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How to Make Cute Cloth Dolls: Part 2

teacher avatar Kerrin Dewey, The Creative Home

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Part 2

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Making The Hats

    • 4. Making The Face

    • 5. Making The Hair (Curly)

    • 6. Making Straight Hair (Funky)

    • 7. Add Variety to the Hair

    • 8. Attach the Hat

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on How to Make Cute Cloth Dolls. In Part 1 you learned how to make the basic body of the cloth dolls. Please watch that series before starting this one.

In Part 2 you will learn how to:

- Make your doll's hat,

- Create a face for your doll,

- Create hair styles

These cute and easy steps will begin to transform the doll body you made in Part 1 of this series.

Have fun making your Cute Cloth Doll unique!

There is a pattern below for the hat. Please add photos of your work as part of the class project too. I would love to see how you are getting along.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kerrin Dewey

The Creative Home


My passion for creativity in the home goes back many years. As a mom and businesswoman I need to take time for creative outlets almost every day. Healthy food is important so baking and cooking healthy food is important. Then there is the joy of making something with your own hands with sewing projects and art. My goal is to show others how simple creative projects can be. Who has time for complication!

I am Kerrin Dewey. Writer, Mom, and creative. I hope you will join me and learn something creative today! 

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1. Introduction to Part 2: Hi, I'm Karen. Welcome to part two of how to make a cute cloth dull. This time around, we are learning how to make the heads of hay and do the faces of these dolls again. It's a beginner's project. You do not need great skill and we will so very straight. Simple stitches. Good luck. Have fun. 2. Materials: materials for this project include a sewing machine there. Need any fancy sewing machines? Simply a straight stitch yon of your choice of color. A, uh, missing needle mosque in Ted, a sharp pair of scissors. Your body basic, which you would have learned in course, one. Some black acrylic paint or a black mark up in some ribbing material. The heck pattern, which will be attached as a PdF. An optional extra is a flat iron, and you will need an old CD case or even a book. 3. Making The Hats : way gonna start with the hex that I usually put onto the Doles. All three of these hats are slightly different, but they use the same basic pattern. Have just changed them up each time. All right, so let's begin. You need the pattern for your head and a piece of ribbing. I like to use rubbing with an edge on it because it just makes things very easy with the right sides to give them. Put your pattern piece onto the ribbing and just mark around the edge. Very simply, Take your scissors and cut out Oronde the Edge. If you're unsure, you can pin or even tech the pieces together, but now we're going to move on to the sewing machine. But the hats into the sewing machine notice the age off the foot goes on the edge of the hat, give you a leading edge. We just straight stitch aware, and you have. You hadn't trim close to you'll serving edge and turn inside out, and there's your basic little hat that is going to go on to your door 4. Making The Face : Now we're going to do the face on your dole you can make. This is a complicated or as simple as you like. My personal preference is straightforward, simple eyes, and I tend to use acrylic paint. You may be able to use a good permanent market, but I would suggest that you test it on your material first to make sure that it doesn't spread. Some materials tend to cause the market to spread and blew the art lines, so test it first. You can use acrylic paint or fabric paint. Also very easy. Use a nice brush with a pointed end to it. Get your brush nicely coated now I tend to use the rule of some when it comes to the face. I put the sum over the neck and make my first marks quickly and clearly on the face of the door, and that's pretty much all I do again. I put my some over the neck and make the eyes. You can get more complex and put noses or eyelashes, and if you've got a nice, steady hand, you could make your little mouth and paint whatever features you want on Jodel. Personally, the simple eyes allow you to direct the expression. You can put a little white dot in to give it a highlight. If you want that for me, straight forward is best. 5. Making The Hair (Curly): I'm going to show you two different types off during the dole. Hey, this one are very, really used. I find it takes a bit more time in a bit more if it but it's actually very cute. At the end of the day, all you need for it is your wooden knitting needle, and you're yawn to make your curly locks like this. You hold your move against you needle, and so it goes over itself at the beginning, and then you're going to wand the own onto the needle, pushing it down and pulling it touch onto itself. Continue winding the own onto the needle, pushing down pulled stunt away to the end of the needle. Just keep going in that way until you have a needle full off a on. Now, just dampen it slightly. You can use the spray. Barca will just run it under a gentle 10 and then you engage Sichuan Urban to 100 degrees Celsius. Put your covered needle onto I use a few needles at a time. It does help and onto a baking tray and leave it in the oven for about 15 minutes to dry. Remember 100 degrees Celsius he wanted on quite a lower temperature. All you're trying to do is actually dry the wall into this shape. Make sure that the war is completely dry before you remove it from the needle. And when you have done that, listen, it has been done already. You will unwanted from the needle, and you will have your nice curly locks. If it's not completely dry. When you take it off, you're gonna find you DOn't get the Nice Attack Co. The simple way to attach this now to your door is with a needle in ST. You simply put your kills over the top of your doll's head. You can cut them to the lengths that you want or just move them about to make things easy right to to attach your cools you want to. You can cut them into lengths will just twist them up like I'm doing here and then put them of a doll's head. Take a needle in strayed, and it's just so then down onto the top of her head, you can make your cools as long as you want. We'll keep them a short flat for a sort of style and just keep adding until you have covered the head in cools. Don't get yourself knotted at black. I'm and just keep shifting The cools around until you have them all in the position that you want them to be in and just so them into place And you keep going until you dull has a nice head off. Hey! 6. Making Straight Hair (Funky): right now, we're gonna use this style that I usually use when making models here. Find us the easiest, quickest, simplest method to use. And it gives fabulous little head of him. You need the yuan of your choice. I've done a pink hat and a little pink and purple dress, so I'm going to add a contrast in you on in the purple. I'm going to make her hair blond and generally blonde here is not going to be one turn show . I've put in some creamy color with the white you need your CD to cover or a skinny book, some mosque in tape and your sharp pair of scissors to begin with, right? It's begin on a CD case. There's a little LaPierre and LaPierre art into work between those two. When doing Mark Hey, no, my base color is going to be the white and I start by time that down and just working across the CD cover. Just wind it round. Any type of your own will do. I don't really recommend pure war. Find it becomes too fuzzy, so a sort of synthetic blend is quite all right and miles you, but more leeway You can also use different ply wool. The 23 or four times, um, try not to use fuzzy wall. Okay, so we've gone between those two with the base covered. Now we're gonna put blending color in sort of the highlights if you want. Not as intensely as the white just filling in a few of the gaps and it's much. And then for a bit of fun and interest, we're going to add Oh, purple pink as you choose. Honestly, to put a bit of color in the hair really does add. And quite a lot of cute nous to the dole, Just that one. I like to use off cuts of you on for these contrast ing tellers. It just means everything kids used. Just slide that under just makes things a little bit easier. If you're masking tape, just measure cross put it over the top of, uh, well and then the bottom end. Smith battle. We just started out shops. Is is underneath and snip them all. You can get the same effect with a skinny book so easy enough to do, right? That's the basic Hey, done. And we're now gained. Moved to sewing machine 7. Add Variety to the Hair: right with your will pull to each side and your masking tape in the center, put the age down, and so a straight strip across service and go back and once more. All right. Now you have your centre line of suing. What this has actually done is perforated. The masking tape should make it a little bit easier for you to remove. Now he lifted up and pull against it. And you have you'll hear your door wig started then. Okay, let me try and get off as much of that masking tape. It's possible and this nucleus possible. And there you go. There's your center line off your wig. Okay, Now we're gonna touch the hit to the Doles head. Don't bring her slightly forward into the fringe and needle and thread. Same is when we attached Cools. When he just attach the ham right of it ahead to the back and then come up the other side to the front again. Not now. The basic hair is attached to the head. Ok, now you have your basic wig on your door. You can leave it simply like that, or you can give it a bit of a spiral. Cool simply by taking your thread off your yawn and you will see it splits, and you just gently pull that apart and you can go all the way around the head and you will end up with these lovely spiral cools or over. It's a quick and easy job, and it is extremely effective. You can leave them in the spiral form or here I have straightened them out. What I'm gonna do once have straightened the march is just to trim all thins and give her a nice straight cut to straighten them out. All I've done is separated this into the spiral Cool's first of all and then taken a flat iron, not a to higher temperature. You don't want to burn. You're here, don't you? Take a flat line and quickly and smartly bring it across the hair and it will flatten it out. Do it in sections. Don't try and do it in bulk and there you go. You will have a head off straight here, and that is an easy way to give her a straight. Hey can see the complete difference between that and that right next is putting on the hat 8. Attach the Hat: Okay, We're back to that hat, and we're going to put that on. Once you've finished separating, you're here. You're gonna fit your head on. Here's your little head. That should simply pop it overhead. I do also tend to bring them right down. But again, that's your personal preference. This little one. I've just done a latest leaf edge on it by sewing very tightly in so that the AIDS ages lift up to form the latest leaf edge on this one. I have simply soon with embroidery thread and asked for us, which will contrasts nicely with it around the edge, holding it down against the hit now so the ears on is a very simple practice. So that's so they had down first. The first step is to so the hack down take it just a little bit up from the edge double stitching name and we just go Writer on. What I'm doing is going right into the head through the hay and out the other side. Big stitches, the kind of bold and playful quickly get around the head. Then I shall to finish off, go in and come out underneath through the bottom. Here and snap off. Don't cut the hat or the hay, and then you go down the hatches on. It's time to put the ears in place, right With a needle inserted. It's straight. Mustn't contrast with the hat you wanted to hide as much as possible. Lift up the ear piece, push your some in and squeeze around the bottom them. Now you'll have this hollow in the middle and squeezed section in your hand. Just give a devil stitch through there. Don't worry about the ends. You can snip those off. Now squeeze back to front and going around the base. Just do it. Little stitches pulling nice and tight. There you have it in number one. Go back through to the back. Answer to the front. It's just to make sure that it is nice and stable and snip off your three. And that simply is that you have your first year done, which you will repeat on the other side so that you have your bunny it hat and you should end up with something quite like that. Decorate your hatch with designs or with buttons or beads, whatever takes your fancy and make your door look super cute. 9. Conclusion: on. That's how you do the hat on the hair for your cute little dolls. In the final section of this course, you will learn how to make clothes and put them onto your sweet little girls.