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How to make a stamped clay jewelry - DIY jewelry

teacher avatar Sahana Ajeethan, DIY/ crafts Blogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic tools & alternatives

    • 3. Tips for stress free crafting

    • 4. How to make a stamped jewelry

    • 5. Variations

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About This Class

In this class you will learn "How to make a stamped clay jewelry". You will also learn basic tools required for polymer clay crafting, tips  and variations of the same technique. I promise you will have fun with clay and create beautiful jewelry with what you learn in this class. 


Link referred in the class : How to use metal alphabet stamps to create designs and textures in clay

Some other clay projects referred in the class. 

My love for clay started here --> Candy crush inspired pen holder

This technique can also be applied in home decor projects like this --> DIY knobs using polymer clay

Meet Your Teacher

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Sahana Ajeethan

DIY/ crafts Blogger


Hi! I am Sahana. Full-time DIY/craft blogger at where I share all things crafty to satisfy your creative cravings.

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my class on DSA Hannah from Michael Perote Combat. I shared all things crafty to satisfy your creator cravings. In this class, you're going to learn how to make a stamped polymer clay jewelry along with basic tools used for polymer Klay crabs and dip squat stress free crafting. I'll also be sharing variations off the same technique on how to finish your creation using different jewelry findings. These are fun to make, and you'll easily fall in love with this technique. Her promised. Let's start the class with a small story off. How I got hope, toe polymer, clay crowds. There was a time when I was addicted to the Candy crush game, and I couldn't complete a particular level. So I was trying hard to complete. And finally, on day I got both playing the same level multiple times. Then I thought, Let me make something inspired by the colorful Candies to come out off the border. I started searching for the right material to make those Candies and found Parliament Lee. From that day till today, this has been one off my favorite medium to craft with. It's been three years now. I have tried various projects with polymer place, starting from simple jewelry to keepsake gift. Other than making these, I also share simple step by step tutorials using clay on my block, I recently shared a D i Y using knobs on up cycling them with clay. It was a hit, so I thought, I'll share the same technique with you in this class to make stamp actuality. By learning this technique, you can not only create agility, but you can also implement them in various other home decor projects. So what are you waiting for and role now to learn how to make stamped clay jewelry See you in the class. 2. Basic tools & alternatives: In this lesson, you'll be learning. What are the basic tones used for polymer clay Craft Alternative tools on extra tools of products, which are good tohave. Before starting this lesson, I would like to say that don't get intimidated by the tools I show you here. Body McLay is a craft which can be done with the tools that are already available at home to the variety, off tools and products in the market. I'm giving you a rough idea so that you can decide for yourself. Let's start with what drained off play you should buy depending on value look, brand availability differs but primo on female or two widely available name brands that I recommend by my favorite among these to scream some other brands that are commonly available. A skull Petri, Andi craftsman. They are often referred US weekly as it tend to break or crack after baking. I personally have experienced this during my early days off crafting, but the's click and similarly used in several other crabs. Best friend is not a priority. The place I mentioned earlier can be little price. He compared to the skull Petri. But believe me, every penny you pay extra eso, but always look for sales and use coupons to save money. Next, let's move on to tools. Work Surface. This is very important because not also faces are polymer clay friendly. You need a non porous surface like a plastic placement or a plastic cutting book or smooth ceramic tile. Even craft mats work. Roller. This is used to roll the clay into flat pieces. For this, anything around your house works like highlighter or a rolling pin. I used these plastic tubes, which I got at the craft store for $1. You can buy an a credit controller specifically meant for this. If you decide you're going toe work with a lot blade, it is used to cut the polymer clay tore desired shape. For this, you can use a craft knife like Exacto knife. If you're going to cut a larger pieces or more German trick shapes, I would Ratnam purchasing a clay blade for this. For precise shapes like ground source choir, you can use copy cutters lecturing and shaping dudes for this literally anything from a toothpick to an old toothbrush toe, anything that create pictures on clay books. Some of the examples that you can find interesting pictures around the house are like box cutters need polish. Two more bottles. Keys, pen caps extra you can also dear by tools like Needle told Ball told for creating pictures . You can also find products like textured sheets terms in the stores for lecturing Klay baking pan for baking your creations, you need a separate baking pan. Do not use the same pan or trey you use for baking foot. Even though play is non toxic, mixing is not recommended. You can use disposable aluminum foil pans or the cheap metal pans from the dollar store as a baking tray oven. You can use your kitchen oven for baking your creations. It is completely safe. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, please make sure not the temperature and sells years. If you follow cells years on Fahrenheit. If you follow that laces off finishes, you need not always a plague, lest your play pieces unless you like them close. But sometimes, when some extra effects like embossing powder or pastor colors or a play, it is good to apply a court off place. Text in the durability off the play peas and to protect the applied effect. We saw the basic tools that you need to make any kind off Parliament, Lee projects. Now, I assure you the materials that I use in this class for creating a stamp actuality stamp act. This will be used to create a printed look on the clay peas. Make sure you're using pigment in pads for this pigment powders. If you want to create a shimmery metallic look on the ambo surface off the clay after stamping, Big Man Porter is the way to go. Acrylic panes. You can achieve an antique effect when using black paint with light colored lee. When you are using colorful pains on the light colored clay you can achieve in ceramic effort. When you use a white paint on a dark color play, you can achieve an edged effect as a lot of things you can do with acrylic panes and plate . Other than those you need. Salary findings like jump rings clasps on players to create necklaces. Our dealings with finished clay pieces. If you would have decided on investing a lot off time play, crafting it is worth getting a pastor mission. It makes conditioning on making flat pieces off play easier being alcohol Q. Tip on baby wipes are good to have on hand to clean your work surface as rubbing alcohol. The salts polymer, clay, curative Dublin dropping alcohol helps and removing fingerprints on clay. Finally, once you're done creating projects using clay, you need a proper container to store the left or work. Lee. I used to ride out plastic containers as these are very helpful for storing each colored place, apparently in an organized way. Plastic containers but number one to fight was safe. The store I still mind in plastic container with number five, which is made off Bali problem. You should stay away from number six and seven containers and other types as they will spoil it quickly, especially the number six as they are made off police tiding, and they have a tendency to react quickly. And Milton. These are usually light by plastics, which are clear, and Britain like the CD cases. How come to the end of the lesson? I hope this lesson give you an idea off basic tools just for Problematically crafting 3. Tips for stress free crafting: Why you crafting with polymer clay, you may come across small hurdles that are easily solvable if you know that the head off time. So in this lesson, I will discuss some off the tips that will help you in stress. Free Crafting Tip number one. Always a white are bubbles in your clear creations as they may end up in cracking, performing the bubble shape after baking. If you come across one or more, simply, burst them with the knife and smooth them before proceeding to the next step. Tip number two. If your big clay creations end up scar, she looking, then you have to check the temperature off your oven. It is always good to have an oven thermometer to maintain your temperature. Also check if weather the temperature you followed is in Celsius or Fahrenheit, even after checking the temperature. If your big creation still tend to be skosh, try creating a tent with the court's talk and place your pieces under them while baking are under the thing you can do us. Cover your baking pan with another baking pan and bake your creations for longer time than suggested, maybe for an art instead of 45 minutes or so. Tip number three. Don't ever under beg your creations as it may result in cracking, however, or baking like 15 to 20 minutes more can be done as it helps to strengthen the clay. Tip number four. Use a paper below your clear peas while baking toe Award Chinese ports on the underside Off the play. You can use a normal copy paper for this tip. Number five. If you find your play to be too soft and you want to firm it up a bed, then draw the plane toe a sheet and place it in between. Two plain paper water does is the extra oil soaked into the paper, making the clay form. To speed up this process, you can wait between two ceramic tiles after putting them inside the paper. Tip number six. If you want your clay pieces to have adorned edge, use a plastic wrap or one side off a soup, locked back about the clay peas and then cut with the cookie cutter. We have come to the end off this lesson. Hope these tips will help you for stress free crafting 4. How to make a stamped jewelry: in this lesson, you're going to learn how to make a stand eligibility. Let's begin with the block off plate here. I'm using 18 K gold correctly from Primo Brand. Cut a piece off play with help off a clay blade or craft knife. Roll the play in between your hands. The warmth in your hands helped in soft, earning the claim. Then take the roller and roll the clay into a flat piece, impertinent stamp you're using in the area you want to stamp using the impact. I'm doing it this way as my stamp is bigger than the impact, but you can do it by dabbing it on the impact, as we normally used to do. If your stamp a smaller now, gently stamped the ink on the cliff. Bees use one single form press to make sure the Enquist transworld Well, don't use repeated motions as you will end up in this must look. I'm repeating the same steps two more times as I'm going to make a hearing set on a pendant . Ah, loaded into drive for some time before proceeding to the next step, Even if a lover to dry the Incan or dry toe touch under lettuce big, so be careful. Do not touch the stamped clay peas but the stamped clay peas to your desired shape. I'm using one and 1/4 in circle cookie cutter for dependent on points on for insect Calcutta For the hearings. Don't worry about the scrap clay peas. You can wipe off the designs using a baby wipe and used to play for your next project. Make sure the same the Sinus replicated in all the circular shapes to attain an even look. The next step is to make the pieces ready for baking. If you are using a glue on bail to make these clay pieces as a pendant, orders and hearing, you can beg the pieces as such as I'm going to show you and different method, which needs a hole to make a dependent or a Senate hearing. So use a toothpick and make a hole near the top edge. Off the clay pieces. Place the pieces in a baking pan lined with paper on beg. The clay bees is according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once you take the clay peas from the oven, allow it to cool down. The clay will be flexible while this heart, so don't worry about it. It will become a bit former when it cool stone, but it will be still flexible a little bit now. The in conduct late will be totally dry under Lord Smear Doll, as the clay bees is already. Now, we can turn them into a necklace and earrings. For this, you'll need to spiral, look and caps a leather car off 15 inch land jump rings, a lobster clasp on players. First use of players and make the end spiral a little tight. Then thread the leather court inside the end cap and tighten the end Speidel so that it holds the leather cord securely. Repeat the steam step on the other side. Once you're done with attaching the end cabs, open a jumping on. Add one end off the end cap on the lobster, clasp into it and close to jumping. Using the players in the same way. Open the jumping and add the stamped clay peas into it and then add the letter card. Make sure you're using a big jumping for this, as it should be. Ableto accommodate the letter court independent. Similarly, you'll need a year in Cook on to jump rings to make a single hearing. The steps are almost the same. Open a jumping and added to the clear peace and close open another jumping on at the yearling hook on the clay peas into it and close it to complete the hearing. Repeat the same steps for making another yearning. That's it. You're done with creating a beautiful stamp, Jewelry said. With the necklace and a pair off hearings. There are various space you can customize. Stickney. I made these hearings using hand drawn stencil shape on cutting it by bending the claim blade. I also had a small black beats on one side, using liquid polymer Klay on bake them. I hope you like this lesson and it inspired you to start making your own jewelry. 5. Variations: In this lesson, you will learn how to create various pendant looks using stamps. I'm going to use the same stamp that I used in the previous lesson to demonstrate all the radiations as it will help you to differentiate and decide which technique you want to follow to start with, I'm using this textured piece off play to create this. I simply used to stamp and pressed it into the play to create this textured look. Then I'm using the circle cookie cutter to cut dependent size I want following the same steps I created three pieces. First Variation ISS. You can use this stamp to look itself as a pendant. For that, you just need to add a whole. Using too big on big second variation is if you want the a shimmery look to abandon, you can do so by using pigment powders. I'm using the brand called Bull Eggs in true blue color. They come in variety off colors. You can also use two colors in a single piece to create a radiant effect to our play. This pigment take a small amount of pigment using your forefinger on applied them on dependent. You will get the pigments on the race stereos off stamped Lee. This effect will be more effective if you have a deeply textured clay. You can also use this big months to fully color your play peas. To fully color your play, use a dry pain. Fresh top. Play the pigments. These are some off the examples off how it looks when applied to a deep picture. Cle. I use metal alphabet stamps to create this clay charms. That is a one more option. You can drive it these pigments. After adding it fully, you can remove the pigments from the raced areas using a baby by living the pigments in the deep areas to extend its durability, you can add a court off place after baking has said earlier. You can use a toothpick to make a hole for dependent on Bake it toe complete dependent. Variation number three. For this look, you need to work with the big clay peas after the play is school. Ah, play a court off black paint over it and wipe it immediately toe achieve an antique effect . I used the same technique for the nobs I showed in the introduction. You can see the difference between the orginal and the painted effect. Here you saw the number off ways that you can make a stamped Lippi's. Now it is time to turn thes clay Pisa's independence and make them as a necklace. There are a variety of jewelry findings in the market, which means that our variety off raise You can make this clear pieces into a necklace. I ensure you three different ways. For the first look, you'll need beading, wire drumbeats, lobster clasp on a couple of jump rings. I'm not specifying any measurements here, as it were totally, very based on the beads and the supplies you are using. So always make sure you buy the right measurement of supplies before making individuality. Oh, and I forgot to mention that you will also need players. It is good to have you in One player's has also Sosa's and wire cutter. For the first look, I use green glass beads and some gold beats in between and strung them using the beading wire. I did this for 15 inch inland. You can use any beats off your choice and string it in any order your hardness years. Then I'm jumping to the dependent on added to the center off the beetle string. No, you abandoned is attached to the beater chain. Let's move on to the closure, but take on and off the beading wire at a crew, beat on the lobster glass, then then the beating Boyer and string it again into the crumby and pull it tight. Use players and crumpet. Lock it in place. String the reminding wire into two or three beats and cut the leftover. Repeat the same process on the other side. Use a jumping or the part that comes with the clasp instead of lobster clasp to complete the necklace. For the second look, you'll need suede leather court and caps. E 6000 glue jump rings on lobster class. Squeeze a dab off, flew into the end caps and inside the ends off the leather court into the end. Caps. Ah, lover to dry and you're done with the closure. As you always do. Attach a lobster class using a jumping toe one side off the class on attach jumping to the dependent on. Added to the leather card. Use as many leather courts as you need, depending on the size off the end gap. If you want to wrap Nicolas look, you can use a bigger end cap and attach around 4 to 5 little cards instead. Off to this method is perfect If you want a casual looking necklace. Third, look for this. You'll need a chain around 15 inch inland. Jump rings on lobster clasp this method source of Bullen self. Explain a tree. Attach a lobster clasp, the one end off the chain using a jumping on. Add another jumping toe. The other side finished the look by adding a jumping to the clay peace and attaching it to the chain. If you want all that the length of the necklace, you can use extension links on one side instead off a gentry. This applies to all the method, except for the method where dependent is locked with beads like the first look instead of free flowing. Like the other two methods I have shown here some other ideas off making the stamp actually are. You can make them a two layered piece. I use this metal stamp Oh, to create a base and use the flower shape play on top. If you want more details on this, I will leave a link to this tutorial on my block in the notes section. Another idea of this. You can make a cart out like this using a circle cookie cutter off two sizes on. Add your favorite charms in the center. You can also do the same with the full circle pendant for a different look. The possibilities to duality making with clay or endless holiday season is coming up on this is the perfect time to start creating handmade gifts. I hope you will give these ideas to try and Charlie a creative projects with me. This is my very first class, so please forgive me if I wasn't clear in any part. You can always ask your doubts and share your suggestions and feedback in the common section below. I will be happy to hear from you and improve myself in the forthcoming classes. Thank you very much for taking my class. Have fun crafting