How to Make Cute Concrete Cups as Creative Planters with under € 5,- | Sarah Halbeisen | Skillshare

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How to Make Cute Concrete Cups as Creative Planters with under € 5,-

teacher avatar Sarah Halbeisen, DIY queen and coffee lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      01 Intro


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      02 ClassProject


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      03 Supplies


    • 4.

      04 Preparing Cement


    • 5.

      05 Making the Cement Cup


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      06 General Information


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      07 Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Working with concrete can be daunting if you've never tried it. I'll share my tips and how to avoid failures with you from my previous projects.

As we start making concrete cups, I give a short introduction into concrete vs. cement. I show you what supplies you need, what to look for and what mistakes to avoid. In the end we'll have a beautiful concrete cup. I promise you, you'll be hooked and wanting to make more.

This would make for a great present too!

Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sarah Halbeisen

DIY queen and coffee lover


Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm from beautiful Austria.

I'm a content creator, photographer, Content Marketeer and DIY queen. I share my crafts and recipes normally on my blog LOOK WHAT I MADE ... if you'd like to check that out.

I know that learning to craft can be daunting - especially from only images that's why I'd like to share here DIY video tutorials that are easy to follow.

Let me know what you'd like to see and learn and I'll make an easy video for you to enjoy.

Stay curious and crafty!

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1. 01 Intro: My name is Sarah, and I, my wife, will go over. Look what I made. I suddenly just blogged about four years ago because I wanted the space where I can share a project that I created and recipes. So this is now my playground where I trying stuff, and that's also where share my first country protect so about a year ago, and it's become a height, and I really wanted to create with this material because I really liked too simplistic and industrial look of it. And it's just not this difficult as it may look. I created notice class, and I want to share you today how to make thes conflict cups because it's a great beginning project, and it just looks fantastic as a little planter for a captain or a school and or is a little storage for your bits and parts. So this causes for everybody who has never created with concrete or cement and tell the difference in another subsection, and it should just show you how to work with it and just give you a little success in a little success story with this cup create. So if you've never worked with material but want to and are has certain because you're scared of the material. This class is for you. Please in Rome. 2. 02 ClassProject: in this class, I give you a short introduction into what concrete is and how you can work with it. Just in order to make this little concrete cups that you can use, it's you can see here planters or pinhole those or just some storage, and I just can't wait to see what you use them for. So please share your images off the project here in a project gallery and let me know what kind of hardships you had. Problems you encountered and, yeah, just shared a success. 3. 03 Supplies: So let's talk about what we'll need for this project. So, first of all, we need three parts off Quick cement. You didn't get visited any hardware store and I was quick cement because obviously it dries quicker than normal cement. But normal semen would just work Fine. If you wanna have the same measurements that I did here, I use 300 grams. That's Sierra points £66 off cement. Then next we need some cold water, to be precise, it would be one part of cold water. They will be than 100 grams or Syria pointing to £2 of water. But if you just use the same cup to measure this meant and the water and you should be fine . Next, we need one plastic bowl. Please use plastic as when you stir the cement. When you mix it, it will scratch a little bit. So if you use a metal bowl, it would be scratched and never be ashamed. The next we need one old spoon just to stir it. Then we need one big cup and one small cup. And last but not least, we need a few stones or paddles just to hold the cups in place and what's not in a picture . Unfortunately, what after God is assisted, but I'm sure you'll have that at home, and we'll need it to get the done cup out of the mold. 4. 04 Preparing Cement: Now let's start with the fun part, preparing discernment. As the name cleverly suggests already quick. Cement dries very quickly, so we have to plan ahead. This means we have to prepare everything in advance. So once we're done mixing Desmond, we're actually ready to pour it. So here you can see I have to empty cups ready on my left, inside, on your right side and on my right side, your left side. I have to cement and water ready, and in the middle is the empty plastic bowl and my spoon. So let's poor and disseminate first not at the water and take the spoon and just stir until the whole cement is dissolved in the water. As it can hear. It makes this scratching noise that's from the particle in the cement. And I hope you took my advice and took a plastic bowl to make this as it cantina. It has this smooth consistency, and once it looks like this, it's ready to pour 5. 05 Making the Cement Cup: So let's get serious. As it can see, I'm still stirring now that it has the right consistency. Remember, we're looking for a smooth mixture. You can pour some cement into the big cup, take a good cup, fill it up to about half, and I took a seat through cup here so you can see what's happening and put in a smaller cup on top. Press it down, but no further than a finger above the bottom. If you press it down all the way to the bottom off the cup, it will be too thin and breaks easily. Not take some stones and put them into the smaller cup so it holds in place. You might have to balance it out a little. - If you'd like a ruffle look with uneven actress, just waited until the cements that starts to thicken in a bowl steps Artist sing. Pour it in or stupid in at the smaller cup on top and add some off the stones. Just hold it in place. Once that's done, you have to clean your bowl and spoon now or dis amendable. Harden here and you'll never get it clean again. But if you do this right away. It's like never used it to make some it ever Once it's completely try and it's my take the hours. Even with quick cement but no longer than 24 hours, it's a test. We have to cut out a cop open and free our conference cup. Now that's where the sister comes in handy that I forgot in supply list, but I'm sure you have some at home. If you'd like to use it as a planter, leave the in a cup inside. Just cut off any access to give it a great look. This is important because once you put your plant in and water it, the water shouldn't run into the cement where it will start to have cracks. And that's not what we want, so just leave it in. It will be waterproof anyway, so it's perfect. If you're looking for a clean look, just rip it out and this might be a little messy GNC, but it's working as you can see, the attack gray. This is because they're not completely dry yet. It just might take a few more hours, and then you will notice once they are completely dry, that there will be like, great and then you're done. That's it 6. 06 General Information: Let's start this lesson with a little back around information about concrete instrument. Those birds are getting used interchangeable, but they're not actually the same thing. So let's talk about that. And then let's talk about what we're gonna use to to make these little cups. So let's talk a little bit about chemistry. But don't worry. It's not getting too technical. I'm not getting into too much detail, but we have to understand that cement, and that's the basis is the thickener off concrete. So in every concrete there, cement, And just to put it very simple, you can you can say it's the view. Concrete, on the other hand, is cement mixed with sand, and the mixture depends on what you want to create and also the sickness and heaviness that you need it for. So today we're gonna work with women's and where cement and concrete are the same is have to add water, and then the thickening starts through a chemical process. So when you start to create, you will notice that the cups that we make this in will become warm. But that's only a by product, so you don't have to worry about that So let's get back to the practical stuff. We're creating this cups, as I mentioned before with cement. Why? Because it's it's lighter. It looks cleaner because smaller pores and it just it's great for little things like cups for decorating. But if you use, if you're making having projects that need to stand greater pressure than country would be your choice, but for this lets you submit. 7. 07 Final Thoughts: Now look what we made this little cute concrete or Ciman because you know the difference now cups that you can use as a planter with still ticketea if convicted, I was still the cup inside. So it doesn't run out when you walk to the plant and makes crack center to discernment. And also a little cup where I can store my Nixon next So I can't wait to see what you used his cups. Poor. And I hope you really like this tutorial. And please share your cup in the project gallery. Thank you. For what?