How to Draw a Face: a Beginners Guide to Drawing a Fashion Portrait | Elena Fay | Skillshare

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How to Draw a Face: a Beginners Guide to Drawing a Fashion Portrait

teacher avatar Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Drawing the Front View of the Face

    • 4. Drawing the Side View

    • 5. Drawing Faces From Different Angles

    • 6. Bonus/ Drawing a Face Without a Ruler

    • 7. Stylizing Eyes

    • 8. Fashion Portrait

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Even if you never drew people before and creating portraits sounds too complicated, I’ll show you fun and easy ways to approach the process! This class is packed with inspiration and interesting techniques that will help you to bring your skills to the next level.
Topics include:

1. Facial proportions

2. Drawing the front view of the head 

3. Drawing the side view of the head

4. Stylizing Eyes

5. Stylizing Lips

6. Drawing fashion portrait

The brush pen I used is Pentel pen, it comes with 2 refills. Give it a try-you will love it!!! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Fay

Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator


Hi everyone, welcome to my creative playground:)

I'm a self-taught fashion illustrator, dreamer and explorer.

I started my blog in March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative.

Creating art for individual clients and big brands is a dream come true because every day I can play with my favorite paints and call it a job!

Creating is my biggest passion and I'm so excited that I can share and inspire you to create as well! I hope you enjoy my classes and have fun making some colorful mess!

You can find me on

Instagram / Blog / Pinterest

And subscribe to my blog for freebies and fun updates.

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is killing the plate. I'm a self taught artist and fashion was traded on. I'm very excited that he joined me for this glass would have been a little cow that you're pushing portrait. It's on faces in general. Even if you never your people before and creating portrait sounds too complicated, I will show you fun and easy ways to approach the process. This class is packed with information and interesting techniques that will help you to bring your skills to the next level. Some people are intimidated by a joint portraits, but my approach is very simple. I do my sketches quickly so they look fun and playful and not to nihilistic and detailed. As you go, you can share your progress and get feedback from me. And other students in this class will cover over the basics you need to learn about German faces. I will show you standby stamp, how to find proportions, your faces from different angles, and then we'll create a portrait together. Whether you're an advanced artist or a just a beginner, you got to take away some new tools and techniques for creating beautiful portions. I'm here to answer all the questions you might have a little bit like. I can't wait to see gradients, so let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: I'm gonna walk you through materials that I will use for this glass. First, we're gonna need some paper. Nothing fancy. You can use your favorites cage book or office paper. Here I have some markers. Pencils, ruler and Tereza. I am the type of artist that can use pretty much everything. Patrol. So feel free to use any art supplies that he already have no need to buy anything expensive . The only thing I would highly recommend is a brash Ben. You can see that it can make very thin to very thick lines, and it's very nice to have it for drunk fashion illustrations. 3. Drawing the Front View of the Face: before we started drumming. I want you to keep in mind that all people have slightly different facial features, and this is a guide with a general proportions, and it will help you to understand how to draw a face. But he can always make any changes and exaggerate proportions. You can download this guide, but I encourage you to join with me step by step so it will be more confident in John places. I'm going to start with the box five by seven inches and no, I will just quickly make agreed. So it will be easy to find all the measurements. I will divide oldest sides of his box and half find the Santa lines on Bill Joe and back shape, which is a basic shape off a human head. One thing you have to remember is eyes allocated right in the middle of the head, and we're gonna use these centerline as the line for the ice. On this line, we need to feed four eyes. The distance between eyes is the same as the with one eye and half overnight on each side, so it's four in total. Let's find the line for the hair I'm gonna break this stop part in three equal parts and 1/3 this top mark is that the line with hair grows. Now let's break this line in three equal parts, and the top line is for the browse. Second line is for the tip of the nose, and third is for the chin, the line from the nose to the chin. Let's break into thirds again and the top line is at the center of the mouth. For now, I'm just placing the marks and we'll add more detains later. So we're starting to see that our egg shaped kinda looks like face. Now I want to go back and work on the eyes and eyebrows, and now I'm gonna be old. It the I. It kind of looks like Claman or almond. When the draw virus, which is circle shape, make sure the top part is covered by the island, so it looks like it was cut off right in the middle. I will add the pupil at some shadows, believe tiny spots with highlights, and he can go over and make a darker if you want. Next, I will feel in the top lash line and make it darker than the bottom lash mine. Now let's add more details to the nose knows has come in different shapes and forms. So if you want to join Realistic Portrait, just look at the reference and pay attention, how long and how wide the nose is when it comes to drunk fashion illustrations. I prefer the drawer and nose in very light colors, and I don't have too many details, so I use very like lines and shadows, so it doesn't look too sharp. If you draw a line from the center of the pupil down to the lips, you will find the corner of the mouth. There are so many ways to draw leaps and nose trickles at all, so our command just play with it on. After some practice, you will find the technique that you really like here will be somewhere on this level. So it starts between the I and the brow and ants on the level off the tip of the nose. But he almost done are with placing all the details like eyes, nose, lips and ears, and you can see that you need to make some changes. Just go for it because there are no strict rules. No, I'm just going to clean up some lines, make them small. So the face looks more feminine at some hair, and the front view of the face is almost done. 4. Drawing the Side View: if you struggle to draw faces from profile that this video will give you a great way to practice getting your proportions right and being comfortable to draw very quick sketches. I will start with a square seven by seven inches. It's the length of the head from the front view so we can compare what changes and what stays the same. I will divide all the sides in half, connect this little marks, and you will get four small squares. And if you look at this shape right here, it will remind us call here on top. I will draw an oval. It will be at a slight angle, and now you can clearly see the skull. So if you turned sideways, the proportions pretty much say the same. For example, the eyes will be right in the middle. The distance between eyes, nose leaps and the chain will be the same as on the front You. So now let's just find the marks and draw the side view. I still be right in the middle, so we're going to draw them on this center line. If you divide this part in thirds, just like we did in the front Pew video, you will find the mark for the hair. Next, we'll find the marks for the browse and nose by dividing this line in thirds. Now let's break this line in three equal parts, and the top mark is whether Mouth will be so when you have all the marks, let's build the face and trying to with using straight lines as this will appear very unnatural. Now let's enjoy than those as I mentioned before, the way you draw the nose of the parents on the character you draw. Okay, bringing the line for the op. A leap, the apple. It will be kind of moved a little bit forward compared to the bottom lip. If you draw the line from the teeth off the nose to the chin, um, you will see that leaps will be kind of laying on this line. You Now let's build the I errand eyebrows. The ear will be between the eyebrow and the nose, and for the side view, it kind of looks right in the middle of the head. So because the trouble on this centerline now, let's polish it. These Kage, uh, at some hair, don't forget to give the hair some volume. When you're comfortable with all the measurements, try a drawing some faces without the ruler. Your sketches don't have to be accurate. Draw as many as you can. It can take you 10 15 maybe even 50 tries to finally get the one that he really like. But what I can promise is after so many tries, he will get better. And the idea off drawing porch it's will not intimidate you anymore. 5. Drawing Faces From Different Angles: you might find this exercise a little bit silly, but it's their helpful chip, especially if you struggle with German paces from different angles. As you know, Human had has a shape of an egg and novel practice driving it first. I will draw the front view so nothing changes of the proportions are the same. Next, I will draw 3/4 view. This time I will add the curve a line, and it currently indicates the direction off the eyes. When the person looks up, the bottom part of the face is more visible, so you will sin nostrils, lips, gene and neck. But he can burrow, see eyes, brows and hair, as I mentioned before year's allocated on the level are to be in brows and the nose. So when the head our dates here is will move as well, and in this case they will be lower than this car of a center line, and about the person looks down, you will say the opposite. So this case, you will see hair, eyes, long nose, but you can't see nostrils leaps on the chin. It takes a little bit of practice to get a feel off. What looks natural so I usually do is just play around and see what angles and poses look good 6. Bonus/ Drawing a Face Without a Ruler: I'm going to start with an X shape or you can draw a circle first and extend the lands here . I would come and go beak on the page so you have some room to work with. And now I will draw a line right in the middle of this egg shape. Let's divide this line in half, find the center and draw another line. That's where your eyes will relocate it and I will market as an I like. Just like in the previous video, I'll do the same steps. First we gonna divide the stop line in thirds, and the top mark will be the mark with hand. And now let's break this part in thirds the top mark isn't the mark for the brows, and the bottom is the mark for the teeth. Often those thanks. If you already feel confident in fighting face proportions, you can just keep this video or feel free to fall in line and change your mosque memory, and we'll find the mark for the mouth by dividing these bottom line in three equal parts again. The top line is that the line for the mouth? Okay, so now I'm just gonna enjoy eyes. I'll be repeating the same steps for both eyes when and your eyes. I usually put the inner point off the I below the center line, and that out a point goes a little bit higher, so it would be a slide angle. I always start with self blinds on them. Just add more conscious and details. The top part is darker than the bottom. Now there's just accessorize the eyes with luscious. Just a few of the bottom on ball on top. And now let's drill eyebrows. Just keep in mind that hair never falls in the same direction. So some hair of across each other some will be darker, another will be lighter, and it will add a very interesting look to the house. Now let's add more details to the nose. I'm gonna add just a few lifelines to show the nostrils are the tip of the nose and just a few life shadows that will almost fade and also the week off, the nose of a good the same as the with off the I. So this is just a basic idea off how to draw, if you would please, and you can have fun with this on John. A self portrait or portrait off your friends and family. I just use this template. Look at your photos and replace us noses and lips. And there you have it. The front. You over the face. 7. Stylizing Eyes: So I found a few references here was different. I shape and makeup and I would recommend you to find some photos as well. First, we're going to start with a realistic looking I, and then we're gonna have fun and create some crazy looking eyes. Eyes are so interesting to draw some people quite the changing. But in this video, I will show you very fun Ways to style eyes your eyes by just making little changes way Start with the basic shape of the I, which looks like an almond, and it doesn't have to be precise because while ensuring that will be a lot of changes made now with your iris and people, I start with very light lines and will add more details and shadows later. With the basic shape is done, I'm going to start shading. I will add dark spots to the pupil and will also leave a few white spots. I'm gonna add some shadows from the upper island and lashes also in the lower corners of the eye. And now that's delicious. So the top part will build a darker and I'm gonna jog their Long and Carragher lashes. And at the bottom. I will draw Sener and lighter lashes. And now let's a draw. Browse to make the brows look interesting, Joe. Some hair very thick and dark and some very light and thin. When it comes to fashion illustration, you have a freedom to exaggerate or simplify your portrays. You can draw eyes without clashes or in opposite with super long and unrealistic crashes. You can draw eyes in different forms and shapes, so just explore and have fun with this. 8. Fashion Portrait : So by now you are familiar with all the proportions, and I hope you feel more confident enjoying portraits. So let's find some photos that really inspire you and try drawing them in different styles . For example, we can start with realistic portrait, and then we can exaggerate or simplify. You can change pressure off the pencil. It will give you a different volume off the line, from the light to the very dark and thick lines. Mexico Weeks jokes. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try some crazy call combinations. I mean, it's all about the farm, right? So just enjoy the process. 9. Final Thoughts: I hope you had fun with this glass and it made you confident. Injury? What shirts? And inspired the drawer. If the answer is yes, I would love to see your work. Whether you did one or many portrait's in different styles, it would be so fun to see.