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How to Write the Best Blog Post Titles: Increase Clicks and Shares by Optimizing Blog Post Titles

teacher avatar Rebecca Livermore, Microsoft Office for Creatives

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choose Your Topic

    • 3. Determine Your Goal

    • 4. Choose Emotional Response

    • 5. Choose Keyword Phrase

    • 6. Add Powerful Words

    • 7. Title Generation Tools

    • 8. Analyze Your Title

    • 9. Your Project

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About This Class

Imagine this. You wrote the perfect blog post. It was well-researched, helpful, and even, to your delight, extremely witty.  After reading your favorite sentences multiple times basking in all their greatness, you hit publish, shared the article on social media, and then waited for the comments and social media shares to come pouring in. This was, after all, no ordinary blog post. This was your heart. Your soul. The very essence of who you are as poured out through the written word. 

But no one seemed to care. Your Facebook Insights revealed that no one clicked on the link. No one shared your article. No one commented.  

What went wrong?   

Here’s the deal; if no one even bothered reading your article, chances are, you chose the wrong title.  

Blog post titles matter more than you think. In fact, they matter so much, if you get them wrong, few people will even see the words you poured your heart into.  Through my experience, I’ve seen first hand how blog post titles impact the overall performance of the content.  

This class teaches how to create the best blog post titles that not only help your articles be found in Google and other searches, but also encourage people to click.  

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to determine the goal for your article and the impact the goal has on your titles
  • Why your target audience matters
  • How to touch emotions with your titles
  • The importance of keyword phrases and powerful words
  • And how to use tools effectively
  • After taking this class, you'll be equipped to come up with blog post titles that hit the mark every single time.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rebecca Livermore

Microsoft Office for Creatives


Hi, I'm Rebecca Livermore, also known as The Office Creative. I'm a bestselling author, blogger, and the owner of Professional Content Creation. I've been a freelance writer since 1993 and have served as a content manager for top bloggers such as Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and Marcus Sheridan.

I've always loved PowerPoint, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I began to discover the many ways to use PowerPoint to create content. I use it for everything from blog and social media images, lead magnets, low content books, printables, videos, digital planners, and more. The more I use PowerPoint, the more amazed I am by the many types of content you can create with this one powerful tool.

I'm constantly learning new ways to use PowerPoint and other Micro... See full profile

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1. Intro : Hello and welcome to you how to write the best block post titles. Imagine this. You wrote the perfect block post. It was well researched, helpful and even, to your delight, extremely witty. After reading your favorite sentences multiple times basking in all their greatness, you hit, publish, share the article on social media and then waited for the comments and social media shares to come pouring in this waas after all, no ordinary blood post. This was your heart. Your soul, the very essence of who you are was poured out through the written word. But no one seemed to care. Your Facebook insights revealed that no one quipped on the link. No one shared your article. No one commented. What went wrong. Here's the deal. If no one even bothered reading your article, chances are you chose the wrong title block. Post titles matter more than you think. In fact, they matter so much if you get them wrong, few people will even see the words you poured your heart into. Hi, I'm Rebecca Livermore, and I am a full time blogger and author, and I've also worked as a content manager for some of the top names in blogging and social media such as Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield and Marcus Sheridan. Through my experience, I've seen firsthand how Block post titles impact the overall performance of the content. This class teaches how to create the best block post titles that not only help your articles be found in Google and other search is but also encouraged people to click in this class. You'll learn how to determine the goal for your article and the impact the goal has on your title. Why your target audience matters, how to touch Emotions with your titles, the importance of keyword phrases and powerful words and how to use titles effectively. So now let's get right into how to publish the best block post titles. 2. Choose Your Topic: Obviously, the first step is to decide what you want to write about. And I'm not going to go into that in depth in this class because I've created a complete class that gives more than 30 ways to come up with block post ideas. So if you don't yet know what toe blogged about, be sure to check it out. You can find it here, and I also linked to it in the resource section of this class as well as the class description. So start there, come up with your ideas or a whole list of ideas that you would want to work on. And then, from there you can craft the best titles to go with the ideas that you've come up with. 3. Determine Your Goal: Once you've determined the topic of your blog's post, the next thing that you need to do is determine the goal for the article. Before you even start to write your article, you should have an idea of what you hope to accomplish through the article. The goal for your article plays a big part in your title choice because it positions the article to be received in a particular way, and it draws the right kind of reader that will resonate with your article here. Just a few examples of goals For an article teaching, for example, I might write an article where I have the goal to teach you something. Such is how to write blunt post titles, since my goal was to teach a specific skill, starting the title with how to make sense. It also lets you as the reader know what to expect in the article and attracts people who are looking for this specific skill set. Here's another goal example to feed, prejudice or promote a cause. If your goal is to feed into some type of prejudice or to promote a cause, the title could include something disparaging about the target of your disdain. For example, during the U. S campaign season, you had people on the extreme right who wanted to discredit Hillary Clinton on the basis of her health. So you saw a title such as Is Hillary Clinton dying? Why Hillary will collapse during the debates to rile up Trump haters. Ah, blogger would perhaps write a title such as the Top 10 Ways. Donald Trump is like Hitler. Now. Neither of the's title examples are ones that I'd want my name associated with. But if the goal of the article was to fuel a negative opinion about a candidate, such titles would accomplish that. Now, If you want to promote a cause, your title may be more positive. For example, if your cause is making sure the homeless or fed your title, maybe something like five easy ways to provide a hot meal for the homeless this winter. Another goal could be to sell a product or service. If the goal of your article is to directly or indirectly sell your product or service, your title would appeal to people that need whatever it is you're selling. For example, let's say that you have a product that secures fences so dogs can't escape your title. Maybe why some dogs are escape artist and what to do about it. Anyone that has such a dog and it's had to drive around their neighborhood for hours trying to find that dog yet again will want to read that article and perhaps by your product that will keep it from happening again. Another goal could be to establish yourself as an expert on blogging is a great way to become known as an expert in your field. If that's your goal, you could write multiple how to pieces articles that present a viewpoint no one else is talking about or an ultimate guide to something in your industry. Those types of articles could have these types of titles how to blank so that blank five easy steps to mastering blank. Why blank a top leader in your industry is wrong about blank, a current hot topic. The ultimate guide to blank something in your industry. The 1st 2 examples or articles that could make up the bulk of the type of content you right ? The 3rd 1 is a way to establish yourself as a thought leader, assuming that you have valid points for why a well known figure in your industry is all wrong and ultimate guides are a great way to show off your expertise, since they tend to be more in depth than a typical blogged post. 4. Choose Emotional Response: in this video, I get into the impact that touching emotions has on whether or not people feel compelled to read a post. Emotions both negative and positive, move people too quick on a link to an article, share the article and hopefully take action on it. For example, the person who owns the dog that should have been named Houdini feels frustrated and is perhaps afraid of what might happen to the dog when he's out running the streets. A title such as How to Keep Your Dogs Safe when you live near a busy street, taps into the fear and gives you the opportunity to provide a solution to keep their beloved pet safe. Positive emotional responses also compel people to quick on a link, read articles and share them. For example, one of my clients published an article 14 Reasons Why moms make great entrepreneurs. That's a feel good title for moms who are either already entrepreneurs or thinking of becoming entrepreneurs. The title itself conveys to moms. I'm special. I have what it takes to be a great entrepreneur, and by the way, not every post has to evoke emotions. But once that do will get more clicks and shares 5. Choose Keyword Phrase : next, you want to choose a keyword phrase for your block post. Every block posts that you write should be optimized for a keyword or even better, a keyword phrase as an example. If I were to publish the information that's in this class as a block post, my keyword phrase would be blonde post titles. I would use that keyword phrase in the title, the URL and a few other places in the article. Now, if you already have a large following, it's okay to use a more clever title. But in most cases, it's best to use a keyword phrase that people would actually search for as part of your title. And the key word phrase should also make the topic of the article clear. I'm sure we've all experienced times when the title of the article made us think it was about one thing, but when we clicked on it and started reading it, it wasn't clear. So the keyword phrase that you use can really help people to know what the article is about . 6. Add Powerful Words: next, you want to add some powerful words to your title. So once you have your keyword phrase, consider adding some powerful words to it. Powerful words are ones that grab attention and draw people in. Here are some examples how to seven steps Now, of course, was something like that. You alter the number and the word afterwards, such as instead of seven tips, you might say five ways. Six steps, 10 secrets and so on. Easy, effective, proven, time tested mistakes. Smart, quick, affordable secrets. Surprising ultimate. So all of these are powerful words. So, for example, with the dog owner who has the dog that's escaping all of the time and you've determined their budget conscious, you might use words such as five affordable ways to keep your dog from escaping. So that word that uses a number and it uses the power word affordable. You could maybe talk about mistakes. Five mistakes dog owners make. You could talk about proven ways to keep your dog from escaping and so on. So you see how you have the basic concept of the article. You have your keyword phrase, and then you add one or two powerful words. Toe haven't even greater impact 7. Title Generation Tools: in this video, I'm going to share with you three tools that you can use to generate blawg post titles. And I'm also going to talk about the pros and cons of using tools like this now, first of all, I want to say that the most important thing to remember about tools is that they are tools they're not human beings and human beings are best at coming up with titles or are best at evaluating the titles. So use tools like the ones that I'm going to show you sparingly, and I will demonstrate a few of these. And then you'll totally understand what I'm talking about and why I say to use the tool sparingly. I also want to encourage you to after you generate titles, using these tools to go through the other things that I've already shared with you to help you evaluate the ideas or tweak the ideas to make them work better for you. The 1st 1 that I'm sharing with you is portends content idea generator. This is probably one of the best known ones, and it does have a lot going for it. But as you'll see in this demo, it is going to give some really interesting ideas. And by interesting, I don't necessarily mean good. All right, so the first thing that you do is you enter your subject here. So for the sake of demonstrations, since this class is on blood post titles, I'm going to put in here blawg post titles. And then you just hit the arrow. And then what it does is it gives you some ideas that use the words block post titles. So, for example, this is how Twitter can teach you about blogged post titles. Now, this is actually an okay idea, because I could talk about how I can use Twitter to see what people are talking about. Trends. Do searches follow different people and things like that. So that is a potential one that I could possibly use. Let's try another one. So I'm gonna just hit this little, um, arrow thing. All right, Now, see, this is where it gets a little bit crazy. Save your marriage using Onley, blawg, post titles. While I don't know about you, but I don't think that it if my marriage was really in trouble, that I would be able to save it. by using Onley blawg post titles. Right? So that one we're going to say Forget it, That is not a good one. Now you'll notice down here it says For best results, don't capitalize keywords except proper noun and use the singular version of your keyword Revise a result to create your fantastic, grammatically correct headline. That last point is one of the most important. So, uh, going by their recommendation, I would not capitalize this and I would also use the singular version. So let's try that and see if that makes any difference. All right? And so let's just click on the arrow. Okay, so this one says why blood post titles are on crack about blood post titles. Okay, so in my opinion, following their recommendations here was even worse. Let's just try another one. How block post titles can keep you out of trouble again. Not the best idea, but what will happen through these is that sometimes they will get the wheels in your own mind turning. Let me try one more. Okay. Now I think that this one has a lot of promise. The only blogged post title resource is you will ever need this one could work really well because I could write a block post. That's kind of like an ultimate post about different tools that you could use to write blood post titles. So this one is actually a good one. So you get the basic idea of how this works, how sometimes the titles that tools like this come up with are not good, and yet they may give you some ideas. Now, what I would then do is take a title like this and implement some of the other suggestions that I gave you already. So, for example, I might put a power word and such as the top 10 block post title Resource is or something related to that. Or the best blogged title resource is for professionals and so on, so you can do some adaptations there as well. OK, now let's look at the next one. The next one is hub spots. Blawg Topic Generator. Now, the way that this one works is that you put in three noun and it gives you a week's worth of blood post title ideas For the sake of the demonstration, I'm only going to put in one and again it will be Blawg Post titles. And then I'm gonna click on Give me blood topics, all right, and it has given me five ideas, and you can see there seven things about Block Post titles Your boss wants to know. 15. Best Blog's to follow about Blood Post titles. 20 Myths About Blogged Post titles The History of Block Post titles and think you're cut out for doing blood Post titles. Take this quiz. Now out of these, there's really only one that I would consider using. And that is number 3 20 Myths about blogged post titles. Now that's something to keep in mind with all of these title generators is that out of all of the results that are generated, you might pick just one? But that's one that maybe you haven't thought of. Now let's talk about something that's good. There's a couple of good things about this one. The first is that they use a couple of power words. 20 numbers are great, and then myths is also. I would consider that a power word because that gets people's attention that makes them want to find out. Maybe if they've been believing things about blood post titles that are not true. Okay, the third to all is blogged about by impact. And you've just put in your topic here blawg about. So I'm gonna put in blawg post titles, and then you just click on next. Okay, so now this one isn't good at all. Seven traits that separate riel. And for some reason, it's not putting in block post titles here. But you would just imagine that that's who. You know what should go in the blank seven traits that separate riel block post titles from wannabes. Maybe I could work with that because what I could say is like, switch it up. Seven traits that separate effective blood post titles from wannabes. Okay, but I'm not too crazy about that. Something is going to hit the refresh. All right, How to know if your blood post title has purpose? That one could be good. I'm not sure that I would use the word purpose, but again, it would get the wheels in my mind turning what's try again? Seven mistakes you're making. Trying to grow your blood post titles? Not really. Right. Let's try again. Are you a victim of your own blood? post titles. Now that actually could work. Because, remember, at the beginning of this class, I talked about how often we do something like write a great post and don't get traffic. And in that sense, maybe you are a victim of your own block post titles. So if you find one that you like, you heart it and it will put it into your little they call this a little notebook, and then you could quick on email me my titles and it would email them to you. That's kind of a handy feature of this particular title. Generate earthy other ones you would just copy and paste into, you know, every note or one note, or drop them down on a piece of paper. So the key things to keep in mind with these again is that these tools never, ever replace the human mind so they can give you ideas, and that's what I would use them for. I would use them more for ideas than I would for ideas, and in fact, I shared about thes tools and a lot of other ways to generate ideas in my course on how to generate block post ideas so be sure to check that out as well. But then once you have the ideas, then you need to tweak them to make sure the titles will actually be effective. 8. Analyze Your Title: in this video, I'm going to share a another tool with you that you can use to analyze your titles. Now, what I recommend is that you go through the process that I've recommended earlier in thes videos, such as determining your audience and touching emotions and all of that. So do that first and then take the title that you've come up with and run it through this co schedule Headline Analyzer, which is a free tool. And ideally, you want to come up with at least a few or as many as 10 different options for that one block post title. And then from there you will choose the best one. Now I do want to offer just one word of warning, and that is to remember that this again, just like the title generators. This is a machine. It's not a human being. So occasionally you may disagree. And so what you need to do is use this to give you some ideas and information, and then from there, go with your gut with your final title solution. All right, so you start off by simply typing your headline here in this box. So I'm going to start off with something that I know is not going to be a good title. And then we'll go from there. So all right, so I just put in right blogged post titles, and I will. Quick on. Analyze now. Okay, Now you can see that this got a score of 16 which is not good. You want at least 65 as a score, and 70 and above is even better. Another thing that you'll notice is that it gives it the color red here for the score. And so think of this like how we have our stopped lights and red is not good. Yellow is caution, and green is go green is good. So we're going to be looking at the score and also those colors. You'll notice that it also gives you some information about the word balance. And we'll get into that a little bit more because right now, these air all 0% and you'll notice the big thing that's wrong is that the headline type is generic. I mean, it doesn't get much more boring than right. Blood post titles. Now we also have some more information down here on the length and the bottom line is the headlines too short. It's only 22 characters, and they recommend longer up to about 55 characters, and you'll notice that it's also too few words. It's only four words. Your headline is way too light onwards. Try increasing the length of your headline to improve its S E o value. So let's go up here and let's tweet this. Let's say how to write block post titles and we'll analyze it. Okay, now you can see by simply adding the words how to I went from a score of 16 all the way up to 64. Now, you know, earlier in this class, I talked about emotional and power words, and I considered how to a power word here in this tool, they call it an emotional word. Either way is fine. The bottom line is emotional words and powerful words are very effective. So you want to be sure to include emotional and or power words in your titles. Okay, so 64 is the score here because I do have the emotional what they call an emotional word of how to the headline type is how to which is a good type of title, all right, and you'll notice that it again looks at the length 29 characters. It's a little bit short, but six words. The headline is the right length Headlines with approximately six words tend to earn the highest number of click throughs. Okay, so let's now see if we can improve it even more. Let's see, We've got red than yellow. Let's see if we can make it green How to write. I'm gonna put in what I know is a powerful word. Powerful Blawg Post titles, and we will analyze it and look at that. It made it up to 70 and it is now green. So there's just three titles there. You've got red, yellow and green so we could stop there knowing that we have a good title. But let's first of all, look at the length analysis, and then we will try another title as well. Okay, so 38 characters says the headline is the right length headlines. 55 characters long tend to earn the highest number of click throughs. The headline is the right length. Headlines with approximately six words tend to earn the highest number of click throughs and we have seven words. So we are still doing fine with the word numbers and with the characters. So let's now say how to easily right powerful, blogged post titles. We'll see what it does. Okay, now that went from 70 to 75. And so it's an even better score and you'll notice that got 45 characters. So it's still less than 55. It's still saying, Even though I'm using more than six words, it's still saying that eight words is good. Now you'll notice that there's just a little bit more space up here. Four more words. If I went too much longer, it would tell me that it was too long. But now let's see what will happen if I add in a couple of more words how to quickly and easily right powerful blawg post titles. We'll analyze this again and notice that that made it go up to 77. OK, so now let's look at the length and you'll notice that they say that my headline is a bit wordy at 10 words. Try reducing the length of your headline to improve its S e o value, and I agree with them there that it is, it is too wordy, and you'll notice this is also 57 characters. 55 is better, in part because only a certain number of characters will show up in the Google search. So 55 is generally what's recommended there. If you go beyond that, part of your title may be cut off in Google. So personally, in my opinion, even though it says that this one how to quickly and easily right powerful block post titles gets a score of 77 I would personally choose how to easily right powerful blawg post titles that has the score of 75. So this is where you as a human being, also take a look at not just the bottom line of what the tool says, but what you think would be best. And if you're like, Wow, this is just a little bit too wordy a little bit too much of a mouthful, I'm going to use this one instead. So again, I recommend that you use this tool to analyze the titles that you have come up with and challenge yourself to come up with at least 3 to 5 if not 10 variations on the title before making your final decision 9. Your Project : as your project for this class, you'll determine the topic of a block post. Choose a target audience and gold for the Post. Create a working title for the Post that includes a keyword phrase. Run the working title through the co schedule Headline Analyzer and after testing out at least three titles, come up with a final title and share all of the above in the project area of the class. And by the way, if you enjoyed this class, I'd really appreciate it. If you give me a thumbs up, you can do so by clicking on Yes, as shown in this image. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey, and I wish you the best in all of your writing endeavors.