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How to Make Modern Youtube Videos on a Budget

teacher avatar Brandon Waters, Videographer | Cinematographer | Editor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Your Niche

    • 3. Find Your Topic

    • 4. Scripting Your Videos

    • 5. Equipment

    • 6. How to Shoot + Formula

    • 7. Bonus - Thumbnail

    • 8. Recap

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About This Class

Here is the equipment list:

The class is about YouTube videos and learning the skills of shooting, lighting, and editing for beginners. Overview of the class is making quality YouTube videos that viewers want to watch. The class is for anybody that wants to do YouTube and wants to make videos for YouTube because this is something you always thought about doing but didn't know how or where to start no matter what the subject is that you want to shoot for.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brandon Waters

Videographer | Cinematographer | Editor


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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Brandon, and this courses on how to make modern YouTube videos on a budget. Now this class is for people who always wanted to showcase their skills. Talents review a product along about the life and anything else that you want to share. So the things on this course that you'll be learning are the equipment you need from camera lighting, audio doing with top it to shoot and know how to script right videos. Teoh make them entertaining for your viewers to watch. With all that being said, let's get started. 2. Finding Your Niche: So we're going to start off this course with finding your niche. It's having a specialized appeal, which to me it basically means having something you get at that's unique to you. So how to find your niche? I want you to write down three things you like and interested in, and you can policies, video and come back to it. And for those of you already know, you could just keep watching do do do de o doo doo doo doo doo. All right, now that you have your three things that you wrote down, I want you to narrow it down to 11 thing that you love over the other two. And if you need time, pauses for you again and come right back to it when you're ready. Now do we have you niche. It's time to do some homework. It's time to do some homework on what you picked out. For example, for the rest of this chorus, I chose cooking, and with that cooking that I picked and whatever that you picked, the homework is to do research research on YouTube and look up 10 different videos from 10 different successful channels and as you watch and take notes on how they're presented their niche. Up next is finding a topic within your niche that you want to start shooting for years. 3. Find Your Topic: after watching 10 videos or more on cooking or whatever your niche is, finding a topic should come a little easy. This Think about it. We have cooking as the young brother, and underneath you can do how to make a burger. How to make pizza to make tacos. It's pretty much endless. There's so much stuff you can cook. So for you on your niche, write down your umbrella and what's underneath. Excess catered to it and it's pick one me. I found a topic of making a PB and J something easy for my first video, and you as well find something that's simple for you to make just to get started. And just so you know, at the end of this course, you're gonna be making your 1st 62nd video to post. So the PB and J idea came from a few videos that watch that I liked and remember the note taking that you took from watching these videos. Well, this is where you going to use that to help you make your video. So as I seen a few videos like this one and that one, I'm gonna combine pretty much the to and in make him out. So basically, whoever videos or videos that you like, copy them. And this is the perfect time that copy somebody's work. If you innovated to fit, you take somebody's video, switch some things around, say something different in your own way. Innovate. So here's my idea that I'm taking from this one video from binging with Babish and also this one video from Epicurious. I think I said that right. I plan on taking the view of the camera while Benjamin, with Babish shoots his videos. But in doing the twist and showing my face as well, talking through the steps of making a PB and J innovation. So if you didn't take notes on the past 10 videos OEM or that you've seen, go back, take notes and see how each video each person creates do video and take parts of that and it make it your own Up. Next is how to script your video on the topic that you are planning on shooting 4. Scripting Your Videos: So we found our niche. We find out topic within net image. We did our research. Now it's time to find out how to deliver that topic in the way that is interesting for the viewer to follow along. So let's talk about English class and writing a paragraph. When you write a paragraph, there's an introduction. It is a body and a conclusion. We can shoot a video the same way like a paragraph, but inch over to call it off the hook, finding a one sentence hook to hooking people to wash the rest of your video. The easy way of trying to figure out a cook is this. Think of two things. Issue solution. You stayed in the issue and you letting them know that you have the solution. So keep watching for mines, I put there's many ways to make a PB and J the best way it's coming up next, not for your hook. Take a little time and write it out and see if this is exciting for somebody to keep watching. And in the body of the video is this naming out the steps to making a PB and J, and then a conclusion just stems from the hook, and my conclusion is now that's how you make a PB and J. So that's the way you can write out your videos. In that paragraph format came before any video. Like a log. The hook can show the most exciting moment of the day, and then the body can lead up chronological to the exciting moment. And then, in conclusion is the end of the day of next we're gonna talk about the equipment that you need. 5. Equipment: when it comes to equipment, there isn't but so much need to make a great video. Two things you need to remember as long as it looks good and sounds good, that's all you need when it comes to equipment. Now, what is the equipment Brandon and how much? Well, the equipment you need is your phone lighting, microphone, phone clamp, a magic arm to hold a light and a tripod. All that. It comes out to about 100 and 30 bucks, a great investment to start to YouTube channel. And with that equipment, you can shoot anything with any situation. Now, Once you get all your equipment, this is how you set it up. You get the magic, are connected to the mount. Then you slide the phone in the mouth, put the microphone on top, screw delight to the magic arm and attach all of that to a tribe that this tripod is a little more expensive but an inch hype. I will work, and this is how it looks when it comes to editing software from a Mac and Apple users. I used the free I moving or for my android and PC users, you cyberlink power director to great free editor to really get the job done. Both of these can be used on mobile and or desktop. Now will not be going into editing because there's lots of videos out there on how to edit . But on the following video, I would be giving you this formula that I use that would assist you strongly when shooting and editing up. Next is how to shoot with your equipment. 6. How to Shoot + Formula: This is my formula to the modern YouTube videos that you see today in this order interviews , beer, oh, music and texts with your script that you created for your video. All your talking points. This is where you re site that on video. Like what I'm doing right now. I call that the interview. Next is B roll. Vero is supported footage that supports the context to your interview. And he used those clips toe overlay your interview. So you hear me talking, but you see something else that support and what I'm saying, just like what I'm doing right now. And then there's music that you put underneath interview the B roll to set the move. But music is optional. Last thing is adding, Tex like my name popping up or you describing an object to help the view and know what it is. So you remember in order Interview B Roll music and Tex 7. Bonus - Thumbnail: Now I want to talk about custom thumbnails with every great video. Sometimes is not being seen because but the thumb down and how un interesting it is. So what is a thumbnail? Dumb now is the image you see, before you clicked the video to watch it. So the dumb there is an interesting the most likely people are not gonna click it so, however, which energy you put into making video put the same amount of energy to making a thumbnail . Is that famous saying don't just a book by its cover psych with video people just everything within that thumbnail on how the video's gonna turn out. So the thumbnail was very important. So take about 30 minutes, making it thumbnail as exciting as you can. And I would give you a few examples that I've seen that I like that you can implement to your dumb now 8. Recap: and that is the end of the course everything else is up to. You were to talk about the niche, the topic riding out your topic, how to shoot your topic, what equipment you need to shoot your topic and as well, it's creating a captivating thumbnail. So for your class project within 30 days, I challenge you to make your 1st 60 seconds at least 60 seconds. Video on your topic. Here is an example of me using the equipment that I gave you created how to make a PB and J There's many ways to make a PB and J, but this way is the best way. So here's the things that you need. You need peanut butter, jelly and two slices of bread and butter so you get your peanut butter bread it all nice and smooth. Don't put too much unless you want to. But me. You gotta put a nice even coat and no forget. Get your paper towel, wipe off the pain of butter. So when you're going to get the jelly, you don't wanted to mix. So then you open a jelly. Make sure you get the jam kind. That way would spread out smooth as you open it. Don't forget to stir it up to make your life much easier. And then you just put it on a piece of bread. Get your paper tower game, make sure you wipe off. And then instead of cutting it in half the breakaway, cut a diagonal And there you go. That's how you make a PB and J.