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How to design Stunning Line Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. Thank you for checking out this class for disaffected. Thankless will be doing a line illustration, This air The simple designs that I created for this class I'm excited to share and show you how I designed this so and right now and see you inside the class. 2. Design Lesson: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna share with you some tips and ideas for the administration. And before we start, let me give you some tips. All right? Some, ah, ideas for the illustration design. Actually, if you're wondering, there's there's no rancor room for doing this. Yes. Ah, it's my personal idea. Personal opinion. But like you want to keep in mind is don't go into details or go intricate in the administration. So I'm gonna turn on, you know, showing these images that I I'm made and them if you look at it, the one example right here in this and Augustine Church, everything here is easily than using the simple ships for this class. I used the line segmental and the shapes rectangle tool. Um, and if stool start doing also, I used a anchor point on. So does that the tools that I use to create these restrictions in them. This is minimal administration, as much responsible trying to read the whole picture or the reference you're tryingto coffee and forget the small D days. All right, So, for example, we have the Manila cathedral here, and I'm gonna show you the image that I am happened. It's ah right here. Some money, another could drive. And as you can see, this is the image made reference and just let from Google for reference only. And Mrs go back here and here the image I just ah, happy The things that I think is essentially like this one right here, like a rectangle this ever. I always start the biggest part of the design. Also start right here and then this sign idea I don't have to be happy and be part of the eye structure or the architecture. For example, in the dome right here. If we go back to my design and just ah, it's a simple line here and then a curb and yes, I use, for example, in the rectangle right here. Let's go back door. I'm gonna create in your they are right there and then and just I used to be anchor point told to bend to make it like a dome like there. And also it's visible on the windows in the doors of the charges. Is he? That's ah, that's how I simplified the design for my administration and also the statues right here that you can see right here what they did just like that. This Ah, See you it off a cereal, cereal and actually in this circle. Then make it Obillo, for example. Right here for the head on your ship key. So constraining is perfect cereal. And then there's an obvious right here, just like that to order present a body. Is he this how I simplify it? Um, other design, um, on your other designers may be doing other stuff or there'll administration, but this hour a simplified it. Like I said, this this is a minimum administration, minimal design. And, uh, like I said, this figured the essential part of the emission that they're trying to copy. And, uh, when you find the essential part, you can focus on that one. Listen, go back on our reverence of money and run. I think the most essential part right here this is this tower idea. Melt our and then the ah, some part of the door here. Right. And then they I statues for me. Those are the essential parts off these image and represented here on May design night theater. See, that's how we seem divided and then just made a circle right there. Go back here. It's not. I should be Seaworld, but I guess I made the sequel right there. I didn't have too much elements on my design because I wanted more simpler, a minimally same. And I don't aim for the outline shape because if you focus on it, you will just the essence of the administration. And personally, I find it difficult to start a design from outside and then going inside. They you want door? Yes. Copy the whole outline. Then work on it inside. Probably other designers doing that. I love doing that, but I don't usually go there. What I usually do is like I said, that the CSCE part I start with the easiest part, like this one. A rectangle. Later, I'm gonna show you how I start. Maybe sign. And then it's another tangle. Here are square and then build on it. You know, I don't I don't go crazy with the They It's morning. Didn't you Can You can do that, of course, but I don't. I don't usually go for intricate design if probably in other designs that I do but not like . But night. Not in my line Design. Minimalist lying design. Yes, as long as you can read the image. I think you're good to go. Right. And also, it's ah, Like I said, simplifying the biggest. You, uh, if you've NCR rectangle used Eric Dungan if you see a circle circle in the image uses Oregon, you know, that's how you simplify things in my design. And let's break down the design as much as possible. Don't Don't look at the example Image like the whole image. If you can break it down into several parts, uh, do it, you know, small details right here. These star bell tower I see here just street dangle right there. And then I'm gonna build another Tunggal Square or rectangle and then bend it to make it like a dome coming like this. That's how I basically created some of my designs. And this one, the baklava in church. I'm gonna show you the the me right here. Also, I a simplified, maybe saying in tow several shapes only. So limit yourself into fewer tools using per shapes like dangle, ellipses, star and line segment tone. And don't mind those intricate designs in the structure. If you see something like a rectangle. Like I said, grab rectangle and created. And you would see some of the examples here are simply by the windows in the churches and also in the statue. Us. Right. And let's remember these steps if you're ah, this is your first time to create a lie. Administration. Just remember what I said here and, uh, simplified it. You know, this one? The capper judge is very intricate design. For example, I'm gonna show you gap with George and you will see is very integrated. Will take me a lot of time if I copy everything. And this not may. That's not my idea. What? I want this. Yes. Ah, The administration were again percent discharge, right? So, yeah, that's all for this video in the next coming video. Very going toe. Start designing. I'm gonna show you how I design some of these examples. And, uh, also, I'm gonna show you some. Same here. Another example. Hopes. Let me, uh, find some the seeming Yes, right here. All right, so this this is another example set by skill. And you would see how I simply by this one Very simple, actually, is there's a circle and lying straight line. This is straight line right there. Haven't converted into a shape. Matif ve go inside. Right here is only seven points. Everything The biggest. I guess it's eight for the A, the points stroke for the surgical for the wheels. Eight points right there for the bicycle frame in seven. Oh, this one is a under. But you can edit them. Yes, I haven't converted into two shapes are all lie her lines. So all right. And also you can see here. Yes, I made it really simple. Now the design, but still Nissan reconnect a bonus. Ah, by skill, you get the idea of this line in the administration and, uh, in the next video, Very going to start designing our That's Ah Saimon. So see you in the next video. 3. Design Example: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you my design process for this land administration. This video is fast forward because the act what the same process took me 20 minutes and you would just see me using the same tools again and again. So I shortened the video first Step E collected some images from Google as reference, Then bring them inside the administrator so I would know what I'm doing. The subject is the center Domingo judge and part of my visitor Grecia. Sam, Jake and I start with the most obvious shape, as you can see right here the rectangle. And then I combine or unite all the shapes that I use. So that's the beauty off Pathfinder. And then the the famous, another obvious sheep on the side. And I'm gonna work on the left side and then duplicated on the for the right side. You can see I'm I'm using the basic shapes, rectangles and also the ellipsis line segmental for the obvious line used the line segment all If I need some weight, a use strict on a tool and then I will just add some I feel inside of district angle to show those luck part of the design. And then you're happy with the first, uh, element you have to do is just duplicate them. Controls here and control left toe based in the front. No group this and reflected for the other side. And there's some areas that you need to read it using the direct selection toe. You can cover those. Oh, yes, by feeling some white corner when you're rectangle and then for the symbol, you can simplify the symbol by using a simple ellipses. That's basically what I did there. And I'm gonna add some science data. So there is some design. I'm gonna finish up the and it right here delegated again. It's against the I work on the left side. And, uh, I did some part e did it. The elements on the right side and then just using the reflect all to duplicate. And then this one just using the Pathfinder, fixing the fixing the arrangement, moving the elements at the buck like here and always Ah, keep looking at your reference. You don't want to have some in violence in the design as much as possible. The everything is balance in the proportioned. And if there's an obvious design, you can just Skopje and base it and I did on the other. Burn some the You're like administration, like this one. What I'm doing right here and then find the center of the of the rectangle where you're going toe. But the ah point formed out of reflective should be on the same debtor. The restoration, then you're almost, uh, don we d overnight in shape of these and again. See, that's what I did on the eyes. It's like a ladder. Are they stepped right there using the couple off rectangles and then unite them using in the uniting bus? Find era. Now in this area of design in this part of the design, the layer spanning in help you a lot because you have so much elements, like the rectangles and lines. So by arranging them using the layers that does only send it the bulk, you should arrange it using your layer span in. Because there's so much elements in the designing, it's really confusing to playing them. Now we're down to the, uh, doors of this church. I simplified design may just, uh, adding a black field on this ship and then group it before Ah, doing some stuff, like reflect order on the right side. And I'm looking at the reference and thinking what I'm raising. So I realized it was me these steps. So yes, and duplicated, you have toe in very much so you can see the handles. And, yes, like that we have the ladder or the steps. I mean, having some elements. All right, so that's how I, uh, designed this Santa Domingo church. And I think this is the final step where I added some symbols on the circles. Yes, a symbol, uh, in Texas. And I think we're done with the first example and just copy the takes changed the name and no for the ticks. And just I did some turning. And I think we're done designing our the administration administration. So in the next video, we're going toe, I'm going to show you another example off the administration. So see you in the next video 4. Design Example 2: Hello and welcome to the final video of this class in this video, I'm gonna show you how I designed the by y by church. And this one is quite simple. I'm gonna show you how I simplify everything using just lines. And I started from the top part of the church. And you can see, I guess you say simple rectangle two or 3% the, uh, like a square design on top of the church right there. And I keep looking at the reference just to make sure that I'm doing something right and I'm not trying door tapping the exact sign of the church. What I'm tryingto do is to represent this structure or this design in a simple way, using the shapes. And there's something different right here. I use a spiral at all. I'm gonna show you later at this time in sending those rectangles said the back using the circle in the jungle, the great this design. Now you would think that we're doing we're go intricate were go into DT's but actually snapped. I think this is the, uh, like I said necessary part, my unit door and the same that the net me, uh, really detailed, but something that you in the recognizable for the for the storage and yes, without without those Hedeman, This is not the the treasure that I'm tryingto uh, design. And, um, yeah, this one is quite easier. You guess you've seen the same ship. If you look at the inference that I'm looking at, there's ah around in shape at the bottom and then the square and then the triangle. And for this one, I like this church because of the I still after. And then I could thank your It's quite different because I guess it's Ah, this one is quite old George Combat toe the other churches is quite modern, but this one's quite old 1617 100. Um, yeah, I'm just presenting those part of the judge really lines. And there's nothing much here compared on the other examples that I showed you. So I just usually simple line segment does it. And then there's a steps right here and now this is what I'm talking about. The spiral Tuell. But this one, you're using it like a simple shape. Thanks already. Uh, curve, if you want to add some, uh, a dimension that inspiring. You can use me mental And, of course, the direct control. No de bell tower. It's like it's like a cake or something. And some ornaments on the side of the bell tower. I'm going toe that in half. This is it a girl to make, like, a dome, right? And just got being some elements, so you don't have door do it again. And of course, it varies on different part of the design. So you have aided demos, Will and I think we are. One was done in this judge right here. So, yeah, I hope you learned something from this class and I want to see some appeared science in the gallery of this class. If you have any questions, just post it in the discussion of this class, and I'm gonna answer it within 24 hours. So have you know what you think on this glass? And please leave a review? If you're I think this is good. Please share it for your friends. So that's all for discuss. And I hope to see you in other less. Thanks so much