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How to Grow on TikTok - A Practical Masterclass

teacher avatar Mario Fabelo, Student + YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How To Install & Set Up


    • 3.

      Optimization: Bio, Logo, Captions & Website Link


    • 4.

      Hashtags I


    • 5.

      Hashtags II


    • 6.

      The TikTok Algorithm Explained


    • 7.

      How to Get on For You Page


    • 8.

      How to Make a Viral Video


    • 9.

      How Often & When to Post


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About This Class

How to Grow on TikTok - A Practical Masterclass

If you are watching this, chances are that you already have an account and you are unhappy with your results on the platform or that, on the other hand, you are new to the platform and want to get off to a good start.

In this class, you'll learn everything you need to know in order to grow your following on TikTok. After 6 months of constantly uploading and growing on TikTok I have learnt lots of things, many by a method of trial and error.

I made this class so you can learn How to Grow on TikTok in a more effective and efficient way than I did; so you already know what you should and shouldn’t do, and so that you understand how the platform works as quick as possible so that you can start taking full advantage.

In this class we’ll give answers to:

  • How to Optimize your Profile
  • How Hashtags Work, how to Research for Hashtags & which Hashtags Should you Use
  • How many Hashtags Should you Add & does #fyp Work?
  • How does the TikTok Algorithm Work
  • How to Get on For You Page
  • How to Increase the Possibilities of your Videos going Viral
  • How Often & When to Post

If you are a complete beginner to TikTok, you’ll be introduced to the basic fundamentals first before going further to more advanced topics such as the TikTok Algorithm and How to Make a Viral Video. And if you are an intermediate or advanced creator you’ll hopefully learn something more in here that’s useful.

Who am I?

My name is Mario - I am a 16 year-old TikTok Content Creator with an account of 200K Followers and 3M Likes. I started to consistently edit and upload videos to TikTok at the end of 2019. By now, already both the most well-known basketball account on TikTok and an NBA Team’s account have reposted some of my videos.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mario Fabelo

Student + YouTuber


I’m Mario, a Physics student at Trinity College Dublin with many side hustles.

I spend most of my free time documenting my academic journey on my YouTube Channel.

I share my student life and how I use tools like Notion or Anki to study for my exams in a more effective way, freeing up my time for other interests.

I also run an account on TikTok called lukamagicdoncic with 290K Followers & 6M Likes, which combines my hobby of basketball with video-editing to expand my knowledge on Digital Marketing.

If you’d like to know more, please my Skillshare profile. If you’ve got ideas for future classes you’d find useful, drop me a DM/email and I’ll consider it.

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1. Introduction: Welcome to how to go in and tick tock might cause here in sculpture. In this course, I'm going to teach you everything I have learned during my journey as a content creator. If you are watching these, chances are that you are not happy with the results you are getting on tick tock ordered you have just downloaded the N12. Get off to a good start in the platform. My name is Mario and I am a 16-year-old connect creator with their account of 180 gate followers and 2.7 million likes. I started my Victor account on 29 December 2019 and uploaded at least one piece of content every single day since then, which barely explains the relative success of my account. But now let me tell you, why should you be agreed on desktop DVR watching these? And you are in one yet, if you are anything from a business that wants you scale and gain exposure to a normal person who simply wanted to try something new. Tick tock is definitely your platform. It is in its best moment right now, like Facebook in 2011 or Instagram in 2015, dicta GE is a platform of 20-20 and onwards. It's organic reaches way or where the competition way over the other social media platforms, which makes it very easy to have a viral video having no followers add up. And that's exactly how my account started. My second video went up to 1 million views and gave me around Sankey followers ingest a single week. Since then I have continued uploading and a scaling might take the account to what you see right now in this six months of uploading and growing dictum, I have learned lots and lots of things by a method of trial and error, which has made it more difficult for me to grow as it took me more time to know what exactly should I be doing and to learn and apply these techniques and strategies that helped me every single day grow my account or these recent, I have made this class your SQL server so that you can learn how to go and take talk in a more efficient and effective way than I did, so that you already know what you should and shouldn't do as well as understand how the work since the start of the journey so that you can take for the bandage, I have lot of practical advice to share with you, but I don't want to make it overwhelming for this reason, this glass is broken out into a different videos, so it is easier for user folder class and absorb the key ideas and concepts that I'm going to be explaining you. You can pause the videos at any given moment to take notes. Did you find it useful as the real aim of this course is for you to actively learn and understand the concept that I'm giving to you, instead of us watching me to a camera, which isn't really that useful. So it will be great if you could take some notes and get your hands dirty so that you can end up with more valuable takeaways if you have any questions, leave them down in the discussion thread below, and I will make sure that I answer all these questions and give you my best and highest byte. So hopefully you find this course helpful in growing your intake to account in Eigen. Soon see you uploading content to an account of your own with the aim of building a community and achieving your goals. Hopefully, I will see you on the other side. 2. How To Install & Set Up: In this video, I'm gonna guide you through the process of downloading tic-tac-toe and say Nabeel count, this is going to be a quick video, but it is as important as others are you're gonna find later on if you have already downloaded the app, simply go to this timestamp. I'll just put it on screen so that you can go to the next thing that you can make for those who have not already downloaded the app of Tic-Tacs, simply go to the App Store, you have iOS, or go to the Play Store if you have Android and hit download, once the app has finished downloading and installing, you'll get up to this point. This is the signup page of tiktaalik in which you are going to create your account. As you can see, you have many options when greeting, I count phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, even Apple. You can do wherever you want and wherever feels more comfortable to you. At this point, I will recommend it to stop and simply go and do this. If you are sign out, sign up with whichever option you feel more comfortable with and simply south. And what we'll do later on, once you have created your account, you will find that you have an auto-generated churning, usually with random numbers that I usually recommend changing as it isn't really very professional and specific. Apart from this, if you click edit profile, you're gonna see lots of options. Jason's your name, your bio in change, your website link. And you also have the option of thinking GTA and Instagram. We're gonna cover this later on in depth in this course. So don't worry about this yet, but yes, you know that they are there. Now here comes the most important part of this video, switching your Twitter account to pro, this is a completely free feature that tick tock offers you so that you can access complete statistics or via account and you can know what you can do to improve your county from where are your followers and what things are they engaging with the music they're listening, Tic-Tacs. So there's lots of information, really valuable information that is simply free. So you simply have to do is I'm showing right now, you're simply, you have go to the three dots up in the menu and simply go and say munch account. And once you enter there, you will see the option of switching your account to prod. You will simply click there and you get this. You will simply have to complete this answer. Two different things. Obviously determined whether your Creator, business and what side of it you are. In this case, I'm just putting random stuff. So as you can see, all the options that you have voted. Yes, you simply determining your creator or your business, what's Iperf, greater business you are. And then they are going to ask you different things, but it's going to be pretty quickly and pretty short. So they usually even as for email and in this case, they didn't ask me for an email. But if they ask you for animal is quite normal, Barria, super-easy. So there's not much difficult illness DO once you have already updated your account to pro, you will be able not to only access your account and statistics are provided as flexors hold my you will also be able to access your individual video statistics. These will be dated from 24 to 48 hours after uploading content, and you'll be able to see everything from the watch time to the territory's from which people are watching your video. And lots of things are really going to be super useful later on in determining how you can improve, how can you grow your account six out. So, yeah, we'll talk a lot about this later on. Now they've already created your account and made it a proud council. You can have full statistical period account. We are going to go to the next video. The next video we're going to be talking about one of the most important aspects of this whole course, and that's going to be Tic Tac optimization. See you then. 3. Optimization: Bio, Logo, Captions & Website Link: In this video, we're gonna talk about diktat optimization. These refers to your tics are bio, logo captions and website link. Miss her basic things you need to take in mind when you are creating and developing your tic-tac-toe account. First, let's talk about the Twitter bio. This is an 80 character session in which you describe you tick to account yes, to be sold. But precise as you want to make your message pretty clear and your purpose on the platform, I'm now going to give you a leg up for your tics are basically telling you the ideal structure from my point of view when making a tick tock bio. So we're going to divide the data by row into three different lines. The first line of utility has to describe your account needs to answer to who are you or what does your account about in a very interesting and engaging manner. The third and last line of your vials should be a call to action. This can be the tell your audience to follow you, or you can also tell your ensue, go and click link of your choice. You can even ask your followers to, okay, let's go and get 100 K followers so you can ask them to follow you. So I do get closer a follower go. Secondly, let's talk about a Tic Tac logo. As in a business, the logo is a key aspect of your growth and branding. It takes out the logo itself isn't really that important. As many great creators with lots and lots of followers usually change the legos very easily. They are very flexible. And if there is an upcoming trend, they would change it to a logo that won't really help their audience in the terminal and they are themselves. As, for example, you can see my account and you see a loading, say OK, it's looking, my ideology is this account. So the logo isn't really as important. Many data creators usually change. It, isn't such an intelligent strategy and talking about branding, but let's say that theta communities more open and more flexible and that's why logos are in that important. We have examples such as the lego Logo strength that was everywhere in starting tectonic went everywhere like in our social media platforms recently, there was also the trend of logo of Black Lives Matter and basically most of the big careers. This to their profile logo. And well, you can see how the tick tock, community and creators are really very flexible relating two logos, now a several captions or abuse descriptions. A key in any viral video, there are going to determine how much engagement it receives and how much traction NASTRAN obviously affect the ranking and then if it goes well or not. So now you will be asking yourself, how do you make the perfect caution, in this case, the gaps units or 150 characters actually, which is obviously pretty limited. So once again, as with the bio, you have to be very precise and very thoughtful on what you add to it. Once again, I'm going to recommend you. My ideal structure is only mine as basically most of the Greer's or the platform for the structures. So yeah. So I usually like my caption to start with, with one line of text can basically be anything from just an statement which describes your video. Or it can be a question. You can be creative. In that text, you will usually add keywords to that the algorithm understands and knows what you'll be visible. You can also throw some questions and just try to make it creative because in the end, this text is going to determine how many comments video has. So what good first-line of texts in a caption can determine if your audience is active and engaged in order to maybe leave their opinion in the comments and engage, or maybe follow you or short video with your friends. So it's very, very important. This first line of text in the caption and after the first line of text, you can maybe do even while half or two, but I should be for one-liners, it is short, precise and goes to the point in a very precise manner. So then really you would add the hashtags. We're not really going to talk about high-stakes in here as we have two videos basically focused on that, there are no lead. The next two videos, we'll cover the hashtags later on. So don't worry about this. Wanted to Z lines of text and then hashtags, those with two or three lines so that your final caption does not take too much space here, some captures of videos of mine. So as you can see how I play with the different captions. But as you can see, the URL bar, I basically, I don't really follow very strict structure. I usually borrowing and try different things as I have yes, recommended to you. So you can see other than these are bills have gone viral. So that's why I showed them to you, because they have void. You can see everything and how really follows structured ideas giving you, you can play with this and try different stuff. Like, you know, in this course, I want you to try stuff because There's no real formula for everything. Some things were from some people and other things were for another peoples. Finally, let's talk about the website link. This is an option that was made available to the public around March 2020, at least for me and all my accounts or accounts I have on my phone, I have the option of LinkedIn URL. So this website link oxygen is great for any individual business as you can drive your audience from anything to your website, to your social media accounts, your merchandising page, to your affiliate products page, whatever you want, you can add. You can also create a multiple links and link tree for free. I personally use that so that you can have a link that opens and it's basically a landing page and you have many, many different links so that you can basically drive your into more than one of your desired URLs. If you add the fact that you can create one of these multiple links page to the fact that you basically can also link YouTube and Instagram, but within the platform began driving earnings to wherever you really want. And that's why I take tau is a huge, huge platform in which you're gonna get lots of organic reach. And you're going to be able to try lots of people to places. You want, people to see you. Maybe website. Maybe you won't sell some stuff already. How business is, why website link its heat? And you really going to use this if you really want to convert. As you can see, tic-tac-toe is a social media platform that enables the user to very easily drive traffic to other places. So this is a theme that I love about ticks are personally, you have particular account and you have a YouTube channel. Deputy Chancellor received lots of traffic as you have to take stock. And we do have the link. So I basically have the ANY has obviously helped me a lot in developing my YouTube to include in this video, you have learned all about the ticker value and its optimal structure. You have also learned about a tick logo and it's not as important place in the detector community. You have also learned about the caption and its optimal instructors will how to use it effectively and how you need to be creative in order to gain some engagement that will help you on your videos so that they can reach greater audiences. And then we also talked about the website link option that tick tock offers every user. We can create a multiple in space so that we can amplify the amount of URLs links that we can drive our audience from Titov. These were actually link option added to the built-in options of a LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram make takes up a very, very good platform to drive traffic to other platforms of the choice. In the next video, we're going to talk about the basics of hashtags. Whereas S, I can take the altruism for assets and which has that studio at your videos. So stay tuned because the next video is gonna include some concepts that are very needed, but you need to deeply understand and comprehend so that you can later on use hashtags effectively in order to grow your Tic Tac. See you then. 4. Hashtags I: In the following two videos, we're going to be talking about hashtags. In this video, we are going to be talking about the fundamentals or is there a second dicta, cultural research progress that, and which has tax to use for your videos. You can ask any career in their platform, and they will all agree on the hind borders of hashtags, for me has excited one of the most important things you need to understand in order to be able to grow your own Tiktaalik account, which is the main goal of this course. Let's start with the basics. What is a hashtag on desktop? I will define ASM data as a tool that identifies your video with niche, and which also has the aim of making your video arrives to the target audience via that hashtag, basketball, what they will do is that your video will be related with all the other videos that have the same HashSet has like a basketball. So basically the people that are going to see your video are people that have already engaged with boast that at this hashtag. So that's the good thing of using hashtags. You can really target to an audience or you're gonna know that are going to engage in airmen to receive your video in a very, very nice way. So what this means is that you're able to use hazardous correctly. You will be able to get to your target Aryans and basically grow your account variously as the content will get to the people that will enjoy it and we'll consume it. And it will obviously hobby, grow and grow and grow. You will tame views and you will be able to grow from that. So basically, that's why has extraordinary important is because they are a channel from you to the target audience. Obs has six correctly, you will be able to get your content to the right people, the people that will engage and will consume the content. Let me give you an example. Imagine you're trying to choose a TV channel in which two show your ad, which is targeted at young people and incorrect use of irrelevant has tags will be the same as if you showed this ad which is targeted at young people in a channel we know Jiang audience at all. The ad will not be seen by potential costumers and you wouldn't really convert into anything. Similarly, if you don't use hashtags correctly in tic-tac-toe, what will happen with your video that it won't reach its editorials and it will basically get no engagement as the people that it reaches have really no relation to it. And they don't relate to the video. They don't feel engaged. They don't flow active to comment or to like or do you serve so that in the end is going to affect their performance in a very negative way. It will also get a very reduced amount of views as the algorithm will basically start pushing the video farther. As it is seen that it is not performing well. Nobody's really into it. There is no engagement. So that's why accurate use of fast tax is key in order to vary account. Now that you understand the logic behind Hashtags, let me tell you the different things you have to consider when choosing your hasNext. First, it is very important to know how to find hashtags that you can include in your content. This isn't something really difficult. Sometimes it's pretty obvious, or other times you can simply go to competitor accounts like similar to yours in the same niche and Jack which has tax they are using so that you can really see what's working for them. You can also search for a very weak hashtagging your niche. Then you can also see the other has text. The people that have very high are using, and that's a pretty good indicator of which ones you should use as well. You can copy all the hashtags that you research on notes up from there, you can start trying with different ones and experimenting laser on. Secondly, apart from knowing how to research and how to find your hashtags, you shows you know, how to use them effectively, you videos. So let's start dividing all the existing hashtags into three groups, further starting with growth. These are the biggest hazards on the platform that are very, very general like for you page FIT tomorrow. This half over 10 billion views and they are called Road. Then we have a specific hashtags. These are assets that are basically relevant to specific niche. So for example, if you are in a basketball niche like in mine, it would be like hashtag, MBA, MBA, funny, has an MBA basketball. So you gotta get the idea of it. And then finally, we will have the featured has tax. These are the ones that they are pretty big. They're not as big as the Broad. They are not as small as that specific. In this case, the feature are the ones that are training right now that are trending in the coachers, victor, OK. And we have several black lives matter, things that really relate to the specific moment featured has tax. Ideally the best is to have a mace of history. But sometimes if you don't have any featured has tech like for example, EBU doesn't relate to anything that has re now topping culture. You don't use them and go all in into a specific and broke, you have to know that there isn't a correct has an extra fee for every single account. Every country is different. Every cow needs different hashtags and different amount of hashtags will talk about that later on till IS recommended to try different stuff experiment. I want you to choose terminal in this course because you're not really going to find the thing that works for you until you really try and experiment with lots of different style. Finally, let's talk about the challenge has tax, although well-known challenges at the top are made viral through their hashtag. For example, has that chymotrypsin has take electricity game has tugboat challenge. These are the most recent, but there are many others on the platform that popped continuously every single day. Making videos of these challenges can help your account stay relevant and have continuous engagement Omar de account you have, you can always adapt the challenges that are trending to your account. In my case, I have done that. And as you can see right here, I have basically adapted them to my account, which is a basketball player in the NBA. But you can clearly see how the high-stakes always there. If you don't add the hashtag, when you're basically turning to challenge. You're going to have any views basically like isn't going to be related with the challenge itself though, as you see I have shown you that has that bowl challenge IS had, you know, a little bit of ferritin and a little bit of adaptation to your account. And yes, a little bit of creativity. In conclusion, in this video, you have understood Lloyd VM hashtag, how they work and which has we have also talked about how hashtags, Arctic marine of challenges, new platform, how entering into this new training challenges can help your account say irrelevant. In the next video, we'll talk more about hashtags, how many issued, and we will also talk about a well-known and controversial EV YP and see if it really works or not. See you then. 5. Hashtags II: In this video, we'll talk about the hashtag F yp a has type that has created much confusion between creators. Do too is a strange by reality, but usual uses net. After that, I will tell you which sees the right amount of different hashtags to show you that in your video spurs, let's talk about a controversial hashtag, AYP disaster is one of the most popular in the platform, tick tock, with over 3,000 billion bits. For those that do not already know, this has the has no correlation with a four-year page? Yes. Because do you use this hashtag? You won't appear on the four-year page. Uh, you know, because this is a very usual Confucian. Some people yes, allergy because they think, OK, this is the premium that where you pitch, I will get some more people. It doesn't work that way. If not everyone would use it and will be the best house together, it would not even be, has to be like a super has talked about. It's not like that. The only positive thing of hashtag gave yp is that it may offer you some more organic rich than other hashtags It's huge amount, BUT VR and using the platforms are going to try and to experiment with or without FIB, see if it works for you. For me, it kinda has what kind of hazard as well? I tell you to don't use it constantly because if not, you will get shadow bands when ticked up basically bands you content from beam sewn in there for you page. So you're just going to be seen by your followers, which means that your total amount views will be very, very reduced. Be aware that sometimes if your video is not really appearing on the for you page, which you can check in the individualist statistics after our debt in your accounts repro, though we view entering the individual videos, it is six. You will see the percentage of abused which has come from the four-year page. If these percentages preload, there are two possible reasons. One reason is that you may be shallow ban as I've already told you, you're kind of band your videos are in sewn to the public, so yes, to your audience. And then number two, is that simply your video hasn't performed Good enough. It may be an option, so don't think that if it hasn't gotten for you based it is because I'm shadow band. Maybe it's not, maybe it's because the video isn't good enough. It hasn't performed. Wellness, doesn't have that much watch time, and it doesn't have that much engagement. So be aware of this personally. I do not recommend hashtagging point P as it is like in listing yourself in a huge, huge contest in which the final price is amazing, but the probability of you getting the final price of ranking very high in-house tech. They are very, very reduced. It kind of becomes pointless at sometime. So that's why I don't really like it. And you also run the risk of getting shadow bands. So balancing the pros and cons, I just don't see really well. It is very common to rank high on hashtag away, BUT that lots of videos that are competing for that first places and hashtag you also need to know you can perfectly get a video viral without using this hashtag has stuck away. In my case, the most viral videos I have, like over 2.3 million views. That one didn't have hasta away p. And I think another one with 1.8 million views dinner have the hashtag avoid P as well. So I just tell you this isn't really gone in, give you much benefit. And is you're gonna run high and you run the risk of getting shadow bands. So I personally don't recommend it, but as with everything, Shariah event staff maybe to your gown, it works. I know for mining hasn't really worked. So yesterday. Now let's talk about the number of different handsets. You see that in each piece of content, I personally, as I connect within the platform after uploading 411 videos with different hasta combinations and different number of hashtags. I have seen UP this from my account that range between 36 has tax is the best, at least three to diversify their video enough so that it is basically seen in different hashtags, not just one. Because if not, you depend too much on the ranking of that single hashtag, that you may not get it anywhere in a maximum of six tasks so that the total caption and hashtags, we occupy that much space because if not, is going to affect the performance of the video as the people are going to see the video. So theory, as strangely enough, there videos which have gone viral without having a single hashtag like really no asked a girl and they have gone pretty, pretty viral. In fact, these videos that have gone viral with hashtags are one of the most scene in the platform. So this is kind of very strange point in which, so you see these videos are performing really well and they didn't even have hashtags. So I was like, well, once again, as we have second yp, I recommend you to try in this case, as well as we'd have way B, I don't really recommend you having no has sex at all because and is you're a person that has lots of followers and a year. Very great forward bays that are just going to make the be a viral. If not, it's very difficult at the video's gonna go viral and has tax, yes, do better. So I recommend you to add some from H6. Try as well the different number of hashtags that work best for you, maybe with two aspects or with seven, you won't even wishing in this video you have learned everything about hashtag airway B is potential but relatively worthless. You and I have also talked to you about the number of hashtags of different aspects that you should use in every single piece of content, which is once again something that you need to find out by yourself, Oregon, you 36, but maybe that doesn't work for you. So try to first start by vertices is what has worked for me and for most of you will, but for some it may not. As mentioned, this is what works best for my account, but it doesn't really have to work best for yours. So once again, I'm really insisted in this, but yet try different stuff because in the end, that's gonna make you better. You're gonna find what really fits your account, what works best for you. So going against appearance as I'm running creator, so these are positive. The next video we'll cover the ticket of algorithm from how it answers content to how it recommends it. So stay tuned because the next video is going to be one of the most important parts of this course and is obviously going to be one of the most theoretical and which you have to pay lots of attention as you need to understand it was the only known with this algorithm. So you can later on use this learning and understanding to build and grow your own Twitter account. See you then. 6. The TikTok Algorithm Explained: In this video, we're gonna talk about the tick tock algorithm. This is probably the most important video of this whole course as understanding the pictogram room will be the thing that will determine the most. You are able to manually Grow Your tick tock by ROM table creator in the platform sticks out, is trying to figure out the algorithm. But no one really fully knows how it really works, not even meet just like the algorithms of other social media platforms. There are specifics, are unpublished, but social media experts and content creators have been able to identify some of the algorithms most important aspects. So in this video, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know what the algorithm, how is it, how does it really work, and how can you take full advantage of it? Let's start by answering to the most basic question of all, what is an algorithm? An algorithm is a mathematical set of rules as specifying how a group of data behaves in social media, algorithms help maintain order and assist in ranking search results and advertisements. Now that you know what an algorithm is, let's dive deep on the detector car with him first. It is not a tick tock algorithm uses machine learning as many of the most well-known social media platforms. Also. This is the application of AI or artificial intelligence in which machines are able to learn automatically and to improve from experience. This means that a tick to our rhythm is constantly changing and developing based on the information it receives from a user's, these machine learning algorithms, Itzhak is used to evaluate the quality of every single video uploading platform based on three different elements. Completion rate, how much time that video has been seen compared to its total duration, engagement variety, how many likes, comments, search and follows that you'll be half. And finally, engagement velocity, which is the speed at which people engage with your video. Though, how does the dictum algorithm analyzed content? It does it in two different ways. First, he dies as the post, and then it analyzes the viewer's feedback from the moment in which you post a video in the data platform, the algorithm starts to do its magic. Your video is shown to a small group of people consisting of your fan base rate. Obviously, depending on the amount of followers you have, n up to 500 new viewers. It reduced amount of people already starts to give the talk some relevant data about their video. Watch time completion rate, likes, shares, comments and follows in just a matter of minutes. Dictum has enough data in order to evaluate your piece of content and decide whether or not you pause it farther, whether or not to give you a video more chances through exposure. In other words, dictum decides whether or not it's worthwhile to continue showing you videos to the bathrooms users. It does discontinuously as time passes by deciding whether or not your video deserves to go up the tires of the exposure cycle. If it continues performing well, it will get up to tire for him. Was your video is already considered viral and is shown to mass audiences. On the other hand, if tiptoe finds your video isn't performing well, uploading, your video will not continue being recommended. Beause will eventually starts to decrease and your video will end up with a little bit. As we just said, if data does not find your video viewer enough, it won't continue recommending it. However, there may be chance in which year lag changes for the better. The sudden stroke of luck is called delayed explosion. If you are already agreed on dicta, you may have experienced the following deal lawyer ticks out and once uploaded, it didn't get that much traction. But suddenly days or even weeks after YouTube video went viral, this is quite an interesting concept that you will experience if you are a constant creator on the platform. These delayed explosion takes place when you video didn't perform well uploaded, but suddenly it is picked up by the algorithm and you video goes viral. Late explosion is one of the main reasons why I don't recommend the leading content apart from running the risk of getting shadow band, you don't know how you video may end up performing. You never know what can happen later on to your video and wire, it can end. Now, let's go on to the takeaway. As we have seen, the algorithm evaluates every single video and obviously influences how the video will end up performing. This is why having a strong and consistent follower base that deeply engages with your content once I've loaded is crucial. If so, your videos will end up getting more engagement velocity and engagement variety. In the end will mean that your video will get Barry valuations by algorithm, which will mean more recommendations, more views, more engagement and emails, or convert into more followers. Apart from this, we have also seen how we have to limit the video deletion. Don't read a video that is underperforming gas one hour after I've loved, wait at least for a week and see whether or not these Video ends up getting the abuse you expected if a video that I have a loaded one week to go has 1% of my total forward based, which would be around one hundred, ten hundred and eight hundred views. Only then after a week, I could consider the leading my video either recommend deleting videos as this is recorded by Tic-Tac-Toe. Again, see that you are constantly deleting content that isn't really performing. Your account is going to be negatively affected. You may get shadow band or you may get let recommendations by the algorithm. During this video, we have covered the detector algorithm. We have understood what is algorithm, what side of algorithm take the uses and how it works. We are also talking about important things such as having strong Firebase and limiting video lesion. And we have also explored how these affect our account based on our understanding of the algorithm. Remember that you never know how the algorithm may surprising now that you understand how they treat algorithm operates, let's go to the next video in which we are going to talk about how to get onto the four-year Bates. See you then. 7. How to Get on For You Page: In the last video, we took a detailed look at detector algorithm at how it analyzes and recommends content to the users of a platform. We also talked about how we should aim at having a strong for our base and how we should also limit below each int takes up. In this video, we're going to go one step farther now that we know how the algorithm works, let's focus on one of the biggest questions asked by creators in the platform. How to get on for you page first, what's the docs for you page did box for you baby is very similar to insert explorer page or those that are in familiarized with Instagram's explorer page. It basically recommends new content to the users based on the preferences and behaviors that they have shown in the platform, it saves the user's high-performing and popular content, similarity content already consumed by the user before the algorithm knows that there's a high chance that you may engage with this content that they recommend you, and therefore, you stay more time. You consume more content in the platform predictable, which is mainly the rain. Now that we know a little bit about Tic-Tacs per UPS, you may be asking yourself, why do so many people want their videos to appear in this, it is important to know that in the case of the 4u plate is the docks landing page basically where people arrive. And this is the main reason why the for you pages more powerful than they're following page, they content shown in for your page is usually the best-performing, In other words, the most addictive for users. Meanwhile, the content known following page is not necessarily the content that is working, working platform is simply content from the people that you followed. So you're gonna see anybody off the accounts you follow, not just the viral ones or the ones that are really high performing. So this is basically the reason why following pacemaker BS entertaining for the users. They are just videos from the people they followed, but they are not the best videos from the people they follow the ideas of the videos. So basically, the Fourier basis, more targeted, therefore you place has more traffic as it is more dynamic and interesting as it has new, popular and very targeted content. So now that you know why there is such a great interest in getting featured in for you page. You may want to know, is there a way to always get featuring for your page? I'm sorry to say this, but unfortunately, there is no method as such, engaging sealed on L. All the videos are shopping for your page. This is not just the viral videos. All the videos are basically showing for UPS. They depend obviously they may not be shown as much sound may be shown $100 thousand, maybe some millions of times. But all be discharged sounding for you bet. Now that that's already tell you that you don't have the complete control in order to enter for your bit all the time. It is clear that some part of the video depends on you suggest the video quality and how much it tries to engage with the people. But vis-a-vis the final decision of whether or not you get featuring a four-year B8 is completely on the algorithm. Obviously you have high-quality and your video is pretty good. You may have more chances of getting featured to mass audiences, but you never know what can happen with sick that you have to know that maybe you think in a subjective point of view that your videos are the best. But the algorithm doesn't really see that they see the metrics and say, okay, this is performing the best. I'm going to recommend this. So that's why. You're never going to get all the time. And the free page at least doesn't be pretty difficult thing to do. It doesn't really depend on you as much as the algorithm. So you obviously have to try to make your best. And now we'll see how to do that. But you have to know that the final decision is completely on the algorithm, so it's basically uncontrollable. Do not have the power to decide whether or not you always get on for you big. What can we, as creators do in order to maximize HER appearances on other people's three-page verbs, it is crucial to make quality content, as already mentioned, if your content isn't good enough, is simply won't be shown to others. These quasi refers to the video resolution, to the audio quality and to basically the idea you develop on your video. Try to be creative final renal and don't copy other people's ideas. Don't unless someone is doing something that has really become a trend, and then you should do it because basically that's ticked off. Curvature. Abc, someone that has done something and it has got a viral video. Don't copy the same thing because you may get some views, but people are going to realize, okay, this guy is not already in disease copying from this guy, so try to be a renal. Renal doesn't mean creating your 3D from scratch for IBM, never develop your video can simply be arena by using something as a trend that is already well-known and established and adding and contributing something more, something that is unique to you and your account. Secondly, you have to make sure that the content view of load on the platform feels relevant to the docs user. So once again, one way to make sure that your content foods relevant to users, using a trend, something that everyone's doing it and kind of chaining in, obviously not changing everything we have to not do enough following the trend, but adding your own unique taste as already mentioned. And that's gonna help you a lot so that you may feel relevant, but at the same time it's not something that you have. Yes, copy. Finally, and most importantly, engagement with your videos are very high quality and they are relevant, but they don't have enough engagement, they won't make them for you. But it is good to make videos in which the people feel engaged to like to comment what they think about it or their opinion or, and then share it to their friends or AB, repost data on Twitter. Then maybe follow you and maybe re-watch. You want people to take action and to engage with your content. And that's gonna help me than most things get into the Fourier basis. You have to know that some of these engagement practices are more valuable than others when ranking engagement, let's imagine these end points so that you have a clear understanding on how it really works. So basically summing management practices give more points than others. For example, like the one-point common would be two points share would be three points, fall would be four points, and we watch would be five points. So you need to maximize leads engagement practices in order to maximize Rubio's engagement, especially those engagement practices that are most valued, which will be the ones that will help you the most thing getting featured mass audiences in the docs for your page. So you will be asking yourself, what can we do in order to encourage their viewers, the people that are watching the video, you do disengagement practices. We will give an answer to this in the next video in which we will talk about how to make a viral video and tick tack a topic that is very related with a free page. As basically a viral video has to pass through the page in order to become viral. Basically, the for you page is the medium for by orality. Not all the contents shown in for you basis viral, but all of that viral videos are zoning for you bet. So see you in the next video. 8. How to Make a Viral Video: In the last video, we talked about Dick dogs for you page. I knew the answers to questions like, what is it and why everyone wants their videos two is shown in it. I also introduce you to some key concepts such as quality, relevancy, and engagement that are crucial in order to maximize your abuse experiencing for you page and forgetting Maurio videos featuring a for you Peter at greater scale. In this video, we're going to talk about how to implement strategies and methods to increase the possibilities of our content going viral. As we already saw, watch time and completion rate are interrelated key aspects as well as engagement. Therefore, we're now going to talk about the strategies that creators use in order to maximize these metrics, increase the possibilities of their videos going viral. First, let's talk about Watch Time, you know, ridiculous videos. In fact, for those that don't know these, your videos watch time can be higher than your actual video length. As you can see one of my recent viral videos, we have 1.6 million views. You can see that my video length is around 11 seconds, but my average watch time is of 13 seconds. So some of you may be asking, how can this v, well, this simply means that the average user has more or less rewatch the video, which is a very positive thing. This should be yearning for every piece of continue blowing tick tack, that people in average more or less rewatch the video because it does not help a lot in the distribution area video and in the algorithm pushing your way forward. Now as though what the different methods we can use in order to maximize the average watch time of our stick the videos. First, let's talk about loops. The mean ABL filing a loop in a video is basically that the end is not clearly seen as DBS hours. Once again, after a smooth transition, which you really can appreciate the first time you watch. So that was a thing of those is that you hi, watch time. Many people will notice that the end, the saddle point. So they will keep watching, not knowing that they already rewatching. And as I'm really going to help you in getting better evaluation by the algorithm. So as basically, I'm going to help a lot in determining whether a video viral or not. Secondly, make videos in which most of the action happens at the end of the video, Mudd makes sure that you add some action out there. Start because it not people will yes, scroll by. It is usually recommended to have some texts in a clear way that clearly size in a point where it can be clear, seem more or less in the center of the image. Avoiding tax where you have a caption or where you have to follow and the like and the comment and the share. Because in the end that's not going to be clear. The scene and the video isn't going to work as well. So you have to know that for these kinds of videos in which most of the action happens in the end, you have to try to get some matching going wrong throughout the video because it's not the only gonna stay for the end. You have to make dynamic and fast-paced videos with some transition so that people would find it interesting and real to the ad words really why the continents then apart from this, is very important to ask yourself. If I was in the one creating this video, would I watch it fully? You have to be aware that no one's going to watch your videos if they do not find them intriguing and exciting. Many people complaining or get only all abused. But to be quite frank, 99% of these times. Yes, that you're not making good video, you simply make an a, B or C is borrowing and not good enough. It's not exciting and it's not intriguing. So no one's going to watch it. Why you have to know that people into injector because of its short and fast-paced videos. For long and slow paced videos, they're already other platforms such as YouTube. So you have to know that no one's going to be interested in watching our personal stranger talking to a camera in a boring way for 60 seconds. That's simply not why you entered ticked up I0 by I have made myself pre-clear, but I also want to let you know that if you don't make dynamic videos and intriguing videos, exciting videos, you're simply not going to get enough watch time and your videos are never gonna go viral. Simple as that. Now is that while the video length, basically your video should be between 13 to 20 seconds. Lung around 15 seconds is usually the best-performing below length for a video takes up. So you can now see different videos of mine that are more or less the best-performing of my account. And you can see how they all more or less are in this range from 13 to 20 seconds. You video shoo them be shorter than ten seconds because the data, the algorithm simply not going to recommend that they don't want to sell videos of stanza guns because they want people to stay for longer time. You, they found a video that is 20 seconds and then it engages all the way and it has huge watch time there. He has gone to choose the one that makes the users stay for a longer time in the platform. So you simply want to make longer videos and ten seconds because those usually don't work, then I recommend around 20 seconds for maximum vigilant. So once you exceed this 22nd, BE length, it's way more difficult to get a high watch time and completion rate because many people are going to stay maybe 413 seconds. But there unless they for 25, it is more difficult to have people stay longer. In a video of it is simply more difficult to encourage people to stay for longer in a video, simply how it is. Okay, so now let's talk about the different methods you can use in order to maximize your exposure. Views of your videos. Virginia duets, making us you already bio videos or two well-known and established users is a very intelligent way to get a video viral. This will help you get more abuse as basically everyone that sees your video is not identified. Who are you reacting to is a very well-known person or a viral video. And this will hold you video to reach mass audiences that basically consume that people have reacted to. Then we have popular songs and sounds. It is very important that you are ticked R contains a song, a tick tock song or sound that is already viral or they're restraining grey now as well as the reds. These will hold you videos in being more relatable. The most important thing of adding music or sounds, or music or sounds your videos is basically that you are going to see that you are gonna get way more opportunities by the algorithm, way more views and way more exposure. So basically by adding at tick tock psalm or sound, your video's going to be more relatable. Your videos will get more exposure, more opportunities, which will basically make it easier for you to get your video viral. Finally, let's answer the question that I suggest that in the last video, what can we do in order to encourage her to do more of the engagement practices we already know about so that we have more final engagement. This is obviously very important in Syria. Bu viral engagement has a huge role in a viral video because it's going to give you lots of points in ranking. And really it's going to determine how well you do on the evaluations. As we saw, engagement has tool the three places in the valuation physically engage limb velocity and engagement variety. So that's why it's very important to try to maximize engagement. Because if we have a very high watch time, but we have knowing each mineral, our video is simply not going to go live on. So first, ask people for Engagement. Asked people to like to comment you show to follow as the viewers to press the like you, they enjoy the video as your viewers to leave their opinion in the comments as your viewers, this shared a video to the people that they think will so enjoyed a video or as your viewers to drop you follow if they like, would you need in order to compensate for your work don't exist so much in these. Remember that you really are in the platform to give and not to receive. You can receive in exchange, but don't insist in please follow me, give me a share. No-no. Please add value first and then ask for whatever taking mine that this call to action can be added in any video. In many different ways. You can caption through the comments or even in the video itself, be creative, ambitious area meant that the best way to go in and tick tock is by giving, not by asking something in exchange, you know, this gift. And if people want to follow you, if people want to share because they have really enjoyed, then tell them, Please be free to do it because it will really help a lot. But don't exist in these please. So in this video, I've explained you how to implement different methods in order to maximize your watch time and completely rate as well as the engagement. These are key pillars of viral video. Without these, no video can get viral. So give me mind, are your videos need to be exciting, dynamic because people are just not going to see your video because of the sake of watching, you need to make your video exciting and dynamic to get a high watch time and completion rate, which you can do through loops and through transitions to make it more quick and more fast-paced so that they have newer really has a better experience. And you should also know that the best BU length range that's gonna work for you is going to be between 13 to 20 seconds long. You can also maximize your videos exposure through duets and through tick tock music and sounds. Finally, you can maximize your beer's engagement by simply asking for it in exchange for your effort and time you put into the videos. So in the next video we're going to be talking about how often and when should you boston ticked up this very important so that you can optimize your business performance to compensate for their hard work you have put into the content. You may have work allow for a video of our review and know when to post and how often to post, you may make some errors that will basically prevent you from getting a bio video. So see you in the next video. 9. How Often & When to Post: In this video, we are going to be talking about the importance of timing in tic tac. Do you are going to answer 22 of the most important questions you need to apply in order to grow you tick tock as effectively as possible. How often should I bosons diktat to maximize results and minimize F four m When Chile pose in order to get the best results I can from every single piece of Condon Diablo. Okay, so let's start with a Azure into the first question. How often she like post these depends on your account as worth your content. If you're gone then is quick and easy to produce. You may be able to upload more than one bit of content without giving your life to your style. On the other hand, if UBS are more developed and time demanding, they focus on the details and require professional video editing. Then 1-bit of going there, they will be enough to grow you tick tock as effectively as possible. I consider 125 pieces of content that they, depending on how difficult your videos are it should be produced and how much quality they offer. So I recommend you one-to-five business day. This is because I want you to maintain consistency at the same time and that you are also able to maintain a level of quality in each of your videos. So one-to-five businesses gondola Day is the ideal range in order to maintain consistency, but also to maintain a level of quality in each of your videos and the case on my account, I always saying that both in two businesses on their day, they were easy and quick to produce and these work for me during six months. However, I recently realized that the extra time I was putting into making two videos instead of one wasn't really worth it. So I decided to go onto yes, one visit content every single day. And this has pretty worked for me. I have been able to maintain consistency and a goodbye, I recommend you to experiment at first when you create an account, 9, 8% of people don't know how often should they post. See how much work and effort it takes you to produce this content and compare it to your results, keeping in mind that the North Star is consistency. So you want to stay motivated and play long-term. You want to avoid doing too much at a time and doing things yes, for posting, you want to make everybody do the battery can above them. These strive to keep a balance between quality and quantity. Make every single piece of content as good as you can. Don't make the error of focusing too much on quantity qualities. For me, the most important one, ascii will be the one that will differentiate you from the other creators. For me, it is more important to upload one good piece of content, then three mediocre business of content. If you end up deciding you're going to bloat more than once a day, which is what most creators do. You have to avoid making the error of uploading more than one video at the same time. In other words, you need to leave some time between Europe load so that each of your videos can develop. To understand these, we have to know that tiktaalik has a limited amount of screens in which it can show you the content. Imagine dicta is not. And so recent videos of yours, if for example, you have uploaded five videos at the same time, like just in a matter of minutes, the total amount of abuse and exposure will be divided into these five that you have loaded at the same time instead of yes, focusing on one at a time and getting all these views into one video, which would have Way more opportunities of becoming viral, those amount of exposure will be divided into these five videos. Instead of being focused on the AS1 video, these one video would work way better than D85 because it will have all the total abuse of these five. So it will have to weigh more opportunities to become viral. So you will now be asking how much time should you wait between uploads? Because as I have just told you otherwise, if you upload more than one video at a time in just a matter of minutes. This video, I am going to perform as well as they occurred. It is recommended to wait an average of four hours between alerts. If not, as I have just said, the total opportunity is given by the algorithm two, you will get dispersed and disappeared and none of you believes will get enough opportunities in order to go by rho now that we know how to make the decision for how often should we post, let's talk about the other factor that determines whether or not we're building our economy dictum as effectively as possible. When, when can we upload our content in order to get as many views as possible? These question can simply be answered by clicking the three dots and then entering your analytics. I take for granted that you already switched your account to pro in the first video of this course, as I already told you, this was going to be crucial later on. So this time in order to be able to know when our audience is active, we are going to go into the analytics and click followers, and then we go down to fall away activity. You will see a representation of the activity of your followers, basically the sows when your audience is active in a platform at the top, you will see that at time in the day appears. In my case, it's 04:00 PM. This is called the prime time and the time when your audience is more active in the platform. So you definitely want to upload at this prime time, at least one of the posts you uploaded every single day has to be able to live at this point in time in order to get the most viewed as possible, you also need to be clear on from where from which country is your target audience. In my case, I live in Spain, but mostly my target audience is located at the US. So we might get this bearing burden that I figured out the timely friends so that I can upload at times in which people are the US are going to be active in, aren't going to be able to watch the video. You don't want to upload a piece of content at a timing with your target audience is sleeping. You can use time converters in a internet to figure out this. In conclusion, be consistent when publishing but not too much. Decide on how many pieces of content you're going to blow them, Titov, and experiment and do you find what suits you, your account and your content? Best? Run this, remember to wait four hours between uploads to get your video sometime to get some traction and views so that the algorithm can do its magic along with being consistent come species. If you started in Europe lottery not gonna blow up on the first videos. And you may need to work getting little results. You're way up tick tock me myself when I started, I got a viral video. But for the next three months I got almost no results and traction in the end, if you're consistent now, you will see that as Southern stroke of luck will arrive sooner or later someday with a viral video or a repose from unmarried well-known account. 10. Conclusion: So in this final video, I'm going to bring all the takeaways of this glass together. We have talked about so many things in this course. We started by studying the and setting up your account by making sure that you switch your accountant, bro, so that you could access complete general and individual video analytics. Later on, we've talked about the importance of optimizing your Tic Tac, how to make a professional bio, their relative importance of your logo, how to make an effective caption. And we also talked about the options we driving traffic out of the talk from our website link, we did an introduction to as tax with the aim of understanding the logic behind them. We later on, when the per onto weather has takeaway was worthwhile and I told you to include three to six hashtags per post and you diversify your video effectively and emphasized on the importance of a strong follower base and limiting video deletion. We covered how to maximize our videos appearances on the for you page based on quality, relevancy, and engagement. Then we looked at different ways in which we can boost our watch sign and completion rate, as well as our engagement and gave you my ideal length from 13 to 20 seconds long in Asian Julys, I told you how duets and adding trending data of music and sounds can help your account get more opportunities to go all through more exposure. Finally, I gave you a range from one to five busy content every single day for you to choose how things should impose. And I recommended you to wait for hours between our loads to leave your views enough time to perform well above Romney's. I also told you to open the Analytics tab to know when your audience is active on the platform, to know when to post. And I also advise you to post at least one of your visit gone then every single day at your prime time, the time when most of your audience is added in the platform. Anyways, thank you so much for enrolling and completing this class. I hope you have found something useful and helpful. And, uh, you have got to understand how it took words and how to wisely run an account of your own EDF. Any comments, questions, or anything, don't hesitate to ask them in the discussion thread below, and I will happily Azure to them. But if you want me to give my honest opinion, do you account and tell you some things I would improve or whatever if I can hold you just ask them number though in the discussion thread and I will answer them. I would highly appreciate if you could leave a positive review if you found this course helpful and leave me any feedback as well. If you think I missed something and you want me to cover it in our feature class? Yes, tell me and I will consider it. It has really been a pleasure for me to have you here. And I thank you once again for watching this whole course and I hope you the best in your journey as addictive content creator. See you soon.