How to Make Simple Block Print Motifs in Procreate - for Surface Pattern Designers | DK Ryland | Skillshare

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How to Make Simple Block Print Motifs in Procreate - for Surface Pattern Designers

teacher avatar DK Ryland, Illustrator, Surface Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Make Simple Block Print Motifs in Procreate

    • 3. Thank you!

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About This Class

In this short course, we will explore how to make simple block print motifs in the app Procreate. This course is great for surface pattern designers who are interested in exploring using linocuts in their designs. Procreate is an extremely versatile app, but we will be using basic brushes and techniques to make simple block prints. This class is a follow up to my previous course, Using Block Prints in Your Surface Pattern Designs. Using Procreate to make block prints motifs saves time, money, and is more flexible than physically carving block prints. 

Meet Your Teacher

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DK Ryland

Illustrator, Surface Designer


Hi! I'm DK Ryland and I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer who specializes in stylized, charming, and quirky pieces inspired by nature and animals. I work with a wide range of techniques and programs to create fresh and vibrant illustrations and am constantly exploring new techniques. I love showing people what I learn along the way and am so glad you are here! 

Check out my Website to see more of what I do and I would love to be Instagram friends! 

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1. Introduction: Daniel Kelly Ryland, a surface pattern designer and illustrator. In today's course, we're gonna talk about how to use appropriate in order to create simple black print motifs . In my previous course, we carved an actual block, stamped it, digitized it, and then they were ready to use in our surface pattern designs. There's a couple reasons why you would use procreate instead of going through the process of creating a physical block. One of them is that it's a lot faster. It's much faster to draw your motifs than it is to draw, transfer, carve, stamp and digitize. The other reason is that it's a lot cheaper. The more motifs that you have, the more block you would have to use and block gets pretty expensive over time. Procreate is a $10 so that's a one time cost that you have. And the third reason is that you can change your mind once you draw motif. Let's say you draw something and procreate that you think is gonna look great as a block print, and you don't like the way it turns out great. You can just erase it if you're physically carving a black and you don't like the way it turns out, you're kind of stuck with it and you have to start over again. So turn on your iPad, Open up, procreate and let's get started. 2. How to Make Simple Block Print Motifs in Procreate: So first, I'm going to start by opening up for create, and you're gonna go ahead and add a new campus here. I choose an eight by eight size. I like working with the square. It doesn't really matter for this, cause all you're doing is creating motifs. So I'm gonna go ahead and create that that's gonna open up. The assumption here is that you already have some knowledge of how to use procreate. The basics. We're not doing anything all that extravagant. Crazy S O. That's all you really need is the basics. And if you need to brush up on that or you haven't opened up appropriate procreate yet, I would suggest you take a course on skill shirt. There's some really good ones about per create. I know Peggy Dean just came out with one That's excellent. So go ahead and check those out. If you need a refresher or you need Teoh learn how to use it. So the first we're going to do here is decide on motif and I would suggest, just like in the last class, that you choose something that's just really simple, something that would look great as a simple block, print or silhouette, Um, and then and then go from there. As you get really good at this, you can get really creative and, um, and extensive. But for now, as we're playing something that would look good in a repeat and something that simple. So since its fall, I'm gonna do some fall leaves. And the first thing I'm gonna do here is go in and choose my brush. So it's already family studio pen, which is perfect. That's what I want to use. Um, I'm gonna go ahead and under inking, choose studio pen, and that's what I would suggest you use as well. So when I use my studio pen for my block prints, I like my brush lies to be around 60 ish percent. We'll see if that works. And then, um, the capacity to be all the way up. So I'm gonna start by drawing the silhouette that I want. And this is gonna be a really simple silhouette. Um, and from there, I can fill that in with color. So I've got this, uh, this silhouette a belief. It's a little bit monkey, so I can smooth it out a little bit and make sure that it looks the way I want it. Teoh, if you remember, Block prints can be wonky. So it's actually not that big of a deal. If it's not perfect, I'm from there with this leaf. I'm gonna add the detail with my eraser, So I'm gonna go over to my eraser, and I'm gonna make sure that my eraser is on studio pen as well. And I'm going to do the same thing. Capacity all the way up and my brush lies, I's gonna be around 60% similar. Um, and then I'm gonna add the detail basically, by erasing or curving out of the silhouette that I've created. So, um, I'm gonna just create, um, that line down the middle and the lines to the sides, and I can mess around with, uh, how hard I press how thick I want these lines to be, Um and then I'm gonna go back to my brush. It's gonna keep the same settings I had before, and I'm gonna create my little Lina cut ones so I don't want them all to be the same size and thickness. I want it to be authentic looking on dso That's a little too thick. If you want to quickly erase something like that brush shirt that I made, all you're gonna do is tap with two fingers and it'll undo it. If you want to redo it, you don't mean to erase it. Then you can tap with three fingers and will bring it back. It's really, really simple. So I'm you know, I'm gonna keep doing this and just add lines where I think it might need them. And then from there I'm gonna go over to my eraser and I'm gonna go Teoh, um, where are you? Spray paints. There you are. And I'm going to do splatter. Okay, So with splatter, I am going to have my brush size probably see pre high, probably in the 60 60 to 70 range, and then my opacity in a similar range. And I'm just gonna brush over in random strokes. My, my print and what that's gonna do is create a stamp ish type of look. Okay, so that's my first break. Then I'm gonna go back to my brush. He saw my studio pen on, and I'm gonna draw my next leaf, and I'm going to do the same process that I did for the 1st 1 For all of these leaves, I don't like that. Okay, so now I'm gonna go to my eraser tool. I'm gonna have to change it back to a studio pen so you could draw all of your silhouettes and then do all of your race or details and then and then spray paint the whole thing or splatter the whole thing. That would be more efficient. But I'm showing you this way. Just so, um, you can kind of see the the whole process a couple times over and over again. So, um, with this one, let's go. Not and like, Okay? And then back to our splatter and same thing, just gonna kind of spray paint it. Now. I forgot the lines, so that's fine. We can go. We can go out of order now. I'm going to create those all I know type lines. I'm gonna do this platter again. Just that the lines kind of get it too. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna speed up through the next couple motifs so you can see that a little bit faster, and then I'll meet you back when you have all your motifs made as well. - Now that all my motifs are finished and they're all looking like block roads, I can do a couple different things. I can turn these into a pattern. Inappropriate. I can export then a Z a, uh, PSD. And, um, it's a share. I can, um sure, this is a PSD, and I can turn it into a pattern in Photoshopped. If that's what you are comfortable with, I tend to like to turn them into P and G's and then send Teoh, illustrator and, um, turn into a pattern there because I convict Or is it? But you have a lot of different options and you can turn it into a lot of different documents s so that you can keep the high resolution and you can work with them and whatever program you like toe work in. So your final project is really simple. You're just gonna upload this picture of the motifs that you made and procreate and whether that's one motif, whether that's multiple motifs, whatever you have, let's see what it looks like. And as a bonus, if you want to turn your motifs into a pattern in whatever program you prefer, I would love to see what you've come up with there as well 3. Thank you! : Thank you so much for joining this class. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope you learned something. If you did enjoy it, please leave a positive review. It helps me get found in school share. And for your projects, please upload a picture of your black print motifs and I can't wait to see what you created .