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How to become a virtual assistant

teacher avatar Meg Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What is a virtual assistant?

    • 3. Abilities required to become a virtual assistant.

    • 4. Which company websites offer this opportunity?

    • 5. What can i offer as a virtual assistant?

    • 6. Equipment to become a virtual assistant.

    • 7. Average wage.

    • 8. Building your portfolio.

    • 9. Pros and cons of entering this area.

    • 10. Behavioral skills.

    • 11. Starting out in 5 steps.

    • 12. Final notes

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About This Class

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss or being able to work from anywhere in the world? I have a secret for you. This is possible if you become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are no longer just online secretaries. Employers are looking for virtual assistants that can update websites, create email newsletters, schedule social media posts and more. This course is for those that are serious about landing the high paying, quality virtual assistant positions and successfully launching a virtual assistance business.

I'll take you through the process of how to choose your services, how to decide on an hourly rate or package rate, how to discover your brand personality and design your branding, how to find and convert clients consistently, all of the legal & financial business essentials, setting up your organizational systems and how to track and reach your goals.

You will find lessons about:

1-What is a virtual assistant?

2-Abilities required to become a virtual assistant.

3-Which company websites offer this opportunity?

4- What can i offer as a virtual assistant?

5- Equipment to become a virtual assistant.

6- Average wage.

7-Building your portfolio.

8-Pros and cons of entering this area.

9-Behavioral abilities.

10-Starting out in 5 steps.

And much more.

I hope you enjoy my course. See you in lesson number one.

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Meg Courses


MEG Online Courses is an online school and community.


We have expertise in different fields such as working in business, video, marketing, youtube, photoshop, lifestyle, design, personal development and much more.

Now we want to share our experience, skills, and knowledge with you guys through this platform in the course form.

Here in MEG, we talk straight to the point and cover more in less time.


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1. Welcome: Hello. In this course, you will learn what is a virtual assistant from communications, the use of tools and techniques, and much more. You will find lessons about abilities required to become a virtual assistant. Which company websites offer this opportunity? What can I offer as a virtual assistant equipment to become a virtual assistant? Average wage, building your portfolio pros and cons of entering this area, behavioral ability, starting out in five steps and much more. Be sure to follow this course until the end. See you in lesson number one. 2. What is a virtual assistant?: What is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant VA is a person who can support other business from a remote location. Thanks to high-speed Internet, document sharing and cheap communication systems, virtual assistants are in high demand for online entrepreneurs and business who need help, but don't want to hire full-time employees in a specific location. Having someone to remotely help you with your business gives you more flexibility, less overhead, and the ability to scale up and down depending on your business's needs. Simply put, a virtual assistance will be required to perform a clerical and administrative tasks from a remote location. What does an office assistant do every day? A virtual assistance is anyone who can help with tasks from a remote location. This means that you will be able to offer services to clients on a daily basis as a contractor or a freelancer. This can include email management, content creation, accounting, graphic design, social media, and much more. Each VA offers different services. Just think about what you're good at and make sure your customize your offers based on your skills. The best thing you can do, especially when you're starting out, is to specialize in a niche and offer a service to one type of business. As you become an expert in your niche, you will also make more money for long-term work. 3. Abilities required to become a virtual assistant.: Abilities required to become a virtual assistant. The virtual assistant, as in any other profession, needs to have some desirable qualities and skills for the proper exercise of their functions. The main one is being a proactive person. The company or an entrepreneur who hires a virtual assistant, delegates important activities to this professional. In order to plan and execute them efficiently, it is necessary to understand the customer's needs and anticipate them always looking for a creative solution and the best results. Secondly, being an organized person is critical to being a virtual assistant. An organized professional will stick to a deadline. Saving time in avoiding the stress of accumulating tasks, delivering activities on time, or warning in advance if you need more time to complete them, makes you respected and increasingly valued in the market. Also, working from home requires a lot of discipline and organization. Working as a freelancer brings many benefits, but also great responsibilities. One of them is knowing how to manage your time well, to fulfill all your obligations within established deadlines. Last but not least, the virtual assistant needs to be detail oriented and value the quality of their work. In order to stand out in the market, they must seek to develop their tasks with excellence based on the customer's needs. After all, the purpose of a virtual assistance job is to satisfy the client's expectations and meet their demands, thus, valuing the trust placed in their services. 4. Which company websites offer this opportunity?: Which company websites offer this opportunity? Funding of virtual assistant job is not difficult. Whether you're looking for a full-time job board as a freelancer, many companies offer a virtual assistant jobs. We've selected some of the best ones for you. Flex jobs. Flex job is an online job board that lists working from home opportunities flexibly, including a remote freelancer and part-time roles. It's the perfect website to use if you want to start a remote career. They have a section in which they list all the virtual assistant jobs. All job opportunities are carefully screened and checked for fraud before being approved, which means that all jobs listed in there are legitimate money-making opportunities. What's the problem then? Well, it's not for free. You need to pay a monthly bill of $15 to be able to apply for those jobs. Best of all, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can pay the fee and request a refund if you don't want to renew your subscriptions. No questions asked. Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to create an online profile and apply for jobs posted there. It's a great online portal to acquire experience when starting out, but you won't find many high-paying jobs in there. If you take the time to create a good profile, you will get some beginner jobs. This will help you build experience to apply for better-paying jobs on other platforms. Upwork, much like Fiverr, Upwork is one of the biggest freelancers citing the world. This means that there is always someone offering less for every job, which can result in new charging a much lower rate than you deserve. It's an easy to use platform that can help you start out your virtual assistant career, especially if you have no experience in your career. 5. What can i offer as a virtual assistant?: What can I offer as a virtual assistant? The virtual assistant is something of a remote secretary performing administrative tasks and facilitating business organizations remotely. This way, the professional can be used for both for executives or large companies and for individual self-employed interpret news and etc. In short, everyone who needs to optimize time to dedicate themselves to more strategic functions. For example, what tasks can a virtual assistant perform? A virtual assistant can perform numerous tasks, then as you become more professional in the field, you will be able to choose the services you will offer to your clients according to the previous knowledge and experience. Among the services that a virtual assistant can offer, we have administrative management, organized cost sheets, make payments, organized agenda and support for meetings, logistics, prospecting and mailing customer's organization of contracts and other documents. Customer services online and offline, requests for building maintenance services, planning and organizing trips, including booking tickets, hotels, cars, et cetera. Remembering that the future of work for the virtual assistant today is very wide and the tasks can vary according to the areas of activity of VH client. Therefore, it is very important to select the target audience for whom you want to offer your services. That way, you are more likely to get customers. You can focus, for example, on working for health care professionals, lawyers, digital entrepreneurs, coaches, and many others. If you have identified yourself with it, the time to enter the area is now opportunities are plenty for those who do a good job after all, this type of services makes life a lot easier for interpret news. And it ends up adding a lot of value to the business. 6. Equipment to become a virtual assistant.: Equipment to become a virtual assistant. In addition to being willing to work with people within a virtual environment, you must understand that you need to have some knowledge on how to do this. Online services expected to win all the bureaucratic process of the practice in the virtual world. So you need to pay attention to that. Understand at the same time that there is no way to be a good virtual assistant without a good internet connection. It is true that those would choose. This profession can do so from home without having to travel. But understand that your work environment cannot have any problems. We can mention a common aerospace is ideal for you to work as a virtual assistant. One, stimulating self-knowledge. The first step is to know what services you can offer. Therefore, think about what you know that can help other people or other companies from administrative support tasks to falling out spreadsheets, doing research or acting as after-sales. Although it's apparently simple, this is the most challenging step. After all, we are not taught to value what we know to the point of offering these skills as a service. After defining what can be offered, other points of self-knowledge must be explored, such as productive capacity, resilience, empathy, responsibility with deadlines, among other things. These points are usually charged within companies. And when we work autonomously, they need to be developed in order to define the best dynamics of virtual work. To defining your niche. After an analysis of what can be offered, it's time to look at the market, assuming that a person has identified that they can sell the customer relationships service this niche salon is quite broad. The next step and close contracts with customers, it is necessary to define a scope. Having noted in which functions it performs, in which it does. This, it is much easier to focus on sales and specialized in a certain activity. Three, defining your clients niche. Now that you know what you can sell and what activities are within your scope of work, you should understand who needs this service. The most ideal is to choose at least three customer niches. For example, dentists, doctors, and lawyers, etc. The question you must ask yourself is, who needs help with the tasks I can do? This step is very important so that you can design an adequate and assertive communication to prospect customers. In addition to specialize more and increasing the value of your work for selling. For many after deciding what to give, this is the hardest part, but with all the previous steps line up, much of that is minimized. If you know what to sell into whom, just organized a strategy to show that customer that he needs your service. And that as a virtual assistant, you can offer several advantages. 7. Average wage.: Average wage? Well, the seller is not fixed. It can vary according to the company's offering. Your salary claim values range between one thousand and four thousand. However, this cost can increase depending on your location, company, and speciality. Some scopes provide a lower salary and others may offer a higher payment. In some reports, there is a slightly lower salary than quoted around 800. So there may be an error margin between what is quoted and what is offered by the company. It is also important to remember that there are locations that provide salary and other benefits to employees. Make sure that you know how your contractor will act and invest in what is best for you and your professional side. Among the advantages of working as a virtual assistant, there's the possibility of having more than one client and being able to increase your profit. In addition, you can work from home in the comfort of your own house and avoid traffic. Bus, subway and gas tickets, for example, having the possibility to better balance your routine and provide a quality life for yourself. 8. Building your portfolio.: Building your portfolio based on your experiences and skills. The final, which services you can provide. Then list two or three areas in which you might be required. The golden tip is what your hobbies and personal interests on paper. This makes it easier to see the potential areas of activities and clients. Then do some research to understand the universe in which it is located. This will make contact easier when conquering it. Step-by-step to attract clients, we have already covered how to get enough clients for you to reach your financial goals. The kickoff should be choosing a niche of activity, improving the search for potential customers, and proving your experience after all, controlling the cache of an industry and local market is quite different, even though it is theoretically the same service. With the niche defined start making relationships and network to create a network of contacts and reputation in the market in which you want to act. Facebook groups are a great way to start. Once you have this relationship foundation built, it's time to get to work, make a list with the name of possible clients, and build a positive interaction to slowly arouse interest in your services. Another option is to connect to remote service platforms. The options are many. or cannot get ninjas, just virtual. Despite being an excellent option, the revenues won't always match your expectations. Despite this. As for unexperienced virtual assistant, these platforms can be a good channel to acquire a portfolio and increase your confidence. The first client matters. If you are starting in the area of virtual secretary, it is worth stressing that the ideal is to value experience more than monetary gains. Use this time to experiment, test different services, record results, and collect feedback. That way you can improve your skills and services. Some prototyping alternatives are free trial of services. Establish a fixed trial period with the customer and already agreed that at least the service evaluation will be the bargaining chip received at the end of the period. If both parties are satisfied, you are more likely to close the monetize deal. Assistance to volunteer work, non-government organizations, institutes, and associations. How many operations run or volunteer activities that have little or no budget. By offering your service to these entities, you gain experience and still make a difference for our cause. Exchange of services. We're all customers have something such as education, health well-being, and even products. Negotiate with your providers and suppliers to help them with their work and propose that payment can be made with that what you normally purchased from them. If you can prove good results, it may turn into a monetized higher in the future. Partnerships with other professional, like any intrapreneur virtual assistants who have been in the market for some time are faced with the moment when they need to delegate tasks. Do you want a better opportunity than learning from those who have already been in the market for awhile. This performance can be done in a few ways. The assistant indicates your service to her clients or makes the contact directly. Just coordinating the activities, regardless of the form. Keep in mind that the first client is very valuable. From there, you can gain experience, self-confidence, and other indications when an excellent job is done. 9. Pros and cons of entering this area.: Pros and cons of entering this area is working from home worth it. Before listing the best opportunities to work from home, Let's get to know the benefits of this new work format. Despite the new routine, work from home can bring several advantages, like possibility to choose working hours, convenience, quality of life, economy, and comfort. To ensure these benefits, it's important to choose a professional aligned with your profile. In addition to investing in planning and organization, what are the best professions to work from home in virtual assistant? Let us start our list talking about the virtual assistant. This professional promises to bring more agility and efficiency into the offices. The routine of a virtual assistant is similar to that of an administrative assistant. The main difference is that the assistant performs all services online in the comfort of their homes. Bros, affordable and easy to set up, especially if you already have the skills and equipment to get the job done, all you need is a laptop or a computer and a fast internet connection. You don't need a specific licenses or university degrees to get started. You can create your own schedule and work as much as you like. Can't unless you already know someone who needs a VA, finding your first client can be a challenge. You need to stay on top of current technology and trends in the services and industries you offer, you will have to compete with foreign or assistance who may offer much lower rates. In order to compensate for that, you will need to offer a higher level of service and focus on something specialized that may require specific technical skills. 10. Behavioral skills.: Behavioral abilities. In order to stand out as a professional in the VA market, it is necessary to develop skills that in many cases are lacking amongst service providers. In each activity performed, there are specific skills that must be developed, both behavioral and technical. In addition to a lot of research, you need to learn more about the job that you will be performing for each company. C, which behavioral skills are necessary and valued by the market? Fast learning, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, value generation, responsibility with deadlines, negotiation, persuasion, creativity, flexibility, organization, and empathy. It's also very important to have a clear visual of goals and motivations. After all, this is the fuel to move you forward and overcome challenges. Motivation and discipline are two factors that drive evolve and make goals reality. You will also need courage, not allowing fear to paralyze you and to overcome it. Doing what has to be done. These are just some of the most valued skills in the job market, but they are not the only ones. There are others that you can develop along the way to gain an advantage over your competitors. 11. Starting out in 5 steps.: Starting out in five steps. Once you have decided in which niche you want to work, you will need to set up your virtual assistant business. Here are five steps to start a home-based virtual assistant business. One, focus on your offer. By now. You know you can offer hundreds of services as a VA. You can do everything from writing, emailing, managing calendars, accounting, marketing, social media, and much more focused on the skills that you have and have fun doing them. There's no reason to spread out too much, especially in the beginning when you have a lot to learn to set up your business properly. When starting out, you need to decide when you are going to run your business. You can set it up as a single owner. This is a quick and easy way and it does not require any special setup. The only problem is that if something happens to your business, you will put your personal wealth at risk. The other option is to create an affordable LSC. This will protect your personal possessions such as your home. Should you be sued, for example, before starting your business, you should seek professional advice to set up your business the proper way. Three, create a website and be present on social media. If you wish to work remotely, you will have to market yourself as an online communicator specialist. The best way to do this is to create a website that showcases your skills and what services you offer. Think of it as an online CV. Your website will showcase what you can do for your prospects and will pay back in an important role in establishing your business. Social media is also an important part of your business. But you don't need to be everywhere. Know where your potential clients are and master a few social media platforms. Are they on Facebook, on Instagram, become an expert and follow them to show that you understand their brand. For make your clients happy and asked for a feedback. Making your customers happy is the biggest asset for your business. Once you've found your first customer, do everything you can to provide the best service possible. I happy client may recommend you to other known interpret news and you only need a handful of clients to earn a full-time income. As a virtual assistant, don't be afraid to ask for feedback. Ask your customers if there is anything you can improve on and take everything they say into consideration. Use all the positive nodes and testimonials and ask the best customers if you can use them as references, for example, this will help you enormously in getting more customers. 12. Final notes: Thank you so much for watching this course. The next step is to put what you've learned into practice and exercise all of the topics mentioned, practice leads to perfection. Visit my profile here on the platform as well. You will find several courses that can help you even more. Thank you so much and bye bye.