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How to JUMPSTART Your Creativity & STAY Inspired!

teacher avatar Storm, Photographer, Videographer, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      PART 1 - Getting Over Creative Block


    • 3.

      Learn From Those Who Inspire You!


    • 4.

      Make An Idea Journal


    • 5.

      Read Read Read!


    • 6.

      PART 2 - Maintain Your Creative Energy!


    • 7.

      Eliminate Excuses!


    • 8.

      Evaluate Your Current Position


    • 9.

      Destroy Distractions


    • 10.

      Keep An Honest Perspective


    • 11.

      Make Your Goals Public, and a Reality!


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About This Class

This class will outline how to get creatively inspired, and then STAY that way!

Students will learn how to:

  • Learn from those who inspire them
  • Remember EVERY idea they ever get
  • ABSORB information in large quantities
  • Evaluate where they are on their path to achieving their goals
  • Rid themselves of distractions to enhance their ability to be productive
  • Make their goals a REALITY!

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Photographer, Videographer, Teacher



Hey there! I'm Storm. 

I'm a Photographer, Videographer and Online Teacher. Thanks for checking out my profile!

I have a passion for creating professional, unique visual arts using budget gear.


In my classes you'll learn:

|>How to film and edit photos & videos on your smartphone

|>YouTube marketing and branding tips

|>Freelancing guides to help you succeed

...and much more! Let's have a good time!

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1. Introduction: do you personally work in a creative field? Are you an artist, A writer, A blogger of lager? Or would you like to be any of those things? If you're already one of those things and people are relying on you to stay creatively inspired, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed. The stresses of life and sometimes even deadlines can just way down on you to the point that you just don't feel any inspiration. So whether you have a creative business already or not, I'm gonna show you three foolproof ways to stay creatively inspired. Hit that enroll button. Let's get started. 2. PART 1 - Getting Over Creative Block: 3. Learn From Those Who Inspire You!: one of the easiest, most foolproof way is to say creatively inspired is toe follow people who inspire you. Look for people who do the same thing you do, or that you want to do find their instagram, their social media there. Blawg even check out videos and interviews of them. A really great way to stay creatively inspired is to make sure you spend at least 15 to 30 minutes per day browsing profiles, blog's and other information of people who inspire you. The more you push into your brain creatively with people who you see are successful in the field, you want to be successful. It is a great way to just find your own spark of inspiration. Lots of people think that creativity is only for a select few that you're either born creative or you're not. And that's just simply not true. Some of the most creative people you'll ever meet will tell you that their ideas didn't just come straight from them. A lot of the time people who you see that you think are just instant online sensations or an artist that just blew up, we'll tell you that they got the idea from someone who did it before, but they try to do it better, and we'll talk a little bit more about that in the next segment. But for your class project Really like for you to find people who inspire you in your field and then make a note of who they are, why they inspire you and how you can emulate them? Well, that's not the only way to stay creatively inspired. There's more. Let's go to number two, okay. 4. Make An Idea Journal: all right. So now you know that you need to find people who can inspire you to stay inspired. But that's not the only way to do it. The next step is to make an idea journal. See, this whole creativity thing doesn't just happen at a certain time on a certain day. And then every other day your uninspired ideas come and go. They come at different times the day, different times of the week. What do I mean by an idea journal? Well, whether it's to your phone or through an actual notebook, having the opportunity to write down an idea whenever it comes to you, whether your bed in the shower, driving down the street. But please don't type and drive is a really great way to make sure that no matter where you are and what you're doing, you're able to make a note of what that idea is exactly when it comes to you, some people will tell you that physically writing something down just gets those creative juices flowing, and other people like to make it electronically. No matter where you are or what you're doing, make sure you document whatever idea comes to your mind, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Later, you might look back on it and noticed something in it that maybe the stroke of genius that you needed a stroke of genius. How's that for creative? So for the second part of your class project, right after you've made a list up, who inspires you? Tell me, how have you made your idea? Journal? Is it hard copy or is it electronically and start paying attention to when ideas come to your mind with your sleeping when you wake up from a nap when you pop out of the shower and you have this great idea, write it down and see what you come up with the end of the week. But there's one more thing you can do to stay creatively inclined. Let's get to it. 5. Read Read Read!: Step three. Read, Read. Read. Yeah, I'm doing that. Yeah, You're in a great job. Well, I'm actually not looking at the newspaper. Looking at this great Wal Mart ad kind of a male. Honestly, reading is one of the best ways you can get information in here. Where does creativity come from and where the ideas come from? Your mind. So in order to stimulate that and add more information that you could draw from creatively , you need to put stuff in there, read absolutely anything that you can pick up like this. Cole's AB fine read biographies of the people you respect and that inspire you read articles and magazines of things that you'd like to do or that just seem incredible. Doing these things can help you break down what makes that person successful and what you can bring to the table. It's OK to copy as long as you don't carbon copy. Take people's ideas and use them to put your own creative spin on them and then either emulate that person or take it to the next level. 6. PART 2 - Maintain Your Creative Energy!: 7. Eliminate Excuses!: Nobody's gonna like what they see. Don't make excuses. All right? Really. Don't make excuses. You have a lot of things to do in one day or an end goal for a project. Do not make excuses when you feel overwhelmed. Do you ever hear yourself saying this? No one cares about my work. What if I fail? I'm the new guy in this area. Don't make excuses. Get up and do whatever needs to be done. Would you like to learn a new language? We? Would you like to start a blogger or a new business? Would you like to start a blogger or a new business? Yeah, but I have too many doubts. If I don't try, I can't fail, right? Yeah. It's a good way to make sure that you have zero success. You can guarantee 100% failure if you don't try. But somehow I don't think that's what you want. If you like to get somewhere, take the first step. But that's not all. What else can we dio? Let's find out 8. Evaluate Your Current Position: next to you to evaluate your current position. Where are you right now? Honestly, as far as your end goal, where you want to be on the path to your success, where are you standing? Do you see yourself really close to getting there or have even started? But how can I get a clear picture on where I'm at? Ask other people when you get constructive criticism, you're looking into the eyes of other people. The people around you sometimes have a better perspective on wary rap than you do, and that's because they're not always biased. And sometimes they're believing in you more than you believe in yourself. Looking criticism as a way to improve. And you can even jump start this process by asking someone, Do you think I'm getting anywhere? What do you think of my work currently? How could I improve? Evaluate current position 9. Destroy Distractions: it's Oh, sorry, distractions. They'll sabotage you. Don't want to get anything done. Distract yourself with social media all day. You have to get rid of distractions to be successful. Get rid of anything that gets in the way of your creative path to success, whether it be learning that new language, making your new blogger business every second that you waste not doing work is a great way to get off track and completely lose focus. Sure, it's really easy to scroll, and it's not easy to work. But if you set a block of time to do work and make sure you do work during that time turning off all notifications, ignoring emails, trust me, the world won't falling on you. If you take a break from socials, then you'll find your productivity skyrocketing. Isn't that what you wanted anyways, to get stuff done? 10. Keep An Honest Perspective: Oh, wow. So small. Oh, I just need to perspective Keep perspective on where you're at, where you've been and where you're going. Look at the past. You with the present, you in the future, you to get a good idea on who you are and where you wanna be. What happened earlier today? This morning. What did you do and what could you do better throughout the rest of the day? Keeping perspective is all about making a mental map of what you did earlier, what you're doing now and what you want to do in the future. Everything you do, no matter how small, has an impact on future. You and everything you just did has an impact on President. For example, say, last night passed, you decided to stay up watching Netflix, and you stayed up into the wee hours of the morning finishing that sitcom. But you had to get up early today to get something finished on time. You were exhausted, you hit the snooze button, and today you're rushing through your work because he didn't have enough sleep past you. Sabotage present you and future you is gonna be miserable about your decision. So How can you use that now? Think about the decisions you make now and how that will impact you in the future. Do I need to get started on a project right this second? Have enough time for another one or even time with family. Is my choice about staying up right now Gonna hurt me in the future. And if I get started on a project, then I'll have time for B project. See project later and then I might even get tomorrow off. If you're self employed, This can really help jumpstart everything you do. But even if not, it can help you stay on track. Keep perspective. 11. Make Your Goals Public, and a Reality!: make your goals public. Do you really want to get something done? A cheek. To tell your brain that you need to get something done is by tapping into that side of our brain that makes us one of please other people. Tell your friends, tell your family, Tell anyone you can that will hold you accountable about a goal that you want to achieve by a certain date. If you also mark this date on the calendar and even milestones along the way, you can help yourself stay on task. But when you tell other people about your goals, it kind of guilt you into wanting to make them happy. And sometimes when other people know what you're trying to accomplish, they can help jumpstart you asking questions like, How's that project going? Are you still on time? We still on target, and sometimes that just the boost that you need to get up and go for your class project. I simply like to know what you're working on. What is your creative endeavor, When do you want to be there and what do you see for yourself in the future? And if you haven't figured out the answers to those questions yet Now's a great time to start dropped that in your project below. We'd all love to see it, and I'll see you in the next one.