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How to Play and Read Tab Music on the Ukulele

teacher avatar Aden Blake

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Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. How To Read Tab

    • 2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    • 3. Happy Birthday

    • 4. Row Row Row Your Boat

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About This Class

This class will help you learn how to read tablature (tab) music on the ukulele. You will learn how to play some very basic songs with the notes from a C Major Scale. 

Songs you will learn: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, Row Row Row Your Boat.

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Aden Blake


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1. How To Read Tab: So today we're going to go over how to read tab music until you If you're looking at the screen, you can see on the side over there that it says we've got a g c e in it. A And so if we remember the G, it's up here at the top G, then C e and A on. So it's actually really, really important to remember because it your g on your tab music is actually on the bottom , but protection on the top of your ukulele. So that's super important, remember, because a lot of times it could be really, really confusing at the beginning. So just remember, your G is on the bottom of your tab music, but the top of your ukulele. So anything that you're doing to the bottom right here, these bottom two is going to be at the top to anything that you're doing to the top on your tab is actually going to be on the bottom under ukulele. So I'm just gonna use an example on row row your boat. Um, you can see right here. The 1st 3 zeros are going to be on your C until it looks like it's on the bottom. But if you remember what I just said, it's actually gonna be right here on your third string. So it's gonna be 000 two. Okay? And so, top music, those numbers all they're telling you is what string to play on. And then what? Frat to put your finger in. Okay, so for the zeros, you basically display whatever string it's on. So, for instance, this case, it would be the see. Okay. And if you go right over here to this little section, it's gonna be on the e string. So all you do is play a zero on the east ring. Okay, But if it shows you what to do, you need to put your finger down on the sea string on the second fret So I would need to find my C string and count over to the second fret and and that's a no, I would play. So I'm just like that. Okay. And so over here we've got, like, a one three on the e string. So same thing we were just find our e string and we would go to the first fret, and then we would play on the third friend just like that. So that's how you read your tab and you work through it. I hope that'll help you in future videos when we're working on our music with our tap songs . Good luck, guys. 2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: all right, now that you know how to Shrum, Twinkle, twinkle, little star, let's go ahead and pick it. Now, if you remember when we were learning the c major scale, it was Tony to practice that because we would be learning some songs that would go with it on this is going to be one of those songs. So we're basically going to be using the notes from our C major scale. So if you haven't been practicing that I would recommend that you probably pause this video and go spend some time doing that for a little while before doing it, cause it could be a little bit more difficult if you've never done it before. Uh, a good reminder when you're reading your tab music and you have your print out in front of you that anything that is on the bottom of your tab is actually on the top of your ukulele and vice versa. So that's super super important for you guys to remember so that you don't get confused and you're not playing on the wrong stream. All right, so if you pull up your music and you look, you will see that the 1st 2 notes are going to be the two notes from the first few notes from our C major scale. Third string 00 thing. We're gonna drop down to our second string on the third, fret and play that one twice. Three. Then you're gonna go to the very bottom string on zero and play that twice. Good. And keep that third finger there because we're actually going to come back and play that note right after that. So 00 on the bottom streamed and then come back up to that three where you're at. OK, altogether top. Sure. Third string, 00 down to the second string three. Twice the bottom on zero, twice back up to three for one. Okay, now you're going to go and move your finger to the first fret, and you're gonna hit that one twice. Take your finger off and stay on that string for zero twice. Go and use your second finger. Now we're gonna move up to the third string here and hit that one twice. I'll make sure you're on that second friend and then take it off and play zero there. So all together, we've got 0033003 They were gonna go 1100 to 20 just like that. Okay, now we'll start back on that second string. Third fret, and we're going to do. We're just gonna walk down basically part of your C Major Scott here. 3102 So if you've been practicing down and moving your way back up, this should be super simple for you. So what we're gonna do to 32 on the third two on the first to zero, and then come up here to the next ring and hit it once. So we go just like that, You do it all that same exact thing One more time, okay? And then we're gonna come through, and we're gonna do the same exact thing that we started our song with, which was we're gonna put our finger here on the second string. Third fret so that we're ready to go. Were to come to the third string here, Hit it twice for zero. Drop down. Hit the theft One on the 3/3 stream. Drop down to the bottom. Two zeros come back up and hit the three. Ok, then We're gonna go toe one. Hit it twice. Stay on that string. Take your finger off two zeros. Go ahead and move up to the third string. Hit it twice on the second fret and take your finger off it once for a zero. Okay, All together, I'm gonna play the whole thing so we can hear exactly sound like thing just like that. All right, guys. Practices a lot and and, honestly, take it in sections. Don't try to rush through a whole entire song and get it. What I would do is I would recommend the first part 0033 at the very beginning. Do that until you get that really good without messing up. And then add the next part. 0033003 and so on. And only at a section after your really, really good at the one you're already working on. Don't try to work through the whole entire song from the very beginning. Because if you do that, it gets confusing. And it makes it really difficult because it's really hard to remember all the tab music all the way through what you should be able to do is get to a point where you can play it without even looking at your music. Okay, So take it in section to start small and then work your way up to the whole entire song. That is my best advice to you to be perfect at the song. All right, guys, I'll catch in the next video. Good luck. 3. Happy Birthday: all right. If you know somebody who's got a birthday coming up, this one's gonna be perfect. Whip out your ukulele and play Happy birthday for them. That's what we're gonna be working on today is happy birthday in tab music. So just like our previous song Twinkle, twinkle little star, this one's gonna be the same thing. We're using our C major scale notes, and we're gonna work up and down them to be able to play the song. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna start on our third string here with 00 OK, but get your finger ready because we're actually gonna put our finger down on that second fret right afterwards. So we're gonna go to zeros on that third string and then put your finger down for one and go back to zero way. That's kind of the rhythm. 200020 Okay, then we go down to our first fret on the second stream. So 10 So we go have peeper, They dio you okay? We're gonna do that same exact thing again, but instead of going toe one, we're gonna go 31 instead of going 10 Okay, so same. Exactly. 31 Okay. 002010 2031 Just like that. Okay, We're gonna do the same Happy birthday part. But this time we're coming down to the bottom string for a 30 and then come appear to the one on the second string. So bottom 30 come to the second string for the first fret and then hit that same string for zero. Come back up to the very top where you're gonna hit a two just like that. Okay, so what we got so far, Okay? And this time, we're gonna move down to the very bottom string on the 11 hit that twice and then a zero move up to the next during your second string for one 31 And the rhythm of that would be Bieber day to you. Okay, I'm gonna sing it this time and play it just so that it kind of flows a little bit better. You have to get a little bit of that rhythm. That first part where it was like, OK, paper, uh, paper. A guy that's pretty much basically when you're saying happy into the birthday. That was kind of a little bit of a rhythm there that you have to get down. Okay, so let's start from the top. I'm gonna sing it for you. You can play along if you would like or if you've been practicing it for a little bit anyway, So I already won 234 Happy birthday to do you peeper May to my beeper they dare someone peeper day to you Air er cannot in your own words find somebody else to sing Happy birthday to and switch out Someone to Mom. Dad, Whoever. All right, guys, good luck with practicing in this and just take your time. Same thing is before piece by piece. And as you work into each piece, that'll make it a lot easier for you to get the whole entire song down. Good luck. 4. Row Row Row Your Boat: Hey, guys, Welcome back. Today we're gonna be working on the very last song of our Siri's and our very last tab song . So if you've been working on the other ones and you've got him down, this one's gonna pretty much beat cake for you. We're gonna be using the same exact notice R C major scale like all the other songs. And, um, the song that we're gonna be playing today is row your boat. So what we're gonna do is work through it piece by piece, and I play it for you real quick. First, just to get an idea what it sounds like, and then we will jump in and take it step by step. Way, way. So we start like the other ones on the zero at the third stream, we go grow, and then we're gonna go zero to grow year, and then you're gonna drop down to the bottom and to the second shrink and hit a zero boat . So we go on searching, bro. So your boat, 00020 Okay. And then keep your finger there on the two. That's gonna make this transition quite a bit easier because you're still going to stay down on that second string for another zero, You cogent. Come back up to the two for Lee. Back down to that zero for down. Then this is where you're gonna switching for the stream. You're gonna go 13 the stream, the stream. But so far, we've got low low your bow keeping figure there gently down the stream. We're gonna go ahead and take it on the very bottom for our three and you gotta hit it a little bit faster. So and we're gonna go. We go merrily three times, Mayor. Really? 123123 Okay, Barely. Then we go up to the string for the three. Verily, take that finger off, but stay on that string for zero. Said three zeros come up a string again and hit three zeros just like that. So we go merrily, merrily barely, and then come down to the second string here 31 zero and then ju zero on your top part. So we go Life is a dream Get life is a dream One more time. 31020310 to Syria. Oh, just like that okay altogether. Let's try it. We go. Go, Go Your boat Gently down the stream. Here we go. Merrilees Barely really, really a dream. Pronounce your paper. Make sure it's in front of you. That'll make this so much easier. Toe walk through and remember, Take it step by step section by section. After you get one little part down, move onto the next. It's so much easier that way than trying to learn the entire song all at once. Alright, guys. Well, I hope you enjoyed the Siri's. And I hope all these songs are easy for you to pick up. Good luck with practicing them. Go back through any of the videos if you need any reminders or tips or anything like that on how to keep going. Good luck with your guys. Ukulele skills. And now you know enough to play quite a bit of songs. Thanks, guys.