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How to Start and Grow a Fiverr Freelance Business & Escape The Rat Race

teacher avatar Yaswanth Nukasani, Founder & CEO

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is Fiverr? & How Does it Work?


    • 2.

      Advantages and Disadvantages


    • 3.

      How to Create a Seller Account Logo for Free for Fiverr


    • 4.

      How to Set Up Your Fiverr Profile the Right Way


    • 5.

      How to Develop Your Skillset to Increase Your Value Level


    • 6.

      How to Figure out what Services to Offers


    • 7.

      Two Types of Business Models on Fiverr


    • 8.

      How to Make Your Fiverr Business More Efficient


    • 9.

      How to Make Passive Income on Fiverr


    • 10.

      How to Get Promoted on Fiverr


    • 11.

      Your Turn


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About This Class

Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs

Some Services you can offer!

  • Freelance Writing and Translation Services
  • Logo Design - Photoshop Editing - Flyers & Brochures - Illustration
  • Seo - Social Media Marketing - Video Marketing - Web Traffic
  • Custom logo design

What You Will Learn

  • What is Fiverr? & How Does it Work?
  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Fiverr
    • Amazing Lead Generation
    • High Fees
  • How to Set Up Your Fiverr Profile the Right Way
    • How to Create a Logo for Your Shop
    • How to Write Your Bio
    • Adding Your Skills
    • Linking Your Social Media Accounts to Profile
    • Adding Certification
    • Adding a Payout Method
  • How to Develop Your Skillset to Increase Your Value Level
    • Take Free/Paid Certification Courses
      • Facebook Blueprint
      • Google AdWords Certification
      • Hubspot
    • How to Pick What to Offer as a Service
      • Your past experience
      • Your credentials
      • Any new skills you picked up?
  • Two Type of Service Business Models
    • In-House
    • Outsource
  • How to Create Gig Offers that Sell Well
    • How to Design a Great Thumbnail for Your Gig
    • How to Create Optimal Titles
    • How to Write Great Descriptions
    • Understanding Value Proposition
  • How to Make Passive Income on Fiverr
    • Selling Digital Products
  • How to Make Your Fiverr Business More Efficient
    • Use Quick Responses
    • Add FAQ’s
    • Learning Communication Skills
  • How to Get Promoted to a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr
    • Fiverr Rank System
  • Fiverr Platform Rules

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yaswanth Nukasani

Founder & CEO

Level: All Levels

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1. What is Fiverr? & How Does it Work?: Hey, guys, thank you for joining the course today on how to start your own fiber business, so let's dive right in. So before we really get into the details on how to start your own fiber business and how to design your logo for fiber and all that good stuff, I want to first give you an understanding of why fiber exists. And what is the problem that they saw. So up till now, if you started a company 10 years ago, you pretty much had a few options. If you are looking to have help, so the 1st 1 is if you're looking for graphic design work, you basically had to go out and hire someone on your staff on your payroll to do graphic design for you. And if you wanted someone to, you know, post on social Media, you would hire a social media manager. So that works for big companies. But for start ups and smaller businesses who were looking to just get a logo made, you know, it didn't really make much sense to hire a graphic designer. And yes, there were real answers and freelancers always existed. But the problem was just the process of hiring and finding these freelances were really hard. But what fiber did is fiber made a marketplace or a platform or buyers who were looking to , you know, have a logo made or, um, have some music edited or have you know, a contract written up? What they did is they made small gig. They call them gigs. And what gigs are are I'm gonna just show you, for example. So if you're looking to have a logo made, you would just go on fiber. And just like I think I'm just gonna show you my account here. Uh, where is this thing? Right here. So if you're looking for, um, logos, what you would do when you're on fiber is you would find someone that specifically says, Okay, I can make you a logo for $5. So this person makes you says I will design and eye catching logo for you, and it starts at five bucks. So that and that's the reason why they named it Fiber services starting at five bucks. So instead of you having to go out and go on Craigslist and look through tons of different graphic designer profiles and figure out how to pay them and figure out how to communicate with them. What fiber did is fiber put together All of that? They said you can go ahead and just click. Continue and you can place the order. So, for example, if I click continue, I can just order here just like how you would buy something on eBay or Amazon and you can also contact them. So, for example, if I'm looking at the cellar here and I want to send him a message say, Hey, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, And you would see that in your messages. So it's a communication portal. It's an order Poor. Oh, and they brought it all together. So now that you kind of have an understanding of what is fiber and how it works as a seller , I'm gonna show you how it works. So because if you're watching this course, there's a great chance that you want to kick off your freelancing business with, however, so once someone places an order and they call them gigs, so I'll show you my profile. So, for example, here. So if someone wants you know me to create Twitter or my team to create Twitter or Instagram content. You know, they would just click on this. Go ahead and order. And they have a few options here, so they have basic standard premium. And if they want more customization, they call them add ons. So I know this might seem a little confusing. Um, but I promise I will make it clear were you know, when we dive into the course so you can see how much you've earned here. And fiber also handles the money for you, you know? So when someone places an order, there's usually like 1 to 2 wheat week. Wait. Time is to make sure that the seller, I mean, the buyer is happy with the work that you delivered. And then after that, you can withdraw it into your PayPal account. Um, pay a near or even fiber revenue card, which is new, but I'm gonna show you all of this. And but the point of this part or the beginning is to kind of get you acquainted with how it works. And, um, you know, just to see it in action here. So next we're going to cover how to start picking services for your fiber gig. Um, so stay tuned. You know, you're going to get everything that you need to get started with fiber. You know, fiber is one of my side income streams, and we mainly, mainly, just use it for lead generation for our marketing company. So that is pretty much it for this course for this part of the course. So stay tuned and you will start your own fire business pretty soon. 2. Advantages and Disadvantages: Alright, guys. So now that we kind of covered an overview of what is Beiber and you know how it works? I wanted to be very honest and show you the advantages and disadvantages that you're going to run into using fiber. So the beautiful thing about fiber is the hardest thing for any freelancer or any business is finding more business, creating more leads and just getting more business. Right? So what fiber does for you is when you post a gig, it's a one time thing. So you post the gig and it's running constantly, generating traffic and generating business for you. So I'm just going to show you my earnings here. So earnings you can see right here of all the orders that came through and the funds being released in all of that. And I'll tell you guys one thing. I posted the gigs one time, and since then, even when I'm sleeping, I'm getting orders and I'm getting work. So what I think fiber can do for you is number one A. It can either get you started building your portfolio of clients or two. It can supplement your already freelance or creative agency. You know. And the beautiful thing about it is it works for you and the great thing about being an eBay seller or Amazon seller or, you know, any platform that does the selling for you, I think is genius because you don't have to take care of marketing. You don't have to take care of, you know, getting people to find you Fiber does that for you. And no, this isn't sponsored by fiber or anything like that. But what that said, though, there are some disadvantages, and one disadvantage is that they do take 20% of your order value. So, for example, someone here placed an order for 40 bucks, and I earned $32 on that. And no, that's not really that bad, because if you had to get business by yourself, you would have to spend money on advertising and marketing. So that's the only real disadvantage that I found. And, um, also, they also charged the buyer. So if someone they charge a $2 commission fee so it doesn't matter if the order is like 40 bucks or five bucks. So if you're placing, if the buyer, for example, someone's looking to order a logo from you. They would pay $7 not five. So $2 fiber gets, and then they charge you 20% as the seller. So that pretty much covers the disadvantages. You know that there isn't really none that I found beside that. Um, but the advantages again is one. You can keep all of your communications in one place. So as you can see, I don't have to go digging through my inbox. I can see all the messages, all the communications that I have with, you know, buyers with sellers. And another thing is, it gives you really good understanding of where your business is headed. So, for example, I can look at a chart of how many orders I've got, how much money I've made in the past few months, and with this said, I'm not really full time on fibre. This is one of my income streams, and basically my team manages the rest for me. Um, and also another advantage of fiber is you have something to work toward. So on fiber, what really happens is there's a ton of people. This is how everybody starts with, Basically, there's no cellar rink right here, which is you're a beginner. And then after a little bit, if you meet all these requirements, you start getting promoted toe level one, and your requirements will look a little bit different than mine here, since I am already a level one seller. So if you want a first thing is go from here to here, you just go under fiber and you look at your analytics and the reason why I'm saying this is an advantage for you but could also be a disadvantage if you are not on top of it. Um is the more you progress on this bar, which is going from not rated toe level one to level one to level to the level to two top rated people on this end of the spectrum, have more trust with the buyers because when you're hiring someone, you have to believe that they're competent and they're good at what they do. So having this system works really well and I really like it because once you hit this top rated thing, believe it or not, there are people that make $100,000 or more per year just selling on fiber and you can look this up. If you type in five or six s stories on Google, you will find it. Um, and the great thing also about, you know, like I said, fiber works for you. And the another advantage that I've really found is when you're offering freelancer services. The hardest thing is getting for people to just place the order without asking you a 1,000,000 questions. So we're gonna cover epic use later, Um, in the course here. But, you know, you can basically, when you're ordering a logo, um, you you probably get the same questions from people, and you can leave those frequently asked questions right here. So people and, um, answer their own questions for themselves. If that makes sense, you can also give them all the description or your sales pitch right here in the description. And again, you're shortening your sales process and you're focusing more on what it is that you are actually delivering. So, guys, that is the advantages and disadvantages off fiber 3. How to Create a Seller Account Logo for Free for Fiverr: All right, guys. Now we're going to get into the really good stuff here, and I'm gonna show you how easy it is to pretty much set up your fiber profile and become a seller. So the first thing, of course, so you do is you go to fiber dot com and you on the right hand side, you click on become a cellar. So I already have a seller account, and I don't really want to go ahead and make another one. So you just click again, begin a cellar. You know, you put in your email, so let's just say is blah, blah, blah, blah blah at gmail dot com email. It's oh, man. Okay, so then he's simple. You put in a user name, you put in a password, and you pretty much have just made your fiber account. So I'm sure you guys, if you're watching this, have are more than capable of following that and creating the account. So now I'm gonna show you how to set up your fiber profile in the right way. So let's hop into this right here. So the first place that you want to start and a great tool that you can use even to just offer as a service or your clients like you know you could. Here's a few ideas for you. If you say I can make instagram posts for you, I use Can va in Canada. Is this online platform or people? It's like it makes graphic design, not that intimidating, and it's just like a template sized approached. So I'm going to show you, um, very quickly how you can start creating your own logo on fiber for fiber. So when you're having a either profile, for example, if you don't want to use your own picture like I have done over here, which is totally understandable, all you need to do is you know, this is your logo guys right here. And this is very important because usually people look at that. Um, so I'm gonna show you really quick how you can make your own logo. So, for example, again, So you go on, fiber. I'm not Piper on Can va and you just search logo like I've done here and this is free. I have a premium account with an va because I really, really use this a lot, and I what they do. So it's just pick one thing right here. So here we go. So cross out of that. And what you can do here is you can pretty much just change. So let's see that your name is Lauren. Okay. So you can put your you can just pretty much, um is plugging whatever name that you want, pick whatever template that you want and add a font. You can change. You know, we can change any kind of text that you want. You can even customize them and you can go crazy with that. So it's really nice. Like if you want to change the colors, you can do that. Um, and then you can say, like graphic design or whatever your slogan is, you can go ahead and do that. But once you're done here, all you need to do is click download and you can download a PNG or J peg. And there you go. You just download it like that. But I not starting a company called Lauren creative. So I'm just gonna I pass that the first thing is, have a great logo that could be a picture of you. And even if you wanted to go ahead and get like an animated picture drawn of you, I'll show you how to do that Really quick. So which to buying, cause I am a buyer and seller on Piper. Um, so you can just go into graphic design. Portrait's, um, there you go for 20 bucks, someone will draw you a picture of yourself, and you can use that. Like how this person did, you know? But if you want to just come off like a business and not an individual, I mean people, businesses are individuals. Um, you know, that's what you can go ahead and do. So that is pretty much how you can create your logo on fiber. I mean, on canvas for fiber. And I know I messed that up a bunch of times, but we're all human. Um, So next I'm gonna teach you guys how to write your bio 4. How to Set Up Your Fiverr Profile the Right Way: Alright, guys. So now I want to basically, um, show you how the right way or the proper way to set up your ah fiber account or your fiber profile so that you know, you can increase the amount of messages and the number of orders that you get. The first thing to start out with is making sure that your user name is unique. It's catchy. And it's something that's professional, you know, like I never really thought I was gonna sell on fiber. I had an account since, like, 45 years ago for three or four years ago. And, um, you know, I just named Indian juice genius for we're just the fun of it. Ah, The one thing with fiber is you cannot change your user name once you make it. So make sure that when you do choose to make your fiber account, it is something that you do like and you want to keep rolling with. And the second thing is your tagline here, your tagline. Many people, I mean, they just usually leave it empty or they don't really take full advantage of it. I think having a great tagline, which explains what you do, and what's special about you can be very, very hopeful. So that's what I would recommend. Make sure that your user name and your tagline explains what you do and is good to start with. Then the next thing writing a good description. So I'm just going to quickly read you guys my description. But my description says, I hope people grow their businesses through smart marketing and lead generation I help. I have built two successful businesses and have launched multiple viral videos. Feel free to look at my work. I am passionate about helping other people grow their business through Viber. Let's win. So the way I structured this description and your description can be quite long, though I would not recommend it. You know, I think it should definitely be a little bit longer than this. But, um, you know, just for the simplicity's sake, I've left it toe one paragraph. So the first thing to start with is, um, you can start with maybe a little bit about you, but I started out with what I do and then the second component of it. So it says I help people who are other businesses through smart marketing and lead generation. So that's the first part what it is that I do in one sentence. And then the second part is I have built two successful businesses and have launched multiple viral videos. So this is kind of the social proof and, um, your experience or your credibility per se. Um, and then this third thing is feel free to look at my work. Um, that is basically I know there's, ah, feel free to look my work. That is not good. You feel? Look at my work, Danny. Wait. So the third thing is something to continue the conversation, so it can be something for them to encourage to keep looking at your profile. And the last part is with a second. The last port is why I do what I do. And why am I on fiber? I am passionate about helping other people grow their businesses through fiber. All right, And then the fifth in the last port is the call to action. Let's win. So you can either go for a kind of a very direct called action or indirect called action, So ah, call to action for those of you that are listening who might not be familiar is basically some kind of thing, which, you know, pushes people to take action. And it's not really a push. Um, you know, it's just a prompt or however you choose to put it. And then the second thing or once were since we're done with the description now I want to talk about languages. Fiber is an international platform and marketplace, so there's many different countries, you know, that use fiber. There's many nationalities. There's many people who speak different languages. So if you are fortunate enough to know another language definitely added on their you know , there's maybe some people that, you know, it might just make it more comfortable making an easier experience if you put another language that you might speak. And I guess they said you can only make up four selections. Eso I mean, that's great. If you speak more than four, I mean amazing. But, you know, probably you might speak, um, one or two languages, so definitely add what you speak on there and then fiber recently launched this new thing, which is taking a test. So if you want to kind of, um you know, earn more trust with your buyer base, you need to make sure that it shows that you're competent or the job. So what you can do is you can take a test which fiber has put together, and I'll just click on one of these to begin with. So, social media marketing. So right here, it's a little test that you take. Apparently, it's 40 multiple choice questions. 40 minutes and after. If you pass, I think they give you a little check, Mark. But that is how you take a test. And the more tests you take, it will show, like, you know, you're credible to talk on this man like on this subject. And the last two or three things that we're gonna cover here is your linking your social media accounts. Um, I guess it triggered to do that. And then the second thing is your skills. And the third thing is your education. If, um, and I think I forgot certification. So you're linking your social media accounts is super super key because you want your account toe Look, Riel wanted to look like a real person, and you don't want it to look just like another, you know, because there are some fake profiles and stuff like that. So, again, that's why I push you guys. Like I'm telling you, put as much information as you possibly have. You don't have these platforms get on them. No, It'll even help you just look better on Google for your personal brand. So Facebook Google linked and just you can click on them and it will take you to the link. So right now, Boom. There it is. And the last three things I know I said three before, but the last three things here is adding your skills. So if you think that you are, um e mean if you know that you're good at some things like marketing or social media marketing, Um, Facebook. You can add all the things that you think you can do and what this does is this really goes hand in hand with the gigs that you're offering? It shows people hate. All right, this guy might be good at marketing or lead generation, and you want to add as much niche detail as you want a Z can. Um, you know, because, like, for example, I'll show you guys how to do it. So content rating. So let me just say content rating, You know, we do things like write email campaigns for people. I want to add that as a skill. And then the last two things really here is you want If you have any form of, like, a background in education or some kind of formal education, you want to add it here and this could help. Um, no big deal if you want to leave that empty. And then the last part, which is what I really, really like is the certification. And I'm gonna show you guys later in the course on how you can get free certifications through things like Google and Facebook. Um, but a few to just name them right off the bat is going online and getting a Facebook blueprint certification. If you're in the marketing space, it's a free certification that all these huge companies offer and what it is is you get. It's a test, and then you kind of get a badge that you can kind of wave around, and it's really cool, because many people that have these services will not have these certifications um, you know, I myself just have not added these yet. Um, but definitely do it. It's free. There is literally no excuse. So, guys, that is how you optimize your fiber profile to get started. 5. How to Develop Your Skillset to Increase Your Value Level: Hey, guys. So we're gonna take a little bit of a breather from the original, Just a fiber stuff. And I want to talk to you about one thing that really has helped me in all manners of my life. And that is understanding. Personal value level or PV el for short. So our personal value level is for us to get anything that we want in our lives, you know? So right now I'm writing growth up here, so, yes, I'm forgive me for my horrible handwriting, but let's say that this is growth, right? This is if you want to make more money or if you want you hit your goals or do everything that you want cause if you're watching this, um, you probably want to, you know, um, start a business, make more money, and, you know, just improved the quality of your life. So when you know when we see, growth is on this side of the chart, and this is the personal value level chart, all right? And these are our efforts, so I hope this makes a little bit of sense. But what I'm looking Teoh kind of get out of here is so for us to get the results that we want. So this can be the Dolo raise or dollars, as people call it this convey be the car. I'm just going to write car or whatever the goal that is that you have, which I'm just gonna classify that as group and what really happens here is as we increase our efforts as long as our efforts are, you know, the right efforts and their constant with these two symbols here. So as long as our efforts are the right efforts, so they're effective and they're also efficient, right? As we increase our efforts, so will our growth, you know, And for us to cross each chasm, you know. And if you haven't read the book crossing the chasm, it's a good book, and what it is is for us to reach this new level of ourselves consistently, we need to increase our personal value level, right. So, you know, if you are right here on the chart for you to get to here, you know, the the actions that you took to get you from here to here will not just be enough to get you from here to here, Right? And then if you're really, really good at what you do, you know, I'm just going to change the color here for demonstration purposes. Great. Some people, you know, they have exponential broke, right? So this is linear growth, and this is exponential growth. So when we choose the right efforts and the right activities, you know, we will consistently grow and, you know, and there's and then there's people that choose even better solutions, and then they just explode. But then most times in life, many people that don't grow what happens is they peak, right? So they have this job and, you know, they have whatever it is that they think that's all they're going to get, you know. So over time what happens is their personal value level decreases, so they get unhealthy or they stop learning. They think they know everything. Um, and usually that happens in, you know, the older generation, right? Mainly because of things like complacency. So the point of this lesson is to always be, You know, um, always be committed to growing yourself and increasing your personal value level. Right? So your personal value level increases along with your efforts as long as there are the right efforts and their efficient so that you're consistently shooting and you're consistently making the right choices. Great. So what is that? What does that look like? All right, what is what is, um what are the activities that could increase your personal value level? So the activities that could increase your personal value level can be things as simple As , for example, if you are in business right on. And in this case, you know, for fiver, right, No value. The efforts which are right, can always be like creating new eggs, right? Responding you You're messages, right? And there's always all these things, little things that we can do. And you know what really stops us from doing All of this is ourself, and, you know, just generically not compared to fiber. If you increase your networking skills, if you increase your, um, certifications or things that you've learned, you know, those are all things which will increase your personal value level. And I know this isn't like part wasn't supposed to be part of the course, but I really felt like, you know, as we do these activities like network meet new people that the right people that are doing what it is that we already want. You know, we're gonna see our personal value level increase. So personal value level is two things. One, it can be for you alone. This is you right here. This could be to your circle right there. And this could be to the world. So as you start increasing your value just radiates through all these three different networks. So the sooner you learn that, guys, you know, that is how you start making more money. And if you see any person was really, really successful, um they learn to increase their personal value level. So that's like a quick little, uh, you know, breather for you. I hope this was really helpful understanding. This has really helped me. Guys will be always committed to increasing your personal value level and determine what are the things which increase your personal value level to you, your circle, which is your friends and family and to the world 6. How to Figure out what Services to Offers: Alright, guys. So now we have covered basically, how do you how you get started and how you set up your profile and out fiber works and all that good stuff. But now you're probably thinking what nervous is Do I actually sell on fiber? And, you know, I'll tell you, there's three things. Really, guys. And the first thing is, you know, now you just saw me, like, great. My first gig. I'm gonna have a more extensive video, which I'll show you how to go through the whole process on how to set up a fiber gig. But the point of this part of the course is to kind of help you pick what service toe offer . Right. So the three things that I'll tell you is one is you know, what is your past experience? So, have you done something like, are you in the marketing space, or are you in the graphic design space? What are the skills that you already know? So, for example, like if you're good at photo shop or you're good at, um, writing something right, which is basically my area of expertise, Um, you know, you can always go off your past experiences, and you can always link it up in your profile, you know? So your past experiences or maybe even your credentials. So you went to school for something so you might have gone to school for, um I mean, I'm just going to stick to the marketing and the graphic design component example. So, you know, you could say, like, I will create your marketing plan for you or I will create a logo for you. That's what you're into. And also, you know, if you're watching this, you know, you're probably into personal development and you're into the courses and your intel learning. So maybe, you know, are there any new skills that you picked up? So you know a great place to start, which is what I'm gonna dive into next is YouTube, right? So have you. You could just go on YouTube and learn a new skill. So how to create YouTube, thumbnails or anything that you could possibly think of, and a great way to do it is honestly, just go here and look at all these categories. There's so much like you can even do random things like online lessons or arts and crafts or relationship advice. Whatever you think that you, um, have past experience in or there's some new skills that you've learned, that's a great way to go about it. And the next thing is, this is super key and it's super simple. And the and the thing is, it's spot taking free certification courses so you can take free certification courses like right here. Like Google is showing me, Um, and maybe you're getting an M B A certification, which is you can get it for free or a job or marketing. So, for example, if you're in the late development and coding and all that, you can take pre certification courses in just about anything you think of. But I'm gonna show you three things that, um, most mark if you're in the marketing space, you're gonna wanna learn and even just like guys learning how to be, um, you know, like efficient in your social media practices is a huge skillets. You know, you can get tons of business from just doing this. Facebook has a certification called Facebook Blueprint. It's free. And if you just Google this, you'll see this. You just click on it and you can sign up. You, um basically learn how to run ads, learn out of post properly, and you can even have the Facebook gives you badges. Eso carrying stuff like this is super important because it number wanted. Just adds to your credibility like I've showed you in the certification part of in your profile. So one example is the Facebook blueprint, and you can just do that by googling Facebook. Blueprint. Second resource is Google Academy for ads, which is Google's training program on running things like Google AdWords, which has paid advertising. And this is the three examples that I'm showing in here. They're all free. All you need to do is just go on Google, search for them, and you get certified. They teach you everything that you possibly will. Not everything, but I mean, they teach you what you need to know where the certification and how these certifications work is. You first go through the training. Next, do you go through? Um, you know, taking a test. And if you pass it, you are certified and the last You know, there's many things like this, but, you know, if you just want to start with Facebook ads Certification academy for ads on Google and HOB Spot has the certification course called Inbound or free inbound certification course. And what? This is it? It helps you, you know, learned the sales process, attracting leads, engaging prospects. And if you are looking to build your business, you know, taking learning from people that I've already done it. Um, you know, it seems like common sense, but in we don't really dio everything that we know we're supposed to do. So Hub Spot has this other one as well. So starting there, taking a few certification courses. I mean, they're free. All you need to do is just sit down, sit in a chair and actually do it. So starting with, you know, if you want to know what it is that you actually want to offer on Viber a look at your past experience, any training or education that you might have on a certain area or to learn something new takes certification courses on just about anything you want. You know, even if you want to take like graphic design certification courses, there is free you Demi courses on how you can do that. Go on Google and search for anything that really is of interest to you. So that is a good tip on how you can get started with learning new skills getting certified in them so that you can offer them as a service on fiber. 7. Two Types of Business Models on Fiverr: so as you grow your fiber business now that you know how to get started, I wanted to show and cover two different basic business models that most sellers and most fiber businesses use. So when you're starting, there's a great chance that you probably are starting with the end house model and what the in house model is. Basically, you get orders through fiber and let's say this is your customer or the order, and this is just a traffic that you're getting, which is people looking at your gig. And then people that are placing your order are right here, and I know that's not the best. Um, it's not the best, you know, picture whatever to draw. But I want to explain the point here. And this is you right here, right? Whatever your name is Joe, Susie, Whatever. So you, when you get this order, your reading, their requirements and then you are doing the work all by yourself right here, probably with the laptop or whatever in your house. So hence the name in house and what you're doing is you're handling all the back and forth with your customer, making sure that they like it. And when the final product is ready, like you know your perfect final product, you're delivering it. So this is cool. What happens is when you are the engine for your business, Um, you can't handle as much stuff. You know, Imagine if you know if you imagine if you got 10 orders a day or 20 orders a day, how would you handle this? And there's people that make, like, $200,000 a year on fiber, and you've probably wondered this. So how does one person handle all of it? Well, for the most part, most people don't they delegate. So the model here that I'm talking about, which is the outsource model, involves you building your own team. So nothing changes beside the fact that you get orders right here. Let's just say you get to this time, right, and you get a bunch more people seeing your gig because you're really good and people are starting to leave five star reviews. So to handle all of this, what you would have to do is this is you right here instead of you sitting at home on your laptop, doing all these works and basically juggling because that's what you're doing at this point . And there's this thing called critical mass on any platform or anything. If you just type in critical mass on Google, you'll understand what it is. And it's basically once the pendulum swings, you know you're gonna start. Just keep getting tons of orders if you're already getting a good amount of orders or if you're seeing an increase. So to handle this, what you want to do is go from in house to outsource and what that is is instead of you handling all the orders yourself, you would build your own little army of people who have the skill set to deliver to your customers. So now you're probably thinking, well, that cuts into my profits, and you know, how am I gonna make this work? Well, there's two ways. So if you go on this website called talent dot hub staff, you can find freelancers from all around the world that are looking for work, and you can hire them for pretty cheap. So let's say that your fiber businesses about graphic design so right here I'm gonna show you people that are looking for work in the graphic design space. So this person, which is Cyril, um, from the Philippines works for $3 an hour, and he knows all these things. Photo shop, adobe light room, Adobe premiere after effects and he seems to know a good amount. So what you would do is you would post the job, and you could invite Cyril to your job to apply, and you can communicate. So the place you can do this for free is talent dot hub staff. And also the other option that you have is you can simply just make another fibre account, and you can, you know, reach out to be would be like a I plan on bringing you a lot of work. Can you work out some kind of discount for me and you guys can get creative on? How are you going to do that? But do keep in mind, fiber doesn't like people to interact or even change information where you can communicate outside of their platform. So things like asking people for their email or phone number doesn't work. But you could try toe, you know, ask for their social media. They have That s o the first way is, of course, let me just change the thing years. The first thing if you want to deal with increasing demand in your business, is a build your team so you can build your team locally if you want. Um, the problem with that is hiring people in the United States can be very expensive. But, you know, if your product is about like, ah, higher ticket, you know you can't afford to do that so you can do that one. That is how you build a team. But if you don't want to go through all of this, the really kind of common sense way to deal with this, which a lot of people don't practice, and I mean, instead, they just kind of suck it up and put more hours. And but, you know, it's really not practical because it's a treadmill that you can't really get off. And the second way you can do this is, um, increasing your prices. So how much you charge your customers so you can increase your gig price. So what that's going to do is yes, you will not get a ZMA. Any orders is when you were selling things for $5. Um, but, you know, selling stuff for $5 like custom work is a pretty, um, thin margin business. And you might just make, like, minimum wage, depending on how much time you spend per year. Your gig, which totally depends, cause I'm sure one person Inglis One person listening to this has a totally different idea or a gig than someone else. So you know you can increase the price. If you're selling something for five, you can increase it to 10. And as you see, like people on fiber, as they get better and better, they will increase their price, which what? Used to be 5 to 20 and then, you know, they keep increasing it. You're 50. And then, you know, sometimes they stopped getting orders because what people used to expect for $5 now you're charging 50. So what they end up doing is they end up decreasing their price so they don't go all the way back to five. But they find some part off the price chart, which works better for them. So, guys, those were the two ways that as you start growing your fiber business, those air to business models, which one you probably have adopted in the outsource model, which you can look into so and these air two ways that you can deal with. You know, your fiber business growing rapidly and this is a great problem toe have. You know, most people they want these kinds of problems, so there's good problems and bad problems. These are good problems. 8. How to Make Your Fiverr Business More Efficient: so part of having a really powerful fiber businesses learning how you can make your processes more efficient. So basically, what does that mean? So, in order to, you know, get more time back and serve your customers better, you need to understand how can that you make it more efficient? So the one place to start is, of course, use your description. Um, but I mean, that's kind of common, and you you probably know that. But another thing that I really wanted to point out which a lot of fiber sellers mrs learning how to use frequently asked questions. And I myself have not really I have one epic you, which is not good. But one thing that you know I need to get around to doing and you guys could totally do is start adding a ton of frequently asked questions. So when you post your gig, you're probably going to get bunch of messages on different questions on it. What people are gonna happen is usually going to be the same type of messages or same type of questions that they have. So if you're smart, what you can do is you can write down the first. You know, like top 10 questions that people have and you can add in f e que So, for example, is like, do you speak in English? Well, so you ca nbae sickly? Type that out. I'm not gonna do it right now because, you know, I need to think through what I'm gonna write on here, and you can add your answer. So how that looks on the gig side as a buyer just gonna preview this gig. And if they scroll to the bottom, they can look at the question and they can click for the answer. So there you go. They get their answer. And as many FAA Hughes's you have it honestly could even help you toward your ASIO or getting found on fiber. So frequently asked questions are a great way to get started. And also another thing which you can do, which I'm not sure. Um, you know, I can show you right now because I don't really have an active gig. I've already delivered all of them. The second way you can do it is learning how to use requirements. So on the second, you know im the fourth page here in your gig. Once you publish it or when you're publishing it, you're gonna be seeing this thing called requirements to in requirements. What you want to do is you want to ask for everything that you need to know. So if you're designing a business card, you're gonna be like, what is the number you would like on your card or what is the, um, you know, like, what kind of color is do you like, or any kind of questions that you have? You want to drop them right here because when they place their order and they complete it, you're going to get all the answers to this on your back and on your dashboard in your messages, in your orders. And then the third really smart way, which I would recommend, is learning how to use Gig. Pdf's. So Gig Pdf's can be a great way for you to show off your portfolio. So since we're talking about the example on business cards, one way you can do it is you can create a pdf on can va on, you know, like how to now how to. Maybe you could just be a portfolio of like these air the past business cards that I have done. So instead of people sending you messages Oh, can I see your past work? They could just squirrel through your Pete like your gig. Pdf's and an example of that, I'm just going to show you is I have a pdf on this one, since it is my best selling gig. So as a squirrel, you're only allowed to have three pictures on fiber. Um, but let's see. Okay, so right here, this is my pdf. And as you squirrel through here, you can see I have included tons of different visuals and even, like a easy to look at way of what kind of data is included. So that, and also the last way that I really found is learning how to use gig videos. So Gig videos is you can make a video really quick on what it is that you're selling. Honestly, it does increase your engagement by a ton, and I have a ton of gig videos that I have coming out. So, using video, using those requirements epic use, there's tons of way fiber did a really great job of understanding how to make it more efficient for you as a seller, So those are a few ideas on how you can make it. How you how you can make your fiber business more efficient. But one more tip guys is also in your orders or your gigs. You can save certain links like if you're selling a digital product. I have a template of messages that you know. So if it's like a delivery, I just click delivery and it pre loads a template of like a thank you for your order. Um, here is your link to your work or something like that. So using templates is your last tip on how you can make your fiber business a little bit more efficient and a little bit more streamlined. 9. How to Make Passive Income on Fiverr: Alright, guys. So now that we covered the two different business models that you can choose to adopt in the last course or last video, I'm going to show you another way that you can kind of create a scalable business which really doesn't require you to be stressed out with so many orders and too much work, and that does sound like a good problem. But sometimes if you are on a tight schedule and you have a lot of things going on, it might not work for you. But one way that could work for a lot of people is learning how to sell digital products on fiber. And that is what I do. In my case, I have a few different gigs which do pretty well, one mainly, which really crushes it. And it's this one. So this one is basically I will provide a 1,000,000 targeted USA business owners, emails and phone numbers. So this is a database of businesses all across the country, and this is all the information that the gig buyers get, and this could be incredibly valuable for someone. And I use this because, um, you know, this is something that I understand I'm in the sales space and, you know, building my other building, the company merchant dot com. We use this database. So what I do is I also offer this as a gig and what digital products are. It's basically one product or file or something which can be downloaded like hundreds, if not thousands of times. And every time someone buys it, you they get the same file. So you're not really selling a custom service. You're selling a digital product, so in this case, people are buying a database. So if you want to learn about how you can basically learn more about digital products, you can check out the etc course that I have how to build digital products with, etc. Um, that's also agreed business in and in itself. But as far as fiber goes, this is. That's how you want to do it because you want to sell digital products on fiber and you can create your own products. You can brainstorm. It could be things like templates, databases, e books, WordPress themes, which is the next one that I have. And this this is giggles. I will provide 600 ready to install WordPress templates. This could be really useful for people who build websites, people who are trying to get their own website up, you know? So what happens is when they order this, you know, they get 600 wordpress themes and how I do Basically, how I offered these services is I upload the product or filed to Google Drive, and then when they order it, I just said, Hey, thanks for your order. And then I send them the Google Drive link. So, you know, I'm just giving you a few ideas here. I don't want to turn this into how to start your own digital products business course, but this is just another smart, great way that you can do it. This is another example. I will provide you 250,000 e books articles, quotes Andi. As you can see, you can offer different levels. So right here you can see that I'm offering for $5 a tonne of articles and then 150 books. And then on this one same thing, they get a ton of articles just like the first package, 150 e books and then another 2000 more E books for 10 bucks and for $15 you know, 300,000 articles, e books and 4000 e books and quotes this time. So as you can see digital products, you need to have make sure that the value that are in these products are immense. And I've tried to design all my gigs in that way where it's a no brainer by, you know, because most people that go on fire er are looking for a service. But if you can capture them, you know, creates a interest with the digital product that you're selling. This convey a great, small little way to add to your income without having to hire more people or just stress yourself out with so much work. So I hope this give you some ideas, and this part is on how you can sell digital products on fiber 10. How to Get Promoted on Fiverr: Hey, guys. So this is the last last of the course for now. And the one thing I wanted to explain to you before I get out of here is learning how to use and how to get promoted in the cellar levels of fiber. But this could be a incredibly powerful tool. This is almost kind of, like, fibres way of, um of like, how instagram does the little check marker Facebook Does the little check mark for verification? This could be your way of kind of earning that cool check mark on your fiber profiles. So, for example, when I go to, I'm just going to show you. So fiber has this system called seller levels and what it is is when you start, you basically don't have any level. You just says no level and you're a beginner. And then as you work your way and you meet certain requirements like these, you get to this place called level one, and level one is yours. Just kind of like your path. You get a badge. That's his level one. It shows up on your profile and these air some requirements, how you confined these is for you is You just go on, fiber. You log in and of course, you go under analytics. Um, and you can see right here. Um, for me to stay as a level one seller, these air the requirements that I need to have the things like response rates. So responding to 90% of my enquiries in the last 30 days, so make sure you get back to everybody, even if it's like, I can help you with this or order completion rates. So, out of the 100 people that order, how many of people's orders am I actually delivering on time delivery? So we have a 96% on time delivery rate and then a rating, so all right here and also to go from no cellar toe level one, you need to have a certain amount of revenue in your account. And for me to go from level one to level two and level two top rated, You know, it is a little bit of a stretch, but here, you know, I need to make $2000 I think I qualify for pretty much everything else. Um, so I'm really working my way toward there. Um and, you know, like fibres for me is something that is part time. I have a team that handles this, but, you know, I wanted to quickly make course because I think it's a great way for many people. You get started making some money online and kind of learning how to be an entrepreneur and actually doing it. So this could be a great way, you know, your cellar levels or key. And I'm gonna show you now, um, how important these could be. So let's say let's go under digital marketing, since I am the most familiar with that. So email marketing. So right here you can see right here. So as you're looking through gigs as a buyer, what you're going to see is some sellers have this thing called top rated seller. And what that says right here is when someone schools by, that's is vetted by fiber and completed at least 100 orders on time with the minimum 4.8 rating. So what that does is it adds mad social proof to your profile and, you know, you get this cool little badge and you know this person's crushing it right here from Canada. Um, Amy, Ample. So, you know, do a good job. And, you know, look at how great profiles look, you know, And if you take tests, you get this little check Mark, You know, um, but learning how to work your way through the cellar level systems can be really, really hopeful. 11. Your Turn: All right, guys will thank you so much for joining this course. And I really hope this was useful. And before we really parted ways are, you know, hopefully I see who can. Soon I wanted to drop a few is that we can connect. And I would love to hear about how you thought about, um, how you thought on how I did on this course. And if there's any questions or comments or critiques or compliments, feel free to connect with me on Instagram. I'm at ya Swan New Cassani and I've put it on the screen because I know that's hard to spell. And here's my email if you have any questions or you know just any ideas or you just want to say hi, feel free to send me an email on before we head out not to really make this a commercial, but for those of you who do not know what I do, I actually run this company called merchant dot com. And what we do is we print T shirts for a lot of different businesses and clients all across the country, including, you know, churches, including restaurants, consumer packaged goods, brand software, companies, and that is my main business. All these other little things that I'm doing on the side is something to fuel my entrepreneurial spirit. And this is just something that I enjoy doing. And I do this for fun, but if you guys were curious, this is what I do mainly, this is my main, um, full time thing that I to so again what that said, Well, thank you. And I just wanted to quickly show what I did. Um, if you guys were curious about that, but anyway, I hope to see you again soon if you liked it. You know, I don't really want to ask you to do anything, but if you thought the course was useful, feel free to leave a review, and that would really help us out. You know, because we do want to share this information and help people change their lives through many of the opportunities that's out there. So go create your abundance