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How to create Everyday/Work makeup look - Like a Pro

teacher avatar Ann Ax, professional makeup artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Skin preparation & Base

    • 3. Eyes

    • 4. Contouring & Highlighting

    • 5. Lips

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About This Class

Throughout my work, I frequently get asked by my clients about getting ready in a hurry while still looking polished.
With this class you will learn many tips and tricks that will help you enhance your natural beauty. Our goal is to create the most beautiful version of ourselves.
This is an everyday/work appropriate makeup look that, after a little practice, you will be able to recreate in 10 minutes.

• Skin preparation
• Applying perfect base
• Eye makeup
• Contouring & highlighting
• Lips

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ann Ax

professional makeup artist


Hello world, my name is Ann and I make YouTube makeup tutorials.

After several years of freelancing, I've started my own business and continuously kept educating myself so now my knowledge ranges from makeup artistry to microblading eyebrows, eyebrows extensions, eyelash extension to nails.

Above that I'm a craft lover always intending to express my creativity in everything I do, and always with a hunger to learn new things.

Hope to teaching you some of my skills or at least inspire you.

Let's make something beautiful together!


YouTube: Ann Ax makeup


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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Ana, and I'm a professional makeup artist. Throughout my work, I often get asked about my clients about getting ready in a Harry will stay looking, polished and for all of them and all of you, I've decided to do a full makeup. Look on the topic in this class. You will learn the importance of skin preparation before applying any makeup. How to apply a perfect base that will last throughout today. How to create eye makeup? Look using multiple I shows basics off grade in shadows and light on the face, using contour powders and highlights and how to create beautiful lips and many more tips and tricks for your class project. Recreate the makeup look and share your work. Thank you for watching and let's get started. 2. Skin preparation & Base: First of all, we want to make sure our faces clean so we can have a clear surface to work with. After washing your face, use a bit of toner on a cutting around and applied on the skin, and then you can apply a moisturizer depending on your skin type and leave it to soak into the skin for about five minutes. Now we're going in with the foundation I'm using Loreal Stream. Atul Memo places more here, so want to apply a little amount of the product on the face, focusing more product on the center and a less product on the outer parts of the face. I'm not in foundation on purpose here, so you can have a better understanding of their mountain music. If you're not used to wearing foundation on the regular basics, you can use a BB cream. Instead. You can apply the product into the skin using a brush like I do, or you can use them for beauty sponge or which, if you like, or you can simply use their fingers. The key here is to blend properly, so just remember to blend it from the center outwards because we want the best coverage in the center or face. Also while blending. Make sure your blend the brother downwards to her neck, so we'll get harsh lines in between for concealing the under eyes. I'm using the lightweight concealer by countries in the shade. Light beige in creating a little triangular shape underneath the eyes, because this will awaken and brighten your eyes. And here's a tip. You want to use a concealer with a tint of orange in it so we can cancel out any dark circles you may have, because if used to light concealer that will look kind of grayish and as she underneath the ice, as we did with the foundation before, we want to blend the concealer from the centre or face outwards. Don't be afraid to use your fingers instead of brush for applying concealer, just lightly tap it onto the skin for setting the under rise. I'm using sexy Mama translucent powder from the ball. This will prolong where your concealer and prevent it from creasing throughout the day. For those of you with oily skin, you can also lightly dust the powder all over your face to set it all in in a matter fire, skin 3. Eyes: first of all, will use a primer before applying guinea a shot. This will make her eye makeup last much longer, and also this nude color will cancel out any veins you may have on your eyelids and will make a great base for any eye. Shadows we put on. You can use your fingers or just any synthetic flip I shall brush to apply light coat of the product on. Technically, this Mabel in product is a cream eyeshadow but is working great for private purposes. Before we apply any eyeshadow, let's lightly shape and filling our brands. I'm using Morphy brow ballot and makes him to darkest bottom colors to get the perfect shade for my model. If you don't have a brow pilot, you can also use any Met eye shadows for your brows, and it will look great. So you're wondering how to fill in your brows. It's simple, so the easiest way to fill in your brows is just a follow your natural brow shape in your natural brow hair growth. Just lightly fill in the gaps in your eyebrows and comb them afterwards. We want to avoid any harsh lines, so it's better to fill them little by little with a light hand. Now we'll use the flesh toned pencil to shape the browse even more and make them pop out. Draw a line underneath your brows following their shape, and this doesn't have to be perfect because we'll blend it out with a brush. I'm using the same brush I use for a blind guy primer and lightly blending the line into the skin. This product is great because of its multipurpose qualities, and we use it again in this video and take your time. Practice makes perfect before we start playing with their eye makeup. I want to mention that the colors I have chosen for this makeup look will suit anyone. No matter of your eye color, skin color or your age. The first eye shadow I'm going to apply all over the mobile part off the island. This is a muted, orangey golden color, with the first to finish. I'm using flight synthetic brush to apply the eye shadow, the same one I've used for applying guy primer. You can lightly tap it on the eyelids. Second color is a medium some color with the Met. Finish this one. I'm using is creme brulee by makeup like this will be a crease color. Take your time with this. Start with less product on your brush, lightly dusting the color from outside, in and back. You want to blend two colors together so there will be no harsh lines in between them. The brush amusing is locks pitted crease brush from suceava, but you can use any crease brush off your choice. Now we want to give a little more. They mentioned to the I Look, so I've used like the darker shade than the previous one and apply it to the outer week. You can use a medium brown shade, but the one I'm using is a meth eye shadow from Make a peak called Barcelona Beach. I'm applying it with the same crease brush and lightly blending the coloring. And for the finishing touches, I'll apply a bit of highlighter on the inner tear ducts and the lower lash line. This will immediately bring light to the eyes. After that, line your water line with the new Knicks Wonder Pencil. We already applied under the eye graves. This is a great trick for tired eyes or for making small eyes look bigger. Visually 4. Contouring & Highlighting: for contouring the face. I chose Bahama Mama by the ball. You want to likely contour underneath your cheekbones, and if you have trouble finding the placement, you can simply find the line by pressing with your fingers. This counterpart er is a great universal shape, but if you're darker skin colored, you may want to use something deeper. My advice is to stick with less orangey tones and find the shade that is a bit cooler tone because this is a day appropriate makeup look. We will just lightly contour and highlight face only. Give it a little more they mentioned, rather than visually changing and correcting the whole structure of the face for creating the shadow you can. You small blush, brush lightly. Does the color underneath jig bones and on your forehead. Now for the Blash have chosen the dusty Rose Blash with a bit of shimmer to bring some glowing nous and youth to our face. Just smile and lightly does the Blash on your cheekbones with control powder, we create the shadows, and now it's time to bring some light to the parts of our face where we want to highlight. I'm using the Merrill Uman Isar by the ball, the same highlighter I've used to highlight the deer ducks for eyeshadow. Look, you can apply it with your fingers or with a small brush. You will apply it right above where you applied the blush, and this will attract lights to our face before we moved to the lips. Let's finish the face with a few coats off your favorite mascara on top and bottom lashes the one I'm using on my mother is there rial by benefit cosmetics. 5. Lips: and now for the finishing touches. If you're not used to wearing lipstick on a regular basis, you can just apply lip gloss and you're done when applying lipstick. I highly suggest lining your lips first with a lip pencil. This will prolong where your lipstick and make a great base for lip color. We're going to apply, and lastly, top it all with a nude or clear gloss for that extra shine throughout the day. - And we're them. Thank you for watching and have a great day.