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How to Make Clothes for Cute Cloth Dolls (Part 3)

teacher avatar Kerrin Dewey, The Creative Home

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Materials

    • 3. Make Doll Trousers

    • 4. Make a Cute Jacket

    • 5. Finishing the Jacket

    • 6. How to Make Shoes

    • 7. Finishing the Shoes

    • 8. More Creative Ideas

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hi Everyone - this is a really fun class where your creativity can be expressed a much as possible.

This is Part 3 of my series of classes on making Cute Cloth Dolls.

If you missed the first two classes - Part 1 is here: and Part 2 is here:

In this class you are going to learn:

  1. How to make your doll's trousers;
  2. Your dolls jacket and
  3. Your dolls shoes

All of these steps transform your doll.

The GREAT part is that all of these clothes can be changed to create different looks and styles. I show you examples of the many options you can try too.

So join me on the course and see how to finish making your own Cute Cloth Dolls

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kerrin Dewey

The Creative Home


My passion for creativity in the home goes back many years. As a mom and businesswoman I need to take time for creative outlets almost every day. Healthy food is important so baking and cooking healthy food is important. Then there is the joy of making something with your own hands with sewing projects and art. My goal is to show others how simple creative projects can be. Who has time for complication!

I am Kerrin Dewey. Writer, Mom, and creative. I hope you will join me and learn something creative today! 

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Karen. Welcome to part three of your door making process. So far in schools, you will have learned how to make a door body, the dole hair and hat. This time around, we're going to learn how to make jacket, the pence and the shoes. And after that, you should have a beautiful, completed cute dog as part of your project. Don't forget to download your pdf patterns, which are attached to the course way. 2. Your Materials: Theo Materials for this part of the project are your dull body sewing machine, some embroidery, floss and buttons, a good pair of scissors drawing pin the pattern, which you will have downloaded as part of the pdf thread in your kind of choice that non essentials are a leather punch and pinking shears and your fabric of choice. I tend to like to work with T shooting material or even a jersey fabric, and as far as the shoes are concerned, I use a suede and leather you can use for leather to make the shoes right. Those are your materials. 3. Make Doll Trousers: way to start with the trousers for your dole after s and T shirting material and with a him already sewn in. You can use whichever material you like, but I find this easier to fit onto a dull Put your petting down and trace. Well, the trials is right. There you goes very easy. No, One of the reasons I like to use T shirting is because with pinking shears, you don't need to age the material. There's no fraying involved, and it just makes life a little bit easier, - all right? And they were done. And now we're going to So put your material on the inside edge off your foot and so down the side of the lake and the same goes for the other side. Now we're going to sew around the inside off the leg again. Still on the inside, off the foot against the edge off the fabric. Now, because you have used pinking shears to cut our t shirting, you don't have to worry about the fraying off your fabric. I'm just trimming off the threads now. Um, you'll trousers are pretty much done. If you have used fraying fabric in what you uses his execs stitch to just edge or fuel material very easily done. You do not need an over locker to do it. Just a zigzag stitch down the edge will stop it from fraying Any further, tune your trousers inside out and they are really to be fitted on your little girl. Hey, Leo, eaten up. Charles is done because I've years t shirting material stretch allows me to fit it easily onto the door, ending up that lovely, big, very bendy Dole and trials is fit on. Can we go? And she's done. 4. Make a Cute Jacket: part two. We're going to cut out on jacket. You only need a single piece of fabric for this in your color choice again. Just trace Iran. The edge off your pattern. This is the front of the jacket and into the neck. All right, so there is our jacket, Patton. Now we're going to cut it out and then sew together again. You can cut immediately with pinking shears. Are 10 to wait until I've finished showing the jacket together before I do. That just is you don't need to cut every edge with the pinking shears that whatever's easiest for you, all right, time jacket is cut out. No, it doesn't really make sense to say it's a jacket at this stage, but it will turn into a jacket once you have sewn it together. It's like a little metric now we're going to. So the jacket take the front two ages. These are your arms. Full the arms in half and for the front down to meet back. You guys so long, this edge and down here and on this side across this age and down the side rights, and it's trying it as even as possible Sometimes you need to just do a little trimming that It's fun. Okay, so down this age and across to the arms, try and get the back and front to match. To start with again, we are putting our fabric on the inside edge off the foot and, yeah, let's keep Yeah. If you're not confident off keeping the fabric pieces nasty together, then pin them and all even attack them down the ages so that it holds it in place much. And then we do the same for the other sign. Don't rush it. Take it slowly. Do it right. Okay, this is our jacket. We're gonna do some work to make it look presentable. Now again, I've used t shooting. No, friend. I'm going to use the pinking shears, and I'm just gonna trim off the arm edges. You can use the pinking shears to Trent from the age of the jacket, or you can zigzag stitch it. Also the back edge around the side, not the sharpest banking shares. All right. And just to demonstrate for you, we all gain to zigzag stitch the inside edge off the jacket. - Now you can see how nice and neatly the zigzag stitching works on me. Jacket, Turn your sleeves right way out and be ready to put it on. Found old again. The T shirting has the not stretch to it and makes it an easy thing to fit onto your dole and to adjust the size to your liking. All right, so there is a little jacket on, and we know all going to use all of embroidery, floss and buttons just to finish off with some buttons down the front and have her jacket closed. 5. Finishing the Jacket: I'm just gonna choose someone to go on them. Right. So I've chosen to bright pink buttons to go with my hat and my trials is and he's gonna go on the dole. I'm going to show right through the clothing and into the body. I'm not having removable clothing, but you're more than welcome to make yours removable. All right. My girls generally have one outfit, and they stay in that. All right? And hair out time. All right. That's on fairly sturdily sniffle friend of me and onto the 2nd 1 This one I put further down. And three, that trials is the top of the trials. Is the jacket and into the body off the dole. Okay, way. Haven't. The jacket is now lastly closed, and the buttons on the trials is on, and we're all ready to start our shoes 6. How to Make Shoes: my tree onto the final part off the clothing, which is the shoes. This is a little bit more work, but actually really fun once they're done. So let's have a go. I've turned my leather onto the wrong side. If you're using for leather, it's even easier to do this. This is the back of the shoe, and we do obviously two of each other. We need to shoes, so two of each peace sit them up so that we use as little material as possible. This is your soul off the sure again. Two off each piece with a good pair of scissors. Catch out your shoot pieces When cutting rounded pieces like this, move your material. Don't move your scissors. Keep use. Its assists is straight and move the material around. It gives you a smooth edge. We are now ready to so the shoes divide jewel pieces into the two pairs of shoes and let's begin. We want a soul and the top of the shoe. Hold the top of the shoe so that it faces the top of the soul and bend in Assad section so that it needs the side off issue. Holding that Noski to give it. Bring a to machine. Now again, we can to try and keep the side of the shoe within the edge off the serving foot, turning as you could lift up and ease. He's around the curve. That means just keep pushing the two edges as close together as you can get them. It's not gonna be perfect, and you can trim it. So don't panic that we need the sole of the shoe and the talk of the shoe. Put the wrong sides to give in. Match up the top of the soul and the top off the top of the shoe. Fold one side in and hold it there. Now you're going to ease. So this around the age, that means you're gonna keep moving the materials so that the ages stay as close together as possible. Put the fabric against Thean aside off the foot as before, when you can see the material is starting to separate from each other, lift up your foot and push being material together. Ease that Iran not just have been to up the inside to take up the in excess fabric and keep easing around okay, and now you can trim exists off of the soul, right? We've got the front of the shoe on. That's raids out the way you have it. How are we going to do the back of the shoot? This is the top edge. This goes against the souls of smaller edge against the soul. Put it so that it overlaps the soul and slightly the front edge off the shoe. Right. There you go. Okay. And we're gonna do the same thing. Easing around the shoe. Just a few stitches at a time. Don't try and rush it. This does take time, right? We've gone right past the age again and and off. And there we have the back of our shoe on. Still not making 100% sense, too, that you will see how it all comes together. Right? Trim off the excess threads on the top and the bottom of the shoe and that you have it. No. If you're using for later, this is very easy. You just take the sharp point off you assistance and on the top around its edge off the shoe. You're going to want to make a hole in your for leather If you're using. Actually that the easiest thing is to actually use a liver punch 7. Finishing the Shoes: this'd liver punch. I've got it on the smallest sitting, and what I do is decide where I want the whole to be. You want to come quite a decent amount into the top of the shoe there and just priest on and you've got your whole practically made. You'll do that on each side off the upper part of the shoe. Right now we take our dough and slide her foot into the shoe. It's like Cinderella. Her foot's a bit bendy, so I'm just maneuvering it into the actual shoe itself, Okay, and then we're going to take embroidery fuss in the color of your choice and began to use it as a shoelace. You can, of course, use will or several threads off normal caution. I just tend to find the embroidery flus the most useful and easy two years. Right now there's our little xun is, and our first shoe is done, and you're going to do the same for the second shoe 8. More Creative Ideas: This is the basic Dole, and now you sort of use your imagination to improve on it and make it much more interesting . Right now you have your basic dog, if you will remember from Part two, I showed you how to make the little bunny ears on top of the hat and to sew around the age to hold it onto the head. On this particular door. I've put a nice little button in the middle of the hat and instead of making straight trials, is I've pulled the trials, is right up, extended the top of the trousers and made them a sort of extended dungarees on this dough. I've made her jacket out of Denham and then just soon on from the machine, embroidered around the ages to make pretty edging on her jacket. On this Dole, I've added little knitted jersey over the top off her jacket, and instead of cutting down the front of her jacket, I've actually just kept it, joined together and made it a long sweatshirt over her trials is in this one. Instead of cutting up the sent off the trousers to make the crutch portion off the trousers , I have cut straight across the bottom and made her in a nice little skirt again, a nice little jersey, some buttons and a sweatshirt instead off the jacket. There are so many variations off what you can do with ease doles different fabrics on this one. I've used gene fabric and given her some and jeans with embroidery over the top of it. And again, you know, the buttons and the embroidery. Floss makes such a difference to each dull. Keep a good supply off colored cottons and a good supply off. Fun and unusual buttons always look out for these when I'm out and about, and just add them to my stash every now and then. And each Dole can be made individual with her different colors, different buttons and in different fabrics. It's a simple is that use your imagination and make your Dole's absolutely beautiful and fun 9. Conclusion: Thank you for taking this course on how to make cute cloth dolls. Please upload pictures off your completed projects that I can see how you've done. I hope you enjoy making your cute cloth dolls. And until next time by