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How to Find Your Perfect To-Do List App in 2020

teacher avatar Francesco D'Alessio, Host of Keep Productive

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Introduction | Finding the Perfect To-Do List App

    • 2. Capturing Tasks Across Your Day

    • 3. What does a Task Need?

    • 4. The 4 Types of To-Do List Apps

    • 5. What 3 Things Make a Great To-Do List App?

    • 6. 12+ Most Popular To-Do List Apps to Choose From

    • 7. 20+ More To-Do List Apps To Explore

    • 8. How to Start Using Your New To-Do List App

    • 9. Key Takeaways | Class Summary

    • 10. Your Questions Answered! Omnifocus 2, Calendar Events

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About This Class

Hunting for a to-do list application?! Look no further. 

To-do list applications are one of the trickiest resources for newbies to choose the first time. Due to the nature and range of choices that we have in today's world, to-do list applications can take some time to choose. As we know, once you've found the perfect match-up, everything becomes a lot easier. 

Whether you are looking for a to-do list application for household chores or intense freelance projects, we've created a short process in the form of this Skillshare course to help you find that ideal to-do list application. 

Created by Francesco D'Alessio, a reviewer of productivity apps over on YouTube. With over 20,000+ community members, Francesco has reviewed 100s of productivity applications and actively testing them in his day roles to help you find the perfect one for your everyday use. 

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Francesco D'Alessio

Host of Keep Productive


My name is Francesco, I'm the host of Keep Productive on YouTube

This is our Skillshare channel covering productivity tools, hacks, and advice. 

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1. Introduction | Finding the Perfect To-Do List App: Hello, Burn. It is Francesco. Do less of here. I am your host for this skill share. Course finding your perfect to do this application. Now, in this series of Leo's, what we're going to be doing is talking specifically about how we can find you the best to do list application, the one they will help you get more done across your day as you go about your day building on your experience and growing your knowledge off the resource, not just for an introduction. My name is Francesca Alessio. I review productivity APs over on YouTube. I have reviewed hundreds of them so far, and I've been able to spend a lot of time with them for my own personal use and working with teams. And over those years that I've been able to do that sort of pulled together some general advice on how and what you need to do to pick the perfect one for you. As you can imagine, there are so many productivity applications on their so many different categories to lose applications, no takers, habit trackers, calendar APS, time trackers and so on and so forth in this skill share cause we're going to be diving into duelist applications and specifically we're going to be talking about how you find the perfect one for you. Now, of course, this is going to take time, but we've put together this course which will first outline what makes a great to do list application. What features? What functions? What experiences make it a brilliant one that we're going to dive into the scenarios, the situations in the environments that really tailor your needs when it comes to a two news application. We're then gonna help you pick the perfect one from a selection off resources that have been highly recommended by the best productivity experts out there. And then we're gonna fine eyes with how you can get started with your resource. So guys are really looking forward to this skill share course. This is going to be a really interactive overview, so we'll get people in the comments communicating. We'll have exercises also have very interactive videos that will help you progress with this course. If you're wondering what the your suitable for this cause asks a couple questions, do you have a problem with your to do list application or to do this system at the moment. Are you looking for a digital experience? Not a physical one anymore, Andi. Or if you have any problems with your existing application that you have now and you'd like to switch over, this course will guide you through what you need to do to find that perfect one for you. But if you don't really hit that criteria it great to have you over on YouTube for feel free to follow me over there. I put out plenty of productivity app, reviews that I'm sure will help you advanced beginner, I'm sure will be valuable to you guys. I'm really looking forward to the skill set course. Guys, feel free to sign up to the course of the amazing Have you on over the syriza videos? We're going to be guiding you to that one application you need. Thank you very much. And I'm looking forward to seeing you in the first video. 2. Capturing Tasks Across Your Day: head. Guys, welcome back to this skill share. Course. I'm so glad that you're now part of this series of videos because it's going to be amazing . We're gonna help you find that perfect duelist application just for myself. Experience. I actually took a lot of time to find my perfect delis application. I spent ages and ages doing research, doing insights. But hopefully with this course we've provided you with not just a recipe, but a way for you to come back to it. If you ever need to family, they're insight and a process to find that one. We're gonna recommend some really great applications to in this first serious section of videos, we're going to be sort of talking about the concept of a deuce application. I think it's valuable for you guys to understand the benefits and also the micro details that really build up. And what makes a great to do this application. Because once you understand that, and once you understand the theory around it, it comes super valuable. So this first video is really gonna be discussing capturing two DUIs now capturing two DUIs is something that most to do. This applications allow you to do. But the obviously the experience off it is something that you need to be aware of. The reason why it desires you to lose that allows you to capture things across your day is because we have these things in our head called open loops. Now this is a theory from GT, which is getting from stunned by David Alan, a really great book that I recommend, if you looking the whole concept of productivity to read, so include that in the show notes. But the concept itself talks about something called open loops and essentially their uncompleted tasks that come into your brain. Think about it now like let's say you're at home. Someone's just texted you with something about event or an activity that you want to get done together and you're thinking, Oh, you know, I've got to remember that or you store in your head for later. Imagine that. Come across poorly over day without something to write down or without a process to go through. You've got all of these things in your head and you're having to store them there, which can be very dangerous. And that's why things like meditation and social media outages have become very popular because people want to basically try and relax, try and get away from being up to remember everything. And that's where a lot of stress comes from. So the concept of open loops is a good way to view things if you try to avoid storing them in your head and try to put them down on a physical duelist or digital to do list. That really does take your productivity to a new level because you're not necessarily relying on this. The store everything. You're relying on a physical or digital format to keep that process going. So David Allen's process of open loops is really amazing. I highly recommend checking it out, and there's a few other skill set courses to talk about it in more detail now, going back to the to do this application. What I'm told, Why did the reason I'm talking about capturing it is being important is because it is very important. A brilliant to do list application provides you with a way to capture in different experiences. So, for example, let's say you're in the browser chrome browser, safari, whatever is being able to capture to do quickly while you're inside the browser is something very valuable. Maybe you've seen a bit of research. Maybe you remember to do. Actually, being them to capture that in instant will be very helpful. You've also got things like email when you're inside the amount being able to capture to do is very valuable, so into something to be aware of the concept of open loops itself, reducing the amount of uncompleted tasks in the old noggin and then actually notifying them down through the different capture methods of To do this applications. This real lesson here is make sure that you don't store things. No head. If you get a to do that, you feel like you need to write down, capture it. Capture inside of your to do this application. This could be in the in box, or it could be in the general today view with all of your today activities, but it's a way for you to capture it in a list so that you don't forget it. It could be anything from pick up new dog food all the way to, like, buy a new blanket, absolutely anything. Just make sure that you're capturing it inside off the application. So the exercise for this video is to capture all those things whirling around in your head . Grab a bit of paper. Could be a three a four. Whatever suitable for you and no down everything. Note down all of the stuff that is in your head that's bothering you. Or that things that you've got into dues that you've storing in your head. And it's not, you know, practical distort their put them all down on paper, getting all right now and then what we'll do in the future video is transfer these to your to do list application. That is going to be very easy to do, of course, getting out of simple ones. But we're going to include a trigger list in the comments below in the show notes, so that you can go over all of those details stuff so that we can get all of those two DUIs out from your head that you're storing that in the next future. Were we talking about the sort of context points insider to this application that can really help you take it to the next level, it's important to sort of understand that mainly because the to do list in digital experience does add a number layer to your to do this application that you would get if you were just using a physical weasel. So, guys, I'm really looking forward to this. One mention to participate in the exercise will help to expand your brain. It would have to get this stuff out of your brain. And it will help when you finish this course to put everything into context. So, guys, thanks very much, I'll see you in its future. Cheers. 3. What does a Task Need? : so welcome back to the skill share course. At last feature. We talked about the concept of open loops and also how you can use your to do list application for capturing tasks across your day. Now this was a very important lesson, sort of over viewing how you can use that cross the day because it's very valuable. So it is feature. I'm going to be jumping over to the laptop to talk a little bit about context. Context is a very important thing inside of a productivity application, especially into do this applications because you could, and more detail, more information and more useful stuff that will give you a layer above those physical applications are physical resources that you were using your day. So without further ado, let's jump over to the laptop. Okay, so we're going to demonstrate how you can add context to a task giving you some more insights into approving your tasks inside your to do list application. Now, for the purposes off this demonstration, I'm gonna be using my to do list experience, which is to do ist I will recommend you an application inside, and we'll go into further details so don't jump to the gun and choosing this application. This is solely for demonstration purposes. Now, as you can see here, this is the adding task ability. So my task today is gonna be walk the dog. So that's a title of Tatars. That's obviously what I want to do. And if I were to print on task, it would probably give it to em box and probably just land there would no due date, no project or no priority level. So I want to show you how you can add all three aspects due date, project and priority in order to add more context to a task. Soon as you can see down here, a lot of to do list. To do this, applications provide you with a calendar like chart where basically, you can choose the day that you want to do the task on. So, for example, I want to want a dog tomorrow at 3 p.m. So I'm going to choose that one on DFO. I'm here. I can change the time. So if I wanted to, I could and tomorrow three PM like that and it would still detect that as a due date due date, sort of important part of to do this application men because they provide you with a start date to your task. I don't recommend that you set a due date and stir deadline date because 10 a lot of time, your Mr Task and actually start doing on the final day. It's do so use the due date as a start day to help get you started. So the next thing is projects. Now, I have a lot of different projects in my task manager, but in this case, I'm gonna choose it. Do home because this is relevant relevant to personal home life. But projects help you to organize all of your different aspects of your work. So for me, I have lots of different projects on different areas off the activities I work on during the day. But in this context, I'm going to click home. So the next area is priority. So adding priority is important. You want to detect priority levels as a way to indicate the importance of a task. This could be used in lots of different ways. Each to do list application will have a different experience. But the majority of them will have a priority system. Now. Priority four here is an indication of low priority and even parity. Three. Being a yellow and priority one. Being a red indicates a high priority, so I definitely need to walk the dog. So, as you can see, that's detected as a priority one in the project home and has a due date for tomorrow at three PM Once I and all of this to my to do list, it will basically detect all of that and be able to put in the right slot for me so that I can go out, walk the dog and know that I have it in a project. And I know the priority level when looking at my task list. So all of those are very important, especially when you're scrolling through an upcoming list. They all provide you with some insights into getting things done. So that hopefully gave you an overview of how toe and context to do list application and that could be implemented across all of these tools that we recommend in the recommendation section. So in the next segment, waiting to talk about how you can choose and evaluate your situation to help. To choose your to do this application for the future. So we're gonna be progressing a little bit further with that. So thanks very much, guys. And I'll see you in the next future. 4. The 4 Types of To-Do List Apps: so welcome back to the skill share course. It is great to have you back. So I hope that you enjoy the feature that we talked about all about the context off its do its application. It's very valuable to understand all of those useful things designed to its complications, because once you know how to use them, you could really boost your productivity because you can make it search for you. Commit useful. You could make it available pretty much everywhere and just get things done across your day because you've got access to all of that information. Now, of course, not every two earliest application is for everyone. There's a to do this application that will suit one person and iTunes on vocational suit someone else. It's pretty much the same across productivity applications, in a sense, because, for example, if I had a teacher who asked me what's the best note taking application and I had an entrepreneur say, what's the best no tick application? I would recommend them to different applications, maybe because their needs and their environment warrants different features, warrants different resources and wants different availability, So it is important to understand they're not every two news application will meet all of the needs. I mean, there are some general resources out there that do provide a pretty open experience and a good way to scare him. But when it comes to finding the perfect one, we need to use something very specific. So we're just going to jump over the laptop to explain the quadrant system that we're going to use here. This is a really simple graph or tool that you can use toe pick one application that you need to go for. It's basically a way to understand where you are right now, or what tool that you need for a situation to help you tailor that resource and make your options shorter and more fine tuned so that you find the perfect application for you. So we're gonna jump over to the Matrix and explain that more detail. I'm really excited for this one because this one goes into a more more depth of how you can use that. And we've also got an exercise and a graph to go over when you finish this future. So let's jump over to the Matrix. So typically we think the productivity Apstar of the people using our for us, too. And that's not entirely true. Now, a lot of the situations that help you to choose your perfect report productivity application or to do this application are derived from the environment and needs that you have every single day. So try thinking off what your current needs are. What job Rowley win. How will I be using to do the to do list application? That's what you need to ask yourself, And how will I grow to use this to do this application? All of these questions are so important, so it's worth definitely noting them down and trying to analyze them well. And a. Pdf to explain that below the way that I visualized to these applications is in a simple metrics. Andi, here it is in a very Steve jobs fashion. This matrix will help you to plot your general usage for tools and help you to map toe what that looks like. So it's a really simple matrix, and the idea behind it is again to try and match you with right style of application. Now we have in the top left hand corner, so we have in the bottom left hand corner, so light personal is really simple. These usually consists of lightweight tools that have really no team functions. In a sense, they're just for you, and they have no advanced functions either. They're perfect for easy personal items, so no big projects, necessarily more like shopping lists, family events and a general to do list to get you started in the day. Now I'm going to recommend a few APS that are perfect for this sort of category. But you need to understand that light personal is more for casual productivity in getting you started. And sometimes it's a really good spartan point as you learn more about to do this applications so that you can progress up to them or heavy personal or heavy professional applications. So there's also like professional. So there, again, lightweight to do this, applications that easy to follow as a resource that easy to get set up. They have team functions and they also have advanced functions as well, so they are very useful for getting involved with teams on actually communicating using more difficult functionality features. But they're really perfect for people who want to collaborate. So this is anyone who wants to get involved in project, and they tend to have features and layouts like Can Ban and also a lot of other layouts Andi experiences that they can use to share different tasks around their team. So again, I'm gonna recommend a few tools that will map to that. But if these air sounded familiar definitely worth taking a note where you feel you fit into this matrix, there's also heavy personal. This is more for professional level to do list applications in a sense that you are using it when no team functions. But you are comfortable with all of the advanced features that they have, and you're looking to take and scale your own work to a new level. It's perfect for those who are average to do list users. I want to take themselves to a new level with their productivity. For me, I use a what. Actually I use a heavy professional, but I would be comfortable using a heavy personal as well because I don't necessarily need the team functions. The next area is heavy professional. This has the professional tools, the advanced tools, the team function tools so you can share and collaborate on tasks, but also perfect for those who want to get things done for themselves and for their team. So it is a around application that will provide you with all of the functions that you tend to need for daily stuff. The reason why we separate these into four different areas is really so that you can go away and work out which one's ideal for you now. For the moment you might think, You know, I actually just use a simple structure to my to do this application. I like simplicity. Maybe I should go for, like, personal woods. Good to understand your sort of situation are in the next two years. Are you moving to a larger role where it will demand you to be a bit more flexible or have more intense features? That's what I did when I started as a student in university. I could have started with Vangelis, which is a really friendly resource. It does have a few sharing list functions, but in terms of like collaboration and getting huge amounts of work done, it probably wasn't the ideal application and that's why I went for to do ist and opted for that because it would be able to scale with me. And in a new sense, it was the perfect application, a time because now the workload that I have to really four years on. Actually, it maps to all of those two DUIs and things I've had. So making sure that it maps to what you're going to be working on is so important. So in the next future will discuss what the structure of a perfect do this application looks like. Now it don't want people to freak out. This matrix is going to be available in pdf format so you can go away and take a look at it and try and map what's like scenario you're using now. I'm not going to recommend you tools until the recommendation section, because I want you to get full understanding of this matrix on where you fit into it. Now, of course, you can take that matrix away, spend a bit of time with it and come back to the course. But in next future, we will discuss the perfect. This application would roll, hopefully give you some insights into when it comes to choosing a resource or going outside of those alternatives that we recommend at the end, actually working out What are the three call things that I need to have in the back of my head to complete that resource? So, guys, let's jump into that one. I'm really looking forward to you growing and expanding in this syriza feel free to comment with anything you like. Any questions, like happily answer them so, guys. Thank you very much. Cheers. 5. What 3 Things Make a Great To-Do List App?: Hey, guys, Welcome back to this skill set course. My name's Francesco. Just to let you know as we're going on through this course it be great if you drop me an email, it would be amazing. Have some feedback. It would also be amazing. Do have some of your progress so far. So feel free to drop me a line. I'm happy to answer any questions. Just put in the subject, steal, share, and I'll happily communicate with you guys. You can also pick me on Twitter to at Francesco de Underscore A L E s with any questions. So as you can imagine, last feature We talked a little bit about the four part matrix the quadrant that you could basically used to pick out that needed that you've got forward to do this application. And of course, what we are going to do is go over. What's all the tools that you need for each one? This is going to really help. It's gonna help you pick the right one for you and going to pick all of the alternatives that you could potentially have a swell. So it doesn't just format you in tow one to do this application, it can give you some opportunity to expand and to grow out. So as you can imagine in this future, what I want to talk about is what makes the perfect productivity application. I want to talk about. Three segments really do demand a lot of attention when it comes to a two news application on ones that really do help you grow to an application as well. But now I'll tell you a bit of my story about to lose application. When I started university, I was looking for a news application, and I saw the likes of endless genderless was a loose application. The market was very interested in it because it was one that many students used to get things done in college and university. But at the time I was growing outside of university. I was progressing with a bit of freelance work on a couple bits of activity, so I was looking to expand my remit in an application. No wonder this was a great application but didn't provide enough features or experiences to be able to jump there, so I actually jumped ahead on went for another resource. Now this is important when it comes to the Matrix, because it can give you an idea, but you just need to plan for the future as well. So we've included a few questions alongside that in the next future, which will help challenge you on each segment off the Matrix. So what does make a perfect to do this application? The first experience in first Element you should be aware of is design. Design is an important thing. It's sort of like walking into a front room or lounge that you might have in going. This sort of looks ugly. It's OK that your lounge looks ugly. Barred. You have to live with it every single day. You have to open it, get open that door every single day. It's very similar to do to do this application you're gonna be opening every day. You're gonna get comfortable with it. You need to make sure that zayn looks good. Most of the applications we recommend on good designed applications, but you don't want a really only one, so just be aware of that. That's an important element of seduce application. The next element you need to be aware of. His features features are valuable, mainly because as a freelancer, entrepreneurial student or professional or teacher, you need different features to fill your needs. For example, there's one student who might need the ability to capture completion time. Or there's one entrepreneur who needs ability to share within a team. So making sure that you are understanding off all of the features and whether a feature is missing or is there and you're using it to your full ability is so important to make sure that you are aware of feature set that they have before you commit to it. This is something that's very important. So we've got design. We've got features. What is the final part of the puzzle? And that is cross platform now. I always try recommend applications to cross platform available on a lot of devices because the more devices it's available, the better reliability, your whole workflow hands and I'll tell you why. Because let's say tomorrow you a new android application comes out and you're like, That's amazing. I'm moving to Android, but you have an iPhone and you're going Oh, this is brilliant. Bar, Aiken store. I come back at my photos I can back up my contacts back up my emails. But wait my to do's is the application available on Android. Making sure that it's cross platform is important, because when you going through those transitions to new devices or you have an android on a Mac or IOS device and then I android tablet, it's important to have an application that molds to both of those. So is sinks simultaneously with all of your task in activity. So most in applications we recommend are available. Most devices, but some of them are exclusive. That's fine if you're an android or IOS lover specifically, but just make sure you're aware of that as you pick your application. So, guys, in the next future we're going to be jumping back to the quadrant, and we're going to be looking at the actual dues applications that we recommend we're going to be sharing. About 15 to 20 of them said You guys have a good pick of them inside of that quadrant, but there are plenty more alternative that will be available inside off the exercise so that you have the ability to go a bit deeper and explore a few other alternatives. So guys thank you very much. I'm looking forward to next future. So feel free to carry on this course. Be great to have you jump in because the next future is going to be pretty exciting. So nice. Thanks very much. And I'll see you next future. Cheers. 6. 12+ Most Popular To-Do List Apps to Choose From: Hey, guys, welcome back to the skill share course here or talking about finding the perfect audience application. We've discussed a lot so far. We've discussed the fundamental concepts off into this application. We've discussed the quadrant system that you can use to find out what sort of needs you have. And now we've hit that stage off picking matter news application for you. Now this might. This whole process of picking it is application might take a little longer. It might take you doing a few trials off applications, but we'll talk about in the next feature about getting started and naturally will give you some advice on that process. But what we're going to be doing in this future is talking about all of those to do this applications and helping you pick the right one based on that courtroom system. So we are going to be jumping over the laptop to give you that died and the overview so that you can go and pick the right resource for you. Now, just a note. There are hundreds to this applications out that many. There's so many, but it's important to understand that there is one out there up for you on the ones we recommend, hopefully will provide you with the best experience. So, guys, let's jump over the laptop and dive straight in. So here we are with the Matrix again, and we discussed the matrix a lot in the believers of fourth segment, talking about how you can correlate it to your scenario and needs. No, it's really important that you understand the matrons before we get stuck in with recommending tours against it. Now the Matrix does provide you with a flexible ability to move between them, so don't feel trapped by this. I am a light, personal personal where I am heavy professional person. You can move across all of these over time, but just understand that off course when you get 80 knew this application. It's not necessarily about finding the best one next. It's about sticking with it, being comfortable with it and growing with it, because that's how you make the best productivity moves across your career or across your life. Because you don't necessarily need to move around a lot. You can have good productivity with one application. It's a bit like if you bought notebook and then a week later, you bought a new notebook and transferred all you noted to it, and then you did the same two week after. It's the same sort of functionality. You don't want to keep doing that because it's almost like moving house. A lot of times you want to make a base, make it comfortable and grow with the resource on DA. When it's time to sell, you can move on to another home that really suits your current situation. Maybe you have kids till things like that really bad analogy, but a good way to think about it. So let's not would like personal light. Personal should be a location where you have again lightweight tools. There's no team functions involved, that no real advanced function. And as I said, it's more perfect for the shopping lens family events to do lists that have really simple. So I recommend, like four core resources. For that Microsoft to do is a good one that is popular and growing clear, which is another one. A very jester vase application Google Keep is a good one if you're looking for a dead simple, like reminder functionality and lightweight to do list on apple reminders. They are all light personal applications and provide you with just what you need to keep that simplicity. Now we want a light professional. I'm gonna recommend if you, as a said, this is more for those who want to collaborate with others in a simple and lightweight former. So we're looking at can ban lists and layouts and our ability to share task, too. So I'd recommend here trail oh meister Task Zen Kit on any do all really useful resources for light professional. If you look into share some tasks and also collaborate with others and view those tasks in list or Karaman view, So that's some resources for their We're looking at heavy Prove personal Now again, This was no team functionality to put an advanced ability, and it's really perfect for those who want to take that to do disabilities to next level. So those are tick tick things. Three to do. That's too with the to do on vendor lif vandalised if it is still available at the time off this setting. So those are really handy for heavy professional situations and moving on to heavy sorry, heavy personal and moving on to heavy professional situations. These are ones so you can share with your team. You can basically usual that advanced abilities that you get with heavy personal but have the ability to collaborate if you need to. And those aren't to do ist asana and not be now a few other notable mentions in heavy personal and recommend only focus, which is a really strong application for that again. Heavy, personal and recommend. Remember the milk, which is a really strong resource. I believe they've added the ability to share tasks. However, I still think it's a very good, heavy personal task more than it is a heavy professional task. So I'm going to add it to their now. Of course, there are other ones, like light, professional and light personal tasks. There are plenty more of those, so I'm going to be including some information about how to get alternatives. I believe we're going to share them in the final bits that you guys can go away and set those resources up with yourself. But I just want to share a few final notes. Now remember, the Matrix is a guideline. You don't have to be aggressive with and go I need a heavy professional application. You could say I need a light personal And then in one year, I move over to a heavy professional or heavy personal. Now, making sure that you find the right fit will be better. And it will reduce time where we will improve your time. Because once you've found that resource, you know, hunting for another one and you can slowly adapt and move towards other ones. So what we're going to do in the final segment is talk a little bit about how you can adopt and implement all of those resources. Now we're going to make the Matrix downloadable so you can go away with it. And we've also got a few more pdf's to help you analyze what those perfect to do. This application is mapping to that matrix so you can download all of that in the show notes below on. They'll be available that, and you can always email me directly if you have any concerns or you want me to clarify in any detail. So, guys, thank you very much and I'll see you in the final feature. Cheers 7. 20+ More To-Do List Apps To Explore : Hey, ever and welcome back to another mini episode inside off this sort of Siri's here. This is being added more recently. So if you're watching this post January 19th this is an additional feature to help provide you with MAWR additional applications, um, and provided with some value as well. So I got a bit of feedback from the course, which has Bean Absolutely awesome. I'm really appreciate all of the positive and negative feedback. It's always really helpful a zey teacher or creator, especially on a when you're doing a course like this. So if you have any, do pop it in discussion, whether you like him or APs more resources, that would be awesome. But today, what we're going to be doing is diving into a fume or of the apse. Outstanding. So here we are on the screen when I'm gonna show you necessarily how the apse work because I believe will be here for a bit of a long time. But we're going to show you a few of the different applications in the different sectors that you can use. So we talked about personal like personal, heavy and accept, right, So we're going to go over some of those at using the same sort of model is a matrix. But it will give you much more than just wealthy Jews from But do remember that? Of course, there are hundreds off at task management APS out there. So when I'm gonna cover all of them and of course, make sure you go through the same process is as we've done so far. So here is a few of them. So let's not with the personal light section. I think this is an important section. It's more of the simple list managers. We talked about it a little more that they're mawr basic as you get started. Well, so the 1st 1 I want to recommend in his logo will go through the locals as well so that you can find them out. And, of course, will anthem all in the show notes So you guys can go away and download all of those if you know all of them, you know what I mean? So the 1st 1 is momentum new tab, and this is a dead simple one. So Anjali has the ability Teoh capture a task or your most important task today If you're looking for a task manager that is just dead simple, that correlates only toe one task. Then this might be your option. It's actually a new tab extension on chrome, but it's probably the most simple out of all of them and can provide you a pretty nifty experience. Next one is minimalist again, this is a application that provides you with very minimal experience. Hence the title, a black and white design that doesn't really bring too much away. So again, a personal like option that just make things easier. The next one is Carrot. You may have seen this one floating around the APP store character is a strong option, especially if you want to sort of make things dead simple in terms of a list experience on sort of game. If I it to some extent it has some sort of game buying Asian experience that could be pretty helpful. The next one is due due reminders. You may have heard of do minus many because, um, it's dead simple in its design. It's probably one of the most recommended list managers, the most basic ones. But a lot of people thoroughly enjoy it and I think if you're looking for a personal light one on par with the Like Sof, maybe Google keep or Mike Soft to do. Maybe not so much Mike stuff to do but do is a strong option for that. The next one do with an exclamation mark is one that you'll find on the APP store. If you were looking before you'll see it, you'll probably notice the apple logo already all of most of look the same. But do with the exclamation mark is a simple dance manager that is great for getting started. I wouldn't heavily recommended old time because some of the design is a bit like floppy and maybe not so good. The next one swipes personal Danny's. They've gotta swipes work space, but they've got a personal application. So this one is probably one of the stronger of this. Selection is probably one that I should have included in the initial Matrix. I really like swipes. It's one of things it does really well is, and I want you to shed Joe one of your task for later, and a task will disappear until you need it, and then it will have a now tap to get working on it so you'll have the ability to create lists. You have a now section on a later section to see all of this stuff that is coming up. So it's very much focused on you, like clearing your inbox or your task list in a efficient way. And I think I recommend it a lot because it's available on IOS, Android and Web. So it's pretty easy to get started with. Next one is one list. This is super similar to the app I recommended called Clear. It's well designed. The application look is gonna look great on your your home button area home from Doc. Sorry, but one list is very easy to get started with. Visually, it works in a very similar way. Just wise, you can pull down to on different tasks there, so it's not something that you won't see in and clear. Clear, maybe is a bit more responsive than it. But if you're looking for um, or lower price option, that's going to be your bet. Now, if you're someone that is just maybe even looking for a dead simple one for shopping lists and you want to solely keep it to shopping, then bring with an exclamation mark. Next week is a strong one that's available on Android, IOS and Web and provide you with a pretty strong experience for capturing all of the things that you need to get done with shopping list. So it's more personalized to sort of retail experience. I guess if you're maybe like a mom or dad home that has to be coupled to shopping and only has that really to do over a set period of time. That might be a good option for you. The next one is handle. This is, ah, popular one again. I think it's got a few features that are very attractive, very similar swipes. You can have that list of all the tasks you can visually see your next couple of days of activities in the later tab. But what's nice about it is it connects with Google Mail. So Gmail Sorry, you can connect it to the lights off Gmail, so it makes it even more interactive. You can view all of that stuff in the browser now. The next sorry. The next section is professional light, so these are them, or of the resources there. Not too many of these. I did recommend Alexa Trail oh meister task as ones that allow you connect to other employees. There's a resource called I done This. It's more of a goal track, I would say, but it can be uses its house manager. You can connect with your team members on it as well, and it's quite a nice way to set definitive at targets Fuel Day on Ben. Share them with others. So if you're looking to set up like three things, then this might be the application for you. The next one is weak. Done. This is more of a week planner than it is a task manager. To some extent. Obviously, you can replicate something very similar to this in Trillo, but again, very similar board process to planning your week ahead. So if you're looking for a much more advanced experience, that's probably good with you. Now. This is the personal heavy sanction. Some of them I mentioned in the actual longer future. The 1st 1 is Remember the milk. Now remember, the milk is an older, productive the application, but they recently, maybe a year or two ago revamped it it's available. Web, IOS, Android and I believe on Mac or desktop. I'm not too sure on that one. I would have to double track. But remember, the milk is a really awesome application because it's got the most of the features very similar to do. It's very submitted to Dio by Microsoft. So it's a good balance between the two at the applications themselves on IOS and Android. Really gorgeous looking, the icons Lovely. Not that that makes a huge difference, but it just makes everything look great. Now Focused on is more of a recent application. It does combine most off the profession episode, the personal, heavy experiences so off course, being able to add all of the details to a task and all that valuable stuff. But it incorporates calendar to so what it does. Quite wound allows you to plot all of your calendar items, and it can actually use a I to reorganize some of your items based on calendar events. So if you're looking for something that really does utilize Hall of that awesomeness, then that could be in a good application for you. I believe at the moment, only available for Web. Although they're developing more versions of it. So do keep an eye out for that one. Now the next one is only focused, too. And I was only talking to someone else the other day about this. I think this is probably one of the most part personal heavy applications out there. If you're GDD user, I think I mentioned this in the additional extra feature again. So if you come to a final bit of the course, you'll see a bit there. They only focused, too is a little too advanced. If you're looking for a basic one, Um, or maybe even even if you're looking for a medium one, I think if you want to go formally, focus. It's obviously the biggest price and probably one of the most recommended because a lot of productivity to do list fans love it, which is great, but it's probably not the one you want to go four straight away, mainly cause it's a big investment if you don't know how to use, resource can take some time, but only focus is more of a GTE focused applications. So you you want to be really keen that kihnd up or prepared on that before you actually jump into only focus. So that's my recommendation. Don't necessarily jump in if you know what you're talking about. You know what you're doing. You've done some courses. Maybe it's a right application for you, but again, very heavy resource. Now the next one is due to rule Do which is again, a very similar experience. I'd say to remember the milk. It's sort of like a balance between to do Onda the like, self to do list, but it actually does provide it with a really strong experience. I'm yet to review fully on YouTube, but our it's one of the most requested videos because experience is eso gorgeous, the next one is good. Task three. This comes up quite a lot again. It's a GT focus application but utilizes Apple devices only to help you organize your tasks and action. So it's a little more specific now, as we move on to the final part of The Matrix, we've got a few more applications that might be of interest some of these lap into the project management, so I think I mentioned in the other future. Some of them are project management, but some can be used, of course, for your own personal items, you don't necessarily have to invite colleagues along, but they do provide you with that experience. They obviously are a lot better. It's a bit like, sort of like when you buy a car. I guess you know you can fit other seats in, but you don't necessarily have to. You could just be driving in the front, right? So the 1st 1 onto his notion. That notion is a very attractive application, doing very well in space in the moment, many because what it does well is allows you to create your own sort of intron experience. You get to create your own work flows urine set ups. It's very similar to trailer in a way, but allows you to invite team members as well. Trevor does do that, but when I think is nice about it is it's customization abilities. So if you're looking to start a simple task manager, there were definitely some templates in and get started with. But this is a good one, especially if you want upgrade on, communicate with other people using it. There's discussion features etcetera, very similar to a sauna in some sense the next one is dropped. Asked again something that you can communicate and share with teams. If you're a very visual person, this might be good for you because drop task allows you to visually orientate all of your tasks and actions on basically, bring them together in, like visual to do list so you can have a different drop areas for your tasks and actually move them about. And it's almost like a mind map. But for all of your task management, next one is base camp. Base Camp is very popular project management tool, but if you are one stop shop, you might want to use it as a way to bring together all of your task list and manager your projects because they do something really well in it that helps you plan all your projects and lets you see a sort of dashboard of all of what you need to get done inside of that project and also gives you, like no reports but outlines of what's happening in the project in terms of activity base. So again that could be really useful resource, and that sort of is very similar to Monday, which is a complication previously known as deposed data Pulse, that is, or one word. The resource itself is pretty handy and can be used at to help organize what you need to get done in the week. It's a bit more def, decisive in terms of the tool, the task you need to get done. So if you want to specifically know that action or set of actions that you need to get done , then that could be for you. So guys aren't just before we wrap up, I hope hope that made up for all of those other resources. Those are the biggest are other resources that you can download separated into the matrix. Some other recommendations as well. If you are someone that maybe wants to go out of this because you don't necessarily use, need to use it to do this application toe work. Wow, I know people who use Evernote, so Evernote egg has checklist functions, bullet point functions that you can get started with. So if you're just looking for that, then that could be a good resource. Another application is very similar to that is workflow we So if you're looking for a way to capture lists or make your own sort of sort of a bit like notion, in a sense, your own sort of Internet of things on you want open. Different lists are open, things like that, then workflow. He has a few and gems hidden in there. Andan other things as well, if you're planning with the family, may be and you're looking for to do so, application for that. I know a couple of people recommended asana for that, but there are family focused to do this applications that have a host of other futures toe to that. I want to recommend one called Cozy. This is actually something that chant from a podcast recommended me. Ultra include that one description. Hey, said. That is a fantastic application for to do this management for families and especially when you're organizing activities and events on another one that looks gorgeous is picnic. I'm yet to review on the YouTube channel, but it's in my list. This again is a very popular to do list calendar experience, And the other thing is, when I did mention a, I did a video on how not to use calendar applications necessarily for your to do list. But I also want to mention that you don't necessarily need to use a habit tracker for your experience. Habits are very different to tasks. Tunks are more action. We need to get them done versus habit, Of course, aren't something you need to get done, but mawr Recurring Mawr routine Mawr framework based. So, guys, I hope that gave you a nice overview of sons of tools that you can go away and check out. So do feel free to let me know if you any questions. Hopefully this box out, some off the questions that you do have so far. But anyway, guys, thank you so much for stopping by. I'll see you in the next future here on skills. 8. How to Start Using Your New To-Do List App: So you've now gone through the quadrant. Maybe you have a few to this applications you've got in the short list. That is fantastic. That's pretty. So now what we're gonna do sort of give you a bit of a additional notes that can help you when it comes to that process off choosing the right one or even testing a few of them. So maybe you've picked 12 so far. Maybe you picked three or four. That's absolutely fine. That's brilliant. At least you've narrowed down to a couple left. So what you need to do now his pick the one that you are most confident on after checking the design features and cross platform abilities. Once you are happy with that, start a free trial with the application. Most of these experiences experiences offer that which will allow you to get started if they do not. We have a full review available for all of these anyway, so they'll be in description blow to give you an overview of what the sort of experience looks like before you commit. If you are happy with the videos or you're happy after the 14 days that is brilliant, it takes advantage. You can either keep on the Freemium or move up to the premium off that application. Now, that's great. So maybe you've picked that. But let's say, Do you know happy off those 14 day trial or you're not happy? After a week of using the Freemen experience, that's absolutely fine. Move onto the next application. Andi Overview. Once your comfortable would one on you go to the 2nd 1 you might find it's a lot better the 3rd 1 or fourth form if you move over five. If ugo past five of them, then it's definitely worth recommending whether you stuck yourself in the right quadrant, mainly because let's say you've gone for the light personal. But you're actually might be looking at the light professional because your needs and your growth demands that then it's definitely worth looking there and the same again. If you're in heavy personal, you might want to look a heavy professional, so that's just a sort of guideline. Of course, the quadrant system is, but it will help you to understand your needs and help you grow with your progress. Now that is an import fracture as well. If you're moving in life, transitioning from one area to another like me when I did university to a lot like freelancing, I made sure that I plan that advance to make sure that you're thinking a bit more in the future, about that's new, this application and what the future holds. If you actually have any questions or queries on you, just want me to dive into the comment. Just ping me in the email using Discovery, Skill share or in the comments below, happy to answer a few questions you guys have. If you're really struggling, I will happily dissect an application with you to really give you an understanding or potentially recommend a few alternatives. You know, the ones we recommend. It might not be few, but there are plenty of war out there. So let's dive into those and really find that right application for you. So, guys in the final segment, we're gonna round up what we learn, and then we're gonna call it a day 9. Key Takeaways | Class Summary: Hey, guys, Welcome back to the skill set course. Here it is. Francesco again, I just wanted to thank you all for joining in this course. We looked at some really detailed stuff in the first segments. We talked about the context to sap occasions about how you can use them. Why? I would like the valuable assets inside it. And then we talked about the needs, the things that make a great to do list application in the realities of it. And we gave you a heap of recommendations so that you went out there and actually had them to go away with on. Now we're sort of ramming up with the future. So what we're going to be doing is adding a project here so that you guys could go away. Andi, start working on that project, Onda, actually. Process. Go through all of that and find the application for you. If you are successful in that, upload your project to be amazing. There is a obviously a guideline on project. Andi, if you're unsuccessful, there's gonna be a sheet to help you to analyze why you weren't why you were unsuccessful and how you can find that perfect to do list application. Now, I'm really excited to be going through this will be doing this for other tools and resources, so hopefully this was valuable. Few again. There are exercises around this so you can go back at any given time. And really, you try and understand what your theology around everything is. There's also the Matrix, which you can download in this art feature and video. So feel free to download that one. Otherwise, it would be a really amazing tap. You guys over on YouTube at YouTube is gonna be a free. It's gonna be posted at 3 to 4 times a week to get regular videos from me all about productivity, APS and resources. The channel is called Francesca less You under my name. However, it is a key. Productive wheels have Facebook group, and we have a newsletter as well. That keeps everyone updated. All of the amazing wraps up there, so you'll never be inundated with choices and resources as well as tutorials to help you activate that application that you've chosen. So, guys, it's been a real pleasure teaching. You hear on skill share Phil free toe heart. This one feel free to save it as well. Share it to a friend or family member who is trying to find that golden to do this application to get things done. Really amazing if they were able to find that as well at the room mission with the key productive you trip piano. The medium block at the newsletter is ready to help you find the perfect resources for you . It's sort of like having like, the best running shoes you can have. They really do help me. They're comfortable. They mold to you. They just help you run further and faster. So to real pleasure to have you guys here at feel free to contact me any time. It be really amazing to keep in touch. Eso Thank you very much, Onda. Thank you very much to skill Chef hosting me. I'm looking forward to future features. Future courses I do and make sure to join me on YouTube. Cheers, guys. Thank you. 10. Your Questions Answered! Omnifocus 2, Calendar Events: Hey, everyone, it's Francesco again. Thank you very much to ever and for completing this skill share Course it is awesome to have you guys are in the community and also to have completed my first ever class here on skill share. I really appreciate it on. And as you can see, the content hopefully helped you to find that perfect to do this application. But what I wanted to do before we round up with this out for class is to go over a few of the hottest questions that you guys have had throughout this. And this is obviously from the first week or so that you guys have been doing it. So I'm gonna be answering a few of those questions. So the 1st 1 is only focus. I know a lot of you guys have been patrolling the APP stores and have maybe found the Omni Focus application on either Mac or IOS and bean like, Whoa, this looks amazing on it's usually price quite highly. So a lot of people think high price, high quality application that's not necessarily. And normally, focus might not necessarily be for you, although I'm not completely ruling out as I mentioned in the to do list recommendations. Off course. Only focus is a recommendation, but what it does is it focuses on a lot of its attention on G. T. D. Ah, process off productivity that I have included in the book recommendations for this Siri's the only problem with only focus is it's pretty intense. It has a high investment feel, obviously £30 per device, which is quite impressive. And it's just something you need to remember before going fully into it is. Make sure to check out the reviews and also understand whether that is for you based on your own workflow and current progress. Maybe it's something that you need to grow into. Maybe you just need a few more applications underneath that before you get to that stage. But it's just something to bear in mind. The second question was Francesca. You recommend a few project management applications and here, like the like Sof not be a sign and trade lo. And sometimes they do like to recommend project management APS because they tend to provide a good experience. I know that a lot of people use not be and dishonor and trail Oh for team productivity, which is absolutely fine. It's brilliant if you are able to do that. And the reason why I recommend not to be a sign and trade is because you can use all of them in the personal productivity fashion so you can go away and set up your own system and your own workflow in your own home base there without necessarily having to add other people. Where is a lot of on the project? Management? APS tend to force you to add other people to make the experience to the maximum. But these other applications actually just not only to use it in a personal fashion tip. The next question is calendars versus tasks. A lot of you guys use a calendar as your talents manager and wondering whether you need the both of them or whether you need to. I made a full video on this and I thought would be useful to put it in the description so you guys can go away on watch it. It's a video about how do you, like differentiate between calendar events and actionable tasks I want to recommend for you guys is having a to do this application on the calendar. It tends to separate them calendar for events, meetings, activities, time, static base things on it. To do this for actionable tasks and items in your next 30 days. That's how I tend to view things. The next question is Francesco. You've only recommended a few to do this applications. Can you recommend some? Or now what? What I'm gonna do is include a video in this in the notes that documents 25 to do this applications even go away and check out. This is from a video I did over on YouTube. It's very popular. One. Andi can really help you find a host of other applications sharing a bit more insight into what they will do now. Obviously, I'm gonna be trying to include more and more alternatives that things go on and you can always follow the YouTube channel to find out all of the latest to do this applications and full reviews on those dubious applications so you can go away and check out number. And the final question is accessing all the pdf. So I had a few questions from the community gallery on people like that in just asking Where does Texas all the pdf? I'm going to include a full link. They will have all of the pdf documented, which will make it a lot easier and hopefully provided with Mawr Insight into the whole process that we go through in this class. Anyway, guys, I just wanted to thank you. I really appreciate you joining the skill set class. Haven't you describe to me on YouTube yet? It be amazing, have you in the community. We also do a Facebook group on E newsletter that comes out every month. That rounds up a few of these awesome applications and resources. So you'll be in really good company when you're drawing that community. Anyway, guys, I really appreciate it. Make sure to leave a review. A positive review if you enjoyed it on some feedback. If you didn't over on the skill share class, I would really appreciate that feedback. Anything that you can do to share making better or even just appreciate this class It be amazing. So please do leave. That would be incredible. And we got it. Thank you so much. Make sure have a great week. You productive, and I'll see you guys very, very soon. Cheers.