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How to Reach Your Goals and Dreams! The 7 Secrets Steps

teacher avatar Christian Figueroa, Achieve Life Transformation

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to The Class!


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      3 Facts About Achievers


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      The 7 Secret Steps Welcome!


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      The First Secret!


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      The Second Secret!


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      The Third Secret!


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      The Fourth Secret!


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      The Fifth Secret!


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      The Six Secret!


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      The Seven Secret!


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About This Class


This class will help you and show you How to Reach Your Goals and Dreams!

  • You’ll learn how the seven steps to achieve your dreams.
  • The reason to write your goals, and how to achieve them.
  • Tips on embracing failure.
  • How to have a goal setting mindset
  • The 7 Secret Steps!
  • And More

Hope you enjoy this class!

Thank You!

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Christian Figueroa

Achieve Life Transformation


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1. Welcome to The Class!: welcome to the class and how to reach your goals and dreams. The seven secret steps. Welcome to this class. Everyone frames but achieving dreams. That's another story in this class. You will learn how the seven steps to achieve your dreams, the reason to write your goals and how to achieve them. Tips on embracing, failure, how to have a goal setting mindset and more start today. 2. 3 Facts About Achievers: Welcome to this video. Here's three facts about achievers. Number one is know how to set goals. The first step to achieve anything you want in life is to know how to set it. Set goals is a first step to achieve anything you desire or want. Number two is know how to make their goals happen. People that are achievers, they know how to make their goals happen. They know what to do, what steps to take and step number three or fact is, know how to follow through. You don't follow through on those goals. Achievers know what to do, what to do next, what to do. It's five step from now, and they know how to follow through on that which they want. So those are the three facts about achievers. 3. The 7 Secret Steps Welcome!: here are in the seven secret steps. Hope you enjoy them. 4. The First Secret!: welcome to Secret Number one Secret Number one and write it down Fun fact on 30% of the population have their goals written on Lee, 3% from 95%. Actually, 96% of the religion don't have the goals written. So why I write your goals? Because by writing your goals, you're getting committed to actually achieve them actually committed to achieve with that which what you want. If you're washing this class, you're telling yourself, You know what? I want to achieve my goals. I want to learn how to achieve them. The reason for it is because it takes your goals for a new level. When you write them pickles, you're telling yourself, You know what, Piers? What I want to achieve. Here's what I want from life and actually write them them. That's there. That's the reason. And Secret Number one. It's actually write those goals right? That which you want writing them family some of the ideas to recognize opportunities to help you achieve them. Let's say you're a movie writer and you want to write a movie script. Let's say that you're in a coffee shop and you meet someone that it's actually moved. Producer or not, a movie producer itself, but someone that works in the film industry, Daddy's opportunity that will help you achieve your goals. But it will not be easy. You have to take action ing. You have to continue to do award for that which we you, which you want. So that is a secret number one, which is Write it down. The assignment from Secret Number One is to start writing those things which you want. 5. The Second Secret!: welcome to Secret Number two, their road to your goals. So stay on course on the way to your goals. And I'll explain why in a moment. Sometimes you get away from them because things happen in life. We cannot lose focus. It may take some time, but it's not about the go itself. It's also about it, about the destination. Sometimes we want the goal. We've done something sew so fast, and we're like, I want that now. But it's not about that. It's about, you know, state on focus on what you want, but also stay on the track. You know, here's what I want. Here's I'm gonna pat walked towards it, you know, followed through the road and say, You know what? How can I grow us a person? But also by reaching my goal fast. So when you have that goal, remember, Is the road to your goals. It's about growing on the way. It's about seeing you know what. Here's what I wanted. Hey, look about, you know, here's here's what I went through. Here's how I grow And yes, so the road to your goals does the secret number two. Because by growing it also helps you achieve your goal, but it also helps you grow itself. So thank you for watching Secret number two. 6. The Third Secret!: Secret number three daily goals to eat your outcome. So the on commence division for what you want to achieve, do something every day that moves you forward. Step forward in the right direction, this one doing something consistently every day so you can reach it faster. Also, you can remember that someone may achieve what you want, so contract is by having a daily performance notebook. So the outcome is what you want, right? It's a goal is a dream. But every day you have to do something. And by doing something you can write in a notebook. For example, today I will do Number A. We're gonna do that day number beat number sweet. And by doing those three things or four or five, it depends on what in your go itself. So you're gonna move forward? Let's go back to the example of the script. So, to my goal, is to finish up 200 page script. Let's say so. Day number one to write five pages and number beaten. No reason. Number 22 on. Fine. Ah, film producer. That's, Ah, step you can do it depends on your gold, but that's an example itself. So you can track this it by having a daily performance notebook and my having a daily before me. No, but you can right the goal for that day, like the outcome for that day that will move you forward, you know, to the right direction. That's your goal or your dream. So that is a secret number three daily goals to reach the outcome and daily. No performance to reach your goal. So thank you for watching Secret number three. 7. The Fourth Secret!: Welcome to this video. Your secret number four. Use failure as your friend. Failure means that you're close, which even that which you want every me singing encounter. It's a lesson you can use to continue to fight for your goals. Failure Tell view that the way you're doing things have another approach that will help you , girl and move you forward. Also fill your health. You adapting to new things new ways and help you continue. New helps you continue in to persevere. So failure is a tool that a person can use to know that when things happen when you feel that you fail, that is close to your to your advantage that put you forward, that's that is a tour that you can use to know. You know what? I am close. I'm closer than and think And East failure This failure that I that has happened right now I use it to look toe another way that I could do this, that I can help me grow on that I can help from the also move forward. So use failure to, you know, ask your friend failure will help you and you will teach you to adapt to new things. It will adapt. It will help you to try new ways. It will help you continue toe persevere, so use failure as your friend and failure is a tool that we can use to continue to move forward. 8. The Fifth Secret!: number five Stop doubting you can be motivated and you just are saying What is the use? I tried and nothing happened. No, this will bring you more doubt. More worry, More ways of not continuing. You never know that you're so close to heave your goals and dreams. It's to say no, I can I will Is actually when something stop you from taking action to see what it is and say no more. Remember that we are the control. We control thoughts. We control the meaning that we relate things. We are meaning that we do to something happening. This what we we create that we career that meaning we could read what it's going to mean to us if I say this what happening right now to me as saying You know what's stopping me and you know no more? No. I have to change my man inside and say, You know what I used to. I used this to my advantage. I used to move me forward. Remember, when you stop taking action that you're not gonna to seat and you're gonna, you know, follow through on your goals and dreams. So say I can I will 9. The Six Secret!: secret number six. What happens next? Things happen in life. Sometimes you achieve those goals in your life is what's next. What am I going to do now? So always have more than one goal. Always seek a more by seeking more. You become a new person. So this means that when I achieve something, I'm gonna have another goal that I'm going to do. I'm gonna have something nails. Like I said it in secret number seven, you're gonna see what I mean. But Secret number six um have another goal. Have something sick, Something that will move you forward also in different areas. So, you know don't have Onley one goal. Have more than one goal a five Google and 10 year uncle. And that's something that people know. But it's something that you have to do is do right. Your goal. So that is secret number six Always seek more always. What happened next? What happened next When you achieve that goal? What happened next? If I If something happens, you know? Have ah what happened next? You know mine. So thank you for Washington Secret number six 10. The Seven Secret!: step Number seven Frida Gold Setting mindset. Always read your goals. Always have goals from different areas of your life. Always, Sycamore. This will help you to become their best self. The secrets will help you achieve your goals. But, Frieda Gold setting mindset by using the secret. This means that you know what? I can create it, and I go mindset. This means that I'm gonna create goals for my for other areas of my life. Like health or spiritual goals. It depends or money, mindset, goals. You just get goals for all areas of your life, for example, for my health to be 6% body fat by December 31 2016. That's an example, of course, but this will help me to have a goal setting mindset and work on your goals every day. Like I said, have a notebook and you can write What? What are those goals? And by also, when you write those goals, you couldn't say, Hey, I have other goals from other areas also, and this will keep you more moving forward by having goals for different areas. So thank you for wanting secret number seven 11. Conclusion: product. But use this seven secrets to help you achieve your goals or dreams and tell me in the Commons below from two weeks or a depends off, obviously under court from your goal. But let me know. What what secret do you use to achieve your goals? So I hope you like this class. And I hope that you take something valuable from its class. They're more class in Mike course in my profile. And I'm thank you for watching so much discourse and I will see you in the next one.