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How to Overcome Negative Thinking: 6 Powerful Ways

teacher avatar Nitesh Gurnani, Face Reader | Life Lover | YouTuber |

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Class Intro : Combating Negative Thoughts

    • 2. When do we get negative thoughts?

    • 3. Effects and Impacts

    • 4. Strategy 1 : It's Just a Thought

    • 5. Strategy 2 : Activities that makes you Happy

    • 6. Strategy 3 : Cultivating Positive Thoughts Consciously

    • 7. Strategy 4 : Start Taking Action

    • 8. Strategy 5 : God is painting a better picture

    • 9. Strategy 6 : Being Grateful

    • 10. Our Personal Strategies

    • 11. Real People : Real Thoughts

    • 12. Happiness Junction

    • 13. Affirmations for Positivity

    • 14. Meditation for Calmness

    • 15. Congratulations

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About This Class

Negative thoughts can rob you of your inner peace, your happiness, your health, your relationships and your success. But you don’t have to let them control you. You can learn how to combat negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that will empower you to live your best life.

In this course, you will discover 6 super strategies that will help you overcome negative thinking and boost your positivity. You will learn how to:

  • Identify and challenge the sources of your negative thoughts

  • Use affirmations and gratitude to shift your mindset

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation to calm your mind

  • Visualize and manifest your desired outcomes

  • Surround yourself with positive people and influences

  • Take action and celebrate your achievements

This course is perfect for anyone who:

  • Feels restless, anxious or depressed

  • Worries about the future or regrets the past

  • Wants to achieve their goals but faces self-doubt or fear

  • Wants to improve their self-esteem and confidence

  • Wants to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Wants to create more joy and harmony in their relationships

The course is taught by Neha Gurnani & Nitesh Gurnani (Super Sister-Brother), who are passionate about helping people transform their lives with positive thinking. They have years of experience in coaching, mentoring and inspiring people from all walks of life.

All you need to join this course is an open mind and a willingness to learn. Even if you already know some of these strategies, it’s always good to refresh your knowledge and learn new insights.

Are you ready to start your journey towards positive thinking and happiness? Enroll now and let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitesh Gurnani

Face Reader | Life Lover | YouTuber |



Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks & Life Lover who has been featured across international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist. Nitesh Gurnani has a mission to impact 1 Billion people to lead a balanced life both personally and professionally. His platform empowers people to tap into their inner potential, conducting compatibility and career readings as well as offering empowerment coaching.


His personal experience extends over 9 years, however, he founded ChehraSpeaks, not until 2017. He is driven by the passion to enable people, personally and professionally to improve their lives by giving them the ingredients to harness their inner power by an elaborate understanding of their own personalities.

&... See full profile

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1. Class Intro : Combating Negative Thoughts: What if I say my dear friend, that you can get rid of negative thoughts? What if I say that you can practice positive thinking consciously? What if I say that you can shoot your cloud of field anxiety and anger, restlessness with flying colors and be the champion of your life. I know it is hard for you to believe me right now, but as the VOC, you through the course, you're going to learn super strategies to counter negative thoughts that you're facing every day in your life. And in this masterclass, we are going to walk, you fall asleep. When do you get negative thoughts? The effects and impacts of negative points, the emotionally physical impact, their spiritual impact. Then we are going to lead on six step-by-step strategies which can help you combat or thinking and thought patterns in order. Then we are going to share our personal strategies which we have adopted in our life to counter negative thoughts. Then we are going to let a survey of real people who have shared their strategies. More than 50 people have shared with us Soviet going to lead on that also video. Then we are going to present a special section of affirmation and meditation with you, which will help calm your mind and conditioner your subconscious into a positive cell. Then they're going to invite you to a beautiful and wonderful and you can just share whatever you feel. And of course we are going to congratulate you. Just a brief introduction about myself and mutation or passionate life lowered and a professional fees leader in tech consulting. I love to design courses and this is just an extension of it. I'm joined by co-instructor linear 190 who's going to introduce herself. Hi guys. I mean, I love to talk to people and I strongly believe on this type is click ready to apply steps and strategies inside the biggest problem of the zeros in some sleep and fastest manner. What are you reading for folks? Let's join the first lesson of this masterclass. 2. When do we get negative thoughts?: Folks, welcome to the first class of vendor. We get the negative thoughts. Here I'm going to share a very pleasant story of my own life. Isn't the final year of my college and my family was running low on finances. I was unsure of the future of my family. I was stressed and first-aid did that what would happen to my future and my family? So glides, this is completely normal to get frustrated because of strain relationships, both pressure, NDS, things in the world. So we are going to learn about the impact and effect of negative thoughts on a Poisson life in the upcoming lesson, followed by the beautiful and quick strategies to counter these negative thoughts. 3. Effects and Impacts: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the effects and impacts of negative thinking. And those are on the three France, first is the physical level, then on the emotional level, and then on the spiritual level, on the physical friend have sleep deprivation. I remember those nights whenever sleepless and those were really very painful. You can have that impact when you are thinking negative. You can feel low on energy, you can feel distracted. You can even suffer from a prolonged illness and you can be completely unorganized, not only in your work, but also in your relationships. You won't have people around you to support you. And these are the effects of negative votes on the physical plant, on the emotional time. So what are the impacts? You can feel more anger. You can make it feel more fear in your lay. More vari of what is going to happen, the fear of the unknown, the anxiety which will crawl you increasingly. I have gone to a phase where the loan was such that it was really irreplaceable to have a good talk. But I learn these strategies to master them. Then on this ritual, Franco can be less than 94 look and feel less concentration. You can feel less focused. And that of course, deprives you of happiness in life. And these are the normal effects which each one of us feel like. So if I were to give us 30 towards a human, on an average, things 2260 thousand thoughts a day. And 80% of those thoughts mind it. 80% of those thoughts are negative thoughts, and 95 percent of those thoughts are repetitive thoughts. So vy naught phi naught, the positive. Even the studies conducted by the scientists, they said that you have chances of having a degenerative brain disease and cardiovascular issues when you are thinking negatively. So why am I blind positive thinking consciously? In the next lesson, we are going to learn the first strategy of this course as to how you can come back negative thoughts in your leg. 4. Strategy 1 : It's Just a Thought: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the first strategy to counter and combat negative ports. The strategy here is It's just birthweight releasing that your thought is just a tort is very important. Poet is a feeling and feeling is an emotion and emotion has motion in it, which means it is meant to flow and it is meant to pass away with a, I would like you to imagine a scenario where you had a fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend. And in that same moment, you realized that I'm going to break away from her or him. I'm not going to talk with him. And the next same D at same point in time, your intensity of that part has definitely reduced. If not, it has extinguished late. So we don't think on the similar lines on the same day, every day relating that it's just a thought and it will pass away, is a greater understanding and gives a greater sense of patients in you don't understand the scenarios keeps on changing. So realizing that it's just a part and part will pass away is super, super important. So the discovery is really, it's just a simple part which will pass away despite of sadnesses, bite of happiness despite of, I'm doing it when bacilli. 5. Strategy 2 : Activities that makes you Happy: Hi folks. Second strategy to counter the negative parts is doing activities which makes you happy. This can include doing exercises like doing yoga, meditation, are going for some deep sea diving activities, zoom bar, etc. I shared one live example from my own life. I had one day of very long hours in office. It was very stressful day. I was not in good terms with my colleague also because of that stressful hours, I was not having food cooked at my home. So when I reached then I had to cook the food also an after finishing all the jobs, I was energy lives still. I went for quick, sharp plan and it made me energetic like anything in vanished all my parts, which would make it give me 2. So you can do anything like gaming or going to beauty parlors if you were a girl or if you can go on a ride or some PlayStation game, play some games. If you're a boil, et cetera, and your negative thoughts go away. 6. Strategy 3 : Cultivating Positive Thoughts Consciously: Hi folks and welcome to the third strategy. The second strategy, I know it's going to super-helpful because she has also given me this strategy that do the exercises and you can really vitalize their day. And that was super helpful for me. So I'm going to share with you the third strategy, which is what you're exposing yourself to and how you're cultivating positivity consciously. Negativity is a habit. And as you think negative thoughts, you observe that you think and negative not only one day but also the other day. So when you're feeling that you're negative ports are occurring regularly and frequently. That means negativity and thinking negative thoughts is a habit. Similarly to a certain end, to realize that cultivating positive towards is also a habit of ascertaining how you can do it, then becomes a new task and I'll tell you how you can cultivate and practice positive taking. So what you have to do is first of all, check what you are exposing yourself. And here, I mean, what you're exposing yourself to in terms of what you are watching. Are you watching a lot of new Sandra? Are you watching a lot of TV series which, which decipher a problems with decipher difficulties, mystified, the cipher is a lot of struggles. And are you keeping yourself with people who make you feel down? Who somehow stresses you, who somehow frustrates you, who somehow speaks, danger, who somehow speaks disregard. So some are speaks problems rather than possibilities. So mine yourself as to how you're exposing your senses, as to what you are seeing from your eyes, as to what you are listening from your Rio is. And this means taking the key notes of what ever you are watching. Starting from your mobile phone, starting from the Apsara, using starting from the TV series you're watching, if you are watching a lot of Hollywood movies, what thoughts you are cultivating in your mind. It's thought of danger at every single step. If you are watching or listening to songs which are lonely love songs, then you are contributing thoughts of loneliness. So it's a very, very important what you're exposing yourself to into inspiring songs. Read the inspiring stories of Bill Gates, of Steve Jobs are many people who changes lives every single day. Read them and you'll realize that positive thinking is also a habit, just like negative thinking. So cultivating positive towards consciously is also a habit. And realizing through the exposures you are giving yourself to is the first step towards realizing and countering negative point. 7. Strategy 4 : Start Taking Action: Hi folks, Welcome to this new lesson. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the fourth strategy, which is start taking action. And why I am saying that. I would like to give my personal example here. Just three years back, I was in a job and I as I discuss, I also had a huge loan to pay and my salary was close to the EMI amount which I was paying and I was talking to her father as to how they are going to meet the needs which we are having. And as you can imagine at my age, you have more desires and needs to fulfill in your life. And similarly, I was thinking and talking with my dad every single day for almost one month. I just talked to him, share what I felt and I was not feeling and doing anything on that. And on the 31st day, on the 30. Secondly, after that, Dave and I really talked to my dad off my struggles which I was going through and realize that in all that process, I was not paying, taking any action which was meant to me, which was to increase the revenue sources. As you all know that we have so much power that we can do too many things in our life. But I was just focusing, concentrated towards final thing, which is that one full-time job. But after that, I had read like there are many other venues which I have asked to face reading, asked to designing the courses as to doing that full-time job, as to be inspiring people asked to helping them. And in return, if I get something that is also very menu books. And hence, I approach towards developing more revenue sources in my life. And then I really like is that what I was missing was not anything, was not dividing, which I was going to was not the anxiety which I was going through every single day. It was that one single step where I missed to take action and believe you, my friend, when you take action you make changes, slew actions can contribute to big results. Are you taking action? Asking yourself, are you avoiding a lot? What are you taking action if you are taking action, that's the third step towards contributing and combating the negative thoughts. 8. Strategy 5 : God is painting a better picture: Hi folks and welcome to this lesson. And in this lesson we are going to share the fifth strategy, which is called, is painting a better and a clear picture for you. Imagine a day or imagine a time when lying. It doesn't happen according to the way you plan. Was that bad or that turned out to be a great feeling later in your life. Imagine a time when you are not sure of what profession you will be and you somehow landed up in a profession we are doing, we are, you're doing amazing. I personally imagine a time when at the age of five or six, I was planning to be a doctor every new engineer or wherever and not whatever. I was even planning to be a traffic policeman once because there was a hydrolase me and so it it is definitely something that you are not very sure of. And similarly, when we grew up, life doesn't happen as per our plan all the time, a 100 percent of the time, which means that there is some other power operating which is not under your control. And that power is the power of that plan is the plan of God. That is not our plan, but it's pizza plan, which is a better plan. Realizing that gourd is painting that plan for realizing It's a larger perspective. What is happening around you is very important in larger perspective. Beehives going to explain. And so we all operate in this model cocoon of our life. We are not knowing what this could have a world around it. So it can be a very, very narrow approach if we think only about that particular scope or something about your own self, that can be a reason for that particular incident which has happened to you on that particular day, I would show you an incident of my own life. One day my husband came from office and he was very angry at me for no reason. Acted back to that situation. And it will spoil the time. And like the common time which we both share, which is very small and very important for that day. But further, I taught that there can be something wrong at his office because of pitch. He is not having good mood towards me. So understanding of bigger picture will make us better responding to that situation. Vdb, more mindful, we be more grateful and we know that is for something having some reason behind it. Awesome. I also want to share the story of Dwayne Johnson here, who was a footballer. Most of the people don't know that. He started in, in for being a US football player. Then he started to aim for a wrestling spot because he was injured and his leg was enjoy dance. Why I decided to be a wrestler and followed by an office generations. And then he intended to be a Hollywood superstar and he actually landed up three there and getting onto that feed. So, you know, sometimes it happens that you plan your life, sometimes at some point in time and core plans your leg and there are plants WALL-E, which you are planning in their plans, which court is planning? So having faith that God is painting a better picture for you. Having that thought is very important, especially when you're going through some negativities in your life. Especially when you're going through some problems in your life, especially when you're going through some stresses in memory. Because at that point it's very, very important if you don't believe in God, you may be believing in some supernatural or human part which evokes for you. So remember that power is working for you and that part is painting a better world for you. Having that fade, having that trust is super, super important in combating negative thoughts in your life. 9. Strategy 6 : Being Grateful: Hi folks. In a world where we run after a lot of achievements, where we run after a lot of success, where we've run striving for excellence, we often don't realize that things which we have also have a lot of bad things which we have others that are aspiring for it. And that might frame is gratitude. We often know that having graduate dude is super important. But do we practice it starting from the day, starting from the morning sunshine which falls on it of you, starting from the breathing which happens inside your body. Starting from the heart beats, which beats every single moment without even skipping a bit. How many of those things have your time court? And having gratitude stands for having a tinfoil behavior and menu or tinfoil your split spreading positivity not only inside you, but also with people around you. So having a feeling that you are grateful for, for the food you have, for the, for the love you have in your life, for the kind of feelings you have with people, for the kind of friends you have in your life, for the kinds of lines you have for the kind of mobile phone you have the simple practice of gratitude which you can adopt in and the height is going to share with you the apps and what all these strategies she follows in Holland when being grateful for the time when you get them in the morning till a dying you go for the sleep. Number of people you're meeting. That includes your housemaid, your cleats, your wife, your spouse, your children, or anyone who is making like interacting with you in your life. Can we talked about and once you are tagged foil, you are storing a seed of positivity. And that seed will grow and reflect back and come back in the form of fire, that positivity, and remove all the negative thoughts from your life. And there is no single incidents in their life which will be affected through the negative thoughts. That is the power of gratitude. So my dear friends, are you practicing latitude? Are you really doing? Is the white part is super, super, super important in countering negativity or a long, long term. You know, V, V field that we take things for granted and I later if the steam it has going on. So when things and desires that money stays with us for long, often the wheat, we take things for granted, which we buy the car we are going to have. There are people who are not even having basic food and they're having malnutrition in the body. So imagine that and realize the value of wood which are having. So realize those things that you have in life and start practicing gratitude and the Latitude apps. In fact, we have installed, make our whole family has installed at latitude and rewrite it daily, make it a point to time, each and every one, even though we don't tag them physically, but we make a point that we note what all you are grateful for it. So my dear friend, write down daily what you're pretty cool for. If possibly express times that a person who is doing so many things for you, I'm sacrificing their lives for your time. So start practicing that in the menu and Odyssey, that positivity is going to flow in your life. 10. Our Personal Strategies: Hi folks, Welcome to this lesson. I hope you have enjoyed the six strategies that we have given and shared with you. And this lesson we are going to share the personal strategies which V follow at large. And my cousin strategy is to consciously planned positive thinking behavior. And that I do from listening a lot of guitar lessons that I do from listening, a lot of motivators from listening, a lot of spiritual stuff because that is something which I like a lot. And I believe what you are exposing yourself to packs a lot inside you and what you're manifesting outside is a result. What you're feeling inside and gratitude goes along way which we have shared in the last lesson. So those are my two personal strategies which are all regular, like spiritual lessons. I made it a point that by going to the bed, I listen to them, so that definitely helps me countering my negative thoughts. So anyhow, what are your strategies? What are your personal studies and combining negative thoughts? Well, me and the regular exercises are strategies to counter negative thoughts and make sure in a day I go for joining and do some yoga and meditation. For volume 2.5. That keeps me away far from negative thoughts for the entire day and it energizes me, refreshes me, and revitalized me to do and act upon all the negativities which I face from an entire world, from outside world, and convert it to a better at a positive surroundings for myself and other people. Second is strategy, which I apply most of the times when I handled the people around me, is looking at the larger picture. Whenever you see that there is a bigger picture or there is some reason because one person is behaving, then you understand, and then you respond in a better way rather than thinking negatively by that person has behaved to mean that particular manner. You will be responding in a mindful manner. You will be handling in a very, very, whichever way then immaturity. So God has actually plan something which you may not be moving at that particular time of the movement. But later on you realize that the things which has happened in the past is Paul good. It gives you some kind of experience, knowledge so that in future you never fall into the same trap which will have already fed. Awesome, awesome, awesome. So what are your personal strategies books? I want you to share it in the project section. And I want to really listen to you when it comes to helping each member of the community. In the next lesson, we are going to share with you the real people, real thoughts. We have, we have really shared data. We have actually surveyed. And there is a, there is a data of more than 50 people who have shared what they do to combat directors. And that is super helpful for each one of us to know and to adopt what ways weekend adopt to counter negative thinking patterns in our life. Hi. 11. Real People : Real Thoughts: Hi folks, Welcome to this lesson. And this is definitely not less than because they have surveyed and we are going to share, but also of how the normal people, real people like me have shared outposts, the strategies. What do they do in terms of combining the negative thoughts? How that Towards can help us is definitely going to be super helpful for us and for you as well. So they know is going to read out some of the thoughts which these guys have shed. So why does an S said that the talk and write down my feelings on a positive cards when needed. And that's, that's a great strategy, isn't it? That you write positive time for when you're feeling negative, told you write something positive or you write that emotional among you want to move over, right? So that's, that's a great point. You can read this also. There is one person who is saying that and nice the negative block and generally focus on more constructive parts div with the issues when that's true, That's very true. Even when vendors and his mentioning that you can also practice breathing exercises and yeah, actually reading and focusing on your reads. It is a kind of vibrations. You gradually notice. Also everything gets sync with the breed in our entire voyage around two, awesome, awesome. In fact, when I started to my breathing patterns, like cited focusing on my breathing patterns, I also observed that in your new is you do not complete your breath. And that is, that is a major indicator that you are not being normal to yourself. So having, having, practicing and doing a lot of breathing exercises also happen. This is one of the feedbacks which has been shared by a lot of people as to how the comeback negative 18. I get connected to the positive peak and drive away from the ones and do not add value to their lives. Doesn't really true because we also have mentioned this that the exposures you're keeping yourself to the surroundings, you're keeping yourself to. Effects are not. So we have pretty much on the same lines. Like so. Yeah. So when when when other fellow me it says said that they get outside for a walk or a run, or even just watch the birds and avoid feeders that is also gray. Obtain one oven when memory saying that focus directly on the achievement you have accomplished and also a focus on your purpose in life. And this is the larger perspective which now was talking off last, last lecture is that late having a bigger perspective, having a bigger, I do look dark God's plan, which is absolutely working for you. It's super, super important, right? So there is a wind which is very great, like having gratitude, refresh your applications. The end of two years pulses. So this is also one of the feedback chaired by one of the members on our group. When we asked this question, some listen to music, some focus on what I have not done, what I don't have. Some are saying that they tried to match a negative thoughts, redirection, and Some do experience a bit of issue. Doing that in itself was not tied easy. And you go through that stressful times. It's something which you only know that you only feed because you are the hero of your story. And when you add the hero of your story, you have to go through that pins and the fatalities which are enduring. So that definitely becomes a difficult thing to actually apply our dipole moment of length. But having these strategies act as a safeguard as to how you can counter those negative thoughts. How you get exempt those negative towards moving within you and realizing that it can really go me, just end with the centroids are feeling that feeling that emotional state. The person is saying that type one at the point. They are very good at observing, feeling, acknowledging and watching, and drifted away. But they're saying that if they practice it, they become more stronger than it. And if they don't, then they have to practice it more and more. Spread the same as it was earlier. Awesome, awesome. And the other comments as I was reading with the gratitude which they were practicing and avoid the post spective sensor to talking. And the other guy, He's also saying take a walk and read that, then count the blessings is on and the green points. Counting the blessings you have done in the things you have in your life is. And, and be super, super helpful, right? And this I would want you to read because you have such as smiling face. You can read this and this thing which Linda has written and just smile and picture myself in my safe place and you have a glutamine. So that is also the strategy which people follow, right? And you can read. There's one person is saying they dance like nobody is watching you do an upbeat music. So that is again, you can do something which makes you feel happy about it. And stopband replaced with good taught or any other type. I've already a move of lifting one emotion thing. You can change it anytime, whenever you want. It is only how much attention you are being too that thought in what you're paying more attention and you're speaking to that part again and again your entire day are some ASU one I like this comment which is got hazard denied. So you either think autofill dots, dots do not think you nothing to fight. That's a beautiful boy. This, it can all its ligand rule and find Bechdel. It talks about this subject, ADA, if you just want to have anything, who do sleep is literally writing that down what it is that stopped selling thoughts. That's a beautiful point with this guy has mentioned that you are the tingle of your thoughts, my dear friend and points do not think about you. So this has given me a great learning when we have a negative thought, it's me who is thinking that and that party that they mean about me. So why not have a positive thought? Why not picking it up positive for it so that it's super helpful. Right? And this, the sky is saying God, I don't combine them. I accept them and let them go. That is also pretty. Some people pray sum, except, but this is all one of the great things that you can apply in your life. And the last point which I would want to read is from, I don't mean a 100 person, but she seemed that all will be well the idea of him. So, well, I think this lesson on this thought that what are the stories of real people? What are the parts which they share on how they combat or Over the end needed. So that was a great deal. Vb me run this over a day and we got so many poets from people. And this is just overwhelming in terms of the responses. And we're super grateful for this also. So I hope that some of these strategies may also help you and will help you combat stress, will help you come back negative thinking and get you into a zone where you think positively. 12. Happiness Junction: Hi folks, Welcome to this lesson and this is not a lesson, just a short segment. Maybe I'm going to invite you to find the full happy discussions group and you can join us, share your thoughts on Live, Share the difficulties you go through. Sharing the happiness you have in your life, sharing the blessings you have in your life. And that group is so poet as a face really know because as you know that I'm a professional face reader or I leave from the feces. And that is also a segment. I help people on my on the relationship side. And she conducts the happy discussion segment where she shares the parts along with the people who held the entire community at large and she enjoys no debt. So she is the head of that group. And if you wanted to say something interesting for you, I again connect on that group and discuss your day to day life issues. Yeah. Ready to help you out with anything wherever it is happening. You can share how you would be our negative thoughts and what do you have learned in this course? I know share anything which are feeling about this is all about food, discussion, lasers and ending of this world. And stay connected with us. Awesome, That's a great, great invoice. So we are reading for you in that, and in the next lesson. The lesson, it's an affirmation Boulez thing made for each one of you to practice a food and five minutes positive self-talk and your subconscious. So let's follow what is a burden in that video. And you're going to definitely enjoyed that. 13. Affirmations for Positivity: Affirmations are the powerful really to change the conditioning of your subconscious. Close your eyes and repeat these magical words after me to experience magnificent success and happiness. I love I and allowing. I am, I, am, I am magnificent, charismatic. I am fantastic. I have been, I tell thee. Um, well the I bar and motivated. I am a born leader. I am beautiful. I am experiencing success. Every moment. I was born to be successful. I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams. I am rich. Money magnet. I believe. I paying rent. I am receiving that. I maintain money every moment even when I sleep. I am standing in the rain of money and having it all. I am the creator of my own reality. I am responsible for all the good and greet in my life. Today is one of the best days of my life. I am on a great lay fork. I clean soil, loving myself for all what I am. I come. I am making decisions for my life. Today is a blessing. Tomorrow is a gift. Each and every moment of my life is beautiful. Every human situation and experience is lovely and beautiful. Every experience is a success. And create your noise, loves me. Great, unique voice produces amazing results for me. I am blessed with abundance. I am the master of my own thoughts. I deserve all the praises, all the love, all the appreciation and all the accolades in there. I am calm in abundance. I am in gratitude to your new voice for giving me so much. Now, open your eyes tango. For such a powerful and amazing experience you have had. 14. Meditation for Calmness: Close your eyes and allow everybody does and negative current to flow down. You have no time for them in mind. And soul unit, each of them called every bank card, every field, and everybody was then all cod and a great big ocean in your mind. And you'll sit on the shore, New Heloise in the distance ending today. I'm happy today and capably today and fluid. The voice loops over and over. Today. I'm happy today and keep him to me to be employed. As the voice continues speaking us to reuse or spare part setting. Agreed. All shin before you become king, then clear 2D. The 2D I'm keep it today and hold slowly the adult earning your eyes still on the Clearwater, we'll do RNAs back. The voice is coming from within. You open your mouth and speak out lung. Today. I am happy. So today I'm capable. Yes. I can. 15. Congratulations: When folks congratulations that you have made it so far. Starting a course is staffed by doing it completely and reaching into the spire requires a lot of discipline. And you have shown that. I hope that you have enjoyed the last video, which is the affirmations video, and you have on and keep this barge into the last lesson of this course. And this is not a lesson. This is a congratulations to each one of you for completing this wonderful course. I hope it's always been good for them, not shot. But I believe that it is wonderful that you have studied so far. We want you to review the course and we want you to share that feedback. And if you feel that it is helpful, We would like you to share it with your buddies and friends and whom you feel it can be of help. And what you can do now is you can look at one of the quasi-religious 3D superpowers to transform your lane, which is another premium costs as L. So many people in their late discovering the purpose in discovering the bar of patients that are of love which, which people have never, ever part of. It's such a way, The Power of Habit, how you can replace a bad hybrid with a positive and a good habit. Everything is laid down step-by-step in that program. It's crazy That's a premium price, but that's what you re, you are void of great change the order void the great positivity. So that part is definitely going to NPO younger boys, which are definitely going to how a look, which I would say that you can have a look if you want to get deep insight into the face reading masterclass in night, I'll be sharing how your eyes reflect so much without pulling away. How are we going down your nose if you have been thinking that how the meaning of your papers and defined or intellectual capabilities and how you get to understand the bad policies super helpful in understanding when they don't and connecting. So that's one of all deposits in the three wasn't reach out. We didn't definitely how it would look, look at all the other questions which it comes right after this video. But finally, and once again, finally, I would want you, I would love to congratulate you for completing the cost and knee highs Google shared. Hello, find the Lewis with each other. I think you guys very, very much for attending and staying connected with us for solar, so along for being so much of attention. If FADH and orderly sources which you have, We look forward in future to stay connected. Again. Thank you for everything. And I like we've promised that she is going to have more courses in the future, and we would love to have you again in the court says that there's enough lowest cost, which is doing with me. And she's definitely going to do it more. And I hope she's going to do with modern Inaki. She's, she's went on the blessing which we have in this list. So just once again, thank you so much for being part of this course and delivering the vision you have. And that was super helpful during this course alone, say you. Thank you once again to each one of your flay of precious time, energy, and resources in a point in saying that.