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How to Reach Potential Customers on Instagram 2018

teacher avatar Diana Muñoz, Official Canva Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Skills Required To Have A Successful Instagram Account

    • 2. Why Your Instagram Aesthetic Is Important & What Makes A Feed Standout From The Crowd

    • 3. How To Create High Engaging Content for Instagram

    • 4. The Process Of Taking Great Photos For Instagram

    • 5. How to contact potential customers on Instagram

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About This Class


✔ Skills Required To Have A Successful Instagram Account

✔ Why Your Instagram Aesthetic Is Important And What Makes A Feed Standout From The Crowd

✔ How To Create High Engaging Content For Instagram

✔ The Process Of Taking Great Photos For Instagram

✔ How To Contact Potential Customers On Instagram

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Diana Muñoz

Official Canva Expert


Hola, soy instructora online. 

Enseño tips y trucos prácticos para que emprendedores, freelancers y dueños de negocios aprendan a manejar Instagram de una forma profesional y a crear contenido de alta calidad con Canva que les ayude a elevar la imagen de sus negocios!


Tengo aproximadamente 10 años de experiencia en el mundo del marketing digital trabajando con varias empresas en Latinoamérica, Europa, Asia y Oceanía.

Desde hace casi 5 años he estado viajando alrededor del mundo con una organización sin ánimo de lucro siguiendo mi pasión de ayudar a emprendedores sociales con su comunicación digital. Ahí ví... See full profile

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1. Skills Required To Have A Successful Instagram Account : Hello, everyone, and welcome to this car's on how to make your brand new professional to reach potential customers on Instagram. I wonder how many off you know that your competitors their own instagram getting all your potential canyons attention and that your meeting on a huge opportunity to open your market . There are 25 million business profiles using Instagram war oil, the vast majority which are small businesses in fact, 80% off the Instagram users for your business, while 200 million instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day. As a result, the instrument communities helping small businesses grow in a big way. This is why your business should be on Instagram and let me explain how this cars will help here which your goals On this first lesson we go through the skills required to have a successful INSTAGRAM account. Then we'll explain why your instagram aesthetic is so important to attract potential customers and what makes a feat stand out from the crowd? In the third lesson, we'll explain what the successful accounts are posting and why discounting is effective. We'll walk you through the process of taking great photos, anything and how to put them on your phone so you can upload them to your account. Having a note standing feet doesn't guarantee that your potential customers will automatically come to you. So on the last lesson, you learn how to be visible to your target, how to create high quality content, how to get you know your audience and how to start interacting to catch their attention. Let's start with lesson one time before talking about the skills you will need. I want to make a point here working on your INSTAGRAM account. Is I working on the landing page, a page where people will go to learn more about your brand. Therefore, your instagram isn't just an account on the social platform. You should take this as a branding project, and for this project to succeed like any other project, you'll need to invest a lot of your time in it. It is impossible to predict how long it will take you to get noticed on Instagram. Take into consideration that gain in an instagram reputation will take you a couple of months or more than a year and 1/2. It will depend on the consistency and quality of your content, but also the effort you put to engage with your audience. As you see, this will require a lot of time, so try to locate a couple of hours daily into this skills. Creating a successful account is not for everyone. For this, you will need to very important soft skills, patience and endurance On the technical side you need. You should love photography or be eager to learn. You'll need a decent level off written English skills. A huge part of the Instagram game is going to be written interaction and finally know how to sell when the time is right. Brown personality work on your brand personality before start creating any post. In order to get to know your brand personality, you need to answer the following questions. What are you patient it about? What cost truly resonates with you? What are your values? What are the benefits your project or business brings to society? What do you want people to feel when they think about your brand? Once you have the answer to all these questions, it will be easier to start thinking on the kind of content you should deliver and you're freed aesthetic. Instagram users are really people and they subconsciously are trying to connect with other people's values and emotions. So being riel and the unique people naturally will react to the passion you put on your posts. 2. Why Your Instagram Aesthetic Is Important & What Makes A Feed Standout From The Crowd: is the room is all about the aesthetic, but you might be wondering, Why is it so important for my business? Well, nowadays, more and more people are looking for a business on instagram, as they will do on Google, and your instagram account will form their first impression about your company. Your feet might be one of the reasons why people take your brown seriously or not. By having an outstanding INSTAGRAM aesthetic, you'll be able to make people feel you can provide a professional service and high quality products. Listen to why your instagram aesthetic is important and what makes a fit stand out from the crowd. Now that we know the importance of having a stunning fit, let's talk about the three key elements that will make your instagram feed stand out from the crowd First. Carter Theme. It is important that you have a consistent color theme for your feet. This means that all the colors on your feet seamlessly go together. You can decide these by thinking about the feel you want to transmit to people when they come to your feet. If you want to express that your brand is more minimalistic and sophisticated you can go for a white and light color theme if you're brown personalities more mysterious, an elegant, a modest that you can work. Or if you want to attract a young audience, a very colorful and bright feet might work best for you. Also, an easy way to create your own color theme is to choose one or two filters that conveyor feeling and use only those filters on your forests. Professional photography by professional. I don't mean you need to hire an expensive for to refer or by the latest camera. By professional, I mean putting more time f for an attention when taking your photos. You wouldn't like that. Your potential customers get the idea that your product or service is low P and low quality because all they see on your feet are irrelevant and I'm a terrorist. Pictures. In order for your forest to the professional, you have to plan the creation off your photos. That means putting effort to think about your brand personality, the message and the feelings you want to convey to your audience. Take the time to research what kind of colors and elements bring these feelings to the photo. Then bring those elements together and take a couple of hours for a small for a shoot space . This might be one of the hardest parts in achieving of gorgeous instagram aesthetic. The idea is to space out BC photos with more clean and minimal foreigners to achieve a good balance. Here are the most common great layouts that can help space your feet and make it look more consistent. Tile. This layout is very easy to create. You just need to share a photo, then a quote, then a photo and then a quote line by line with this thing, you can get very creative and tell the story line by line. They're gonna This one is one of my favorites with this kind of greet people want not is a pattern straightaway, and your feet will still look consistent and organized. 3. How To Create High Engaging Content for Instagram: many people on Instagram struggle to come up with ideas on what you post. The idea is to be consistent but no repetitive. So what should your post less on three. How to create high, engaging content in this lesson will analyze what successful accounts are posting and why dis continous effective A place to start is the research what other influencers are already doing and make a list off the type of content? They Sure I'm here in Instagram and I'm going to check the hashtag for treat. Now we're looking at all the forces that have to hush, like either in the caption or in the common section. I'm going to scroll down to discover what people are posting at the moment, and I'll stop once I see something that really stands out. Now I want to see their feet to see what's the company about. This feed is looking great. It has a great color theme. They have professional photos. It looks very tidy, and this side is very consistent. Now let's go back to the fur trade hashtag feet and let's check one of the four decides. Keep from what I can see here, these feet doesn't have a color theme thought is don't look so professional, and lastly, they're using many busy photos, one after the other. In other words, it looks very amateurish. If we analyze the feet off very successful accounts on Instagram, we'll find that all of them try to convey a silent, true, different kind of elements. Let's see, for example, threats off Purdue. They are a producer organisation in Peru that makes home dicker and accessories. I took this account as an example because I found it standing, and I want to analyze it with you to see what exactly they are posting and why that makes them stand out effectively. They're posting very professional foragers, and they're using a consistent color theme. If you see this account as a whole, it evokes a lifestyle. So how did they achieve this? By posting a variety of forms that evoke feelings When we are on the producer side, we have access to all the stories behind the products and automatically AmBev these emotions and faces to these items. But if a potential client sees afford off just a product, they won't be able to see the stories or emotions behind that's why we need to help them imagine where these products come from. The type of Fort of stress off Peru chose to tell their stories are plants local places like landscapes or city streets, style product photos either interior, the science or the product with models, Artisan Portrait's and the production process. 4. The Process Of Taking Great Photos For Instagram: first thing I want you to know is that this won't be an easy task. Photography isn't just nothing. A picture here under it requires effort, time and attention. Today I will show you how I take an idiot, my photos and explain how is keep some off the steps off the process to make my work flow faster. Lesson for the process of taking Great four's first thing I do is to think about what type of photos I want to take. I make a list off them, and if that day I'm not feeling creative enough to come up with ideas, I look for keywords or feelings on instagram or painters to get inspired. I at those for the ideas to my list our save the forest on my phone so I can go back to them during the shooting. I also make a list of the items I want to see my photos, so I make sure I have all of them for the shooting. An example of the items can be a computer, a pair of glasses, a book, etcetera. Then I said a day in a nice location to do a short for a shoot when they have everything ready. I take white angle photos to capture the scene, but also take various close ups to get the details. The close up photos with served to space out my feet and to communicate sensations and feelings. I take four days off the same seen from different angles to make sure I get as much content as possible that they I tried to do the photo shooting with my DSLR camera to make sure I have the best quality images I can get. But if you don't have a camera like this one, you can also use your smartphone. Here comes my tip to help shirt in your workflow. Nowadays, many cameras have a special feature, which allows you to transfer your four orders directly from the comer to your phone via WiFi. You might need to don't know Dan up to do this. This helps me avoid transferring the fights to my laptop, which takes a lot of time and to save even more time. I also stop everything my photos on my laptop and started everything directly on my phone with an app called Visco. Visco is a photography up where you can edit and add filters to your photos. Let's open the up and import all the photos you want to edit. I stick to the filters as to an s three because I like the clean look it gives to the photo . I do some tweaks here and there to make the formerly burger and then save it to my gallery . My photo is now in a folder called Visco, and it's ready to be shared. Then I upload all my edited photos to either plan early or later, so I can visualize How are they going to look all together in my feet? 5. How to contact potential customers on Instagram : having an outstanding INSTAGRAM fit doesn't guarantee that your potential customers will automatically come to you. For this to happen, you need to make a small extra effort, and this is what we're going to learn today. Lesson five. How to contact potential customers on Instagram You need to be visible to your target audience. The right hashtag or combination of hash tax will expose your brand too large and targeted audiences. Hashtags can be other to your post as captions or comments. Instagram Hashtags Categorize content. Put one on your photo or video, and anyone searching for these hashtag will find you. The hajj stocks you want to use will depend on what space your business operates in. For example, on aware account, you'll see hashtags like fair trade, ethical sustainability among many other similar ones. High quality content. The visual aspect on instagram is very important, but having ah, high quality capture is vital. Use the caption section to provide your followers with something they actually care about something that can improve their lives in some way. Know your target. You also need to understand your prospects. Customers what they need or may need, go to their feet and Redick options learned about their stories, their passions. What do they care about? What are they working at the moment? Do they already work with your competitors how to start interacting to catch their attention? Once you have a clear understanding on your target, find something valuable that you can offer them. Send them a message saying that you can help them with a or B and ask them to send you their email if they want to know more on how you can help them. When you send that, he will be sure you are providing what you initially offer them and make sure to attaching a subtle but clear way your cell speech.