How to Make a Wonderful Christmas Card for the Holidays - DIY Project | Patricia Caldeira | Skillshare

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How to Make a Wonderful Christmas Card for the Holidays - DIY Project

teacher avatar Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome! Course Intro


    • 2.

      Assignment Overview


    • 3.

      Setting up


    • 4.

      Drawing Ideas


    • 5.

      Using Clipart


    • 6.

      Writing the Message


    • 7.

      Saving and Sending


    • 8.

      Conclusion and Examples


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About This Class


Learn how to make your own Christmas Card!

Give a more Personal Gift this Year, by following this DIY Project! A perfect Gift for Friends and Family, Suprise them and check the Beautiful look on their Faces.

You'll only need a Software of your choice (or download a free Trial of Photoshop or Manga Studio)

This Class is suited for any level of Drawing and Design, we will cover all the basics to make your card (you don't even have to actually draw in the card!)

I'll be using Manga Studio, but you can follow along with your Software of choice.

At the end of this Class you'll have a bunch of Christmas Cards to send out to your Family and Friends!


This is one of the examples we'll be doing in Class, you can follow along or make your Own!

Join Now!

Can't wait to see you in Class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patricia Caldeira

Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer


Patricia Caldeira is a Freelancer Artist working in Illustration, Design and similar Artwork.

She graduated in Graphic Design and Multimedia and soon after started working on her own independent company "Don Corgi", doing work for several Streamers, Game Developers, Youtubers, and even selling Cards and Social Media Icons at her Etsy Store.

You can find more about her, her work and Drawing Tutorials and Tips at Don Corgi.


In the recent past She has:

- Co-Founded the Don Corgi Art Group;
- Collaborated with Programmers, Game Designers, Musicians, Youtubers, Twitchers and more!
- Taught over 14.000 people on different platforms;

Join her Class on Character Design, Gesture Drawing!


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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome! Course Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is statistical data, and I'm a graphic designer and artist in this class. I'll be teaching. You helped a great Christmas card for you to send to your family and friends. We'll be going over how to set up the files in your software of choice. Drank some Christmas ideas using pre made frequent parts to include in your car on and finally adding your personalized message. Getting it ready to set. This is a simple and useful class. Open to any level of artistic experience. You will in the the PC any of software of choice. If you don't have one install, you can use a free 30 day trial, so I hope to catch you in class. Let's get started. 2. Assignment Overview: Let's just go quickly over what you were doing for the past society. You've guessed it. It's your own Christmas card. So if you'd like, just follow the lessons one by one and create your own card at the same time. Ali. Providing a template for your card Vivo If you'd like to use it as well, instead of making your own when you're done just supposed to below so we can check it out, looking forward to see. 3. Setting up: all right, so let's start by sitting up or filing no software. I'll be using Mongoose to defy, but you can use whatever you want. If you don't own any software, don't want a free trial and get back to this reader to follow, so there's too much noise into your car. Simple way. It's a great night for size like this. If you're using pixel sizes, just input 2480 for 3508 pixels at 300 GPS or, if you're using the metric sides input 210 millimeters per 297. Most software also have remained a force I stock, so if you can find it, just use that one now. This can work as a type off postcard where you feel the entire documents or paper and printed living the backside to write a personalized message or to site. Another option that you can do is after his created the A profile. You split it in half like this. This way, you'll be able to draw in one side while still keeping the other side open for everyone and the flipside total labeling. This is screwed. In case you want to create a particle card, you would like to write a longer my such just to doing the integrity off the blank. Let's start by choosing a good background cop. Most Christmas cards tend to be red, green or gold, but you free to choose wherever you like. If the person you're sending really likes group, then perhaps you school. There are no limits. The next video. We'll look overhaul to troll the few Christmas ideas that you can include in your car. See you there. 4. Drawing Ideas: Let's go over some Christmas idea. Instead, you can draw on your I'll did you hold to draw some off the basic ones. Right now, I'll be using its allies to draw on the software, but he can use some shapes printed card later and draw them. Or check the next video where I'll be using frequent. Apart from the Let's draw a Christmas tree, betting on Want you want, you can make a margin magic Christmas tree or the more traditional start with the rough sketch like this. If you want something margin measure, draw simple triangle and that some decorations to it, like I'm doing for a more traditional style. Go with its now that we have our sketches. That's the final and wind. We have tools that will help making straight lines easily and to make your drawings look symmetrical. Let's try this without dramatic in minimal trick. Just select the line to this one and draw the lights on the new layer on top of the sketch . Simple now for the other one. Again. Make a new lawyer and start drawing one side of the tree like this when finished, just Skopje, the partridges and places right after. Go here and choose, transform, sleep and just move it until both sides connect. Now all it needs is to add some decorations to it and you're done. Now let's draw some Christmas presents. Once again, we can go to the shape tools and go for the square one. Let's make a simple present draw square like this afterwards. At some straight lines, you can use the line forties. Now all the needs is a pretty bold to go with it. Done. How about the snow? Let's keep with our keeping simple room. Go to the chateau, but this time choose a circle one. Make it least two circles a small one. And then we're needed a bigger one like this. Okay, well, hopefully dinner now. It's just adding the didn't let's make a few traits with a carrot nose de arms with tiny little gloves. We can also other hats or the worker it is. And finally, let's go over how to draw sent. Let's use the same technique as we did with snow. Draw one circle for the head, now another order body and two others for the feet. Let's start with deflates the eyes and the big notes. Afterwards, we had a big, fluffy beauty and the Christmas for the rest of the body. Let's keep it minimal. Some buttons Belt Jr and looks after finishing your drawing. Pick your paint bucket tool to easily and quickly call or your drawing. There are just a few elements said you control on your cup. Feel free to draw whatever you like or use sleekly part, as I was showing the next week. See you then. 5. Using Clipart: If you don't want to draw in your car, that's fine. You can just use some off this three images and include them in your car. There are two websites to get some nice arts toe to your car. The 1st 1 is open Glee Pot Thoughts. This is a very easy to navigate webs. Just use the top search far and type wherever you're looking for. For example, Christmas tree and, as you can see that are a lot off trees of different sizes and shapes. Choose one just pickets, and then the few options will appear below the big download. But in our case, we'll need a big image. So just like that one and save it to your computer. Another website you can use is c l k e r dot com. Here you can use a top such part to search for wherever you want this one. That's just a small, interesting picture. Dead bulbs. Let's try such insults, and now let's choose one trip. By selecting this image, you'll be able to see derivatives and responses to that specific image on the left side. This is useful in because any different colors of some once you've decided what to look what picked a large button below to download this image as text and great safe image. Hands to your computer. I just need to open its in yourself. You can just drag and drop files done motor. Or you can go to your software's of my new clicks file, then open and navigate, wary of wild bees and select. Now just go pian based your image to your car and you're done next. We were talking about righting a wrong message in the front of the car, so I'll catch you live it. 6. Writing the Message: it's some to write a message. You can either choose the funds and top your message. Are you control it yourself now, using a tablet or later with the pain our mark To use the funds. I would like to recommend a nice website called Fun Squirrel. They have an amazing selection off refunds to you just like what you're looking for on the right side and click downloads, you can check the most popular funds, for example, or the heart. Today section in our case will be shaking the script section, since it has great fonts that look good on Christmas cards. When you're done choosing, just click the download button. Open the heart or zip file right, click the front file and click and stuff. Now open your software like the desk to select your new front on the top bar and click wherever you want to start typing your message like this, it's multi. If you have a lot of bright colors, try writing in black to contrast. And if you have a lot of dark collars, try going with white instead. Lastly, there are a few Christmassy message that you can write on your car seasons Greetings. Merry Christmas for you in your family. Our Merry Christmas, you filthy animal! Next we were talking about saving your card and sending it. 7. Saving and Sending: doesn't that guy look nice? Now we just need to save it and send it. If you'd like to print it, goto file. Save us and selected dot the option. This will make your file. The best quality can be to print digital. Next you just a to paint it through your home printer or go to a printing service and that's them. Toe print one for the whole. Load off the souk and mail your cards. If you'd like to send it digitally, just go to the same steps going toe file service, but also like the dot J Peg Bush. It took people great quality, but Sylvia small enough size to send true your email provide. Now just write a new email like a touch on a touch file. Select your file and send it to your dealer swans that covers. It's good job. Stick with me to shake a few more completed Christmas cards in the next feeding 8. Conclusion and Examples: lovely work. Thank you for sticking with me, creating some Christmas Scott. And I hope you had fun while doing them. If you enjoy the class, take the time to leave a review and include your Christmas card in the projects. Philo, I love to see them. Here are a few more Christmas cards that have created has been set. See you again. Another time Goodbye.