You could put three or 14 cans on a tabletop or arrange them on some logs. Just make sure that you drill a few holes in the bottom 15 cans for drainage, and you could also add a few stones or some gravel to the bottom before you add the sore to stop the water from building up in the bottom. Since tin cans are generally quite small, you'll want to stick to smaller plants in the spring and summer annuals such as Pan's ease . Viola's primroses are fairly easy to take care off, although you will need to replace them every year in the winter. Sick lemon will also look nice, or you could even plant some bulbs in your tin cans and have a noise. Early spring display of daffodils, crocuses or high since, or your cooker for a more permanent solution and simply plants, um, training ivy in them. A larger version of the sort of retainer is to use old paintings or buckets. You could put one or two book. It's alongside a handful of tin cans, all painted in a similar star or a few decorated ones on their own. 3. Part 2: car tires, car tires or another simple container for growing plants. Just like with the tin cans, you can easily decorate them with a lick of paint in many different designs. You can make different size containers by stacking two or three tires on top of each other , giving you much more choice as to the sort of plants you can grow in them. You can also put the tire flat on the wall and fill it with soil, or hang it and fill the base we saw. If you choose these options, though, you will need to make a few trainings holes so that any excess water can drain away easily if you stack the tires or hang them up there, an ideal container for trailing plants also because of their size you're not, has limited on which or how many plans you can use annuals such as petunias, Liberia begonias and even geraniums on companion Ulus would. All I know is trialling down the side of the containers wheelbarrows. If you have an old wheelbarrow, collected dust or becoming rusty, you can give it a new lease of life and turn into a beautiful centerpiece in your garden The good thing about a wheelbarrow is that it's moveable, so you can pretty much put any plants in it and move the wheelbarrow around in the night of the soon as and when it's needed. If you want to really roosted looking container, you could leave the wheelbarrow as it is rust in all, but you might prefer to paint it and decorated in the same way as we mentioned with the tin cans. Just remember through a drainage holes the bottom or you'll end up with a swamp. However, that does also remind me of a different way of using your wheelbarrow. You could turn you will bury into a small pond or even incorporated into a water feature I will wear is large enough to comfortably grow small shrubs as well as the usual annuals. He bees, Hoster's chrysanthemums, azaleas, futures and even some small Conifers will grow perfectly fine in an old wheelbarrow on their require. Very little maintenance Paint your old garden furniture give you tired all furniture, A new lease of life biting a special kata. Don't be sure. Would you call the choices either? Be bold your garden bench. I wouldn't table and wouldn't contest cannot be made into a standard feature piece. If you're only painting one or two pieces, the boulder the color, the more of an impact it will make. If you're painting quite a few pieces of furniture, perhaps a more subdued color will be better and bring the garden together. You don't have to stick to one plane color. You could try hiding designs to your paintwork. Simple things like strokes are easy to add. Or if you're more adventurous, you could be more daring with their design and paint things like flowers on your furniture to brighten up your garden in no time at all. 4. Part 3: build your own planters. One of my favorite ways to add new life to a garden is to build some planters out of wood. Plant is really toy. Do the garden, and they also have a bonus of making your garden easier to manage. If all your plants are growing in some nice planters, your garden looks Tidier and things like weeding become a total. When building your plant is, you can keep things simple. All be more adventurous. You can let your imagination go wild if you want. If you want some tips on how to build a simple plantar out of decking boards, you can watch more free course on skill share. Just type in this link, which you're comfortable with. The basic process of building a planter. You can then apply these to more complex designs, such as plants is it's Arrange your patio area. Toilet planters can be used by themselves as decorative adornments to your patio or seating area. Or you could create longer planters that were tied your pain area in front of walls around the edge of your garden or even surrounding your shed. If you do decide to my tour prances you will find out to my other courses that I tend to add in a shelf about half oil so you don't need to act as much soil. You should also line your plant is with the water proof lining to protect the wood and stop it from rotting away. This will also hold the water better so you can water your plants less often to finish the planters off. You can give them a lick of paint. If you have just one or two planters, it might be nice to paint them a bright and bold color to make the standout. However, if you end up having planters all around the garden, a slightly more neutral color would look a little bit more stylish and also tie everything together. If you paint your fence one color and paint, the plant is a contrast in color. It will have a nice variation to your garden and your loan. Use paving stones to given elegant edge to your lawn. You'll make any lawn edge much neater and will also make it much easier to trim the edges, especially that grows close to a war or planters. I've created a short course on skill share. Just typing this link and it will show you in detail had to do this, but it doesn't require a lot of D. I Y skills. Paving stones are relatively cheap, and they're really finish off a garden. You can even place them around the age of patio. Generally edging stones come in reds, blues and browns, but you don't have to stick to one color. You can play around with your patterns, so search online for different designs until you find the one you like. 5. Part 4: paint your shed sheds cannot really boring and talk. Most people just think of them as places to store things. But why do they need to look just like storage? They do tend to be the biggest part of a lot of gardens, so you should consider making a feature out of it. Try painting your shade too broad new up. You can get on any route from bright and vibrant. Two. Elegant and chic. You could even treat you shit in the same way you would a summerhouse on attached small containers go hanging baskets to the outside. Or you could even build some plants is to surrender shed, adding some trolleys to the side of the ship. He's a nice way to get plants to grow up it. If you want something permanent, then I recommend perennial climbers such as calamitous honeysuckle or even passion flowers . You could also mix in some I V. However, sometimes people don't like perennial climbers, especially if they're not evergreen. This is because whilst they look beautiful and full of life in the spring and summer in the winter, the least fall off on the brand tweaks Left behind are the most appealing. In addition, some climbers grow roots because they're Kamarck and even damage the services that they attach themselves to. If you're worried about this, you could up for annual climbers a beautiful, bright climate that you cannot for that will cover the side of the shed. In no time is the sweet pea. Just a few small plants will grow tremendously quickly, and if you dead her them regularly, they will give you a constant supply of pretty flowers throughout the spring and summer at the end of the year, simply ripped them out and start a fresh the following spring. Sweet peas are very cheap to buy a seedlings, or it's even cheaper just to buy the seeds or can let them once the flowers have stopped blooming. Alternatively, you could turn the age of your garden, shed into a micro elopement and grow beans or peas of the side. Not only will you get lots of noise, green foliage and pretty flowers, you'll get a supply of vegetables to pick and eat. Create your own mini allotment. Talking about growing peas and beans on the side of your shed, you could try turning other parts of your garden into your own mini allotment in the same way, I said when I spoke about building your own wooden planters. You can use some cheap timber or decking boards to create your own vegetable paradise. Make the visual planters any size and hide. You want to fit any size of garden. You can even make them so they're stackable, meaning you can easily adjust the height for any type of vegetables. If you want some tips on how to build a stackable visual plant out of decking boards, you can watch my free course on skill share. Just type in this link. If you're new to growing your own vegetables, then stick to simple vegetables that would definitely grow on. Will hardly made any tail. See things such as salad leaves are the easy thing to grow. Followed boy pees on beans Just make sure you have something for them to grow up, such as trellis or just some bamboo canes tied into a frame. Other vegetables they're ideal for the beginner are potatoes, cucumbers on radishes. A quick search online will give you plenty of tips for how to care for these plants as you get more confident in growing, you can try Atmore adventurous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflowers. Basil planters don't have to be practical. You can decorate them or paint them on. Integrate them into your garden as you would any other planter. Vegetables can be very beautiful. Plants grow simply with the bonus that at the end of the day, you can eat them. 6. Part 5: paint your fence. Something as simple as just painted your fence can make a huge difference to your garden. You gotta might already look pretty, but if you see something every day for a number of years, you go blind to its beauty. So it's nice to make a few changes just by painting the fence a different color. It had something new and interesting to your daily views that makes you fall in love with your garden all over again. If you're bold enough to make a dramatic statement, you could let your artistic imagination go. World unusual fences, a canvas as well as painting your friends you can also an trolleys. Trellis doesn't have to simply be a means to an end. Yes, it's nice to grow climbers up trollies, but there are lots of very beautiful looking trellises out there nowadays that will not nice, with no plans on it at all. This is perfect if you only want to grow annual climbers off your trellis, which will die back in the winter. Or you could also decorate your friends with the mirror Garden Mirrors are becoming more and more fashionable, and they're a great way to have the illusion of more space to your garden. Large, ornate mirrors look beautiful in a cottage style garden or a simple rectangular mirror as a new edge to a more modern design garden. Make your own garden canopy state for post into the ground and stretch some weatherproof material between them. To make your own elegant canopy, you could even hook two ends of the canopy to a wall on. Just have a single steak for a cheaper triangular alternative. A garden canopy as a nice area of shade to the garden. And if he used waterproof materials, it could be a way of enjoying your garden all year round. If you have a large enough garden, you could even create your own rusty per gola. Plants that nice growing opened around canopies or particulars include wisteria, Rosie's and even some grapevines. Renew your lawn or their lawns can sometimes be overlooked. They are a very important part of your garden. If you learn, look shabby and in a bad condition, you can bring down the rest of your garden, break up any dead grass or leaves and then feed your lawn regularly with some simple lawn feed That you can buy cheaply from most shops. Get one with weed on muscular included to get your long to his best condition. Another useful way of keeping your lawn looking green and verdant is to poke holes in its air right and encourage drainage. Doing this once or twice a year can keep your loan looking in peak condition. Your lawn is definitely the most important part of your garden, and if it doesn't look good, you can drag down the appearance of everything else so recommend above all else that you keep your grass freshly trimmed and neatly edged. So that's just a few hints and tips that you've been used to spruce up a tired looking garden. I'd love to see how you have incorporated any of these ideas into your own garden.