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How to make ceramic spoons

teacher avatar Nives Ratkajec, Skillful hands

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tools and Material


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      Making a clay spoon


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      Decorating a spoon


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About This Class

Ceramic spoons are everywhere. It's really easy to make a spoon out of clay.

This class is perfect for beginers who want a quick result and usefull ceramic item that is perfect for home use or gift that is hand made and unique.

In this class, I will show you how to hand build the spoon, how to decorate it and how to fire it.

If you don't have a kiln on your own you can take spoons to a local potter and get them fired there.














Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nives Ratkajec

Skillful hands


My name is Nives. I'm from Slovenia, a small country with a big heart they say.

I started making pots many years ago when there were no pottery courses in my country so I headed for UK, where Seth Cardew was my first teacher.

I like to create in different technics and designs.

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is neighbors and I love making bots. I work from a small pottery in Slovenia. You, my work can be seen in my It's a shop, pots by neighbors. Welcome to my skill shirt class. I would like to show you how simple it is to make us born from a piece off play. Ceramic schools are everywhere. They're very popular with crop. And said stylists, interior designers, foot and interior bloggers you don't need any prior experience in order to follow step by step instructions. How to make a ceramic sports. It's enough. If you appreciate creating with hands and enjoy handmade goods, you can make your first ceramic spoon on your kitchen table. First, you will find out what kind of tools you need. Then you will see how to make a spoon. You will get ideas how to decorate the spoon and getting dry. In the end, you will find out how to place a spoon and preparing for the firing. I'm sure you will have no problem following the class. It's really very simple 2. Tools and Material: Welcome to my class. How to make us our exports. To make a spoon, you will need a wooden service. You can use a wooden serving board, a piece of clay of wooden sport or a metal spoon. A piece. Very theme plastic bed a sponsor, place a paintbrush. 3. Making a clay spoon: take a piece of clay, roll a small bowl, develop a cylinder shape, put it on the service and use these parts off your hand with the use of fingers. We usually make an uneven surface like this, so make a going placing portico. Take a wooden spoon and press it lightly with the bottom part. For the Bowleys, feel this phone from the wooden service. The bowl part of the spoon will stay upwards and will nicely Keep the shape of the school. When rolling the call. Press the coil at the edges so that they get the country. This will help with the cleaning the school. Now we will use a metal school. Make a boy press on the veggies. They vary in plastic sheets. Put it over the coil, take a metal spoon and press. I feel all the plastic sheet, then peel off the spoon. More practice easier. It is a coin press. Something catches less. She methods phone press and people for this spoon with a long handle, use bigger amount of play. Roll the Korean. It's easier to use both hands. The rest is the same, and now a tablespoon make thicker calls Is the spoon is wider 4. Decorating a spoon: here are our spoons waiting to be decorated. I will use the tools I already have. A wooden spoon, metals and my hands. Take a wooden tool or anyone item and make different patterns by pressing play handle. When music mattered toe. Put the plastic sheet between the metal and the play. Otherwise it will stick together. For your project, do as many different decorations as possible. Use anything you can find around you. Be innovative. Funny. Use your imagination. Don't worry about small imperfections. We will clean spoons later when they get dry. If you want your spoons to be exactly the same size, use the scale and weigh the play. Let's use the finger and boat heads. Uh, these are wets phones, and these are dry sports. They are lighter and brighter. Have spoons, keeping the shape by putting small balls off. Play under the spoon bones. Don't worry. This spoons aren't pretty and smooth. They're not wiped yet. Now this from side dry. Let's clean them. Try to squeeze the water out of the sponsor as much as possible. You don't want your schools to get wet again. They might break, cleaned and carefully tried to wipe all the least imperfections that happened during the making. Don't hold this phone just for the handle or for the ball. In this stage. It's very tender and delicate, a little too much force, and it could break. Now let's make a spoon stand that will go into the kiln together with the schools, take a piece of clay and made a sort off cylinder. Then use a wooden spoon, Bilfinger or, in my case, a special wooden tools and make holes in it. The stand is much thicker than schools and will need at least 7 to 10 days to get dry. 5. Glazing: Oh, when completely tried sports understand, are ready to get fired for the first time. Usually first fiery is at lower temperature. In my case, at 980 degrees senses these beasts card spoons and ready to be glazed. If we want our response to be used for eating food, we should definitely place them. Check if the place is full safe. Paint the spoon all over except the part that will go into the spoon stand. In some cases, the place services nicer when painted for the second time. These are the schools we were making during the course. They went into the kill for the second time and were fired at 1000 degrees says thank you for following the course. I'm looking forward to see your project.