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How to Find ANYONE's Email Address | Lead Generation Machine | Sales

teacher avatar Patrick Dang, International Sales Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Why Email First

    • 2. Clearbit

    • 3. Mailster & emailgenerator

    • 4. Data

    • 5. Datanyze

    • 6. Facebook

    • 7. Hunter

    • 8. Leadiq

    • 9. Norbert

    • 10. Next Steps

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About This Class

In this course you'll learn the best tools and strategies to find anyone's email address.

Meet Your Teacher

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Patrick Dang

International Sales Trainer


Hey, it's Patrick here!

Now, I’m on a mission to help everyday people to generate more sales for their business using the most cutting-edge B2B sales strategies.

After a successful sales career in Silicon Valley, I packed two suitcases and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand and started my journey with the aspiration of creating world-class online B2B sales training all while living a digital nomadic lifestyle.

And since then, I’ve traveled to many countries while creating programs training over +30,000 students in over 150 countries.

And over time, it became clear that no matter what country you’re from, what your background is, or whether or not you think you have the talent to sell...I’ve found that sales is a skill anyone can learn... See full profile

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1. Why Email First: Hey, what is going on? Guy? So we're gonna learn how you can find anybody's email address Now the first thing we start off with was getting your ideal customer profile and, you know, figuring out who exactly you want to go after. Then it was finding the company that fit your ideal customer file. Then the next step was to find the stakeholders at the company you want to reach out to, and now we're going to go into How do you find that person's email Now, before we dive into that, I want to re emphasize why you want to email them first versus cold, calling them or showing up in front of their doorstep. So the first thing is you want to be mindful of the prospects preferred medium of communication. Every business and industry is a little bit different, but for the most part, when you are doing B two b business business to business, then email is one of the most socially acceptable ways to get in touch with someone, especially if they don't know who you are. The other thing is people check their email regularly throughout the entire day, so there's a high likelihood that you know, when you send an email, someone is going to actually see it and then potentially respond. The other part is, email is very non intrusive to a person's work day, and this means that you know you're not taking time out of their day. You're not interrupting them. You're sending an email to them in their in box, and when they have the time to reply to you, they totally will. And so that's why you want to be respectful of someone else's time, and they will be respectful towards your time. And finally, email is one of the most efficient and scalable ways to communicate with anybody. The reason is because it's virtually free to send an email. And second of all, if you want to send hundreds and hundreds of emails per day, you totally could do that. So not only do you get the speed of sending a lot of emails, but you could send it to a lot of different people. And so this is the reason why email is one of the most best ways to start business relationships. Everybody checks it. You're respecting someone's time and its most efficient for your time as well. So now that you understand why it makes sense to email someone vs, you know cold calling them and spending time doing that, let's go ahead and dive into all the different strategies you can use to find someone's email address. 2. Clearbit: Alright, guys. So now we're gonna dive into clear bit and clear bit is one of my favorite software is to use to find anybody's email. By far, it's one of most easiest and simplest and free ones to use. Let's so let's go ahead and go into the Web browsers and I'll show you exactly how clear bit works. Okay, so we are on the clear bid website. Well, you want to do first is sign up for clear bit and download their Google chrome extension. If you are using Google Chrome, and what it's gonna do is, it's going to connect with your Gmail account. So here I'm in my work Gmail, And what's really interesting about clear bit is that once you get it is going to be a little tab on the top, right where you know that you know that it is installed. And so when you compose an email, there's going to be this little clear bit logo on the bottom, and when you click it, this page will pop up. So let's say you have a bunch of people you want to email at Snapchat, right? And so what it does it just auto populates all the companies that is relevant to that keyword search. I'm gonna go ahead and click on Snapchat, and what's gonna happen is it's going to give me all the people, um, in their database, who they have their email. Four. So if you are wanting to contact the CEO of Snapchat, all you would do is, you know, if he's not already here, you type in, his name will pop up, you click on it. And when it pulls the data, what's gonna happen is it pulls his information. So as you can see here, email Evan at Snapchat dot com also has a website as well as its Twitter and LinkedIn, so you could press the email button. Then is gonna auto populate over here? So the reason why clear. But is one my favorites? It's because it's so easy to use, really. You just like put in someone's name. We put in their company putting the person's name, and then it's automatically going to populate for their email address and could email them right there. Now I will say, like depending on the business you are trying to reach out to. It doesn't always have it in its database. But I would recommend clear bit as your first option to use if you're using Gmail to find people's emails and send things out. So that's everything on clear bit. Let's go ahead and dive into some other strategies on how you could find other people's email addresses. 3. Mailster & emailgenerator: Yo, what's up, guys? So in this lesson, we're gonna show you how to use a tool email generator dot i o and male tester and these air gonna be tools for you to find people's emails and invalidate them using a simple tool . And I'm gonna show you exactly what that is. But before we get into it, I'm gonna explain to you a little bit more about how to use these tools. So the common email sin taxes that exists in the business world, for the most part includes these sin taxes. So usually it's like first initial last name last name at the company dot com first and come dot com. A lot of time is just a combination of the first and last name at whatever domain that company is at. And so email generator that I owe allows you the put in the person's first name and their last name and then their company domain name. It will auto populate all the possible common cos sin taxes or email. Instant tax is available, and so you're gonna have a big list of all possible emails that belong to a person. And so it's a really great tool because once you have all these potential emails that you can kind of guess someone's email with you can use male testers so you can validate your guesses. And so male tester dot com. What essentially is is when you're unsure, you know, when you use a tool and you get an email or you're making a guess on what someone email is . You can use male tester to validate if it's, ah, legit email. Because if it's not the emails not going to send, and this is a really quick way to check. So it's a great tool when you combine it with other email gathering tools. Because when you gather these emails with all the different tools, I'm gonna show you mail testers a really easy way for you to make sure that they actually work and mail Tester is great when you have a ton of different emails and you want to guess what the correct email is. Let's go ahead and go into my browser so you can see exactly what these tools are all about . Okay, we are alright, guys, So we are on email generator right now and basically what you want to do is you want to type in, Um, you know someone's name. So I'm gonna use myself as an example. So my name is Patrick. My last name is Dang, and my company don't may Name is dang worldwide dot com And so you accept the terms and conditions and you generate it. And so what's gonna happen is it's gonna auto populate all these different domain names that are possible for my email address. And all you want to do is you want a copy and paste thes e mails into your mail tester to make sure that you're guessing the right one. So let's say you want to email me at my business email. So let's say you take a guess and say Patrick dating at Dingwall. Why, That might be that might be it. First name last name at the white dot com. So you go into male tester. It's a very simple Web site. You type in the email that you want to check, so let's say it's Patrick Deng at day ing worldwide dot com. Enter it. And so when you check this address, if it's read here on the bottom, this means that It's not a valid, uh, name for this domain, but you can see for the green part the domain is a valid domain. So the names and correct So that means your guess was wrong. So you go back to the email generator use and you say, Okay, if Patrick Dang out doing well, I didn't work. What's the other one? That might work. And so you might say, OK, let's try the 1st 1 Patrick at Dingwall, Dwight writes. This one's Patrick Daniel has my last name in there. So you type this in Patrick at dang worldwide dot com and boom green green. So the domain works. And as you can see here, the email address is valid. So if you wanted to email me at Patrick dating worldwide dot com, you can ensure that after using male tester that this is in fact a valid email address. So again, male tester can be used with any combination of other email gathering tools. It's just a really quick way for you to make sure that the person that you're emailing or the email address that you have is actually valid so you don't waste your time sending emails to emails that just don't work. So that's it for, you know, email generator and male tester. Let's go ahead and move onto the next tool. 4. Data: right. Another tool that we're gonna dive into is data dot com, which is owned by Salesforce. And what makes data dot com interesting is that you know there's an auction where you can pay and it by credit so you can unlock contacts in different email addresses. But they also have a model where if you give them a contact, you basically will get credit to get another contact back. So if you have a list of a ton of people, you know their names and their email addresses and their companies, you could basically upload that as an Excel file onto data dot com and get a bunch of credit so you can use them to get more emails. Let's go ahead and dive into data dot com to see how you are gonna use it. Okay, so I am on the data dot com website, and basically all you're doing is you're putting the contact name or company into the search bar. And so I'm not typing Evan, who's ah, CEO of Snapchat and I'm right. Snapchat and Boom enter that in. What's gonna pop up is ah, Evan Spiegel, who's the chief executive officer of Snap Inc. And you click on that. And so basically, this business card thing is gonna pop up. And if you press this button and get this contacts, phone and email address, it's going to unlock this contact. And so I unlocked it and it's going to give me his email address as well as his phone number and the address of where Snap Inc is located. And so you could go ahead and add that to your hitless again. You know, when you are adding contacts into data dot com, you are going to get more credit. So you that so that you can unlock more contacts. And, you know, if you update any type of contact with their business car info, or if they left the company off the emails incorrect and you fix it, then you're going to get more credits as well. So I recommend you. If you do have a law, a big list of contacts, go ahead and just uploaded today, a dot com and see if you can get some points so that you could use it to unlock more contacts for yourself. That's everything on data dot com. Let's move on 5. Datanyze: right, So the next one that we're going to check out is Dayton Eyes and Dayton Eyes is another chrome extension that you could add onto Google chrome. That's going to give you aton of information on the companies that you're going to go after , as well as their email addresses. So again, there's a basic version of Data NYSE, where you know you're gonna get free contacts every month. But if you want to get more contacts, you know there is a paid version, so you want to check that out. And you know, all these tools essentially do the same thing. You just want to keep in mind. You know which one you feel has the best data for you, and then go ahead and just go with that one. So let's go ahead and dive in on what day denies work. So you get an idea of this is for you. So basically, how it works is you go onto any website and I'm just on lob dot com, which is the company I used to work at. And let's say you want to email the employees at lob dot com. So after you installed the Google chrome extension, A little button on the top rights gonna appear, and what you do is you click on that on the first have the hometown. It's gonna give you basic information on you, its revenue employees funding and all these kinds of things. Where you want to spend your time on is the third tab, which is people so under people is basically going to give you all the contacts they have in their database that pertains to this company. And when you press his little green email button, what happens is it's going to populate their email for you to grab and add to your hit list . And so this is just another way for you to you don't get emails and Adam onto your list. It's very simple, you know, it's a chrome extension similar to hunter dot io, but it's just another alternative. I wanted you guys to be familiar with 6. Facebook: What's up, party people. So the next one on our checklist is going to be Facebook. Facebook is really good for businesses that are local businesses that oftentimes have a brick and mortar shop. But it's also good for larger companies, depending on what you're going for. But if you're going for small medium business, Cos it's a gold mine for mining email addresses, so let's go ahead and give you an example of how I would go about it if you're looking for an email on Facebook. Alright guy. So I am on Boba Sevens Facebook page, and what Bobo seven is. It's a speakeasy Boba bar where they sell, you know, milk, tea drinks that are apparently alcoholic. So basically all you want to do is when you find a company's Facebook page, you want to go to their about page, and then the about page. What's gonna happen is you scroll down and boom! There's gonna be an email address in the additional contact information, so all you want to do is you want to copy the address and add it to your list now, for ah, place like bobo seven. You know, which is a restaurant slash bobo bar that's a has a physical location in Los Angeles. Not a lot of times you will find the owner's personal email on the actual Facebook page, and that's okay because the owner of the restaurant usually checks the email that they put onto their business page. So if you're emailing Boba seven at gmail dot com, it's probably going to hit someone who's at the high level when it comes to you know, restaurants or spas or like doctors or anything that small and medium business that doesn't have too many employees. So that's just another way for you to collect emails for free using Facebook. 7. Hunter: Alright, guys. So next up, we're gonna have hunter dot io. It's another simple one and what it does, it basically scrapes the web for email addresses and the more times and email address is on the web, then the more probability that that email is actually legitimate. So let's go ahead and go into my Google Chrome browser so I could show you exactly how you can use it. Alright, guys. So we are on the hunter dot i o website and this is a free tool that you can use. They give you 100 different contacts per month so you can use that in combination with other tools. But if you just want to use this one, they they do have a pricing model. If you want to get more contacts using hunter dot i o. But for the most part it is free, so you can definitely check it out. So basically how it works is when you're on the website. All you want to do is come in the domain of a company you want to get into. So let's say you want to talk to somebody at the company of stripe and so you type in stripe. And basically what's gonna happen is it's going to give you a long list of all the emails that they have in their database that they're pulling from the Web that you could that are legitimate. And the interesting part is if you type it, type this in and you find someone like let's say, for example, you know you're going for someone specific, like James Pad Dolci, right? Once you type that in, this person's email is gonna pop up and you could save it as a lead, and it's a 92% confidence. And that just means that it's pulling this email from all over the Web and throughout different time periods. So there's a high probability that this is a legit email, and if you want to double verify this, you could use male tester the little app that we looked at before toe. Verify if the name and the domain is correct. So that's how you use hunter dot io from their website. However, what they're chrome extension. What you can do is use it when you are on another website, so let's say you are. You're on stripe dot com and on the top, right? Basically, this is yellow. But after you install Hunter die Oh, what you do is you press it and basically you can access all the tools just like you can on the website, right from your chrome extension browser. And it's going to give you all the different company, all the different emails, and you could type, you know, specific people in to see if they have that email address. So that's everything you need to know on how to use hunter dot io. It's a pretty good one. Go ahead and check it out, but there's MAWR tools to come. 8. Leadiq: Alright, guys. So this is going to be the final email collecting tool that we're going to take a look at and it's called lead I. Q. It's definitely one of the more powerful ones, and it does save a lot of time. Back when I used to work at LOB, this is the one I use. It was my personal choice because it was really quick. Ah, and I will say it does cost money to, you know, purchase a lot of different leads. But if you want to try it out, they do give you free leads to start out with. So let me show you exactly how this is gonna work and this is gonna be another chrome extension. Let's say you are on your browser and you're going to capture some e mails today. Once you install the lead chrome extension, a button is going to appear on the top right, and all you do is you press it and basically it's going to open linked in right away and on the side. It's going to have this little bar where it's going to give you people's contacts. So how it works is, let's say you're going for companies at lift. You want to find people who work out lift that you could potentially talk to. So what you do is you press see all leads and on the left side, it's gonna populate everybody on this list right here. So the first few people on the first page it's gonna It knows exactly who these people are , and it's gonna populated on the left side. So if you want to capture these people's contact information, all you would do is press the plus. But in I want talk to him. I want talk to him, just person, this person. And basically, it's going to automatically add these people onto your list. And when you want to view, you know all the people that you saved, you could also, you know, view their email right over here. You press email and then their emails gonna pop up on the browser. But if you want to view it as a list, you would press the but in view, open up the I Q list, or you could open it up as a Google sheet, and what's gonna happen is going to give you their work. Email. Potentially that personal email. First name, last name, title and company, phone number, location and all. Basic. All these information it's gonna auto populated for you. So if you're, you know, someone that uses he linked in really heavily, especially if you are someone that ops for linked in sales. Navigator Leader is one of the fastest way to just collect the emails of the people you're going after so that you don't have to copy and paste it on to another Google sheet. You could do it off from here, but again, it depends on what tools you are using. It's gonna end this on the note of its not necessarily about the tools that you use, you know, some are more powerful than the others. It's all about just putting in the work, you know, whatever tools fit for what you are trying to do, go ahead and just use that tool. You know, there's no you know, this one's better than another. It just depends on what is the best fit for you. And I would just go ahead and not even focus too much on the technology side of it, but just find a way to get people's emails use one of the techniques I've showed you, you know, throughout this whole section and just, you know, get their emails and email them. You know, the most important part is that you do it and you send the emails. So that's it for lead i Q. And that's all we're going to cover when it comes to finding a person's email address. And next, we're going to dive into how to write like a copywriter. Hajto, How you know how to craft really great emails even when you don't have any writing experience. So if that sounds good, I will see you gas in the next section. 9. Norbert: Okay, The next one we're gonna dive into is Norbert, and the website is viola Norbert dot com. And basically, it's really simple. You just put in the person's name and the company domain name, and it's going to give you their email address. Let's dive into it. You know, it works just the same as any other of these email gathering sites, but I just want to give you an idea of all the different ones you that you can use. And you could pick the one that you like the most. All right, so we are on the Norbert site. Essentially, all you're doing is you're typing in the person's name over here and then there. Domaine dot com. So let's say you want to talk to an executive at Oracle like Safra, uh, cats and then at oracle dot com and you enter that in. What's gonna happen is this is gonna pop up Safford cats at oracle dot com, and they say that they're 97% certain that this is accurate. And so basically Norbert is gonna give you 50 free contacts per month, and if you want to buy more, you could go ahead and upgrade. But this is a really quick way that just like build out your list of contacts very quickly . And the great thing is, it tells you the likelihood of how verified it is so like for this one. It says 97% marker, 97% Evan Spiegel, 97%. So Norbert is definitely another option to check out. 10. Next Steps: Now, if you're getting any value out of these courses, make sure to leave a positive review. Sharing your experiences. I read every single review, and I really do appreciate your feedback. And if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to follow me on skill share so you could be notified on when I release my latest courses.