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How to Draw Your Favorite Anime Characters for Beginners

teacher avatar Sensei, Anime and Manga Finally Made Easy

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. How to Approach

    • 3. Types of Lines

    • 4. Simplify it: General to Particular

    • 5. How to see Shape and volume

    • 6. Let's Begin our Class Project

    • 7. Proportion: How we perceive it

    • 8. Proportion: Understand it & Apply it

    • 9. Class Project Demo

    • 10. Line weight

    • 11. Basic Shading

    • 12. Congratulations! You've made it!

    • 13. Bonus: How to Draw Example

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About This Class

Link! --> Sensei's Invitation and Pinterest!

Drawing / Drawing Fundamentals / Classes / Courses / Tutorials

This Class will teach you all of the tools to succesfully draw any anime style character through understanding the fundamentals of observational drawing.

You don't need to know absolutely anything, beginners from all ages can learn, and even experienced artists will have a great opportunity to improve some of the pitfalls they may be ignoring from their fundamental skills.

The overall goal of this class, is to teach you how to draw your favorite anime characters with a lot of a accuracy!

So! What are you waiting for? Let's get started!


*IMPORTANT: Neither Sensei or the teacher Dairo own any of the commercial, distribution or creative rights of the Anime characters that appear in this class, they are not being used for commercial purpose, they are only being used as an informative and educational medium to exemplify the class topic. They all belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved ©


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Thank you! All rights reserved to the respective owners©

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Anime and Manga Finally Made Easy


Find everything you are looking for to learn how to draw under one roof!

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1. Class Trailer: In this class, I will teach you all of the tools to successfully draw any enemy cell character through understanding the fundamentals of observational drawing, we will be creating an enemy, said drone Mason, your favorite character. You'll get an improved for understanding the basic side of an artist and injure yourself in the creative process of drawing. The same principles starting the class can be using to draw in anything else. So even if you're not a fan of enemy, I'm sure it can teach you a lot. You don't need to know absolutely anything. Beginners from all ages can learn and even experienced in art, this will have a great opportunity to improve some of the pitfalls they may be ignoring from their fundamental skills. The overall goal of this class is to give you the best tools to initiate y'all in the world of drawing. By the end of the class you are disregard will be much more expanded them for having the knowledge to keep on walking along in the most digestible and simplest way. If you found this class, this is probably a topic that you're looking forward from the bottom of your heart. So I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Oh, everyone can learn this. So why don't you pick up your penicillin? Let's start. 2. How to Approach: drawing can be made in a wide range of mothers. Numberless here the dreamers come in ways that Julie show is Number one under drawing under joins or the way artist go full is to sit on the paper. They d of what they want to draw without any restriction that have finished drawing half that way. You can make many mistakes responsible and usually not erase any of them. He knows anyone to set a route for a cleaner refine drawing to be made on top of the previous one. These method helps many artists so feel free on drawing the murder subject. But sometimes it may get you confused on your own strokes and let the time that you take on drawing on Earth peace because of the time conception that in prices were twice many professional maga CAS comic artists an enemy. Animators work this way, so don't underestimate its power. Just know what it gives and what it takes. Number to wreck drop. The's way of rain requires from the artist made more of its concentration. It will save you a lot of time, since most of your lines will be made having a confident sense of gold and living out, making another drawing on top of a lose one dren refining the rig joins it, usually a bit faster than drawn with under joints. However, at the beginning it will be a little challenging for musk people. But it's not that hard. It'll with time it becomes as easy as drawn with under joins. You just need to take on consideration. Mind work, Bischel license and thinking before throwing, constructed with your head with a long you just keep the under drawing process and the raising of most of heuristics number dream semi direct drawing. Drawing this way is actually mix of the two previous ones. He knows the confidence of the direct going to take place on most of the biggest parts of your drawing, but also they loses and flexibility of the under drawing method. Since you will also be drawing on top of some parts that will be needed to be a race later , depending and Hollows you get under drawing on the complexity of your work piece. You can stay in erasing Onley. They're necessary strokes. But be aware that if you get too much loose, you'll end up making another refined join on top of the previous one. So it's standard notice how, in the previous examples the drinks don't look is exactly is the joint reference. They were meant to be drawn by capturing the essence and not just completely copying the original picture. Yet if you're looking to make your joints a similar, it's possible to observe picture. We will be covering that in more detail in the following basics. Every authorities has its unique wait approach. Well, can go from a certain way to another, so this is not a rigid rules. Please allow yourself to be open minded about your own process. You're the one in charge of what you want to do and how you want to do it So explorer and find what fits the best for you again. It isn't necessary for you to do it exactly as I described. Just take them in consideration when having and developing your own style and please trust your intuition. 3. Types of Lines: now the Caribbean types of approach. I like to explain the types of lines that can be used while approaching their smote lines, shirt lines and lose lights. There is nothing right or wrong in here. Any kind of line is welcome because they'll alot every artist, a genial express, their unique perspectives. However, there are some things that are worth having in consideration when drawing smoothly will help you to have clear drawings. The less amount of lines you used to describe the drawn object they cleared, it will look on the less amount of time they will take off your drawing to look. Finch. It's likely for you to draw many of them when trying to go for only is moved, so you'll have to raise many of them. At first. It may be a bit challenging, but if it's fun, you'll get to the point. Sure ways will help it. To have noisy drawings joined miniature lines to describe an object will create a sense of dirtiness and furnace. Now it's really up to you to decide if that's a look you're going for, but if it's not, then you should consider using another kind of lines having sure legs will also get you to spend more time on drawing. So if you want your drawing to be finished that way, be at work. So when joint loose usually let ourselves to go with the pansy on the paper until we find the look we're looking for. Those lines are a great way for a beginner are distanced or having confidence on drawing what here she wants to drop when drawing this way, it's likely for anybody to hold, so have to constantly erase if you're going for a finished look. So I recommend you to have, like, strokes over your paper so they won't leave too much underside marks that would help you to get the look you're looking for having lose lines on your drone. We also take a bit more time than going for only is mobilised. Police post the video once it's over, and explore and drawing all of the listed line forms. Find a grasp on what is the one that best suits you, concerned that the clearness of your drawing the finish look you're going for at the time you'll be spending if that's a factor you need to safe or not If you don't feel like doing so. It's okay to finding the kind of lines that you like on drawing and film US Constable with its Olson organic process. So we will be shaved with overtime with your experience. You also find that many artists, including you and me, will be more often being seen using two or three of them in a single drawing. Difference are that each of us Wilton to go on only one of those directions and that we also dictate part of your joints. 4. Simplify it: General to Particular: have you ever been truly starting a drawing? And then we don't even notice in getting lost in the middle of it or not getting lost. But the different parts of your drawing is start to just not go where they're supposed to. When comparative service source the general, the particular observation is the most critical principle that any artist needs to keep in mind when drawing to solve this problem has learning the previous part of the class. Anything that it says within this world is confirmed on a fundamental level by primary forms. Fast artistic. I must understand them from the deep level. When analyzing what everyone wants to portray, It's time for us to go ahead with the process for master in the super important principle, the first step is still served. Find them, put the primary and biggest shapes of your object. They may go from the basic geometric shapes, but more often to the variation and make sure between them are the circles, squares, triangles or run that squares, ovals and road rectangles. Remember that the some of them are all in charge of creating any form. The second step is to find the rest of the medium and the small shapes the ones that creates its extraction, the less you confined to describe it'll the veteran these because we're just looking to identify the core parts that creates the essence of the object, rather than just a divided into different parts that later can be a cause of confusion as a beginner making this process. Why approaching drawing King coming to different ways 1st 1 When trying that Rick drawing is your approach, it leads you to focus on this principle in a mantle manner. You can sometimes forget the main shapes. It even happens to me. So if it happens to you, it's fine. As long as you return to just easily even to find them, you'll know where to get back with your pants. 2nd 1 going with their under drawing or seven regular and approaches, it will be easier for you to just put them down before anything else and to have them as guides to your joints. Beginner art is recommended star approaching this principle with the help of under join or semi direct drawing, because the guidelines you'll be making at first are going to be easier to fold the mental walls, and we help you do with time natural. Reinforce your skilling eating to find these shapes. So after a while, the joint of them wouldn't even be necessary, because you'll interview if we know where you should put your hand. Both of these ways air highly effective. But the way it will be easier for you will depend on which one flow serviced now getting back to the main steps, the third step to follow. Once you have found all of the main shapes that sounds object drawn object, he started the details and textures of the object or character you're drawing when tackling this part with the right mindset, this can be a really relaxing, enjoyable part of the drone process. If you have already found the main shapes of your subject matter, everything will keep on flowing with your drawing. But if you ignore this process without experience or mind ICTs, it's highly likely for you to get lost in your join and to deform all of its shapes proportions. So hold on into the three step plan when, having learned to see this way, suddenly, all of the objects you wanted to draw that you thought before that were really complex or difficult to. There will start to become as easy to approach as anything else because even if some of them will be more challenging than others, you know certain and how to naturally captured as an artist, its main essence. And when having that enhanced the magic of the artistic, I will start to flood through your whole life. You may have noticed I use the terms drawn object or subject matter to refer to the explanations of the class burden. Just your character. I'd like to clear out that they all refer to the same thing, which is what is that thing you would like to drop? It could be an Arctic, an animal or a character from real life, or from a reference picture, just like in anyone. It's important for me as a teacher to show you that all of these principles are not only meant to be applied to your class project, but to anything you wish you draw. From now on, 5. How to see Shape and volume: There are three principal geometric shapes that conform anything that exists in this world . They are the circle, the square in the triangle. Playing with them creates anything that you can possibly draw. So shapes are a great way to understand the dynamic of drawing as a beginner, but they're not perfect at all. They also like in helping us to understand that two dimensionality over work shape has with and hype but doesn't have them. So when wanting to draw the same thing from a different angle or is slightly different post , he'll have a real rough time. And there's when volume gets into the scene, helping the artist will understand beyond the surface and helping it to draw the subject matter freely, as he or she wishes. Volume is the application of these shapes into tree dimensional work having no depth, which is crucial for the artist to understand and consider when drawing any subject. Thus, taking these main shapes with previously named into treaty volumes will give us this fear. The killed on the count. Some of these great stories, the sense of reality which is necessary to be able to draw anything from observations and farther more for mine when drawing your characters from the class project and any other object. From now on, please look to understand and identify how this shape will have mass adapt into our two dimensional world. We won't be covering this topic in this class in a deeper level because it will require me to explain a whole new class about it. But I want you to keep this in mind because you'll be facing this feeling and challenge constantly in your district life. This is the limit of observational drawing, but it is the door to draw him for mind. With the help of perspective. Drawing way. Need to learn how to crawl before work on how to watch before run. So keep cool is the beginning of more drawing classes that I will be making for you guys in the near future. So stay tuned right now. You should have observed a ton of precious information, and it must be really dying to apply. So grab your pen zeal and let's get her hands into the next part of the class with our class project 6. Let's Begin our Class Project: Okay, So having considered the previous concepts on your paper, think about the main shapes that your character has and put them into the designated space of your paper. Once his media part of the class itself. Well, as you put to describe the whole that better chika hard make these on my class project. So you have a theory reference on how to apply it to yours. We'll continue with the next to a steps to, but before that, let's understand the relationship between the general to particular principle and proportion. 7. Proportion: How we perceive it: all right. Remember the end of the joint approach demo when I talked about how to make your drawing to look as much as the observant picture? Well, it's not the time to learn how to do it. Looking for a currency is a very way to go, then looking to make an exact copy of what you're drawing and if they will be exactly the same unless you're photocopy, take a picture or try to spend a little triple the time on making photo realistic drawings to get at least 95% off. Humility. However, with a currency, it can become pretty much like the original service picture or object with less time on the help of proportion control and where you have control over your proportions, the more it will look like the observant picture humans. Visual perception whereby group in the most important elements that confirm on this subject . So even when you haven't got into exactly the same results as the reference pictures or the observant object, your journal will still be recognizable and believable. Let's take a look at some examples pictures and its scientific Bagram to understand what it means. A psychology group that it's is, by the name of just Stop, discovered the subject, which they named the Five Principles of Groping, like taking on proximity, similarity continue. Nitty closure and connectedness from the simplest to the most complex of the forest will perceive our brain works the same way on finding the relationship between the dots as an evolving mechanism to save resources and optimize its perceiving machinery. I'm not going to touch this stop on a deeper level, but if you feel curious about it, there's a lot of information or body underwent. Even in animation. From any major to animator, you can find a lot of differences. You comforted drawings in that. I bet you never notice it about this until now. And yet everyone always identified the same characters in all of the episodes because they read their essence and accuracy of their overall look, and not only there sack proportions. I hope this made you feel better about not putting too much pressure, a new when drawing done the correct way. Europeans will naturally understand the main essence of your joint. And don't worry, they won't even take the time to measure your joints, proportions and details so if it feels right, then you're drawing is right to check. The security look is important to understand how proportion measuring she'll be taken in consideration. From now on. The best Way to warranty You know how to place every part of your join where it should be easily side wine, main measurement, point of reference. And from there they start to locate all of the parts that should compose your subject matter. This is why checking out the distances and sizes we already have placed on the shapes of our class project will be now a great idea. That way we can make sure their basic proportions look a right because if they're not, maybe someone else or even you will feel your join off. So now you can easily erase down, decided parts and correct what you think it's best. But if you can wait a bit more, you're just about to understand with the next video how to exactly fix it at its best. And if your class project it's fine to consciously make sure that it won't be a problem out of control in the future. So let's finish this quick review and how it should be done and then keep withdrawing our class project 8. Proportion: Understand it & Apply it: When drawing characters, the head reaches one of the universal's main technique. Usually, many artists take the head of your character and compare it to the size of the other main shapes. There are also part of the whole of your observant character. For example, how many heads should make the size off the other shape of your object? How many heads doesn't have from the total height on its sort of with how many heads doesn't have the hide off its arms on the With this world? Their measures can be as a result, the summer bears heads or the equivalent of less than a hit like health ahead or 1/3 off ahead. And so one being aware of the height is the first thing the we'll go with. But most of us also forget the width when measuring your proportions, so police keep their within mine, too. When drawing something else that is not a human character decided. Number one shape, with medium size compared to the biggest shape of the object, will be off the same help than if it were ahead on another character. Its function is just to be a queue reference to King comparable dis ices and distances between the rest of the shapes with the subject. It's not about a D I either, to also look into the size of other parts of the character to use as measured in points off reference simultaneously. For example, when joined the face, how many eyes does she have in the height of her head? Or how Maney hair details that she have on her head's with when drawing the body? How many heads high does she have in general? And when joined address how many persons that she have with the Mingo is to be able to determine by comparing the relationship between all the parts of the object where the parts of your drug will be fighting at its best when compared to the reference source? This is the process that I mentally go every time I drove. Sometimes I use little points, his references for my strokes to be later place there, and I also considered the relationship between the parts of location. For example, how does relate the year to the eye or the team to their first of the arm on the left hand to the hair it Dale and so on. This is important to pay attention to. If you don't do it consciously, you will often find yourself racing and fixing a lot. It's really rewarding to see how this steps can make your drawing look so strong. Unbelievable. So it really base off. If you have any questions, remember that I'm here to help you as much as possible getting back to the topic. This will take you a bit of time to do it. As you wish. No need to rush. Speed comes naturally when you have experience. Remember to keep in mind that you're not a particular principle when doing this, So go from the biggest shapes to the smaller ones and leave the details to be the last ones to be made. This may be sometimes a fuckers demanding task, but as all of the other principles from drawing, the more you do it conscious, the more it will start to become naturally easier. And the last second nature observing feels your mind in him to do this part of the job. So spend all of the necessary time just doing it before, during and even after the drawing process, it's natural to races many times as you need. While you start to develop your skills, you'll make me stakes, that's for sure. But if you check on your main shapes and proportions, you'll have the confidence to correct anything. Mistakes are only telling you what to improve. Let's quickly remember the general. The particular process Number one is after having decided were to consciously place your character is to set yourself the biggest shapes of number two is still, while taking consideration of proportion, start placing the core parts that awaits the rest of the character and number. Dream is when having plays the current, there's a structure to at the remain. Indeed, it's there's no need to rush. If you feel that you need to rewatch any part of the class place, do it so you can truly observe the knowledge thought and internalize it at your own piece. Falls the class. Take time to practice all of the talk subjects, and we're never ready. Follow me on completing the character from your class project. I know you have learnt a lot of new stuff that you're still chewing up 9. Class Project Demo: way By now, you should be able to grow your complete character by having applied until this moment the complete tria step process of the general to particular principle and having kept proportions in mind, it shouldn't be a problem to go. No, I know you should be excited to add all of the details you can, so your character looks great, But just wait a bit to the next part of the class and done at any shading it. I'd like to talk about it before you do it. Please don't look at the next video something. We're both in the same pitch. So once you have finished your characters class project, let's continue to the last part of the class. 10. Line weight: good work. By now, you have made most of the lower Munn of the class project on during most of the class topics. See how in having the correct ALS and enough knowledge with confidence on drawing have improved. You have started your artistic buff, and now you're able to see things. Is an artiste that's that's in it. Feel great to express what we draw. We simply use lines right there, usually drawn as you mean to express something bigger than the justice. Some of them. But did you know that having consciousness and the way we drop them will also rainforest? Howard drawings will look at the end depending on your drawing style. Your lines will variety as we're learning approach class. They may also go from thinner to seeker from lighter to darker. Having control of this aspect. Will they take different final looks for your art piece? There, two types of finished looks that you lying awake can give the Orender drawing variation and dimension variation is a chief by a low in your stroke to naturally go from figure the thinner you can variety by going back and forward, they will make their world look of your joint be stronger and a lot more interesting than a regular drawing. This method is the one most America's use winning kingdom, Agape ages and most of any man emitters used to clean up their drawings. It's not such a demanding or thoughtful desk, but when trying it, you'll see the difference. On the other hand. Lines made for dimension proposes are the perfect way to express a bit more realizing to your art piece, they will make really interesting your drawings, since they will stop looking flat to achieve them. You just need to make your strokes. I'm thinking What are departs of your character, their closer or farther to the viewers? Look for the lines are closer varieties you please to be a stronger and darker on for the one's farther way. Making them lighter or thinner will make the difference. These lying work technique is usually used by a lot of comic book artist. They can really trick the eye with tree. Dimension already is not able to see over in Artois word to sometimes use one of these another times. The other word. It shouldn't be a surprise nature to find out what effect of lime variation on the line, they mentioned work, or vice versa. This is a flexible choice in his report. They are desecrate. He's for her only start, as he or she wants to be, the kind of lines you'll like to your class project to have and apply them by making another joint on top of the previous one, like down there drawing technique or lightly erasing most of your drawing so you can still see producing strokes, but now have room for the new ones to come. Practice this apart and in your future drawings, you'll be able to do it naturally when drawing on approach you like the most. 11. Basic Shading: way have come to the last part of the class you've got really far at this point. Don't you feel proud of yourself? We both share the same passion, and you can see it before having learned everything you can. That's great. Shading is the medium an artist uses to express Boeing dimensionality and liked the nerd harder successfully apply it. It's not enough to just copy from Give service subject mark, but to understand in a complete level, how'd like then Shadow is related to the volume of synaptic for like to fact the subject matter. We must consider what is the source from where it comes from. If you're observing from a real life object, the placing of shadows will be easier to understand. But if it is from a two dimensional reference picture, like in any main character at this time, considering the light source from our three dimensional source and also placing everything on top of two dimensional surface like paper will need our minds to think about it as a dimensional process despite of the two dimensional reference. So this is how light and shadow works. Let's imagine we have a bottom line on divorce depending on the light source, the shadows will differ, but the viral shadow will be projected to the opposite from where it comes. There are two types of shadows. Form, shadow and casts shadow. Former shadow is cause it by the darkness, turning away from the light that has impact over the volume of the object. While casts shadow is the projection of the whole objects for caused by delight rate to the sore face What it lies. Imagine it like a laser that would, in fact, your object project stones. It can come from the sun, the light boat, a sprained a wood fire, etc. Depending on how pardon the laser is money off Shane Tone your object will have will change if the light rays are really picked, then they will fit your volume surface with a lot of life. So the firm shadow won't be too much over docking. On the other hand, if the light race are not as powerful, they won't feel too much of the volume surface. So there is going to be a lot more shadow over the objects volume. When applying these to your drawings, you need to make this process inside your head. It's a really interesting and fun exercise to an intuition. Takes a big, perfect So trust if they're me six, as always, just raised them and look for what feels right following the previous principal. Expressing shadow can also be made not only by using toned but action and cross hatching. It can give us the life and cool, interesting look to your drawings, shading maybe a critical part of the final look of your picture. So practice it before a plan and a scanner savior file as a backup in case you have them something that you will regret later. All right, it's time for us to finish the class project. Look at me class project demo in practice, this concept from different ways than your class project until you feel confident about it , then go to your character and put down the shadow. You can put the ones you look at the reference picture, but if you feel adventurous, it will be great to see different direction shadows than the ones looking the reference pictures. But in shadows, something fun to do, feel free tools to choose between using don't catching or crosshatch. It's up to your style. I'm dying to see your work. I'll be waiting for it to be uploaded on the class project section. 12. Congratulations! You've made it!: Congratulations. If you now feel excited about drawing your favorite characters in non, your flame of interests into Keep Learning drawing is a bit stronger. Many feel have succeeded. Thank you so much for taking this class. It really means a lot to me. I like to share my Photoshop pencil brush for anyone to use it. It's a variation of one of Photoshop latest brushes. And you can find it on the assignment part of the class. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It can also find me on my personal art accounts, on Instagram and Twitter. I may not be uploading a lot of our great now, but if you like the class, there might be interested in things and content for you to see in the future. There are a lot of reference pictures that I have gathered for my own studies that may be of help for you to expand your visual library. Meconium artists find inspiration and learn from different tutorials. You can find them all on my Pinterest profile, which you can click below in the description. And finally, don't forget to leave a review if you found this class useful to follow me. If you want to say, update it to all of the new classes that will be coming or to ask me anything if you need any help. I'm always happy to help. Thank you guys and see you next time. 13. Bonus: How to Draw Example: okay, this time different than the previous character, since it's not a human and it's general size is way different. I'm taking an ear as a starting point and it's a reference for placing proportions. I complete the head and at the other ear by checking on how it should correspond to the height and width of the proportion. Key reference. See how I find the height of the head to be one year and 1/3 on the with to be two years and 1/3. - Since it's not a complex picture, I proceed to locate the details, having the general head shape but not completed the body. - And after that I actually go for the body again, looking in mind even if not visible yet, how much years does it have on height and width? The keys to always be a word that all of the shapes that you're placing actually have a height and with to be linked to the other parts of the body, the precise is there, not just randomly put it, they need to be recognized beforehand. And now let's go finally, for our last example, this time with May from my neighbor Totoro I start drawing the head shape by imagining how the whole head should fit without the hurt and the hat. Okay, then I start placing the facial features as ago base and I as a key point off proportion reference. See how they hide on the head is a BN six guys told I keep on adding details. Now he's here to meetings have understood the general shapes and proportions. First the high to the her tales as a guide to play the width of the head, including the hurt. The thing here is to know that there isn't an exact formula to follow, but a set of principles that put in action will serve the needs. I now calculate the total body height based on the head, including the hardening. Okay, proceeding to drop. Address the arms in the hands on. Finally, reporters I know check on the overall with proportion based on the purse. Comparing the original reference picture to what I'm drawing, knowing it's for versus with the correct proportion of the Kurt. I also make sure that the hands are corresponding to the other parts of the drawing, based on the reference and guided by straight lines there showing how which part relates to the other. And finally I completely drawing by taking in consideration the shapes of the legs and feet on, placing them a sooner as possible to the service source with the correct proportion.